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Catch Amanda Relya-Voss on the #PirateBroadcast™

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Introduction: [00:00:00] Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast™, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.

Russ Johns: [00:00:10] And it's beautiful day for the #PirateBroadcast and we're going to be here talking about whatever we want to talk about. And I just love the fact that you're here, Mandi and we're back again. It's been awhile. It's been a minute since we had a conversation. And for those that are just new or landing today  into the #PirateBroadcast™ live stream. thank you, all the #gratitude in the world. And if you're listening to this in the future, like, comment, subscribe all of the social shenanigans that allow us to be seen, heard and talked about on occasions. So welcome. Welcome. So thank you so much for being here, Mandi. How are you doing?

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:00:47] Hey, how's it going?

Russ Johns: [00:00:51] So for those that don't know you, why don't you give us a snapshot of what you're doing and running Like A Voss social media.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:00:58] Yeah. Last time I sat down with Russ, I was in Hamilton, Ontario, and it was like mid pandemic. And I made a funny joke about straightening my hair and putting on a clean shirt for the interview. I did the same thing today because I'm still wearing pajamas because the pandemic still not over. And I actually put a hat on too. So I own Like A Voss social media. So we're an organic growth social media marketing agency, boutique agency. I am Canadian and I currently live in Campbell River, British Columbia, which is on Vancouver island.

Russ Johns: [00:01:32] That's a beautiful place to live.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:01:34] It's the most beautiful place. And I have a team of five who are spread out all in Canada. So I don't know who is watching, but I'm going to say hi Petita. Hi Emrys, hi Madison. Hi Kim and hi, Emily.

Russ Johns: [00:01:49] Jump on, ask some questions. That is so awesome. I just love the fact that we were talking before the show and you moved across the country.  Running a business. The fact that we can actually be here, you're in Campbell river, I'm in Arizona and we're broadcasting a live streaming here. And it's amazing time that we live in and media marketing, all these changes that have taken place. And I was talking to somebody yesterday about social media in general. And I know the landscapes changed since we probably both got involved in social media and it started.  What do you tell  clients that tell you, or you might have a conversation with somebody that says, yeah, my clients aren't on social media, my business isn't really, I don't do a lot with social media. What's your reaction?

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:02:39] Oh, I'm not gonna say that cannot be true. It really depends. But look at what happened during COVID. That that friends meme and they're doing the couch and Ross is yelling pivot that's exactly what everyone had to do. Like we all had to get online and make our services available to people virtually because we didn't have that face to face. So I think that we found that a lot of businesses that didn't think they needed social media or online really determined that oh my gosh, I can pivot this and I can offer it online. And I can offer a non face-to-face and my business can thrive during this. You'd be surprised how many of your clients or potential customers or whatever are online and using social, even if you don't think they are.

Russ Johns: [00:03:30] Yeah. Exactly. The reality is that you may not necessarily have a huge presence. However, a lot of people that are on social media, when they're doing business with somebody or investigating or doing some research, they'll check out and they'll look for you on social media. And if you don't show up, what does that say? That says something.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:03:50] So we have we have a few clients and every once in awhile they'll send us a link and be like, oh, this is one of our competitors and then we, go to the website, we check with the social media and there's nothing there. I'm like are they really a competitor when they have absolutely no online presence and their price point is different and we don't know how big their membership is or, whatever. Everyone looks on social media. So when I moved here, the first thing I did is I looked up all the services that I use. So like my eyebrows and my facials and, like tailoring and anything that I used, back home, I looked up here and I went to Instagram to find it. Now that could be because I'm in social media, but what I did is I would DM the business that I wanted to like, try, be like, hi, I'm new to the city and I'm looking for a new hairdresser or a new Botox woman or whatever. And if they don't respond, I just look in the back of my mind, I'm like, oh I don't want to give you my business. Doing social media, because I'm, DM-ing you asking to give you money, you should be responding to me. And just at least being like, use my booking link or whatever.

Russ Johns: [00:05:00] That's so funny. I've actually done in prior projects over DM in Instagram.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:05:06] There you go. We sign on a new client and she has a massive account and everyone knows who she is. And she posted that she is working with us and because of one story posts on her account that tagged us, we had three DMS on Instagram being like, we want to work with you because you're working with this person and that's not traditionally how I've done it. I always email and book like a face to face, but these people are, DM-ing our Instagram account, which is run by all five of us. And we want to work with you. And I'm like, okay, so here we go. Let's get into those DMS more. Like we do that for our clients. We don't really do that for us. It's do you do what you need to do for everyone else? And you're the last one to benefit from your skill.

Russ Johns: [00:05:46] The plumber sink always leaked, right?

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:05:49] Yeah. Oh, I haven't heard that before. Okay. Yeah. I'll keep that in mind.

 Russ Johns: [00:05:54] It's just amazing to me to hear that. And it was the same message that I heard when people saying I don't really need a website because I'm not really online.  Yeah, your businesses in online, but it's another tool, it's another piece of real estate. It's another place that you can actually advertise and it's cost-effective and it works. And, if you interact and engage with your community and your clients, they're more apt to stay on board and do work with you and continue to pursue you when they need help. So it's a simple equation.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:06:28] Yeah, a hundred percent.

Russ Johns: [00:06:31] I really I want to, since we're talking about Instagram a little bit in the DMS what do you, what's your thoughts about doing more video? Instagram's projecting that they're  no longer. Just a simple Photoshop site and they're doing more video all the time.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:06:46] Yeah. Yeah. All of the platforms, right? Optimizing for video, instagram is feeding off of Tik Tok a little bit in the, I'm competing with reels and then there's still the, I G T V videos do perform quite well on Instagram. You have to make sure that you're doing all of the things correctly, though. Like you're wanting to like close caption your video to be inclusive of the proper hashtag. And what  we're fighting, so like I'm not a Tik Tok user. I'm a Tik Tok content consumer. I just all scroll every once in a while, but I don't, whatever I say, I'm too little, but there's definitely some like really cool, like older people on there. I'm like, yeah, you get it. But anyway, that's something that I use. So my team informs me of what's going on. And I've been told that. What's cool on tape talk today. So as far as like the audio and the trends will appear on Instagram, like a week later. So if you're looking for ideas to make your Instagram real pop check out, take stock, and then a week later on Instagram. And then another thing is really important to remember for Instagram. And this has been for like, I think a few months now they're devalued on content that has that Tik Tok branding. So there are tools you can use to take that Tik TOK brand off and make sure you're doing that. If you're reposting your Instagram sorry, your Tik Tok  to Instagram reels.

Russ Johns: [00:08:11] Your audio, the challenge you had with your audio, you thought?

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:08:15] Is it happening?

Russ Johns: [00:08:16] It's happening.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:08:17] Oh, Emrys just messaged me like your audio sounds like a robot. Okay. You know what I'm going to do. I'm going to do this. I think my Yeti is dying.

Russ Johns: [00:08:27] Poor Yeti.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:08:30] Is that better?

Russ Johns: [00:08:31] That is better.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:08:33] Oh, no, I can't hear you. Okay. One second.

Russ Johns: [00:08:36] While she's doing that, I just want to thank everybody. Look at here in the room. We got a few people here. Nelson Cochran. Gabe is in the room. Good morning pirates. Amanda's awesome. Yes, Gabe what's happening?

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:08:54] How we met. So I went on, Gabe's show live.  Russ came on to Gabe's show live is I want to book her. And that was how we all met.

Russ Johns: [00:09:04] The circle of life. Yeah, Elise in from South Africa. Good morning. How are you doing? I hope you're well, wishing you the best. Luis from LA. Good morning, Amanda and Ross, Los Angeles, Ken from Malta all the way from Malta. That should be on that's on my list. I'm going to go visit Ken one day. Off the coast of Italy.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:09:28] Oh, yes, please. Yes, please.

Russ Johns: [00:09:31] And where else we got.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:09:33] Emrys, he's in Kingston. That's my employee.

Russ Johns: [00:09:36] Awesome, welcome. Welcome. A new pirate community.JD, hi pirates. Sarathy's here. Hi Russ and Amanda pirate networks. Absolutely. Emrys says, that's the first thing that I do when shopping for products and services, check their social. I'm a vintage guy, I've been around for awhile. I was analog originally, I did outdoor advertising. Emrys says, so true from a social media standpoint, there really aren't competitors. The pie is big enough. I had this conversation yesterday. There is enough pie to go around there. You don't have to worry about competition. We're in an environment where it doesn't matter. Thomas says great points. He also says, would love to partner with you and So he's got something going on, check it out and check it out.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:10:36] Send me either a DM on Instagram or connect on LinkedIn.

Russ Johns: [00:10:41] What's your handle? What's your handle?

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:10:43] MandiRelyeaVosslike full name spelled out. So instead of Amanda, though, Mandi, with an I.

Russ Johns: [00:10:49] Russ Johns. It's pretty simple.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:10:54] Yeah, yours is. Yeah. It's just our names.

Russ Johns: [00:10:56] What is a livestream without a little audio issues. True story. True story. Love me some pirates. It's Wendy.Thank you. You're a breath of fresh air every day. Thank you. But we have so many opportunities, Mandi, that we can actually reach out to people in a unique, different way. And I'm a huge fan of relationships and building relationships and ultimately, when you get to a certain threshold, you have to start, putting things out there that you can't have a one-on-one conversation with everyone. You still have to be able to produce content and I love producing content, so I put it out there anyway. I've noticed where over time the numbers don't always increase as you would expect. And it takes a lot of time, like live streaming isn't necessarily, it's a long game. It's not necessarily, you get one viral video and all of a sudden you're famous. So any strategies you're working on for your clients or anything using a video?

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:11:52] Yeah. So we have we have a client and we're working actually with another agency on, so that the other agency is doing LinkedIn. And what they're finding that's performing really well on LinkedIn right now is snackable content. Snackable like high value content. So not anything more than like a minute. And that, that gets the point across really quick. We're using reels heavily for clients right now. So what, here's a great freebie tip for everyone watching. So you have, everyone's oh, I don't know what to do on reels and I don't want to dance and whatever's going on Tik Tok. So what we do for our clients is we actually write a list of bullet points. And then it's 10 or 15 different things. And we say, okay. And each bullet point is a subject, that we know that they can talk about for awhile. Like they can just go on and on. So what we say is you've got 45 seconds or whatever. I think reels are up to a minute now on Instagram, if some accounts yeah. 45 seconds to talk about this subject and then do them all back to back. So then they'll sit there and they'll get their camera all set up or whatever. And it's going to be this way and then they'll have their outfit on and they'll press record. And then they just, they set a timer, they start their timer and they have one minute and they talk about each subject, but they film it all as one. And then we say change your t-shirt in the middle. So you're not wearing the same thing the whole time. And then what we can do is  what you've just done is created 15 pieces of content specifically for reels that can be repurposed on other platforms, but you just send us one file and we do the editing and we put like the cover page and the end page on with the branding and whatnot. That's a really easy way to get a bunch of content with one filming session, one going session.

Russ Johns: [00:13:44] Yeah. I love the idea of riffing on a quote or an idea or a concept cause I was doing  three reels back to back and posting them right back to back. It's Hey, in the next reel, concept just going through, but I'm not, I don't take the time. I just riff on it and run. And so  I don't take the time to put  all the things on it. Which was the branding.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:14:06] Having a cover page, if you're going to put okay, so I keep hyper-focusing on Instagram. It's just my favorite one. So if you're going to, if you're going to put it on reels and have it show up in your feed, the reason we put that cover page on is so that someone's scrolling the feed, they  have the title of the video. We'll have it as words overlaying the image, instead of just some dudes face. Like mid talk, right? It's this is what this is about. And I click on no. So we also like sometimes have to splice through videos and find like a single frame to use as a cover image. And I'm all scrolling. I'm like, why does this person, I get a smile. They're like, and then finally I got one. And like that's like the best I can get. Because I want it to be good, but like sometimes it's not perfect. So that's why we do that. Cut. We'll do we do a cover image on it always? Just to give some insight on what that post is about The three part or that you mentioned is actually a pretty cool idea. The only problem is with that bite size content. And then when they're like scrolling the chance that the chances of them finding, say video two in the series, and then navigating back to your page to watch either one or three is pretty slim. So you try to make sure the value is given inside that single piece of content. Because even on like even on Tik Tok, there'll be like all there'll be, what's it called? Stitching whenever I, this is so bad that I don't know this where they they have the two videos side by side and one person's answering the other video. And then you don't really know what the other video, like you see it, or like that video is a stitch or another video. And I'm trying to figure out what the original video is to see what they're commenting on. And I get lost and then I'm just like, nah, I can't do this. It needs to be like in front of me, but that just could be because. Not patient or older, or I don't know. I just here's the content that I'm serving. You watch it and that's all you need to do. You don't need to go anywhere else or click on anything or go searching for stuff.

Russ Johns: [00:15:59] Yeah. The point that I'm making though, is that there's a lot of thought and there's a lot of time that goes into creating really amazing content. And for some people that think. It doesn't take that much time. It's not that big a deal. I don't need to be on social. I just want to re emphasize the fact that there is value. There is content that you can use for your business. And there are things that you can grab your audience attention and also engage and start a conversation. Just like we were talking about that with the DMS, I've done entire contracts and had entire relationship, never met a person. Maybe not even talk to them on the phone and everything has been in Instagram, DMS. So don't underestimate the power of social media. So that's my story.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:16:52] Do you know Martin?

Russ Johns: [00:16:54] I wanted to pass by my LinkedIn's greatest connector. Yes. Thank you Martin. I love it. I love it. Thank you so much. Hi Amanda. There you go, Martin meet Amanda. 

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:17:06] Last time I did this show, like I signed off and my LinkedIn was like, ding ding, with all the connections. And I was like, okay what's up guys? I had to send a bunch of DMS or whatever messages, like immediately. Oh great to see you on the show. Like thanks for adding me.

Russ Johns: [00:17:20] It's fun. It's fun. And I'm, like I said, I was coming up on 500 episodes soon and it's going to be, I have to think of something really cool. And then I'm probably going to take some, I might take some time off. I'm just going to say, I might take some time off. It's been back to back five days a week for awhile now. So crazy. Martin says a social media presence and proper utilization. Yes, absolutely.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:17:47] I agree with you. And that's why my company exists. Thank you, Ken.

Russ Johns: [00:17:52] Yes. Great stuff. And becoming increasingly more. Absolutely. So what's your second favorite  platform?

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:17:59] I guess I'd have to go with LinkedIn. It's gaining popularity. Or the organic reach is far superior to the other platforms. And then the simple ability to expand your network by literally adding people. Like you can't add people manually to Facebook and you can't add people manually to Instagram, but you can search out who you're looking for and be like, hey, let's connect and have our direct line to them without having to slide into the DMS or what have you. And then it's also, there's a huge shift from like business to like, hey, I'm a human being, here's my dog, here's my kid's birthday party. Just putting out all kinds of content on LinkedIn and it's a pretty powerful search engine also. So if you're like hashtagging properly your content has huge legs. And then a little trick is if you're doing branded hashtags on LinkedIn, one thing you can do with your CTA when you're doing your posts is ask them to follow the hashtag. So if we're hashtagging Like A Voss on all of our content and those people aren't following the page or following my personal profile, they can follow Like A Voss hashtag. And then when we're hashtagging that it'll sort the content to them. So if you're trying to like, get that branded hashtag off of ground, ask them, hey, do you like this content? Please follow the hashtag #PirateBroadcast right.

Russ Johns: [00:19:19] It works. You do a search on hashtag #PirateBroadcast I show up. I do show up. Yeah. Yeah. You do. Martin says Russ Johns, we'd be so miss you, but by all means, do not neglect you. You need to be you  at your top and so do we. Absolutely. Ken says, so you're in Vancouver. Are you a Leafs fan?

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:19:46] Absolutely not. I'm from Kingston, Ontario, but I'm a Sens fan. I don't want to hear it. I know I didn't even pay attention to hockey this year.I'm always going to be a Sens fan.. I know their team. Whatever, I can't just like flip-flop around from team to team, to be honest with you, I'm not really a big sports fan. But if you were going to ask me straight up, I'm Sens I got a Sens  blanket on the couch right now. Oh, no. He says, oh my goodness, Hey, you know what? The Leafs are never going to win because they never have to because you guys are so die hard fans that they are going to make money no matter how much they lose. Other teams actually have to like, try. The dings for that, for the DM saying connection requests. I think he's talking about.

Russ Johns: [00:20:27] Yeah, too funny. This is the beauty of where we are right now. And the history is just amazing that we can connect and we can actually be back and forth. And the reality is that people out there in the world that are. Just like us it, do you just have to start, just get started, learn a platform, learn about what it does and how it works for you and how you want to show it. And just pick up a phone or a biker, anything that you have and get started. It's really about getting started and just staying at it.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:21:04] So I'm gonna share something really cool. So I've had this friend for a really long time. She's always been really artistic. Now she's had a few different jobs of down. It was not kind to her. And I don't think she was working for most of it, but she's always done a lot of art and she messages me. I think this is like three, three or four weeks ago now. And she's I've been re listened this remodeling, the doll house my grandfather made for me when I was young. Wow. And I am having the most fun. This is so therapeutic. It's helping all of my, mental issues. My mental health is better. Like I'm just into this, so you know what she's done. So she found this hobby just to, help her, just level out after all of the, the trauma of the past year that's everyone's experience. Yeah. And she started a business, making many burners sure. And things for doll houses, because she really likes doing it. And she's got a tick talk and she's got an Instagram and she's got a Facebook page and she's already has a display to local art gallery because of how good she is. Like she put up photos of the before and after of the dollhouse and. Oh, my God, you're remodeling your house. She's that's a doll house. That's how realistic these mini things are. So just goes to show it doesn't matter what you're into. You can do something with it. If you're passionate about it, like she makes like fruit. This bank. I don't know how my finger probably can't even hold it. It's the coolest thing it's called DS tiny things is like her and it's brand new. Like she just started, but that's a great example of she reached out. She's Maddie, I think I'm going to, I'm thinking I'm going to open my own business. I'm like, yeah, girl, what is this? She's I'm making mini stuff for dollhouses. And I'm like, all right, girl, you go for that. And she's good. And that's a product of, the last year and being like, okay, I need something to like, keep my mind busy because I'm, stressing about being in turmoil for the length of time that we all have been. If anyone says they're okay right now, they're straight up lying. Like it's been so long. And I traveled to see my boyfriend. Who's in the states and I did everything right. And I came back and I'm on day 13 of a 14 day isolation period right now because I got the wrong re-entry test a test that the United States is now actually not even offering because of false positive, I'm negative, I'm double backs and I have three negative tests and I'm waiting for my fourth and the Canadian government's like stay home.

Russ Johns: [00:23:35] Canada was really locked down for awhile.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:23:38] With the air travel we were supposed to, I wasn't supposed to be in this situation. But like I'm done with it. Like I'm done with Cobin. I'm done. I'm so tired of it. I can't listen to it one more time. And, like just go away.

Russ Johns: [00:23:52] I'm going to take a nap and when I wake up, it will be gone.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:23:56] That's well, yeah, I made that joke on our last interview. Like I'd been in pajamas for three months and I actually changed my shirt to come on the interview. And this morning, I made my coffee and I'm wearing like my pajamas. I'm like I guess I better go put on a nice shirt and my hat for this interview. And that's and it's a year, it's over a year later and I'm still in this state and I've moved across the country and it's still the same, right? Like other than the fact that I can go to adventure outside by myself because I'm not interacting with other humans, like backpacking and hiking is a great activity for COVID.

Russ Johns: [00:24:27] And you live in the most amazing place to do all of that. Yeah, go get grounded in the forest, everyone. Yes, absolutely do it. Ken says adapt and pivot. Yes. Martin says Phil Carmel. Nowhere better than right here in my humble opinion. Okay. I'm not sure.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:24:54] Oh, they're talking to each other, a good place online to start marketing your services. And then right here was Martin dancer. So Phil I'll answer that. It depends on your services. So where is your target market? Who are you selling to? And then what platform are they on the large majority. So figure out make that avatar doc. Who is the person you're selling to get as detailed as possible. If it's a 32 year old business woman with one dog and a Jeep who likes the outdoors and on your target market, I'm going to be on X platform, or if it's someone like Russ, what platform is he? Does he spend the most time on start there? It doesn't mean you can't expand. But just start there.

Russ Johns: [00:25:41] Focusing on an avatar does not mean you exclude others. It just means that you have a conversation. It helps in your messaging.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:25:49] Like values is example a lot. My mother is 68 and she's outdoors a year, whatever. And she bought a Honda. Yeah, and like the way that they marketed the Honda fit is literally to my mother. Like on point, like that is like here, it here's the car for you. And it does all this. She's got two kayaks on the top. The cargo space is ridiculous. The seat comes out, it can push it and put our bird cages in it. It is literally like that. If you're on point with your targeting, that is what happens. And there's a lot of women. Like my mom. It's not just, like the whole, like the older female, like single female outdoorsy that, that bad debt.

Russ Johns: [00:26:30] Yeah. I love it. I love it. Ken says,  pajama makers should have made a killing.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:26:35] Yeah, I've heard that.

Russ Johns: [00:26:37] Would you agree that it's still majority of screen time is still on Facebook?

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:26:41] I don't think so. I think that we're splitting.  Again, it depends on where you are or where your target is. I spent. So little time on Facebook, like I, I checked my client stuff and then I go off and like it's to the point where my mother will be like, did you see my Facebook posts from three days ago? And I'm like, oh mom I haven't even been on Facebook. Like I'm on Instagram and nothing. Yeah. People, I think the older age group is the large majority on Facebook right now. If they haven't gone to Tik Tok and got a 2 million followers, but they're interesting, weird shit. But that's Verisign older and I love their stuff. I'm like, yo guys are like all the stuff that served me on Tik TOK is like over 50 year olds is served to me pretty much. I don't know why the algorithm is doing that to me. Yeah, I don't know if Facebook is the number one screen time. I don't know which one it is. If I it's probably Instagram or tick-tock, it could still be Facebook though. I haven't looked at that data in quite a while. We're really focusing on okay, what's going to best serve our clients. And if we're doing all of the different networks, what will perform best on each of the networks for that client? Architecture engineering and construction. Are you a firm or are you like, are you working for a firm?

Russ Johns: [00:28:03] I am looking to connect with architectural engineering and construction companies, or are you looking to...

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:28:10] no, that's the industry he's in. And I said, it depends on your industry. So I'm going to say without knowing anything else, LinkedIn's going to be your best. No,  I don't really think Instagram's a fit. Tik Tok,I don't know how, maybe there's a cool engineering. I don't know. Construction. There's some funny construction people on industry. Yeah, there's this. But I think that, yes, I am a company. Yeah. I think that it would probably be LinkedIn. And then you're going to be strategically connecting with the decision makers that you need as far as like getting those contracts. Lead gen strategies that you can use. Send me a message.

Russ Johns: [00:28:47] Yeah, there, there are some lead gen strategies you can use on LinkedIn, but Samantha says, Jordan, the XC Hawk just released a book called pivot to win. It's about how to, how, when life throws you a curve ball. You learn to pivot change direction and keep going may actually lead you to much greater things. Absolutely. Just like your friend, making many furniture from a stress risk to a business.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:29:18] A hundred percent. A hundred percent.

Russ Johns: [00:29:20] Interesting. Yes. Yes, I am a company cancer. I have been told from a reliable source that Facebook is still a number one, and by a fair margin, believe it or not, I stand to be corrected.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:29:34] Okay. Now I'm going to know if that's what you've been told by a source. Then that's a hundred. Like I looked up the numbers and so on. I don't know

Russ Johns: [00:29:41] for sure. I'm a huge fan of LinkedIn. So I spend more time on LinkedIn than I do on Facebook, but that's

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:29:46] just me. I spend my time on LinkedIn probably for clients, but I like as far as our business, I'm like, not even, so I've really transitioned into the CEO role. So like my staff does most of it and I'm on there to provide support, to give, if they're stuck on something, I help them. And I'm doing the management side of it, like it to the point now where content will come out on the like of boss channels and I'm scrolling and I'm like, oh, this is a great piece of content. I'm like, oh, Aha. And I get all excited. I'm like, I didn't even write this and I had nothing to do with it.

Russ Johns: [00:30:18] That's a great feeling. That's a great thank you so much for being here today. I know that we're over time and I just I know we could chat about this for the rest of the afternoon, but I want to make sure that people can connect with you. So IG is the place to go LinkedIn.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:30:35] Yeah. Instagram or LinkedIn. I am on LinkedIn a fair amount. And if you send me a connection request, I will respond because I get the emails, letting me know that people have requested. So those two are great. I also have Facebook. I also have Twitter. I think I have Pinterest. I have a Tik Tok, but there's no content on it. I just like people's videos. Yeah. Yeah, look, I've Mandi rally Voss on all of them. I think LinkedIn's Amanda though. I've got to decide which one I want to use and stick to one. Cause some people are like, maybe it's more fun. It's like men, who's not professional, but

Russ Johns: [00:31:07] Sometimes it getting the real estate is the most important thing and that's what you have to end up with. But yeah, it's I couldn't get, there's a guy on there that posted three times, 10 years ago or something like that. It's like Russ Johns. It's come on, man.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:31:23] Give me my name. My name is that it's, I'm the only one. If you Google rally Voss, there's literally not even cause it's two hyphenated names and there's no way that those two names are together anywhere else. It'll be a problem.

Russ Johns: [00:31:35] Yeah, mine is not that case.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:31:38] Being like, like the maiden name and that, or like the URLs we'll include the maiden name, but then the actual display name will be like the Mary name and then like the maiden name after, so that I don't have to switch everything.

Russ Johns: [00:31:50] I love it. I love it. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for hanging out with me and the pirates here and having conversations about social media and all the things catches up on what you're doing and. Welcome to Vancouver, BC, and the the west coast of Canada. So Campbell river's beautiful place though. I'd love it.

Amanda Relya-Voss: [00:32:12] It is. And I can't wait to get off isolation and go back outside on Friday. Yes.

Russ Johns: [00:32:16] Yes. So good luck. Keep us posted, keep us updated. And as always everyone, thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate you and thank you so much for support. The pirate crew with #piratenation and it's all because kindnessiscool smiles are free, so you enjoy the day. Take care, everyone.

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