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Russ Johns 0:28
Yes, welcome to the pirate broadcast. It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood. And we are here with Beth Granger. And we're going to be talking about LinkedIn and doing some things, maybe some just talk about what social selling is all about, maybe what you can do. We're in a new environment these days. So I just wanted to make sure that everybody's safe and sane out there. If you're not on LinkedIn, or you're not watching this on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook there's other places you can find us and so connect with me subscribe and leave him leave a comment or two. Just saying. So, Beth. Good morning how are you?!

Beth Granger 1:18
Good morning! I'm doing well and there's something I think it's very important to take care of before we talk about anything else.

Russ Johns 1:26

Beth Granger 1:26
Okay. All right. Give me a second. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, Dear Russ! Happy birthday to you blow it out.

Russ Johns 1:48
Perfect. I love that. Very kind of you beth. I appreciate that.

Beth Granger 1:54
To bad I can't send this through to you but Happy Birthday!

Russ Johns 1:59
It's a wonderful thought Thank you so much. My phone has been blowing up all morning. Okay, I'll get caught up with everyone. And the best birthday presents are the ones where I can share gifts with people around me. And that's what the pirate broadcast is about sharing the beautiful people that are in the community and what is going on in their world. So we can meet some new faces get some new friends, you know, hang out and learn more. So thank you, Beth, for taking the time out and joining us today. So

Beth Granger 2:34
I'm glad to be here.

Russ Johns 2:36
It's awesome.

Beth Granger 2:38
I'm not used to being on the guest side

Russ Johns 2:40

Beth Granger 2:41
Of a live broadcast. I did one yesterday. And I realized, Oh, this is different. I don't have to take care of the tech. Let's have the conversation. So thanks for inviting me.

Russ Johns 2:52
Hopefully the whole process was easy to access and get into the room and everything that goes along with it. So

Beth Granger 2:58

Russ Johns 2:59
My BAs are special. Mel and Devin are

Beth Granger 3:04
Oh yeah, she did a great job sharing everything I needed to know. And so I'm sure they do a great job for you.

Russ Johns 3:11
Oh, thank you so much. So tell us a little bit about the backstory of Beth and why LinkedIn and why you're here. And how did you arrive at this place called LinkedIn?

Beth Granger 3:21
By accident.

Russ Johns 3:23

Beth Granger 3:23
So I started just squish many years into a short statement. I started as a graphic designer, moved into branding identity online marketing website strategy. And then, about 11 years ago, I got laid off from a job. And I went to an amazing networking group that knew I was starting a business before I did, and I didn't even really have a business plan. I did. Web strategy I did social media strategy and implementation at the time, quickly decided I did not want to do that. And one of my clients said, Hey, Beth, our sales teams coming in. Can you teach them to use LinkedIn? And I had two thoughts at the time. Why do you need to be taught to use LinkedIn? And wait, you're gonna pay me to teach you to use LinedIn? And it just led me down this path. And I absolutely love it. I love helping people, find communities build communities, take their in person networking online. Right now as you know, we're doing a lot of and I have the patience to deal with people who may not be so comfortable with technology. Not everybody knows how to open another tab in their browser.

Russ Johns 4:46
Yeah. I know. Amazing.

Beth Granger 4:48
Yeah. And it just out of all the platforms. It just clicked for me and I feel like a detective. A little bit I figure things out and then I share what I figure out. So

Russ Johns 5:04
That's brilliant. I just want to hop in. Gabriel says good morning Russ John's best Granger higher broadcast.

Beth Granger 5:12
Hey Gabriel! And I see other people that we both know I think I see Randall and Frank and Seth, other early risers.

Russ Johns 5:22
Other early risers. Happy birthday, Russ, thank you so much. I really appreciate that. And so as you're training this, I'm really curious because I'm fascinated by this. Because there's been a few changes in LinkedIn

Beth Granger 5:42

Russ Johns 5:42
And I just I'm fascinated and frustrated with some of them.

Beth Granger 5:48
Yes, yes.

Russ Johns 5:50
So maybe you can share a couple of your top 10 list of things that are really exciting for you.

Beth Granger 6:00

Russ Johns 6:00
And then maybe a couple of things that are not so exciting.

Beth Granger 6:05
Okay, so let's say, Well, something that's really recent, but not everybody has yet is called feature. It's a featured section. And what that does is it takes formerly the media that you can attach to your about section and makes it a separate section and gives it more space so that people are likely to see it and click on it. And my favorite part is that it allows you to feature a post. So normally in the past, right, you would do a post and maybe you would get a lot of engagement and it would just disappear because of all the other posts. And you can now sort of pin or feature. So

Russ Johns 6:48
we're getting a little static in your audio. I don't know what that's all about,

Beth Granger 6:54
Is this better? I could try it without the headphones.

Russ Johns 6:57
No, that's okay. I don't know that. Maybe the internet, it maybe the internet? I don't know. I mean,

Beth Granger 7:04
Yeah, I'm not hearing it.

Russ Johns 7:05

Beth Granger 7:06
People watching, are you hearing it?

Russ Johns 7:07
Are you hearing it? Is anybody hearing it?

Beth Granger 7:10
I know with everybody working from home now and all the all of that, that there are definitely people are definitely having some issues.

Russ Johns 7:18
Well, actually stream yard had a message on their feed this morning saying, hey, doing high volumes of there's a lot of platforms that are caused having challenges. So I just wanna, I just want to make sure that we're okay, so

Beth Granger 7:33
It's people's own. I was on a networking call through zoom. And somebody was having horrible delay issues, and we thought maybe it was their internet connection. But we think it had something to do with their actual they were using a Chromebook and I don't know so

Russ Johns 7:52

Beth Granger 7:53

Russ Johns 7:54
Technology. Love to hate it!

Beth Granger 7:57
Yeah. So let's see other other things that I'm liking. Well, of course, LinkedIn live. I love it. I love going live every week. And it's just a fabulous way to get out there and have conversations on the LinkedIn platform.

Russ Johns 8:21
So how long have you had LinkedIn live?

Beth Granger 8:23
Since July.

Russ Johns 8:26
Okay, so you got involved and got it early. And

Beth Granger 8:30
Yup, yeah.

Russ Johns 8:32
I'm just surprised. Have you seen any changes or any indication that will allow us to think that there's going to be improvements in the platform?

Beth Granger 8:42
I do not know. So I haven't seen any changes yet. What I wonder is will they roll it out to anyone and everyone and then make changes? Well You never know with LinkedIn.

Russ Johns 8:56
Just if they had one thing, it would be that could schedule an event where people could click on a link and go to

Beth Granger 9:05

Russ Johns 9:05

Beth Granger 9:06

Russ Johns 9:07
You know. Like all of the other platforms?

Beth Granger 9:10
Well, they have the event feature. So how great would it be if you could do an event for years?

Russ Johns 9:14
Just put it in the event feature. And the thing that's lacking in the event feature is that it's only for physical events.

Beth Granger 9:22
Well, they they did say that you can now do it for a remote event, but I haven't been able to they've shown people doing it, but I haven't been able to pick remote or virtual or,

Russ Johns 9:33
Yeah, I've not seen I'll go back and look at that. But

Beth Granger 9:37
what I like is, or what I wonder is if they will pick one platform how we're using stream yard, will they make it easier for people who may not be as technically savvy as we are to go live with just a click of a button. So we'll see what happened.

Russ Johns 9:58
Yeah. Well I don't know what platform you use to go live.

Beth Granger 10:04

Russ Johns 10:05
I use stream yard.

Beth Granger 10:06

Russ Johns 10:07
Dan and Gage, are awesome.

Beth Granger 10:09
Amazing! Amazing.

Russ Johns 10:10

Beth Granger 10:10

Russ Johns 10:11
And it's just like, Okay, this is a no brainer. Because I started back way back with OBS and some of the other platforms out there. And it's just interesting how it's evolved and how easy you can make it look like still for somebody that's involved in technology. It feels not too, compared to what it used to feel like, it's, easier.

Beth Granger 10:39
Oh it's so easy.

Russ Johns 10:41
You're not involved in tech. It's not necessarily an easy process.

Beth Granger 10:46
I would like I really wish list LinkedIn if you're listening wish list would be to be able to see the comments through stream yard instead of having to constantly look at your phone.

Russ Johns 10:57
Oh! No kidding!

Beth Granger 11:00
Yeah, would love it!

Russ Johns 11:00
Just send us the comments would be easier, because I made it. You just come up here. Yeah, we hear the sound of the problem not not using source bandwidth. Yeah. Gabriel, fighting back and forth like to support to get access to LinkedIn life. And then Jared.Jared!

Beth Granger 11:19
Hey, Jared! How are you?

Russ Johns 11:20
Great to see you! And then Gabriel uses stream yard, and also reading the comments in stream yards. So those are our LinkedIn. I know you listen to this. I know he listens to this broadcasts all the time. So

Beth Granger 11:38
We love the platform.

Russ Johns 11:40
We love the plateform!

Beth Granger 11:41
If there wasn't the little tweak that would really help.

Russ Johns 11:43
Just a few adjustments along the way.

Beth Granger 11:45
Exactly, So let's see what am i other favorite? Wow! It's just the ability to find I love the ability to find people. Make introductions for people.

Russ Johns 12:01
Mm hmm.

Beth Granger 12:03
I do a lot of networking now virtually only in person.

Russ Johns 12:07

Beth Granger 12:08
And.. You're getting an echo. The ability to get to look through connections and make a specific request of a referral partner. Rather than just saying I want to meet attorneys. You can say a specific name and it makes it a much easier asked and easier for somebody to say yes.

Russ Johns 12:30
Yeah. Yeah.

Beth Granger 12:31
So I guess that's a search.

Russ Johns 12:33

Beth Granger 12:33
I like to search.

Russ Johns 12:34
I like to search I like to search as well. What's your thoughts in comments about the voicemail feature, the audio response from your phone?

Beth Granger 12:47
I think it's really fun. I don't use it a whole lot. But I love when you've been text, communicating or typing to communicate from So long, and then you hear someone's voice you feel like you know them so much better. And for instance, I've had people contact me from Australia and I guess in my head I knew they were from Australia, but I heard their their acts to me their accent, and it just made it a closer connection. I think.

Russ Johns 13:19
It's so funny. Well, I've heard it both ways. Some people love it and some people hate it

Beth Granger 13:25

Russ Johns 13:26
Why are you leaving me a voicemail? It's like, No, just give me a text message. No. Why would I want to listen to your voicemail? It's one of those things that you just have to go through and you have to understand that.

Beth Granger 13:43
I like it.

Russ Johns 13:44
You can't please everyone all the time. It's one of the things you have to really kind of adjust and get through and put it out in perspective.

Beth Granger 13:55
In fact, I think somebody Randall just says he loves the voicemail. feature, I think you may have actually left me one and I haven't responded. So I will.

Russ Johns 14:04
Yeah. And Randall is awesome. He's been doing the show he's been doing in the food industry. And we voicemail back and forth all the time. And it's just like, hey it's just simple. You just push the button and leave a message and share your thoughts. And it's a little bit easier. I like video, I like sharing and sending out a video message. And I use dub to for my video messages and dub is ribbon in the team over there just it's one of one of my favorite apps, right?

Beth Granger 14:38
I haven't used that one I've used loom. Is that similar?

Russ Johns 14:44
Loom is awesome also. Think of loom and then think of putting it on the top of your landing page with a call to action.

Beth Granger 14:54
Hmm, interesting. So I'll have to check it out. Writing it down.

Russ Johns 14:58
Yeah. Yeah. Check that out dub comm if you go to,

Beth Granger 15:06
There you go.

Russ Johns 15:07
It'll take you right there.

Beth Granger 15:11
So what else? Let's see on my top 10 list. I don't know how many we're up to. But I like that. Just in general, it's a place where you control the message about yourself. Yeah, because you don't get to do that everywhere. You can on your website, of course, but they make it really easy to build your presence in the way that you want to.

Russ Johns 15:38
But a lot of people I think still, I mean, I still run into people all the time that well, I thought that was just for resumes. It's like, yeah, oh, I cannot imagine that people are still

Beth Granger 15:50
I know

Russ Johns 15:51
Thinking that way and it's like, you are missing out. You're missing out so much on the opportunity to have conversations with People

Beth Granger 16:00

Russ Johns 16:01
To do an outreach.

Beth Granger 16:03
I mean, the the great thing to me is you can join conversations and meet people and it's just a, an amazing supportive place in their communities that form so people that support each other and and have these really interesting conversations. I had a conversation the other day about how the sales process has changed since this whole coronavirus situation and you just get to have really great conversations typically about work and yeah, I really liked it.

Russ Johns 16:40
I really liked it as well. Let's talk let's shift gears and talk about social selling.

Beth Granger 16:45
Uh huh.

Russ Johns 16:46
I think it's gonna be, I don't it's not going away, obviously.

Beth Granger 16:51

Russ Johns 16:52
And I think it's really important for us to understand that how we sell how we have conversations and how we Pursue relationships. I mean, I love the relationship building a long term relationship.

Beth Granger 17:11

Russ Johns 17:12
Of mentality. I've always been that way. Not a commodity transactional based selling but more longer term because of what I have to offer.

Beth Granger 17:24

Russ Johns 17:24
And I think it's I think LinkedIn lends itself to that a lot more.

Beth Granger 17:29
Uh huh. Absolutely.

Russ Johns 17:31
So what are some things that you could suggest or share with us, Beth that we could maybe take and reflect on and maybe adopt in our future?

Beth Granger 17:41
Sure. Well, to me, just for people in case there are people joining us that think of social selling as e commerce, that's not how I think of it I don't think of it as the equivalent of cold calling. Although some people use LinkedIn in that way. Please, don't

Russ Johns 18:00
Please don't.

Beth Granger 18:01
I think of it as taking all your networking activity and moving it online. So, for me, making introductions for my referral partners, that's part of my social selling, because I'm helping them, they may help me they'll understand what I'm all about. finding people that you want to that you think would be a good client or prospect, and then being able to get an introduction to them, because you have some but one person in between you that the whole second to meet second connections, those are those are your clients and your prospects. And there are ways to authentically connect with them, be introduced to them or introduce yourself and start a dialogue. And my favorite thing, this is I just the magic thing, right? If they're active on LinkedIn, and they share content, read their content, get involved in the conversation, you can start a conversation with somebody that would not take your phone call.

Russ Johns 19:04

Beth Granger 19:05
It's magic. It's really

Russ Johns 19:07
Absolutely! Absolutely!

Beth Granger 19:07

Russ Johns 19:08
And I use Sales Navigator. It actually tells you who's posted in the last 30 days.

Beth Granger 19:15
Yeah, that's a little broken, though.

Russ Johns 19:17
I is it broken?

Beth Granger 19:18
I put in a request. It's not always 100% accurate. There. Apparently they're working on it. But yes, I love that feature as well, because

Russ Johns 19:26
Well, they've been working on Sales Navigator for a long time. It's not necessarily everything that you would want it to be. However, the concept of being able to identify who is posting and who is active was narrow that down and filter it out, as is something that is valuable because then that way you're actually you're not searching for names or people or identifying groups that are not active and haven't been there for a long,

Beth Granger 19:56
Exactly why go for the lower hanging Fruit are the people that are more willing to engage because they're already active.

Russ Johns 20:04
Well, and if they're active, they understand why we're here. We are here for business, we are here for community. And it's really an act of we're offering services we're offering value, we want to be able to help people. And in most in most cases some people are, there's always going to be nefarious folks that just want to do damage out there. And it's like, go somewhere else, folks.

Beth Granger 20:32
Luckily, seems like there's less of that on LinkedIn. And I'm really glad about that.

Russ Johns 20:37
Yeah. Yeah. I do appreciate that once in a while. I still get the connection request and then all of a sudden, it's just a barrage of

Beth Granger 20:47
Yes. sales pitch and or whatever. Yep.

Russ Johns 20:50
Yeah. Connected pitch. Connected pitch. No, thank you it reminds me of a time where I think used to do telephones. I used to program telephones I charge of communications in and I created a special voicemail tree that when people would call me that I wouldn't want to talk to. I put them in this voicemail. Let me let me transfer you. And it was like you couldn't get out of it. The only way you could get out of it is hang up

Beth Granger 21:25
Oh your evil. In the best way!

Russ Johns 21:27
In the best way. Why are you calling me again? It's like, here you go. And so, but the same thing that's almost what I want to create for someone else's like, okay it's like here. Don't do this here. Let me share with you what you need to do. And give them a lesson and then just start start sending the messages on why it's not a good idea. I don't know.

Beth Granger 21:53
Exactly, exactly.

Russ Johns 21:55
Well, it's not really worth my time. It's like, No, they haven't learned it by now. They're not going to learn it. So

Beth Granger 22:02
Yeah, you're right.

Russ Johns 22:04
I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

Beth Granger 22:07
They wouldn't do it if it didn't work some percent of the time, I imagine. But

Russ Johns 22:12
I'm guessing i don't know it hasn't worked for me. I mean, it's like I wouldn't it. I couldn't, I just can't do it. It's like why would you want to do it?

Beth Granger 22:24
But it's just so amazing that you can find so specifically the people that you want to engage with?

Russ Johns 22:33
Yeah, who's a good introduction for you?

Beth Granger 22:38
Most of my clients,

Russ Johns 22:39
Now that things are little changing and evolving. And speakers especially are, are getting a little bit challenged by the environment. Right.

Beth Granger 22:52
Well what's interesting is I had a client where I spoke at their sales meeting last summer that reached out to me two weeks ago and said, we're all ready. working from home, we've had some new hires since you spoke. Can you do that same thing virtually for us next week? And so I did.

Russ Johns 23:08
That's awesome!

Beth Granger 23:08
So I think people are looking at Alright, we're working from home, how do we, we can't go out and have an in person sales meeting? How do we do it? And so I've been able to help them. My typical client is somebody in business to business or professional services, people who build their business through referrals. But then, in some cases, it's just random. Anybody an individual who's looking to grow their business or professional brand, maybe get a new job. I mostly work with business owners or sales teams, but not always. Yeah. So I learned about really cool stuff because everybody has different businesses. I learned about insurance and law and technology and healthcare, and so it's been great.

Russ Johns 23:57
I love the idea of learning about other industries and how people, how it all comes together. And it's almost like going down the industrial district and you see all these buildings that have names on them that you have no idea what they do.

Beth Granger 24:14
Right? What do you do?

Russ Johns 24:16
What do you do?

Beth Granger 24:18
It's just amazing stuff that you're so think about. Yeah.

Russ Johns 24:22
And it's just amazing how we can actually build connections in that virtually now. I don't know. For myself, I think this is a and I've been remote worker for 10 years. I mean, it's just been from, for the most part, I've been remote worker and been able to be flexible and work wherever I need to.

Beth Granger 24:44
But we have a question I noticed.

Russ Johns 24:45
Oh Okay.

Beth Granger 24:47
Mindy asked, What are the thoughts about connections that say LinkedIn is becoming too much like Facebook? I don't think it is. I mean if people are using it in that way, like, in my perspective, like sharing a meme or a quote or a card, pulling a card, even certain things could work in the chat team. If they're if they're doing it too much that way, then maybe they're not the right connection for you. So I don't see a lot of that because my connections are using it. Well, I don't see it as too noisy. I see a lot of really good content. So and yes, I know, they added the whole reactions. And I don't know if I care whether somebody clicks like or celebrate or.

Russ Johns 25:43

Beth Granger 25:43
But I think they need to keep up and get people who want to use the platform. So they have to try things.

Russ Johns 25:54
Yeah, I think it's a process of experimentation. I think it's a process. Have I don't think it's to face bookie at this point in time. I do. However, imagine that. What I've seen is that it seems like the community police's some of that stuff.


Because I've seen some posts that have said, Hey, this is not, this is not what we need on LinkedIn, go to Facebook,

Beth Granger 26:31
I also think it's up to the user how they want to use it. So, so maybe not that it's wrong to police it but if somebody wants to use it, let them use it in that way. And they'll either get the reaction that they want or they won't.

Russ Johns 26:47

Beth Granger 26:48
That's the way I was thinking about it.

Russ Johns 26:49
Well, the return on your whatever the return is that you're searching for well,

Beth Granger 26:57
like when you see something that's obviously a tweet come through, as As opposed just doesn't work.

Russ Johns 27:04
Yeah, yeah. So what have you noticed in terms of posting in activities and things like that? Because, you know, I'm doing video all the time. So my feet is kind of full of that, which is not necessarily. Sometimes I feel punished for creating so much content. Because the numbers have reduced compared to when I first started going live. However, I mean, I'm not focused on the numbers as much as creating the value. And so it's really a part of the equation of how can I diversify my feed in order to accomplish a better outcome, I guess, or more visibility. And it seems like LinkedIn is really narrowing the focus down on who is engaging with your post. And those people are actually seeing your posts and others are not seeing your post and it's like, Okay, well, I want other people to see my post as well. So,

Beth Granger 28:05

Russ Johns 28:05
How do you do that? Well, you can buy an ad.

Beth Granger 28:10
It is interesting. And it's always an experiment really to see what's working. And, and it's the same thing as on other platforms where you see posts and you don't, you might assume that other people that you're connected to aren't sharing information, but yet they are and you just don't see it. I think it would be really cool. Hey LinkedIn again, if you're listening to be able to just like you can have a Twitter list, it'd be really cool to have lists in the free version,

Russ Johns 28:38
Oh that would be cool.

Beth Granger 28:40
Because you can sort of do it in Sales Navigator, right by making a list. But it'd be kind of cool to have lists to be able to if there's a certain topic because not everybody uses hashtags. So if there's a certain topic you're interested in, or a group of people that you want to make sure you always see their posts. I think it'd be great to be able to do that.

Russ Johns 29:01
If you're not following the pirate broadcast hashtag, please follow the pirate broadcast hashtag

Beth Granger 29:06
Do it.

Russ Johns 29:09
Yeah, it's so funny to see watch the evolution and everything else. And sometimes you just have to say, Hey I'm doing what I'm doing. I want to continue to do what I'm doing. And I know that the platform will evolve going back and forth, and it will change over time. And

Beth Granger 29:26

Russ Johns 29:28
I heard a story that they were going to start stories in.

Beth Granger 29:33
I heard that as well. That they were thinking about it.

Russ Johns 29:36
Yeah, it's like, well, I wish they would fix live first.

Beth Granger 29:41
How about fix groups first?

Russ Johns 29:44
Oh, that would be nice.

Beth Granger 29:46
I there's so much potential for them that I don't think is happening. Like for right, for instance, right now. There's so much conversation and support in Facebook. groups, whether geographic because of your town like, Hey, where can I find toilet paper to write to other things, and I would love to be able to have those conversations in groups on LinkedIn and it just doesn't happen as much.

Russ Johns 30:16
Yeah, yeah. No. Well, and here's the deal. I mean, we are having a wonderful time on LinkedIn, we get to do something like this on LinkedIn live. And thank you so much LinkedIn for all you do, and you put out there and you produce results. And I pay for LinkedIn, I invest in LinkedIn every month. So I anticipate that it will continue to improve in grow and evolve. And so things like this invest like this are really great to have conversations around it and open up the dialog and say, Okay, well, what are you seeing? Here's what I see. Here's what my expect variances and it's just a matter of being able to go back and forth and see how they how we can evolve.

Beth Granger 31:06
Absolutely. Absolutely.

Russ Johns 31:08
Beth, this has been wonderful.

Beth Granger 31:10
So much fun!

Russ Johns 31:10
I love to catch up and connect and so when is your

Beth Granger 31:17
I'll try to send you your cupcake through the computer. So I don't do my live at the same time or day of the week. I know I should, it would make it easier for people to know. But I typically do it Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at my lunchtime. But occasionally I've done it at other times. For instance, I may have someone on from Australia. So we'll find a time that works for both of us.

Russ Johns 31:41
Cool, cool. Well, I look forward to seeing it and catching up with you in the near future and everything else. So

Beth Granger 31:47
Thanks so much and happy birthday.

Russ Johns 31:49
And thank you so much. That was very kind and considerate Beth. I really appreciate you and thank you so much in kindnesses. Cool, smiles are free and you Enjoy the day and it's a Friday too, isn't it?

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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