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Introduction: [00:00:00] Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast™, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.

Russ Johns: [00:00:10] Welcome back to the #PirateBroadcast. And we are so excited to talk to you today and share some information with the pirate community. Welcome aboard. And if you're watching this in the future, watching this or listening to this on a podcast, like, comment and share it because that's what helps us. Share this information across all of the different channels that we're on and love to have you join us. Thank you so much, Carol. Good morning. Good day.

Carol Campos: [00:00:39] Good morning, Russ. I'm so happy to be here.

Russ Johns: [00:00:41] It's exciting. Now you're a pirate and so I just wanna, I've always opened the door and welcomed back all the pirates that arrive and, have great conversations and a half hour seems to go so quickly all the time that we never have enough chance to really catch up and connect like we would like to. Welcome back. And we were just talking before the show about a lot of different subjects. However I wanted to zone in, for those that don't know you or may not be familiar with your work or what you're doing,  I'm going to talk about life strategy and the alchemy of really getting in the groove and finding your joy and getting in alignment. Share with people a little bit about who Carol is and what you're doing.

Carol Campos: [00:01:24] Yeah. The last time I was on, I went more deep into my background, so I'll just do a quick overview. I was in corporate for about 20 years and had decided I had enough. And made the leap into the unknown. And I really mean the unknown. I had no job to go to. I had a financial runway that I thought was long enough to give me time to figure it out. I thought, it wasn't quite the case. But what I realized was I could take a lot of the things that I had learned in corporate and the things I liked about my role there, which was mentoring and helping people grow and find the things that they were interested in and would light them up and then combine them. With a different type of coaching. So more spiritual metaphysical. So it was the practical and magical coming together, and that's really worked well for me because Russ,  when you're doing something that lights you up, the by-product of that is that you're just able to help other people that attraction the people that are interested in what you have to say, and you're able to help them.

Russ Johns: [00:02:29] It's interesting that you would say it that way because I'm almost, I'm over 450 episodes of the #PirateBroadcast and showing up every day is, has been a #gratitude, a thing of gratitude that I do to give back to the community, to return something or share in the light on somebody else. Because I think there's so many people that have a gift, they have a message and they have something to offer. And we sell them, get the opportunity to share our story and find that message and find that assistance that we can deliver to the community. And sometimes, like you say, you have to leave something in order to find something else along the way, achieve the results. And sometimes you have to build the airplane on the way out the window.

Carol Campos: [00:03:18] That's exactly right. And I think I found my purpose work within my story, not just my corporate story, but my personal life too. And of course, a lot of the things we're afraid to talk about in our personal life, whatever traumas and challenges we had, that's exactly the stuff we should be talking about. That's exactly the key.

Russ Johns: [00:03:38] And it's because that's what people relate to and it's story. And it's the idea that we have a story. We have an opportunity to share something that somebody else could say, oh wow, I can relate to that. That sounds like something, that really resonates with me. And I want to learn more and that draws people in to your, whatever you're doing at the time. And so I know you're out there helping people. You're helping individuals. You got a course that you have going on. Talk about the course,  a little bit about what you're doing there.

Carol Campos: [00:04:15] So a few months ago, and if you don't mind, this is an interesting kind of thing that happened in my life and it was pretty recent and I've always been interested in manifestation law of attraction and all that type of thing. But I think I really kicked it up a notch. Back at the end of February, things have been really stagnant in my coaching business. I did have a a side gig. So there was money coming in, but I was like, gosh, what is going wrong? I just can't. It was like, I was trying to follow other people's formulas. It was not working. And I'm looking at my bank account and I just thought, oh my God this is not working. And I thought, you know what? I have nothing to lose. I am just going to jump with both feet into the world of manifestation, because I think I always had one foot in one foot out. It's not that I didn't believe that it worked. I think maybe it was like, oh, it works for them. I don't think that would work for me. But I think because I was, I had been so scared and in so much angst, I finally just surrendered. I just didn't know what else to do. So in March I decided, okay, March is starting and I am going to make this, March is going to be the month of manifestation and I'm going to do everything I can do. I'm going to visualize, I'm going to meditate. I'm going to engage in ceremony and what actually felt like a lot of play, like living in my imagination. And I had a number in mind of what I wanted to make for the month was actually sounded really crazy. But for whatever reason, my subconscious mind accepted it. And for anyone doing manifestation work, it's really hard to manifest if your subconscious doesn't buy it. If you say, I want to make a million dollars and your subconscious mind might be like, nah, that's not happening. So this amount that I had in my head, and it was just for my coaching. And I don't mind sharing it. I put out 10 K it's I just want to 10 K a month, which was crazy after months of nothing, but for whatever reason. I started really diving into the works of Florence Scovel Shinn, who was teaching metaphysics in the early 19 hundreds and holy and hill Neville, Goddard, people who've been doing this for a really long time. I was listening to things on audio books while I was walking, before I went to bed, in the car. I started doing cacao ceremonies for manifestation. Now I didn't really even know what I was doing, but I thought, all right, if I just put the intention pure intention, that this is what I want to create. Long story short, I brought in $9,100 in three weeks. And for some people that might be like, woopty do, who cares? But for me, it was huge because what I did was so different from all the other months where I was efforting and striving and okay, what kind of funnel or what kind of posts will work, and maybe I should follow what this person does. And really what I did was just the inner work and the play and using my imagination and all these universal laws that I had been hearing about forever, but just really wasn't putting the faith that there was something bigger than me that was going to support me if I showed up.

Russ Johns: [00:07:34] Finish your thought.

Carol Campos: [00:07:36] So I was just going to say, so that's what my new program alchemy underway came out of. It's just, it's four weeks. It's a really, just an hour. One hour blocks for four weeks and we go through this, what do you want to manifest? What are the things you want to emerge from you? What do you want to create? Cause it's, I do want to say it's bigger than oh, I just want a car in my driveway. That's all great. And there's nothing wrong with that. That's really fun. But I think there's more to it than that. It's really more of a connection with yourself and what wants to come out? What are you trying to create? What are you here for?

Russ Johns: [00:08:10] I love what you're sharing because number one, I love the idea of taking your idea and using your subconscious thought to to help you identify what needs to be done next and manifestation. Isn't just, you just can't, cruise on the couch and watching Netflix and manifest money. You still have to take action associated with that. And that's what I think a lot of people think this manifestation doesn't work. You still have to do the work. You still have to do the work, but the manifestation allows you the clarity in what actions need to take the most precedent Mo the most priority in your life and understanding, okay, if I remove these other noises from my life and I manifest what I'm cause what your mind focuses on, that's what removes a lot of the roadblocks and brings clarity to your process. Yeah, that's the difference. And for a lot of people, what I've noticed is they need permission. So have you seen that take place in your life where, you almost have to give yourself permission to go where you are. Not, you're not there because you've never been there.

Carol Campos: [00:09:25] And it's scary to do something that's not exactly mainstream. We're all taught to strive and work hard and hustle, and that's the way you get things. And that's the consciousness, the ethos we were taught and that's slowly changing. So if I'm telling somebody like God, every time my mother would say, so what's been going on and that March,  I'm thinking, it's I was in my room having a ceremony with candles lit and banging on a drum and listening. She would have thought I was a nut, so I, it was one of those things like, okay, I know this is working, but I get, it's not gonna resonate for everyone. And I think you hit on a really good point. I think when movies like The Secret and the book came out at the time, I think it was a great thing because  at that time in our consciousness, that's what people needed to see that. Yes, my thoughts do affect things. Thoughts do create things, thinking positive. There's nothing wrong with that. And I think people did manifest things. But I think after the last couple of decades, we're realizing that's just not enough. That's not fulfilling us anymore. There has to be more. And if you look at the generations coming behind us, they are coming in, just plugged in. That those old paradigms of competition and the striving and hustling. That's just changing. There's just new ways of doing things and it's just being open to it.

Russ Johns: [00:10:56] Yeah. Have you noticed one thing that I want to talk about and unpack is this feeling of alignment, because when you're doing something that you're in alignment with, and I've noticed this in my life, it comes and goes, is that time disappears. It's almost as if when I'm in, like when I'm creating music, I could spend the entire day, I could forget about eating. I could forget about, any time just evaporates. And I'm just in the group doing what I love. And it just feels like something that I really want to do create the creative process. That's kinda my jam. And when you start adding other things that you feel like are responsibilities that, it's almost like a distraction. Okay, I got to stop what I'm doing here in alignment and then go do this other thing over here that creates some revenue. And if you can align the revenue or the life skills that allow you and I was researching ickigai and how the philosophy of, what you love, what people will pay for, what brings you joy in your development cycle? And it's a powerful tool because if your conscious and your subconscious and your efforts are all in alignment and you can actually easily access what people enjoy and what you enjoy as well. Life is so much easier.

Carol Campos: [00:12:28] Oh my gosh. Yeah. I love that. That flow state, just being in that flow state, like you said, where you lose all track of time and I think, your body is such a good GPS telling you what feels good for you? What, when it feels right. When you're in flow, I guess your body feels light when you, when it's becomes a half too, you can just feel like there's this heaviness. And I know there's going to be people listening who are like that's nice for you guys, but I'm in this job where it feels heavy all the time. And there's a couple of things you need to ask yourself okay, is it the job itself that you don't like, in which case. Maybe it's time to look for something else or is it like, I love the job, but there's things about the environment that I don't like. The job itself is really in alignment with what I want to do. And in that case, that's where a lot of the energy work comes in. We're such tuning forks for the environments we enter. I think we've all been in a room where somebody with a really bad attitude walks in and you can just feel the vibe go down. And conversely, people who are really high vibe come in and suddenly it just shifts things. So I know when I was in corporate, I used to pull in the parking lot. And I wasn't even in the door and I was already huffing and puffing about something that hadn't even happened yet. I was already ready for a fight. And so bringing in that energy, I had control over that. And when I look back, I just thought, gosh, I had an opportunity to change the way I was showing up. And it really does affect everything when you bring a different energy to the mix. So there's a lot of things to play with. No.

Russ Johns: [00:14:12] And I think a lot of times people fail to realize that even how they approach what they're doing and their perception of what the value is in their life can change. If you change your perception, because your brain doesn't know what, what is actually happening. It's not in tune with the emotional attachment it's in tune with what you're feeding it. So everything that you go into life with is, you can approach it as, oh, I get to do this versus that.

Carol Campos: [00:14:44] Yeah. Yeah. It's a huge distinction. And I love that you touched on the subconscious doesn't know what's real and what's imagined. So if you go in creating in your mind what you want this is how I want this meeting to go, or this is how I want a conversation to go and really imagined that, becomes real. It always makes me laugh. I think back I used to watch Game of Thrones and my heart would just be beating so hard. I was in such a stress. I could barely sleep and it's because my subconscious doesn't realize that's real, so we do have a lot of control over what we're allowing in and what we're putting out.

Russ Johns: [00:15:27] I love that. I want to give a shout out to a few people in the room, Ken, the man from Malta. Thank you so much for joining us today, Ken. Thank you for being here. Jenny Gold, hi pirates. Good morning, Russ and Carol. There you go in Colorado. Elize in from South Africa. Thank you so much for being here. She's an awesome individual that shows up on a regular basis. Tim, morning, Russ Johns from PA. Thank you. I hope you're feeling better, Tim. Let's catch up soon. And Angie she's a amazing individual. She actually introduced me to somebody I love to follow is James Wedmore. So James is one of the people that I enjoy following, and he talks a lot about manifestation and how you can think and approach different things in different contexts. Jill Brown, thank you so much for being here too. How are you? Hopeyou're well and love how Carol lives every word. Yes. Me as well. I'm fan. Good morning, Michael Baker. How are you, pirates? And Ken says alignment is where it's at. Everything you want is there, time evaporates because you are in the moment where time does not exist. Absolutely positive. I love it. And Jenny Gold says, yes, alignment is so important. And Wendy, good morning pirates. Happy to have Carol on the pirate ship. And flow is in the middle name. #piratenation so hashtag #piratenation. Thank you so much, Wendy, for being here. Tuning forks. Yes, Lorraine. Ireland. Awesome. Hi Russ. Thank you so much. An international crew today. And so Jill says, thank you. So Carol, one of the things that I know that has shifted for you cause  we've talked about this in the past before is, going from corporate to your own thing, it offers you a lot of freedom, a lot of flexibility. And we're talking about the idea that working in a corporate environment, you can do so much. It's almost like an experiment and somebody is funding. You have a benefactor that can actually really achieve results. And, but it's not your own. It's not your own. So how have you shifted your focus and your energy and your actions and taking actions now that you're doing your own thing? And growing your own business. How do you reflect back on that now that you've done that for while?

Carol Campos: [00:18:01] That's a great question. One thing I found was I had always considered myself a low energy person. I always envy people who could just work all day and then go out at night or entertain clients. I just thought, oh my gosh, where do they get the energy? But it's because they loved it. And that's one of the things I realize once I started doing what I loved, my energy levels were so much more. And like you were talking about Russ, you start working on things and you lose track of the time. You start designing your day, the way you want to design your day. Your confidence level goes up too. I think at first it's very scary because you're out of your comfort zone. You're out of your bubble. You're putting yourself out there. I was afraid to show my writing. I was afraid to do a podcast. I was afraid to do something like this, but each time I did it. Even if I totally sucked in the beginning, it got a little bit better each time. And it's interesting because I was talking with my sister the other day and she said, it's just amazing how far you've come. And she wasn't talking in terms of finances. She was just, cause I was always the introvert in our family and I was always a little bit weird and too, too sensitive and all these things. And she said, it's just amazing. All the things you've done and. That's what's really cool for me to look back on it's you know, having friends all over the world, it just, as you do, as these people are coming in from all parts of the world, you just think, okay. When I was sitting in my office in Rhode Island, that was never going to happen. All of this has transpired from just keeping, taking one step after another and building my courage and also realizing, cause I think at the start of my journey and we touched on this before. I'd start watching the gurus or, experts and, social media, entrepreneurship, or whatever. And I thought, great. I guess I, this is what I have to do. And even in my heart, it didn't feel right. It didn't feel like me. But I thought that's what I had to do. So that even that learning curve, or now I just remember, gosh, the best months I have are when I do exactly what I want, I don't get caught up in flashy videos or I don't have, and I'm not saying like for some people that totally works for them, it's for me, it didn't work. I need to show up just as myself telling my stories. And if you like it. Great. If you don't, that's great too. I'm only a little bit further ahead of some people, not like this, just this not better. It can't be better. We're all one, it's just a little different place on the journey where I might be able to help. So that's what I focus on because as I work on me, Which I'm going to continually, that's part of alchemy underway or always energy transmuting and under some kind of transformation as I work on me, that's the by-product of finding people who are like, oh, I like what she's saying. That makes sense to me. It's definitely not going to be everybody's jam. I get that. And that's okay.

Russ Johns: [00:21:08] Two things are true. You have to realize that. It doesn't matter what other people think. You will be judged positive or negative, but you will be judged and it's none of your business.  Because until I actually start working on myself for myself, by myself and put myself out there and actually realized the power and authority that I have. And it's a struggle, I'm not going to be, I'm not going to pull any punches. It's an evolution you practice every day. Just like you're saying, everybody sucks when they first do something. It's practice. You just have to continue to practice it. And with practice, the circle of your energy and your authority and your influence in everything that you want to put out to the world grows as a result of your practice. Consistency showing up, 90% of life is showing up, but it's really impactful  to think that you've grown so much and you've changed and evolved and you can show up and you're bringing light to the world and people love you. And I appreciate it. And you're a pirate.

Carol Campos: [00:22:20] And I'm a pirate. How does it get any better than that? Yay!

Russ Johns: [00:22:24] And Wendy says, beneficent, you are this. Jeff Young, sorry, I'm late. Greetings, Carol and Russ. Namaste.. Jeff always awesome to be here. Exactly. Carol, do what works for you. We're all different. We're all unique creatures and we all have a journey and a gift. Carol is awesome to work with and a beautiful friend. Thank you so much. Wendy says other people do not think of us as much as we think.

Carol Campos: [00:22:54] True.

Russ Johns: [00:22:55] What's stopping you from dancing in the rain? Absolutely.  I want to talk a little bit before we wrap up today. This program you have challenge what's it called?

Carol Campos: [00:23:04] So Alchemy Underway, it's really just four weeks. We go intensive into manifestation, universal law. What do you want to bring to the world? I actually go through some just, not just tools, but ceremony and techniques to help you hold that vision. Because one of the things I've learned in and many manifests physical teachers teach this is when you are holding a vision for yourself. Sometimes you wobble. There's going to be days where you're like, Ugh, this doesn't work and your face just crumbles. And a lot of this is trusting that it works. But if you have a friend who also holds that same vision for you, They're not going to wobble because they can see you doing all these things and they don't really have skin in the game. So having somebody also and meditate on your vision has been really powerful. And in my life, I have a couple of friends that I partner with that we do this for each other. So I also do that for the people that I'm mentoring. So we do some of that. I have loads of tools, not thing is going to resonate with everyone. So we find what works for you. Because really the goal is I want people to be able to do this on their own. We go over a lot in four weeks, the goal is this is a lifelong thing where you can keep, experiencing that emergence and manifestation and aligned opportunities and all those good things in life that we hear about, we think that's nice for them. Why that doesn't happen for me? It's yes, it can happen for you. So it's learning that and trusting.

Russ Johns: [00:24:37] And we all have to find our own path. Everybody has a different, a unique way of generating that enthusiasm that energy. And it goes back regardless of where you are in life, it's a stage, it's a step, it's a process and be patient with yourself.

Carol Campos: [00:24:56] Yes.

Russ Johns: [00:24:57] And give yourself permission to stumble and fall and just continue to grow. Because it's so important for us to understand that, hey, it's a process, it's a process, it's practicing.

Carol Campos: [00:25:10] Oh, for sure. And you had talked about being  in flow and I think it's also important to remember being in a flow state a hundred percent of the time. It isn't natural. It's not sustainable. So that when you have those kinds of down in the dumps or you're feeling like your energy is really off or sad or depressed, That is all it's more than, okay. It's supposed to happen because it's not that nothing is happening in your life. There's things going on behind the scenes, but you need rest. You need time and then you have that spike again. So just getting used to that rhythm and everybody has their own rhythm.

Russ Johns: [00:25:48] Yeah. I've been meditating a lot on the fact that I don't have to work 18 hours a day to accomplish a goal. I don't have to work 18 hours a day. I don't have to work, 14, 12 hours a day, whatever it takes. And it's not the amount of work that I do. It's the amount of intention and impact I can make with my time. And I think we seldom reflect on how much we can actually accomplish over time. Days are short, years are long. And so we just have to continue to pursue our goals and put the intention out there. So a lot of that Lorraine says yes, people notice very little of what others are doing as they are observed. They're absorbed in their own reality. Absolutely. And a LinkedIn user. I'm not sure where the LinkedIn users absolutely agree. We need downtime to appreciate the uptime a hundred percent. And Ken says most entrepreneurs need to learn the action of stopping.

Carol Campos: [00:26:51] I love that.

Russ Johns: [00:26:52] Yes. So rest, rest is a hundred percent needed.

Carol Campos: [00:26:56] Yeah. And not feeling guilty about it, doing it unapologetically.

Russ Johns: [00:27:01] Yeah. I love this, Carol. It has been a wonderful experience to catch up with you again and share some things that you've been working on and focused on. And so how do you enjoy and appreciate people connecting with you and getting in touch with you?

Carol Campos: [00:27:17] They can always send me a message here on LinkedIn. They can also send me an email at All of my programs are on my site except for alchemy underway. My site is going undergoing some changes. So I am already teaching that course, but you just have to reach out to me directly and then we can arrange times and all that.

Russ Johns: [00:27:39] Beautiful. And all of this information will be included in the post, the podcast, the broadcast, and all the notes that will be available later today on if you have ever wanted to do an outreach program or you're considering doing something with your business and your projects and the things you're working on. I'm launching a five week course that is going to allow you to use video in your messaging and your outreach and your community building exercise. So if you want more information, how to do that and what to do and how you can do that. It's a course I'm putting together and I'm looking to get...I'm manifesting 10 people in a course to do this thing. So I'm looking forward to that and sharing a lot of valuable information. And it's allowed me to book over a thousand calls  in the last year and obviously 460 somewhat episodes of the #PirateBroadcast. If that's of interest and all as always, Carol, thank you so much for being here.

Carol Campos: [00:28:49] Thank you, Russ.

Russ Johns: [00:28:50] Wishing all the best because #kindnessiscool, # smilesarefree, so you #enjoytheday. Take care.

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