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Russ Johns 0:02
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

It's another great day. Thank you if you're watching the replay thank you if you're watching it live and also I just want to make sure that #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings can be found on the #piratebroadcast five days a week and if you like and share and you find value in this kind of pass it around do this social thing. Today we have Christine in the room. How are you doing Christine? Happy Friday.

Christine Teh 0:46
Happy Friday. Thank you for inviting me Russ, this is fun.

Russ Johns 0:50
Well, I kind of seem like I kind of cruise around LinkedIn often and I can be found online. Once in a while, and you've been popping up in my feed, and you've been kind of like, what is Christine doing? And then, we reached out, we had a conversation, I thought, well, you should probably be on here and talk about what you're doing because you started really getting into LinkedIn, less than a year ago, like September, I think

Christine Teh 1:21

Russ Johns 1:21
You've expanded. I mean, the amount of time and effort and energy that you've put into this is like, superhero strength. It's like I know how much time it takes I know what kind of effort is required to be seen, be heard and be talked about, like you're doing. I want to kind of back into that and talk about what you've done and what your big ideas have been, and, how it's progressing for you. For those that don't know you, tell us a little bit about your background, and why You're here on LinkedIn. And why you're posting and doing live shows as well,

Christine Teh 2:04
Yeah, yeah, thank you. Gabrielle says Hi. Hi. Yeah, I'm trying to look at the comments too. I started my financial coaching business in 2016. Then like, so I was running it for, I mean, I was working full time and then working on my business, you know, nights and weekends. I did that for two and a half years till I decided to quit my corporate job last year. That was May of last year, because I decided, you know what, I'm tired of this corporate world I will not try to do entrepreneurship. Then just to try it out. I told myself, I'm gonna try it out for a year and see how it goes. Then Luckily, I passed my one year anniversary in May 3, so I was really happy so

Russ Johns 2:50
Happy anniversary

Christine Teh 2:50
I made it one year. Yeah, so I'm happy I'm not going back to corporate for now. So hopefully never. So I decided after me um, you know what? As a full time entrepreneurship and as an entrepreneur, you have the market right? I mean if you don't market you have no sales if you have no sales, you have no money that you're gonna have to go back to corporate. So then I was trying to figure out where should I market to and then so I was trying to look at Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn but I was like, I tried to be an Instagram but I could never understand it. I was like, This is such a picture platform and then like, is still so saturated. I tried to get on it I couldn't get into Facebook is is a very personal platform for me. I started there posting this personal stuff and I want to leave it personal.

I know people said that if you want to succeed on Facebook, you have to use your personal page to market I'm like, heck no, I'm not gonna make my personal patient of business page because I know some business coach tell me that you have to market on your personal pages. No. So LinkedIn makes the most sense. So I decided to give it my all so I dedicated so September 2019 last year, so I decided To show up every day so I show up by just show up like networking commenting and then I started posting at first I wasn't posting every day I was posting maybe every other day because I was trying to figure out how they do this so I think like after that then slowly became every day so and then I just kind of grow from there and then I just like started having fun Oh, people are responding to my comments so I always respond to all comments I try to and then it goes up then suddenly you can't keep up but I tried to and then slowly just build up and I think September so I focus on building my personal brand September to December and I didn't really get my first paying clients a January I think I was starting to lose hope I'm like, Yeah, what's gonna pay me like nobody I didn't come here on LinkedIn to be popular.

Russ Johns 4:47
I'm sitting here responding to comments but nobody's paying me for it.

Christine Teh 4:52
It's like nobody's gonna reaching out but you know what I'm generally I started having clients, right. That was my first paid clients. January so and I actually did a post. Yeah, I actually did a post of year today how many clients I've got from LinkedIn and actually LinkedIn was the highest. yelp is this set close second, but LinkedIn was the highest. I was like, wow, okay, it's working. So these are companies coming in now. So I don't have to, like do so much work. I think I already have the brand. So I, and then and then I start offering LinkedIn coaching because I start getting more and more people asking me like, I see always on the feed, whatever you're everywhere on LinkedIn, like, how did you grow? Then like I just don't have the time to always answer even to strangers, right to friends. I don't mind giving tips here and there, but strangers. I say, you know what, I'll just offer this as the service. I started launching that last month. I've had 10 clients already so far from me for LinkedIn coaching. It's been good. LinkedIn has made so much difference in my life

Russ Johns 5:54
Yeah, well, and that's a trend in the pirate community. A lot of the people that are on the broadcast. A lot of them are LinkedIn trainers, there's I've had a lot of LinkedIn trainers, Jeff young and Brendan Miller. John, Experian, and a lot of these people are people that have really made a difference in an impact in the LinkedIn communities. I really, and it's exactly that thing. It's like being there on a regular basis, showing up.

Christine Teh 6:27

Russ Johns 6:27
Helping adding value. It's really, what you've done is monumental because it's just really accelerated the things and I just kind of, the takeaways I have from that is that, I think more than anything, consistency is key being there all the time.

Christine Teh 6:46

Russ Johns 6:47
I think you'll probably find that after a while, going above and beyond the call of duty is probably not sustainable. It's like at some point in time, you probably need to take a day off.

Christine Teh 6:59
Yeah, yeah. I know, like, sometimes I don't. But then like, no, it's a good problem to have to actually have a lot of comments because you have visibility of expansion. It's a good cause it's a good problem. I try as much as possible to go back. But I think like, sometimes you just feel overwhelmed being on LinkedIn. So do you do. I have to, like, turn it off and like, Okay, I gotta do other stuff, and then take a break, because I leave it open. I have notification all the time. I say, oh, what's the notification? Was that so I have to close my browser otherwise.

Russ Johns 7:36
Oh, I gotta go see what that is.

Christine Teh 7:38
Yeah, was that?

Russ Johns 7:39
Yeah, who's that?

Christine Teh 7:40

Russ Johns 7:41
I think it's really important for us to understand that some of that balance is a reflection of life too. Because as an entrepreneur it's almost like the old cliche that I want to work 40 hours, or I want to work 80 hours so I don't have to work 40 hours in a corporate job, right.

Christine Teh 7:58

Russ Johns 7:59
It is kind of the freedom and it's the flexibility. However it's almost a catch 22 because you can get so involved in it, and so consumed by it, that it's like, yeah, I gotta check this notification I gotta respond to right now. It's really, I think, at a certain level, you have to push to get to a certain level and then after you're at a certain level, especially on LinkedIn, then there's probably more organic conversations that are taking place too. So have you seen that in your your feeds? More people are starting to connect with you and reach out to you more reaching out to them?

Christine Teh 8:41
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yes. Yes. I like to always tell people so there's two kinds of business people in LinkedIn, one that does the shotgun effect, meaning they message as many people 100 people, maybe you might shoot like 10 or half of them and want something.

Yeah and then there's the attraction marketing so I am building personal brand so I'm more in the building personal brand and attraction marketing and that's what I teach my clients who come to me for LinkedIn coaching I said it's not overnight if you want overnight then you might have to find that coach who use Sales Navigator and know how to use the shotgun effect and know how to do that. So mine is all built on building your brand showing up every day and then so um yeah so so basically you know, a personal brand is like you have to earn the know like and trust you have to show yourself What is your personal brand? What do you want to be known for to other people so you know for me I like to be known as the actual my headline if you saw that I put money Queen and that's more recent one and I didn't come up with that my my one of my followers, Steffi came up with that and then other people chime in. Yeah, I like that money, Queen money, Queen. I was like, so I didn't even make up for it. They created the name for me. Because I'm not good at making up names like that.

Russ Johns 10:03
That really points out a good example of what you're doing is you're showing up and people are seeing you in a certain way. If that matches with your identity that's really good for personal branding and relationship marketing too.

Christine Teh 10:24
Yeah, exactly, exactly. It's like yeah, so basically sometimes like this There were three posts I think two or three posts that did really well today yesterday was semi okay i was a little okay with this slowness because I needed a break but there are three poles that did really well this past week and then I got several leads and people who just set up complimentary from it so I think one of them was like, you can be broke making hundred 50 K and be rich making 40 K and then the other one I forgot what the other one though. Yeah, I forgot what the other one that there was another one there. You will sometime this week. Today I'm after a call, I'm about to post my regular. I usually post every morning. Guys, feel free to connect with me. I saw I saw Gabriel said, I wish I could have her on my show and that I really just replied to his comment. Yeah, Gabriel, I would love to be on your show.

Russ Johns 11:18
I watch Gabriel, it's amazing because we had a conversation a little while ago, and he was then he started and then now it's like, Okay, he's just taken off in his. And the whole point is, is once you decide to commit and show up and be consistent, Gabriel's been incredibly consistent as well, like yourself,

Christine Teh 11:41
You have to,

Russ Johns 11:42
yeah, you have to and people, like you said, there's two types of people that just want it done, they want the results, they don't want to put in the effort. Then the people that really understand and appreciate the effort that it takes, and I'm willing to commit to it because Like financial goals, you have to commit to something in exchange for those goals. Right?

Christine Teh 12:07
Exactly. Yes.

Russ Johns 12:08
It doesn't Come without a cost.

Christine Teh 12:10
Yeah. Then I tell my client so I guess find that finances is like your health goals. Somebody asked me Okay, after work to get Can I stop budgeting now can I stop using this tool? I said, Well, what would your health goals I mean, did you stop all of a sudden eating junk food after the work together with the client? It's like no, you, you it's gonna be a forever thing you know, being healthy. Watching your food watching is a forever thing. Same thing with your finances. It's a forever thing. You can never run up to things you can never run away from right money and taxes. People always ask me why you must love taxes to be an IRS enrolled agent. If everybody doesn't know, enrolled agent is an IRS designation that's given by the IRS so we have unlimited rights to represent our clients in front of the IRS. Although that's more as a specialty, that's called representation, I don't want to be a representative so but me like I have the rights to just do anyone's taxes all over us international whatever.

We just do whatever you don't have to be specific is certified in any state. It's the highest level designation and then for you to be paid in California, you have to have some sort of certificate I decided I'm just gonna go for the highest IRS designation because either EA, or CPA and then and CPA that's too broad. Like I want to specialize in taxes. Yeah, again, so you can never run away from taxes so I miswell be their friend. I made them as my friend and then like, and I make sure that my clients is gonna understand taxes if they're working with me, so I always review their taxes. I'm sure they understand at least the summary of their 1040 so you better understand this. I'm not gonna be the regular tax professional if I do your taxes or I coach that you don't Know how to read it and you don't know how to link it to your paycheck.

Russ Johns 13:35
Yeah, exactly. I was just gonna say that's a reflection a lot in business and entrepreneurs, it's, as soon as you can I call it delegating document and delegate. As soon as you can document and delegate some of the things that you don't enjoy, or that you're not a specialist in that allows you to scale your business and scale your work. There's some things that you have to do, that we have to do personally. Then there's things that we can actually have help with and understand. LinkedIn is another thing is like, a lot of it has to be by yourself because your voice, the articles and conversations you're having. If you want to build a relationship, you kind of have to stay in the relationship.

Christine Teh 14:50
Yes, right. Yes. I made a comment the other day, I did a post when I reached 50 K. Then I said I was just kind of partly joking partly in that I said, oh, what's the secret to my success? says so because I spent too much damn time here on LinkedIn. Then I said I don't hire VA. And no, I don't Because I know people who hire VA to respond to their dm and to their comments. To me that's not personal, like how am I gonna know my audience if I don't respond to the comments how they know what type of things they like, how do they respond, so I will never have VA for those type of things, maybe other things eventually, like I start feeling more and more overwhelmed.

I have to think about maybe it's a time now to actually hire other people. This is one of my I guess thing about me like OCD controlling I mean, I'm not sure if I'm ready to like hire someone and it's like, cuz like, I have a certain way of doing things. I'm like, how can they be right? So so I'm still working through that. I'm still seeing how things go. I have a very high I'm very into time management and being efficient. I make sure that I mean, if it's costing me too much time, I mean, like that I have to see Can I make be more efficient So, I mean, there's no way around the comments and dm, you're gonna have to do that manually. There's no automation there. I mean, there's automation, but I don't want to use automation, because I've seen those bots see automated messages, and I don't want that

Russ Johns 16:11
You can recognize them after a while.

Christine Teh 16:13
Yeah, it's like, oh, good, posts, great posts like

Russ Johns 16:16
Two seconds later, they have, Hey, would you like to see, my stuff is like, let's give him a call. it's like, Okay. That brings up another excellent point, because it does take time and it does take effort. Do you block your time with time management? How do you how do you manage your time between your regular work schedule and the tasks that you do for clients and some of the things do you block hours to do batch or do you do anything like that?

Christine Teh 16:55
Yeah I'm a very intuitive person so I just go like today I'm like, oh, what's my top three I have a bunch of posts in here. I look at it what needs to be done today so I know I need to get that done and then usually like I have I'm pretty busy throughout the day but then I make sure that in my calendar that I have padding in between so like 30 minutes usually at least 30 minutes padding, so I am what I do in between time either catch up with my notifications, my emailing or Facebook, Instagram notifications for most of the day, I do that. Then after the day and so my session time is from 11am to 7pm so 7pm after that then I'll review whatever needs to be done but then the thing with coaching is that it relies more on you on the spot on the session how good you are because like a lot of my coaching has to do with building a good my client helping my friends build a good relationship with money.

That has a lot to do with you being intuitive asking the right question. Connecting with a client's like, giving them asking the question so they can become aware and giving their aha moments.

Russ Johns 18:07

Christine Teh 18:08
Like when we go to the budgeting, like, like, a lot of things revolve around my budgeting tool. It's like, when they do budgeting, there's so much some people just struggle. They're like, Oh, it's so stressful to look at my money. My dad is looking at this. We explore all that, where's that coming from where that originated, because you have to look up your money no matter what, you have to get to the point. I transformed our relationship to budgeting, like budgeting is not a bad thing. It's a great thing. Then you're throughout that process of transformation. We have to go through the stress to all the stuff that they go through to all their crappy money mindset and all of that.

Russ Johns 18:48
Yeah,We all have our strengths and our weaknesses, right. If you can help somebody, understand and appreciate The things that they really haven't spent time discovering it's a huge value. Thanks for doing that work because a lot of people they don't want to deal with that they don't want to they don't appreciate that so they don't necessarily want to go after it. I know in this kind of, day and age right now where we're going through COVID and the pandemic and everything else have you seen and noticed a big shift in any of your activities? And if so Where's your shift?

Christine Teh 19:35
Yeah, so shelter in place of being started more towards the end of March and then so I want my big referral sources Yelp right so I can see how many people view it and stuff so it did tank I mean, the beginning of April I'm like, What happened to the Yelp did something or whatever little algorithm to like LinkedIn, but then I realized it was just shelter in place. People are just freaking out. They're in survival mode. They're not gonna think about Coaching so of course, you're not going to be looking for that. It packs for the first half of April it was it was slow but then the thing is that I think as people get adapted to the new world, towards the end of April, they start going back to normal again. At least started coming in, but the first half of the month of April was slow. Luckily like I make sure as an entrepreneur, you can never know how your income is gonna be.

I make sure to prepare for that. Then like, this is the same tip I have for everyone like people who lose their job, whatever they're like how they prepare for this like, yeah, you're gonna have to plan so let what if you lost your job, then you're gonna have to like figure out what can you do on this I do whatever it takes, like sell stuff at your home, do something virtual offer a virtual services VA, like Do whatever you have to do to take skills like for me as an entrepreneur, like financial coaching is my main business but I have other source of income too. I do taxes and now I do LinkedIn coaching. You need to have different variations. LinkedIn coaching I picked up when COVID was down. That kind of pat each other up, and then I have my tax too. I work for Intuit part time to do as a tax expert as well. That's also kind of padded my income. So in terms of my clients, yeah, those are the difference in activities like that it was kind of slow in terms of new clients coming in, like, end of march to half of April, but then it started to pick up again, these started picking up but it was like, my I didn't have much leads in my calendar during that time, but I was so busy with other stuff. Now, these started coming back in again.

Russ Johns 21:34
Yeah, that's a great point is having multiple revenue streams or opportunities to have revenue streams?

Christine Teh 21:43

Russ Johns 21:44
I think anyone can actually learn from that and appreciate that. For myself I've been a remote worker for over a decade and so my life hasn't inherently changed with the exception of not going went out to the movies or I'm not going to restaurant like that I'm not going out. I'm here as a caregiver for my parents, and so making sure that they're safe and everything is okay, is my priority and my workload has actually increased. A lot of people need help and they need assistance. As I'm producing shows form or I'm building a website or I'm managing some projects for him, whatever it happens to be, there's a lot of opportunity out there that people fail to see if they're not looking for the opportunity. I've talked about many shows, and many opportunities in the past, and it's just important for us to open up to the opportunities, like yourself is like, I don't want to work in the corporate environment anymore. I want to do something else.

Christine Teh 22:53
Yes, yeah. yeah,

Russ Johns 22:56
Hats off to you. Applause.

Christine Teh 22:58
Yeah. yeah. I just love to enterpreneur.I just feel like I was born to be an entrepreneur I love running my own schedule. I love not having to ask the boss for approval if I change my pricing like it doesn't have to go to the approving committee like what 5 10 people or something like I have to go to like compliance and like I just I don't have to deal with the politics and then I might not make as much as corporate so I'm gonna be honest, I was working at visa. Visa was a huge company I was making very good money there benefits was very good. then I don't make as much as I used to not right now. I mean, like, there are some months that is higher, some months is low. To me what matters more to me is that I'm profitable, profitable means I'm able to pay for my business and personal expenses and self employment taxes, which is part of the business expenses. That's what matters to me and I'm able to save I have my retirement

I'm happy I live the lifestyle I want so I always asked my clients like what is your happy money number I made that up. So Happy Money number is like what kind of lifestyle you want to live because it's too easy to think grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I stopped my cleanse when they start to compare themselves to other people, I stopped them. I said, if you're starting to compare like it has, like, how does that make you feel? It makes you feel inspired, then? Great. That's awesome. You have to be aware what kind of feelings is a trigger that triggers you like a feeling that you're not good enough that you're not quite there? It makes you feel bad. It doesn't do you any good. Stop right there. Let's focus on you. So I even like, if you see my post my post, revolting my personal brand revolves around my money, money mindset or inspirational stuff. I did a post about the only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday.

Russ Johns 24:48
Yes, yeah. I love that. I love that

Christine Teh 24:50
Because you just don't know I've had clients who came to me they have two houses here in Silicon Valley. One was $2 million. The other one was 800. thousand dollars they can barely keep themselves afloat in the $2 million house or keeping up with two homes but then looking at that you'll think that they're successful you just don't know Do not ever compare yourself always go back if you start comparing making and you feel bad go back to yourself like well go inside yourself like what makes me happy. What kind of lifestyle do I want to live what do I want to do so for me like I love eating out I live in Bay Area Silicon Valley there's so much now we can do that but we try to do take out as much as we can but with my boyfriend has been cooking a lot more too. What makes you happy that one and then I love massages I'm willing to budget for massages because I just love being there like ah like It's like my self care day. You have to see what makes you happy so I want to travel more ones cover this up. Those and then like I don't have kids I only have my two dogs which are who are like bugging me right now. Those are my kids. That's what makes me happy and then I will never not work because I love working.

Russ Johns 26:07
I love working as well

Christine Teh 26:11
Otherwise like, what are you gonna do on this you have hobbies you really, really love and doesn't make money, but why not do what you love and make money out of it? That's even better?

Russ Johns 26:20
Yeah, that's the best.

Christine Teh 26:22

Russ Johns 26:22
it really sparks an interest when you can. Like I was talking about this. Yesterday was like, the creative process. iIf you can create something and continue to build your knowledge and skills, I mean That, to me, that's inspiring that invigorates me and it's just like, and I think you're the same way I think you're just being able to grow and find that happy spot. Find that day daily joy. I wake up with gratitude every day and it's just one of those things.

Christine Teh 27:01

Russ Johns 27:01
It's a good place this is a good place

Christine Teh 27:03
Yeah. Yep. Like when I walk my dogs. I have an attitude of gratitude. Whenever I'm like from my posts, right people ask me where am I getting my post stuff in? So it's just my daily routine when I walk I'm like, Yeah, like I, I big on positive affirmations. I'm open to inspiring messages for great posts. Stuff like that. I say, when I say I love money. Money loves me and then because it's very hard for you to become something or like, if you think rich people are evil, then it's like, it's hard for you to become rich. Yeah. I'm all about, you know, good,

Russ Johns 27:16
I was just going to say, I just had a thought and it's like, money is only a symptom of the effort that you and the value you bring to the world. Yes.

Christine Teh 27:50
I truly believe so. I'm sorry to cut

Russ Johns 27:54
No go ahead.

Christine Teh 27:55
I was gonna say that, yeah, I get so excited about I always say like so I posted I actually I'm gonna that's a video I'm actually gonna post today I love money money loves me so it's actually a repost of my older posts so I do repost. This is one of my tips for you guys to like, you can repost content from two three months ago because as my following grows, like those new followers haven't seen it and something my old followers may not have seen it. You can repost sometimes like, I do, repost I go back to three months ago, I was like, oh, which one's a good thing so I'm going to repost it so the first time I posted that it was really funny. Some some of my audience quoted me the Bible saying money is the root of all evil

Russ Johns 28:39
I don't that actually says that anywhere in the Bible,

Christine Teh 28:42
I don't know someone who just called it that to me and then and then like, and then I said that like, Okay people who said that so I truly believe like money is just a tool, right? As with anything like money just brings up more of who you are. Okay? So if you're greedy person inside if you have money in then it's gonna make you want more or like people who are afraid of money is gonna make me greedy evil so they're probably afraid of something deep inside of them that they haven't explored. Because if you're a good person that you're a generous person the more money you have, what's that gonna make you? It's gonna make you more generous. so I am not afraid of having more money. I embrace it. I love money Well, it rain money on me because I know I can give more so I

Russ Johns 29:31

Christine Teh 29:32

Russ Johns 29:33
Exactly. It's like, Okay, I have a mission to help more people. You got to do that is to make more money, right?

Christine Teh 29:41
Yes, exactly. because

Russ Johns 29:43
If you wanna help more people make more money.

Christine Teh 29:47
It's very, very hard for you in it. Oh, I did a post last week I said that, money might not buy happiness, but a lot of your happiness depends on having money. Give me an example. Have someone who's truly happy without money?

Russ Johns 30:03

Christine Teh 30:04
I mean, this current society. Yeah. I mean, some people gave me like example. Yeah. And the old ages are Hmong they don't need money. And then I'm like, Yeah, but do you want to live like that? In the current world like you need money is nothing wrong with that embrace that you can do more stuff with money.

Russ Johns 30:22
Yeah, you can do more stuff. Money is just the tool.

Christine Teh 30:26
Exactly. Yep. Yep.

Russ Johns 30:28
Yeah. Well, Christine, this has been phenomenal. I love your work and I love your opportunity to share a little bit about money and management and also some LinkedIn tips today. It's always awesome to connect with amazing people, #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. That's what the whole pirate and now that you're a pirate, you're in the community. And it's like, okay, now you can go walk your dogs and have a beautiful weekend and wonderful weekend.

Christine Teh 30:58
I literally have to like distract them with like treats while I'm talking.

Russ Johns 31:04
I know I was watching

Christine Teh 31:06
I'm like trolling through so sorry about that because they're like licking me and then like poking me. It's like come on come on. Oh my god, I was like the video and closing the door on them I know they're gonna want to make noise. Their like Kids

Russ Johns 31:25
I love it. No worries. That's the beauty of what we do.

Christine Teh 31:28

Russ Johns 31:29
We are who we are right?

Christine Teh 31:30
Yeah, yeah, exactly. So I really appreciate Russ for inviting me I love it and then I was like pirate doesn't mean that I get a patch here to like. Just kidding.

Russ Johns 31:48
We can do it if you want to. Thank You Christine it was so wonderful having you here and I really appreciate you and all you do so keep doing it

Christine Teh 31:54
Thank you

Russ Johns 31:54
Pace yourself. Pace yourself though.

Christine Teh 31:55
Yes. Thank you everyone for joining. I really appreciate everyone One who commented and join.

Russ Johns 32:01
Yeah. As you know, #kindnessiscool #smilesarefree.

Christine Teh 32:06
Yes, #smilesarefree,

Russ Johns 32:07
so you #enjoytheday.

Christine Teh 32:09
Thank you.

Russ Johns 32:11
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