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Catch David Munford on the #PirateBroadcast

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Introduction 0:00
Welcome to the pirate broadcast, where we interview interesting people doing interesting things where you can expand your connections, your community, kindness is cool and smiles are free. And let's get this party started.

Russ Johns 0:18
It's a beautiful day for the pirate broadcast. If you're with us today, as always, we have #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. David and I have been going back and forth for a number of months, trying to find a spot that he could actually connect with us. He's a busy guy and we want to talk about a few things, podcasting, life, job, career, things that are going on in the world today. Also just a few housekeeping notes. If you're not able to watch us on LinkedIn, you can watch us on YouTube. You can watch us on Periscope, you can watch us on Facebook. Also all of these recordings. for over a year now, have been uploaded and sent to So you can catch the replays. You can watch the shows, you can actually listen to the podcast, or read the transcription. Anything you want. So Good morning. Thank you for being here. David. How have you been?

David Munford 1:37
It has been amazing and still blown away. Honestly, like you said in the introduction, there's been months of trying to get this to go together and I'm just honored to be here because I've been following you along and watching all your all your podcasts or listening to them and love it. Things are, goodness, I'm blessed beyond measures and cannot believe what I've been through this last six months, I guess. Six months of how things have gone in my life. I'm just totally blown away.

Russ Johns 2:17
It's amazing and you've been able to get on Gabriel's show Gabriel's here this morning. Good morning, fellow pirates, love this community. Fantastic. So shout out to Gabriel. Good morning, Gabe. So you've actually started your's like, hey, I'm getting tired of waiting for Russ' to be a pirate, I'm gonna start my own show.

David Munford 2:44
Well, it's not really that. I mean, I think I've been on so many podcasts, I think up to date, on on a rough scale. I've been on 15 or 16 podcasts, seen how people do it, talk to people and found the anchor app. A lot of people I've been on have said, hey, if you're gonna do a podcast, use the anchor app. So I just started using an anchor app, started my own podcast and love it. Because, for me, somebody's like, isn't it hard to do that?i Don't you get tired? I'm like, no, actually, it's a stress reliever. For me too. It's a way I can de-stress from the day of jawing on the podcast or just jawing on a live show spontaneously. Just talking and just conversation. Yep, have a conversation with somebody because it's really a stress relief for me. It's one way through all this pandemic I have found for a new stress relief, which is some people with this would be hard to do. It's not hard to do. It's just talking to somebody. It's just using your voice. It's just saying, hey, I haven't had a good day. Let's talk. Let's encourage one another.

Russ Johns 4:08
So that's what I love about it. It's one of those things that I have taught for years about the fact that, you are the media, you can pick up a phone, you can broadcast you can podcast. Now with bandwidth being what it is, you can actually live stream, you can actually do video. The limits are being reduced every single day of what is capable and what you're able to do with just your phone. Years ago that was nearly impossible in the broadcast world. So I just want to encourage people that if you have...and this is the thing David, I want to get your thoughts on this because you'll either really enjoy it and do it for the sake of the podcast, the conversation and the connection or you'll find that you'll think, okay, this is more than I want to do. If I'm going to up my game, I'm going to have to invest more time. It's just because you have to think about the motivation behind it. If you're looking to grow your audience and be an influencer and things like that, it's a lot of work. But if you look at it as therapy, and having a conversation, it's a lot easier to challenge yourself and get out there and do things.

David Munford 5:27
That's exactly what I did. Because what started, I guess what, going back to the very beginning of how all this started, was, and see, the first of April, no end of May, things were not going well at work. We were kind of losing, our business was going down because I work in the automotive industry, we were starting to lose, we were not having a whole lot of business, went to my boss and said, hey, we've got to do something. I'm not making enough money to support my family. I need to do something. So he said, hold on for a couple weeks. Then April 7, they allowed me to take a voluntary layoff. So I took a couple months off when I got home. My wife is a school teacher, works at a school for adults with intellectual disabilities. So she was working from home, there your school is year round. So she's like, okay, you've got to do something if you're going to be at home because I don't want you to go stir crazy. So I'm like, okay, I was on LinkedIn a little bit. I started jumping, I jumped on LinkedIn, started connecting with people on LinkedIn, found out that I want to be, somewhere down the road, I don't know what it looks like, I want to be an encouragement coach, which is different than a life coach in my mind, because I've always loved encouraging people. So I started jumping on podcasts, I jumped on Gabriel's, I started connecting with other people. I was on your podcast, just love connecting with people. Once I started doing that, every night after I did one or started talking people, I was like, okay, I felt the stress of the day, just leave. I was like, man, this feels good to be at home, to be able to do this, to be able to talk to people. I've talked to people in Great Britain, I've talked people in the United Kingdom, I've talked to people in Australia. It's like, just being able to connect with people and found out, everybody out there has the same needs or have the same interest. But no one knew about it until you could do this. You can connect with people and just have conversations. It's been de-stress for me, because I'll jump on a podcast at any time, and talk and share my story. When people realize where I've been and where I've come through, they're like, how are you able to do it? I said, I just do it, I just let it go. I don't worry about it, I don't worry about my day, I don't worry. I shouldn't say I don't worry about the day, but I'm able to just be more centered now.

Russ Johns 8:31
You manage through it. It's the way things go. Also because of the pandemic and stuff like that, you need to make sure that we're still making those connections, making those adjustments in our lives to be able to stay connected. When it all boils down to it. We're all we're all in the same place, you know, doing the same thing at different levels. We all need connection. We all want community, we all want to be seen and heard and understood for what our goals are and our mission. All over the world. I met some amazing individuals, made some wonderful friends. To me, it's a way to continue building that connection. That's the whole point of the #piratebroadcast is. Let's bring these people together. #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. There's so much you can impact the world with. So what's your roadmap look like? Or are you playing it by ear, seeing what's going? Talk us through the the process you're going through right now.

David Munford 9:46
Really it's just like, I'll jump on podcasts, I'll talk to other people. My roadmap is just to keep the daytime job because I love my job. I'm a service advisor at a dealership. Since I've been back from work, I've kind of, I've realized, I've been able to take what I learned while I was off for two months, implement that back into my current job, and been able to encourage people when they come in, through this crazy times with people. I've had, I've had several people come in and haven't realized, oh, gosh, something's really wrong with my vehicle, something's really, something's just wrong. And by the time they leave, it's not as bad as say, as they thought it was. Or it may be a little bit, a little bit worse than what they thought. But I'm encouraging like, we're gonna take care of this, we're gonna make it right, we're gonna get it fixed. When they get done, they're all, thank you for taking the time to teach me, to help me understand. It wasn't as bad as I thought, or that everything is going to be okay with my vehicle. It's been great. I mean, I'm not in it for the numbers. I'm not in it to say, hey, I want to be on 300 podcasts. That's not me. If I never make any money off of it, I don't care. I'm not in it for the money.

Russ Johns 11:27
If you're not the next Joe Rogan, you're okay with it?

David Munford 11:29
I'm fine. All I want to do is be that person, for somebody else, like everybody else on here has been an encouragement to just hit one person a day. I just want to encourage one person a day to say, hey, it's gonna be okay. You may be in a spot. You may not know where you're going to be tomorrow, but don't worry about it. Just take it one day at a time. Just get through today.

Russ Johns 12:02
Yeah. Hey, I want to give a shout out just a couple of people, other pirates in the room. Russ Hedge. Great to be a pirate. He's up in Oregon. Hopefully he's not dealing with too much smoke up there these days. Russ, thanks for being here. I really appreciate you and all you're doing up there. Joel, I've got to tell you a story about Joel. Joel is a speaker/author/coach and he and I taught at Podcast Movement. We taught a workshop on podcasting, back I think in 2015. Joel, I think that's what it was. Joel was podcasting for a lot. He did a lot of podcasts there for for a number of years and it was an amazing adventure that he went through. Now he's doing a few other things. But welcome, Joel, I haven't seen you for awhile, I haven't heard from you. Take care. And then Russ says Good morning, Gabriel. Gabriel is in the room. Russ Hedge says, good morning, sir. Happy morning. This is the thing that that I love about the pirate community. And you know, this, David is that everybody's friends with each other. So if you're not connected with somebody in the feed, this is the way we make progress. We have people that show up in the feed. Forgive my late arrival. Good morning, y'all, from Hiett Ives. Encouragement is what people crave in this land of negativity. I couldn't agree with you more than that. Wow. Wow. Thank you, Howard, for the question. What is your biggest need of help at the moment? I'll ask you that, David, what's the biggest need that you have at the moment?

David Munford 14:03
Gosh, I really don't know. I mean, to think about the biggest need, it's kind of hard to say because of everything I've been through, everything me and my wife have gone through the past six months. We're so blessed, that it's so hard to think of what our biggest need is because even through everything we've gone through, we were able to buy a house through the pandemic. Neither one of us lost income through the pandemic. We never had to ask for money to pay a bill. We never went without food. Our electricity was never cut off. So the more I think about it, I'm like, I don't need anything. I'm happy. I'm finally happy in life. I mean if I can help if somebody, if I can encourage somebody, if I can give out what I have. That's, I guess that's the biggest thing.

Russ Johns 15:13
Yeah, so your need need more time to help more people.

David Munford 15:19
Yeah. There's been some nights, like, I'll be so tired, but people want to talk late at night, like 10-11 o'clock at night. I'm like, you know what, let's do it. I should be in bed, but let's do it. If I could go back, I was thinking today, if I could go back to having another two months off to do that, I would love to have another two months off to be able reach more people, to talk to more people. There's times when I'm sitting at work, I'm like, man, if I could just, if I could connect more people, if I could, because I missed being at work, when I was off for two months, I could jump on podcasts, or I could drop on live feed, but have more time to do more of that.

Russ Johns 16:11
I think there's a huge opportunity for a lot more people to feel needed. There's an opportunity for people to feel like they're making a difference, that they can #makeitmatter. That's always been one thing that I've always been a thread in my life is I just want to #makeitmatter and make a difference in the world, make an impact. It doesn't have to be monumental, it can be monumental to an individual here, it can be monumental to my family, it can make a difference in a lot of areas. The thing that I always bump up against is time. There are a lot of things that I've always been a learner and lifelong learner. What I find myself bumping into a lot is time. I always want to learn something new and master a craft of sorts. Continuing to improve on my skills, and broadcasting and helping other people broadcast and expand that through the #piratesyndicate. In some of those things, I just feel if I can help more people get their message out and manage that message, and expand what they're doing. I think that'd be fulfilling for me. So it's really important. Taking the high road and narrow road, it has so many rewards. There's David Riley. Are you connected with David?

David Munford 18:00

Russ Johns 18:01
David's in the UK. David, how you doing, man? I haven't heard from you for awhile, love to connect with you, jump on a zoom call. So when you use the half full versus half empty approach, life is so much more rewarding. Fun in the face of adversity. I have to agree with you, Hiett. Any adversity delivers opportunity. Every adversity delivers opportunity, actually. The opportunity to learn something, to experience something new, to get out of your comfort zone and make some adjustments. it's probably pretty scary when you were laid off temporarily. There's no promise of tomorrow. So we have to live on our belief and our faith that things will work out. My belief is always that things will work out. They always work out. So that's probably the way you live. That's why you're an encouragement for other people.

David Munford 19:16
Oh, yeah, it was scary. The day I was laid off, I was able to get unemployment through my work. It said they were gonna take care of everything through work, I would just have to certify each week. But it took about three weeks or so to get everything up and going. Once I got the unemployment and I had that money come in, when I got paid, I was like, holy moly. What? What's going on here? Because I got more than I expected. It was able to help, we didn't really struggle one bit with it. I was like, okay, I really am blessed. I didn't worry about it. I mean, there were a couple times things, I have to admit, I am a worrier. I do get anxious, there were a couple times where I wouldn't get paid. I'm like, okay, I'm not gonna get paid, we're gonna lose money, but it worked out. It worked out fine. Then they brought me back, they got me back to work. When I got back to work, they're like, we're so glad to have you back. They said, now, since you've come back, you're the first person we brought back. We're gonna allow you to start writing more. Then they started allowing me to do more, and then more money started rolling in. Then everything started rolling in. It's because I just trusted God, I believed in my faith. And I just saw, okay, God, you've got this. I don't know what's going on.

Russ Johns 21:07
I don't have control over it. Somebody has control of it, but it's not me.

David Munford 21:13
It really helped my marriage out, too. Because it really gave us time, it gave me time to be more centered. I've learned in the last six months, to be more calm and more, I don't get anxious as much as I did before. I knew how to take some time off and self care. I've learned self care that I can do this. I can get through this. aAdversity just doesn't come. it still comes, but I can handle it.

Russ Johns 21:50
Yeah. Do you feel that self care and the ability to reflect on what was important, helped you through this process?

David Munford 22:01
Oh, gosh, yes.

Russ Johns 22:02
Sometimes, the work and the life and the hustle and bustle will always be there, you can always pursue the next thing. I think it's really important for us to understand how important life is when we really get friends and family and self care and our ability to focus on what's really important is key.

David Munford 22:28
So that was one thing, when I started sharing my story,I was like, okay, how am I going to get my story out there? How am I going to reach more people? Because I'm involved in a Christ centered recovery program, we weren't able to meet, so I couldn't talk to people there. So how can I get my testimony out there? How can I get where I've been out there, and I just started sharing it on here and on different podcasts. That kind of opened up the door for me to touch more people. When people realize what I went through, they're like, wow, you're normal. You've been there. You've been where I'm at.

Russ Johns 23:10
We're closer to normal than we think.

David Munford 23:12
Yeah, and they're like, we'd love your story. Michelle Morass heard it, she's like, oh, my gosh, I've got to have you on, I've got to have you on my podcast. You've got to come on and share your story. Every time I'm on Gabe's, we always we pick up. It may be three or four months since we've talked, but we can pick right back up where we've been before and just keep sharing and keep encouraging people. I've come to realize a couple of people have told me that through all this, that I am part of the Mental Health Initiative, because people have heard my story of mental health and what I've been through and they're like, you have such an amazing story. You're such an incredible person to be able to openly share what I've been through and I'm like, hey, that's who I am. I mean, if you don't like it, I'm sorry. This is who I am. This is this is where I've been.

Russ Johns 24:16
Do you have any other podcasts that you have lined up?

David Munford 24:23
Eventually I'm going to be on, I have not scheduled yet, but I'm going to be on Adams Sinkus' Winning Tactics coming up. I'm gonna be on one with Dave Brown, which he's in the United Kingdom. I've got several out there. I still gotta connect with them and set some appointments. But I've got quite a few out there that I'm trying to get on.

Russ Johns 25:03
The reason I asked is because a lot of people, a lot of people just say, yeah, it'll happen if it happens. Then, I think that if you set the intention, you say, this is where I'm going, this is where I'm headed, this is what I'm going to do. It makes it a lot more powerful. It increases the ability for you to actually take action, and plan and put some steps in place to make it happen. It's not a promise it's not a guarantee. Continue to pursue something that brings us joy and brings us interest. For me, it's always refreshing to know that you help somebody out. You can support somebody.

David Munford 25:49
Yeah. Yeah, I've talked to so many people and some people that I get connected with, I'm like, how in the world did I get connected with them? I was talking to one of my buddies, and he was like, how did this even start? I said, I have no clue. I have no idea how this ever started. I don't know. I just started talking and when you start talking, you connect with this person, and this person would connect you, with this person. Then this person will connect with this person. When I was on Michelle Morass' podcast, she was like, you don't realize how many, when when we connected on Gabriels, how many people you have connected me with, that I've been able to encourage, and it's just networking.

Russ Johns 26:41
Yeah, it's just having a conversation and making things happen by putting it out there. We had the LinkedIn local pop up with Kenyatta Turner, Art Jones and myself, and we had, I think, over 40 people in the room. The whole concept was, we want to bring people together, because we're unable right now to go to a local, face to face meeting. We want to keep the, the energy up. The lively kind of nature of what a LinkedIn local pop up or LinkedIn local live, does. I think it's a little more than just networking. The standard networking is, we're there for a reason, we're there for purpose. LinkedIn local, because we're connected on LinkedIn, all of us, there's a common thread already in place. Then when you go to the event, it's interesting to see, do I know somebody? Or am I a stranger here? Who can I meet? It was interesting to me because I'm fairly active on LinkedIn, and I know a few people on LinkedIn. I was still shocked to see how many people that I was not connected to. Because of Kenyatta's network and Art's network, it allowed me the opportunity to meet a few more people. Now I have a whole list of people that I can connect with. That's just like you being on Gabe's show and being on another podcast, you're introduced to an entirely new layer of people that would not necessarily see you otherwise, right?

David Munford 28:37
Oh, yeah. On Friday night, I spontaneously jumped on Gabe's show. We started talking and when we stopped, after we got off, Adam Sinkus messaged me and said, hey, would you want to come on? Would you want to jump on mine? I was like, yeah, I was about to go to bed. He's like, oh, that's fine. We'll connect that. I said, it's fine. I got to work in the morning, but shoot, I'll jump on. When I jumped on with him, it kind of encouraged me to talk to him about things going on. It felt so good just to do it. I mean, it's almost like a hobby to me. I've never had a hobby, or something I enjoy for myself. This is kind of like a hobby to me. It's something I enjoy doing and I can do it. It's free. It's easy. You're being calm to somebody. You get to smile with somebody, you get to connect with people all over the world. When before you never would have had the opportunity to meet somebody or talk to somebody interesting.

Russ Johns 29:56
Well, I applaud you on your journey, David, and I respect all the things you're going through and have gone through and have yet to do, because, the industry is challenging. My son works in the IO industry. He's a parts manager in Houston and it's an amazing opportunity to learn something new, pursue some bigger goals in life, meet new people and open up some great conversations, if nothing else. So how do people get a hold of you, David? What's the best way to track you down? Is it on LinkedIn?

David Munford 30:34
LinkedIn is the best way.I've kind of taken a small step back from posting a lot. I'm on LinkedIn a little bit. People can always follow along on my podcast. I have done some podcasts with the automotive industry. People love hearing how I started, like a newbie to the industry. But I've only been in the auto automotive industry for almost two years in March. And people on automotive industry podcasts wanted me to come share. So I was on one and people saw the red glasses and they're like, oh, my gosh, we love the red glasses. Every time I jump on a call, they're like, oh, Mr. Red Glasses. So I was on a call and she's like, do you have a branding? I said, no. She's like, I was hoping you had the red glasses. Have you ever thought about changing your podcast to Seeing Red with David Mumford? I was like, no, and she said, you need to change it to Seeing Red with David Mumford. So I looked up what the color red means. And the color red is encouragement, love, peace and being healthy. I was like, that's exactly who I am. That's exactly what I want my message to be. Everything I've always wanted in life was seeing red. That's that's how I see it. My outlook on life is looking at everything with red because it's encouraged me. It's encouraging people. It's being healthy. Every which way, it's who I am.

Russ Johns 32:28
Well, I thank you so much for being on the #piratebroadcast and becoming a pirate now officially, thank you so much, David. We've been dancing around it and you've been in the community for a long time. So thank you so much for being here today and sharing a few tips and stories about podcasting progress and making the most out of life. You can catch David on Seeing Red with David Munford.

David Munford 32:59
Yep, it's literally on it's on anchor, apple, podcasts, Spotify.

Russ Johns 33:11
Anywhere.podcasts are sold

David Munford 33:13
Anywhere podcasts are sold, you can find it.

Russ Johns 33:17
Well, thank you, David. I appreciate you and everything that you're doing and stay in touch and I know that we'll be seeing each other again.

David Munford 33:25
Yep, sure will.

Russ Johns 33:26
Take care you guys. As you all know, #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree and you #enjoytheday.

Exit 33:37
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