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Catch Francelene Aprahamian on the #PirateBroadcast

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​Russ Johns 0:07
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

I can't believe it almost at the end of June 2020. It's a great day, the #piratebroadcast. I want to thank you so much for being here. I appreciate the fact that you're here. If you're listening in, drop something in the comments so we can tell that you're here. Ask a question. We'd love to have the conversation here. Also, if you're listening to the replay. I love to get your response to your reaction and also any questions that you might have Let's go back and forth and create a conversation. It's another great day for the pirate broadcasts. We have another amazing guest that we're going to have a conversation with about manifestation and manifesting and also unknown nomadic lifestyle. We're going to be talking to Renee and she's got a podcast. She's out here. She's currently living in the Texas arena in Dallas or area. How are you this fine day, Renee?

Francelene Renee 1:32
I'm doing great, Russ. Thanks for having me today.

Russ Johns 1:36
It's amazing to think that we come across interesting people doing interesting things. And I saw your profile and I thought we really, at this point in time six months into 2020 there's been so much chaos, so many things going on. A lot of people are challenged and there's a lot happening. A lot of things that are happening, they're positive as well. Sometimes we have to take the initiative and actually manifest our future with intention and put that in place. I wanted to talk to you a little bit today about what that looks like for you, how you're sharing that with your audience in your community, and what we can learn from it as we go forward in the second half of 2020. He taught us how you got to this point in your life and what you learn from it and where we can go from there.

Francelene Renee 2:37
Well, I guess it's one of those winding road stories.

Russ Johns 2:42
I love those.

Francelene Renee 2:43
We always have those I yeah, I don't know like we you mentioned that the nomadic part. And so I did travel a little bit and I love being a different places. Um, and so I like to go places, and I feel like am I... Is it okay? Yeah,

Russ Johns 3:12
yeah. They're just people in the audience. I'm just letting them say, Hello. So

Francelene Renee 3:18
yeah, okay, I was hearing some noises. I wasn't sure what was happening. Oh, um, I did some traveling and I liked the idea of being at places for a while and getting to know not just the people but the areas. Somewhere along the way, I did learn that we were able to manifest our lives by thinking a different way basically, you can think and think a different way about what this life is all about, really. That's like the beginning of this crazy rabbit hole that I'm on rabbit trail.

Russ Johns 4:02
Yeah, no kidding. Have you been doing this for a while? I mean, is this been the last few years or last 10 years? How can you describe your journey in terms of duration? I mean, is this something you practice over years over time?

Francelene Renee 4:23
I wish I could say I had practice it over time. I can't say that we all practice it all the time every day. But as far as deliberate leads only been a couple of years.

Russ Johns 4:37

Francelene Renee 4:39
One of the first things I manifested in my ignorance actually, because I was new, is a seven day cruise to Bermuda. And that was one of those things that made me step back and go I like this, how do I do more of this?

Russ Johns 5:04
Yeah, let me practice.

Francelene Renee 5:06
Yeah, Exactly. So that's when I started, I guess taking it a little more seriously.

Russ Johns 5:12
Uh huh.

Francelene Renee 5:14
The podcast actually is funny because it actually came from me wanting to talk to people who had manifested and I wanted to see their techniques. I was posting around for what I call manifesting testimonials. I was talking to people and not exactly finding anyone who wanted to share on my podcast,

Russ Johns 5:48

Francelene Renee 5:50
I decided to interview who I found to interview and so it ended up being More people that were in service related fields like hypnotherapist and psycho therapist, brand strategist. Um, but along the way I did begin to get people who were interested in sharing about manifesting. We're doing both of them now. And it's our year of living our best life.

Russ Johns 6:25

Francelene Renee 6:25
so it's basically people, helping people in a way, you know, whatever their, what is their specialty is, you know,

Russ Johns 6:35
well, is that a single podcast? Or is it more than one podcast? I know you were talking before the show. And so I just want people to be clear on how they can find you and where they can, where they can listen in on on this subject, because there are a lot of people that are kind of shy about the fact that you know, it's, it sounds too woowoo or things like that. However, I mean, Even in business you have intention, you have some specific goals in mind, you set up a structure and all of these things. It's a form for me it's a form of manifesting the future and, bringing things to reality. I just want to make sure that people understand that this is not, it's not magic, it's not anything other than putting out energy in the right direction that allows you to receive something in return. There's lots of different forms to that based on the conversations I've had. When you're talking to these other individuals, it's really important for people to understand that there's different ways to go about this process. and that's exactly how your ex experienced as well.

Francelene Renee 7:58
Yes, that that is the reason Then I went ahead and decided that I would do the interviews for the service people because well, even if you have, like one person had a best selling book, and the book is telling you about how he went from a certain type of life, to a better type of life. I thought, Well what, that's also, in a way, it's manifesting a better life, even though he didn't, he didn't maybe sit down and do that certain techniques that we use, but he did take an effort in time and energy, you know, to not only make better life for himself, but to share it with other people.

Russ Johns 8:41

Francelene Renee 8:42
So that's kind of the way I was looking at these what I call the service people, but you know,

Russ Johns 8:49
well, some have transformation.

Francelene Renee 8:51
transformational services.?

Russ Johns 8:55
Yeah, yeah.

Francelene Renee 8:56
Yes, absolutely. So as far.. go ahead.

Russ Johns 9:01
No, I was gonna say so. So in the transformational in any kind of service, really, I mean, our goal is to bring transformation to something, right? I mean, if you're a business advisor, you're you're advising on improving a business. If you're a health advisor, your health service industry, it's your bringing better health to your clients and your community. You know, if your financial advisor here, you're bringing all this transformation in a positive way to your community. And so people get hung up on these labels and terms. However, I think the intention and some of the things that we pursue our improvement, you know, it's very seldom that we would pursue less than we have not right now, unless you're a minimalist, I guess then that would be

Francelene Renee 9:52

Russ Johns 9:55
So Well, is there a theme or a thread that is connected to all Have these individuals to their stories? Now that you've done the podcast for a while?

Francelene Renee 10:04
Right, yeah, the thread is, you know, a way to help other people move forward in life. Basically. That's the living your best life theme for the at least for the year.

Russ Johns 10:19
Hmm, yeah. We have some questions here. Randy says Good morning. Hey, Randy. Good morning. Good to catch up.

Francelene Renee 10:30
Hi, Randy.

Russ Johns 10:32
Olivia, the headline caught my intention, intuitive life. Fashion consultant real estate. Wow. How do they relate or how do they sync? seemingly different fields? So how does so that's

Francelene Renee 10:49

Russ Johns 10:51
So that's from Olivia. So

Francelene Renee 10:54
oh that was Olivia Okay. Yes. So, um, when I started Having interest in being a coach I always had it in my mind that even though I wanted to do fashion consulting as well, is that I wanted to help people to have better inner lives to think better about themselves and how they relate to the things that happen to them So the fashion consultant part was kind of a, an add on. So like once you get your inside figured out, then we should we can work on your outside and how you see now you see yourself differently. Maybe you would like to show up a different a different you. That was how those two so that was always

Russ Johns 11:45
bringing the linemen into the, to the to the individual. So

Francelene Renee 11:51
right inside the outside,

Russ Johns 11:53
okay. I could see that happening because over the years you know, we've we all wear different uniforms for different circumstances. Right?

Francelene Renee 12:02

Russ Johns 12:03
You're working in a corporate environment that's that uniform, and I'm going to call it a uniform of sorts is much different than if you were fishing off the coast of Florida. Right?

Francelene Renee 12:14
Right. Exactly.

Russ Johns 12:17
So, it also it has to blend into your personality. You know, it's it's, you know, fashion is such a kind of a personal thing, just like, just like the individual is. So, what, what steps did you take to become a life coach? or What is that? What does that actually mean? Is there like, Did you like their special training? Or is it? Is it just sharing your life experiences or is it bringing that to the table in a different way is, is how did how does that work for you?

Francelene Renee 12:55
Well, in my case, it's a lot of life experiences, and I I'm always, you know, learning more things. That's kind of one thing that I've seen in common with other life coaches is that we're always always learning constantly learning. So, you know, learning about who we are as humans was actually very important to me. And so I see how we in society have been, how do I say this? How have we been taught to look at life in a different way? And I just believe there is another way that might be more beneficial, or other ways that we can live more beneficially. So.

Russ Johns 13:46
There's lots of different ways.

Francelene Renee 13:48

Russ Johns 13:50
Andrew asked, hey, Russ, I'm always curious to know when someone calls themselves a life coach if they have formal training, or certification or based on life successes So that's where the question came from is,is like

Francelene Renee 14:03
Oh, I see. Right.

Russ Johns 14:05
You know, I've I've coached a lot of individuals, and it's very, it's more around the technology, you know, there's no certification for it except other than decades of experience, you know, years of experience. And so it's really, coaching is is one of those things that you can be a mentor to anyone, if you have experience that they seek. So it's one of those things that you have an opportunity to share and help others around you. And it's really, excuse me, it's really an opportunity to just help someone, right,

Francelene Renee 14:52
right. And I noticed different people are drawn to different people. I mean, you're gonna have a million life coaches, you know, and every person that works with them is drawn to them. So it works out just fine for everyone.

Russ Johns 15:12
So what do you think the differences between because this is fascinating to me because a life coach is a title has been very popular recently. However, you know, for years a mentor and masterminds and in these ideas of people getting together to generate ideas, have conversations and really help each other out. Is that something that you've developed over time or you've had or you just mentored somebody? Or is it Where does life coach and mentor what's the difference in your in your practice?

Francelene Renee 16:00
Yeah, I'm not totally sure how much of a difference it is. Um, mine is. I've considered myself as a mindset trainer because it was kind of a little on the nose. Helping people with, like I said, to realize that what's going on in their minds is very important to what's going on in their life. I tend to be a bit literal about those types of things.

Russ Johns 16:31

Francelene Renee 16:31
and said the more I've learned about humanity as a, well, I'm starting to call them a hybrid. We don't want to go WooWoo. Today, but I've and then I actually heard someone else mentioned hybrid because of having the body and the the essence and I kind of liked that idea. So maybe I'm more of the woowoo type. But more along the lines of, you know, just opening eyes.

Russ Johns 17:08
Yeah. Yeah, I want to I want to say hi to a few people in the room. Make sure that people are recognized. So, thank you, Andrew for being here. Great question. I hope that answered your question. I think it's really about you know, there are formal training sessions for life coaches, and then there are also experience that you know, people seek so it's really it's really up to the individual what you're looking to accomplish. Also, Olivia, that's so cool. manifesting testimonials. What is your manifest it manifest set manifestation, methodology, get my words put together? So Olivia was asking what is your manifestation methodology So, that's a great question.

Francelene Renee 18:03
Okay, I'll first approach some testimonials because we have we didn't actually, I guess, early you asked me about how the podcast is set up is a two podcast it's still set up as one. I just use different days to do different postings. So Sunday, right Sunday I post the more service related interviews. And on Wednesday I post what I call the manifesting testimonials. And I've had some doozies. Lots of people who are very, very good at manifesting and it's, you know, they do it as a coaching services. Uh huh. Coming from that view of manifesting. My personal favorite way to manifest is simply to use What is called the law of assumption, which is simply that you believe what you say is true.

Exactly. And you know that Russ, but a lot of people in society do not know that. And so that's part of what you know is taught with the various coaches is how to play with it and experiment and I just believe it's, it's really just so much fun when you realize what I call these powers that we have that we just we've been using every day all our lives. We just didn't know it.

Russ Johns 19:42
I think you know, I truly believe Renee that our abilities are barely even tapped in what we can accomplish. And it's our own mind that traps us it's our own limitations. We place him in our, and we all do it. I mean, I'm a practitioner all the time, you know, it's like, okay, I can or cannot do this and, it seems like when you just state that you can do it, and then you start doing it, thanks so much quicker, they are so much easier. And they flow, you know, anything that's we talked about flow state, you know, it's like music, you know, as a musician, I could get in the groove and go for hours and not even think about time to play. And it's, so it's associated with that, that idea, that concept that, you know, our mind plays tricks on us, and in so many ways, so why couldn't we? Why can't we are not our mind, right? We we have the opportunities, like the assumption, I'm going to say I'm going to say that this is true. and act like it's true speak like it's true. And then right, that it becomes true. Right?

Francelene Renee 21:05
Right. Exactly.

Russ Johns 21:09

Francelene Renee 21:09
it's so fun.

Russ Johns 21:10
It's so fun. And it's, it's it's almost an exercise in helping yourself. Improve.

Francelene Renee 21:21

Russ Johns 21:22
It's like the first time you learn something. Because I was over the weekend, I was working on a project and I had to learn something that I had never done before. And so I just, and I was hesitant to do it, and I didn't want to do it. I didn't want to pursue it because I knew it would be challenging. Not impossible, just challenging. However, it was, in fact, you know, it took some time and I just said, Hey, I'm gonna do this. And so I was able to do it. And I think so many people just Besides that they it's too much work. It's too much effort. And that's when it hard for people to get through that process.

Francelene Renee 22:09
It takes persistence. If doesn't happen right away, It doesn't mean it's not going to happen. It just means you have to hold on to your faith that you started out with.

Russ Johns 22:23

Francelene Renee 22:24
And like you said, Keep in the flow.

Russ Johns 22:28
Go with the flow. Keep it going. I want to I want to some, Thai from Thailand. Thank you for being here. Awesome. Thank you. Throughout the Hey, how are you doing? Thank you for being here today. Happy morning. Evening, you guys. Have a happy week. Be blessed and stay safe. All pirates. Yes. Thank you. And there's Rob. Hey, Rob, how you doing? Fantastic. You're here love the pirates. You can be a mentor to anyone if you have the advice they seek. Thanks for us. That's appreciate it. So much. And Khan Good morning Russ Breslin. Ahoy pirates you are now pirate. Thank you so much.

Francelene Renee 23:23

Russ Johns 23:26
Hey, good morning all. There's another pirate in the room. Love that law of assumption. I believe what I say is true. Thank you so much.

Francelene Renee 23:43
Your welcome.

Russ Johns 23:44
So she has a question. What's a good example of law of assumption?

Francelene Renee 23:52
Okay. Good example of law of assumption. I want to give my pie example. This is kind of fun. Um, I was just learning about all of this. And I decided I wanted some free pie. And so I was sitting in the car on the way into the restaurant. And I said, this is a great night for free pie. And so I went in, and I sat down. And I said to myself, you know what, I'm going to enjoy this free pie. So I ordered the pie, and I ate the pie. And as I'm sitting there, I'm done. And, you know, I was like, on my phone, I was just kind of hanging out. And the waitress came over and said, You know what, I'm gonna pay for your pie today. And I was like, okay, that's awesome. Thank you.

Russ Johns 24:53
Just like that.

Francelene Renee 24:55
just like that, and I've been to this place before. She's never paid for my past. before or since

Russ Johns 25:03
she decided to pay for your pie that day

Francelene Renee 25:05
she decided to pay for my pie. And it's just I guess that it's fun, especially if you're like, you're just getting into it just you know, do fun things like that.

Russ Johns 25:16
All adventures, right?

Francelene Renee 25:18

Russ Johns 25:19

Francelene Renee 25:20
Just and then you can build up to bigger adventures.

Russ Johns 25:24
That's fantastic. So, Carol Campos. Hello. How are you Carol? Love that you're here.

Francelene Renee 25:33
Hi, Carol.

Russ Johns 25:34
Rob's great. And congratulations on being becoming a pirate. Francine.

Francelene Renee 25:42
Oh, thank you. You have very friendly people.

Russ Johns 25:46
So it's really, you know, here's the thing. And the message, I think is really taking away from this conversation. Is that the idea that we have an opportunity To change the way we see the world, and we experience the world, as long as we're open to the idea that we can make a difference, right?

Francelene Renee 26:14
Yes, open or open.

Russ Johns 26:17
I mean, that's the whole point of the #piratebroadcast is bringing #interestingpeople like yourself in doing interesting things not everybody's willing to take ownership of their future and their life circumstances, you know, and I think that there's really a big push. Like I say, kindness is such an important part of my life. it's been an important part of my life because I've seen so many tragedies, you know, and I've seen so many circumstances that are unfortunate. However, that doesn't, that doesn't circumvent the idea that we can Be kind to each other, we can be, have a little empathy towards each other and, understand what other people are doing.

You shouldn't judge other people, because they think differently than you should be open to the idea that's what makes the world a better place is all of these different ideas. So I look forward to the opportunity where people are listening more learning and open to the idea that we can change we can become humanity. And, we don't have to agree with everything. We just have to have the idea that there are other people that see things in a different way than we do and accept it. It's okay. So what's the gift that you would like to leave with #thePiratecommunity now that you're a pirate, that something that, you know, an idea that we can take for the day and move forward with and and share with others? Is there a like a life goal or an idea that you love to share with other people along the way.

Francelene Renee 28:25
I would like people to just start playing with the law of assumption. Then things like getting free coffee,

Russ Johns 28:34
Free pie,

Francelene Renee 28:36
Free pie, free pie, free coffee. It's fun to play with it. And honestly, the more fun that you have with it, the faster it happens. It's all about like, like he was mentioning being in the flow of things and just, you know, having fun with it. It doesn't happen today doesn't mean it won't happen next week.

Russ Johns 28:57
And you can always give away free smiles along the way.

Francelene Renee 29:00
Yes, that always that's always encouraged.

Russ Johns 29:04
always encouraged. Well, thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate this. And I thank you for being a pirate and coming on and talking about manifestation and some of the things you've been doing. I encourage you if you're not connected, what's the best way to connect with you, Renee.

Francelene Renee 29:25
So the best way to connect to what the podcast is sands of the and to work with me or contact me, it's or manifesting or manifesting So there's a thing.

Russ Johns 29:57
limitless manifesting and we'll put those in the show notes. at, so you'll have access to that. And I'll share this out with you. The show will be recorded it'll be a podcast it'll be a transcription it'll be an episode on RussJohn' so I'll share that out with you once that's published and produced, and I thank you so much, everyone for joining us today. I'd like to start with something fun and then build up with that. Wow, free pie. I love that. And so great. Rob. Thank you so much for everyone being here today. I love the opportunity to share these stories with you and experiences so you can have also an idea of plant a seed helps someone out because #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree, and you #enjoytheday.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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