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Catch Gabriel Leal on the #PirateBroadcast

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Connect with Gabriel on LINKEDIN

​Russ Johns 0:09
Welcome to the pirate broadcast, where we interview interesting people doing interesting things where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

Gabriel Leal 0:27

Russ Johns 0:28
What did you think of that, Gabriel?

Gabriel Leal 0:30
That's good. That's awesome. I love that.

Russ Johns 0:33
You're running on that and yet, and so so we're here at the pirate broadcast where we bring you interesting people doing interesting things. Gabriel has been a longtime attendee. I just really love the fact that Gabriel has been working really hard to actually increase his game and get on the live stream opportunities that are out there and he finally made it to LinkedIn live now.

Gabriel Leal 1:04

Russ Johns 1:04
So congratulations!

Gabriel Leal 1:06
Yeah. Thank you!

Russ Johns 1:08
Tell us how you're doing, man.

Gabriel Leal 1:09
I'm doing great, Russ. With everything that is going on in the world right now, I've been really concentrating on trying to find a lot of positive things going on. I've really immersed myself in trying to get into live streaming, getting to doing video and that sort of thing. I'm trying to keep a good positive vibe. That's what I'm trying to share on my show as well in the evenings is, I've been bringing on, musical guests. I've had people come on and perform songs do that sort of thing and kind of share entertainment share. Gosh, I've also had like, a couple fellow pirates who've been on your show, I've had them on mine. Just bringing again people who have a good message positive, that they want to share the really great aspects of life. That's it, of course just really getting myself in a good state of mind and just being with my family. I was quarantine for 14 days. That was quite a journey. I've been enjoying family time a lot more now.

Russ Johns 2:29
Well, we're all going through this process and I think it's really important for us to understand there are positive alternatives to doing nothing so I'm not sure like yourself, you've been studying how to improve your skill set and actually create your own show and develop and mature this whole concept of made from scratch broadcasts, because it's, I think It's really important for us to pick something that we're passionate about, and actually put it out in the world and share that story in that message. I want to go back a little bit because we first met on LinkedIn. You started following the pirate broadcasts that asked a question and popping in and making comments and really being part of the community and I appreciate that so much, it means a lot to me. The community has been very, a lot of the same people are sharing great information and lifting others up and being real positive. Then you started to think about the broadcast and everything that goes along with that. So, what prompted you to think that was it all along you wanted to do this, or

Gabriel Leal 3:51

Russ Johns 3:52
Or a point in time you said I can do this.

Gabriel Leal 3:56
It started out like at the beginning of the year right everybody creates their New Year's resolutions, goals, that sort of thing. One of the things that I had created for myself was just to talk about challenges. I wanted to challenge myself to try different things, do different things that I would not normally do. My original idea that when I wanted to start doing something was just to create a podcast. I said, You know what, I'll get into podcasting. I see a lot of people doing it, and that sort of thing. I started doing a little investigative work at that point, and then I found you. I said, Whoa, this is like podcasting. But like on the next level, you get to actually, you can integrate things you can do these sort of things. So I started watching the show and the conversations you were having with people and the vibe you're pushing across this man. This is what I want to try to do so, From that point, it was just starting to reach out to folks and then I'm able to reach out to you. We had a few conversations and one of the things a lot of people would tell me is, Hey, if you're gonna do that, it's a lot of commitment. I said, Well, that's my whole thing is I'm ready to commit to it. I put everything together. One day I said, You know what, here's what I'm going to do. I just had a few ragtag things thrown together. I started in my garage. I went live for the first time. since then, I said, You know what, I love this. Before all of this. I really didn't like being on camera. I didn't like being taking pictures. I did not. It was the weirdest thing even in pictures. When I was a kid. I was always crying or hiding my face and I didn't have like a ton of selfies on any of my social media. I just didn't like taking pictures. To all of a sudden say, you know what, I'm gonna challenge myself. This is what I'm gonna do. I put myself

Russ Johns 6:13
There's a really bad echo.

Gabriel Leal 6:15

Russ Johns 6:17
There's an open mic someplace.

Gabriel Leal 6:20
It might be an open source. Hold on a sec. Let me close this out, because

Russ Johns 6:25
we had a couple of nerds here on video. Always testing something so let's see if we can.

Gabriel Leal 6:33
Yeah, so. But with my mic, it might be the open source there. Hold on just a second. Let me close this out. Because what's happening is when you hear the feed and you hear that, let me close that out. There we go. You still hear it? It's there. The bad echo?

Russ Johns 6:54
I don't think I hear anymore.

Gabriel Leal 6:56
I think it's gone. So, There you go. Can you hear me now?

Russ Johns 7:03
I can hear you fine.

Gabriel Leal 7:04
Okay cool.

Russ Johns 7:06
I couldn't hear you're echo.

Gabriel Leal 7:07
It was probably was it was open source. So that's why I tell somebody to same sort of deal. When you hear that reverb, there's usually something somewhere that's still open. Yeah, so that's the first thing that I did. Let make sure.

Russ Johns 7:30
Maybe it's on my side.

Gabriel Leal 7:37
No, it should be I can. I can hear the echo.

Russ Johns 7:40
Let me try something else.

Gabriel Leal 7:50
When I got my mic, let's go audio. Check it out. Bingo. Hello test test test.

Russ Johns 8:02
Is that okay? There we go here. I hear it on your side when I'm talking.

Gabriel Leal 8:09
Yeah, same sort of deal. I was hearing it. Do you hear it now? I don't hear it.

Russ Johns 8:12
I don't hear it. Do you hear it ?

Gabriel Leal 8:15
No That's better.

Russ Johns 8:18
Okay, let' try that.

Gabriel Leal 8:20
All right, well, there you go.

Russ Johns 8:25
Hopefully that resolves it. Let me know. Is that resolving it?

Gabriel Leal 8:32
That's one of the key and this is the fun thing though. This is what I love about doing a live stream. All the mishaps all the stuff that can go on all the craziness that happens. You don't get this with a with an edited video. You don't get this sort of messing around playing with things, that sort of thing. But again this is what I love about doing Live streaming. I tell people whenever I invite people on myself and I have conversations with folks, I tell them look, before you know it, an hour will pass by and we've had a conversation and you won't even realize it. I had somebody on yesterday who was kind of a little bit reserved.She was kind of nervous a little bit at first. By the time we were done, it was almost an hour long. And she goes, wow, that was so fast. I said, Well, when you're having a conversation and things are flowing, and you're sitting here talking, again, who can't talk about themselves? If you're having a problem talking about yourself, there's a more major issue going on and just being on live video. That's the problem.

Russ Johns 9:52
Well, and I think you bring up a good point and this is a perfect exercise to illustrate our ability That we're testing this stuff we're practicing. This technology is evolving and there's a lot to be said about progress over perfection and the ability and the opportunity to just put yourself out there and say, Hey, I'm going to experiment with this. I'm going to put it out there. I'm going to grow with it. Then pretty soon, in a few months, I'm going to know so much more than I did before because I took action.

Gabriel Leal 10:26

Russ Johns 10:26
I took the initiative to test this. Whether I I succeed or fail, the reality is, is I learned through it. So every failure is a lesson and experience in every success is something I can look back on and say, Okay, I did this. I think that's that goes across life. It's one of those things that we have to at least adapt, especially in this day and age right now where we're going through this thing. There's a lot of change taking place and we don't know what the outcome is going to be. We don't know what's going to happen. We don't know when it's going to end. All of these things are unknown. We have control over our thoughts. We have control over our actions, we have control over what we're going to do with it. I applaud you, Gabriel for taking the initiative and learning that I didn't want to take pictures. However, I love the fact that I can get on camera and interview other people and find out about, because it's the conversation that we have that are really amazing, right?

Gabriel Leal 11:28
Yeah. that was the thing that kind of helped me get real familiar with with being able to do live streaming, that sort of thing, was the fact that you could actually have a conversation with somebody. if you can ignore that the cameras there, then you're able to just talk about it, just having a phone conversation with somebody without all the fancy stuff going on around it and you can just about Do that. So that's, that's the way I approach it. When I tell people, hey, let's come on and have a conversation and I do I do a sort of thing, when I invite somebody on, I send them kind of like a free show questionnaire, and it's five of them are general questions. Five of them are just kind of tailored to specifically what they do so. But again, when we get on, It's very rare that I get to go through all 10 questions, because we start having a conversation. Somebody drops An interesting fact a nugget something or another and we just start talking about that and it goes even further. I think you have to test this technology, you have to test these things. That's how you're gonna find how to find your own sort of uniqueness and style when you create something. Again, everybody has their own. But again, you don't have to do all the fancy stuff that we're doing here. Now you can just pick up your phone if you wanted to get on and go to Facebook Live. They've even done a lot of work on their on their own integration as far as their live platform that you go to on your laptop. You can see you can see signal strength analytic, you can see all kinds of things. A lot of these other platforms are starting to do this because they know they see second, second and third tier streaming sources like stream yard, putting all this stuff together and they say, Whoa, we better step your game up. Even Twitter, even Instagram, they can hop on now with two people, it gives you the option. When you go to Periscope, there's you can have two people on your conversation. Now we did this on Instagram. You could just hop but again it's testing the boundaries and just seeing what you can do and that's why anybody to come and ask me now. I say, look, I reached out to somebody like you, I tell them, Look, I gotta pay for it. What do you want to learn? What do you want to do? There's so much you can do. there's so little you can do. What is your objective? Right? So?

Russ Johns 14:15
Yeah, what's the goal here?

Gabriel Leal 14:16
Yeah, like for me right now my goal. My goal is 100 episodes.

Russ Johns 14:21
Your goal is 100 episodes?

Gabriel Leal 14:23

Russ Johns 14:23
Okay! You'll get there!

Gabriel Leal 14:27
Yeah, right now,

Russ Johns 14:28
How close are you?

Gabriel Leal 14:29
Right now, I'm about probably about a third of the way this evening will be Episode 39. So it won't take very long. I mean, if you're doing it five nights a week, they crank out really fast. So some people look back and they go, Hey, man, you already got like, 40 episodes almost. I go well, yeah. Because some people, they won't have 40 episodes, and they've been doing like a podcast for like two years.

Russ Johns 14:54

Gabriel Leal 14:56
They see how fast it's a massive and I say Well, it's because I do it. Every now Whether regardless if I have a guest or not, I kind of like the

Russ Johns 15:06
I think the other side effect that I want to bring out to the table and talk about a little bit Gabriel is that as a result of doing that five nights a week, and really putting yourself out there, you actually start to find your voice, find your groove of what it is that you really are interested in talking about, what is it the conversation needs to bring to the table in order for you to find a little bit of joy in the conversation? It's a level of commitment that a lot of people are unwilling to make. I feel like it's like, Hey, I get to be here.

Gabriel Leal 15:42

Russ Johns 15:43
I get to have this conversation with you. I have an opportunity to talk with some things and talk about something I'm passionate about, and share a few things with some of the people on the list here that are coming up.It's really powerful to think that we have an opportunity to reach a lot of people and make an impact and make a difference in somebody's life. if you can make a positive impact in somebody's life today.

Gabriel Leal 16:13
It just takes one. It takes one person that you can met again, you made an impact on me and I was just one person. now that message is going beyond just one person it to somebody else and somebody else. Again, you just got you just got to connect with that one. When I started watching for the first time ago, man, this is awesome. It was actually you I remember the first episode you had on there I watched was with Steve Solomon, because Steve. Steve was one of the coolest guys that when I first got on LinkedIn, he reached out to me and told me to share my story.

Russ Johns 16:53

Gabriel Leal 16:54
I put up my first video. He was like one of the first ones to send me a personal message and I said Great, how do I share my story? And he says keep doing what you're doing do videos, go write articles, go do all these things. So I said, Okay, cool. I just started following along and hopping in and because I had been on LinkedIn for a year, I mean, I literally, I had followed a lot of the big people I had been watching but I was I never engaged with anybody.

Russ Johns 17:26

Gabriel Leal 17:27
I would always maybe like something or nothing. I never really commented, I never really took time and i said one day hey, I see a lot of people writing good, insightful comments and that sort of thing. I'm gonna jump in and do that.

Russ Johns 17:44

Gabriel Leal 17:45
From there, it just took off. Every single step has kind of evolved into the point where now some of the people that I used to follow, they will actually reach out to you and say, Hey, do you want to come on and have a conversation?

Russ Johns 18:00

Gabriel Leal 18:02
This is the fun part about having your own little show you get to share again I'm only in Episode 38 and I'm still feel like I'm finding my voice.

Russ Johns 18:12

Gabriel Leal 18:14
You know, you create you share things you get to you know and any you find wonderful people that you really connect with and make friendships along that journey. I've had a few those who come into my life and I really connected with I felt a real bond. It went from there. It was just all by reaching out and saying hello to somebody on a social media platform. Even now, the background behind me that you see, that was made by a fellow pirate. That was Miss. Sherry lolly is the one who did that for me.

Russ Johns 18:50

Gabriel Leal 18:52
I'm always appreciative of anything She's got.

Russ Johns 18:57
That is awesome. We have some awesome People in the pirate community and for those that don't know there is a Facebook group and the opportunity is there. I actually went live with a two minute tip last night.

Gabriel Leal 19:13

Russ Johns 19:13
On the pirate page. It's one of the things a lot of people have been asking me for the Two Minute Tips and I don't know if you,

Gabriel Leal 19:22
Check this out. Yeah, check out the back right.

Russ Johns 19:29
Yeah. Two minute Tips.

Gabriel Leal 19:33
Two minute tips, guys. There's a pub for you, man. Check it out. Guys. Check out the Two Minute Tips. You need to bring it back

Russ Johns 19:39
That's awesome. I really appreciate that. Gabriel that makes my day man that makes my whole week. Fantastic. I Appreciate that.

Gabriel Leal 19:49

Russ Johns 19:51
It's those kinds of things that it's relationships. It's finding your voice, finding your message and finding a way that you're comfortable. about sharing it. A lot of people like writing, which is cool, I've read thousands of blog posts. To me, this is where I find my joy, I get this my happy spot. It's like, Okay, I get to have a conversation with somebody that's interesting. I've watched your journey and I've watched you kind of evolve and it's like, I get excited for you, man, I get excited for you. It's really exciting.

Gabriel Leal 20:27
That's what I one of the things I tell everybody this some of the people ask me Well, what was your technical background before all this? I say nothing. None of it. You know what it was? It was drive, Passionate and the willing to want to learn. That was it. I used the two greatest teachers that I possibly could, Google and YouTube. They taught me so much. I built my own website from watching those two, just googling facts about creating a website number one, and then going to YouTube and watching Doing so now, on my website I embedded a lot of my past episodes, I started an internet radio station that's going right now while we're talking. I upload like past episodes of my show on there. I schedule it, I can do that I can play music on there. Again, and then I do this what I what like what you do, I take the audio and I put it into a podcast form. From there, you just let it do the work on its own. You can pick a, I use anchor, but you can use anybody can use anything else.

Russ Johns 21:42
It's anyone it's available to anyone. This is what I tell people, you are the media. You have the authority, you have the ability and opportunity to share your story. Whatever passion you have around a subject, you could actually create a channel around that you can create a story about it. You can share that story. You can teach other people about it. You can create an entire platform around it.

Gabriel Leal 22:09

Russ Johns 22:10
We're doing it every day. Again, it's

Gabriel Leal 22:14
Yes, you see people every single day right now especially right now everybody's at home. I'm starting seeing people hop on live, do interesting conversations, they're sharing things which is great. I love that. I tell everybody you use it if the medium is there for you to use it. Go ahead and hop on. Share your message? But remember, once all this pass what what kind of what kind of commitment Can you hold to doing something like that? If you're going to invest it that's why I said it is a commitment. This is a marathon what I mean you are actually doing. It's a three day single marathon. It's not about hopping on and getting 10,000 followers overnight. That's not gonna happen

Russ Johns 23:08
I'm okay with that! I'm okay with that. That's the beauty of it because right now we got David Munford in the room, we got Arcot.

Gabriel Leal 23:19

Russ Johns 23:19
Vicki O'Neill, Angie's here, teaching each other everything is figure out. Yes, absolutely true. Wendy.

Gabriel Leal 23:26
Yes. Thank you Wendy!

Russ Johns 23:27
Is here. Jeff young. Thank you so much for being here. You're awesome. Sherry lolly's in the room.

Gabriel Leal 23:38
Hey Sherry! Thank you, Sherry.

Russ Johns 23:41
Hey Sherry!

Gabriel Leal 23:41
You're the best!

Russ Johns 23:43
I'm looking, I just turned on. I just apparently turned on my phone. So Rob Lowe, Billy Jerell. These are people that have been here before and have returned Arcot and Jim Nixon. Hey Jim, how are you doing? Andrew Collicott? Yes platform I have one but I need a more polished one like this on the pirate broadcast,

Gabriel Leal 24:15
hey, you can find it, just depend on what you want to. if you want it to pick one social media platform you can find just about anything to help you concentrate it make it work.

Russ Johns 24:32
Well, like I've done also, Gabriel is if you're a little bit hesitant to do the technology and you're a little bit hesitant to really actually deal with it and the time and effort and energy that it takes. You still want to be on and you still want it to be there. That's why I created the pirate syndicate. After 150 episodes of the pirate broadcast All of these pieces of the puzzle are very systematic. Now that the pirate syndicate is here, I can actually help others broadcast and then assist them in the process. So it's really both sides of the equation, I'll teach you how to do it.

Gabriel Leal 25:14

Russ Johns 25:16
Or I'll do it for you.

Gabriel Leal 25:17
That's why I said, and then on top of that, like we were talking about before, creating an affiliate network, if you wanted to go out and say, hey, look, not only can we help you create it, we can help you market it and get it out there. These are like next level questions that you should really want to test as far as, again, the boundaries of what you can do with video with live streaming are endless. It's, um, so that's why I have so much fun. It's like having a box of crayons, just picking every single color. Usually just to see what it looks like.

Russ Johns 25:55
So just experiment, see what I can do.

Gabriel Leal 25:57
Exactly. I mean, your form has introduced me to so many interesting and wonderful people like even you had a Rob ballast Addison and he does Yes. I connect with him on and I love what he does he what he shares and what he thinks and then one of the things that we were talking about one day was Instagram and he was the one to kind of come to Hey, have you ever heard of Lula and that's what's Lula and it's kind of like a kind of like a stream yard for kind of for Instagram and even tick tock if you're in the tick tock Of course you got to have it's kind of like you with you're hopping on live on your mobile with YouTube, you got to have a certain amount of followers so I think 1000 but if you got 1000 followers and you can get on YouTube. I mean, excuse me, you can get on tik tok on Instagram. Again, you can broadcast two separate, exactly what we're doing here. Yeah.

Russ Johns 27:04
Just like we're doing here. It's interesting too, now LinkedIn is saying they really had I would love the fact that they could bring the the comments into your stream yard. Like, why open that up? What are they doing? Why are they doing it and we'll never know, because they don't return my calls. Hey give us a clue.

Gabriel Leal 27:32
You got to keep bugging them enough. That's how I got LinkedIn live. I have a friend that I had on. His name's Michael Goldberg. He was the one that kind of told me Hey, listen. Shout out to Michael Goldberg. Guys. If you don't follow him on LinkedIn, he's an HR. And we met at a workshop here locally in Dallas. Through Laila Smith, who I love. She's awesome. She's been on the show. Anyway,

Russ Johns 28:00
She's a Pirate.

Gabriel Leal 28:00
She's a pirate so but again he kind of told me Listen, this is what you do he kind of laid it out he said write down my angry letter tell them why you're angry and and tell them what you love about LinkedIn. So after they hit close my case for like, the fourth time, I was like, frustrated. So I said, you know what I'm gonna try. So I wrote them an angry letter, put it out there. They answered back they sent me a thing saying hey what are some of the things that you've been doing and at that, but by that point, I already had like 25 or 30 episodes in so I said, Look, this is all the stuff that I've content that I've created. I have been on other shows on LinkedIn, I put videos that I've put in there so we kind of went back and forth for another couple weeks. Then finally yesterday, I got the word that they granted me access and that's it. Again, I never would have got that if had I not first of all reached out to somebody who I met on LinkedIn, second of all, had I not even put the question out there and asked,

Russ Johns 29:05
Sometimes, you gotta, you gotta keep knocking on the door till the answer.

Gabriel Leal 29:11
I mean even even it goes to the point where I said, You know what? I go on. Sometimes when I see a lot of Gary Vee stuff on there, I asked in the comments. Hey, would you love to come on my show? I don't know if I'll ever get an answer. I've read emails. I don't know if I'll ever get an answer. But you never know. If you don't ask what if one day I get an email from Gary visa? Yes. I would love to come on your show.

Russ Johns 29:33
Yeah, what I mean? Well, I looked at it I look at as well as is that, it's like, it's not a matter of if you're gonna be on the pirate broadcast. If you're gonna turn me down now, he may not get another chance.

Gabriel Leal 29:50
Yeah. So remember, I mean, once your reach starts getting to that point where people start getting familiar and know who you are, and that sort of thing. Then it comes again, you're gonna be the point where he's like, I see who Russ Johns is. Let me reach out to them and get on the show. At that point you say, you know what, um, let me think about it.

Russ Johns 30:16
Yeah. Well, it's like Gary Vee said he goes he did he did hundreds of episodes of the Wine Library for anybody to sign.

Gabriel Leal 30:26
Yeah, again and but he didn't go it's just an example of something. Again, you got everybody I tell me if you want to get on live start live. Does it doesn't matter how good your production is? I tell everybody if you want to go see what crap is. Go watch my first episode. It was crap.

Russ Johns 30:44

Gabriel Leal 30:45
I tell everybody. My show now is crap. But I'm learning to get better crap out there. That's what it is. It's not the fact that because I still I don't think you ever feel like you're a master of your own. You Do your own work until you've gotten to a point where you feel comfortable, but even at that point, I don't like feeling comfortable. That's why I constantly

Russ Johns 31:11
Continue to push the boundaries. Gabriel.

Gabriel Leal 31:14

Russ Johns 31:14
That's what it's all about. That's what it's all about.

Gabriel Leal 31:16

Russ Johns 31:18
This has been fantastic. I love the fact that you're here. I love the opportunity to have these conversations. I know I don't necessarily go as long of show as you do. You're an hour show, right?

Gabriel Leal 31:35
Well, my show go anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and it's only because based on the conversation. If a conversation is short to the point and I've had those, then on 30 minutes, we're done. Everything's gone. If I have when I have really good conversations, I've gone an hour, a little bit over an hour. Some of them were just, but again, I tell everybody when they get off though, and we have a little conversation afterwards, you said How was that they go. It didn't even feel like an hour.

Russ Johns 32:09
It didn't feel like an hour. It never does. I mean, I know that you and I, we could nerd out for all day. We could talk about different things, we can test them evaluate because, like right now I did a like the two minute tip, I did it on the cam Overlay and I'm doing E-cam and I used to do it before when I was doing it. And my computer after a few upgrades because it's different than stream yard because it uses your computer resources versus


AWS or Google cloud resources.

Gabriel Leal 32:46
Yeah. So if you have a good CPU processing unit to do, that's why I've been playing around with Vmix. Vmix is another sort of thing but again, if it is based off your CPU if you got Good processing system and you can use a 4k card and all this. I've been looking at all this stuff mirrorless DSLR cameras to do again, testing boundaries is what

Russ Johns 33:12
I want to get. I want to get we were talking about before the show we were talking about multi camera feeds and I want to get a Tim Mini Pro.

Gabriel Leal 33:19

Russ Johns 33:20
To be able to switch cameras in do some of that stuff, then I'd like to get a couple of Sony 6600s to to actually switch between cameras and get some better camera.

Gabriel Leal 33:32
Yeah, so when you're doing solos, right? solos you can test those out and and be like, okay, it works. It's gonna be a little bit a little bit different with a guest format. Of course, you're doing a solo shows, why not or when you're producing workshop videos or you're doing anything like that. Those things come in handy. Those are great ways to

Russ Johns 33:56
bring a little interest to the to the conversation. It brings a little Even if you're doing a two person like the Joe Rogan, where they have, where it's, much more expensive. I mean, it's much more production, but equipment,

Gabriel Leal 34:15
You do get more intimate field though

Russ Johns 34:17
Oh, yeah.

Gabriel Leal 34:18
Maybe you get the whole feel of everything. That's what I love about really you get the whole intimate thing about somebody layout you can see somebody's emotions, the talking the whole sharing between two people.

Russ Johns 34:32

Gabriel Leal 34:32
That's why I said but we're talking about nerd stuff here.

Russ Johns 34:38
I know that. I know. We've gone over on our time. So I want to make sure that we were were considered of everybody's time. I know I do have some things that I have to get off my list today. Thank you so much, Gabriel. It's always a pleasure and love to have you back and I know you're a pirate already. Now that you're officially a pirate You're part of the #kindnessiscool.

Gabriel Leal 35:10
All right, check out this guy's

Russ Johns 35:12
The #kindnessiscool part of the equation. So thank you for supporting the cause. I love it

Gabriel Leal 35:18
Anytime, anytime.

Russ Johns 35:19
If you're not connected to Gabriel, connect with Gabriel, start the conversation. If you have some interest in what he's doing, support him, support each other. That's what we're all here for is building relationships, building conversations supporting each other, like now more than any other time in history. It's like.

Gabriel Leal 35:41

Russ Johns 35:41
Let's help each other out. It's not possible for us to do this.

Gabriel Leal 35:46
Not at all. Again, I tell everybody, you want to reach out and have a conversation. Let's hop on.

Russ Johns 35:51

Gabriel Leal 35:51
If you got a message to share, because again, I tell everybody we've had really good conversations with people and on the phone call and If we could have done this on video, this is good stuff that people want to hear. This is essentially what I'm talking to you about on the phone. We can talk about video. That's the only difference. So yeah, reach out, man.

Russ Johns 36:11
Yeah, reach out. Well, thank you, Gabriel. I appreciate it. As you know, #kindnessiscool. #smilesarefree. You #enjoytheday. Take care.

Gabriel Leal 36:23
Bye Bye, everybody.

Russ Johns 36:25
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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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