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​Russ Johns 0:30
It's another beautiful day in the pirate broadcast, we hav a fabulous show, an opportunity to meet someone very special and I just wanted to open that opportunity up to say, Hey we're on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and here on LinkedIn live. And as we go through the pirate broadcast, I just want to share that as you're going through this process and as you're Connecting and collaborating, connect with Ginger. She's an awesome individual. And Ginger, thank you so much for being here. I applaud you and recognize that life is busy. And I just want to recognize and thank you for being here. So,

Ginger Johnson 1:17
No. Thank you Russ. I know I did the timezone hiccup the first time we were scheduled.

Russ Johns 1:23
No big deal! No big deal! Well being in Arizona, I have to do math all the time.

Ginger Johnson 1:31
You have your little island. It's beautiful. It's so great to be here. It's been a while since we've seen each other, although we see each other online and sort of face to face and live is dandy. So thank you for the opportunity.

Russ Johns 1:44
Yeah. So bring us up to speed. Those that don't know you and those that are yet to know you. What brought you to this point in life and kind of a snapshot of where you're going travels have brought you from and where you're coming to and where you're headed.

Ginger Johnson 2:04
Okay, I feel like I need to act this out. Interpretive death. Pirates. Good thing I was small! Current iteration currents Jones magic, whatever you want to call it. My current treasure trove my pirating and I dressed up just for you, as I told you before we started. I'm fascinated with human connection. You know, Russ when you walk into a room?

Russ Johns 2:36
Uh huh.

Ginger Johnson 2:37
And there's either one person or 100 people or whatever the count is you walk into a room and you think I want to connect. You don't have everything figured out. But you have a confidence because you exercise some skills. You've learned some skills you've you've skilled up as the term is lately and you say I'm going to meet somebody because there's so many amazing in here, who is doing it interesting work, and who I think I'm interested in supporting. And so you go forth and you connect human connection is that and it comes from an awareness. It comes from skill building, it comes from the willingness. Look, we're never going to be ready, Russ. Like ready is the wrong word. I know you know this.

Russ Johns 3:19

Ginger Johnson 3:20
It's not about being ready, it's about being willing. And so the human connection I just had a workshop last night speaking to connect. When we speak, whether it's one to one like you and I are doing one too few, one too many. When we speak and we do it well, meaning we allow a connection to happen. And we welcome that. And we dig into that to see what it could yield. That's magic. So that's what my pirate ship is all about. And it's such a joy and pleasure and honor to be able to help other people become world class connectors or work towards that because it is skill space, right? One of the comments I get as well introvert, that's great. I love you. I don't care. Because what if your introvert is.

Russ Johns 4:07
It doesn't matter.

Ginger Johnson 4:08
Right, it doesn't matter at all. Because when we set an intention, we make the work happen. We do the thing, and our magic comes out and we serve. So that's one of the I wouldn't say objections that come up, but that's certainly one of the most common comments that comes up. And I find that's great because it's perfect place to jump in look, doesn't matter what you've heard statuses. If you want to do this, you'll do this and I can help teach you.

Russ Johns 4:32
Yeah, I find it so fascinating too, because people think that there's a special skill or something like they need permission. Well, right now, you all have permission, give yourself permission to go out and meet

Ginger Johnson 4:49
I like that! Let's hashtag that baby. I like it.

Russ Johns 4:52
So I just feel as if some people, it might come easier. It might appear to come easier. Well, it's not necessarily easier. It just appears that way because somebody is taking the time to practice it.

Ginger Johnson 5:08

Russ Johns 5:08
Going out with intention and trying to improve their ability to make those conversations take place.

Ginger Johnson 5:18
You are so right. You're a musician. Yeah. Tell me one of the instruments you play.

Russ Johns 5:24

Ginger Johnson 5:25
Okay, great. So, say, Meghan Trainor calls you and says, Hey, Russ, I need a drummer on my tour. Well, she could call you and that'd be a wise choice. Because you're an accomplished drummer. You study your craft, you practice. It's a muscle. It's a skill.

Russ Johns 5:41

Ginger Johnson 5:41
There is this big argument. I wouldn't say argument, the stinking big discussion of what's innate. And what's natural. What's talents, I actually think that using some of those words can be damaging for us because their so limiting.

Russ Johns 5:53
They're limiting. They're limiting words,

Ginger Johnson 5:54
They're very limiting because what we're doing is we're labeling we're putting you like, Oh, you are this because by saying You are this, we are saying you are none of this. And so that's why I focus so much on the skills. And so that is the same with connection. You're absolutely right. If you want to learn how to walk up to somebody, whether it's one person or into a room of 100, and your intention is to practice and be human be real, and see what happens, then you'll be successful because you've tried there is no fail unless you don't try.

Russ Johns 6:28
Yeah, It's really challenging and especially these days, our current circumcision situation is an opportunity for us to really start actually nurturing some of the relationships that we already have. We have virtual meetings like this. We have zoom sessions, we have FaceTime. We have all of the tools necessary that allow us to do outreach Text Message somebody. You're even years ago when text messaging was just brand new. I used to text message people and say, Hey, just checking in I hope you're okay. And it's amazing what a difference. I'm still connected to a lot of those people. And it really allows you the opportunity to build relationships with people that may or may not need your service today and may need your services tomorrow.

Ginger Johnson 7:32
Right, right. When you have the service mindset sales will come with a service mindset this rest you have a wonderful service, heart service mindset. And when you are genuinely checking in on people, when you know what your is your purpose is, your vision is, your own what are your high seas ahead and how are you going to stay that course and who are you and bring along and also, I love that you talked about permission and pirate permission because one of the chapters in my book the connectivity cannon, I know you have a copy of this, I talked about permission slips. It is something that we don't give ourselves enough. Oh, look at that. Haha. It's chapter 10. Because we don't talk about permission enough we keep. We keep thinking it has to be an additive life. Keep adding, adding and no, actually you keep adding and you are literally going to sink the ship. So when you think about connecting text messaging, FaceTime, zoom, whatever it is we're in a really unique phase of the world. And it's we're going to come out the other side, the other side is going to look different than it did when we went in. So get used to that, like changes come in might open up your arms and give it a hug, and figure out what still works for you. Last Thursday, I gave a live connecting juice, it's my membership and I gave it away to a whole bunch of great people. We had gotten Almost three dozen people that showed up for a zoom call which was fantastic was a virtual party and I talked about at over 10 ways to connect with people right now and I'm happy to share that link with you and the audience afterwards Russ because I really want to give that service mindset like, Look, I get it sometimes feels very isolating regardless of you're used to this virtual platform or not. It can still feel isolating. Thank you, Angie. It can still feel isolating and we still want to feel connected. We crave connection as humans we are social animals. And so whether it's one of the person we want to be with or 5000 people, we can still do it. So I'll share that link because some of the most basic things you said text message, video messaging, one of my faves, love that. Pick up your phone, make a short video. 1520 seconds long. Hey Russ, I've been thinking about you want to check in make sure you and Mellon your folks, your family is doing well. I'm sending you some good Mojo today. So stay cool because smiles are free and kindness is cool. See you later. And you know we can do those. And so my my lesson in that is do that get over yourself. You look great. Everybody's looking at you anyway. Don't get balled up in the crap that doesn't matter. Connect because that's what people want.

Russ Johns 10:21
And your so spot on, I want to break down a couple of things I heard you say is one thing I agree with you 100% and Don't worry about what you are doing. Worry about what they are doing.

Ginger Johnson 10:39

Russ Johns 10:40
Worry about stay focused on what the challenge is that they are. It doesn't matter what the answer is just listen, to listen, don't listen to respond.

Ginger Johnson 10:52
Right? Don't Answer is it.

Russ Johns 10:54
It's not about an answer. It's about just having that human connection that allows us to to actually be in a, in a community, a bigger spot in the world than what we were before. Yes. And and, you know, we can't run out of abundance as I always say,

Ginger Johnson 11:11

Russ Johns 11:12
Not run out of abundance

Ginger Johnson 11:14
So true! So true!

Russ Johns 11:17
I know we're all busy doing something but don't be busy just make sure that you're out there connecting. And also I shared this the other day it's like there's this thing that happens when you're connecting and what happens is your ideas that are stuck in your head sometimes can shift a little bit when you have another conversation with somebody and you share those ideas and expand on them. And all of a sudden our thoughts and our creativity and also removing things from our life. Right now is a great time to start removing things from our life and reducing the baggage that we're carrying around.

Ginger Johnson 12:04
Right? Right. We're being given a whole different cosmic permission slip. You said you were busy, you said you didn't have time for that thing and those 15 projects that you keep carpet about. All right, bust your butt and get to that like use that as a catharsis. use that as a catalyst to go ahead and connect with what really matters First of all, start with yourself know what the hell is important to you get super crystal clear on that because you cannot serve unless you know what's important to you Russ your soul is all about serving like from the moment we first met online golly, upwards of two and a half years ago or something like that. It's so consistent you check in and it's always you and it's so authentic and that's what we want to be so use this opportunity to really clean house and in your head and make room for what does matter. So if there will never be a better time before the show started. You asked me Well, how are you? And I paused and I said, this is an amazing time for opportunity. And you said, Well, that's a great way to look at it. Like, I'm not gonna choose to look at it any other way. I'm not a Pollyanna, I get that this is real, that this is life and being at the top of the food chain, we're so used to controlling everything that we think we control this, huh, no,

Russ Johns 13:26
No, it's an illusion.

Ginger Johnson 13:27
No, no. And so what you can control when one thing I gave us were in the workshop was you have command of yourself. And so take that command and decide what you want it to be.

Russ Johns 13:39
Yeah, absolutely. And, once again, if you're carrying too much baggage, is hard to grab on to the opportunities in the future.

Ginger Johnson 13:50
Yeah. Like Have you ever been in the airport and you're going on a trip and you maybe you got a backpack or you got one small bag or something like doo doo and you're saying going through airport Then you see somebody lugging like a casket size Rolly bag. First of all, what, how, where are you going? and for how long? Maybe you should have a pod shift instead. And like, if you relied on yourself to carry that thing around, could you do it?

Russ Johns 14:16

Ginger Johnson 14:17
If the answer is, I'm not sure to know. sucker, and rejigger because you're so right, this extra baggage, that's why we call it baggage. Don't drag it around. Don't pay the check in fee. Like clear it out like Whoo. There's a reason Marie Kondo is in the New York Times again last weekend like less can be more if you've got what you want. Less isn't less, less is focus.

Russ Johns 14:46
Yeah. That's a great way of looking at it. And I want to focus right now on a few guests because we got a room full of people in here that we know we saw Angie, spreading permission out here. So yeah, Yes, very

Ginger Johnson 15:02
The permission fairy this morning

Russ Johns 15:02
The permission fairies. Thanks. Gabriel's here in the house. Good morning everyone. My fellow Park pirates. Yes. Thank you so much. And then also Celeste from I think you're over in France. So,

Ginger Johnson 15:25
bonjour. Celeste

Russ Johns 15:28
Kenyatta is here you know, Kenyatta!

Ginger Johnson 15:34
I do! Love you!

Russ Johns 15:35
Hello Vicki O'Neill. Awesome. Awesome. Sherry Lolly is in the in the room.

Ginger Johnson 15:41

Russ Johns 15:41
Fantastic. And then also, let me see if we got a few more people here. Some people are there.

Ginger Johnson 15:50
Amazing! Technology facilitates connecting, it will never be the same as in person connecting at the same time. This is the closest thing we can get And you can really dig in. So thanks y'all for being here.

Russ Johns 16:03
Great! Grace is here. Chandler! Thank you so much, John.

I think that there's a lot of things that are changing in our world. I want to talk a little bit about resiliency. Talk about flexibility and intention versus the opposite of whatever you can think of. and describe to me, Ginger, how you think and imagine that people can speaking is, the speaking scenarios are probably limited right now, because of us being on a shutdown right now. However, preparation is not shut down. Skill Building is not shut down. The ability and opportunity to grow your skills and crafts is not shut down at video. is an opportunity where you can build virtual summits, you could build any number of things and creativity is going to have to take place right now. And I want to talk a little bit about the creativity of the moments and what we can do to adopt a creative mindset. And put that out there in the universe.

Ginger Johnson 17:23
Yeah, yeah, that's a whole big treasure trunk there, Russ.

Russ Johns 17:27
We got the pirate treasure here.

Ginger Johnson 17:28
Yes, we do. So my fine associate Sarah and I call it nim ability. And nim ability is everything from Oh, you know, stretching and making sure you're ready to mentally stretching. Everybody is creative. Hear me people. Everybody is creative. There's no cop out saying I'm not creative. That's baloney. And don't give me the whole but I can't draw a stick figure thing. I was an art teacher. I've heard that a million times. That doesn't work. How you are creative is you so take a look at that. So for example speaking yet speaking as my number one modality rescue and I know that you were so gracious and you gave me a speaking gig a couple years ago at the East Valley LinkedIn logo which was gas and that has changed Okay, so how do we flex with that? So for example last night I had a workshop it was I was originally supposed to be in Douglas Wyoming, so shout out to Wyoming great state. And my hosts I said well with current climate, the the governors has kind of told us to stay home, okay, let's honor that. Let's be good citizens, and let's go virtual. And they unflinchingly said, Okay, sure. Great. Okay. A library I was going to be in the CASPER Douglas area. The I've done work with a great matron of public library and we were supposed to have an in person workshop and she contacted my contell she didn't want to like she didn't want to cancel. She was like, Oh, I feel bad about doing this and because she knows it's my livelihood. She knows we've done work before. They've had really good turnout for What we've done together Public Library is an amazing resource. Those are closed right now. And so I said, Betsy, what do you think about doing something virtual because your members, your patrons still want education like life doesn't stop. It completely changes. It's the why in the road, like I talked about in the canon. So she said, Oh, I never thought about that. Oh, people juice help people think about things they've never thought about. That's creativity. How can we shift this one degree? Don't think about oh, my God, how am I going to reinvent everything? No, no, no, the supertanker turns one degree at a time, my friends. And I heard back from Betsy, she's talking with Sarah, great, we're going to do it. It's going to replace everything we'll know. But that's not the point. The point is to be nimble. The point is to flex and be that easy to work with person have what works for you. I have some speaking colleagues, wonderful people. All Other gigs are canceled. So my first question is trying to support them is like, well, what's going to be able to go online? And some of them? I don't know that they're ready to change it, Russ Because they'll say, Well, I don't do online like, okay, that's your choice. know that there are other possibilities.

Russ Johns 20:18
That is a limiting choice you have.

Ginger Johnson 20:19
It is absolutely. And so we're just like you've been online for a long time. Sarah and I have always offered virtual, it's not our first choice, but right now it is the choice for everybody that's still best to help people keep going. And so we'll get back to the live at some point. We don't know when that is but don't worry about the someday focus on today. And what you can do, I'm super juiced up about this and I'm not some weirdo thinking about pandemic is good. I don't think that but what I think is this is a really unique opportunity. So shift your Schmitt and start paddling because you can still go forward. You're so right, Russ, when you said now's the time. to focus on skills, oh my gosh, the world is online, launch a freaking course sign up with Skillshare or Linda or get one of your pirate broadcasts that you offer wrestling. Go ahead and jump in. Everybody is seeking really unique connection right now. Find a way find the help, get the help ask for the help. And everybody is really willing to help each other. That's the beautiful thing about when stuff like this goes down, you're like, Oh my gosh, my neighbors are in trouble. I'm going to go out there and help them so get to know your neighbors and get your butt busting out helping other people because that comes back around.

Russ Johns 21:35
Yeah. and creativity is a necessary to find a solution where or to whatever problem I love to call everyone is creative soul. Right? So thanks for that. Gabriel. It's really important for us to think about what we can do.

Ginger Johnson 21:53

Russ Johns 21:53
No, can't do.

Ginger Johnson 21:55
Yes, those are choice words. Don't say you can or can't like I teach you do Don't will or won't. And that comes from Dan Pink. So shout out to Dan Pink. He's written so many great books.

Russ Johns 22:06
Oh yeah Dan Oink!

Ginger Johnson 22:06
Right and his latest one, "When" would be a great read right now? Because it talks about how we make decisions when we make the decisions. Fascinating.

Russ Johns 22:16
doesn't he have the pink show or

Ginger Johnson 22:18
He has the pink cast. Yep, yep. And he's got drive and to sell as human. Yeah, his work is definitely worth I have a couple in my world headquarters here because it's a good go to because he talks about how to make things happen. And he interviews other people just like you do. Like oh, that's how they do that. Oh, just like you said, a little tweak. That's all we need at a time.

Russ Johns 22:37
And as you know, if you would like to show like the pirate broadcast of your very own.

Ginger Johnson 22:44
Oh I can help with that don't worry,

Russ Johns 22:46
I can help you.

Ginger Johnson 22:47
That's that ringing in my ear. Well, you don't build an empire. We might just talk about that. So

Russ Johns 22:52
Yeah, I'm always so excited about the current technology. We have available to us. And I think this particular situation in the world is an opportunity for us to build our skills and make connections and make different connections that would normally get out of the norm break it up.

Ginger Johnson 23:19
Yes, yeah,

Russ Johns 23:20
Keep our focus. And there's so many stories about things happening I've been on conference calls when my dad walks in and tells me I have mail and he's totally, completely 100% oblivious that I'm even on a call. That is life! That is my life! This is a choice I made. I've designed my life to be able to care for my parents and help them and assist them in their journey. And I don't have to apologize for that. I don't have to do anything and no one has to apologize for what is going on in their world right now. Do what is necessary to take the next step in improving what you have where you are to do, like you said Ginger to do. What was it?

Ginger Johnson 24:16
My magic? Your Magic!

Russ Johns 24:18
Yeah, do your magic and share your growth because we all have. We all have our message and we have to share it. So,

Ginger Johnson 24:25
yes, people are hungry for those connections. I if I could give a specific tactic today, Russ, one thing I encourage people I've hired a couple of different LinkedIn coaches shout out to Kate Payne, who's one of them. And when you are inviting people to connect online and Russ, I know you know this Well, you're really good at it. When you are inviting other people to connect, don't just simply click Connect. Put a personal message in there. Take the time to write one or two sentences. That's all you need. One of my go twos is hey Russ, you're doing some interesting work with us pirate broadcast. I'd really like to connect with you to learn more. Thanks. Make it a great day, whatever your closing is, it makes a massive difference because anybody can like, Oh, they look interesting. They look interesting. They look interesting, according to the logarithm of their lineup. And that's true with anything. Don't tell people to follow you. Invite them. Give them a reason to want to be part of your community. It's never about numbers. Don't focus on vanity metrics. Focus on one person at a time. That's a true connectors, fundamental, one person at a time quality always make it real for the other person, what's the value for them? Why should I connect with you? Then start the conversation and not every conversation needs to be big and deep. Choose what your relationships and your connections are for you. And be clear about that. And that's also back to the first part of our broadcast today. Like you don't have to have a lot just choose wisely and choose what works for you and keep working forward.

Russ Johns 26:01
If you don't think you can do it,

Ginger Johnson 26:04
You probably can!

Russ Johns 26:05
Pirate permission granted.

Ginger Johnson 26:08
That's a classic. I Like that! It's a good one!

Russ Johns 26:13
Permission granted,

Ginger Johnson 26:14
Buttons are some mission.

Russ Johns 26:17
We got some changes in our future, we have things that are taking place that are going to shift the way we have to think. And the sooner and the more resilient and adaptable you can become in this time, it is going to longer term it. Here's one thought that I had and I shared the other day was the people that adapt and use video and learn the skill will leapfrog their future because they have that skill going forward. When you're willing to take it on and say I know this, I can do this. I'm going To learn this then that's a skill you can carry through the rest of your life when this thing is long since over it's it's a skill that you continue to have and you can share and you can build on so don't don't dismiss it as something I have to do right now. Think of it as a skill I get to learn

Ginger Johnson 27:18
Yeah, you're so right Russ get rid of the shoulds and the half twos replaced with the want to get twos.

Russ Johns 27:23

Ginger Johnson 27:24
So right resilience is really key. Open up. Welcome it, figure it out. Again, get the help get the support lean on your friends, find some new friends. What a great opportunity to find some new connections. Oh my gosh, you do that that whole thing of you do the same thing the same way and it's insanity. Yeah, I was thinking about that for a client I'm going to be meeting with today one of my coaching clients and we're really skill at work. She's got the skills she's gonna wrong layer, and there's so much more that we know she's poised for right now is a perfect time for so many things. She's a horticulturist and she designs cutting Some gardens for people Well, hello, we're all at home right now. Whether you got a patio or Windows still or five acres, like, we got to look at this differently, and it occurred to me like, oh, we're not going after the same clients anymore. We're not looking to serve the same people. They're good people. This is not a judgment thing, folks to be so real,

Russ Johns 28:18
No, no not at all!

Ginger Johnson 28:18
You're not a judgement. Everybody's got a different bandwidth. But her bandwidth is up here. And that's where we need to take her So my challenge for her today will be, look, you're going after the same people. They're not your people anymore. It's time to graduate. This is the opportunity to look at that to recognize that to acknowledge it, and change how you're approaching. refer somebody else to them, by all means be a giver connectors or giver just like you Russ and give another suggestion for them and then let them go. Free them up because you holding them close to the best even though like when you hold on to resentment. That's just a killer.

Russ Johns 28:52
No, no. Nobody needs that in they're life

Ginger Johnson 28:55
Oh, no! that's hard for your heart. It's hard for your physical health. It's hard for your mental health.

Russ Johns 28:59
Well Sometimes the only limitation is right here.

Ginger Johnson 29:03
Sometimes? It's like 90% of the time! It's a fear!

Russ Johns 29:09

Ginger Johnson 29:11
That's right, there's a song in that 99.9! It's not permission! It's pirate permission!

Russ Johns 29:20
Pirate permission. Yes!

Ginger Johnson 29:23
I'm going to write a song, you're gonna play the drums.

Russ Johns 29:25
Alright, Ginger. So I want to wrap this up and I know you're busy and got things to do people to see places to go virtual meetings to make all these kinds of things and you have pirate permission now. I want to have you dropp one knowledge bomb, some nugget of knowledge that you can actually leave the world today in it for me in digital perpetuity.

Ginger Johnson 29:52
This is I can't wait for the rebroadcast of this because I'm gonna download the nuggets. What I would leave people with is the connectors credo of POW, P O W. Be a connector with a service mindset and POW stands for positive, objective and willing, if you adopt that mindset, that credo, then you will serve, other people will be drawn to you, you will build community, you will have the best pirates on your ship and you will change the world. So be POW, positive, objective and willing. All this information of course is on my website. It's in the book. It's included with my services, the coaching speaking workshops at POW is really simple. And it's straightforward. So that's the nugget I would draw.

Russ Johns 30:47
Thank you so much Ginger that was wonderful. I love the fact that and if you're not connected with Ginger, connect with Ginger, go to LinkedIn. Ginger Johnson. She's easy to find. She's amazing. And I just want to give a shout out to everybody that joined us. Frank also joined us, Frank, thank you so much for being here. And also, Ginger Johnson's giving you a shout out.

Ginger Johnson 31:12
Absolutely. Yes. Thank you everybody and Russ It's such a pleasure to see you. I'm overdue. Thanks for sticking with me with the last tech gaff.

Russ Johns 31:19
You know me, I'm always around

Ginger Johnson 31:22
So patient! You're so patient and I just love you for that. I love you for lots of reasons. But I love you for your patience.

Russ Johns 31:28
Thank you so much Ginger.

Ginger Johnson 31:30
Go forth and Pirate it up everybody!

Russ Johns 31:31
And as you know, kindnesses is cool. smiles are free. And you know what, you know what they say? You know what they say?

Ginger Johnson 31:41
They say a lot of things.

Russ Johns 31:42
They say a lot of things, but enjoy the day.

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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