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Introduction 0:25
Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.\

Russ Johns 0:44
Welcome, welcome. I was waiting and hesitating because the time change is really one of those things that...I'm going to put the producers sign in here. Let's see if we can. That's really obnoxious. Is it better? No. Try that. Is that better? Can you hear me now? The whole point is that November changes the time. We had the time change and the next thing you know, Arizona doesn't do time change. So now it's Mountain Standard Time. So there's probably a few guests that need to be aware. Jacqueline is coming in. She's coming in now. We'll get her on the stream. I know. It's early. I know. It's early.

Jacqueline Maddison 1:51
Oh, I've been up for like two hours already. You're late in my book.

Russ Johns 1:57
Oh, fantastic. Fantastic. Well, thank you so much for joining us, Jacqueline. How are you today?

Jacqueline Maddison 2:03
Oh, I'm wonderful. It's such an honor to be here with you to spend some time with you. Thanks for having me on.

Russ Johns 2:08
Well, thank you. You are an entrepreneur, you're publishing a magazine and you've had a very amazing journey from what I've been able to gather. So I want to start off with saying thank you so much for being here. All the gratitude in the world for everyone joining us today. Jacqueline is the author of which magazine is it?

Jacqueline Maddison 2:33
Yeah. Yeah. Editor in chief of Beverly Hills magazine.

Russ Johns 2:38
Beverly Hills magazine. Yes. Very, very, very nice to have you here. How did you manage? Did you just start this magazine up? Or what's your journey for entrepreneurship? Coming up to today. Walk us through this challenge? Where you decided to do this. And how?

Jacqueline Maddison 3:00
Sure well, I mean, I think the joy of being an entrepreneur, and the greatest challenge is creating something from nothing and that's what I did. Actually, this is my third magazine, I had attempted to start a first magazine, which failed miserably.

Russ Johns 3:25
Experiment that didn't quite make it to the table, right?

Jacqueline Maddison 3:29
Yeah, absolutely. But in hindsight, I don't actually believe in failure. Because I think that every endeavor that we we take in, every experience we have is a vital lesson, a learning experience that is preparing us for our next door of opportunity. So the first magazine, I did it with my brothers and sister. I have one sister, my brother and sister, we have one sister and two brothers. But we just thought we could throw a bunch of money at a project and throw some parties and use marketing and it would succeed. But that is not the case. We failed to create a comprehensive business plan. We failed to really build the architectural plans of what we intended to build, so because of that, it crumbles. Then I wanted to forge my own path and break away from family and I started a digital publication in Rancho Santa Fe and that's also a smaller, affluent community, but it had a growth ceiling. So it also never broke through to a level of success that I had hoped for. But during sort of these experiences of professional failure and learning, I also had a kind of a personal realization of personal failure. I wasn't breaking through in my relationships, I wasn't being my highest and best self. I just felt like I was hitting walls on every front. So I humbled myself and I actually cried out to God and I prayed to God and I would call it a repentance Prayer saying, I'm sorry, I can't do that myself. I've failed. I've done everything wrong. I need your help. You know, God. So I'm a born again, Christian. But God's word says he hears that repentant cry. He was faithful to hear that cry. Ever since then he started guiding my life. I've been having prophetic dreams, which tell me what's going to happen as strangers to disclose to other people. It's strange to me to have this experience, but it's real and it's happening. This is how I've been able to start Beverly Hills magazine, a global brand publication, with no money, I was broke, living at home with my parents and had no hope in the world, except my faith in God, and his supernatural guidance. And He, through the supernatural signs, wonders, miracles, sort of epiphany, or downloads, I would get just a revelation of exactly what I needed to do, or I'd be on the computer and something would pop up. It would be exactly what I needed, the tool I needed to build what God had put on my heart.

Russ Johns 6:08
Exactly, what you needed when you needed it.

Jacqueline Maddison 6:11
Yeah. Because when he put the impossible dream of Beverly Hills magazine on my heart, because God says, If you delight yourself in me, I'll give you the desires of your heart. So obviously, I wanted to do a magazine, right? I had tried desperately to start to, but they failed. So when he could look up Beverly Hills magazine, Beverly Hills magazine, but so I went, I looked it up, researched, and the trademark was available. I was shocked. I was shocked. What? How could this be? I mean, Beverly Hills, you know,

Russ Johns 6:44
that's insane.

Jacqueline Maddison 6:45
It was and so I quickly asked my mom for the money to buy the trademark. She loaned it to me, what a saint. And I got to work building the mega online publication, one article at a time. Using my natural gift and talent, which is writing. Because you see, we all have unique inborn gifts and talents. One of mine happens to be being a writer, someone may be an incredible Baker, or a singer or a guitar player. But usually those gifts and talents display themselves when we're children. So we have to look at that, we have to reflect and really, in order to discover what our natural God given gifts and talents are, because when we utilize them, that's when we're going to be aligned with our purpose. And then we're going to find fulfillment, because it's the thing that we were created to do. You know, it's up to you, like money has become the God, you know, everybody's trying to make a buck, and they're following the dollar. There's no joy in that. There's no purpose in that. I think we all have learned that and maybe can bear witness to where that road leads. I think that we all, I hope that we all, want to live a life of purpose, and a true joy and true fulfillment on every level. So when I gave my life to God, and he started guiding me and allowing me to use my natural gifts and talents, he ignited all these things in me. So that's why I've actually written a book called The Seven Oracles of success, where I share these spiritual secrets that I've learned and applied in my walk with the Lord and to build my business and my dream life that anybody can do. And I say, if you are faithful, and you apply these seven Oracles of success, you can align with your own purpose, tap into your own destiny and live your own dream life, I guarantee your success, because I'm living proof that it works. I'm living my dream life and I just want that for everybody.

Russ Johns 8:51
Well, you're living it from the inside out. So, I just want to recognize and break down a couple of things that you mentioned, is that you knew that you needed to be writing, you knew that a magazine was the vehicle that you had and that was one area that you could expand and build something meaningful and important in your life. And also share it with others. It's not necessarily just like a website and a blog. It's much more than that. Have you always been a writer? Have you always written throughout your entire life and that's been your focus and attention or how is that something that came, went away and then you revisited it later in life.

Jacqueline Maddison 9:46
It has always been a part of who I am. Again, I think if we all self reflect, we can discover what our true calling is at because I've always loved creativity. I think we're all born to create, made in God's image, right? So our creative ability is our natural self expression in some form, or another. So mine is writing. So I was doing that. Growing up, I was not only creative writing and enjoying it in school projects, but also personally, I would keep a journal or a diary. I would write my letters to God, I was always writing. That was a form of connecting with my innermost being and my highest self, my spiritual self, really. And I think when we do that, when we align with our spiritual selves, I say, you've got to focus on your spiritual growth first, and then the material or your spiritual riches first, and then the material riches will manifest from that place.

Russ Johns 10:51
It's amazing to see how that actually arrives in our lives and how we, whatever you want to call it, it's either source or inspiration or a God or it's really about how you can actually listen, not take the ego, because a lot of times we listen to our ego and say, well, this is what I should be doing because of X, Y, and Z. A lot of times it's not necessarily what we're meant to be doing.

Jacqueline Maddison 11:24
That's right. Well, because I say there's free will. And there's God's will and God's will is destiny. So obviously, I have my book, but I also have a webinar where I teach and expound upon the seven oracles. But I have a four week spiritual coaching program where I go more in depth on these spiritual principles that we must understand and we must master them if you want to walk in full spiritual authority, so that you can manifest the fullness of your spiritual destiny and achieve and receive your spiritual riches, in the physical. Destiny is a four ordained life path that God has for you. That's why we have to go to God for him to guide us and lead us on that path. You know, even God's word says, the heart is deceitful above all else who can know it. So this whole follow your heart thing? No. Do not follow your heart, how many times, let's be honest guys, have we followed our heart and...

Russ Johns 12:32
Mine's been very broken, very many times.

Jacqueline Maddison 12:34
Exactly. And that's not God's will for us. He wants us healed and whole and and thriving and prospering. and prosperity isn't just money in the bank. Freedom from financial worry. It's a progressive trajectory of growth in every facet of your life, that's spiritually emotionally, physically, that means divine health and well being intellectually and emotionally and materially, that's God's will for us. And it's each each destiny for each of us as unique as we are to each other. No two are alike. That's why we go to him and he guides us and he leads us and then on that path of destiny, he'll align you with purpose. Purpose is not only for your blessing, where you're doing what you were created to do, what God ordained for you to do, but it's for the greater good of all, because let's not forget, God is love. So when he does something in your life, or calls you to do something, he considers everyone because he wants everybody to be blessed by your deeds.

Russ Johns 13:44
Okay, I know, when you're taking action, and you're actually in alignment with everything in your life, everything just seems to flow. I mean, it just seems easy to do. It's easy access, and the creativity just comes to the top and it just makes a huge difference in my life. I mean, that's when everything seems to be right. You know, and I, whatever you call that, that it just feels like I'm in alignment with life and my purpose and everything that I'm doing. Everything comes to me. It's like you're saying that the things that needed to show up in your life, they showed up on your computer screen and everything else. And we sometimes, like I said, the times that I haven't felt that way is typically when I'm working for someone else's agenda, or I'm working for someone else's purpose, or I'm working for my ego and thinking I need to do something else or I need to be bigger than what I am right now. It seems like that's a challenge for all of us. So how do you teach that to others and some of the things you're doing in your classes? How do you shift your mind or your thoughts or your focus and what that looks like or what it needs to look like?

Jacqueline Maddison 15:11
Well, it's really a heart posture. You know, I think that, for lack of better words, the devil has cultivated a culture of, I've got to take on the world, and I've got to make it happen and hustle, which really is operating in a place or a heart posture of pride. It's trying to take on the world. What I've done is humble myself, and relinquish the need to try and make it happen, because again, God's word says, it's not within man to direct his own mind. So I, in my place of humility, this is actually one of the chapters in my book is humility brings divine strength. I've humbled myself, and God says, humble yourself under the hand of the Almighty and in each season, I'll lift you up, and God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. So when you talk about that place where we can get to where we're just flowing in this stream of the spirit of God's grace, where everything just comes to us, it seems so easy and effortless, which it is, in those times. That's what it is to be walking in your destiny.

Russ Johns 16:29
The opposite of that is sometimes it takes the struggle to realize that we're moving in the wrong direction. Is that like an indicator? It's like a turn signal. It's like, ah, I shouldn't be going here.

Jacqueline Maddison 16:45
Well, no, not necessarily. Because one of the other chapters in the book is you've got to fight for your future. Because sometimes resistance is really opposition. Sometimes your struggles and challenges is opposition, because there are spiritual forces that are invisible, whether you believe it or not, that are working against us to try and stop us from ever stepping into our God given destiny. Because when we step into that place, remember, it's God's Will manifested, and there is an adversary, and he is the devil, and he is fighting tooth and nail to stop each and every one of us from ever fulfilling God's Will on Earth. We are bearing witness to that on the stage of the earth, on the world stage of the battle of good and evil, but it's also a war that we experienced in our personal lives. So that's why you have to put on a spiritual warrior mindset and really, with all your might be determined to break through every challenge, every obstacle, and even in my book, I say, when everything around you is telling you that it's impossible, that it can't happen, that you have no resources, when everything is against you in the natural, are you going to have faith enough to believe that God is going to meet you and be with you to break you through? Because I fought this spot, I fought this fight to get to where I am, I had no money I had was completely out of my realm of possibility to step into my dream life and my purpose. When I talk about purpose, it's because God also inspired me and led me to start the God Foundation, which is a global, Judeo Christian charitable outreach ministry. We fund, obviously, the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world and underfunded organizations and ministries, not only Christian, but all initiatives that are for the well being of mankind, and we support orphanages all around the world. So had I not fought through those times of lack, where there was a time I had no money, I was still working on the business, growing it, writing, doing whatever I could using free resources online, just to keep going and keep building and keep praying. I had no food. I was at my parents house, but I was relying on my own, so it was very tough.

Russ Johns 19:20
You have to believe, you have to believe.

Jacqueline Maddison 19:23
Yeah, struggle does not mean you're on the wrong path. It can mean that you're fighting opposition, because you're getting closer to the right path. But the thing is, you got to be led by God, you really have to be getting divine instruction from him because I was every step of the way. That's why I was able to, despite what was happening against me. I knew that I was on the right path because God tells me, you're on the right path. So there's no greater comfort than getting that assurance from the God of heaven and earth that you're actually on the right path.

Russ Johns 19:59
I really love the support and energy that this conversation is bringing to the table. And a lot of the people in the pirate community have been so supportive. I know that you've probably, through your journeys, you've had others around you, surround you, lift you up, and encourage you to continue. I just want to give a shout out to some of the individuals here. Gabriel's here, Liz lawless, thank you so much.

Jacqueline Maddison 20:29
Hi, everyone, we love you.

Russ Johns 20:32
Elizabeth is here all the time. I know Srinivas is here. Jeff Young, good morning, Russ. Yes, that is better. I found you even in the time. Have a great show. Thank you so much. Also, Matt Mohawk Denny is here. Fantastic. Jason Strong.

Jacqueline Maddison 20:58
Hi guys! Rise and shine.

Russ Johns 21:02
Rise and shine. I want to shift gears and think came multiple times editing. Why do you think you were drawn to create a magazine? What was it about a magazine that held your interest, held your focus?

Jacqueline Maddison 21:23
Well, I'm also a real estate broker. So I started my professional career in residential real estate sales. I had a lot of marketing and sales experience and then combined with my personal inborn gift and talent, or natural aptitude of writing, it seemed like a good match. But my sister wanted to do a photo shoot at one of the listings we had. I allowed her and I was directing the shoot. I was like,oh, this is fun, we could do a calendar, we could do a magazine. And the idea to do a magazine was born. So it was really just a creative #inspiration. Then when we began and we started actually building it, I really started utilizing my writing because I would write a lot of the articles and I would write a column and I realized that this was potentially a great platform and could be a great voice, for good or for evil, I think, but then as I continued to walk with God and get his guidance and getting back to the talents...when you are walking in God's will for your life, he'll actually activate your spiritual gifts and natural talents to a whole nother degree. Because now what's happened for us is I've written a scripted television show based on my life as editor in chief. I've pre written 13 episodes. Done, ready to produce. I never in a million years dreamed I would write my own television show, let alone with the intention to star in it, write it, produce it and direct it, so to answer your question, this gift of not only storytelling, and creative writing, has matured into moving into directing and producing television shows. So now I'm growing to another level of using my creative ability, and God will lead us to do the same. Like, you may start by baking the most amazing chocolate chip cookies, but then you might evolve into developing a full line of products. This is how God sort of...this is the true evolution of man and of our own spiritual growth, is the development and maturity of and maturation of your natural gifts and talents. Not only that, but I also have intentions and God's given me the future vision of my destiny is to create movies, I have sci fi action adventure films and new superhero concepts that I will be producing and bring into the marketplace. So stay tuned, because God is not a man, he does not lie. So his plan for me will come to be, just as Beverly Hills magazine has.

Russ Johns 23:57
Who does Beverly Hills magazine serve. Who's the audience that you're serving with this magazine?

Jacqueline Maddison 24:04
So it's a global audience. I'm actually surprised. Not only is it the local, official community publication for the world famous city of Beverly Hills, but by virtue of is the brand itself. We garner readers from all over the world and our age demographic is also very broad, from 18 up to 55. Our content coverage includes obviously...I say, we welcome readers into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle. So we've got everything from cars, jets, yachts, celebrity interviews, fashion style, beauty, health, fitness, personal success, where we give tips and insights for your own life success. Business and wealth management, business leader and just a lot of content. We really appeal to a broad audience because of our content genre.

Russ Johns 25:05
I love that. I love that because I think there's a lot of times, and I get the sense that there's a lot of people that don't allow themselves to dream big enough. I don't know that it's permission, or just the awareness, and I'm not sure what it is. Because it's one of the things that I always ask myself, these questions, these open ended questions. It's like, am I am i doing enough? Have I done enough? Can I do enough? And what is it that is next? How do I continue to expand the creativity, the kindness. One of the platforms that I love, surrounded by the pirate community is a little bit of kindness, #smilesarefree ideas. The whole idea is that we all have something to contribute, we all have creativity, we all have an amazing gift. We just have to figure out how to share it, or what that gift actually is. A lot of people, I think, are a little reserved in their ability and their opportunity to expand on that idea and that concept, saying, I have a gift, I just need to find out what brings me joy and what aligns my day with my purpose. So that's one of the things that I think about a lot. It sounds like you found that direction and that gift of that expansion in in your writing.

Jacqueline Maddison 26:45
Well, not in my writing, because what I keep hearing you saying is, "oh, how can I?" But I think if you are willing to shift the "how can I" and take the weight off your own shoulder, and literally ask God, show me, tell me what to do. Show me what to do, lead the way, put it on God's shoulders to lead you and and then just stay in a place of quietness and of seeking God. God is Spirit. And for me being a born again, Christian, I'm speaking of God of the Bible, Jesus Christ manifested Himself to me. If you go to my website, you can read my testimony about how he revealed himself as God. But it was in this place where I had no money, I had nothing and all I had was time to be alone in my room, that I would pray. I would ask God and have conversations with God, because I knew that God is spirit, and he's always with us. I just would read the Bible and I would start watching seminar, I started seeking God like I've never before in my life. I was too busy trying to make money and trying to make sure I could pay my Mercedes car payments and you know what I mean. Make sure I had money to go to the next party on Friday night, whatever, that was my old life, my past life. But in 2008, I lost everything. I had nothing. Like I said, I was broke. All I had was quiet time to seek God and that was what I did. It was in the secret place, this quiet place alone with God that he started revealing this enormous destiny, this huge, big dream he had for me that was beyond anything I would have dreamed for myself, because obviously I had attempted two magazines. Both failed. But again, there's no such thing as failure. They're all just stepping stones and lessons learned along the way. But most people don't dream because they lack the faith. Or they have more faith in their own failure than they do their own success.

Russ Johns 28:54
Oh wow, yeah. They anticipate their own failure before they anticipate anything else.

Jacqueline Maddison 29:01
Exactly. And this is how God has just been so faithful because this world will disappoint us. The devil will disappoint you every time. Believe me,

Russ Johns 29:13
Disappointment is everywhere. It's just, look past them. You have to look past them.

Jacqueline Maddison 29:18
But God leads us from glory to glory, so you'll get breakthrough after breakthrough and success after success and things will actually go well. Things will actually prosper in your life. You are not destined to be broke. You are not destined to suffer for small things. You are destined for greatness. I don't care how much money you have in the bank. I don't care where you are right now. You must believe that God has a great destiny for you and that destiny is greatness in utilizing your gifts and talents coming into a place of personal fulfillment and prosperity and joy and brightness. Justice and Peace, where you can touch lives and bless others, as God blesses you in your relationship with him. It's just wonderful. It's wonderful.

Russ Johns 30:09
Yeah, Jason strong, who is a pirate and was on last week, says, time is essential and understanding and looking for that spiritual path. I found God in prison through my wrongful conviction. You know, it's amazing. I just want to take a moment and thank you, Jacqueline, for being here and sharing these blessings with the audience in the community in the #piratebroadcast. I know there are so many people out there that are hurting and challenged right now and sharing the kindness and generosity and being here today is going to find somebody and allow them to believe that they can be more than they are today. So thank you so much for being here. How do people get ahold of you? How do you like people to reach out to you and connect with you?

Jacqueline Maddison 31:04
So you can find everything from my website, I encourage everybody to visit from my website, the God foundation under my companies, you can visit the truth and wisdom column or the spiritual growth. You know, faith. God's definition of faith is it's the evidence of things not seen and the substance of things hoped for. It is literally the spiritual blocks of our future as we co create it with God. You have to operate from a place of faith and God's Word is true. He is faithful. He says, If you delight yourself in me, I'll give you the desires of your heart. So go to him, he's always with you. The Lord loves you. He's got a great plan for you. Trust me with all your heart. Don't lean on your own understanding, seek Him and ask him for guidance and wisdom and he will direct your path. He's done that with me. I'm living my dream life. So I'm a living, walking testimony that God is good. That he's got a good plan for your life. So go to him and I'm praying for you. I'm rooting for you. I'm so excited to see all of you step into your own dream life and live your own destinies and purpose.

Russ Johns 32:19
Thank you so much for being here, Jacqueline.

Jacqueline Maddison 32:21
Thank you.

Russ Johns 32:22
All the blessings on all your adventures in the world. As always, everyone, thank you so much for being here. All the gratitude. #Kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree and you #enjoytheday.

Jacqueline Maddison 32:38
God bless you all. Bye.

Russ Johns 32:40
Take care.

Exit 32:45
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