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​Russ Johns 0:02
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

It's a beautiful day for the #piratebroadcast. As always, you know, like and share, do all that social stuff and the shenanigans that play out in social media, and I want to bring #interestingpeople in, that are doing #interestingthings, to kind of give us a new perspective in it kind of insight and inspiration of what could possibly happen with your life. If you take the initiative to do something fascinating to do, change what you're doing, and maybe expand your possibility. Right now we have the amazing tic tok client and The room and I met you, Jennifer through Gabriel who is an avid fan I'm an avid fan of Gabriel and his made from scratch podcast and and we go back and forth and and we help each other out in this community and the pirate community is amazing. I want to share you with the Pirate community because you're an inspiration to so many. Tell us give us the high level story about how you got here and kind of your journey and your backstory so we can kind of start to unravel this thing.

Jennifer Cline 1:34
Okay, well in a nutshell, I was a self professed unhandy woman completely. I was married to a man that knew how to do fix and build everything. He was a maintenance man at a local college. My journey into woodworking and becoming handy unfortunately began with a tragedy. He left for work one day and was hit by another driver on his way to work. That terrible unfortunate event in my life was obviously a turning point. It left me with it with his family farmhouse that was in all aspects. Falling down, everyone advised me just tear it down and start over.

Russ Johns 2:18

Jennifer Cline 2:19
Being the hard headed Italian woman that I am, I decided I was going to renovate it and completely fix that up and make it into what we had always dreamed up. Just in doing that, in those first years after his passing, I was left picking up the pieces, picking up his tools, teaching myself and through doing that and learning new things. It has opened up a brand new life for me.

Russ Johns 2:47
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. When I was listening to your show on on gamers podcast, it was really, um, there are a lot of parallels that took place in your life. For you had to actually learn a new skill and adapt because of your choices and circumstances. I think a lot of things we do in life have choice around them. It's like how am I going to respond to this tragedy? How am I going to respond to this thing that happened to me?

Jennifer Cline 3:22
Absolutely, yeah, it is a choice. It is a choice. It comes from a belief, a very deep belief for me, that will put on this earth for a purpose and a reason. When I put all of my emotions out of it, and I really focus on that I want to think, why am I having this experience? What am I meant to learn from this? What am I meant? Then once you've moved past and through that storm? I am to help others who are going through maybe something similar or just be an inspiration in general. So yeah, it's definitely a choice.

Russ Johns 3:59
The funny thing about choice and being able to pick yourself up after any kind of tragic circumstance. We're seeing a lot of heartache and heartbreak and pain and hard times right now with everything that's going on around us. I don't necessarily want to focus in on that as much as the fact that we have an option, we have an opportunity, and if we look at our circumstance and saying, okay, like you said, What can I learn from this experience? What can I take away from it? How do I want to feel about it? Where do I want to take it and where do I want to put that energy in a positive way and for myself. Like, we were talking before the show, I fell three stories, lost jobs, I've been homeless, I've made money, I've lost money. I've had multiple different lives, which are to me, is what makes my life so full.

Every day is a gift. Every day we wake up is a gift. When we focus in on the gift, rather than the disappointments, it's so much different. You've had other disappointments, I mean work life balance, all that kind of stuff and difficult people to be around in challenging circumstances. What inspiration Can you share with others? I know, there's probably a lot of people around that hear your story and say, Wow, my life is not so bad. Or they say, wow, I can do that too. What kind of feedback Do you received now that you're kind of putting yourself out there and growing and expanding your horizons?

Jennifer Cline 5:45
I think if I could give any message it would be that you just don't give up. Don't give up. I'm human. Like, there are days I wake up and I like my prayer is God helped me get through another day. He helped me fulfill my purpose help me attract the people I want to. There are times that I'm not all, it's not all hearts and flowers and roses.

Russ Johns 6:13
Rainbows and unicorns

Jennifer Cline 6:15
isn't all that but at the end of the day, I feel I have several purposes. I try to focus on that and I just make a decision to just keep going allow myself maybe a pity party momentarily and then dust yourself up off and shut up boots down, keep going.

Russ Johns 6:38
Yeah. Go cry in the shower.

Jennifer Cline 6:41

Russ Johns 6:42
Rinse it off

Jennifer Cline 6:43
those moments. I usually put on an inspirational YouTube is great for that. I'll put it on YouTube. I hit inspirational video. And I'll sit and listen to like 15 or 20 minutes of just sound bites of people that I admire that are very inspirational people to me and that usually recharges my battery.

Russ Johns 7:05
Yeah. Here's the secret of this. Every one of those moments is a moment. It's just a moment in time. And this too shall pass. They say Time heals all wounds. Well, give yourself a moment, breathe it in, understand that there is some challenges that you're having, and accept it for what it is. That's a valid feeling. It's a valid emotion, right? Don't dismiss it or don't push it down. Just ignoring it creates its own problems, right. Just understand that it's moment in time. You can live through this and like you say, keep moving forward. What are the directions you took in your life and your journey was to be an early adopter at Tic tock, and it's a form of communication that really has its own unique storyline. I think it's really important for people to understand that you've been able to communicate and articulate some of the ideas and inspiration that you're doing and working on and the craft part of the equation.

Jennifer Cline 8:20

Russ Johns 8:21
Tic toc and talk about that. What that decision was, I want to go back to the decision that made you say, I can do this. I can do this.

Jennifer Cline 8:30
It was Gary Vee. Do you follow Gary?

Russ Johns 8:32
Yeah! All right.

Jennifer Cline 8:35
I was on the other social media platforms, and each of them while you know they each have their own benefits, but they're all work at the end of the day. It's time it takes work. I kept hearing Gary Vee browbeat us. Like you have to, I'm telling you, this is the next big thing everybody needs to be on Tick Tock. Everyone needs to have their eye on blah blah blah and Maybe I'm a little hard headed about the on Time of hearing you need to be on Tick Tock I thought if Gary Vee thinks it's important, maybe I ought to listen up to what he's saying. I went ahead and I opened an account really not knowing what to expect. My first video I just like, Okay, what do I have in my phone? What can I throw out there? I actually, I kind of laugh at it. Now it was I have a chipmunk that comes to me and eats out of my hand. That was my first video. It had nothing to do with what I'm about as far as a brand or anything. It just was, hey, let me throw this out here just to figure out how the app works. But yeah, there's definitely It's fun. There's a culture there. There are trends.

Russ Johns 9:44

Jennifer Cline 9:44
Tick tock has gotten a lot of things really right when it comes to what social media is supposed to be about.

Russ Johns 9:50
Yeah. What was the thing that surprised you most about being on tik tok and growing a community over there?

Jennifer Cline 9:58
How many views you can get how many people can see your video? I think if I added up the views of some of my posts, if you just add them all together on Instagram On Facebook, blah, blah, blah, they're not going to it for the rest of my life probably would not add up to the views. I think I've been on there almost a year, I think I have 30 some million views on my videos.

Russ Johns 10:28

Jennifer Cline 10:28
That's unheard of.

Russ Johns 10:31
Yeah. as a marketer, that's pretty, that's a very impressive. Here's the thing, is now that it's been a year, it might be more challenging to get that same effect and outcome. As with most platforms, social media platforms in general, is that they start out they allow a lot of visibility to a lot of people. Then they kind of throttle it back and make adjustments in the algorithm and the community. It's not impossible. It's just a little more challenging and time consuming. I think a lot of people that are not in social media have a tendency to diminish or dismiss how much time it actually takes to produce content on a consistent basis.

Jennifer Cline 11:24

Russ Johns 11:25
Like you're saying, some, some mornings you get up and you're thinking, I just want to throw my phone in the pond or walk away. I want to go fishing or something.

Jennifer Cline 11:36

Russ Johns 11:36
Do you feel that way on a regular basis?

Jennifer Cline 11:38
Oh, yeah. It's kind of funny. I'm going to touch on a little bit of what we were talking about a minute ago. Some things that were frustrating at the time or like bet really bad days after you've been through them. When you look back some except for really tragic events, some things are actually kind of funny.

Russ Johns 11:58
Oh, yeah.

Jennifer Cline 11:59
Yesterday I was Filming. I don't even know like nothing was going right. Nothing like I was trying to film and talk and cars were driving by. Then at one point like my camera fell off my tripod. I was caught off camera. I talked to myself a lot, which I didn't realize until I can playback my videos. I think I said out of disgust why do I even bother? I didn't realize I said that until I played it back and I was editing and then I had to kind of laugh at myself because I had my pity party.

Russ Johns 12:37

Jennifer Cline 12:38
Why do I even bother? Then I remembered what my purpose is and how I want to inspire especially like young girls and women.

Russ Johns 12:45

Jennifer Cline 12:46
I'm like. I had my pity party and I just moved on. Yeah, it can be frustrating. But also be funny when you look back at it to. You have to afford yourself, you have to be able to laugh at yourself.

Russ Johns 12:57
Yeah, I don't know about you. However, I started putting out the Two Minute Tips again, because I had so many people just direct message me and say, Russ, when are you going to do the Two Minute Tips again, because I did this long series and I would do it every day, just last minute, the end of the day kind of video and just share some thoughts and people would wake up and watch it and it's one of those things that you receive a message that just somebody sends you a message they have been listening for a long time. You've never seen them in the feed, you don't know that they're there. They just say, Hey thank you for doing what you're doing. That's the reason why. Yeah, I mean, I've been brought to tears by some of the messages. Okay, I'm not afraid to admit it. So it's like, okay, I just, you know, we have to share Something good in the world. I applaud you. I appreciate you for doing all the good stuff that you're doing. I've caught some of your content, not all of it, because there's a little bit there. The fact that you have had tragedy, you had transitions, you've had evolutions. That's what brings character to our lives. That's what builds the person we become is from the experiences we had.

Jennifer Cline 14:28
Right. I don't like the bad things that have, but I like who I become, because of it. I know there's a bigger purpose and knowing that helps me to deal with the loss of my husband and I know he had a purpose during his life and he wouldn't have gone home if his purpose was unfortunately, done. I focused on that, that gives me strength and that keeps me going to wake up and do it as another day.

Russ Johns 15:00
Yeah. For those that aren't as familiar with you some of the projects, you put together a really inspirational and it's almost like, it's found objects A lot of times, and its craft. What inspires you? Or is it just like, one of those ideas that you see something you say, I can do something with that talk, walk us through your process because I think it's fascinating.

Jennifer Cline 15:29
Well, I think I'm thrifty by nature. I've always loved garage sales. I've always loved thrift stores. Obviously, I love free things. If I can find something free on the curb, then that's great. But I also feel like as a society, we're pretty wasteful. I think we have it really good. I think this this pandemic is making us realize how good our lives are, but I think we throw away a lot of things.

Russ Johns 15:52

Jennifer Cline 15:53
So yeah, that's one of I am a flag maker. I actually have here's a flag behind.

Russ Johns 15:57

Jennifer Cline 15:58
Those are made out of pallets. Part of what I do is hoping to raise an awareness of repurposing and recycling. I really find people are starting to call me though and they're like, Hey, I have these doors. Do you want them and I can't turn anything away. But yeah, that's one of the things I really love to do is what can I take? I want to take something that nobody else wants, wave my magic wand and make it into something beautiful. So that's what I really love to do.

Russ Johns 16:31
Yeah there's the that analogy, you know, someone's trash is another measure. You're just creating treasure out of found objects and disposable items.

Jennifer Cline 16:43

Russ Johns 16:45
Which is amazing in itself. The fact that you started doing this it wasn't as you were in a fifth grader drawing and creating stuff out of out of woodworking. You started after you You lost your husband? Are you still working on the house and you're still building the house and working on that part of the project?

Jennifer Cline 17:10
Any homeowner knows quite the Finnish people say, Are you done with your house yet? I'm like,

Russ Johns 17:17
you're never done.

Jennifer Cline 17:18
I'll never be done. I don't know that I ever really want to be done. If that makes any sense. I think that by the time I'm completely finished with everything, it'll be like okay, now that that dining rooms out of date, now I have to start over again. So there's always I have plenty of things to work on, I have a list of projects, I have to write them down. Because I have so many ideas in my head that they will keep me up at night. Between like things I want to do here and projects that I see that I want to do. There's always just a list of ideas of inventions of things like that and just creative mind, you can't really shut it off.

Russ Johns 17:55
I know, I know. Here's the other side of that is that you Start getting creative. Almost it almost fuels. The creativity.

Jennifer Cline 18:07

Russ Johns 18:07
It really it's like, Okay, if I can do this, I can do that. If I could, if I can do that, then Wow. It's powerful thing.

Jennifer Cline 18:16
Yeah. One of my sayings is imagine what I could do if I knew what I was doing. Because really everything like I said, I'm self taught.

Russ Johns 18:22

Jennifer Cline 18:24
I'm like, sometimes I'll stand back and go, You know what? I have no clue what I was doing. I just tried to logically figure out each the next best job, and that really turned out good. We're just winging it. So yeah.

Russ Johns 18:37
Yeah. It's amazing what you can do with a little bit of creativity.

Jennifer Cline 18:41

Russ Johns 18:42
I want to give a shout out to some of the people we were talking earlier about this character called Gabriel. Gabriel is in the house. Gabriel. He's given some shout outs to people. Laura, Jennifer Cline, how are you? And then sabian Saima I believe it is. I hope I said your name

Jennifer Cline 19:06
one day soon. Ah, hi, Jill.

Russ Johns 19:10
Yeah, and choices big factor, you create your own happiness despite the circumstances situation. So true, so true. Some of these things that are Oh, Arcot threat The Tick Tock fan and Jimmy cleanse in the house. Yeah, so much Kenyatta. She's a good friend here in Arizona. #Piratebroadcast. Now that you're a pirate. You can add that to your equation, right?

Jennifer Cline 19:46
I didn't know If I needed to dress the part

Russ Johns 19:51
Lori Kundson. There's so many people here that are just open and willing to appreciate what is being done in the community. My goal is to help inspire somebody to actually do something with it. My goal and my message has always been, you are the media. You like Gary says. Gary Vaynerchuk said just pick up your phone and get started start somewhere, pick a platform, and just start creating. Because what happens, like with your creative process, you kind of discover your voice, and your message becomes clear. And the more you do it, the clearer it becomes.

Jennifer Cline 20:36

Russ Johns 20:37
Is that been your experience or

Jennifer Cline 20:39
Yes, and I've noticed that the more positivity you put out, and the more you put your take risks and put yourself out there, you attract you start I believe in the law of attraction and you definitely attract the people into your life that needs to be there. It's like we're all on the same vibe.

Russ Johns 20:59
#Smilesarefree too

Jennifer Cline 21:02
Yeah, so that has been I there's a lot that's a true statement. Yeah, for sure.

Russ Johns 21:07
So what do you see in your going forward in your future? You continue to stay on Tick Tock and

Jennifer Cline 21:13
Oh, yeah,

Russ Johns 21:15
You're found objects and flags.

Jennifer Cline 21:17
yeah, and YouTube is starting to pick up as well. My YouTube Pick up. I used to love to watch products I would love to be. That's one of my goals. I would love if you're watching people, I want to be in your catalog. I want to be the first woman. That's one of my goals. Just to keep inspiring to keep getting those messages. Knowing that I'm finally reaching the audience that I had hoped to inspire, which is predominant it's women and young girls. I want them to look at what I'm doing and say, I can do that too. If I can do it. Anybody can do it. Trust me.

Russ Johns 21:56
Absolutely. Absolutely. The thing about It is I think a lot of people are waiting for permission. It's like, you have permission. It's already there you have it.

Jennifer Cline 22:10
Until someone tells me to stop. I'm just gonna keep going

Russ Johns 22:16
until the internet, please stop me. Right until the internet's closes all this content. Talk about your flags, talk about talking about the inspiration for your flags and what promoted that idea and we talked about first responders and right now there are some heroes out there that are doing some really great work. Flags are kind of important to me and understanding that, we can come together for a common cause and a common goal but talk about your flags and how that that whole idea erupted.

Jennifer Cline 22:59
That's If I did not expect to ever be a flag maker I at the time is going back a couple years worked at a courthouse. I'm a paralegal. I've worked with a group I had the high honor of working with our grand jury. I was doing things around my house and putting that on Facebook and other social media, I kind of people knew that I was learning to work with tools, and they saw the things I was doing. I had a very good friend who was a police officer. He said, Hey, he sent me a text. And he said, Hey, Jen, I know you're handy. Can you build a thin blue line flag for me? I was like, I guess so I just went to Lowe's Got it. Got blocks of like $5 laminate flooring they had on clearance and just kind of did my philosophy just winging it, and I made my first thin blue line flag which after I made it, I thought, well, this thing isn't in proportion. So I made another one for him, which I was happy with.

Tthe firstOne that I thought was a mistake, I thought, What am I gonna do with this thing now, so I got the bright idea to take it into work and hang it in my office. Then the police officers that were coming in to testify, I asked them to sign the lines. Now that flag has probably over 300 signatures on it, but after doing that, then that got exposure. officers would come in, they'd see it and they're like, hey, do you know a guy that makes these? I'm like I do. I would work that job, I would come home and I would make flags. Every evening, every weekend. My life was consumed with making flags. It's just a lot of great things have happened. After that it's evolved into a bunch of different styles, named after the police officers that or first responders that inspired the design. Every flag has messages of gratitude and prayers and just good vibes written inside the boards. I feel that it is my way of giving back to to veterans to people that I truly think are heroes.

Russ Johns 25:03
Well, thank you for doing that. I wanted to, I want to make sure we've heard that story so people could understand and appreciate the heart that is behind the tick tock celebrity. There's a depth there that a lot of people need to understand and appreciate because we all here's the thing is we all start from zero.

Jennifer Cline 25:27

Russ Johns 25:28
Everything is figured out. As Marie Forleo would say we just need to figure it out. We just need to take the initiative to say, Okay, I don't know what now, however, I am capable of learning how, and that's how life is the experience of life. It's like, life is an instrument, we continue to practice. And it's just a matter of being able to practice that instrument and learn something that you can offer value.

Jennifer Cline 25:57
Yeah, absolutely. I've learned to not I beat myself up over mistakes. Because I'll tell you what, sometimes I'll start off with a project and I have an idea in my mind, and I goofed something up, or it doesn't turn out as well. And then I pivot. And I think, Okay, how can I cover up that mistake? And then the project and I can't even tell you how many times this has happened, where it ends up even better. I was just gonna plan was and I'm like, you know what, I sometimes welcome mistakes because they often lead to even better. happy accidents.

Russ Johns 26:34
Yeah. Well, the thing is okay, there's a lot of times where I have a certain, like, when I'm creating things, I have a certain idea kind of in my head of how I want it, how I'm I envisioned it coming out. And sometimes you just have to start creating and kind of bounce off the walls a few times in order to really formulate the idea. That to the next degree and sometimes the, the process is evolves into the outcome. Does that make sense?

Jennifer Cline 27:09
Yeah. Oh, absolutely.

Russ Johns 27:11
It's like you're telling me about the chairs on the side of the road? It's an all day project. However, when you start it, you're not really crystal clear on what is going to take place.

Jennifer Cline 27:22

Russ Johns 27:23
So it's like, Okay, what? What possibility is available here? So, yeah,

Jennifer Cline 27:31

Russ Johns 27:32
I think it's amazing that we can actually do that and actually evolved into these ideas in these creative processes. So it's fantastic. So how do people how do you like people to get ahold of your followers on tik tok? Or is it the other social medias or you want people to go to your YouTube channel?

Jennifer Cline 27:52
Any Well, all of them if you're on all around, but yeah, if you're in LinkedIn, I Everybody send me a you know a connection. Tik tok. Yeah, I'm on YouTube. People have their certain apps that they really like. So I really try to be on all of them and active on all of them. So yeah, you're gonna and I try to put a little bit different things maybe on Instagram so that people have a reason to if they follow me on tik tok, I hope on Instagram maybe I'll post a behind the scenes picture of that Tick Tock so that it gives them a reason to follow me in different places. You know, but there's only one of me so sometimes I have to just here's my one content. I'm gonna put the same thing on everything, but I really tried to be a little bit change it up a little bit.

Russ Johns 28:46

Jennifer Cline 28:47
Yeah, I'm on all the major ones.

Russ Johns 28:49
Well, I truly appreciate the fact that you're here and doing the work andsupporting the community. Young women especially Right now in this day and age it's it's really amazing to have a lot of different perspectives and options because I mean I see the world as opportunity and not everybody has that has that idea in their head yet and so if we could plant those seeds sometimes those seeds will take a little bit of time to grow and you got to nurture them and keep along in and what we'll do is Jennifer, all work on getting all those links in the post and then by the end of the day, our carrot back with you and we can actually put that post out and share it out again and create some create some more activity. So, thank you for being here. I really appreciate you.

Jennifer Cline 29:47
Thank you so much for having me.

Russ Johns 29:51
For everybody around and that know me like and understand appreciate what we're doing here. Thank you so much for your support. I love it. Because #kindnessiscool. And #smilesarefree. And you #enjoytheday.

Jennifer Cline 30:12
Thank you for having me.

Russ Johns 30:13

Jennifer Cline 30:13
Bye Bye

Russ Johns 30:15
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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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