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Russ Johns 0:01
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

It's another brilliant day to have a pirate broadcast. I appreciate you being here. I appreciate the fact that you join us. Whether you're coming in live, or you're watching a replay or listening to the podcast. My goal is to help introduced #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings to you and have you discover things about other people that might be something that you want to take on something you want to connect with something that you want to relate to. Also, we're on the broadcast YouTube channels Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,

A number of places that you can find this. So hashtag #piratebroadcast, follow the hashtag #piratebroadcast. Also go to and sign up to get notified for all the episodes that come out. I have a special guest today cuz all our pilots are special, you know? And it's Joseph, how are you doing today?

Joseph Heraldo 1:25
I am doing great sir. It feels like I'm looking at a mirror image with our bald profiles. They're like a good

Russ Johns 1:37
I'm doing i do have for a haircut. It's amazing. Welcome, man, you're from a little further north than I am and the weather's not as hot. We talked the other day and had a great conversation. I just really related to what you were doing and some of the things that were taking place in your world. Why don't you share a few of those things get us to the point where people understand what you're doing and how you help and who you help.

Joseph Heraldo 2:07
Well, I started with leading our consulting organization that was to be part of like a financial organization out there. Baker Tilly, and it's one of the top 10 brands amazing thing. But what's really been amazing lately is that with what we found ourselves with, with COVID and the effect on businesses and people like just even leaders. It has been just a time to really listen. That's where I'm really seeing a lot of amazing people that are dealing with some real life situations. I'm so sorry about my dog in the background.

Russ Johns 3:00
That's OK. Pandemic

Joseph Heraldo 3:00
Yes. Again, another thing about like working from home, right? Like it's just this, this whole situation now that we've injected into, and it's forced us to pivot it's forced us to really look and the biggest thing that I'm seeing is that we really have to care now because this isn't about anybody's fault. This is something that we need to be able to get past. it's really under this tenure and under this responsibility that I have with this organization right now.

It's really allowed me to see how we can truly team up because I'm seeing some amazing pivots out there. I'm seeing some things there where people are really taking hold of this situation and finding even they're, they're listening to their situation and even seeing things just change completely differently in no time. Very positive way, in a way that we need to concentrate on. I mean, a lot of us are all of us are affected by this right now. I think this is the time to be positive and time to care. Definitely be careful. But you definitely need to care right now and listen and realize you can't do it alone. Right?

Russ Johns 4:21
Yeah, no, no, if it really, in fact, we, I think we talked about that last conversation is that we all have an opportunity to make the connections and make introductions to people that will help each other out. That's what I love about #thepiratecommunity is there's so many wonderful people involved in #thepiratecommunity that are actually interacting in between calls and in between these sessions that I have every morning and it's wonderful to see the collaboration between individuals right now. We don't always see it because if you turn on the TV nothing good is happening. Just don't watch the TV. Don't get your news from people.

Joseph Heraldo 5:15
Yeah, like, you're right on and and what I'm even seeing in that collaboration is and I've had to like I have five kids, I've got my wife's an executive in an organization herself. We're pretty busy, but I remember pre COVID the one thing I'll tell the one thing that I'd share was probably an insecurity that I didn't share with anybody else was we were rocking at a pretty unsustainable pace. I wasn't spending the time with family, I wish I could. There was just so much to do in order to be able to meet the promises with integrity that you have from the clients that needed you. It was just an unsustainable pace, and we were force to just slow right down.

Now with that came the ability to say, hey, life needs to go on. As you're saying, like, I can go on one meeting and work really hard with you and really listen to you and see what we can do to kind of move things forward. Then I can get and make sure my dog gets put away. So it's not barking in the background. Andook after my kids. Right. There's an amazing opportunity here to truly be efficient, but as long as we stay present, and as long as we we keep things going. I think there's amazing tools like this one right here that allow us to have like a real conversation that even though we this would be a plane ride away if we had to if we had to do this in person.

Russ Johns 6:53
Yeah, absolutely. I've met some amazing people all around the world and talk to individuals That I would never have imagined even meeting otherwise. It's one of these events that you just know, there is a few things that are changing and the world is changing. At the same time, we just have to find the golden nuggets in between the challenges it's like, okay, I can't go to the movies. I can't go to certain places. I can't do certain things right now.

Joseph Heraldo 7:30

Russ Johns 7:31
Okay, that's fine. However, there are a lot of other things that we can do. Like, go spend time with your family, go spend time with your dog, do things that are a little different it's like, Okay, well, 150 years ago people didn't have cars to jump into to drive across town and do something like that we just have to put it in perspective. You have to put it in perspective and understand that. Hey, we're all in this thing. Together, you know, there's there's no, there's no right or wrong in the unknown. It's like, okay, let's figure this out together. Well wait

Joseph Heraldo 8:09
Yeah, you got it Russ and then just even just finish that thought off. I just, and there is true strength in US teaming up. Look at that bit at the end of the day that is not a weak statement. That is not something you make concessions on but as someone that's responsible for scaling businesses hitting enterprise levels, that is something that my ego has to realize there is zero chance of me doing that alone. It is the relationships that I need that will carry it through and this is just an opportunity to do that and prove that out. Right. It's amazing when you listen to amazing people who have real passion real state staying power, and all you have to do is accept help and watch both Your abundance flourish, right?

Russ Johns 9:02
Yeah. I had Yonason Goldson on yesterday in he's traveled the world he's a rabbi and he's written books, but on TEDx speaker and everything else in the rich nature of experience allows us to see things around the cornersometimes we need as individuals, a new perspective and it's conversations like this that allow us to see, hey, I'm not alone. I am not swimming in this together all by myself. There are other people going through the challenges.

Joseph Heraldo 9:48
You bring up a really great point, like in terms of perspective, and like the wisdom comes from perspective, right? Like really being able to embrace what you're experiencing and learning from it, and I get that. I just talked about how we need all meat to rally Well, there's a reality out here in the world, some folks their livelihood has stopped and disappeared. There is an element of this community right now that is in desperate need.

My perspective is coming from a place of complete gratitude, I am so grateful that I have a platform to which has longevity to be able to allow me to help as much as I can. It is something that we do really need to be able to be very intentional and very empathetic, we need to be humble. The definition of humble is to not put yourself above anybody others and this is the time where we definitely need to be humble, and I don't mean to mix that with weak, this is the time for us to be humble and definitely strong.

In that kind of way that's where we can make really responsible decisions together and truly be able to take things forward with great confidence right? I'm not a luck guy i don't i don't believe in I don't believe in luck. I believe in being responsible and being intentional and being really authentic and and I believe that stuff is what allows us to be able to get through to very trying times, which we are in right now.

Russ Johns 11:34
Yeah. I love that that idea, that concept of personal responsibility and taking responsibility for what you're doing, where you're going. Because when this thing first started, it's like, oh, I have so much free time. It's like, well, not everyone has all that free time because I've been a remote worker for 10 years. Fortunately, my life has not inherently changed at all. Because I have clients have work I have projects I'm working on I have engagements that I'm dealing with. You have to have empathy and you have to be humble in in where you are with what you have.

I'm very fortunate, I'm very blessed. At the same time, you still have this little thing in the back of your mind that's going, Okay. Is something else going to come along? That's going to disrupt us what else is going to cause or create conflict in the world today that is manifesting right now. Pay attention because we can't anticipate everything. One of the things I love to share is resiliency is going to create The most beneficial outcome we can have is like, things are gonna happen to us. Most of things are gonna happen to us all the time and we may not expect it. A little over a week ago, I broke my hip. I fell, and I broke my hip. I don't know if you've ever broken your hip

Joseph Heraldo 13:21
It's not good.

Russ Johns 13:25
It's kind of inconvenient. It's like and myself being who I am. I didn't miss a beat. I just kept going and kept the routine, adapted to the routine made sure that things were taken care of. I'm still working. I mean, I could sit in a chair. Okay. It's a it's all good. I got an appointment with the surgeon this Friday to find out how it's working out and it's those little things in life that you can't you got five kids. You will have unexpected events that take place in your life and fear building resilience is key to not freaking out and saying, okay, the sky is falling, you know, the world is ending. Okay, let's deal with this.

Joseph Heraldo 14:20
Well and just listen to what you just said like look at your demonstration of resilience. That's what's out there in the community. We are resilient if one thing we are it is resilient. It is so amazing. Right now, in the past six weeks, I've had over 185 one hour conversations with people exactly giving me their deep perspective of what they're and I'm talking about all over the world. Okay, and I'm hearing that type of resilience in everyone. No one's given up. I will tell you that.

It is amazing to know that that there's something comforting about that. There's also something very motivating about that. You talked about us being in a disruptive time. You're absolutely right. One of the folks that I spoke with Joe littman, who is a CNN CORRESPONDENT, Forbes, contributor, he is really on the pulse of how is our markets going? Right now our market is up. What he's saying is that 10% of the largest markets are learning to pivot.

They are realize they're listening. They are absolutely listening to what's out there. Here's what's crazy. job satisfaction for those that have jobs right now is at an all time high. It's at an all time high. It's never been so high, right because people are connected with their homes. People are at home. And they're spending 10s of thousands of dollars on electric equipment on electronics on I put some I was in this beautiful office that had every toy and Bell and whistle. Then I got sent home and I had to work home as well. The first thing I did was really upgrade my office so I can continue to have engaging conversations with the people that I needed to

Russ Johns 16:25

Joseph Heraldo 16:26
Show that I'm still here. I'm still resilient. This at home revolution is really our future in being able to surpass this current challenge and a really neat perspective that was shared out of those hundred and 80 people that was someone from another country. What she said was that she said, I appreciate the fact that government needs to be doing things. I appreciate that small, medium and enterprise businesses need to be responsive. And doing things, and then we appreciate the fact that civilians need to do things, and humanity needs to do things.

What she said so eloquently was, it's going to be the collaboration of all three of these people. That gets us past it. That is a perspective we need. We need to have that's the fight and the desire that we need to put in ourselves that allow us to keep getting up on the chair when we break our head. Continue to have conversations. That is the mind frame it's going to take for all of us and and in we're going to need to know that we've got strong partners in our community that you can count on. You can count on me. I ain't going nowhere. Right this and and That's something a virus can't hold down. Well, that's the type of thinking

Russ Johns 17:56
That's the level of commitment that I love. That's the fuel for the future. I love hearing those stories all the time. That's what inspires me to do the fire broadcast. I mean, we're over. I don't close to 220 episodes or so. It's all of these conversations bring a little bit of nuance to life. If you've been following the pirate broadcasts for any length of time, the diversity and the different opinions and insights that come to the table.

It's amazing. It's really refreshing to see that. everyday people are doing some amazing things in the community. It's just phenomenal. I want to give a shout out to some of the individuals that are here this morning. So they're in the pirate community. Okay, Angie's here. Good morning, fellow pirates, you know.

Joseph Heraldo 18:55
Hey, Angie

Russ Johns 18:55
She's over there in Wisconsin, Kathy Spooner. Good morning. I hope The audio is a little better today Kathy because it's yesterday was a little kind of crazy a little bit. Good morning Russ and Joseph. Great voice delivering a passionate message. I saw Wendy and Amy and Gabriel on made from scratch. Broadcast last night. It was wonderful to see you guys. Wendy's just powerhouse. She's doing some great things out there. So, keep doing it. Shout out to Yonason Yes, yes, we had a great we had a great opportunity to have a conversation. Humble recognize that no matter how brilliant your idea seems to you know that others can make it better.

Joseph Heraldo 19:14
Ah, that is so brilliant. Yes. That is so smart. Like realizing that having the humility to realize that you can't do it alone and truly accept help. That is something and I've cut my channel As an entrepreneur and as an entrepreneur, you can't help but covet, you're worried people are going to take your idea and run with it. Then it's your dream and you have everything into it so it's in your DNA to covet it. Truly when I realized taking it to true scale, it's when I opened it up, and I accepted help that's really when things started to go. You're exactly right, Andrew, that is the exact type of perspective you need to have when it comes to truly understanding how to get something across.

Russ Johns 20:34
Yeah, I love that. Andrew, thank you for sharing that.

Joseph Heraldo 20:37

Russ Johns 20:38
Arcot is on he's in the evening time now. Hi, everyone. Hello, pirates. I love that you're here. When the humility combined with the willingness to help others achieve their great goals is a superpower thing. There's nothing like that for sure. Yes, absolutely. Kind of inconvenient. She's probably referring to broken hip. Yeah. lenient. Had hip replacement surgery about six months ago. Definitely need a hip. Be the hip. Yes, Cathy, we need our hip. Little hip issue got your promotion to Admiral.

Oh, and here's Gabriel. Good morning fellow pirates in lovely community. I love the fact that you're here, Gabriel. I had watched you and Amy and Wendy on the show last night. It was great. I love what you're doing. Gabriel is always inspiring others around him. Then Arcot says everyone has to gain inspiration in their own story, gaining inspiration from someone who made it, not really gain inspiration or who you are in recognizing the passions you can do better in every situation and live every day with triumph. So true, so true. It's one of those things that get up every day do what you do help others create value. We can't run out of abundance Joseph you share this information and you put it out there in the world and ideas will grow as long as you allow them to expand.

Joseph Heraldo 22:34
It's pretty amazing I like I mean, just it's so right like everyone here is just sharing such great thoughts and wisdom and it is right it and and the wisdom you get is just really in the experiences that if you just imagine the power of reflection, imagine just kind of listening to the road that you've seen that is taught you all these lessons and what isn't given to you right and everybody else surround it. It's it's amazing what happens with a little bit of reflection.

Russ Johns 23:04
Yes, absolutely. As Rafi says, that's something nobody can do. Joseph trust is a human thing.

Joseph Heraldo 23:12
Yeah, no bot can do. Yeah. Yeah, it's definitely and in this digital age and then I don't know if that's where he was going with that. But in this digital age, right now, we're on information overload. There's a lot of inner inauthentic information out there. It's very difficult to cut through and find out what's real, but I really do believe it's like platforms like this. It's conversations like this, that come from real, authentic experience that allow you to kind of cut through and just and just be able to have that moment of realness that says, Hey, is this relationship worth caring about right now?

Russ Johns 23:57
Yeah. I think a lot of people Including myself go through this process of, I'm a lifelong learner if I could do nothing but continue to learn about different things and just expand and research and discover new things and bring them together. I'm in my happy place, it's like, okay, I can figure things out and I can learn new things. However, at some point in time, you have information overload, like you said, You have decision fatigue, because there's so many choices we have we have decision fatigue over What software do I choose what do I listen to next? Where do I go? What do I have to eat? A lot of people are feeling that and I think this point in history is causing us to really reflect on what's important, what's not important.

Joseph Heraldo 24:51
Well, and what's interesting, and I mean, I think what really became real for me and like, I'm just looking at the larious comment hair color.aberration requires constant conversations that include integrity inclusion, courtesy and translation. Word integrity so here is My first job was in the mining sector and in this my end this mine in flin Flon Manitoba so you're talking about North that's even That's crazy. No ours my friend, a little Buddy Holly plane away from from the big eight our Buddy Holly plane away from the nearest city

We had 1500 people working in this mine and 5000 people living in this town so he was a mining town and in that town, and in that mind, we were losing 13 people a year. Due to lost time accidents, you're talking about seven kilometers down in the ground, blowing things up dragging it up. It's very high risk and as a community and as a team. We had to listen to that. And what our leadership said was, we need to arm every man and woman with the right information so they can make the right decision in the safe decision every day.

What that meant was a whole lot of hard work, there was no chance to let go, Hey, is there an answer out there in the ether that was going to feed us how to do that. We had to pay attention to what we were doing. We had to work as a team communicate with each other build the systems we could rely on to make sure that we could count on the information that was given to us.

I was able to see by having that tight purpose. I was able to see a team completely team up and eliminate accidents six years in a row. That is lucky. That is overcoming a true situation by embracing what it is that you've put purpose when you have purpose. In your decisions, you prove it in your actions. Integrity is the exact work you do what it takes to do what's right. You follow through with integrity, and you take responsibility for your actions.

Russ Johns 27:16

Joseph Heraldo 27:17

Russ Johns 27:18
Joseph, Joseph, this has been a phenomenal conversation, I would love to have it carry on for another few hours, gauging more people.

Joseph Heraldo 27:27
That was awesome.

Russ Johns 27:28
However, I know that, kids chaos week work, and all of the things that we have to do require our attention. I just want to thank you and all gratitude for being here, Joseph, and I know our paths will cross again. I just wanted to shout out to Gabriel. This is such a wonderful conversation and you both and both you gentlemen, add so much value and experiences that helped me learn so much about more about life. That's what it's about is is our experiences our ability to see around the corner, and our opportunity to help others see around the corner.

I think that it's really a powerful place that we're moving into right now. It's like, help others around you add value, be responsible do what you can to help those that are less fortunate than you are. You are. And with that, thank you so much. Any last words of wisdom you want?

Joseph Heraldo 28:34
Hey, Russ, I just wanted to thank you for the community that you expose me to in this awesome conversation. You're an amazing guy. I really appreciate the time. It was great to spend some cool time idea too. I was really excited after our initial talk as well. Thanks, all the best.

Russ Johns 28:53
Let's do it again.

Joseph Heraldo 28:54
Listen and Care, listen and care. It's out there for us.

Russ Johns 28:57
Now you're a pirate so you can be involved with In #thepiratecommunity in and join in and jump in and have conversation, right? If your not Connected with Joseph. Connect with him. Tell him Russ Sent you he'll know where you're from.

Joseph Heraldo 29:12
Right? Thank you, sir.

Russ Johns 29:14
Take care. #Enjoytheday everyone, #kindnessiscool. #smilesarefree. So you go out and #enjoytheday.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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