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Introduction 0:03
Welcome to the pirate broadcast, where we interview interesting people doing interesting things where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. And let's get this party started.

Russ Johns 0:21
And it's a great day for the pirate broadcasts. And we are here interviewing interesting people doing interesting things. And I just want to mention that we're also streaming live on not only LinkedIn, but Facebook, YouTube, and also Periscope, or Twitter. And so if I would love the fact that you know if you could maybe subscribe to the channel, subscribe to the podcast, get notifications over at That would be fantastic. Have you join the community and connect with others in the pirate community. We're just A bunch of very exciting and interesting people. So, and today speaking of interest to people, where we, you know, talk about #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings is we have Karen in the room. Good morning, Karen, how are you doing?

Karen Theimer 1:14
I'm doing fantastic morning to you as well, Russ. Thank you for having me. today.

Russ Johns 1:20
You bet. You bet. You know, we were talking before the show and, and we're talking about some of the things that we're doing I know you're a massage therapist, you're into nutrition, mental health, you know, mindset and some of the things that are all positive things. And I just wanted to highlight a few items that, you know, the brought you to this, you know, as a massage therapist, you know, what stress can do to the body, you know, and it's one of these things that, it's like I enjoy a good massage and I know that a lot of my stress at times, both, you know, falls on my shoulders and you know, being at a computer, the majority of the day, I have a tendency to tighten up my shoulders and things like that. So what, what got you into massage therapy? And how is how did that journey take place for you?

Karen Theimer 2:20
So I actually used to work with dogs back in the day for 23 years, and and my body was starting to fall apart doing that I did dog grooming. And for me, then I turned 40. And I knew I wanted to do something different. And I always found the body fascinating, like, especially through my massage therapists, I'd come in with shoulder pain or something, and then the shoulder pain would go away. And I was like, how does that work? Yeah. So I went, I sold my business and went back to school for massage. And that's what sort of got me on the journey of health. So, and then when I graduated from school three years later, I found out I have cancer. That got me on the journey of nutrition. So it's just kind of expanding from there.

Russ Johns 3:14
So are you in remission?

Karen Theimer 3:17
Yeah, I've been cancer free for I think 11 years now. So thank you.

Russ Johns 3:22
Oh, congratulations. So I guess that was the kind of the point where you decided to talk or learn more about nutrition with your cancer and to tie it to your cancer,

Karen Theimer 3:40
because I thought this was the perfect time to I was a big smoker. I ate junk food, like it was going out of style. And I remember every day I was quitting smoking, and every day I was going to eat healthy. And for me, it was, I remember one day sitting in my car and just going what am I going to do? Like I lit up a cigarette, and I was like, Oh my god, what am I like? What would it take for me to quit? That's when I found out I had cancer. But be careful what you put out there into the universe to look after myself, quit smoking, maybe pay attention to nutrition. So I went back to school and became a holistic nutritionist. So that's how that's how I got into nutrition. And then I started when I turned 50, that's when really life changed even more. I started learning about it. I was married and then you know, marriage ended. But we're still friends. So I'm very grateful for that. It started making me learn started getting interested in why am I supposed to stop living in the past? I started learning about how the mind works. Right? So because I just wish I had all these patterns in my life of not being able to move forward. Right. I had a hard time letting go of my marriage. I had a hard time letting go of a lot of things. And my friends started introducing me to the need to do satisfying work. So that's kind of now been my journey for the last little while we are what we think and feel something, we feel something, we think something, we feel something and it becomes an addiction living in the past,

Russ Johns 5:14
I think it does become an addiction. It's almost like it's a, we hold on to the past at times. And a lot of people never really let go of the past. And it holds us back. I mean, we're an accumulation of our experience. And when we hold ourselves back in the past, it's difficult to move forward. So what was the trigger that allowed you to make that change that transition from holding on to letting go?

Karen Theimer 5:48
So for me, I got introduced have you ever heard of Abraham Hicks.

Russ Johns 5:54

Karen Theimer 5:56
Okay. So I was introduced to him and then I was introduced to Dr. Joe Dispenza. I went to workshops. And for me, all of a sudden, I started learning that it's just a chemical reaction, right without getting into too much detail. But basically, it's like you have a thought that releases a chemical in your body and then you get an emotion. And then you have your emotion, and you release another chemical and then you get a thought and it spirals from there. Your body wants to your body, your mind, your mind wants to live, comfortable, which is in your past. So all we have to do, and it's actually quite simple. All I had to learn was every time I was going, Okay, that's my internal chatter right now, you know, no, this is just a chemical reaction. I'm going to continue moving forward and I just changed my thought is this thought that I want to have right now? No, it's not going forward right because the past is who we are and we need to be grateful for our past good or bad. Because that's gonna be what will make you move forward, if that makes sense.

Russ Johns 7:03
Yeah, makes perfect sense. You know, the thing that I find fascinating is that our experiences is just an experience. It's not good or bad. It's just an experience and we have to understand, okay? How and why are we responding in a certain way to this experience? Because that's going to determine how we move forward, how we respond and how we react to that experience. So, you know, like you're saying the, the reaction our body has, can actually come out in different ways, you know, stress, how if we react to things in a certain way we wear that or we, you know, kind of our muscles, it goes into our muscles and it's just like, Okay, I'm all stressed up I just tense my muscles are tight. Well, that's kind of a byproduct of stress based on what we're talking about. So it's, it's one of those things that you have the opportunity to change. So how do you change that? How do you how do you personally change that in your life?

Karen Theimer 8:15
So I journal I've discovered I'm a huge, huge fan of journaling. And that will help me. Say I'm getting a negative emotion, right? I get negative emotions for a reason, because it's there to teach you something. Right? And, teach you a lesson something, whatever that is, you know, right. So sometimes if I'm feeling stuck, for instance, you know, a couple of weeks ago, I was feeling anxious for whatever reason. I had to do something and I was stressing about it. And like, it was freaking me out because I never get anxiety right. So I'm going right this is weird. Anger started to show off and I was like what is this. So then I thought, Okay, I got a journal this out because I don't like this energy in my body and I need to know what it is. And then I discover that as I journal-led it out, I figured out what it was and I had to do with something about the degree of being good enough, I call that old programming. That's not true. Right? So I don't know, okay, to move this interview I need to do to move forward. So I figured it out what this was, what this anger and frustration was trying to show me that doing some deep breathing, which helped me relax because we need to get out of that what's called fight and flight. Right. Well, that's sort of what I do.

Russ Johns 9:49
You know, it's interesting. A lot of what you're talking about is some of the experience that I've had over the years and and i journal-ed you know, forever And it's almost as if you have to think about, you have to step outside yourself and say, okay, what's, what's the lesson I'm learning from this experience? What's the trigger that I'm feeling? What's the change that's taken place here? And why? Why now? Why me? And it's not a victim mentality, but more of a learning exercise. So it's the ability and the opportunity to learn from what you're doing. So it's, it's really, hopefully hanging on to these ideas that you can change. You're always evolving. And when you accept the fact that you're always you're always learning something new. You're always evolving into someone new in life around you is constantly in a flux of change. And then you can accept the future a little easier in what you're doing. That's been my experience. It's like, okay, learn from it. Move on, learn from it and move on.

Karen Theimer 11:15
Yeah. Yeah. No, we're not feeling like and I know what was happening with me because I'm, you know, expanding myself to be getting into some coaching and some other things that I'm really excited about. So I'm being challenged the older version of me says or the younger version of me said, I want to keep you safe. So let's keep you in the past where I'm going to go. Then I get anxiety you get that heart palpitation? You get that? Oh my god, I can't do this not good enough. Maybe who's gonna listen to me, you know, all the time, right? It's such an old programming. That how we were raised doesn't mean we have bad parents. It's just the way our mind works. And what I do when I journal I'll just say, you know, what do I need to do to make this icky feeling go away? Right? And then all of a sudden the answer comes out. All the answers are so simple, but we as humans like to make it complicated.

Russ Johns 12:20
We always, always over complicate life. What brings you joy? Where do you find Where's your joy? located? What? What action or activity brings you joy?

Karen Theimer 12:32
I love horseback riding. I've been riding horses since I was a kid. So that is my place to go to just shut off from the world and I go, I go to a retreat that's not far for me. I just have to put away the computer, put away in a phone, unplug from the world and just go on a healing journey. So yeah, I'm a big fan of being able to just shut off.

Russ Johns 13:03
Yeah. Yeah, it says horrible cell coverage here. I think I'll watch the recording later. So it says hello captain. And then Topiztaz says. We are getting a little bit of drop. It sounds like an internet connection may not be 100% right now this morning, but I just want to make sure that everybody, Great to be here. Julia says, great to have joined here. Thank you so much.

Karen Theimer 13:42
Oh, you're welcome.

Russ Johns 13:45
You're a health and wellness blogger, founder and owner of Health Advisory today. Joining us Julius This is fantastic. I love I love the Welcome to the pirate community and then Topis Good morning, Russ Johns, thank you so much for being here. Love. Good morning, folks. And then, you know, there's so many people out there that are interested in health and wellness right now, you know, we're going through this challenging time that is really about there's a lot of stress and uncertainty. And one of the things that I want to at least have a conversation around and continue to talk about is the mental health and our awareness of how we can actually find a little calm in the chaos and actually move forward and for myself, it's about moving forward with learning something new every day, creating something new and exciting every day. You know, being on this program, the pirate broadcasts and helping bring some positive news to the world to counteract some of the negative news that is out there, and making sure that people are aware that you have the ability and the opportunity to make a difference. And you have the ability and opportunity to really make a choice on how you react and respond to the things that are going on around you. And there's a lot of times where if you when you're calm, and you're finding joy and you're sharing that joy with other people, the people around you seem to be a little lighter in their attitude in their, in their approach to life. So how are some things that we're doing now, this, you know, considering nutrition, you know, massage therapy, you know, some of the things that you have going on in your world, how do they apply to other people and how can other people benefit from what you're doing your experience?

Karen Theimer 15:59
Well, I think Massage is important for sure I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't. I think really, I don't watch the news. I don't like the news. I'd be going to talk about the news anyways, so, but I think it's really finding, if you can go in for a massage once a month, right just to relax and just shut off, you know, like, just maybe turn off your, you know, shut off electronic journal of your issues, right, go take go hug a tree, like, I mean, that was nuts but now it's like, but just, I think really limit the talk around all this stuff. Yeah, you know, okay, let me just inspire one person a day. And if I can do that, then I feel like my day is perfect. And not I think it'll be around positive people, have positive conversation the best you can right? Yeah, you found the top of everything, you know, try to change it and just control what you can control which is our mind our what we say be compassionate and the food we eat that's really important because eating junk food fast food processed food is not going to help the situation you have to support your body with supplements and real food and not for that junk now.

Russ Johns 17:31
Yeah, real, real food. Years ago I used to have property where I had a garden and I don't currently have a green thumb. But my wife had a green thumb and she liked the garden. So I would take care of the gardens and the raised beds and you know, the soil and everything else and weeding and to grow everything. So it worked out really well. But it's here in Arizona, growing a garden outside is I don't know, it's 100 and some odd degrees right now, this like, however, there are vertical gardens that I'm seeing now the vertical gardens, indoor gardens, so you could actually take herbs and, and grow herbs and tomatoes and things like that, that you could actually, you cultivate these things pretty easily. So that's something that we need to think about as a society, I think is, you know, like, all the wastes that we have and some of the plastics and things like that, you know, we have to start thinking about how we can actually improve that and I'm not, I'm not a huge practitioner of that at this point in time. However, I want to improve I'm going to improve and and think about how we can improve and I know you're You know, into nutrition So what are some practices that you found that are simple and easy and, and make your life a little healthier?

Karen Theimer 19:10
I think preparing food like you know if you're buying, I don't know, like I'm not a big I'm not a great cook. But I'll cook I'm okay. But I'm a big fan of preparing things ahead of time because I don't want to have to do things every day. I just make a big salad. And all I have to do is just throw some lemon and salt pepper on it and

just don't you want a snack?

I like I love snacking. So you all make sure I have, you know, just simple things like celery and something with a crunch, right. But it's just kind of preparing. And you know, when we do need was a big fan before and but food unfortunately food is not like it used to be way back in the day. So just get all of your immune system to do things to boost it

Russ Johns 20:07
Nancy says grow your own Sprouts original fast food. You know I have to tell you a side story there is this a sandwich shop when I was growing up and it was my favorite sandwich shop because the guy would make homemade bread and then he would grow his own sprouts. And you know some he used cucumbers and sprouts and just homemade ingredients and you go in there and it was like I'm watching a masterpiece being built and he would sit there it was just a little shop and but he would put your assemble your, you know, whatever you wanted on your sandwich and you'd put it out there and and I just remember sprouts being so good that it's and I haven't had that for a while so I'll have to I in fact I used to have grow sprouts too so it's it's like one of those things that I haven't done for a while it just trigger that so thanks for the reminder Kathy appreciate that. Thank you. Angie says great morning everyone. Now you are also in network marketing, you've done network marketing Angie's she's speaking of speaking of supplements Angie's been doing working with some supplements that are fantastic and and they've done really well for her you know, she has stories about people that had you know, stomach aches for ever and you know, taking these supplements in at some of these things are really valuable for people to understand. And I know you're doing organic gold, which is coffee, right? Yeah. And so, when I was in Houston, I had a couple of people, a couple of friends that were really big in organa gold and promoting that and, you know, that's another area that a lot of people don't think about. Because, you know, sometimes, you know, internet marketing gets a bad rap, however, it's the right thing to do for a lot of people. And just like, Angie and just like yourself, you know, some of these things can help a lot of people and produce results for everyone. So it's really part of the, the idea that we can do things and we have opportunities out there, the sky is not falling, the world is not ending. And so we can actually produce results and and i and i just, you know, the pirate community is all about how you can we help each other, encourage each other and put things out there? So I didn't really, I just really encourage people to make those connections and helping support each other. So then, Hawking says, I came back into the recording it seems appropriate. Then Claudio, hug a hug a tree, good reminder. There's this philosophy that you could take a nature bath and it's going into the forest and going, just being in the forest has a lot of energy that it's calming. It's this soothing kind of opportunity. So that's, that's awesome. I love it.

Karen Theimer 23:48
We need to get grounded again. Right? And I'm a big fan. And I'm getting better at it. I wouldn't say I'm strong at everything better. Just being present. Right like, just get outside lie on the ground something right and get connected. That's the best way I know how to explain. garden gardening is you're playing in the dirt.

Russ Johns 24:14
Yeah, walk in bare feet, the dirt has has an effect on you. Yeah. Angie also says, I'm absolutely loving helping people feel so much better with all natural supplements. It's amazing.

Karen Theimer 24:26
I'll have to connect for sure.

Russ Johns 24:28
Yeah. If you're not connected to Karen, get connected in fact, send a connection request in LinkedIn and say, Hey, Russ told me to send you told us to connect. So and then that way, you know who's connecting with you?

Karen Theimer 24:45
So that's awesome. But it's one of these things. I would love to find out who you know in Houston.

Russ Johns 24:55
Oh, yeah. I'd have to I'd have to go down my list off the top my head There's a couple of people I know that were big in organo gold.

So we probably know the same people.

I'm sure you do. I'm sure you do. You know and it's it's one of those things that you have to appreciate the fact that people are doing something you know, they're going out there it's like you went to school you know, you're a smoker you love junk food, and all of a sudden one day you decided why, you know, well, the why was okay I have cancer now, so I better do something about this. So you, you got into massage therapy, you got into nutrition, you got into changing your lifestyle, you got into mindset, and some of these things in so how do you feel compared to what you're, we're doing then

Karen Theimer 25:53
I feel so much better you know, and even during our lockdown and stuff, I was like, Okay, if I'm gonna beat this, then I'm going to need to look after myself even more, but I feel great because I know how to handle my emotions. I don't love going through certain things at certain times, but it's part of the journey. And health wise, I feel great, you know, 99.9 of the time.

Russ Johns 26:24
Absolutely. So, so Kathy says, being in nature feeds my soul. I love that. Thank you. And Olivia, there's so many supplement options out there. How do you evaluate their effectiveness? and Denise Miller, you have to check the ingredients. You know, it's like, it's like anything. If I'm gonna eat a candy bar, I know the ingredients may not necessarily be the most healthy thing in my life. Yeah. Compared to chewing on a piece of celery, right.

Karen Theimer 26:57
I'm a big fan of moderation.

Russ Johns 26:59
moderation. Yeah, yes. So Olivia says check this out. So, you know, there's so many things we can do and so many things we can prepare for and, and it's all I think it's all about how we react and how we respond to our experiences. And it's really, you know, just like this program. You know, we've learned about you, Karen, we've learned a little bit about what, you know, Karen likes journaling, she likes horseback riding should hug a tree if she you know, she prepares food because she doesn't like to cook you learn a lot of things about people, right? so, I just want to thank you so much all the gratitude in the world for you being here Karen and sharing your story and sharing a couple of things in your, your adventure and in your travels. And I just encourage people to think about what is taking place in your world. And how you can react and respond in a positive way. You know, there's things taking place that are completely outside of our control, and we will never have control over some of the things in our lives. However, what we do have control over is the ability and the opportunity to respond in a positive way and put, you know, things out there that are positive, like a free smile, you know, and I just encourage everybody to participate in that and do what you can. So thank you so much Karen. And I also wanted to share a banner because another place you can reach Karen is so that's, that's a location that you can reach out and connect with Karen at and also on LinkedIn, you're on LinkedIn, correct Karen, even though you're even though you're in progress and changing your profile. That's a good thing. So Yes, do that. Awesome. So, thank you so much for being here Karen any last words of wisdom you want to leave with the group.

Karen Theimer 29:11
You know, just take every day, every day is a new journey. You know, just be aware of your thoughts and you can change it and you know, it might take some work but just even if you're in a bad mood and just change it based on some music,

Russ Johns 29:30
keep moving forward.

Karen Theimer 29:32
Keep moving Forward, the past is gone.

Russ Johns 29:34
All right. Well, thank you, everyone. As you know, #kindnessiscool. #smilesarefree. And you #enjoytheday. Thank you.

Karen Theimer 29:44
Thank you so much. Have a great day.

Russ Johns 29:49
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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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