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Catch Kenyatta Turner on the #PirateBroadcast

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Introduction 0:02
Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.

Russ Johns 0:20
Another beautiful day for the #piratebroadcast. It's Monday, it must be Monday because Kenyatta and I are...we're almost in the groove now. We're almost in the groove. For some reason on my computer, my cameras are not working as designed this morning. However, as with any good broadcaster, I have a backup so we're improvising and we're going ahead and we're sharing the #piratebroadcast and Kenyatta is here today. We're gonna be talking about some of the things that we're working on some of the things that she's working on, and sharing a couple of superpowers that we have that we might be able to assist you along your journey. So yeah, behavioral superpowers coach, Kenyatta Turner. Good morning.

Kenyatta Turner 1:15
Good morning. It is Monday morning. Hello, Monday morning.

Russ Johns 1:22
It's fun. Hey, I saw that Art had actually created his video, his live video. Congratulations.

Kenyatta Turner 1:30
He did. Congratulations. Art Jones. He's got a Facebook live show.

Russ Johns 1:40
Jeff young is here. Whoo.

Kenyatta Turner 1:42
Jeff, what's up?

Russ Johns 1:44
Art says, good morning, pirates.

Kenyatta Turner 1:53
So much fun. Hey, so Russ, those of you out there in TV Land pirate land. I was telling Russ there's a very big difference between watching the pirate broadcast at 7am and being on the podcast. There's another level of preparation that has to happen.

Russ Johns 2:14
I suggested for me, it's pretty much all the same.

Kenyatta Turner 2:18
Yeah, he's like, whatever. What's your problem? Same Day.

Russ Johns 2:22
Just getting it done. Do it. Seriously. That's what we're doing this morning.

Kenyatta Turner 2:27
Oh, well, I was gonna do the watch party button. Okay.

Russ Johns 2:29
Oh yeah, go see if you get to the watch party, keep people entertained here for a second. I want to give a shout out to Howard Kaufman. fantastic team. Thank you, Howard. I actually received a message from Kelly. Apparently you guys had connected and she's working on some stuff with you now. Or hopefully will doing something interesting. So she she gave me a shout and said thank you for introducing Howard to Kelly. Andrew says, hey, hey, Kenyatta.

Kenyatta Turner 3:03
Hey Andrew! This is so much fun.

Russ Johns 3:07
Gabe is having a fantastic day. Gabriel. As always,

Kenyatta Turner 3:12
Garbriel's here! Hey, Happy belated birthday. Today, Gabriel. So

Russ Johns 3:16
I hope you get some ice cream today, Gabriel. Ecam Live just released their beta version of interview for E am. I was gonna tag you, Gabriel. My weekend got away from me and unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to get that today. So we'll catch up at some point in time.

Kenyatta Turner 3:37
Gabriel just had a birthday too. Last week.

Russ Johns 3:39
Yeah. Happy Birthday, Gabriel

Kenyatta Turner 3:41
Happy belated birthday, Gabriel.

Russ Johns 3:43
Yeah. I shot him a video. Did I shoot you a video or a message or something? Something was there, I know.

Kenyatta Turner 3:51
You probably shot him a video because you would. I will shoot you belated birthday video, Gabriel, with this new tool I'm going to use that Russ is going to talk about

Russ Johns 4:06

Kenyatta Turner 4:07
Hey, question for you, Russ. Where is this streaming live to you? Because I wanted to do the live party or the watch party on...It's live on Facebook. Right?

Russ Johns 4:16
It's on Facebook. Yeah.

Kenyatta Turner 4:17
Okay. I'm trying to figure out how to do that. But I'm listening to you as well. So I'm going to try to do something fancy technologically wise and we'll check it out because this is the #piratebroadcast. It's what we do right?

Russ Johns 4:46
Kenyatta in her group. Let's get this showing up.

Kenyatta Turner 4:52
Oh, wait, you can do it live in my group?

Russ Johns 4:55
I don't know if I can do it live.

Kenyatta Turner 4:57
I thought that if it's live in your Facebook group, or is it on your group or is it in your on your page live?

Russ Johns 5:05
It's on both.

Kenyatta Turner 5:07
Because then if I could see it, then I think I could do a watch party to show it somewhere else. People out there in the in the world, right?

Russ Johns 5:16
If anybody knows, chime in in the comments and let us know.

Kenyatta Turner 5:23
Because I don't see it live on your page right now. I don't see it.

Russ Johns 5:27
Okay, so now I

Kenyatta Turner 5:34
I don't see it.

Russ Johns 5:37
I don't see a place that shows me as allowing me to start a watch party.

Kenyatta Turner 5:44
I can though.

Russ Johns 5:47
You can?

Kenyatta Turner 5:48
Now is it live in your group or on your #russjohns personal page?

Russ Johns 5:52
On the pirate broadcast group, public group.

Kenyatta Turner 5:57
Okay. I don't see it chilling. So that's not...I don't know why, though.

Russ Johns 6:03
Let me let me send it in a message. It doesn't look like it's...I'm not sure what's going on here. Let me see if I can find you.

Kenyatta Turner 6:15
Did something blow up today? Like I didn't get it over here. Hold on. #RussJohns is live right now. Okay, I found it live. I got a notification. I'm watching it, but I don't know how to share it.

Russ Johns 6:36
Well, that's a great solution...we need to find a way to figure that out. If you know, share it in the comments and give us instructions if you've done this before. Either way, we'll figure it out. So, Gabriel, thank you guys. Yes, Russ sent me a video Gabriel says thank you guys. Yes. Of course he did. Andrew says Gabriel, Good morning to you. And also Yeah, Kenyatta, you are at least a two timer. Pirate that is.

Kenyatta Turner 7:24
That's right. Yeah. For a second time. I snuck in here. I was like, Oh, cool. I'll come back. Two time pirate. This is fun, Ross, thank you so much for having me.

Russ Johns 7:39
So tell us a little bit about what's going on in your world. I know you got some projects, you just racked up an amazing? I don't know, was it? How many days? Two weeks, wasn't it?

Kenyatta Turner 7:49
1 million days.

Russ Johns 7:51
A million days. (laughs)

Kenyatta Turner 7:57
Yeah, it was so much fun. It was like 15 days. 15 days of a webinar interview series that I did. Where I just basically interviewed...well, I interviewed 14 amazing, fabulous women entrepreneurs who came on and shared their stories about specialized knowledge, which is basically how they went about the process to gain the skills they needed to grow their Freedom Empire, as I like to call it, their businesses. Then when they had to use the specialized knowledge of others, and leverage that in order to help them because you can't do everything, even though oftentimes we try to as entrepreneurs, it's not really feasible. We need help, we need to outsource but to hire other people. So it was really a conversation about that. Because that's actually something I'm learning to do now, the art of delegation and the art of having people help you with different things. So, selfishly I kind of did it because I wanted to learn from them, know how they did it, and why and when and whatever.

Russ Johns 9:02
You cannot teach without learning.

Kenyatta Turner 9:04
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So I learned a lot from them. I also work on certain things myself, very specifically, that I know that I need to learn and understand and get better at. So I'm a lifelong student. That's why I had them on there and it was so much fun. We did an interview a day for just about three weeks, Monday through Friday. One of the days I had a super secret special guest and the guest was Jeff Morris, who's the founder of Dream Smart Academy. He's my business partner and we're building that behavioral superpower universe together. I had him on. I didn't advertise that it was going to be him because he was the only guy on the show. So I kind of like snuck him in. But he wound up flipping it and interviewing me. It was a really good time. So it ended up being about 15 of us doing this thing. I just ended it on Friday with my mother, my agent shot my mom. She's my number one, all time favorite woman entrepreneur. I've never known her to have a job. She started with Mary Kay, the year I was born. She was pregnant with me when she started the Mary Kay business, so I've only known her to get her hustle on her grind on as entrepreneur. I mean, that's all I've ever seen. And so she, she wrapped up the show with with the last interview. So that was a lot of fun, pretty emotional. And yeah, it was cool.

Russ Johns 10:32
So now, is that something that you're going to package up and allow people to revisit on occasion? Or what happens with that content after the session now?

Kenyatta Turner 10:43
Well, that sounds like a great idea. I got a lot of good content. These interviews were an hour long. I had everyone from you know, Laredo coast guide, Lyla Smith, and Rachel Beck and Christine Ted, Angela, Topman and God, just so many women. So there's so much information there. Like I tried to take notes, just listen, paying attention to them, and everything, I've got to go watch it again. So absolutely, I want to provide an opportunity for people to see them again, who weren't able to be a part of it because we did them all live. So we did them live. I streamed them into my personal development party Facebook group, so the people in there could watch them. We have people in the VIP room who could kind of interact, but there's a lot of good information there that can be shared with women that matter.

Russ Johns 11:36
It's nice to be able to take some of that stuff and break it down and repurpose it in a way that allows people to get nuggets of knowledge that really resonate with you and your audience and your community. It's like we talked about over the weekend with Art, it's the art of storytelling, it's the art of being able to communicate your stories that allow us to really grow and expand. Because you know, you can read a book, you can read a passage, or you can talk about an idea and it really resonates much stronger when it's kind of blended into a story. There's a process that you go through, this process of storytelling. So Art says, I love it when you guys talk.

Kenyatta Turner 12:34
Of course he does. Absolutely. Well, so here's something technical. So I just glanced over at my handy dandy iPad here and saw that Gabriel went to my Facebook group and had a post he wanted approve and I was like, What's he trying to post in there? I just went looked at it and he's posting, I think the live into the thing. So I approved it. So that's technical. It's very fancy.

Russ Johns 12:55
Very good. Thank you, Gabriel.

Kenyatta Turner 12:57
Thanks, Gabriel. Making it work.

Russ Johns 13:01
Andrew says, Is it on compuserve of MySpace?

Kenyatta Turner 13:05
Compuserve of MySpace. (laughs) Yes, exactly. You know, my MySpace is still up and live.

Russ Johns 13:12
What are you guys looking for? I just turned in. Stewart, we are looking for an opportunity to make new friends. Start new conversations, learn something new. Also just share a little kindness, share a little bit of empathy and understanding in the world right now. You know, we're having conversations, #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings is what the show is all about. So, Kenyatta and I have been friends for a long time, and we met at the very first, well one of the first ones I'm not sure if it was the first one, the LinkedIn local. Then we've gone on and we've collaborated on a couple of different things and in this last incident, we had a #LinkedInlocalpopup with Art Jones, Kenyatta and myself and we really love sharing people doing great things and exchanging ideas with other people. So if that fits your jam, if that's in your wheelhouse, if that's in your sphere of influence or understanding, join into the pirate community. You're welcome.

Kenyatta Turner 14:31
Absolutely. Someone please in the comments put hashtag #Linkedlnlocalpopup, so that people can follow that hashtag. Then you may be lucky enough to know when the next pop up is because it just pops up.

Russ Johns 14:47
Jeff Young says, wow, if you are that busy Kenyatta you need a mini me to help you out....One million dollars!!

Kenyatta Turner 15:01
Seriously, I do. I do need a mini me.

Russ Johns 15:03
I know you do.

Kenyatta Turner 15:07
This is great. This is so much fun being on the show. I've always watched the show and here I am on the show. Again. It's awesome, thank you.

Russ Johns 15:15
Well, when you're doing a lot of things, you're doing different things. I know people get busy and their schedules are hectic and everything else. This is one thing that I have to anchor myself to and realize that, hey, we're just all doing this thing together. We're all encouraging each other, supporting each other. We can actually jump on a live stream once in a while and we really have an opportunity to share a few things that might not be in the front of people's thought process and jog a little bit and say, oh, I got that. I can think about that and make sure that things are going. So it's really one of those things that I just think, like, you're a musician, for one period of my life I played almost every single night for four years.

Kenyatta Turner 16:17
Oh, you're a drummer too. You were a drummer, right? Yeah, that's what drummers do.

Russ Johns 16:19
One time, Kenyatta, I went from the dentist's office, I had wisdom teeth pulled. I got on the stage, started playing, play five sets of music and I'm just miserable. It's still fun. It gives me joy.

Kenyatta Turner 16:49
it doesn't matter what happens. Yeah. Especially playing music, it's like the show must go on, it doesn't matter what's going on. If you step foot on that stage, it's boom, it's go time and you just fall in the elements like it washes over you. There's been times I've been standing there playing shows, playing my bass, right, I'm doing my thing. Like, I'm supposed to be part of the team to help it out, right? Or, I'm singing and all of a sudden, I'm thinking about something completely different. It doesn't matter because your body knows what to do. It feels the music, it makes it happen. I'm thinking about what we're going to do after the show. We're going to go to IHop because it just happens, like your body knows. This is what is happening right now. And you're in your element. It's so much fun no matter how tired you are, no matter whatever. It just all changes and it's fun. Yeah, yeah. It's a hard feeling to describe.

Russ Johns 17:47
Yeah. Love this community so much, Gabriel. I love the community as well. Glenda says Hi. Thanks for your time. Still here, Hiett You're still doing well. Ahmed says it looks like he's promoting something in his feed here. Okay. Trivia time, Art Jones. MySpace was purchased and currently owned by Time Inc since February 2016. I wonder if that was a good investment. What did they get out of it?

Kenyatta Turner 18:26
Is that a question? Or he's just saying that? I thought Justin Timberlake purchased it. Was that a rumor?

Russ Johns 18:33
It's probably rumor.

Kenyatta Turner 18:35
Oh Gabriel says I'm a two time pirate as well. Yes. Probably more with the live shows Russ and I jump on. Gabriel's everywhere.

Russ Johns 18:43
Yeah, everywhere. Everywhere. Yeah. LinkedIn local pop up.

Kenyatta Turner 18:50
Oh, oh, wait, I think it says Lincoln. Lincoln Lincoln pop up. Oh, LinkedIn.

Russ Johns 18:57
Yeah, #LinkedInLocalPopup. Hiett asks, what genre focus are you seeking? I'm seeking truth. Truth.

Kenyatta Turner 19:12
I'm seeking justice.

Russ Johns 19:14
I think the genre and focus is entertaining, education and inspiration. I think that's the general direction I'm headed. Kenyatta is a teacher by nature. She always has something to share. She always has to teach. She always has something to give back to. With Kenyatta it's really easy for us to share information.

Kenyatta Turner 19:50
Oooh..and that reminds me, can I share something now? So yeah.

Russ Johns 19:55
Yeah, absolutley. Please do.

Kenyatta Turner 19:56
Speaking of teaching, you'll probably see it post tomorrow. You'll probably see a post tomorrow and you'll probably see a Dubb video of it. Yeah, so I am going to be teaching a masterclass. So women out there who are listening who are interested in gaining clarity on their burning desire. I'm going to be teaching a masterclass on that next week, so stay tuned. Or if you want to make sure you do get an email and go to my website and get my freebie. Go to for 10 super secret hacks to unleashing your behavioral superpower. Free!

Russ Johns 20:49
Are you doing the 10 days?

Kenyatta Turner 20:52
I am, but I haven't started it yet. It's going to be starting shortly. So masterclass coming up where I'm teaching clarity and burning desire. I will do 10 day challenge. I love to, it's my third time doing that. That is the first and second time. But if anyone wants to know when the masterclass is coming, and maybe you will catch it, go get the freebie and I'll email you and let you know when it is because I'm really excited about that. So it's going to be free.

Russ Johns 21:20
Oh, fantastic. I love that. And also, I've been doing 10 tips/10 days, I'm on day three today.

Kenyatta Turner 21:29
You're on it.

Russ Johns 21:31
Yeah, I figured I'd better get after it because I get busy.Then I get distracted. I'm doing it in Dubb, posting it to LinkedIn, and then using the 10 tips 10 day collection in a portfolio style delivery. I'm also streaming it to YouTube as well for a playlist.

Kenyatta Turner 21:56
So la dee da. Do you want to teach me how to do that?

Russ Johns 22:03
I'd be happy to teach you how to do that.

Kenyatta Turner 22:06
Yes. So you are going to be teaching people how to do that. Right?

Russ Johns 22:09
Yeah, we'll sign up over the weekend. I did that webinar with Ruben and the team over there. I'm offering to the people that attended the webinar registered and signed up. I'm monitoring a workshop series, it's going to be three workshops, three weekends in a row, email and a community that we're going to kind of turn into a mastermind. Getting people from Germany, Kenyatta.

Kenyatta Turner 22:50
I'm excited, I will be attending this thing he's talking about. I'm excited.

Russ Johns 22:56
I'm going to be delivering this in a way that allows us to all get in alignment where we can use video, Dubb, follow up email and create a whole system and a workflow for each of us. Then as the group develops, then we can use that group as a mastermind to continue to pursue and support each other.

Kenyatta Turner 23:21
That's so good and I'm so excited. I've gotten several of your little videos and your stuff. Every time I get one. I'm like, I want that. I want to do that. It looks so cool. It's fun. So I am so excited. So those of you out there watching, you're gonna get to see me doing some dumb stuff, like ASAP, you're gonna be like, overwhelmed with it. Because I'm just gonna do it all the time. Yeah, Russ is gonna teach me how

Russ Johns 23:53
We're going to be doing that. That's an exciting opportunity. I mean, there's a lot of people takes time and it takes effort. However, I've been doing this for a little while, so I can help accelerate that process for us.

Kenyatta Turner 24:08
Can people still join the classes?

Russ Johns 24:15
I could probably allow somebody to join in. I'm, I'm trying to close it down because I want to make sure that it's not too...I want to make it intimate and intimate enough to really actually get some learning in. But if you're really passionate about you, and you think you want to do it, it is paid event. So I just want to make sure that people have an opportunity to learn. I'm probably going to do another one. I'll probably do other sessions and start another group. So if we can do that, that'd be great.

Kenyatta Turner 24:50
Yeah, yeah, I'm excited. So if there's anyone out there who you want to get in, get in because it's gonna be fun. I'm excited to learn with you razzing me. You're the pirate! You're like the Captain Pirate! You know all kinds of stuff.

Russ Johns 25:05
Sheri Lally says to Kenyatta, I have a mini me to suggest. Sonia is an amazing helper.

Kenyatta Turner 25:11
Oh. Cool referral. I love it.

Russ Johns 25:13
I love Sheri Lally.

Kenyatta Turner 25:14
Hey, Shari. Oh, she's on YouTube. She's just fantastic. Sheri Lally, thank you so much. Please connect me because I am meeting people and figuring it out. And you know, it's time. Been past time. You know? This is cool how you can put up the little things that are across the bottom. This is exciting. One day people, I will have LinkedIn lives. It's going to happen. I know it.

Russ Johns 25:58
Logging into Facebook and YouTube and Periscope, even if you don't have LinkedIn live.

Kenyatta Turner 26:10
Well, that's what I will do in the interim. Thank you very much for that tip. Always learning with you. Yeah, of course, there's a way there's a way to be a pirate. There always is right?

Russ Johns 26:22
There's always a way to be a pirate.

Kenyatta Turner 26:25
This is fun. I'm excited.

Russ Johns 26:28
I don't even know how much time... we were almost out of time Kenyatta. But I really want to make sure that people understand that you have an opportunity, you're doing the behavioral superpowers. You're making people shine through their gifts, their own gifts and discovery of their gifts and how they do it. So I'm a...I'm a...what am I?

Kenyatta Turner 26:53
You're a community builder.

Russ Johns 26:56
Community builder. That's what it is.

Kenyatta Turner 26:57
That is your behavioral superpower. I am an influencer. Art Jones is an initiator. And it's a lot of fun. I've been very humbled and the work that I do, it brings me joy every single day and fulfillment and watching my clients, the transformations that they go through through my behavioral mastermind, I just started another one yesterday. The next cycle, the fifth one in my series, and this on I have, it's all men. I got four men and my behavioral superpower mastermind right now 12 weeks and it's the first month that that's ever happened. So I was like, this is gonna be an interesting one. Cool. It's very cool. You know, just watching people learn this information and grow through it. Then I've got another one coming up, a brand new one's going to be called, Behave and Grow Rich. So more information to that, but that's right around the corner. But helping people have the self awareness through the behavioral superpowers is powerful at a core level, unlike anything I've ever seen or experienced before. So I'm very blessed and honored to be a part of it and building this superpowers universe with Dream Smart Academy and my company, so I love it. I love it.

Russ Johns 28:15
We got to get back with Jeff and start expanding again now.

Kenyatta Turner 28:19
Yes, we need your help.

Russ Johns 28:21
We're just continuing in this same realm of digital and making sure we're making connections and keeping connections and moving forward. So amazing.

Kenyatta Turner 28:35
We need the help of someone like yourself right now for sure. Because it's go time. It's growing. It's stratosphere type stuff.

Russ Johns 28:46
Yeah, yeah. Well, thank you so much Kenyatta for being here. I really appreciate you and all you do and I just wanted to share a little little snapshot of Kenyatta's world and we'll know about what you're doing and hopefully they see you and if you're not connected with Kenyatta connect with her on LinkedIn and just type a little message. Say Russ sent me and she'll know what it means. You know, I'm a pirate too. So it makes it a little easier. You can do that and then also Jeff says, Russ turns people into pirate broadcasters and Kenyatta turns people into behavioral superpowers. That is so true.

Kenyatta Turner 29:36
Yes, I love it.

Russ Johns 29:40
Gabriel says, I can help you bypass the stream on LinkedIn, Kenyatta. There are ways. There are pirate ways. That's how I started #piratebroadcast. I started broadcasting it elsewhere and then putting it on LinkedIn just like it was live. Art says, Nooo, I want more Monday morning Russ and Kenyatta superpowers to fuel my week.

Kenyatta Turner 30:06
I know this went by too fast. Art Jones, we love you.

Russ Johns 30:15
Cathi Spooner. Happy Morning. Good morning. Happy Monday.

Kenyatta Turner 30:20
Good morning, everyone. I hope you have a wonderful, fantabulous week. Good times. Good times.

Russ Johns 30:25
Thank you so much for all you do and all of the comments in the conversation in the #piratbroadcast. I just love this opportunity to share with you and make sure that you have an opportunity to enjoy your day. So, as you go Kenyatta, what's the rule?

Kenyatta Turner 30:45
The rules are #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree and...

Russ Johns 30:50
you #enjoytheday.

Kenyatta Turner 30:53
Bye, everybody.

Russ Johns 30:54
Take care.

Kenyatta Turner 30:54
Thanks, Russ.

Russ Johns 30:54
Until tomorrow.

Exit 30:59
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