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Introduction: [00:00:00] Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast™, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings, where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. And let's get this party started.

Russ Johns: [00:00:21] It's a new month, a new day, a new experience, and we're here at the #PirateBroadcast™ and we're going to be talking to Liz Jones, who is now a pirate Liz. Good morning. How are you doing or good afternoon for you?

Liz Jones: [00:00:35] Good morning to you. Well, I'm excited to be a pirate.

Russ Johns: [00:00:40] Well, a great  opportunity t  have a conversation about doing something that is going to be impacting our future. And that's it's health and wellness, it's one of the things that we want to build a lifestyle around and you have programs and you have conversations around that all the time. So for those that don't know you, share a little bit about how you help people and what you do.

Liz Jones: [00:01:06] Well, I help people in really three ways. I am the founder of mind, body house. And the prime product of that is our group exercise. So that's all run over zoom and things like this. So basically for those who just want to keep fit on a regular basis, low group exercise classes, I also provide personal training, which I've been doing for over 10 years. And that's obviously just training people, keeping them fit. But dietary advice and things like that, and then obviously have a high-end wellness coaching, which obviously combined some of what I would offer as a personal trainer. But the aim is in three months time, you don't need me. You might want to work with me, but you've transformed your life. So that's why it's, like I said, it's higher end. It's much more intense. Obviously with results focused. My clients will mesh me every single day in that three month period. So the aim is to get you into the lifestyle you love and know that if you found a stumble, you know exactly how to get back up. Yeah, so there's three avenues I work with, which is great.

Russ Johns: [00:02:07] Well,  it's interesting because one of the things that a lot of people, I mean, let me speak for me is that I have a tendency to get busy doing projects and work and helping clients and investing a lot of time and in other things. And it seems like my self care always  has a tendency to fall in the back seat. So how do people get around that and, is it internal to me? Is it internal to just blocking time out and making sure that I have commitment and dedication to that? Or what are some tactics that are strategies that you use to help other people like myself to, know that, hey, your health is as important as your income.

Liz Jones: [00:02:57] The first key part is to know that when you're the best you, so when you're feeling energized, you just had a good night's sleep and you're feeling clear-minded you perform better. So straight away you're straight into like it folks the day questions will ask you, you well, I'm thinking, what do I have to do? You've got that thought process. So concentration as well, so that mid-afternoon sort of slump. If you've not been at your desk or morning, had a quick bites lunch. You come afterwards. a d it's like your brain is switching off.

Russ Johns: [00:03:25] It's like you know me. I'm mushing this every afternoon. I go through the slump.

Liz Jones: [00:03:33] Yeah, well then it's too. I think obviously, some of it can be emotionally based because our sleep patterns connect to other elements of our bodies. But some of it is the activity level. And so if you've been at best school, you're going to just turn off that sleep and a lot professionals that, you know, and they'll grab the extra cup of coffee, maybe a biscuit for sugary snack. And they're the unhealthy habits that keep reoccurring. So firstly, identifying that actually what you get from taking care of yourself, and then there is a loss in time, but you don't need to say, I need to go and spend an hour at my lunch. You can go, actually, I'm just going to go for 15 more minute, walk around the block, or I'm going to get up in the morning.  I'm going to take 10 minutes with my cup of coffee. I'm just going to sit there with my notebook and I'm going to write myself the things I'm really grateful for today. So you're doing things that are good for you, but you only need to take sort of 10 minutes. Or say every hour, just go, actually, I need to meet my... I've got a little house, walk upstairs, walk back downstairs kind of just get shifting. I do get up and do a little wiggle and dance, and everyone's just looking at me. If you haven't told me off camera, I'm like loosening the body up.

Russ Johns: [00:04:52] Just movement in general

Liz Jones: [00:04:54] then. Yeah. I mean, good stretching. I mean, you could do a two, three minute stretching every one to two hours and it helps get the blood flow going background. Your body is physical stiffness. So to see the blood flow helps creativity in the mind, as well as obviously your energy and your focus. You don't need to suddenly go, actually, I can't do it.  You just go, actually, I'm going to set myself every hour to take two minutes. Or every lunch I'm going to take 15 minutes and there's little bits.

Russ Johns: [00:05:23] So in the afternoon, when I'm starting to feel a little bit sluggish, what I should probably do is go take a quick spin on my bike, around the block then.

Liz Jones: [00:05:32] Perfect. Then you come back going, Oh my God. And you actually you'll find your concentration be higher.

Russ Johns: [00:05:38] Yeah, and I'd feel refreshed, I'd feel invigorated and with a new perspective and everything. So the other thing that I've been doing recently that I think has been very useful for myself is meditating, I go through periods where I'm very consistent and then, it'll fall off the map and, I'll get busy and I'll change projects or direction, and just being present in myself and just realizing, like you said, #gratitude, I wake up every day with #gratitude and I make sure that I focus in on what is important and what is necessary to move forward. And I think that's really important for people to realize and at least understand what it means, to be alive today.

Liz Jones: [00:06:23] I mean meditation as well. People think you've suddenly got to disappear and sit for an hour and become this sort of monk or something.  But actually you can just take two minutes. You can do a guided meditation, even just a mental body scan. Yeah.

Russ Johns: [00:06:44] Andrew says hello and we've got some people in the room. Yeah. He says, does lifting a 12 ounce greasy hamburger count? No, but Mark says, if I'm watching this from the gym, does it count twice?  For you Mark? Yes. Yeah, it counts twice. Leslie says, good morning. I set my timer every 30 minutes to get up and stretch.  My body really likes it. That's awesome. That's fantastic.

Liz Jones: [00:07:10] Fix a time you can do after a task. So you could say, for example, I'm going to do the images and the layout for this. Then as soon as you do it, get up and stretch. So you could do it task based or time based. It's not like a book or something then yeah you could do it either

Russ Johns: [00:07:25] Well especially if you're a person that has project-based and you do time blocking. Yeah. You'll put it on your calendar, just having alarm.  There's so many ways right now than so many technologies, you could just set an alarm, put a timer on and actually take that time to just get up and stretch. Just do something. What about eating or eating habits or changing your habits? This three months of time span where you're changing habits, what other habits are you looking at? Changing and influencing in somebody's life?

Liz Jones: [00:08:00] So eating is obviously a big part of that because normally, so there's a level of one, a weight loss shape, they basically want the body and the life they want. Obviously that's why exercise is always fundamental because that's the mental side and the body, It's the results we want to get. Nutrition's obviously big because that controls energy level, how you sleep and as well, your weight and your internal health. So like your organs, how they function, you live and need support at times and that's what detoxes your body.  So those sorts of thing s. We also look at things like when people eat. I know that sounds quite, just how you structure your day a big one. I find this particularly new moms will go, I'll do it later. And next thing they're hungry in the evening. So they're eating quite a lot of snacking. And actually in there, obviously they have low energy, they sleep badly, so we have to kind of look at the whole set up and then pull apart. What's actually causing the problems, and how we can shift and juggle that. So I kind of do a bit of everything, in that sort of thing, but that's the idea of a Christian lifestyle?

Russ Johns: [00:09:07] Well, it's almost like a detective discovering what your habits are now that are not serving you and potentially how do we make some adjustments in your world? Because everybody's different. Everybody's unique. And,  your eating habits. When you eat, how you eat, how much you eat, how much you exercise, how much you sleep, all of these are factors that go into a healthy lifestyle.

Liz Jones: [00:09:36] Yeah. And like you said, everyone is different. So, if I tell it to you and went, here you go. I mean, say Erica, I gave this to Erica. This is going to work perfectly for you. You would turn around to me and probably go, there's go away. Because it's not going to work for you. So everybody's lifestyle needs to be looked at from what they're doing, as you say, pullng it apart. And what most people don't realize is exactly what the bad habits are. So they will go, this is my problem. I'm overweight. They're not. And they'll go, no, I eat really healthy. They might be really healthy, but it really bad time. So their body's just storing everything or they're not eating enough. That's another big one. People go, I want to lose weight to stop eating and then they don't eat enough. So I go to my clients, my last one who just finished on start January. She finished the three-month block. I added a whole extra meal into a day. That's how much actually. So she had 25 to 30% extra food in her day. To actually that's quite substantially increase the whites because now her body is now functioning properly.

Russ Johns: [00:10:47] What are your thoughts about juicing and some of the people like, intermittent fasting and there's a lot of different. I won't call them fads. I'll call them things that are taking place that are popular right now.

Liz Jones: [00:11:00] I'll call them fads, don't worry.  I mean, some of them are unhealthy.  If you take all the Cambridge diet, you haven't could only be on it for 12 weeks. You have to have medical support and you can't have any, you have to have a medical check before going on it, it also causes side effects, like bad breath and things like this. And you're like, okay. So it might, give me the result I want, but it causes potentially damage to my body will be happening. So people will start and they're going on the first diet. So they'll lose weight, then they'll start gaining weight because they've just done a diet. So then they'll go for the same, get tired. Well, quite as low. So doing this it's slowly go up. So before weight is actually growing. So although this in the changes, the overall result is different. So in terms of how I think a lot of them are a load of rubbish. You need to eat healthy. In terms of things, like if you look at juicing, there are advantages to drink and juices, however, as a sole source of your food for the day, unless you've got a medical condition or there's a reason, like you've just had your tonsils out or yeah.  Realistically having a juice for breakfast. Fine. As long as it's healthy nutritional but not away forwards. Intermittent fasting is a style more than anything. So can actually be really healthy if it suits you. But for example, intermittent fasting, you just don't eat for certain hours, but you still eat the right amount in that window.  So it's all the style of eating then actually  a sort of a diet or restriction or something like that.

Russ Johns: [00:12:35] I think it really goes back to what you're proposing is lifestyle. A diet is a period of time where you're changing your habits or you're changing the way you eat or the way you focus on your food. Lifestyle is something that you're looking forward to doing the rest of your life.

Liz Jones: [00:12:58] And that's right. And that's the thing you've said is that you do for window. And it's the same when people do these boot camps, which are great for getting results. I know I've run several myself as you hit the end of a boot camp and people go now, well, they'll try and do themselves. This is why I offer the coaching and the training. And then I have the online studio as well because people that finish. I might want that extra bit and say, okay, you can stay with us. You can stay with the community and there's still support for them. And I can go, you can reach out. So that's one thing as well as some people just go, you've done it.  You've done the three weeks. See you later. You're not paying us anymore. And that, I don't think right. Because I said it's a lifestyle habit we're changing. We're forming relationships.

Russ Johns: [00:13:43] Yeah. Well, and that's the beautiful thing about where we are right now in, in history is we have an opportunity. I mean, you're a pirate now.  I mean, we've had almost 350 episodes with the #PirateBroadcast™, all of these individuals that have been  so gracious to share their time with the community is they're bringing information to the table and it's not like we're in the same room or anything. We're in different parts of the world.  And all of a sudden we're sharing this information with somebody that can find it useful, find it valuable and impact your life. We're in an amazing time. So getting the information you need. Being accountable and moving forward with it. Here's another individual that's really making a difference. Nick Gemmell. Nick is, really helping a lot of men out in being accountable, being responsible for their lives and everything else. That's going on. Russ Hedge is here. Good morning, Russ. In from Oregon and he's out there making sure that he's also someone that believes in #kindnessiscool. And the fact that he just wrote a book befuddled, and go check Russ out because and and he says a healthy lifestyle is so important to good and productive life. These, you, we all know that this is important. Shaun Martin is here. Love the distinction of lifestyle, being something you look forward to doing the rest of your life. Yes. And design a life that works for you, and Mark Lacour says, I'm curious about her building her online fitness community, any tips for keeping members engaged? That's a great question.

Liz Jones: [00:15:32] I mean, obviously for my members I've given them for January, I took some time off and brought some guests instructors in, so they had special events. I've also given them a content library. So if they can't make it, they have updated videos, which will be updated every so often for them. I arrange socials because it's not just it's, the lifestyle is not just about, can I eat your salad on lunchtime is about having the fun and the connection. I also make sure the online members. People feel connected. I introduce them. So if you're new into my session, I'll go  and this is and this is they're there. And people get a little intro to each other. If somebody doesn't turn up, they go, come in today and people ask about you.  So it actually becomes like a little network and, people haven't been for awhile. It's that personal touch. I go back to them and go, hey, how you doing? Not seeing you for what you want to, just reach out and then I'll be back soon. That's fine. So this is obviously levels of giving them things to look forward to different things in the variety.  So they have different spices and actually recognize it. Remember, I mean, whether you have a list or you, remembertheir names and going put that personal touch because people want to feel important.

Russ Johns: [00:16:51] People are important.

Liz Jones: [00:16:55] And I make all of them feel like Queens and Kings because they are, to me. That's why cause everyone's special.

Russ Johns: [00:17:01] Absolutely. Absolutely. So I know that we've talked a little bit about diet, we've talked a little bit about sleep. One of the things that I get the afternoon lull. We were talking before the show about, okay, I dip in the afternoon, so I need to start inserting the habit of going out and going for a quick spin on my bike, a couple of miles, and just engaging in getting some blood flowing. Again, another habit that I have that is really kind of challenging was, my natural state is I'm a night owl. So finding a way to relax and going to sleep at night, unwinding has been challenging for me. And because I get up every morning, around six and, start my day and start the #PirateBroadcast™. And I want to have a little bit of rest in between.  And back in the days when I did live on four hours of sleep, it just doesn't work anymore for me. So getting that afternoon diet dialed in and  getting ready for night, and sleeping is important. Any strategies or tactics that you have shared with people that are okay. And I don't necessarily nap in the afternoons either.

Liz Jones: [00:18:27] I was going to say, what's your getting ready for bed routine would be my first question.

Russ Johns: [00:18:38] I just, I don't have a routine.

Liz Jones: [00:18:40] Yeah that's the thing. Cause everyone automatically talks about the morning routine. What to start your day with, your cup of coffee, some stretching, #gratitude, these good things. What never gets said about, which is the one thing we go through is that going to bed and again, it's personal. So what would work for you won't work for somebody else? So that could be, I mean, my one used to be, I used to come home from work and I used to finish about 10, half, 10 someone's 11 o'clock. So I worked in a gym, so I had to sit down and I had a cup of peppermint tea before bed, but I'm just stuck family guy, anything that was on, I was just like, yeah, stick that on. I don't really have to pay attention. And that was my half an hour, unless it was work, the alarm. That's my little bubble. That's my sort of switch off. I wind down, then I go to bed. Some people need to stretch. So they have this sort of, pre-stretch routine. Someone will do both, one thing is the dreaded phones in the bedroom because obviously the blue light one thing on your phones is adjusted. So I've turned, my blue light will go on and off at certain times. So it's 10 o'clock at night, automatic dims down, which means if I look at my phone afterwards, then that's what stimulates my brain to wake up 10:00 PM or 7:00 AM. I've got no blue lights with my phone. Yeah. Yeah. So I would say set together your go to bed routine, have a way to switch off from the day and just have some. Downtime. If it's, you're physically feeling like your mind is go and go all the time, notebook and pen is a great thing to have by your bed, because if things just suck, you can just write them down because then you're offloading the information.  And then relaxing teas, obviously. Very good camomile, peppermint, lavender.

Russ Johns: [00:20:30] Well, I'll try to incorporate no, I won't try. I'll incorporate some of those things in my daily evening routine. Well, just one. Okay. And the other thing I've been I've added recently is taking small breaks and meditating, I have this app called aura. It's one that, they just have a lot of different people on there. They're talking about different subjects learning,  meditation, mindfulness and different things like that. And I really enjoy that. Just taking a break and changing my state of mind and, appreciating what's around me and what's going on. Cause sometimes we get busy and we forget to think about how fortunate we are and how blessed we are right now. It's like when you watch the news, nothing's going, so I don't watch the news. I try to stay away from that. And like this just, don't just don't go there. And it brings up a great point. Find what works for you and stay with it. That's excellent. Angie's here. Angie, do you like the lighter white light? So we were talking about lighting the other day and so I had a different color, light, a different tone, and it was a little darker. So Darren Birch, always an awesome individual to connect with. Darren's a pirate, he's an author of several amazing adventures in crime fighting.  Just wonder what other people in the community what habits do you have that are making a difference or have there been changes in your world that have made a difference in your life that we can share today? Angie says she noticed it. Love it. Howard Vale videos that gets your attention. Hello from the UK.

Liz Jones: [00:22:23] Hi from the UK

Russ Johns: [00:22:25] Oh, fantastic. I want to talk a little bit before we wrap up here today, how people connect and get ahold of you. What's the best way. What, where do your preferences, how do you like to make those connections in those conversations starters?

Liz Jones: [00:22:41] Well, I'm big on LinkedIn, so I'm not on Facebook and I'm hardly on my Instagram. So LinkedIn's obviously the big one for me. On my website, you can, my email is on there, so you can contact me through my website, but also the link to online classes is on that as well.

Russ Johns: [00:22:57] Fantastic. Andrew says turn off auto notifications on your phone for most apps and phone turns off at 9:00 PM.

Liz Jones: [00:23:06] My friends, this is going to sound bad. My phone's on 24 seven on silent. So when I'm working, they're sat in front of me so I can see them light if I'm not working or not, then I literally cover them up and they're gone.

Russ Johns: [00:23:19] Yeah. I love that. Shaun says 20, 20, 20 formula from Robin Sharma's 5:00 AM club. That's cool. Hey, Darren started your book this weekend. Angie's reading Darren's books. See how this works. It's amazing. It's just like community, like we were talking about, right? Shaun says 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of reflection, journaling for me, 20 minutes of learning, reading, first thing every morning. I love that. Tapping and intermittent fasting, 18 hours a day. You and Red O'Loughlin Hiett are both fans of intermittent fasting. So I love that, there's so many things that we can do to improve our lives, everyone. So I just really encourage you to reach out, get a hold of Liz, if you're struggling with what to do next, how to do with it, or, you just need some influence in your life that makes it a little more productive, a little more less stressful And thank you so much for being here, Liz. I really appreciate all the things you're doing. What's next on your future. You've got a course coming up, right?

Liz Jones: [00:24:36] Obviously yeah, the big thing that was 2020 on the last year, I'm like, where are we at now? It obviously taught us, obviously people losing jobs, but obviously I helped ease that important and we need to stay with it, and we've seen gyms close. All this kind of thing. So I've been working on an automatic sort of four week course, so I'm doing two levels beginners and sorry, the intermediate advanced and that way people can keep fit for low-cost and wherever they want with limited kit.  And keep towards their fitness goals. So rather than feeling that they can't afford something because they've just lost the job or whichever, it obviously gives more people the opportunity to get the kickstart they need. So that's my current project I'm working on. And obviously that would obviously help a lot of people to obviously get those goals for 2021.

Russ Johns: [00:25:30] Oh, that's fantastic. I love that. I really, 2021 is going to be an amazing year for a lot of people. Those that are doubling down, reflecting on what they really want out of life and focusing in on what works, removing what doesn't work, and making sure that you're paying attention to what you need in life and what is bringing you value. I think, it's a lifestyle, it's a habit. It's something that we're going to be doing every day and look forward to. It's something we get to do, not something we have to do. So changing that direction in your life is gonna be so important. And with that, the #PirateBroadcast™ is here to share #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings like Liz.  And make sure that you have an opportunity to actually put things in perspective and reach out to Liz, connect with her, make sure that you have somebody in your connection in your inventory of friends and connections in LinkedIn. I'm huge on LinkedIn. I love LinkedIn. I've made friends all around the world, Liz, so it's amazing community.

Liz Jones: [00:26:45] It is. I'm with you there.

Russ Johns: [00:26:47] Yeah. Also I want to change a little bit of habit and because this is the first of the month, I also want to let you know that I'm building out my YouTube stream and I wanted to also make sure that if you go to YouTube, you can actually catch tomorrow we're going to have Dr. Kelly Henry, who was a chiropractor for years. He was involved in chiropractic. And then he changed and shifted his focus on helping other chiropractors grow their business as well. So that's going to be interesting. We have Eric Miller back. He's actually created a few courses on Wednesday. We've got him coming into the pirate community. Mark O'Brien. Mark O'Brien is an individual that I met. He's a cartoon illustrator. He's a man of many talents, and we're going to have an amazing conversation on Thursday. And then Thurston is on Friday. Thurston Baker's a pottery. He owns a pottery company and does a lot of pottery and spinning pots and clay. And so that's an interesting conversation we're going to have on Friday. The point I'm bringing up is you can actually go subscribe to the channel. And get notified on these events and LinkedIn notifies you. However, if you're not on LinkedIn, you don't happen to get the notification. It's kind of a, it gets lost in the noise. So just a little habit little tip there to keep you involved and engaged in the pirate community. Liz. Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate you. And all of the ideas we've shared today, any last minute tips that you want to leave, legacy, ideas and concepts that we can go move on our day with?

Liz Jones: [00:28:31] I'll say don't neglect your health. Even five minutes invested in it is the best five minutes you will invest.

Russ Johns: [00:28:38] Fantastic. Well, everyone. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your comments. Thank you for all. You do. Bringing joy to my world. And as always, #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree and you #enjoytheday.  Take care, Liz.

Liz Jones: [00:28:54] Bye

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