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Catch Mary Fain Brandt on the #PirateBroadcast™

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Introduction 0:01
Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast™, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.

Russ Johns 0:19
We're gonna have a great time this morning, because we have a new pirate in the room and Mary, Mary is going to rock the room and make it an amazing Wednesday. And wherever you're joining in future tomorrow, yesterday, whenever it happens to be, wherever, whenever, thank you so much for being here. And Mary, thank you so much for being here.

Mary Fain Brandt 0:43
Well, thank you for having me. I've been following you for a long time. I'm impressed that you go live as much as you do. It's a lot of work. I know, because I go live, I'm a remote, remote live producer. And 7am is early to go live. Because for someone like me, I don't know how long it took you to do your hair and makeup this morning.

Russ Johns 1:04
The beard. It's all in the beard

Mary Fain Brandt 1:06
Definitely has its advantages. But I'm really thrilled to be here. And just talk to you and your audience about being more relatable, and the human to human connection.

Russ Johns 1:20
Yeah, you know, we actually had connected previously, for that exact reason, you know, it's who am I talking to? What are we talking about, you know, kind of the conversation. So in our conversations, you know, it's just peel back the onion, be yourself and just share a few things that people can relate to. So you actually have an opportunity to match. Because there's a lot of people that can do the same thing that I can do, there's a lot of people that can do the same thing you do. However, not everybody wants to work with everyone, you know, and it's it's nice to be able to put your personality out there and connect with the individuals that you can relate to. Right?

Mary Fain Brandt 2:02
Yeah, it's too hard to be two different people, as we were talking about, you know, I'm a firm believer of being the same person online as you are offline. Now obviously, if you're an F bomb dropper, you know, maybe you're not going to do that on live show or put that all in your content. But being the same person online as you are offline is critical. In today's world. A, it's too hard to be two people, that's way too much work to have two personalities. So what you see online, when you see me online, this is who I am in person. And people tell me that all the time, like, you're just like you are on your shows, or you know, your content is just who you are. And I'm a firm believer in just being your authentic self, because then you're more relatable to your audience. And now more than ever, people want to be able to relate to the people that they're following. The people that they're hiring, the people they're collaborating with. I call it the H to H, human to human factor. So LinkedIn, I'm always like, there's a person behind the profile, right to that person. You know, right to that one person. So in some of the promotion that I did for this show, I was like, learn my secret tip on how I got on the show. Can I share that right now?

Russ Johns 3:25
Yeah, share it right now.

Mary Fain Brandt 3:28
Okay, so you guys the secret tip of how I got on the show, I've been following Russ for a while commenting, seeing the great work that you're doing, and just really admiring, you know, your dedication and consistency and the amazing guests that you have. Not that I thought that I was amazing or interesting. I'm like, I'm just Mary. But I reached out to you, I commented, and then I sent you a message. And I was like, I'd like to just, you know, jump on a call and learn more about you. Yeah, that's the secret you guys, it's called reaching out to your connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, wherever, whatever platform you're on, and just setting up a call or a zoom call. And so we had a zoom call. And I think that we talked for like an hour.

Russ Johns 4:13
Yeah, it wasn't a short conversation. And it was unexpected. And we found out a lot of things about each other that it's like, okay, this after this pandemic thing goes away, we're gonna be connecting, we're gonna be collaborating on a few things.

Mary Fain Brandt 4:28
We are and can I share that we found, I found out like, you're my neighbor. Yeah. We just moved to Arizona and i and i think that was one of the things I looked and I was like, Oh my God. He's in Arizona, like in the city right next to me. I was like, Oh my gosh, that's amazing. And you know, I put that in the in the conversation in the email like, Hey, are you in Arizona, like and we had scheduled a 20 minute call just to get to know each other and it turned to a fabulous One hour call. We're like, man...

Russ Johns 5:02
Oh, we had a blast, we had a blast.

Mary Fain Brandt 5:03
We could just keep talking and you guys the secret is there's no secret. Just be yourself and reach out to people. People want to connect with people genuinely.

Russ Johns 5:12
Yeah. Jenny Gold says, Welcome Mary...woohoo in from Colorado. Nick's up from Canada. Good morning, pirates.

Mary Fain Brandt 5:21
Good morning, Canada.

Russ Johns 5:23
Nancy. You are up early girl. Thank you so much for joining us, Jesse. Jesse. How are you doing in from Oklahoma? Love that.

Mary Fain Brandt 5:33
OU Sooners go, OU Sooners big OU fan right here.

Russ Johns 5:36
Yeah. And then Nancy says authenticity, relatability connection. So thank you so much, Angie, and from Wisconsin. Thank you so much. Give you a shout out. I hope you're doing okay. I'll check in with you later. Promise. Thank you so much. Mary Ellen. Good morning, everyone. Nancy, Joe. Thank you, Nancy. Russ Johns is amazing. Set up that call.

Mary Fain Brandt 6:04
Right. It just is all about reaching out to people in your network. And so I actually have...

Russ Johns 6:10
LT's in the house, too.

Mary Fain Brandt 6:12
Oh, my gosh.

Russ Johns 6:14
Yes, sir. So you're going to LinkedIn for a while. And you know, connecting is really key. And conversations are really important. So kind of walk us through what you've learned and what you've discovered. And you know, some of the things you're focused in on right now, Mary.

Mary Fain Brandt 6:31
So I started LinkedIn when my gosh, I think it was 2004 and I did everything wrong. Alright, so I know what not to do.

Russ Johns 6:44
I had my resume out there in 2005.

Mary Fain Brandt 6:47
Yeah, I've had my resume. I had like my position title. I cut myself out of a picture. Well, I was on a date, and I looked fabulous. So I just cropped the guy I was with and put that photo up like it was at a restaurant. I did everything wrong, right. But you don't know what you don't know. And LinkedIn has evolved. And then I started, you know, I was in a pivot at the age of 50. I was like, What am I gonna do with my life? And so I was pivoting and started my own business. And I started to dive into LinkedIn, like, oh, wow, this is a goldmine, right? It took me a couple of years, I was like, well, you can kind of like market yourself, build your brand doesn't cost any money, just your time. And if you learn how to do it, right, you can establish your credibility and increase your visibility. No brainer to me. So I just kind of kept learning and kept learning. And fast forward to today. Now I'm a LinkedIn trainer, consultant, and speaker and I love the platform. Is it perfect? No. Is any platform perfect?

Russ Johns 7:53

Mary Fain Brandt 7:54
But LinkedIn was built you guys as a networking platform, not as a job seeker platform. And a lot of people don't realize that they think it was built for people to find jobs.

Russ Johns 8:04
There's people that think that that is the case and it's totally not.

Mary Fain Brandt 8:08
It is used for that. It's used for a multitude of things. But it was actually built as a way to grow a global network. And that's what I've done successfully as you as well and many of my colleagues. And so it's built as a networking platform you guys, for you to network, and let's just compare it to in person networking. Remember that thing that we did, like in 2019, you actually went to events, and you saw people and you shook their hand and you got to know them? Well, when you're at an in person network, you don't walk up to someone. Hey, Hi, I'm Mary. I'm a LinkedIn consultant. Hey, you want me to look at your profile? Here's my card. Here's what I do. That's not how you network in person. So why would you do that online? Why would you connect with someone and the first in mail is, buy my program, sign up for a call, you know, selling your services? I hate that.

Russ Johns 9:05
Well, I think there's a key element that you're speaking about, because the way we connected was you had nothing to sell me. It was a conversation just to see what you know what we can have a conversation about if there's any interest or any, any, any topic that might work out for business. And I think a lot of people rush that occasion, they just push, they miss a couple of steps and say, Well, I don't know you, buy my stuff. And so, yeah, it's really subtle. And it's really important because you can automatically see where the automation is in place. You connect two seconds later, you get a message of, hey, I want to share a little bit about myself because I want you to...

Mary Fain Brandt 9:55
Here's my book or hey, your website, I can help you with it. I mean, I get those messages all the time. I got one this morning, and I'm gonna block off the people's names. And I'm gonna.

Russ Johns 10:06
Yeah, how many emails do you get with SEO?

Mary Fain Brandt 10:15
Well, I recently changed my...

Russ Johns 10:16
Or lead generation?

Mary Fain Brandt 10:18
Yeah, I recently changed from connect to follow on LinkedIn just for that purpose. It drastically reduces the number of spammy inmails I get.

Russ Johns 10:29
So what's that setting? What did you change?

Mary Fain Brandt 10:31
I changed from connect to follow. So you cannot connect with me unless you have like my email address.

Russ Johns 10:41

Mary Fain Brandt 10:41
So it's harder for you to send me a spammy email. So Nancy says I thought it was to find jobs, which kept me off the platform for years See? And it's just because you don't know what you don't know. So it's really built for networking,

Russ Johns 10:56
And be willing to fumble and make mistakes, aka learning and growing. Absolutely.

Mary Fain Brandt 11:02
Nancy, do we know each other because if Nancy and I don't, I would love to connect with you. So I know my thing says you can't so...

Russ Johns 11:10
So Darleen, silverfox talks and Nancy, they just had a show last night, and and they would be incredible connections for anyone. So go connect with Nancy, go connect with Darlene silverfox. And you'll meet some new people.

Mary Fain Brandt 11:34
I love meeting new people. I love it.

Russ Johns 11:37
That's the beauty of the connections in the community here. Because the #PirateBroadcast™ I've been, you know, doing this for over 330 episodes now, meeting a lot of people, a lot of connections. Now you know how it is, you've created, you create a live stream, how got early access to much live streaming?

Mary Fain Brandt 11:59
On LinkedIn?

Russ Johns 12:00

Mary Fain Brandt 12:00
I got access two months after it was opened, after it was released. So beta. I've been I've had my own show for over three years. Bite size tips for busy entrepreneurs. It started as a one woman show me just sharing tips. And that's no fun trying to talk and you don't know who you're talking to. Right? You know how many people you worry about all that when you start off? And then I started interviewing amazing people, Russ, who's gonna be on my show. And so we do it twice a month. But yes, I get access to a lot of LinkedIn features early. Which is great. And then there's some times where I don't know. And I'm like, I actually did that with LinkedIn live. I'm like, Hello, I'm a LinkedIn, trainer, consultant, and speaker and I don't have access. How am I you know...I did that whole guilt thing. I think that I might have dropped some names, you know, and I had. I applied twice. And then, like, overnight, on a Sunday morning, I woke up and the woman wrote back like, hey, we've granted you access. Sorry, it took so long. I was like, Yes.

Russ Johns 13:11
Yes, very much. Well, I started doing, you know, in the traditional radio days, FCC, if you don't have a license and you're broadcasting, you're considered a pirate broadcaster.

Mary Fain Brandt 13:25
I know. You told me this story. It's amazing.

Russ Johns 13:28
Yeah, I used to stream live on youtube, and then pretend it was live on LinkedIn and said, Hey, you got to give me connections. It's like, I'm already streaming live here. So it's like, just keep going, folks. That's the secret. Just keep testing, experimenting, evolving, you know, doing what you're doing, and show up, be seen, be heard and be talked about, you know, it's really one of those things that you have an opportunity to grow with, and show up, you know, being consistent. There's a lot of people that they come in, they they're really active, and they just push everything they do. And it's about it's a marathon, it's not a sprint,

Mary Fain Brandt 14:13
It's about being consistent. And as we were talking before the show, with that with your marketing, right, we're all on here for purpose, to grow our network to grow our business, to collaborate, to get speaking gigs to find a job, whatever the reason is, yeah, I want to say it's about being consistent, you know, putting out posts, but also engaging on other people's posts, like I was watching your shows and commenting. Um, but then on top of that, it's about being relatable. So as business owners, we always do that wrong as business owners, right? We are marketing our businesses. There's nothing wrong with that. But you shouldn't have 100% of your posts be about you and your business, I believe that should be like an 80/20 80% is all about your business, your shows, your services, you know, and then I include like tips, right? So we do bite size Tip Tuesday, we give a valuable tip, I showcase other business owners, I think that brings value to my audience. But I am a firm believer, you've got to throw in 20% personal like I did a post on it was national clean off your desk day on Monday, I did a video of my messy desk, right? Like, how did this happen? We moved here I had it all set up.

Russ Johns 15:39
Oh, man, that would be dangerous.

Mary Fain Brandt 15:41
But that shows your audience that you're real. And the call to action was show me your messy desk, and then show me how you set it up afterwards. Because I get inspired by other people's offices write like, Oh, that looks good, or Oh, that's a great organization idea. So you know, let them into your world, you know, behind the scenes work from home prepping for a video. Maybe you're prepping for a call. Maybe you're writing an article, what's that thought process? Do you just like do a mind dump? Do you do an outline? Do you put it on your wall? You know, do you have a whiteboard? What's your thought process? And how do you work? That's an easy way to let people into the backseat. And I really feel that we have to show people how we work, not just the work we do. But how do we get there?

Russ Johns 16:30
Yeah, well, a lot of people, you know, especially, I've been a remote worker for 10 years, you know, it's something. And even before then, even when I was working corporate, I was, you know, working from home half the time, or traveling. And the reality is, is that we all have a different process. And if you share it, and you share it out, people can plant seeds and nurture that idea and that concept of because the way I look at it, you know, it's just, it's like being in line in a movie theater or something like that. There's people in front of you, and there's people behind you. And if you can teach something to the people that are behind you, more power to you. And it just it's hard to you don't feel sorry for yourself when you're helping someone else out, you know, so share that element share that excitement. And and the reason why you do it, I think is really key. You know, what do you what is it that you're doing? And why are you doing it? And, you know, because there are times where even if we love what we do, it becomes a burden at times because, you know, it's like, okay, you have deadlines, you have something going on.

Mary Fain Brandt 17:42
Or your tech doesn't work, you know, as broadcasters, right? Like, oh my gosh, the lights not working. The link isn't working. I mean, I don't know about you, but I've been there.

Russ Johns 17:53
I don't know ahy my camera wasn't connecting. It's like, why it's not connecting. So I troubleshoot it.

Mary Fain Brandt 18:00
Like sharing stories that are real like, because I feel like we put out on social media, like the pretty stuff. I believe you should show the good, the bad and the ugly. And I don't mean you should show yourself like breaking down in tears live on the show. We don't want to do that. But is it okay to say like, man, last week was hard. I didn't know if I was gonna get through it. The camera didn't work, you know, so I had to buy an extra one. Or, you know, I had a call in tech help. Or I wrote an article and I lost it. You know, point to self always hit save, use Google Drive. Just, you know, sharing the bad afterwards after you fixed it. That's how they say to share it. Don't share it when you're in the thick of it. Yeah, because you want to show that you overcame it. So I'm a firm believer in that show the mistakes that you make, because you can help someone else avoid that mistake.

Russ Johns 18:52
Yeah. Hey, I want to talk about something in LinkedIn. That's kind of I'm not sure how to think about this. Okay. I've been thinking about it and I haven't really said anything about it because it really kind of I'm not sure how I want to think I'm not sure how I want to feel about this. I got this message that says hey, your messages over 30 days old they're gonna be deleted.

Mary Fain Brandt 19:15

Russ Johns 19:17
Have you seen that message?

Mary Fain Brandt 19:18

Russ Johns 19:19
Yeah, messages older than 30 days will be deleted.

Mary Fain Brandt 19:23
Now is that LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Premium? Which one?

Russ Johns 19:28
That is my expectation because it doesn't describe anything is that it's going to be with in messaging

Mary Fain Brandt 19:39
But what program Do you have...what level?

Russ Johns 19:43
Well, I have Sales Navigator. But it wasn't in Sales Navigator. It was just in regular LinkedIn regular.

Mary Fain Brandt 19:51
So I haven't gotten that message. But Funny thing is, I'm Um, there's a...

Russ Johns 19:56
Are you a deleter?

Mary Fain Brandt 19:58
No, I'm not a deleter.

Russ Johns 20:02
I'm not a delter, either.

Mary Fain Brandt 20:03
But I'm going to be on a call, like in a couple hours, maybe it's like at eight o'clock, the time zone thing still has me messed up guys, but I think maybe it's at eight o'clock with some other LinkedIn trainers. Why don't I ask them? And then I'll respond to you.

Russ Johns 20:19
Yeah, cuz it's like, um, yeah, I wonder if I go back I go back in my messages all the time and I look for people that I've had conversation with and it kind of dropped off or you know why? And I'm thinking to myself, that would be. So they don't want us to take the information from LinkedIn. And they don't want to give us a way to actually CRM it. So how do they want us to? And I know the algorithm is always changing, and things are evolving and things like that. However, I just thought it was interesting, Mary, to think, okay, now I need to be very cognizant about how, and when, and what I do with those messages.

Mary Fain Brandt 21:07
So now, you really do have to have that external CRM. And I wonder why like if their systems getting bogged down, because there are so many users and people are online more, and they're trying to free up space, or, you know, I'm not a programmer. I don't know, the back end of that stuff. But I can imagine, it can clog down the system, just like if you have too many emails, which I do. So let me ask that question and find out if that is being rolled out. And I'll get back to you.

Russ Johns 21:43
Yeah. Kenyatta is in the room. Good morning. She's in Arizona, Mary. So yeah, we've done with Kenyatta and I in with Art down in Tempe, we've done some LinkedIn local pop ups that we should probably think about connecting again on that.

Mary Fain Brandt 22:02
Well, you know, I was a local host in San Diego. So I went, I did it when you actually had to be interviewed and approved. Yeah, I went through the interview process got approved, and I had a banner, what are those, those step and repeat? This huge one, it says LinkedIn, local San Diego, and we did it with, we have like 120 people in January, that was one of the last big events we did. And we always donate the tickets, you know, a percentage to the local charity.

Russ Johns 22:35
That's awesome. Sarathy says, Hello, my dear pirate buddies. And Tracie, Tracie, hats off, shout out. She's the producer of the show. So thank you, Tracie, for all your hard work.

Mary Fain Brandt 22:50
Well, thank you, Tracie.

Russ Johns 22:52
And Nancy goes CRM question mark, customer relationship management.

Mary Fain Brandt 22:57
So can I just put this out there on whatever platform? You're...

Russ Johns 23:01
Oh, I don't know? Can you put this out there?

Mary Fain Brandt 23:03
Let me put it out there. So whatever platform you're on, you guys, it can shut down any day, like LinkedIn could go away? Is it going to? No, but what if Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn went away? What about all those connections that you have on there? How would you get them back? Where do you maintain them? So in a way, maybe this is that wake up call that we've been hearing whispers like, you don't own the information on any social media site, you always need to have it off. And that's why I'm a big proponent of Yes, I have over 10,000 connections. Am I close with all of them? No, that would be impossible. But those key strategic connections on LinkedIn, I'm making sure that I'm having phone calls, zoom calls, and I'm taking them off. Maybe in your email provider, maybe you make an email list that says LinkedIn connections. And maybe you put those people in there, but it is our responsibility to maintain that. It's not, you know, LinkedIn or Facebook or Instagrams,

Russ Johns 24:07
Well, and relationships are relationships. Just like Howard Kaufman says here, the problem is that LinkedIn has become more spammy with many people adopting automation. And, you know, I've been I have been, you know, sales, funnel, web developer, email marketing. I mean, eventually, like Seth Godin always says, you know, eventually, marketers ruin everything, right? Because they're, they're always testing out different things. Because it's about connection. It's how do I reach more people? How do I connect with individuals. So there's an upside and a downside. It's always going to be that way. However, the takeaway is, make, build the relationships, build the connections, you know. And just have an authentic call, you know, have a phone call, you know, put them in your contacts list, you know, be a friend, have a friend.

Mary Fain Brandt 25:10
Get to know that person and take the relationship off of LinkedIn. That's always the advice. And yes, it's gotten more spammy because there is automation. And I can tell you that I, someone emailed me, I don't know, I think she found me on LinkedIn. She's looking for someone to outsource her entire LinkedIn, to do post to send in mails to, respond to, comment. I was like, that's not what I do. It's not what I teach. It's not what I believe in. I reached out to some other LinkedIn trainers. I'm like, is this something you do? And they all said, No, you know, that in our tribe, Mary, in our community, that's not, that's not what we believe in. That's not what we teach. And I wrote the person back, like, we don't believe in that.

Russ Johns 25:54
But here's another, here's another aspect of that is that the personal profile needs to be the personal profile. And what I would recommend you do is build a tribe around your your business profile, and then have contributors from your business, contribute to that profile that that business, and then...

Mary Fain Brandt 26:16
She wanted to out reach the entire thing. So it's, you know, that's not what it's about. It's about building those relationships. And she didn't even want to communicate with anybody on LinkedIn. That's not right.

Russ Johns 26:30
Well, it's not effective is what it is.

Mary Fain Brandt 26:34
Yeah, it's not effective.

Russ Johns 26:35
It's like you're writing for me, it's like, okay, what happens is, the first thing that happens is, is that you would respond to somebody that I just responded to, in over a phone call, and you would have no idea that that connection even existed, and that that's where the disconnect takes place. And you're going, hey, Mary, you know, this is Russ, you just responded to Fred, who, you know, you just responded to Howard, I just went to lunch with Howard the other day, and you responded to him about getting together.

Mary Fain Brandt 27:05
It's that human, you know, takes that out of the equation, which is not what people want. And I'm a firm believer that if you automate and outsource everything on LinkedIn, right, if you're not engaging, authentically responding to comments, and you're not engaging on other people's posts as yourself, right, you're not doing it, it's not going to have your voice. It's not going to be you know who you are. And it's going to ruin your reputation, because people are going to see that it's not you.

Russ Johns 27:36
So, so let me ask you this. If you had one concept, idea, takeaway, that you could deliver to yourself two years ago, for LinkedIn, what would it be?

Mary Fain Brandt 27:53
It's quality over quantity post. So when I first started, I thought I had to post every day on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not Instagram, right. So really quality, informational educational posts are the best kind of posts. And just, I would say it's more about engagement on LinkedIn. I've gotten more quality connections, and phone calls from engaging on other people's posts. Right, watching what other people are doing, actually taking an interest on other people has actually paid off for me by being on summits, on live shows, meeting people to collaborate with I, I just had a phone call with a woman, Ana, who's actually here in Phoenix. We were on a summit together last year, like December, I think, and we're talking and she's a LinkedIn trainer. So the other thing is okay, my other tip is don't be afraid to connect with other people who do exactly what you do. You know, a few years ago, I was afraid. I was like, ooh, I don't want that person in my network. They do what I do. And then Bryn Tillman, who is a LinkedIn expert, we just go for it.

Russ Johns 29:07
She's also a pirate.

Mary Fain Brandt 29:08
Oh, is she? I love Bryn. She's amazing.

Russ Johns 29:11
She's awesome.

Mary Fain Brandt 29:12
Yeah, so she jumped on a call. And she's like, no, Mary, we're community. Yeah, we really support each other. And there's enough business for all of us. So she actually changed my mindset on that. And now I'm like, come on in LinkedIn, trainers, consultants and speakers like Judy Fox, and Beth Ranger and Viveka Von Rosen. We're all connected. They're all amazing women. They all do what I do in a different way. We all do the same work, but there's enough business and we all do it differently. And our brains are different.

Russ Johns 29:40
Supply is big enough for everyone. Supply is big enough for everyone

Mary Fain Brandt 29:44
And you can collaborate. So Beth, Brin and I actually did three women, three minutes, three tips. We did a couple of shows like that. So you can collaborate with people who do what you do.

Russ Johns 29:54
And you have a great time and you meet new people. Kenyatta I just want to put our another tip that here is meeting fab people on clubhouse, and then connecting on LinkedIn. And anywhere else I love it. You know, clubhouse is a new platform, it's out iOS, and it's it's blowing up right now. And the reality is that you can adopt and connect with other people on other platforms and bring it back to LinkedIn as well. Because I just think, stay creative, stay involved, stay engaged and, you know, just have fun, enjoy it. And ultimately, we're all here for the same goal. And that's to do business. And we're one conversation away from doing some but something an add value, always, always add value, and it always returns.

Mary Fain Brandt 30:47
Always always. Yeah, I'm on clubhouse. I'm not sure about it. I think it can be very distracting because it's all the time but the great thing about it is you can listen to speakers that you would normally pay 1000s of dollars to listen to give away, you know to talk about what they do. And and you don't have to be camera ready. You could be in bed listening to it cooking dinner.

Russ Johns 31:13
Well, that reminds me so much of a platform that was around two years ago, Blab.

Mary Fain Brandt 31:19
Oh yeah.

Russ Johns 31:20
I love Blab. And it was so addicting. It was like, Okay, I can spend all day talking with meeting people. And I still I've still connected with people from Blab days now. And it's just crazy. And it's just insane. And because I've been consistent, I've been here for years.

Mary Fain Brandt 31:39
You add value, you also add value.

Russ Johns 31:42
Hopefully that's the case that I add value. And I share a few things here and there. And I introduce amazing people like Mary to the pirate community and, and bring in to shine the light on people that are in the community. And hopefully, people get to connect. So if you're not connected to Mary, send a custom message and say, I'm a pirate, I'd love to connect with pirates.

Mary Fain Brandt 32:09
Do I get a hat? I want a pirate hat to wear like...

Russ Johns 32:15
I have an eyepatch. I'll get you an eyepatch and a hat.

Mary Fain Brandt 32:19
I totally want to like have a hat to wear and be like Aighh, matey!

Russ Johns 32:23
well, my goal, my goals this year, Mary and I'll plant this seed out there is I'm going to build a community around the #PirateSyndicate™. The #PirateBroadcast™ is the experiment for the #PirateSyndicate™. My goal is to produce 100 shows a month over on the #PirateSyndicate™ for business owners and recruit remote producers. Wink wink for doing. And I've got probably eight to 12 shows booked next month, productions. I'm on the roll. So, you know, put your hand up if you want to be involved in the community. And then we're going to be teaching and training classes for individuals that want to learn how to produce an increase and improve their skill set. And then anyone that wants to learn how to produce results for their own shows and increase and improve their outcome. We're gonna have classes and courses and we're gonna partner with...

Mary Fain Brandt 33:23
You're adding that value and benefit. You're producing shows for people who want them. But you're also offering training and education for those who are like, Hey, this is something I want to do. And the third part is that you are already doing your show. Let me help you get more engagement, more ROI on it. So you've got three, three, you know, systems right there. I love all of them. And I can't wait to be a part of one of them, perhaps. Because...

Russ Johns 33:54
I kind of put it out there.

Mary Fain Brandt 33:58
Wait, that hands going up No, because I love teaching and training and helping people. That's really who I am at the core. Yeah, you know, I like to learn something inside out backwards. And then I like to break it down in dummy steps. You know, that's what I did in the corporate world. I'd be like, I'd figure it out. And I'd write the, click here do this, click there. And I'd have someone follow it that didn't know it to make sure the end user could follow it and be successful. So I love training and teaching and helping people further their skills.

Russ Johns 34:32
Well, the beautiful thing about it is I'm a remote broadcaster for stream yard. And I'm also a partner with Dubb. So it's it's really that combination, and I'm going to be doing something with Toni Bubb. I'm going to do a at the end of the month. This month I'm going to be doing a short training session on how to use live streaming video, Dubb to create and build relationships in LinkedIn, as well.

Mary Fain Brandt 35:02
Yeah, at the end of the day, you guys, it's all about relationships. It's all about connecting people, buy from people, you might think you buy the pirates under, you know, syndicate or the LinkedIn bakery, but you buy from people, people buy from people they buy on an emotional level, if you understand the psychology of sales, you'll know that people buy on an emotional level most of the time. And so it's really about being able to connect with your audience.

Russ Johns 35:32
Well, Mary, so much. Thank you for all of your...thank you, you know, for all of your tips, conversation, getting to know the pirate community and being here and showing up and adding value to the to the pirate community and becoming a pirate in the community.

Mary Fain Brandt 35:50
I'm a piarete. I have arrived. And there are some amazing people. I'm watching the comments over here. I cannot wait to connect with all of you. So send me a message and we'll get connected.

Russ Johns 36:03
Lorrie Scott says people buy from people. Thank you and silver fox. Russ, I need to talk to you about that. Please. Yes, so much. And thank you everyone for being here. Because you know, it's really about making those conversations available to open up and say, hey, I'm willing to have a conversation with you. And I want to understand about what it's taking place. You don't always have to have an agenda. The only agenda that you need to have is add value. And the reason why is it'll always return tenfold promise and promise you. And also, it's because #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. And I want you to #enjoyyourday. So thank you, Mary. Once again. Thank you.

Mary Fain Brandt 36:53
Thank you. Bye everyone.

Russ Johns 36:54
We'll be in touch. Take care everyone.

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