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  Russ Johns 0:21
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

It's a great day for a #piratebroadcast and we are here once again, sharing #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. I just thank you all for being here. All the gratitude in the world and if you're not watching this on live. Matt, he's back again. Are you here? Matt? Can you hear me? We got Matt Crump back again, he's a pirate, long term pirate and amazing individual in the community and doing some incredible things, some incredibly valuable things out in the community. We're having some challenges with technology.

However, I think that we'll just continue to, to attempt this engagement here and make sure that we have mag going on. Are you there, Matt? Can you hear me? Test it? He's going to reboot and he'll come back. We'll see what what's going on there. This is the way live streaming works on a regular basis. So if there are times where we just have to kind of go with the flow and make sure that we have everything as it should be kind of hanging out doing what we can do, and not worry about too much about the details.

Sometimes internet works, and sometimes it doesn't. So I know that you've probably experienced that. So if you've experienced that challenge, let me know. Let me know in the comments. So if you've ever had lost the Internet, and man, it's back in the room. There you are. Can you hear me now?

Matt Crump 2:38
Horrible internet today? I'm trying my phone.

Russ Johns 2:43
Let's just keep going. Matt how you doing man?

Matt Crump 2:53
The horrible crash of the internet.

Russ Johns 2:57
Oh no. Oh no. Well Hey, what we got to do is what we got to do so do you want to drop out and see if you can reboot your router or something like that?

Matt Crump 3:11
Yeah, I already did that.

Russ Johns 3:14

Matt Crump 3:15
Evidently according to the cable company nothing's wrong, sure looks like nothing's wrong

Russ Johns 3:21
nothing's wrong. It's just visually

Matt Crump 3:27

Russ Johns 3:29
Matt How you doing brother?

Matt Crump 3:32
I'd be doing much better if I had internet buddy But hey, #smilesarefree.

Russ Johns 3:35
#Kindnessiscool. We got it all we can do

Matt Crump 3:42

Russ Johns 3:43
You have some amazing things taking place in the world

Matt Crump 3:49
Yeah, it's been pretty amazing ride here lately. God's been opened up some amazing doors here for me and besides the things I get to do online with less In great people there. Just a few days ago, I wrote an article on LinkedIn I was telling you about earlier and launched a hashtag that ended up exploding, which is amazing. This, it's called be the difference 2020 hashtag there in front, of course. And I've got a website out and everything that we've talked about a little bit later if you want to, but it's been pretty awesome to see what's getting ready to happen with that.

Russ Johns 4:26
I'm excitedbecause, I think resiliency is has been one of the terms that I've used a lot this year, is it just being resilient in what's taking place around us? Having a little empathy for what people are doing, how they're going through things. I've always I mean, I've been pitching #kindnessiscool for years, and it's nothing new. However, it's still relative to what we're doing right now. It's exciting to see some people come to life life as it relates to supporting each other, supporting others around us. There's Matt again. So what do we got in the room? who's in the room?

Gabriel's in the room? Good morning, my friend Matt is awesome. Yeah, for some reason, we jumped on early Gabriel and his connection was choppy. It wasn't quite there. And it was like, Ah one of those things that you just have. It's connected, but not very well. Hey, be the light. Absolutely be the light. Gabriel's here awesome. Russ John's. Byron, Pickett. Good morning, brother. Good morning. How are you? Thank you so much for being here. We'll try Matt again, add to the stream. We'll get you in here. We're going to get you in here. resilience.

Resilience is what we were taught to try and you got it brother every on it. So Lonnie is here Good morning, guys. She says Byron it's the beards. They're acting like Faraday cage. Nice. My two favorite men in one place. Thank you so much. That's very kind of view. And then impressive beards here today. Matt has the full beard going on. I had the Arizona cut. So let's like, I got to go on. Kathy Spooner. Good morning. Thank you so much for being here. Kathy. I really appreciate your, your being here. Matt's having some connection challenges. Pirate beards. Yeah. Simon Thank you so much.

Matt Crump 7:05
Yeah, I'm only thinking that my cable company's coming tomorrow to fix my stuff we might have to reschedule but I'm sorry that it's happening. I'm just having a major internet issues

Russ Johns 7:19
Well you're always welcome back in the the pirate broadcast, Matt, you know I love what you're doing

Matt Crump 7:25
No doubt,

Russ Johns 7:26
I love the attitude that you have and being resilient and be the difference,making it matter is what you're doing.

Matt Crump 7:36
I couldn't get enough bandwidth to say to say this real quick. I mean, the whole point behind me the difference is, is not to take on somebody opportunity to say they want to share an ebook or a course or lesson or, or their product or whatever anybody it's about. It's about finding the unconscious competence of that person. So I want to take Russ Johns, and I want to find out what your unconscious competence is.

Russ Johns 8:06
Hmm. The give us an example of that.

Matt Crump 8:12
Yeah, so I want to take what it is that you were able to do, that you don't think about doing. For example, you just could get up in the morning and get ready to sign up for your #piratebroadcast and do your thing, when some other people have no idea what it takes to even do a podcast. Right? How do I do that? What software do I use? What kind of conference do I need? How do I speak? How do I find guests for the show things of that nature, right? That's an unconscious competence for you now because you just know how to do it. You have to take some time to get to that place of unconscious competence. Oh man, here I go again, alright, but now to take that unconscious competence and to, to bottle that and explain it to other people that don't have it.

It's to give that formation to the world, other people that can now do something that they've been wanting to do or to To empower them to do something people have lost their businesses, people have lost their, their career, their livelihood, whatever the case may be. I hope this is all coming across. Yeah, so to be the difference, it's not exactly like making a difference by giving you a product. But to be the difference is to empower somebody else to be themselves to or to find out who they're supposed to be right maybe a person who's lost their business, brick and mortar, like if I still had my brick and mortar business, my music store, I have no idea how I would have made it financially through this through this COVID thing. But I'm an entrepreneur, and I'm a dreamer, and I'm a visionary.

I would have closed the music store and I would have done something different like I have now. Right, but some people don't know what that next thing is they are grieving their loss and to have something that can empower them and inspire them. Well it it reboots everything. Then the other part of it is that I want to help industries like airlines hospitality, food service, things that nature so the industry of the airlines is down. 96% in their profits this year, 96% loss, right? How many people can handle a 96% loss in your business right now? Then not know when your customers are coming back? Right. So of course, people like airlines some people will say, well, they have stocks and they have money in the bank and boba. That's not the point. The point is who can handle 96% loss? Then what are you gonna do about it? When when things come back, right. So in the meantime, selfishly, I need the airlines, because I want to go speak in other countries again, and I can't do that right now.

I want the airlines to be there. And I don't want to pay $5,000 per ticket to get across the country or to another country, whatever. Right. So what can we do now to help empower other companies and corporations that are going through difficult times to to stay afloat? How can we inspire them how we can help them with the things we can do? Right So I'm now having people that are partnering with with this movement called be the difference so that we can start doing that which is phenomenal to think of that happens not of course, I'm not clearly you know expounding upon this and you knew the whole big picture would be the difference. 2020 is yet because it's like five days, right now. All right. So I'm really trying to put this all Atlantic down. But to know what's happening right now and to see how people can make a difference is

Russ Johns 11:21
well, and we all can make a difference. We even if we don't think we make an impact, we always make an impact the ones around us in our attitude, we can actually send out positive vibes, we can actually look at life in a positive way and looking and receive information. I think the other thing that Matt was talking about is the ability of the opportunity to, kind of almost inspire other people around you to think about how you can be different, how you can actually make a matter how you can actually make an impact on other people, because there's always opportunities out there. There's always going to be an opportunity out there that we can actually help someone.

Think about what they can do next. Some people don't have an idea of what's going on you drive down the road, and you see this industrial district and you see all these kind of buildings with names on them. There's all kinds of industries, supporting industries. There's all kinds of skill sets out there that are emerging and evolving right now as we speak. And I think what, Matt, I think what Matt, you're you're alluding to is the opportunity to help each other and inspire each other to do better and do what we can with what we have and then grow that to the next level. Am I

Matt Crump 12:43

Russ Johns 12:45
moving in the right direction.

Matt Crump 12:47
Yeah, you sure are and again, when it comes down to certain people that would be a part of this movement. It's it's really tapping into that unconscious competence that is like the the Mojo boost. I don't know how to really say it, it's just the, it's the superpowers, right that that can make somebody else a superhero. Right. I think everybody's heroes in the story, so to take somebody's superpower, and be able to give that to you, right? Everybody's a Superman. Everybody's Superwoman. I mean, why not? I mean, only people that wouldn't do that are people that are in fear of others doing better than them? Well, that's an identity issue. Right?

I don't care about people that are full of ego and have identity issues. I do care about them. But I care about that, that that Mojo, that unconscious competence that people are willing to give to other people. And that's a different thing than just your product, your books or things of that nature. Right. It's a little tough to kind of put that together because, I mean, how often have you thought about well, let me explain to Russ how you breathe. Let's see. Breathe in. Breathe out I don't know how to use suck air you put your right i mean how you explain breathing, right. So yeah.

It's the same thing when it comes down to unconscious competence. How do you really land that plane to tell people? Well, okay, now this is this is how I do what I do. It's Wow, okay, and put all that stuff together. Yeah, well, at the same time, it may take that person who's sharing that unconscious competence. It may take that person to another area of what they're doing. They're saying, oh, man, I see what I've been doing here. And I could probably innovate that do this now. Right? So it's, it's a win win?

Russ Johns 14:31
Well, we all have transferable skills as well, you know, it's the ability and opportunity to look at something from a new perspective. And if we can inspire somebody to see a new perspective in their existing skill set, I think it's really going to be valuable for the future. For a lot of people, you know, especially well, the ones that are not sure what to do next. If we can guide in what we're doing because I mean, I would love to teach share how to produce the pirate broadcast and the pirate syndicate and do other things with that.

There's a lot of opportunity out there for that, you know, a lot of business owners still need to be able to present and provide visibility for their business. When they can't go out to an expo or they can't go to a trade show, they can't go out networking, they can't do a lot of things they used to be able to do a year ago. So this kind of movement and that you're starting, Matt is going to be it's creative, innovative. And so what can we do to help you move this along?

Yeah, I heard you.

Matt Crump 15:50
I did hear you I heard you that beards are wreaking havoc on Wi Fi by Andy. That's pretty funny. Yeah, maybe it's our power of our wonder beards are really racking up Oh hey Lonnie. She just heard Nancy's Mars. So what a gift he has. I love you, Lani so much. She's a superstar, too. I can tap into Lani unconscious competence. She's wild and amazing.

Russ Johns 16:14
Yes, absolutely. Angie's here this morning. Good morning pirates. Love that. You're here. Thank you so much for being here. She's always inspiring. out there. And Gabriel livestreaming is one hard time when bandwidth sucks. But it has what it is and it should go on. Russ is a trooper. Christy. Good.

Matt Crump 16:43
Yeah, Gabriel's awesome. We're trying buddy. Yeah, we're trying everybody it's it's all it's all on me. It's not it's not rust at all. It's my stupid Wi Fi here. Good Lord, but we're pushing through. Hearing I

Russ Johns 16:56
Expand on that idea, Matt. True authenticity is like Howard was saying it's one of those things that we're really, really we need to focus on it.

Matt Crump 17:12
It's also transparency is kind of what he's saying. By being true authenticity, you're willing to to be naked. You're willing to expose yourself completely. Kind of weird sounding I know but

great time for me to me to drop out in signal.

Russ Johns 17:38
Talking about being naked than drop.

Matt Crump 17:40
Can you hear me?

Russ Johns 17:42
Yeah, we can hear you.

Matt Crump 17:43
Can you hear me now?

Russ Johns 17:47
Oh, I think this is totally appropriate to Matt. It's like the, the bandwidth we have is it's almost like have small snippets of information. It just makes us want more. We just want more information from you. We'll see if he's going to come back

Matt Crump 18:14
Yeah, I heard you, but my signal is horrible. Yeah. You said bits of information.

Russ Johns 18:22
I know.

Matt Crump 18:23
Yeah. So I probably dropped out talking about being naked, which were just placed out. But my point was to be willing to my point was to be willing to expose yourself My point is to say, I fear I fear nothing. To me, success is if I'm able to make useful I'm successful. I'm here to replace myself. And I have to replace myself every day because I'm evolving, and I'm innovating as well. So I'm going to learn something new every day. I sure hope in that case, then then I relay that information, help share with other people. So that's really kind of what I'm about this movements really about to long story short. At this point, instead of me just doing something on the smaller scale with what I do, be the different 2020 is is global.

It's way not about me, it's about everybody. I'm just a guy that got lucky enough to get the word from God to launch the movement. And now everybody else is a part of what this is all about. So I'm super excited to see what this means and what this does over the next next few weeks, months, a year or however long this goes, I have no idea. But we've got people already around the world that are signed up New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, America, of course, Africa, Australia, UK, I mean, it's already starting to pour in but the leaders that are signing up for this and I'm so excited with that in the world right now.

Russ Johns 19:52
Well, please let us know how and where we can go to sign up where where do we go, Matt? What's the next step for us?

Matt Crump 20:01
Yeah, well the website hopefully you can hear me is be the difference 2020 dot today.

Russ Johns 20:09
Let me see if I get that up here.

Matt Crump 20:09
Did you catch that?

Russ Johns 20:11
Let me see if I can do

Matt Crump 20:23
Yeah. Did you get it all?

Russ Johns 20:26
be The difference

Matt Crump 20:27

Russ Johns 20:29

Matt Crump 20:31
dot today dot today

Russ Johns 20:41
Oh! dot today?

Matt Crump 20:43
Nope just be the difference. 2020 dot today. Yeah is dot today

Russ Johns 20:54
is that correct? See if this is the right one. I think we can find it. Is that correct Matt? Get it here.

Matt Crump 21:21
Hopefully you caught that in the chat section while I was while my internet was crapping out again. Did you see it typed in there, Russ?

Russ Johns 21:30
Yeah. I got it. Yeah.

Matt Crump 21:34
Okay. Awesome

Russ Johns 21:37
Should be right there.

Matt Crump 21:41
Yeah, of course you can catch me on LinkedIn. Obviously. I just posted a video about it today, but Oh, yeah, there you go.

Russ Johns 21:48

Matt Crump 21:49
Yes, yes. Yeah. fantabulous.

Russ Johns 21:52
Yeah. So

Matt Crump 21:57
pirate robot broadcast Oh my god.

Russ Johns 22:04
All we can do enjoy the day man. It's like, hey, we got to do this we got some things going on Kenyatta is here. She's in the room. Hey pirates rock Ross Johns background fun with glitches in the matrix. Yes. And then related to the cartoonist chrome rage.

Matt Crump 22:30
No, no, no, but I wouldn't mind talking to him. I could help me out.

Russ Johns 22:34
Yeah, that'd be fun COVID problems I'm used to them now. Hey, Wendy, how are you? Yeah, it was so much.

Matt Crump 22:42
Isn't that wild Wendy. You gotta get used to them, right? It's wild.

Russ Johns 22:46
Yeah. Man Crump is such a great force except for the internet connection. I love live streaming.

Matt Crump 22:56
Oh, man, may the force be with us right podcast every day and Doug's videocast every day. He's online all the time.

Russ Johns 23:05
Yeah. I mean, he does the evenings. So it works out.

Matt Crump 23:10
Yeah. I'm usually in bed. That's horrible.

Russ Johns 23:15
Well, I know that we got a few challenges here, Matt, it's not a big deal. I just want to make sure that you get highlighted for the work that you're doing the efforts you're putting out there, and make sure that you have an opportunity to share what's going on in the world today, in Matt's world, and

Matt Crump 23:33

Russ Johns 23:33
we need to help each other out and lift each other up because it's, it's important. I think it's a goal that we need to make sure that we pursue on a regular basis and continue to support each other. So

Matt Crump 23:48
Just considering that I just had my last brain surgery three months ago and in I'm still here so I've been fighting this stupid battle with cancer for a long time been nine years now but after this lap all the cancers gone from my brain, and my PET scan came back clear which is first time that's really happened in a long time. We're super stoked. I'm still not out of the woods yet, but I think I'm like at the edge, I'm super excited what that means for me, the type of cancer I have is very volatile. It could come back at any time But

Russ Johns 24:37

Matt Crump 24:37
I believe God's healed me a long time ago, so my body's catching up.

Russ Johns 24:42

Matt Crump 24:43
I've got some quality of life issues that have permanent damage to my body. It's been done from surgeries, radiation and medications. I have chronic fatigue, chronic pain and I take about 32 pills a day right now, which is horrible. That too shall come to an end, I believe that I'm going to be healed completely. That means I'll get my energy back and everything else like my adrenal glands gone. So like one day, I'm thinking, I'm gonna go there and and say, Mr. Crump, we have no idea what happened here. But you have an adrenal gland again, I'm like,

Russ Johns 25:18

Matt Crump 25:18
I want to tell you why. It can happen. So I'm believing God for great things. And in the meantime, I'm living in over time. I'm grateful to God that he's spared my life when I'm supposed to be dead many times already. And I'm not so I'm here to do something and do something about it. And that's what I try to do every day. What I do on LinkedIn I tell people I'm here to overcome life's obstacles for them to be able to overcome life obstacles to for them to achieve their number one goal live a life of abundance. So air is about people experiencing those three things, and we'll jump back out. Hopefully you can hear that and I'm about those things and this be the difference. 2020 is no Nothing less than, than what I live for. Right kind of life obstacles achieve the number one goal and live a life of abundance and hopefully be the difference. 2020 Today well, we'll do exactly that for people around the world.

Russ Johns 26:14
Well, I appreciate the fact that you were able to stay on as long as you have. And that you're still on board here. And also, look, I'll start promoting this website, and we'll get the word out and get some more people involved and engaged in this movement and support you in any way we can. We all have a gift. We all have a message. Fortunately. You're still here for a reason. And let's make let's make a man All right, man.

Matt Crump 26:47
Yeah, absolutely every day, and I'm so grateful for you doing the same thing, buddy. It's a lot of work to do it. You do a lot of work, and I appreciate your effort to stay faithful to it.

Russ Johns 26:58
Yeah. I love the idea of setting up in the morning and highlighting somebody in the community and making sure that we all have a ability an opportunity to make connections that are valuable and that inspire each other. So, I really appreciate you being here and thank you so much for everybody else being here in the room, Lani can Jada Angie, Gabriel. Howard, Kathy, thank you so much. We absolutely positively need to help each other out, support each other, and encourage each other to do what we can to help each other out. And just keep lifting that that spirit up and making sure that we have enough ability and opportunity to to do better. #makeitmatter. So be the difference. 23 dot today. And today we're now so yeah.

Matt Crump 28:13
The tip sign up right now and I've got another one launching today so there'll be updated today. Awesome, awesome. Well,

Russ Johns 28:19
I'll let you go on about your day get your internet squared away and hopefully we can catch up in another time then we're gonna give it updates and interview you again. So thank you so much for sharing everything else and stay healthy. Keep healing, and we'll see you soon Okay. Hopefully you're heard that. So anyway, thank you so much for being here, everyone. I really appreciate you. As always,#kindnessiscool. #smilesarefree and you #Enjoytheday everyone. Thanks, Matt. Take care.

Matt Crump 29:05
Thank you. Bye.

Russ Johns 29:08
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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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