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Introduction 0:01
Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.

Russ Johns 0:20
It's a beautiful day for the #piratebroadcast. I just love the opportunity to share #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Nick has been on the on the #piratebroadcast before previously, and I love the conversations we have every single time, because it seems like 30 minutes is never enough. So I wanted to jump back in and have a conversation today. And also check in and make sure that he's enjoying the new temperature in Arizona. So you know, coming from summer, and now you're looking forward to the fall, winter and spring. So, Nick, how you doing, brother?

Nick Dorsey 1:02
Good, Russ, how are you doing? Thanks for having me on again. This is awesome, man. I just appreciate it.

Russ Johns 1:08
Well, it's been a little while and I keep meaning to connect and this thing we call COVID-19 just keeps coming up coming and coming and coming and coming in. I know there's a lot of people, I mean, I went out this weekend, and everybody's wearing masks, and still doing their shopping and getting out and it's just a matter of time. I imagine, before this thing burns out and goes away. However, in the meantime, we have to go through the transition of everything that's taken place and making sure that we have an understanding of what needs to happen next. You had a huge transition this last year, moving from Seattle down to Arizona, so how are you settling in? How are you managing today?

Nick Dorsey 2:01
We're settling well, like I was telling you in the green room, my allergies pop up at a different time of year. So they're popping up now because people don't know who aren't from Arizona, we have a summer grass and winter grass and they have to kill the summer grass, and not water it for like a week to overseed and that week, just oh my goodness, my allergies were just went off. But besides that, we take what 2020 has been and it's been a little bit of a dumpster fire with COVID and everything. Besides that, the beautiful weather, the transition down here, meeting a lot of people, we actually are meeting a lot of people, especially our neighbors on our block and everything. So it's been really cool, but really, really nice. And God It's nice having blue skies almost 99% of the days. It's just amazing.

Russ Johns 2:54
You walk outside and look, it's this. It's the sun is out again. Coming from the Northwest, you never know.

Nick Dorsey 3:04
Absolutely, you can actually make plans down here and you go through them. That's whatt's great about it. Up there, you've got a 50/50 shot, so that's been great, just starting all over again. There's nothing wrong or anything but sometimes you just need to restart your life and everything and that that's what we're going through. And it's been very good for us. So we've appreciated the journey so far. We're very grateful for it. We take it for granted because everything could change tomorrow, who knows. So, we're just enjoying the ride right now and meeting some great people which is the best part of it. And to be able to see my family a lot more, that's been really cool for me.

Russ Johns 3:57
Yeah, it's really nice to be able to put that together and bring it to to the table because when I moved here with mom and dad, it was really being able to spend more time with them, quiet time, quality time and make sure that they're okay and moving forward. The thing about it is that when I first moved here, I mean I was moving from Houston so it was really wet, humid, the humidity was really high. I just dried out when I got here kind of like a lizard, but I'm really enjoying it right now. You know after being here a couple of years, I've gotten used to the seasons, gotten used to everything that's going on and the people and it's easy access, easy to get around. Things are laid out well and it's just a great place to live. I just really appreciate it. I just want to highlight a couple of things. You've been down here before, you know you understand the circumstance, but I mean, Seattle, it's just you wake up and I love the spring weather, when it's coming into summer, when everything's green and everything. Have you got used to the brown yet? You got used to the desert?

Nick Dorsey 5:17
You know, it's just different colors. That's the way I look at. It's just a different scenery. I mean, like you said, don't get me wrong, the scenery in Washington when it is clear outside, you can't beat that with the mountain ranges with the Cascades with the Olympics with Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, even in the background. You can't beat that. But you only get it X amount. Now coming down here it just gives you a different perspective on everything. We put some turf in our backyard, so we got the green going there. So I mean, it gives us some color. Hibiscus is around so we have some yellows and red colors and everything back there. So it helps out with that aspect of it. But yeah, it doesn't bother me, because the biggest thing for me is there's not a lot of yard work, which I really appreciate the mower no more, not weed eating, and all that stuff. So it's like a little bit of laziness, but it's very relaxing.

Russ Johns 6:25
Tell us a little bit about those that don't know, you've been doing a little bit of a show. You've been producing a show yourself and putting some things out there. I was on your show a while back. So tell us how that's going and what you're up to.

Nick Dorsey 6:41
Thanks for bringing it up. Yeah, it's called the All Things podcast. It's going great. I took two or three weeks off, because doing two episodes a week and didn't realize how much effort and time you have to put in, even though mine's not scripted or anything, but it still takes time to set everything up, get people set up, get everybody on the right time, and everything. I've gotten some great feedback, I've got some amazing views on it. I mean, just sometimes going live, we've got a couple hundred comments going on at the same time during the show. It's like we have the show going on. Then in the comments, it's another show going on. We've made it a lot of fun and I've really been enjoying it, looking to take it to the next level to a degree, like we're talking about adding some background images and stuff just to have a little fun. I don't want to dump a lot of money into it because it's for fun. A lot of it's for fun, but we meet some really cool people. I've had people actually reach out to me asking to be on it. So to me, I'm like, okay, that might be a sign that we're actually doing something pretty good if people want to be on it. So it's been a lot of fun, Russ, and you know, you were on it. Great. I need to figure out what I'm gonna call everybody who is on it. You got pirates, I need to figure out what we call everyone because we're around 20 guests right now. So it's been, nice, but I'm ready to step it up a little bit. And then just continue to have fun and reach out to people. You never know who you'll meet on this platform. You never know who's gonna change your life. If this changes the life of one person because of somebody on my podcast, that's all. That's just great. So that's what we're looking to do.

Russ Johns 8:36
Just make a difference. Just make a difference, you know, and do it with gratitude. So, just like you're talking about meeting new people. Hiett Ives from Houston. Hello pirates. Good morning. Good Monday morning. Thank you for being here, Hiett. Appreciate you.

Nick Dorsey 8:51
Good morning.

Russ Johns 8:53
Damon is here. Hello, guys. How are you doing? Thanks for dropping by Damon, appreciate that. Kenyatta says, hey, it's Nick Dorsey on the #piratebroadcast. Good morning to you and #RussJohns! #piratesunite in AZ!

Nick Dorsey 9:14
Pretty soon, we all have to meet up. There so many people down here.

Russ Johns 9:20
Hey, Mark. You know, that's how Kenyatta and I met. It was at one of the early on #LinkedInlocals, you know, and so that's why we did the #LinkedInlocal pop up and got a few things going on. Mark LaCour says, Houston in the house. Appreciate it, Mark. Thanks for being here, man and look forward to another...Mark runs and operates the largest oil and gas podcast in the world, over a million downloads and he has a network of podcasts that are doing some great work in that industry. We actually have a live stream on Thursday. This Thursday at one o'clock Arizona time, three o'clock, Houston time. So check that out. It's on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, you can get notified for that. So jump on board and I happen to know about it because I'm producing shows. So that's a good thing.

Nick Dorsey 10:20

Russ Johns 10:22
And then Nick is a part of the #piratebroadcast. He's, in the industry. He actually has a few things going on there. Good morning, Nick. How are you doing? I hope you're well.

Nick Dorsey 10:34
That guy has a cool name. I just want to put that out there.

Russ Johns 10:37
Yeah, Nick. Great name. So Joseph. Hey, Joe. What's going on superheroes. Good morning pirates. And then Ron Craig. Hey, guys. Thanks for being here. Appreciate it and then Joseph says hello, Nick Dorsey and #RussJohns. Appreciate you. I love some of your videos you got coming out. Paolo says hello pirates. Love it. Love it. And then Sukhdev. Good morning. Great to see you guys. Batman and Superman. Batman, not Superman. I said superheroes.

Nick Dorsey 11:21
I want to say hashtag #Joetober because it's his birthday. Those are just great daily posts he's been putting out there.

Russ Johns 11:29
Yes, happy birthday. Happy birthday. Appreciate it. He says thank you, Russ. You know, the thing I love about this environment, Nick is like yourself, you just jumped on, easy access, fire up a camera, jump on, have a conversation with people, you meet a lot of different people, a lot of different personalities. It's a great way to have a conversation. To me, I start my morning out this way. I have people booked into December now and it's just a way that I can continue to kind of get my morning started, jumpstart my day and find something fascinating or find something interesting or share somebody like yourself with the community, because there's a lot of great people out there that are doing great stuff. I don't think the mainstream media has a way of highlighting that as often as it needs to. I think everybody has an opportunity to shine and do what you got to do to get through the day. You're just doing a lot of great things. So I just wanted to highlight that, Nick.

Nick Dorsey 12:41
Thank you, I appreciate that.

Russ Johns 12:44
You know, gratitude has a huge impact on a lot of lives, so what has the show kind of brought back to you? Any highlights that you want to share with us today?

Nick Dorsey 12:56
I think the main thing about the show is do I put this? I mean, it's just such positive feedback and I've had a couple people just message me, hey, your podcast, you mentioned something in here. It just was like, it made me think about this. It made me just go to another level. I was like what? Because I talk on the podcast like I'm talking to friends now. It's just a friendly conversation on it. You know, some of the things have just been amazing. I just get these direct messages just like thank you so much for bringing this topic up, we had a topic where we did talk about it, it wasn't meant to go this way. But it did go to mental health and all that stuff. Man, we had so much feedback on that one, just saying thank you, because the person who was talking about it is a pretty big influencer on LinkedIn and everything. A lot of people respect this person and just seeing what that person went through and got through it and how positive everything is, it was a very big positive influence on people. So that meant a lot. You know that one and then and we had other ones where...I don't know if you caught the one with Eric, talking about conspiracy theories and all this stuff and our favorite bands and everything and I got some fun feedback on that. It was interesting.

Russ Johns 14:25
Well, I know you read (unintelligible)

Nick Dorsey 14:26
There have been great comments for us with so many. It's interesting. Oh, sorry. Go ahead.

Russ Johns 14:38
No, go ahead.

Nick Dorsey 14:41
Oh, I said it's really interesting and feels so good. I know you get them, too, if somebody just sends you a message, even something you don't know and just says thank you for your podcast today or thank you for that message. It meant a lot to me. I was having a bad day and this just really helped me out. It's just like, wow, cuz to be honest with you going into this, that's not really what I'm planning on doing. It's just having conversation, but when it works out that way, it feels so good, it really does.

Russ Johns 15:14
The beautiful thing about it too, Nick, is that you have an opportunity to go places where you didn't imagine it would go. Because there's no set format, you're not asking the same questions every time that you can actually evolve into a conversation that, kind of opens up the door to other conversations, and other people in here. Ron Craig says, did you pre screen Nick to make sure he was wearing pants? #JoeTober Yes. That Superman remark was for Ira Bowman. You know Ira as well as Joe and he does a show as well. He does his his weekend show

Nick Dorsey 16:14
I think I'm having technical difficulties here.

Russ Johns 16:17
Yeah, our connection seems to be a little bit down. So I'll go through the comments here. Nick is great at his Alll Gratitudes Show, too. Absolutely Joe. He has a great...are you back? Our connection must be slow.

Nick Dorsey 16:42
Yeah. It's going in and out.

Russ Johns 16:45
Cathi Spooner says, good morning pirates. Hiett Ives says, do we use Captain Russ or Admiral Russ for you as leader of the pirate Navy? Well, depends on who you ask. Wendy says Admiral, because I've gone through some amazing stuff. Slaptagz, Sheri Lally. Sheri says I'll have to thin the herd and move your podcast into my rotation. Positive people hunt for the good. I love that. Yes.

Nick Dorsey 16:46
Absolutely. Yep.

Russ Johns 16:49
Then Hiett says, conversations that help others. Oh, there's Paula. Paula thanks so much for being here. How you doing? Just got here. Hello. You've you made it just in time, Paula. And Lori Knudsen. Good morning. So he's putting on pants now, Ron.

Nick Dorsey 17:44
These guys

Russ Johns 17:45
That conversation started a year ago. Long timeago.

Nick Dorsey 17:48
Oh, it's been a year and still going.

Russ Johns 17:54
Paula says, happy Monday, pirates. Thank you so much. And she says she's good. Thank you so much. I really like it when the comments, you get comments in the comments with each other. People are talking to each other in the comments. That's what brings community together. You have an opportunity to share that community. I had recently, oh, where did I put them...Somebody sent me books. A couple of books, I received a couple of books, John Espirian, I ordered his book, Content DNA. It's a great book. But just meeting so many people and connecting with so many different people is an opportunity to really open up what you're looking at and what you're doing online. Because, I mean, it's real people. It's not just a game of somebody on Instagram. You're not looking at their photos and you're looking at their real life and talking to real people about real life. So, that's what I really love.

Nick Dorsey 19:04

Russ Johns 19:04
I really love the idea of just having conversations just like this. It's almost the way I look at it, Nick, is it's like you're in a coffee shop having a conversation and somebody else is just listening in. It's just like the fly on the wall. So, it's great. So what other amazing things are taking place in your world these days that you want to share with us?

Nick Dorsey 19:29
I think just I've been fortunate during this whole stuff where I do do some travel. So I've met some of the great people on this platform in person for dinner and everything. So that was expected just because of how the world is right now. So those were some very...surprise means great. People were willing to do it and some people weren't ready yet. And hey, you know what, that's perfectly fine. I respect everybody's feelings towards things like that, but stuff like that's been going on, but you know, besides that, just with the transition how COVID is right now. Arizona, as you know, is heartened to, well they have been for about a month now. But the festivals are starting to pick up a little bit, there's more outdoor activities starting to go you normally have this time of year. So we've gone to a couple of them now. So that's been kind of fun, you know? But no, we haven't got that full experience yet. That's what we're looking for. But now with the weather cooling down, be able to sit outside and have dinner, we put a TV outside so you can watch the baseball/football games outside so that that's the biggest thing that's going on right now. Helping my parents out, that's a thing right now to some health issues. I can't wait to turn the corner on everything. Like probably everybody else listening here. Just can't wait to go back to somewhat normal know. There's gonna be a lot of fun conversations going on over here. This is great.

Russ Johns 21:16
Yeah. Paula says, yoga pants.

Nick Dorsey 21:23
Yeah. You flashed on my friend, Charles. Charles is great people. If you want to connect with somebody, Charles is fantastic. He's out of Atlanta. He's a veteran, but he helps out people that come back from overseas and all that stuff. He's right there working with them to try to transition into civilian life. So he does some great stuff. He's a great person to connect with. Awesome.

Russ Johns 21:50
Perfect. Well, let's connect Charles, let's make sure you have an opportunity to share.

Nick Dorsey 21:56
Good one to have on your show.

Russ Johns 21:58
Yeah. Hello, Master Joe. Lori is saying, I thought it was a pajama casual. Pretty funny. That's pretty funny. Ron says, Joe, what are you wearing? Yeah, Joe, what are you wearing? Yeah, I'm over in YouTube. I don't think everyone can see my comments. That's true. Oh, yeah. We could see your comments. But I don't know if I could comment. I can reply back.

Nick Dorsey 22:33
No, I think it just replies. Right. LinkedIn.

Russ Johns 22:36
Yeah. But it's really it's really nice to have people show up and join the conversation and it kind of lightens up the show a little bit and make sure that you know...Basili says, join me in this live conversation. And then we're right here. And Gabriel. Good morning, fellow pirates late to the party. Paula says, Nick, you are such a great person. I think so.

Nick Dorsey 23:04
Thank you, Paula. Thanks for that.

Russ Johns 23:06
That's awesome.

Nick Dorsey 23:07
I agree with this one. (Paula said Russ is amazing)

Russ Johns 23:09
Yeah. Joe says, My master Jedi Word Poetess Paula Goodman. I love that.

Nick Dorsey 23:16

Russ Johns 23:18
So when's the next episode for your show, Nick?

Nick Dorsey 23:25
That's a good question. I've been working on getting some people in and I've actually been talking to a couple former athletes to get them on. NFL athletes and stuff to get them on the show. One's actually local here in Arizona, so that'd be really awesome to do that and meet up with them. Hopefully I'll get that out next week or two is the goal to get going. I'm just trying to know what's going to work for a better time for people and with daylight savings coming up it's gonna since we don't have it here in Arizona, it's gonna help out a little bit. Instead of being 3 hours, it's only gonna be a two, so that will change up some of the viewing for the East Coast people so I gotta get my head wrapped around that. Funny as it sounds but everything for me during football season is based off football kickoff times, so now it's going to be totally different for me. I'm gonna wait a little later in the day now to watch, so I'm gonna get to that but it'll be a little fun but I'm hoping in the next week or two I'll be able to launch them back up and get going at least on a weekly basis again and promoting it a lot more and get through that helping my parents a little bit. With my allergies just absolutely destroying me right now, I just needed some time off just to get away and clear up and get a clear path and direction on how I want to do things and how I want to go. So it's my time of year to reset, reset goals and everything coming in and next year and everything too. So this is a good little break period for for me on all this stuff.

Russ Johns 25:19
Yeah, yeah, yet another transition in your life, right? Yeah, I'm gonna make the journey down there and we're gonna connect at some point

Nick Dorsey 25:33
I will absolutely come down for dinner, we will do it, it's ready now. I want to make sure with everything going on, you are ready to do it. I didn't want to push and all that stuff. So if you're ready, then let's do this. It's beautiful down here where I live, it's very quiet. We're to the desert, we really are close to the edge of the desert, so it's kind of nice. But yeah, you're more than welcome. I'd love to, one day, when all this is done, do some more #LinkedInlocals and get all these people because there's so many people in our network down here. I didn't realize until I moved down here how many people actually live down here that I'm connected with, so it would be nice to meet them all one day.

Russ Johns 26:23
Can you imagine what networking is gonna be like, after this whole thing passes over? I mean, everybody's gonna want to go out to a networking event.

Nick Dorsey 26:32
Absolutely. And here's the thing. So are all these videos and podcasts, I know some people do it for a living, you know? And that's how they make their money and everything, but with so many companies that happen to zoom everything and now people potentially working from home even longer and a lot of their meetings are gonna be zoom. Do you think you think people are going to get...zoom fatigue is real. I wonder if it's gonna go down a little bit just because when things fully open, like you said, people are just going to want to get out. And just because isolation is real and there are a lot of people struggling with it. I just wonder if the networking on LinkedIn, the app or on your desktop, I wonder if that's gonna go down for a little bit just when everything reopens? It's an interesting thing to think about.

Russ Johns 27:21
Well, I think it'll fall into two camps. One, it'll fall into an opportunity where people realize they don't necessarily have to go back to the office, they can continue working remotely. They may want to come in more frequently; however, they don't necessarily need to come in permanently. So I think a lot of organizations are going to shift how they think about that. Real estate costs and everything else, then also, we'll probably see a slow movement in like restaurants and different organizations that are going to start having events, and they'll probably start having different kinds of events that are cautiously out there. Then they'll pursue growing slowly because it just seems like a wise thing to do. But it will be interesting. I'm fascinated to kind of watch it in the background. Because my life, I mean, I've been a remote worker for 10 years and my life hasn't really been impacted. In fact, I've grown this year in terms of my activity from producing shows and producing content and helping other people learn how to do it. It just happened to be the circumstance, but I think there's gonna be a lot of people that are willing to go out and meet new people and get out in the public more.

Nick Dorsey 28:56
Oh, how is it up where you live? If people don't know, we're a little over an hour apart from each other. Down here, we had the pumpkin and chilii festival happening every week this month. It's going on. We've had food trucks every Friday night for the last month. All the festivals are starting to kind of open. Are they doing it up there? Or is it still kind of low key there right now.

Russ Johns 29:25
It's stil, well, I have to be honest, I haven't really checked. I don't really check into it because I haven't been out with my hip. It's still recovering. A lot of walking is kind of uncomfortable. I continue to walk, but I haven't seen a lot of festivals come around yet. I'm sure they're out here. The more what we see here is farmers markets. A lot of farmers markets coming out.

Nick Dorsey 29:57
A lot of them up and down here every week. They're fun to walk around right now. They're outside and fun to walk around. So I mean, it's pretty safe and people are doing what they need to do If people agree with what's going on, or not whatever, but people are still wearing their masks and they're doing the right thing. So I mean it gives a little, it's weird talking to people with masks because then when they take it off, you don't recognize them sometimes. It's because you never met them, like whoa. People are trying and that's fine. That's all we can do right now. Especially with the nice weather, and it's getting cooler here. Like Saturday, we went to like three different stores and one store had no carts available, because so many people are out. We went to another one and the whole parking lot was jam packed. My goodness, is it because people are finally getting tired of being home? Or is it because it's below 80 degrees? I think the below 80 degrees probably helped out a little bit.

Russ Johns 31:03
Yeah, no kidding.

Nick Dorsey 31:08
We're starting to see a lot more cars on the road, too.

Russ Johns 31:11
Well, Nick, I really appreciate you stopping by and being here. I know that we'll connect soon. I'll catch up with you offline and we'll continue the conversation. I know that life is just going to keep getting better and I look forward to your show coming back on and when you get ready. Let me know when I can help promote it and put it out there.

Nick Dorsey 31:37
Oh, thank you so much. I appreciate that.

Russ Johns 31:39
Thank you, Nick. Have a fabulous week. A wonderful, productive week for you. And as you know, #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree and you #enjoytheday. Take care, everyone.

Nick Dorsey 31:57
Thanks, Russ, for having me.

Russ Johns 32:00
You bet.

Exit 32:02
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