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Catch Olivia Schmitt on the #PirateBroadcast

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Russ Johns 0:03
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview interesting people doing interesting things where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

I'm so excited to be here in the #piratebroadcast and we have Olivia here. How are you doing?

Olivia Schmitt 0:29
I'm Good. How are you, Russ?

Russ Johns 0:30
Not too bad. It's been a minute since we had a conversation. I'm so excited to catch up with you.

Olivia Schmitt 0:35
Yeah, it's probably been too long, right?

Russ Johns 0:38
Yeah, probably has. Life gets busy and you've had some amazing things taken place in life. We'll talk about that a little bit. But I know we're kind of both in the marketing arena. Right now is kind of a challenging time for, it's like, Doo I market? How much do I market? How do I market? Who do I market to? What kind of conversations can I have? What kind of creative can I create?

Olivia Schmitt 1:07
Yeah! Yeah!

Russ Johns 1:08
It's all the things that there are no right answers. It's just a matter of building our conversation around. I like relationships.

Olivia Schmitt 1:17

Russ Johns 1:17
I wanted to catch up with you and find out what you're doing share with people what you're doing and a little bit details in the background and what you're excited about these days. Are you safe and healthy and all that kind of good stuff?

Olivia Schmitt 1:32
Yeah, yeah. Healthy, everybody's been healthy, so I can't complain there. I don't know if I was been slightly sheltered. I always feel like we're a little bit sheltered because we're not close to any major hubs. So I don't know. I also don't like, I'm not really good at paying attention to the statistics and understanding exactly where I will fall in the range, but I think we're pretty low

Russ Johns 1:59

Olivia Schmitt 2:00
In the range of everything that's going on across the country. So, no, my, I mean, the kids are healthy. They're wild and crazy, but we're teaching as best as we can. Hopefully they're learning something over the next few months.

Did I lose Ya?.

Russ Johns 2:27

Olivia Schmitt 2:29
Are you back?

Russ Johns 2:29
I'm back.

Olivia Schmitt 2:30

Russ Johns 2:31
One of the byproducts of being online and having everyone at home online is that the internet is doing what the internet is doing. I actually went out yesterday, my sister thank goodness went out because BestBuy was only open until six o'clock. So I hardwired my laptop to my internet.

Olivia Schmitt 2:56
Oh, yeah.

Russ Johns 2:57
In hopes that it would produce better results. It's the internet is like I had the best possible connection I have.

Olivia Schmitt 3:06

Russ Johns 3:07

Olivia Schmitt 3:08
Yeah. It's a little rough, right? I mean, it's the infrastructure is definitely overtaxed at this point. Yeah, we had to upgrade at our house too, because we have a feels like a million devices on at any given time. We're all we're all figuring it out, right. Or, I think we're learning how to roll with the punches a lot better than we ever had to before in our lives.

Russ Johns 3:31
Well, and resiliency is a word that I really like to use and be being resilient and the ability to adapt, I think is really impatience, empathy. All of these things. Go on with it. It's like, whatever. It's like, yeah, we're gonna just go with it and do what we can.

Olivia Schmitt 3:52
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's funny what would have seemed like, such a huge deal. Before what we would have classified as end of the world type scenario doesn't doesn't really like factor into your thought process anymore? The perspective has shifted so much.

Russ Johns 4:09

Olivia Schmitt 4:11
Which, I just don't think it's all bad.

Russ Johns 4:14
I don't either.

Olivia Schmitt 4:14
Yeah, I don't think anything can be all good or all bad.

Russ Johns 4:18

Olivia Schmitt 4:18
I don't I don't believe in those absolutes.

Russ Johns 4:20
No, no.

Olivia Schmitt 4:22
Right or wrong. I guess I just don't.

Russ Johns 4:24
Now you're working from home.

Olivia Schmitt 4:27

Russ Johns 4:28
Now, is that something new in your world? Is it typically that you would travel to an office and commute and stay in traffic for a minute? What's the change?

I mean,

Olivia Schmitt 4:41
In my prior life, yes, I was in an office or on the road almost every single day. When I took this new position, I went to work from home. Total CSRS based out of California and I'm an Iowa so that was part of the gig was to go work from home. That was an adjustment. Then obviously having now the kids in the house all day long has been a pretty big shift. Yeah, so it's it was definitely an interesting transition to go from being in an office with a lot of people every single day and then at home in a very quiet house, which is not quite so quiet anymore, but yeah, yeah. Prior to this pandemic, I would try and go work in a coffee shop once a week just to like be around people.

Russ Johns 5:35

Olivia Schmitt 5:36
Just to be in the buzz.

Russ Johns 5:37
Mm hmm.


Olivia Schmitt 5:38

Russ Johns 5:38
Exactly. Get out once in a while, do something.

Olivia Schmitt 5:41

Russ Johns 5:42

Olivia Schmitt 5:43
Otherwise, you know what I realized? Like I fill up my gas tank, like maybe once every five weeks.

Russ Johns 5:48
Yeah, I'm getting three weeks to the gallon.

Olivia Schmitt 5:51
It's crazy isn't it?

Russ Johns 5:55
Well, that and the oil industry, I don't know what your gas prices are there

Olivia Schmitt 6:00
Ridiculously cheap.

Russ Johns 6:01
It's changed, it's evolved as well. What's happening there?

Olivia Schmitt 6:07

Russ Johns 6:08
As far as the marketing piece goes that can take place anywhere your company's California you're Where are you located again?

Olivia Schmitt 6:21

Russ Johns 6:21

Olivia Schmitt 6:21
Not Idaho or Ohio.

Russ Johns 6:26
Yes. It's kind of interesting to think about, how can I actually share the message and with online and media and digital and all of the things that we have? I mean, just like we're doing now. A few years ago, this wasn't possible right now. I building a whole show around it. A lot of people actually, what's fascinating is that there's a lot of people that would normally be on television or now on zoom.

Olivia Schmitt 6:59
Yep! I think it's great.

Russ Johns 7:02
Yeah, I love it too. It's honest and open and transparent in real life. That's what's real. If you wanted a real What is it reality TV?

Olivia Schmitt 7:14
This is it. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. I think that it can be tough, right? We want to make sure that we're not being overly pushy or overly marketing. I think that just making sure that you're looking at it the right way in terms of like, obviously, we can do everything instantaneously. You want to be sensitive. Just making sure that your message is either empathetic or it's humorous. Like this is going to provide some Comic Relief to People that are under stress. Like maybe this is going to make someone smile and laugh for a few minutes. I don't think it has to be like overly brandy like, you don't have to be pushing that stuff and like, I'm coming into this world with like completely fresh eyes. I didn't have a History in marketing. This is like me jumping in with both feet and learning so much on the go and on the fly. Having this happen a month into the job was just like, Okay, now, we have to just change what we thought we were going to do, we might need to revise this plan. I think you have to be be willing to be flexible for one. If you thought you knew exactly what you're going to do in 2020, it probably changed a little bit now.

Yeah, I think you just have to, you have to look at it through the right lens. Like if you think for a second that this might be taken the wrong way or it feels too pushy, or this is going to really, like it's just tone deaf and that in the sense that this is going to rub somebody the wrong way because they're dealing with something else. I think then you take a pause and you divert a little bit. I think that we just have to be a lot more in touch with the humaneness of our messages. I think that when we do that allows for you to at least reach a person. Maybe that success doesn't really come to fruition for another six months when all of this starts to normalize a little bit, but I think just like creating connection is probably the most important thing at this point.

Russ Johns 9:20
I think creating connection and that's a great point and you bring up several good concepts here, because adding value, there is never a downside to adding value to

Olivia Schmitt 9:36

Russ Johns 9:36

Olivia Schmitt 9:38

Russ Johns 9:38
Right now empathetic, comic relief, things like are going to help and assist you or at least think and help others think about how they can help and add value as well, I think is a good position to take. I think it's really important for us to understand that we can Always add something to the table that is gonna bring value. It's like going to the neighborhood Friday Night Lights or something like that it's like bring something to the party don't come empty handed here.

Olivia Schmitt 10:14

Russ Johns 10:15
Happy to be here so. We got some people in the room

Olivia Schmitt 10:22

Russ Johns 10:22
Jill's here

Olivia Schmitt 10:25
Hi Jill!

Russ Johns 10:25
Then Gabriel says hello Jill Sullivan.

Olivia Schmitt 10:29
Hello Gabriel. Oh my gosh. How fun is that?

Russ Johns 10:32
Yeah. Then we got Oh yeah, Cross says great state. Perfect.

Olivia Schmitt 10:38

Russ Johns 10:40
Then Gabriel's like okay, good morning fellow pirates and everyone. Good Friday. I love Olivia and her Monday night video. She is so awesome.

Olivia Schmitt 10:48
Oh, thanks, Gabriel. That's so sweet.

Russ Johns 10:52
Yes, yes. I love these conversations, Olivia. The fact that you do. You've put yourself out there. It's taken a while I'm sure that it just didn't happen overnight. The fact that you can actually create outreach, start conversations in a different way, I think is really important. You've always been one that I've always been inspired by as you add value in the conversation, you have those thoughts that you plant the seeds out there, and you say, Okay, here's an idea, here's a thought that you can think about. It's always nice to be able to do that. That's what I enjoy most is that value that I think is important. How are you presenting that in the business side of the equation in insurance industry?

Olivia Schmitt 11:50
I think that there's the personal side of it, and there's the business side of it, and I think seeing how closely the two intersect that people don't look at you as just a representative of the business. They're looking at you as an individual. There has to be consistency of messaging, but also knowing that I can add a certain amount of value as an individual. Then from the business side of things, we really have taken this emphasis of like, how do we continue to add value because we know like, everybody's revenue is tight, right? You can't show up at people's doorsteps asking for money right now, if they're in financial distress, like it's just going to be an automatic turn off and the doors closed, maybe to never reopen, because that's what they're going to remember from their initial experience with you. Really, our goal has just been to continue adding value.

If there's a message that we can get out as a company that makes sense with the brand and also lets people know that we're there to support them. Whatever that may look like from the business side is probably going to vary from customer to customer or prospect to prospect but we just want to continue putting good pools in their hands. Whenever we can just give them whatever content we can continue to put in their hands, we're going to do that and we ask for the feedback as well, like, what do you want to see from us? What is it that we can help you out with? What resources do we have readily available, that are going to help agencies continue to move their businesses forward in the right direction? Whatever we can do to continue adding that value and and not know, it's not a sales pitch. It's really like, let's just help one another out right now. That's really the goal that we've had in mind.

Russ Johns 13:39
Well, I think you personally have always been that way. You've always created value, you've always brought it to the conversation. You've always put it out there in a way that's approachable it's easy to access and it's important to talk about and adding that to your business. They couldn't have picked a better candidate. For added values. I applaud you and appreciate all you do.

Olivia Schmitt 14:05
Yeah. Well, I was very lucky to go to work for people that are and that are just, that's the way that they lead. That's the life they live. It's not this isn't it's not manufactured by any means at all they are extremely authentic and empathetic and transparent people in their own lives. That's how they leave the company and that's the expectation that they put on all of us as individuals.

Russ Johns 14:39
I want to make sure that we can share that concept of that idea with anyone that is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to share the #piratebroadcast today is catch you. You're just catching up or you're just watching the replay. Olivia is an amazing individual that you can connect with on LinkedIn. I'm sure that if you say Russ sent you and wanted to learn more, she might connect with you and answer your questions. Just kidding. It's really important for people to understand that we're all human. We're all here together, we're all going through the same thing. We're all in different stages of acceptance, or fear in the biggest opportunity we have right now, I think is more than anything is learning the ability and the opportunity to take this time and I've been remote worker for years. My schedule hasn't necessarily changed. My life has changed.

Olivia Schmitt 15:50

Russ Johns 15:51
You can't necessarily go out the way we used to and do things and go to the coffee shop and hang out for a little while. Meet people. However, intuitively there's a lot of things that I think about well, I would like to learn something new, or I'd like to improve the skills I have. I think you changing up and becoming a person in marketing and all of a sudden you're dropped into this equation where you have to absorb a lot of information and think about things differently. Even from a marketing perspective.

Olivia Schmitt 16:29

Russ Johns 16:30
How have you approached that? How have you tackled that learning curve? That exercise of thinking outside the box?

Olivia Schmitt 16:39
Yeah, so I think it's been tough when you go from a job that you had for 15 years where you knew everything, and then you jump into a world where you know, nothing. It's been for one I think it was me like stepping outside of like that. You can either like, just fill yourself Self up with self doubt, like I should know this, I should be able to figure this out, which is where I sat for a little while, and then realizing I'm not moving forward, in fact, I'm standing still or possibly moving backwards in these moments, and I have to stop doing this. Unfortunately, like, the people I work with are amazing coaches absolutely go to work for people that are going to coach you and help you grow. Like it's imperative. Especially when you're jumping into something where you're like a fish out of water. You're not going to learn to swim through that if you don't have somebody that's guiding you through really well, and they've just been so patient and understanding. It's like, if I can take a course online, if there's YouTube videos, I can watch like, it is a constant consumption thing. For me, if I'm going to connect these dots, I need to then take this information and go apply it like it all has to be very practical. Yeah, it's you have to be open to The idea that you don't know it, but you have to want to know it. For me, it's just I had to kind of get outside of my head and that I don't know, that's self centeredness that wanted to just like creep in and scream words of self doubt to myself. Just to be like, hey I'm lucky enough to have people in my life that are patient and understanding and want to see me succeed. If you're willing to learn and you have good people that want you to do well, then I feel like then you're unstoppable.

Russ Johns 18:38

Olivia Schmitt 18:38
I'm never going to know at all. Marketing strategies, we're going to change so much probably in the next 12 months. Like it's going to be a constant process of learning. We're never done learning if you decide that you're done learning Well, you might as well just like stop living. This has been an incredible professional lesson for me, but also a life lesson. I can't know it all, and I can't do it all. Being able to admit that and ask for help. That may be the biggest lesson that I've learned in all of this, that nobody expected me to be perfect when I showed up on the job. That was an expectation that I put on myself. Yeah, yeah, I think the biggest thing was just getting outside of my own head. I have to talk myself through that process every morning. God, I just feel so lucky. I didn't know what I was doing. I still don't know what I'm doing. Right. We're figuring it out together. It's a team environment, which is and not only that Russ. There are so many people if you if you network well, sincerely and authentically. You do get to connect with people that are always like willing to put their business card out there digitally, and say If you need something you call me and I am so lucky to have those people that I can be like, Okay, this is where I'm, that's where I'm headed with this what do you think? They may have anywhere from like two to 20 years of experience in marketing and they can be like, this is why I think it works. This is why I don't think it works and just the honesty and just that willingness, that giving that generosity, it's incredible connection and community and I mean, I don't know like if I could give the whole world a hug.

Russ Johns 20:32
Yeah, yeah.

Olivia Schmitt 20:35
We're not islands. It's not just me. I can't do any of this on my own it our lives take villages.

Russ Johns 20:44

Olivia Schmitt 20:45

Russ Johns 20:46
More important than that, I think you nailed it is that the generosity of others to help are really important to understand that is, it's available. Sometimes times were really hesitant to be vulnerable than I asked for help. I think it's important for us to understand that we all need help at some time in our lives, and we have to be able to be willing and open enough to ask for it. There are people out there that really are willing and able to help and have no hesitation whatsoever assist in this process, whatever it happens to be and it's like Jill Sullivan says, Yeah, that sounds familiar. It's like, we've had that conversation. It's really important for us to understand that people are out there waiting to help their helpers everywhere.

Olivia Schmitt 21:50

Russ Johns 21:51
Look for the helpers because they are out there and we're gonna all go through this challenging time in history. We're all going through this together.

Olivia Schmitt 22:04
We're learning on the fly!

Russ Johns 22:05
We're learning on the fly. Some people there's so much information out there that half of its gonna be wrong.

Olivia Schmitt 22:15
You're right! At least.

Russ Johns 22:17
What do you do? Well, you do your own research and you do the analysis and you find out where you fit in your own life and you do what you can with what you have.I think attitude, mindset, I think a lot of people talk about that, but it's really important to understand that have little patience with ourselves it's like sometimes you get into that perfectionist mode where like you said,

Olivia Schmitt 22:46

Russ Johns 22:47
I wanted to know everything. It's a process, right? It's like how musicians practice. That's why musicians practice you know. So where do you See, as you evolve through this adding value to the community, and we don't know where this is going to end, we don't know how long it's going to take. It's really kind of like open ended. Where are you in terms of setting in your mind and in your mind's eye and what you're going to go through next and help add value? What's the process for you Olivia?

Olivia Schmitt 23:29
Yes, for me, it's a constant stream of like content creation, like, what can I do? I'm learning to write so much more. I spent most of my days writing, which I love. I also had, like, these were muscles that hadn't been exercised for a long time. I'm hoping like that fluidity starts to just get a little bit better. Yeah, making sure that whatever I'm producing is on time. With the need of the community being willing to ask for that feedback and make sure that we're staying in touch with our customer and that we're not producing something that isn't helpful to them. I think it's just a matter of like, keeping open lines of communication with the people that we really want to reach the people that we really want to impact and bring value to. We just want to continue helping and like I said, I mean, that's a desire that's in my heart. I know that the people I work for feel the same way. It's amazing to see that cohesive mindset between all of us.

Russ Johns 24:43

Olivia Schmitt 24:45
A lot of writing. I just am gonna keep plugging away at this keyboard and the podcast will continue and just all sorts of fun and then hopefully in the next Three or four months I get to see people again. I like to be around people if I can.

Russ Johns 25:09
Yeah. Yeah, I am kind of an ambivert. I can be in networking and I can be engaged and I can. I mean, I've built large networks in the past and it's like large communities and had meetings every week and speakers in and done all of these activities and it's like, I can stay home as well. I'm kind of on the fence, but right now I would like to just walk to a nice restaurant and have a meal. It's not gonna happen right now. I have advice. It's like there are still restaurants that are looking for takeout. If you can support your local restaurants once in a while, please do so because we're all working to together to get through this.

Olivia Schmitt 26:01
Yeah, and I would say like one of my favorite things once a week, we do order delivery here. We don't have a lot that will deliver out to our house, but we have a few. I love that these people are bringing me my food, okay, like it makes me so happy. They're always so friendly about it. I'm like, food to people I don't know, would be like, that's not my, maybe not my calling in life.

Russ Johns 26:27

Olivia Schmitt 26:27
Their always so good about it, but, leave a card for the delivery person. I don't even know how old he was probably much older than he looked but his face lit up when he saw the card. We're standing on opposite sides of the glass door, the front of the house and his face just lit up when he saw the card. I was like tip generously if you can, like, these people are hustling hard right now to make sure that everybody else is taking care of.

Russ Johns 27:01

Olivia Schmitt 27:01
The more that we can do be generous within your means, but certainly be as generous as you can. I mean, we all have to pull together right now. I love being able to provide that support. I know my kids are, I feel like they're getting a little spoiled with food delivery, but at the same time, I'm like, this is our perk, and it helps somebody else out everybody wins in that equation.

Russ Johns 27:23
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Well, I just loved the fact that we were able to connect and catch up and

Olivia Schmitt 27:30

Russ Johns 27:31
Share a few ideas. Jill Sullivan. I love you.

Olivia Schmitt 27:36

Russ Johns 27:36
Help so much. So awesome.

Olivia Schmitt 27:40
I love you too, Jill.

Russ Johns 27:42
She had a question. That was really great. So what's your workout routine? You're obese with help?

Olivia Schmitt 27:51
Ah, Yes. Okay, so I'm an early workout person, usually between 5 and 530 in the morning, but I'm either running So I try and run three days a week, and then I spin and do weights the other days of the week. So, yeah, I love cross training. Absolutely love it. I have to do it early in the morning. It's what pumps me up. It gets me going gets my blood flowing.

Russ Johns 28:19
That's fantastic. I like going out late at night and go for a bike ride. Where I am, there's no traffic.

Olivia Schmitt 28:30
There's no traffic anywhere, right?

Russ Johns 28:32
Yeah, I'll go out there and just clear my head and just go ride for a few miles and just get out. It's supposed to be 105 next week here in Arizona.

Olivia Schmitt 28:44

Russ Johns 28:44

Olivia Schmitt 28:46
It's gonna take like 55 here.

Russ Johns 28:51
I'll send you some heat.

Olivia Schmitt 28:54
Please do I need sun and heat like, I need to lay outside absorbs some rays.

Russ Johns 29:00
Oh Man, Yeah. I don't know the desert is gonna heat up here anytime now. Yeah, supposed to be 100 this weekend so it's like, way too half. This is way too soon. I do want to give a shout out to all the people that have joined us today. Darren, Vicki O'Neill. Gas prices are super cheap here $1.29 so we're talking about gas prices. Holy cow. That's crazy. Arcot. It's crazy here oil Petro go highest on the globe. Crazy. I don't know. It's insane to see the what the variety around the world is Vicki. Loves seeing people who are on TV normally and are streaming so. Now streaming their homes. Yeah, reality TV is all over.

Olivia Schmitt 29:51
One is like my favorite person.

Russ Johns 29:53
Yeah, it's like holy cow. It's Steve Sullivan. We know Steve.

Olivia Schmitt 30:00
Awe Steve!

Russ Johns 30:00
You have to visit here there. I had a lot of fun with Olivia last year.

Olivia Schmitt 30:05
Yeah, we sang by the church bells.

Russ Johns 30:07
Fantastic. Uh, and then Jeff young is here he's like joining late but I made it here. Good morning Russ and Olivia.

Olivia Schmitt 30:18
Good Morning Jeff!

Russ Johns 30:18
Thank you so much for being here. Kenyatta just got here too. Whoo.

Olivia Schmitt 30:24

Russ Johns 30:25
Fred Costas in the house rethinking company. Now is the time to rethink company's strategy. I don't disagree with that.. Joseph. Good morning, Russ and Olivia. Thank you for being here. Emma, good morning, Bernie. Jumping on a little late but happy Friday. We can all use a hug.

Olivia Schmitt 30:48
Happy Friday. I am sending all the virtual hugs. I can send.

Russ Johns 30:51
All the virtual hugs out there. I know that there's a few more but I just want to thank you so much, Olivia. I know it's Been a long time coming and it's been really strange for me because I've been incredibly fortunate to be busy and in my life has been busy and I do have work and I have clients and because I work remotely it's my life hasn't necessarily been impacted as much as others and so I just I'm humbled by the opportunity to have conversations like this and share information with others that are somewhat uplifting and keeping the awareness alive about we are in this together, you'll have a little empathy, give yourself permission to learn something new in and do something new and think differently. I think it's all important for us to really generate that feeling and that share that with others as well.

Olivia Schmitt 31:55
I think that there's no way that we don't come out of this different people. I do think this is a powerful time for us to become better people.

Russ Johns 32:05

Olivia Schmitt 32:06
Better humans that just, we deploy more love into the world than we ever have before. I think there's so many good things that can come out of this.

Russ Johns 32:15
It's an opportunity for us to improve who we are, and understand. Also, I think remove some of the burden that we've carried along the way of the expectations of what we have to do and what we need to be. Let's just think about that. Enjoy and appreciate everything else in our lives so we can have a better future.

Olivia Schmitt 32:43
Yes, definitely. Definitely.

Russ Johns 32:46
Well, thank you so much for being here. Olivia. I really appreciate it. Happy Friday. Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Olivia Schmitt 32:52
Yes, you as well enjoy the heat.

Russ Johns 32:54
Yeah. Well enjoy is a word to describe it. Yes.

Olivia Schmitt 33:00
I don't even know if I'd go running in that heat.

Russ Johns 33:03
It was 76. I'm good with 76. I like 76 with the cool breeze.

Olivia Schmitt 33:08
I got 55 with rain in a cool breeze.

Russ Johns 33:12
Some days that's a good well and I lived in Seattle that was like normal weather. It was good weather so well thank you so much and all those people out there that are listening in, catching up, listening to the replay. Love you all and #kindnessesiscool, #smilesarefree, and you #enjoytheday.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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