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Catch Ozeal Debastos on the #PirateBroadcast

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​Russ Johns 0:02
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

It's another beautiful day for the pirate broadcast. We bring #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. So you can have a little bit of perspective on what's happening in life and what's going on around you. meeting a new new friend new face. Today we have Ozeal. Ozeal is a longtime friend, someone that's been in the podcasting industry, and also just an overall amazing resource. If you're not connected to Ozeal tell them Russ Sencha All right. Ozeal. Good morning. How are you my friend?

Ozeal Debastos 0:55
Good morning, Russ. I'm doing great. I'm having my my usual cup of Joe here is my coffee. It's a beautiful morning actually kind of a muggy morning here. Oh, there you go boom #kindnessiscool. As a matter of fact, I wore this shirt for you. Because I know #kindnessiscool is your thing and look, check this out. It's free to be nice.

Russ Johns 1:15
Oh nice.

Ozeal Debastos 1:16
Look at that, man. Look at that. Look at that.

Russ Johns 1:18
See, look how zeal brings it to the table every time. It's a little muggy and hot in Houston. Hmm.

Ozeal Debastos 1:26
It is man. It's been muggy. A lot of rain. It's been very hot and humid. It's very cloudy. It seems that we're going to be getting more rain coming soon. But it's great man. We miss you. I know. This is a you called Houston once home.

Russ Johns 1:43

Ozeal Debastos 1:45
Now you're in Arizona. So we missed you down here in Houston. Now we love you.

Russ Johns 1:48
Well, I have my son's still there so I'll have to come and visit and hang out and so I was talking to Kami you know she does the social media breakfast and we're talking about The three of us getting together to do one of the social media breakfast.

Ozeal Debastos 2:04
That would be amazing.

Russ Johns 2:05
That would be amazing.

Ozeal Debastos 2:06

Russ Johns 2:07
She's a pirate as well. Now in the #piratecommunity, we have a couple of people from Houston and and we'll continue to grow that activity. Tell me you started the Podcasting meetup before this pandemic hit. Are you doing some live over to streaming activities now or tell us to give update on what's taking place at Ozeal's life.

Ozeal Debastos 2:35
Yeah, Russ. Well, yeah, that's been kind of the big, big change with pod Houston. The group is called pod Houston. I started that in 2000, late 2018. We've been going strong for about two years now. It's been growing over 1000 members in our email list and about close to 800 members in the pod use which by the way, I think they're tuning in so everybody in pod Houston, shout out to pod Houston. It's been amazing. It's been amazing to do that. To answer your question, yes, we've gone virtual. We've done two virtual events since COVID. It's been fun. It's been such a great experience doing live streaming. I've never have really done live streaming before. This was a first time experience, and I've been enjoying just being able to connect virtually through this, so it's been fun. It's been growing. Yeah, pod Houston is just an amazing group always surprises me how much podcasting is growing. As a matter of fact, the growth of pod Houston is a reflection of the growth of podcasting in general, we're getting more and more people joining the group daily from business professionals to creative entrepreneurs. solopreneurs really from all walks so it's been pretty awesome to see podcasting grow in that regards, and of course, seeing it within our parks Houston community.

Russ Johns 3:56
That's fantastic. And congratulations on that growth here. I know what was it five years ago, six years. I don't know when it was when we first met, and we were talking about podcasting and your I know, you're getting your podcast up and operational and I was teaching it, podcast movement and some of these things that were going on.I think I was doing future media Association, where I was trying to get everybody, this concept that you are the media, you have the ability and the opportunity to stream and run your message.

It's still true today. I mean, it was a little ahead of its time then because people weren't really in alignment with what podcasting truly was. It's coming along and it's growing every week. I mean, you hear new podcasts, launching new year, new communications taking place and people coming to the table, and it's kind of strange too, because being a podcaster yourself. Sometimes we get caught in this bubble thinking everybody podcasts. That's not the case, is it?

Ozeal Debastos 5:09
No, it's definitely not the case, especially now with live streaming, taking popularity now, because of COVID. What's been really interesting is seeing this and by the way, perhaps to you because you're right, man, I remember when I met you, five, six years ago, you were ahead of the game, you were talking about solopreneurs business people becoming the media, using different media tools and educating them on how we can use this to leverage to share a message with the world. You were definitely an OG in that regards. Early on, people don't know that but Russ goes way back when it comes to media, so of course, I know it's been exciting seeing everything kind of grow into fruition where now you know, educational institutions are now using livestream.

You're seeing business owners Now as I mentioned, jumping into the live stream podcasting world. What's been really interesting now Russ as a podcaster is that now you're seeing podcasters adopt video. Now you're seeing them say, Okay, how can I use video in addition to podcasting, where I can now simulcast and good morning, everybody. I see you Wendy. Hello. Good morning. Yeah. Pirate nation there. I see it's been really fun seeing the the movement grow. Now everybody is is jumping into simulcasting, with live streaming audio with podcasting and then putting stuff on on YouTube, which is something that you were early adopter on incorporating different facets of media. Yeah, man, it's been really fun. It's I feel like the bubbles gotten bigger.

Russ Johns 6:47

Ozeal Debastos 6:47
You know what I mean? It used to be podcast, and now it's like growing. Now it's like you're throwing in live stream and you're throwing video in there. It's been pretty cool to see that.

Russ Johns 6:55
Yeah. It's almost as if what I'm doing now with #thePiratesyndicate, bringing all of these platforms together in streaming to, using the stream live stream as the foundation. Then building on that a podcast, building on that a transcription for the audio, and then building posts, and then and then slicing it up and using it for other media opportunities. It's about building that traffic circle keeping the momentum of that wheel going, because more and more Our time is less than less. You have to kind of build up bite sized pieces of content to continue to be a visible I guess, in most platforms because I mean, like Facebook feed goes by quickly, Twitter is even even more so that way. It's like okay, you just see it for a second or two and then it's Gone.

The next thing you know, it's you have to continue to fill that feed, it seems like only with podcasting and what you've done with the group, building a community around it, that seems to be more of a trend. I think we're gonna see it in the future these these platforms. With podcasting and live streaming, you actually have the opportunity to share that information. How do you see that rolling out? I mean, you've been involved in the arena for a while now.

Ozeal Debastos 8:29
What exactly again, I'm sorry, can you repeat that question?

Russ Johns 8:31
Yeah. In the multi stream arena

Ozeal Debastos 8:36

Russ Johns 8:36
The podcasting arena, having a group of 1000 individuals, where do you see it going? What do you anticipate it's going to continue to to evolve in and shape up the industry?

Ozeal Debastos 8:50
I think I mean, you said it you alluded to that earlier, Russ is community has to be an essential aspect to anybody who is looking To build an online platform, whether you're starting a podcast or a livestream show, it is important and imperative in 2020, for you to adopt a cultural mindset, a community centric mindset has always been like that. I think even with podcasts are struggling to market and grow their audience. You have to build culture around your podcasts, you've got to build community within your niche. If you're a podcaster, that's talking about mommy entrepreneurs or Gen X entrepreneurs, it's imperative now in 2020, for you to start a community on Facebook to funnel them and not for the sake of marketing, but to really pour into building a community.

The result is you happen to grow your podcast because you have invested in caring enough about the community to where you can say, hey, I've so happened to have a podcast that's tailored for our culture. I think that's where we're going. In regards to community I've always been I know you've been very big into community and Education Russ that's why I think you and I have been aligned with that those values early on, which is the reason why I started the Houston digital media society and connected creatives and now with pod Houston, I'm very passionate about community. That's always been kind of like my core mission and everything that I've done. Even back when we were musicians.

When I was a musician I started communities around the genre of music that we're doing. I think the way it's shaping out Russ is anybody who's watching this, all the pirates, you have to really, really understand and develop a sense of community within your niche pirate right here, right, the #piratebroadcast. It's a community of pirates. You understand that well, but for anybody who's watching, you have to be there. Now. It's important to adopt that and see what can you do to contribute to a community we need more community leaders, which is the reason why I'm so passionate about pod Houston, is because there's so many people that are passionate about the platform and that understand the importance of contributing and being a part of that growth. community.

Russ Johns 11:01
I think it's a huge part is contributing to the community. I actually had Khan on, here's Khan saying, Hey, good morning. Khan is

Ozeal Debastos 11:12
Good morning

Russ Johns 11:13
In a lot of personal growth is as well as professional growth. People in the leadership roles are the ones that are leading it out and really going up. Are you still? Yes, I'm using stream yard. Absolutely. So far, so good. I love it and it needs to improve. Then Wendy, she started out as a podcaster recently, so she's in the podcasting community.

Ozeal Debastos 11:44

Russ Johns 11:45
I'll connect with her and

Ozeal Debastos 11:46
Yeah, Wendy.

Russ Johns 11:48

Ozeal Debastos 11:48
That's awesome. Congratulations.

Russ Johns 11:50
She's doing some great work. I don't see. Gabriel here. However, he's usually in the in the community. Fascinating. I've got seen casts on The star maker app. That's, he's a musician. He's also a musician of the

Ozeal Debastos 12:05
Very cool. Very cool. Love it

Russ Johns 12:07
You're here,

Ozeal Debastos 12:08
A musician

Russ Johns 12:11
You're a musician.

Ozeal Debastos 12:12

Russ Johns 12:12
I mean you know what it's like to build a community and I think musicians right now are really focused in on building their community or making sure that their music is heard by the people only hear it

Ozeal Debastos 12:25

Russ Johns 12:27
The big promotions and the the super amazing shows or great everything's good Harvard, you could create some amazing community around your music, your ideas, your concepts, and just just being productive with this idea that we can actually connect with people over podcasting everything else. Are you going to get into live streaming a little bit more in the future are you going to stay

Ozeal Debastos 13:01
No man, the future the now it's been going on Russ actually started a show with a buddy of mine Dontrelle. He's here, a local. He's a freelancer, entrepreneur. We started a show about two months ago called talking creative, where we interview creative entrepreneurs from different walks. It's, the creative culture has always been really close to my heart, because being a musician we saw what it was like where we were struggling artists, and my mission has always been, how can we go from becoming a struggling artists to thriving artists.

Talking creative, in essence is a contribution to the creative culture and helping them learn about business principles, social media marketing, how to develop a platform, whether it's podcasting or livestream. That show for Russ actually got to get you on the show. It's a we do it every Thursday at 630. It's a live stream show man. I Finally jumped on the live stream.

Russ Johns 14:02
All right,

Ozeal Debastos 14:03
I hope you're proud of me. Yes, I finally jumped on the live stream wagon and I've been doing it. It's been fun. I'll tell you what, Russ, one of the things about live streaming and we also do it too, through stream yard.

Russ Johns 14:15
Of course

Ozeal Debastos 14:16
It's been fun just getting comfortable in front of the camera. I love the fact that it's very real. It allows you to embrace imperfection and be yourself without like, Karen, I don't know about you. You've been doing it for a while. For me, for anybody who's on the fence about live streaming, it could be very daunting. Trust me, it's there's something liberating about putting, putting in those reps and just go and live and just sharing and one of the things that you said, Russ is that now more than ever, this is the best time to share like sharing is literally at a click of a button. Now we can go click and go live and share. We can go podcast and get little More production or YouTube a little bit more production.

Live stream is like the easy layup, guys. If you have a message or if you want to do an interview based show or just kind of do a talking head show where you just want to share and build community, literally there's a button on Facebook and anywhere else where you can just click and just start sharing. I think that's the amazing time that we're living in. Especially that's the reason why I love live streaming because it's so easy to get started. I love it man.I've been loving the live streaming, I want to continue doing it for sure.

Russ Johns 15:30
Well, it's the parallel is unique to many things. However, I relate it to Music and Musicians the more you do it, the more practice you have

Ozeal Debastos 15:41

Russ Johns 15:42
The smoother it gets. You can edit yourself in the live stream and take out the ahhs and the butts and the pauses and the awkward silence. Once you get the rhythm down and once you get the flow and you find your groove in your voice. It seems to me And maybe this is your experience as well as that. Once you find your groove once you find your the cadence of the show, it becomes much easier because you don't have to think about it anymore. You just do it.

Ozeal Debastos 16:16
Right. Yeah, I mean, it's just the more you do it, the more it gets better and live streaming has really shared something with us. I've started a YouTube channel called podcast influence. Live streaming has really helped me build the on camera confidence, and has helped me just overall with my camera presence. I'm pretty comfortable behind the mic. Obviously, being when I was in a band I was a vocalist. So podcasting came pretty simple to me. I got this but creating video content is all as you know, it's a whole different animal, especially on YouTube. So live streaming And the channel that was just launched two weeks ago, live streaming, I've been doing it for two months really helped me lay down the foundation.

I'm not a pro yet with video, YouTube and all that, but I'm still getting better and better each time with building my confidence and becoming who I am on camera authentically myself. Live streaming has really been great practicing grounds for for that. If anybody who's really interested in getting better on camera, go live, put in those reps. Trust me, you will develop so many skill sets that are so related with personal development, and it'll benefit you in all other platforms.

Russ Johns 17:39
Well, you start discovering things about yourself that you hadn't recognized

Ozeal Debastos 17:43
That's right. That's right.

Russ Johns 17:45
I stumble on my words a lot. It's just a nuance that I have that is unique to me and it's like, Okay, I have certain cadence issues. That. I think, okay, I can approve that. However, it's still I'm showing up every day. I'm bringing highlight. I'm bringing people to the to the room and highlighting them with everybody else. Like I said, if you're not connected to Ozeal, get connected to Ozeal.

Ozeal Debastos 18:19
Thank you

Russ Johns 18:19
Tell him Russ Sent you. On any platform. I think you're pretty much on any platform, right Ozeal

Ozeal Debastos 18:24
Yes, all the podcasts no permission needed, which is on hiatus, but I'm planning on resurrecting that very soon just because I miss podcasting. And then of course, the YouTube channel. Guys, if you're interested in starting a YouTube I'm sorry, excuse me. If you're interested in starting a podcast, it's on YouTube. Check out podcast influence. And I'm going to be sharing tips and strategies and insights on all things podcasting. So thank you, Russ for the plug and I want to add on to something man, you were talking about how sometimes fumble over your words, and everybody does Right?

Russ Johns 19:00

Ozeal Debastos 19:01
One of the things that I've discovered about live streaming Russ and I don't know if you've seen this too, and I'm pretty sure you have just because you've been doing it for quite some time, is that people really don't care. I think is the message matters. I think that's one of the things I did an experiment.I remember having a client, who I was doing audio editing for, and the client was was really just like, rigid about cutting all the arms and ahhs and all the imperfections, right? The vocal inflections that there were like, I really don't like the way I sound here, and they were just brutal.

They gave me their editing sheet and it was just, I mean, it was a lot of work. I'm like, okay, relax. I said, because people don't care about that. Sure enough, what we did, and I did this before, is I did two episodes. One of them was raw, right. I through it in there. The other one was, I mean, I spliced everything it was, I mean, perfect, right. Perfect. Russ, People came back and said, Hey, listen, give us the real stuff.

Russ Johns 20:05

Ozeal Debastos 20:05
That polished interview, that polished vocal edit that you gave us senate so robotic that it took away from who you are. Don't give us that give us the real you. That was an experiment right there to show everybody all the pirates out there who are watching that people don't care if you go live and you fumble people don't care if you stutter people don't care, the message over everything. Remember that it's going to be your message over everything. As long as you show up consistently, like Russ has been doing on a daily basis that cultivates trust, and he's always putting in and contributing and providing value. If you show up, and you're passionate about the message that matters most over everything else, all these little uhs and ums and fumbles, and all that people don't want that right now. We're living in the era of real.

Russ Johns 20:56

Ozeal Debastos 20:57
The more authentic You are the real it is. That's why YouTube is so popular us is because people love that law people love that raw. If you want to create content that's polished, and there's cable for that baby, go to cable, watch cable, watch that pilot stuff. If you want real human beings creating real content and real value, go to YouTube, go to podcast, and go to live streaming, that's where it's at.

Russ Johns 21:21
Well, there was a lot more, I actually noticed a lot more youtubers actually going live streaming

Ozeal Debastos 21:29
Big time,

Russ Johns 21:30
It's big time because it's great to be able to put out a 10 minute polished, edited all the production into it. That takes a lot of time. It takes a abundance of time, and I'm gonna be about it. I see some of these individuals. I've got a workflow down and I got a team to help me and I've got things going on that allow me to do this every morning. It sets the pace of my day to it's kind of my thing so if I can help someone else Start and get going and get moving. That's a win for in my mind. Just set the example, add value to the equation. That's really it. If it's not perfect, it's okay. If it's improving, that's a good thing. However the value that you're offering your community and share is just that's the most important thing you can do.

Ozeal Debastos 22:28

Russ Johns 22:29
What are some ideas and tips that you're you're seeing value in sharing as far as podcasting overall. We've talked about the go live, just get it out there and get started. I know that there's a lot of, it's like, Okay, well, What do I do with this now that I got it launched? What does he need to do in order to get to the next level?

Ozeal Debastos 22:54
Yeah, that's when the heavy lifting starts. I think there's obviously the beginning of the building the foundation building. A brand making sure you know that down and then you launch the podcast. What I'm finding not only for early stage podcasters, but even veteran podcasters is once we launch it, like what do we do now? Podcast marketing is has been a challenge for a lot of podcasters. Wendy I see that you don't edit, I love it. It's real my closet me to actually just shot a I did a YouTube. What was it? No, it was a podcast, and I live streamed and it was like clothes all over the background and I'm going, Yeah, it's the best soundproof room in any household, right? You have to go in a closet and you do that. So I love it.

Yeah, so listen, um, you were talking about tips. I think right now, live streaming is a great promotional platform in addition to the podcast, so if you can use live streaming. let's say You drop a new podcast episode on Thursday. How about if you go live on Tuesday and talk a little bit about the podcasts? Give them a teaser, kind of like the way TV shows release teasers right before they give you a little snippet of what's to come. What have you go on and say, Hey guys, my name is Ozeal hosts of no permission needed.

In this week's episode I'm going to talk with Russ Johns and Russ on is and I can kind of give some tips and kind of start curating a little bit of the content of kind of the golden nuggets you shared. That way it builds anticipation, right? It's kind of like a trailer and then you drop that so i would love to see more podcasters getting more in the trenches when it comes to promoting the content. Now you can't just publish a podcast and then just say, Okay, I'm gonna say, Hey, guys, check out my episode, like that's done. You can't do that anymore. You really got to do live streaming. You gotta incorporate maybe IGTV or Instastories where you can really promote and share some of the exclusive authentic insights that you took away from the episode and do that before and after.

Marketing as definitely there's more heavy lifting now, but I think it's needed, especially for podcasters if you're watching this, and you want to grow your audience, you got to invest in your community, you got to build a connection, and you got to be consistent. You got to and you got to show up in your marketing efforts when it comes to launching a podcast. Those are kind of some tips that I've known that I've been able to incorporate in promoting content period.

Russ Johns 25:34
I think a lot of people imagine, you know, they just gonna launch podcast and monetize it, it's like, right, right. Like you said, there's a lot of launching the podcast is easy part. Growing it and getting in the trenches and marketing it and making sure that people can even discover it because I mean, social media. You have to differentiate yourself around the noise and just get past it. The only way you're going to do that is roll up your sleeves and go to work. Great advice. Any, any any tips on you're going to be sharing in your YouTube channel?

Ozeal Debastos 26:20
Yeah, as a matter of fact, here's an exclusive so the video that we're shooting today it's gonna be so we release a new video every Thursday. The next video will be some of the most common mistakes that podcasters make and how to avoid them. So one of the mistakes is what you just said it's just launching it and then just kind of falling back and not doing any of the promotion. I think it's there's a three part right there's a pre promo and then kind of in the middle, and then also after the fact.

Again, it's all about rolling up your sleeves and promoting your podcasts and being really diligent about every episode and knowing that every piece of content that you put out deserves attention, right? You had a great guest, they provided some value. If you haven't interviewed a show, you showed up, you've invested so much heart and soul into this episode that it deserves for you to really promote it and really give a fair share and getting it out there to the world.

I share a lot of the last video that I posted. Russ was about branding, because I'm very passionate about branding. It's probably one of the most common mistakes that most podcasters make pretty much any platform, whether it's YouTube is that they don't nail down the brand. Kind of like with you, right? The #piratebroadcast, right? That's the name. You have a hashtag, It was greaat. You showed a lot of love. You know how to conduct a great interview. You have the people that are calling you call pirates. You're the captain. Captain Russ Johns. I love that. That's all part of the brand.

Russ Johns 27:58
It's all part of the process,

Ozeal Debastos 28:00
Part of the process. That's what I love about that man, and that's what I preach and teach is really to help podcasters brand their platform and to really brand their message and how to humanize that message, because the more they humanize their message, the deeper connection they will make with their audience. I think those are the foundational pieces that a lot of podcasters Miss early on. I'm excited, Russ, because YouTube is one of those platforms that I've like, avoided for so long. I think you told me a long time ago, like video I know, you've always been like, video, video video video. I've always been audio audio because I believe in podcasting.

Russ Johns 28:41
I've always had a podcast,

Ozeal Debastos 28:42
You've always had a podcast. Yeah.

Russ Johns 28:45
I knew that video is going to be important because just the visibility and the attraction factor. Even if you turn your audio into a podcast like what I do, like, by the end of the day, it's We're streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and LinkedIn right? Or platforms. Then I'm gonna turn that around, I'm going to create it and then I run it on Auphonic. I run the audio on auphonics to level it. Every podcast is the same level because I don't want that to go. Then that's over to spreaker. That's always been my platform of choice for podcasting. Then I run that on spreaker, which distributes it to Spotify, apple, iTunes, Stitcher, Iheart, radio, all of these other platforms. All of a sudden, there's an abundance of that. Then I create a transcription out of that, and I create a post. All of this content is built up after a single event that is then accumulated under a single platform, You can go check it out anytime. Like it, share it

Ozeal Debastos 29:58

Russ Johns 30:00
five star review. If you fill it up for it,

Ozeal Debastos 30:03
love it, love it here.

Russ Johns 30:05
Then all of a sudden you have a lot of content that you can utilize over the period of time. You can slice and dice it use programs like WAV or headliner or some of these other pieces of content, where you can actually utilize bits and pieces like you're saying, after the show, you can promote it some more, you promote it.

Ozeal Debastos 30:28
I mean, that was that was a golden takeaway for everybody who's watching this on the pirates. What you just broke down was the framework of how to take a piece of content and break it down into different fragments where you start distributing multi distributing the content on all platforms, right? You have a transcript, you have a blog post, you got everything. I mean, and I think that's where it's at. I think for anybody's watching this, whether you're starting a podcast or livestream or you're building an online brand

In the beginning, it's a lot of work. You have to get in the mindset of community, and then figuring out ways building your community pouring into that. But figuring out ways on the back end internally, what can I do to take this piece of content and break it up into different forms of pieces? Because let's face it, some people will like love video, right? They love watching videos, they go on YouTube or live stream. Then there's people like, you know what, I'm really busy. Well, audio, because it's convenient, and you can plug in and do your thing. And so kind of be plugged into the content.

Then people love the live stream just because they love the connection. They love the interaction, right? People are tuning in right now because we can see their comments and we can say hello, what's up? What's going on? Darrin and what's up? Burn Tran and we see everybody they love that connection. I love what you just said. That was just a great takeaway for anybody who is trying to figure out a way to distribute their content and off assets is Exactly what Russ just said, is break it all down and get it out there as much as you can.

Russ Johns 32:05
Yeah. Here is the Interesting thing about branding. Let's go and over getting it. We have a LinkedIn user, I've watched two shows and still have no idea what the point is. The point of the show and the Pirates is your the whole point of pirates. I just want to explain this in in the traditional broadcasting sense. a pirate was a pirate broadcaster was somebody that didn't have a license for a frequency. Now that we're on the internet, we're all able to broadcast and share information. What I do is I bring #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Then we talk about marketing. We talked about podcasts, and we talked about brand and we talked about LinkedIn tips. We talked about different subjects in different areas of business, to allow people to understand what is going on around us.

Two shows and it's They're, I guess,

Ozeal Debastos 33:02
Watch more!

Russ Johns 33:04
Is there a point? The point is that everybody has something that they're doing that brings value to the table. I just want to highlight some of these individuals in the community, they're doing some good work, like Ozeal. That's the point of the show is bringing value to the table. You have an understanding of what's going on around you. I think by doing so, if you can get a bigger perception of some of the things that you're able to do, or take on, because have you ever had that instance Ozeal, where you're saying,

Hey, I could do that. I could do that. That doesn't look that difficult. I think I could learn how to do that. That's the opportunity I want to bring to the table so and bring in people like oziel, who's very talented in in branding, he's very talented in the podcasting arena. He's helped thousands of people Be inspired by some of the things that he's done. He's growing a community in Houston. Reach out to him. Find out what you can learn by network where he posts his content and shares his information and then just continue to learn something from it. That's the point.

Ozeal Debastos 34:22
Yeah. Thank you. Well, thanks for tuning in, by the way, guys.

Russ Johns 34:26
Yeah, thank you for tuning in. I love this. I know that I know you're busy. You got lots of things going on. So you want to share any lasting something mind blowing, inspirational, or just tips of the day that you want to share with us?

Ozeal Debastos 34:45
The pressures on Mac could probably go on for about 30 minutes on this man. No, listen, I think what's important is and you guys have probably heard this before, and I say this is because I've suffered By this overthinking syndrome for a long time is simply that don't don't overthink it, if you are passionate about building a brand online, the tools are out there. There's resources like Russ Johns with all the amazing work that he's doing. Ozeal media is where you can find the is where I help brands and businesses build podcasts.

Now there's live streaming, there's the tools are out there. If you're passionate about the message, if you're passionate about your community, now is the time to start and take baby steps. Okay, be practical, be realistic. You can't compare someone's there's a great quote Russ said something about and I'm going to chop it up but you can't. What is it you can compare someone z to like You're a or something like that a lot, but basically in essence, right you can't we there's an imposter syndrome.

Russ Johns 36:06
You can't com[are someone's ending with your beginning.

Ozeal Debastos 36:09
There you go. I love that. There you go. That's it. Well said, I love that. That's so true. I actually have to keep that in mind as I embark on this YouTube journey, guys that I see Great, well produced YouTubers that are crushing it.It can be pretty daunting for me to kind of step into the arena. If you're on the fence, step into the arena, it's time for you to start playing the game. start learning the game, taking baby steps, and because those small wins will get to the big results. I think if you're passionate about your message, always be aligned with your why and why you're doing this.

That will dismantle every aspect of the overthinking because at the end of the day, your message is more important than the metrics. message over metrics. It focused on your message be aligned with it, create, share. create, share, and little by little, you will start seeing your audience grow. Because they see you showing up consistently, they see that you're passionate about your message. That's when true leadership emerges. Leaders are the people that are committed and are consistent with their message and they believe that what they do is important and will make a positive impact and influence on the world. Now more than ever, guys, we need leaders, we need you.

We need voices of leadership of impact, to really emerge and start embracing these tools that are free, that are free and don't take much money to even invest in. Now we need you to show up. be aligned with your message, invest in your community, and be yourself and contribute your message to the world. Don't overthink it, get started. Use the resources at hand. Give yourself permission to make something special happen. That's all I gotta say, Man

Russ Johns 38:05
No permission needed.

Ozeal Debastos 38:07
No permission need a baby. That's right. That's right. I love you.

Russ Johns 38:11
Hey Ozeal I really appreciate it. I know, we went over and thank you for your advice, your wisdom and also, if you're not like I said, connected with Ozeal get connected Ozeal and as always, as you know, #kindnessiscool. #smilesarefree, and you #enjoyyourday Ozeal

Ozeal Debastos 38:32
Thank you brother

Russ Johns 38:34
Thank you brother

Ozeal Debastos 38:34
Thanks, guys.

Russ Johns 38:35

Ozeal Debastos 38:36

Russ Johns 38:36

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