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Introduction 0:02
Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast™, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.

Russ Johns 0:20
And it's beautiful day for #PirateBroadcast™. And we have one of my favorite friendly kindness givers in the room today. Randy, how are you doing, my friend?

Randy McNeely 0:32
Oh, my goodness, I I'm even better because I'm talking to the amazing pirate himself, Russ Johns, I'm doing great.

Russ Johns 0:38
You know, we we've known each other for a while. And we have a very, very unique combination of you're the kindness giver. And I know that, you know, the #PirateBroadcast™, the pirate community is all focused on #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. So it's really about what we can give back to the community and how we can actually enhance and allow people to have a little kindness in their world. And we have some amazing news to announce for those in the pirate community that Randy's gonna share with us today. So, Randy, tell us what you've been up to last couple of days/years?

Randy McNeely 1:22
Well, I have my new book, Daily Dose of Positive comes out today.

Russ Johns 1:28
Congratulations. All right, awesome. Fantastic.

Randy McNeely 1:31
Thank you very much. I appreciate that. Daily Dose of Positive 90 days of timeless Nuggets to enhance your life is the first volume, there'll be a total of four volumes this year, because it's enough quotes and Nuggets to cover the entire year. Oh, and it's really set up as a kind of a journal because I share the quote, and I share the thoughts that that quote triggers in me that I invite my readers to, I ask a few questions, you know, what thoughts does that quote, trigger in you? Is it applicable to your life? If so, how? If not, why not? And, you know, what are some actions you might be inspired to take because of this nugget? And so that they're thinking, you know, it's not just a look at it and say, oh, that's nice, no, but it's actually hoping to inspire the reader to ponder and think about it a little bit and take action, because that's one thing and then, you know...go ahead.

Russ Johns 2:31
No, I was going to say, it's really nice to be able to start a thought like that and inspire somebody to have a conversation with, you know, sit down and think about and reflect on what it is they're, you know, they have gratitude for or how they can inspire kindness around them. And it's the ripple effect, right?

Randy McNeely 2:52
Absolutely. Well, and Okay, so the daily dose of positive, really, the thought behind that is to inspire people. Because after 2020, we've been through so many things. So many challenges. We all need a daily dose of something positive in our lives to help us concentrate on the things that matter most and you hit it, right, in the sense of kindness, I want to declare it 2021, I'm going to declare it the year of kindness because we can, we can make such a big difference, if we will. The other thing that I am really working hard on is my what's going to be called my dare to embrace kindness campaign, I have created some yard signs that I'll be distributing throughout the United States, and then working on some other opportunities for things that I can distribute globally. But really, the main message is, you know, kindness, it does everybody good. Dare to embrace kindness every day. And we can make a big difference. And if I if that message is powerful, because it invites the hope of the healing that we need right now. Particularly, you know, with everything we've been going through.

Russ Johns 4:08
No kidding, no kidding. You know, there's so many things that and I don't want to diminish anybody's pain or suffering or any kind of, you know, lack that has no money. And even, you know, even in my darkest days, Randy, you know, I still had hope, you know, I still had hope something good was going to take place. And it usually was surprising to me when I needed something most or I needed somebody to lift me up. There was always somebody that they're willing to share a little kindness and a little generosity with what they had and you know, at least an #inspiration to move forward. So as you build this out, and you share this information, how how can we help you apply this in our lives or help you lift other people up through your initiatives and your goals and the way things are going? You know, 2021 we don't know what it's gonna be. It's gonna be much kinder, because you said so and we're gonna help you do that. So what are some things we could do along the way and along the journey to help you move us forward?

Randy McNeely 5:26
Well, you know, once I started the campaign, you know, put, you know, I'll put out a logo that people can put on their websites, people can, as a reminder, you know, Derek, just remember kindness, it does everybody good. You remember the old milk, it does a body good commercials. You remember those from back in the 70s, dating myself, or 80s? You know, milk does a body getting kindness, it does everybody good. And you know, they can put a logo on the website, they can, you know, when I'm gonna, I'm in the process of figuring this out, I wish I had it all figured out right this minute, but how to do some mugs, and other apparel, t shirts and things like that, for the most reasonable price possible. Because I was buying this, what I'm doing is combining the campaign with raising funds for charities. And I part of it, you know, like, for example, I've, I bought a bunch of yard signs that have dared embrace kindness on them. And I've been going around door to door and my local community is saying, Hey, I'm this is what I'm working for, I'm on a mission to invite people to make 2021 year of kindness. And, you know, I invite you to put this in your yard so that you can, you know, when people drive by, they can see that, oh, they can think about that. And then I'm raising money for our local homeless shelter. In the same process, I said that I sell the science for $20. And that covers my costs enables me to continue to do this, and then also raises, you know, part of the proceeds go to the local homeless shelter. So I've been able to raise some good funds for that. And so that's the, that's the goal behind the campaign is to share a powerful message, offer an opportunity to raise some funds for some good causes, and, and then, again, cover my costs and enable me to continue to do this, you know, so I can take care of my family and spread this message in a and may hopefully make a difference in the world.

Russ Johns 7:31
Well, it already has made a difference. You know, you're here today. And we got some amazing individuals in the room, Nick Dorsey who's an amazing individual here in Arizona, via Seattle. And he's just always out there. He's doing some kind work. He's got some things going on in his world that he's been sharing. Chris Stone, you know, Chris Stone is out there. He's doing programs and doing some work out there in the world that I know is going to impact a lot of people out there doing some amazing stuff. So thank you, Nick. Appreciate that two of my faves here today.

Randy McNeely 8:08
Oh, that's very kind of you, Nick. Thank you.

Russ Johns 8:13
Howard Kaufman, another mover and shaker. He's really amazing individual that's also a pirate, great positive message for trying times. Absolutely. You know, we need a little bit of #inspiration, Randy to keep us imagining that everything's gonna work out. You know, if you have ambassadors out there, and we're all walking around our neighborhoods with signs and we're putting, putting signs up and we're sharing this information, we we have an opportunity to really blow out some amazing kindness in the world, you know, just get out there and share it. You open doors for people, return your carts, you know, help an organization, a community

Randy McNeely 9:05
It's amazing how you can push ripples out kindness ripples out by doing that, just what you just said, Russ You know, the little things we do every day can make a difference. And you know, just simple things. It doesn't have to and I talk about this all the time, they don't have to be great big things. We can whole goal is I don't know if you remember during World War II, somebody kept writing Kilroy Was here. And Kilroy Was all over the place. That's it. I would love to have the dare to embrace kindness. Yeah, symbol sign, you know, out all over the places. There's a two fold message in it. You know, I've created the sign. Pull it up, but I could you know, that I could share. I can do that in a minute. But the whole purpose for the sign is twofold one to promote a message of kindness, but I also I've created it in black and white. There's a reason why I created in black and white, I've got two interlocking circles with an E and a K, a black circle and a white circle, a white E and a black K. And and I did that on purpose because kindness is for everyone. Kindness of everybody good. There's no place in our world for racism whatsoever. There's no place for that. And and so I mean, when people see it, they see the message of kindness, but it also, if they look at it more closely, they'll realize, you know, look at those colors, look at what what's interlocking, look at the circle, there's more symbolism to it. And than anything, if I if I can, if I if you can bear with me, I'll actually pull up, pull it up, and so I can share it with you guys.

Russ Johns 10:51
Yeah, why don't you do that? And I'll, uh, I'll share a couple of other people in the room. Good morning. Everyone. 2021 up. Thank you so much for being here. Lorrie, I just really appreciate you and what you're doing in the community. Nancy, hi, You're up early. Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate that. And Darren really loved listening to your show. Thank you. Darren. I think Darren's gonna be on New Year.

Randy McNeely 11:25
Oh, no. I didn't save my last version. But oh, well, I can still pull up one of my older versions and give people an idea of what it's gonna be like.

Russ Johns 11:35
We can do that. Gabriel. Love you, man. Good morning, fellow pirates. It's always nice to be able to hang out with Gabriel at any point in time. And Nick Dorsey says absolutely true. What Nick says is absolutely true. #smilesarfree. It doesn't cost a dime to smile and have a have a and Tracie, the ever loving, wonderful producer of the show. Thank you so much for all you do, Tracie. Thank you for being here. Love you. Good morning again, Russ. Hello, Randy. So, Angie, she's here today. Thank you so much for being here. This is amazing opportunity. Love you guys. Leslie. Good morning. Leslie's here. She's joined in. She's actually subscribed. She subscribed to my YouTube channel. So the YouTube channel that we have here. You know, we're putting other content out there. There's more content in YouTube than there is on LinkedIn here. So after the show, just jump over to YouTube. Subscribe to the channel. I'm trying to catch up with Gabe. never catch up with Gabriel because he's awesome. However, I do want to increase the number of subscribers in 2021 and make that make that Okay, so, Gabriel says love your message, Randy.

Randy McNeely 13:08
Hey, Gabriel. Thanks to everybody. So can everybody see that? Can you? Well,

Russ Johns 13:17
I just

Randy McNeely 13:19
Okay, so dare to embrace kindness for everyone. That's one sign option and I had created a new one and yeah, I'm gonna have to redo it because I closed it without saving it. That was a brilliant move on my part. But if you can see, I mean, there's a strong message here. Kindness, caring embrace is for everyone. There's nobody that's left out of the kindness circle. There's no plague or racism. There's no place for me it doesn't matter what, you can be purple, blue, green, red or orange for all I care. It doesn't matter. We are all part of the human race. We're part of the human we're all brothers and sisters as far as I'm concerned. You know that's what I believe my beliefs I'm a Christian. I believe we're all children of God. I believe we're all brothers and sisters. And that's the way that we need to treat each other. And that's and kindness is so powerful. It just, it really it really, it makes the difference in everything we do professionally, personally. You name it. Another big thing that I'm you know, that I that I like to promote is kindness in business. You know, how many of us in business recognize the fact that, you know, we need powerful, trustworthy relationships, right? If we're gonna be successful, we can't, we can't. You know, we have to have the ability to connect to people connect to people's hearts. And the key ingredient for that is kindness. You can't connect with somebody without treating them right. Am I just nuts?

Russ Johns 15:02
No, I'm totally I'm on board with you. Kindness affects everyone, Nancy says

Randy McNeely 15:08
Love it, Nancy.

Russ Johns 15:10
Angela, good Nancy. And Jenny Gold is here. Good morning. You know, so many people believe in this, Randy, because I know that it's really nice to be able to think about, okay, well, what can I give back? How can I contribute to the community? What is it that we can do, that we can actually produce results with? You know, it's really one of those things that we have to think about. And it doesn't take a lot. It doesn't take a lot. You know, there's so many things that we can do to make it very simple. And, you know, just following up, checking in with people, you know, this time of year is not necessarily the happiest time of year for a lot of people. So, reach out, reach out and check in with people. You know, I, I love doing this show, because, you know, it's really it's hard for some people, that's all I got to say,

Randy McNeely 16:13
Well, it is and it's amazing how it makes a difference. You know, you asked, Well, what people could do to help to a couple of things. If you're on LinkedIn, use my hashtags, use dare to embrace kindness, the hashtag, dare to embrace kindness, or just embrace kindness, either one of those hashtags, you know, and every time you I owe at the end of every message I do now I put as always remember, dare to break their to embrace kindness. And just like somebody else, I know, #smilesarefree and #kindnessiscool. I love that. Love it, you know, forward. Here's the thing I saw, you know, so many people I get Howard put, Howard Kauffman put out an interesting statement, you know, so many people don't understand leaders in the corporate world, just they don't get it. They don't understand how kindness can be a help to them. If they stop and think about it. If you ask the question, does caring about your people have an impact on your bottom line? Yes or no? Most leaders are going to say, of course it does. Okay. Well, then, what programs? What strategy do you have in place to ensure that you're continually showing your employees, your colleagues, your workforce members that you care? Now? Why? Why did why does caring matter? Why does them knowing that you care about them matters to your bottom line? What is it that impacts it? That affects it? And and the reality is, and we all know this, I mean, that's I founded the PEEPOC Institute, PEEPOC, standing for positive engagement and economic power of kindness. Because it unleashes within organizations and individuals, a power that you can't get otherwise, when you treat people, right. What happens to their productivity? to their loyalty? to their innovation? their creativity? All those things go up. And we know that and what happens? And what happens to the care that they give to your customers. It goes up when they care. They want to take care of your customers and your customers know that you care about them. What happens to your opportunities? They they go up in a hurry. I'm sorry, go ahead.

Russ Johns 18:40
Yeah, it'll go up. It all increases.

Randy McNeely 18:43
It does. And the interesting thing is your budget for your marketing can go down. Why is that? Because your employees, your workforce members and your customers become an extension of your marketing team. When people know you, like you and trust you, they're happy to talk about you. They're happy to give you testimonials. I'm happy to say you know, Russ Johns is the most amazing guy. I love being on the #PirateBroadcast™. love talking with Russ, being around Russ, because he just lifts my heart. You know, I mean, how great is that? If people are saying that about you out there. Once all that does is just increase your opportunities and when your opportunities go up, has a direct impact on the bottom line. And the great thing is you don't have to focus on the bottom line. Yeah, cuz it'll, it'll go up as a natural result. You just focus on taking care of people, treat them right. Making sure you how you know that you have a good cause that they feel good about, something that they feel good about working about, then go to it. The other stuff will come. Some people say well, that sounds like the Field of Dreams. If you build it, they will come. Maybe it is. But what's that,

Russ Johns 20:06
You still have to do the work. However, if you're excited about what you're doing, rather than just showing up for a paycheck, it's a whole different attitude that you bring to the table.

Randy McNeely 20:16
Oh, absolutely. Well, here's the other thing that people don't think about a lot, is when you go inside that building, okay, every one of us, first of all, before I go there, every one of u,s when we get up, doesn't matter who we are. We're all human beings, we all have the same needs. We all put our pants on the same way, we all get dressed the same way. We all have the same needs where we, you know, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, right? Yeah, we all have them. And the key thing is our key question, when I walk into my office, obviously, I, you know, speaking metaphorically, because right now a lot of us are going into offices with people, or other workforce members. But speaking of this, but when you go inside the building, or go into that place, do those, do you drop those human needs at some magic box at the door that says, dump your human needs here? No, of course not. Of course not. So it doesn't matter if you're the CEO, or you're the janitor, or whatever your position is, you all have the same needs. And so if leaders that will remember that and recognize the fact that everybody has those needs, and take that into consideration when they're building out their strategy plans and the way that they, you know, look at their business, if they look at, look at the through that perspective, man, what a difference that'll make. It's amazing, especially in this world, where we have so much social media where we can quick as lightning, say, you know, this company really stinks. Why? You go out the glass door anonymously and say, you know, this company stinks. This is why blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and, and people look at those reviews. And so, you know, it's what a wonderful thing if you can establish a culture and establish an opportunity where people really love being there. And it's the same, you know, same thing with everything we do personally as well. You can establish a personal brand and a personal culture that people like.

Russ Johns 22:21
I love that. I love that. Like Angie says here, be kind, not judgy. Leslie Martinez says, yes. Yes. Phyllis says Amen. so fantastic. Thank you, Phyllis, appreciate your being here. JD thank you so much for being here. Nancy. Love the messages. Randy. Love the messages

Randy McNeely 22:48
Thank you, Nancy, thank you.

Russ Johns 22:52
Kindness is key. I love that. I love that. You know, there's so many things. Gabriel, a whole great show last night, caught the replay at 1am.

That's fantastic. Gabriel has some amazing content, he shared a lot of kindness, too. And I know that, you know, we had this community that is surrounding you. And I know that there's probably a lot of people that have been in your life. In the past year, you know, we've met, it's been a year at least, that we've been connected, and going back and forth and LinkedIn. And I know that there's probably some initiatives that you've had in the last year and some things that have taken place. What is it that you really feel has changed in the last, you know, before you started your book, and as you got this last book out, and you're launching this book, and you're gonna be launching new books, what's the one thing that you've noticed in these conversations that you've had around people? What's, what's the trigger that a lot of people come away with? And and what's the thing that you notice most?

Randy McNeely 24:01
You know, the thing that I noticed most is, is it's just people are yearning for kindness. People right now that there's just so much happening in the world and there's so much strife and contention, especially, you know, in the United States, of course, we know it's been an election year, there's been a lot of divisiveness because of that. We know the turmoil and the protests and the riots and various things that have happened due to you know, civil unrest, racial challenges. There's, there's been so many things that have happened and people want to heal. They want to feel hope. And that's what you know, kindness. When you reach out and lift up somebody and say, you know, I'm here for you. I care. I understand, you know, or I can empathize. I may not understand everything you're going through, but I'm here for you and I want to understand I want to to help you and to strengthen you, to build you, and people just they yearn for those little things that touch their heart, that lift their hearts that help them to maintain what I call a captain's mindset, you know, where, you know, we remember that we're in charge of our own ship. And, you know, of what we think and what we do. And and it's not always easy. But we can do it if we have the determination to stay positive, and we can help other people do the same thing as we strive to stay positive, we can lift other people perfect example of that, and where I get the captain's mindset philosophy from and I think about it is from Viktor Frankl and Cory Tanboom, both people who survived the Nazi concentration camps. And by by remembering that even though the Germans at the time, controlled their circumstances, they couldn't control their minds. And they controlled their minds, they determined that they were going to stay positive, they were going to stay focused. And those very, I mean, extremely, extremely challenging situations. And because of their determination, because they maintain their captain's mindset, they were able to strengthen and lift and build, and help others survive and do the same thing during those challenging times. And, you know, we're not in a concentration camp. Right now. We are, you know, some very challenging times, it's not easy, you know, I, mean, anybody here who hasn't been affected by the pandemic, who hasn't been affected by the restrictions and things like that. I'm an extrovert to the hilt. I love people. I love getting out among people, I love being with people, I love being able to hug people, I love being able to sit down at dinner, you know, at a restaurant, face to face having a conversation without having to worry about, oh, I need to take my mask off or put my mask on or, you know, all these different things. You know, I'd be a liar if I said I hadn't had some real challenges with depression over the last few months, because it's just, it's not been easy. But I've tried, I've had to work really hard to maintain that captain's mindset on those days when, you know, things have started to get a little dark and and I've been feeling down or depressed. I had to say, Okay, okay, I've been there, I'm here, this is where I am. But I not staying here. I can't, yeah, because it doesn't do me any good to stay there and vacillate in that space. And when I'm there, then that means I'm not helping other people, and that's my wildlife, my wildlife is to be kind and to lift and to serve and to build other people. So that's where I get my greatest happiness.

Russ Johns 28:02
You know, we always Randy, always, it's difficult to feel down when we're helping others up. When you're helping other people along their journey, and you're lifting other people up, it's really hard to stay in a place a depression. You know, circumstance like that. So, you know, that's, and that's a lesson that we all can learn from, because, like you said, it's not a place we want to stay. And some people, you know, depression is real, you know, there's a lot of mental health issues that we need to address and continue to support and work to resolve it. And kindness, I think, is one of the first lines of defense we can use to, you know, have a little compassion, have a little #gratitude, have a little empathy, have a little bit of kindness that you can share with others. And that really goes a long ways. So I want to, I just want to make sure that everybody understands that you make a difference. You all make a difference. And so, you know, stay connected with others.

Randy McNeely 29:16
Can I do it? Do we have time for me to share one other little thing? Or do we need to...I want to be cognizant of your time. But, you know, you hit on something key is remember that every little thing we do matters. And one of the things I talked about in my original book, the kindness givers formula is some people will say to me said Well, I'm just one person, you know, how can my little actions matter in the in the grand scheme of things and I think people think of honeybees when you say when you say that, and they're like honeybees Why? honeybees only live four to six weeks, maybe eight weeks at the most. During that time, though. They travel enough miles gathering nectar to circumvent the entire globe, that's a lot of traveling. They gather they visit 1000s and 1000s of flowers. Yeah. In and then they take the the nectar they gather back to the hive and it's condensed down into honey. I think about this, how much honey Do you think one bee produces in its lifetime of six to eight weeks?

Russ Johns 30:22
Oh, not a lot.

Randy McNeely 30:26
It's 1/12th of a teaspoon. Wow. 1/12 to one teaspoon, and it's a wow, that's like nothing but every 1/12 is vital to the hive, you get 20 to 60,000 bees working together, they create 80 pound 80 to 100 pounds of honey. And they're vital to us because we wouldn't have the honey we have, which actually studies have been done to show that it has, you know, for a while we could survive off just eating honey. It's got all the nutrients and enzymes and things in it that that we need. But that sweetness, you know, blesses our lives. Well think about that. Okay, take that over into the kindness world, you know, little, little acts of kindness. Think of it this if everybody everyday was getting up, if you had 1000s people getting up, say I'm going to be a kindness giver today. Yeah, I'm going to be a kindness giver, I'm going to think of and plan ways to be kind. I'm going to look for an act on ways to be kind. And I'm going to invite and encourage other people to be kind. Think about the transformation the world would have if 1000s hundreds of 1000s millions, even dare I say billions of people got up and said that an active?

Russ Johns 31:41
Yeah. Well, I know that we need ambassadors. I know we need ambassadors and we need people out there doing this thing. So I encourage everyone as we wrap this up today, I just want to acknowledge Nancy, kindness, Chief Officer, embrace kindness. Love that Howard, Jenny gold. Hi, glad to see you. Angela. Chuck. Alister Harris. lol, so not sure's lots of conversations. This is the point of the pirate community and also the kindness community. Just everybody's in here, joining in. Hiett Ives is here. Nancy says Russ Johns helping others compassion connection and kindness is a winning combination. And I just want to make sure that Angela says one last thing, the best thing that we can do is help others and you just never know what the domino effects might be. And I also like Jordan Peterson's comment on this as well, just be the best version of you that you can be. And that is one of the best things that you can do for society at large, love your message for us, so happy to have connected with you. Thank you so much, Angela. I really appreciate that. And then Hiett says thanks for the honeybee analogy. I love that. So, Randy, we can't leave without telling people how to get ahold of your book or how to follow you and how to connect with you. What are some ways that we can leave behind and and post this on on the on the post?

Randy McNeely 33:23
Well, please, if you're on LinkedIn connect with me on LinkedIn, you know, I'm Randy McNeely, just do a search for me, Chief kindness officer will pop up and please, please do connect. And in my book, the kindness givers formula is on you just type in the kindness givers, and it'll come right up. And then my new book that is released today, daily dose of positive volume 1, 90 days of timeless Nuggets to enhance your life. If you do a search for daily dose of positive under my name, it should pop right up. And yeah, love to have you go out and pick up a copy. It's a quick easy read. I mean, it's meant to be read over 90 days because there's it's a journal type book has some, some some of my thoughts and asks you to share your thoughts, etc. I'd love to, you know, to hopefully inspire people on a daily basis to look for the positive and, of course, as always dare to embrace kindness.

Russ Johns 34:29

Randy McNeely 34:31
Well, as well and see more information.

Russ Johns 34:37
Fantastic. Thank you for being here. Randy. I really appreciate you and what you're doing and obviously I'm an ambassador for kindnesss.

Randy McNeely 34:44
Yeah, we are Russ, you're the one of the kings out here.

Russ Johns 34:49
So, thank you so much for being here and welcome to 2021 and spreading the kindness message and just a little bit of love. So make sure that you're out out there doing what you can with what you have, and make those connections, start the conversations, reach out to people that you'd have, you never know who's not feeling connected. And if you just reach out once in a while, sometimes it makes a huge difference in people's lives. And it can make a difference in the people that you're connecting with. And so just connect with Randy, follow the process that he's going through, support the initiative, and share this this word of kindness whenever possible. So thank you so much for being here. Randy. I really appreciate you. And all you're doing.

Randy McNeely 35:43
Thanks for having me on. And I want to say a special thanks to everybody who came on this morning for all your kind comments and for, you know, for being the good people you are. I look forward to hopefully connecting with you on LinkedIn.

Russ Johns 35:57
Thank you so much. And as always, everyone. #PirateBroadcast™ is here because #kindnessiscool. And #smilesarefree. And I want you to #enjoyourday. See you soon. Thanks, Randy.

Randy McNeely 36:14
Thank you, Russ. Appreciate it. Thanks.

Exit 36:16
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