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​Russ Johns 0:00
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started. Welcome to the #piratebroadcast. If you're watching live, or the replay, leave some comments below and let us know that you're here. love to have you engaged and ask questions in and stay involved in the conversation. One of the things that we love about the pirate broadcast and the community is the ability and the opportunity to talk to interesting people doing some interesting things. And today we have I'm gonna Rocio Perez?

Rocio Perez 0:49
Rocio Prez.

Russ Johns 0:53
I just love the fact that it's such an elegant name and it's just like okay, I just I just love You're here, you have an interesting and fascinating story. You're doing some amazing things and thank you so much all the gratitude in the world for you being here. And, and

Rocio Perez 1:11
Thank you for having me on here.

Russ Johns 1:15
How are you doing?

Rocio Perez 1:15
I'm wonderful. It's been interesting times for all of us, right? Learning how to be be at home 100% of the time. Very different world.

Russ Johns 1:25
It is a very different world. What is the biggest epiphany because you you're known to be you're an international speaker and you're an author and you're a trainer. A lot of that business has shifted to from you know, being in person in live and traveling and taking that effort and energy to get from one place to the next. Then all of a sudden, you have to think about Okay, how am I going to adapt, and you've been one to adapt your whole life. You've been adapting and growing. and expanding your career and your everything around you. Talk a little bit about and inspire others on how you are managing through this process.

Rocio Perez 2:10
So one of the ways that I'm managing through this process is being calm, cool and collected, taking care of myself first.


This morning, I meditated for a couple of hours, I journaled, I exercise, I took a shower, I got ready. I had an inspirational call this morning. That's one of the ways that I keep myself grounded, is being there for others. So immediately, when COVID-19 head, I went ahead and opened up my calls to the public made it free to the public for for a period of a couple of months to ensure that people were seeing moved and inspired and seeing possibility and probability and opportunities. That's what I was focused on. That was my only focus on that and I was so excited to be able to be part of that conversation. Be part of the people who are connected with people all over the world. I Immediately reached out to my friends in China and Africa and Germany and everywhere around the world. I had more than 100 plus conversations with individuals and just launched it and say, hey, what would this look like, right? How can I be of service because of course, coming off the stage completely. I'm a social butterfly. I'm a social butterfly. Being at home, it's like, wow, what do I do with all this time, I've never had this much time to just be and to create something new. The other thing that I've done is I focused on my writing. I'm launching another book, I have unstoppable seven steps for becoming a more intentional leader. It's an international bestseller on Amazon we have also it's an English and Spanish and I'm launching ripple effects. That's a new way of looking at the way that we live our life. How does that take us to another life I've written a number of articles I've hosted a number. I think I've become a master on Zoom meetings I've had plenty of Have zoom meetings, and just helping people.

Russ Johns 4:03
That's fantastic. I'm kind of curious, after all of these conversations and zoom sessions, becoming a zoom master of sorts, is there a common thread that you are hearing over and over again, because, I mean, I'm hearing in my circle, and hopefully in your circle as well is like this almost like a reset. It's an opportunity to actually use this time to grow and expand and so that's encouraging. What's the thread that you're hearing in your conversations?

Rocio Perez 4:42
Oh, definitely. That's a threat. It's making sure that people number one, people are realizing that they were wasting a lot of time. Like I realized that so it's like, wow, I was on the card. I don't know how many hours a day, run into it. For me. These people are much more centered. They're figuring out what's important. What's not important. They're figuring out that we've been wasteful. Let's just be honest, we've been absolutely wasteful with our time with our energy, with our money, with our resources with everything under the moon. Now that we've had to be in this place of introspection, and start looking inside of us and figuring out what's working, what's not working, I know that some people have gotten a little fatigued on the zoom meeting, because they're like, wow, there's like so many meetings, right? Just a different way of looking at things. For me, one of the greatest things as a leader is to start being even more empathetic to understand that there's competing challenges. Today, I see kids running other people. That's something I would ever know one thing is to work from home and to see where people live and the other thing is to have kiddos running in the background and and the parents level of stress, understanding that everything has an impact.

Russ Johns 5:53
Yeah. Well and with school being out and parents having to I mean, run a household and then have children that they are, trying attempting to homeschool and then work on top of that. It's a different, completely different environment. Some people go to work to kind of get away from that.

Rocio Perez 6:21
Get away from the kids . Get away from the house thing.

Russ Johns 6:25
Get my quiet time. The other side is that I think a lot of families in my conversations have been really like, Okay, I'm spending more time with my family and understanding what my kids are like, and what it is to be around them on a regular basis. It's encouraging and it's kind of like you mentioned, letting go have some things that we didn't really understand we were even doing It's a change, it's definitely a change.

Rocio Perez 7:03
Life has been about change. My entire life has been about change. I think I was probably one of the easy, easier earlier adopters. I grew up, this was my world, like, this was life for me and I had to adapt relatively quickly my entire life. Figure out what's going on what's going on. How do I move through things? I remember shared with one of my co workers, I said, this is our time. This is everything we've always prepared for. We've got this,

Russ Johns 7:37

Rocio Perez 7:37
We're able to immediately cept immediately be able to be able to serve people in this moment. I grew up in extreme circumstances. Like my life's adversities taught me the greatest lessons in life. By the time I was 12. I was a runaway.

Russ Johns 7:53
I was gonna say, did you runaway at the age of 12, or something.

Rocio Perez 7:58
I did. I didn't see The life that I deserved and the life that was possible that I knew inside of me was possible. I knew that I had to go out and create it. It's like, either I'm gonna be stuck, like here forever, or maybe not even forever it's like it's life and death. That's life. Right?

Russ Johns 8:17
What do you think it was, though? What do you think it was that actually fueled that Ember to grow and expand into this amazing person that you are at the age of 12? I mean, what spark was it that really kept it growing?

Rocio Perez 8:37
I would say that my imagination having have grown up in extreme adversity, that was my best friend, like I learned that imagination was where I could live my world. It was my world. Like, every regardless of what was going on in life, it's like I knew that someday I would grow up to become a teacher and inspire people.

Russ Johns 8:55

Rocio Perez 8:56
That was it. That was my only focus. So I danced around. That in my mind, regardless of what was going on, and so, that's one of the things that we don't take into consideration. It's our imagination, to be able to dream like a child to be able to behave and even behave in many different aspects, right? We take ourselves way too seriously. I know it's way too serious, most of my life, and so that creativity, that joy, that excitement, that connection, you know, a small child does not ask him for permission, oh, can I want this? No, of course, I want this, I can have it. Right. not asking, Can I have it? They're like, No, I want it and therefore I must have it.

Russ Johns 9:38
I think that's inspirational for a lot of people because I've always believed that. Well, I grew up in working class family, and I just figured that I had to work harder. That wasn't necessarily the truth. It took me a while to learn that and it's like, okay, you have to think different. You have to like you. You have to use Your imagination, okay, it's like, it's not that I can't have that it's that I can't have that I just need to figure out a way to have that, to create that environment that allows me to flourish in this in this circumstance. I have to believe that along this journey, you picked up a few skills is that are there few ideas and things that you can share with us that it's like, okay, mindset or attitude or what's the fuel that keeps it going,

Rocio Perez 10:35
For me is to be able to energize myself every morning. It's if left to my own devices. I'm just going to wake up, I'm going to take a look, I'm going to go back to bed. It's like no, I always tell myself, would this moment be worth it? What am I getting out of being in bed? If I'm not getting anything out of being in bed, it's like I get up and like, what what can I do differently? How do I energize myself? I start listening to positive audio I start meditating Do I start exercising? For me, that's the fuel that keeps me going that we all have access to right? Get up, have a drink of water and start hydrating the body, giving it what it needs. That's been my major focus is to ensuring that I can go ahead and energize that at any given moment. If I'm feeling down. It's about mindset, definitely. I could just start doing jumping jacks, what if I just do like 30 jumping jacks, I'm gonna tell you that you'd feel different. I think you're through with those jumping jacks.

Russ Johns 11:32
That's true. It's really amazing to because I wake up, I have a gratitude routine that I wake up to, and it's really the gratitude that I have that is really keeps me going and the ability and the opportunity to help others. I find them to join when I could help and assist others either solve a problem or get to a new place or provide them with an opportunity that they didn't previously have. I think that that's a lot of it and teachings, a lot of that part you've been a teacher, it sounds like you've been a teacher your whole life, and teaching others and setting the example, so to speak. I have to imagine that's big, a big component of your routine as well.

Rocio Perez 12:20
It has been and as a matter of fact, when I've walked away from it, Russ, there was a moment in my life, I've been teaching, I've been motivating people and getting them all excited. I really didn't accept that as my gift. I got really curious, almost 17 years down the road. Now what is it about my words, what is it? How do I get somebody to move and inspire them? They had a third grade education in their country didn't really even speak English. They graduated from an institution of higher ed.

Russ Johns 12:47

Rocio Perez 12:48
Based on the guidance that I provided them. How amazing is that? How do we take that to a completely different level? To say, hey, how do I accept this and once they accepted it was interesting Wednesday I quit and moved to San Diego people are calling me like, honey, I need your energy. Just come and talk with me. I'm like, I'm done. I'm done. How could I turn that light in on myself and start focusing on me? Well, three and a half weeks later, I was miserable. I was miserable, because I really miss listening to people's successes. Even like this morning, and every morning, I wake up seven days a week listening to people's successes, like how is your life different because of your participation? They're telling me, Rocio like, wow, I have a better relationship with my daughter and my mom and my sister and my brother, my spouse, and my wife and everybody and it's like, wow, who doesn't want to get up to that? Like, I feel energized even saying that, just to hear that their life is different, that it wasn't possible three weeks ago, when they started that today, their life is completely different. In most cases, people quantum leaping so fast because I'm also doing private coaching on the back end. Then I have the calls every morning. Oh my just to hear where they're at and like that certitude, that confidence that they have that belief in that vision in selves, I can just give a whole seminar here. I'm going to stop turning over to your question.

Russ Johns 14:17
I'm okay with that. received, I know that there's a lot of inspiration that you bring to the table and I and I've watched some of your videos and I just love the perspective. I want to go back a little ways because you actually had a clothing line that, you were doing some amazing things in a completely different industry. You've shifted multiple times. Now, going from a clothing line, and then you had an investment thing going on and you were really involved in training. Now you're going to be doing the ripple effect. What does that gonna look like next?

Rocio Perez 14:57
It's fascinating, right? Here's how Here's a shift in that. So I've been in marketing, I've always been in leadership. So it's always been marketing and leadership coupled together, whether it was in for profit nonprofit, for my own organization as well. One of the shifts right there, I went from developing products. I've always had this curiosity which is very different than speaking in training. At the same time, it's magical. There's a magic between having a thought and an idea. It's like, I have the thought, I have the idea. I write the thought, and I write the idea. Then there's a difference between having that birth, like it's, it's unwind, it's in your hands. It's like the most magical thing I've ever experienced in my life. It's what I also feel with people and I'm helping them find themselves right, because it's all about them. It's nothing about me, I have nothing to teach anyone. The only thing I have is to help people return to who they really are. It's just like that. That tree outside. When, it was a seed. It was alwaya destined to be that tree.

Russ Johns 16:01

Rocio Perez 16:02
It was destined to have this type of leaves that texture, the, the size of branches and so forth. Everything depends on the soil, right? For me, it's to help people remember what's the magic inside of all of us? What are those gifts, that once we accept those gifts like me and leadership, fully accepted, and to really guide people and to do the things that we're passionate about?

Russ Johns 16:26

Rocio Perez 16:27
Minor stuff to like from creative, and that was a decision that we're always finding ways to reinvent ourselves. I think that's so important for me. I had to reinvent myself. I had to accept my gift at the age of 33. I had the I had everything I had the car, the house, the kid, the education, the business, the everything. I was an empty nester, I was 33. My son was 18 and a half when he left home, and it's so crazy like to think about that. Okay, I was pregnant at 14 Mobile by 15. put myself through university with a sixth grade education. I truly live this, like my biggest client has been me. Like, who else do you get from who I would have ended up either forget it in gangs in prison, pregnant dead, who knows what that would have been. I chose to live differently. I chose to create my life the way that I wanted to create it. At the age of 33, as I'm exploring life, and I'm still I'm inventing life is great. As I turned 34, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. That seemed to me just like that. I had to take that change and see if there's something that I would love to do for the rest of my life. No matter what, whatever that looks like is there's something that changes inside of you and a doctor looks at you and says, you can have a stroke and die any moment.

Russ Johns 17:46

Rocio Perez 17:47
Okay. I'm 34 years old. You're telling me I can have a stroke and die any moment? How am I going to live my life? How do I choose to live my life consciously? No longer life is happening to me. It's happening through me. That's when I made that decision. I said, if I have one opportunity to do something, and that's it forever, leadership would be it because I didn't want anyone to get to the place where I was at. Facing like life right there like death, like it's facing me right there to get to that point and not feel fulfilled. Yet I've had extraordinary success and not feeling fulfilled in my heart. That was it.

Russ Johns 18:28
Very powerful. Do you feel, because I've been through some life threatening events, and there's a reason I'm here. There's a reason you're here. Oftentimes, I wonder sometimes when you're talking to someone, I wonder if it's giving them almost giving them permission to be themselves and like From the seed to the tree, or is it? Do you feel that it's something that they just need a new perspective on actually who they are? Some people need to own. They don't know how to own who they are. Does that make?

Rocio Perez 19:17
Most definitely you when we look at individuals perspectives, and this is prior to COVID, right? 63% of people didn't like their jobs. 28% were passive aggressive. 93% of leaders didn't feel like they had the knowledge, skills and abilities. Then we have 78% of individuals that don't feel psychologically safe to make your contribution. We've lost ourselves, right? We're putting on a mask. We put on a mask to begin with, to please mom to please dad, brother, sister, cousin, grandma, grandpa, teacher, community member, French, whoever. Then all of a sudden, Russ, we don't even know who we are.

Russ Johns 19:55

Rocio Perez 19:55
Right? Returning to that Turn into the core. This morning's call was about who are we in public? Who are we in public and private? That person being so mixed up, right? So when we're wearing 20 30 40 different mask, who are we? Are we this like constant chameleon that's moving from point A to point B versus being like, I'm the OCE three. I know who I am. I know what I'm doing. I know where I'm going.I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will get whatever it is that I desire. I'm not asking for permission from anyone. Like I asked for no permission from anyone. I'm like, I'm a little rebel. I'm a good kind of a report that's like, I feel it in my heart. I sense it. It's drawing me to it. This is my calling. This is my passion. This is what I love. For me, success is doing what we love to do. And a lot of the times we don't want to shine our light. I was there. Trust me, I had the German VA I had everything, everything and I remember trying to please people and making them feel bigger and better than me. There's no bigger and better. We're all human. Okay? We all have our own gifts, we all have our own potential. Once we're invited to that, then we can take ownership of who we are and who we are being and who we choose to be.

Russ Johns 21:15
Yeah, and when you take ownership, a terrible thing happens. Yeah, have no one else to blame.

Rocio Perez 21:21
You do, right, you do no longer have someone else to blame. For me, it's being responsible about my thoughts about my actions about my words, about the way that I'm being about the way that I'm even showing up energetically. Most of the time, I grew up on the stage. People look at me and they're like, wow, like, Who is that person? Most of the time people are offering me the stage when I walk into a room. I'm like, I'm not the speaker. I used to get on the stage a number of times.

Russ Johns 21:50

Rocio Perez 21:53
People think I own it.

Russ Johns 21:55
You have to own yourself. It's like be the oak. Once you, it's completely different. I know that we could have an entire dialogue on this subject is like, when you become transparent to your own ego and when you become who you are, regardless of who you're around. It's resiliency, it's, it's the ability to just do and be who you are. It's just an amazing feeling. I've been there for a while and I am who I am. It's like, you're gonna get who I am. It's freeing because you don't have to, you don't have to put on that mask. You don't have to be the chameleon. You don't have to do anything else. You don't have to put energy into playing a role. Right?

Rocio Perez 22:49
Right or being perfect. And I've had people where, at one point in my life, you would have met me 1015 years ago, I was a princess. I was a princess. I lived that princess life, that image Everything into that. It wasn't until I went through my own personal development that I start to, like, ease up on who that persona was right. Before it's like, I couldn't get anything stained because I would have walked out of that room and now people like, wow, it must be embarrassing. You just spilt something on you. I'm human, okay? I'm human. I'm going to spill things. I'm going to make mistakes. It's going to be okay. I didn't know Russ until the age of 37. That I can make mistakes. I literally did not know that I could make mistakes.

Russ Johns 23:33
That's a huge burden.

Rocio Perez 23:36
I've walked around thinking that my life had to be perfect. I had I lived in the showroom. I lived like, Who in the world do you get that runs away at the age of 12 to have a dual MBA in business. Who in the world do you get? So I like I live this life that I had to be perfect inside of this box yet, although it was a little bit of a rebel and I hop outside that box and dance around it. create it. Here's where you go. You start looking, though, where I started looking inside of me and saying, Hey, is life really worth living the way that I've been living it?What's more out there? When I started to see that I was the one who's creating it from the beginning. Like we are the creators of our life. We're the only ones that can create. And we're the only ones that can feel what we feel like a lot of people are like, well, he made me feel that way. Did he really go inside of you, like shake up those feelings and say, Hey, feel this right now? No, we, we had control over those thoughts. We had control of those emotions. We had control over those beliefs that we had whether we believe that somebody is helping us move forward, or taking us back. It's a belief where they're both Right, right. Henry Ford, and it's been since the beginning of time that's been written. We can we can we think we can't, we can't.

Russ Johns 24:55
It's amazing. I just want to give a shout out to some of the people that have joined us here. Darren's joined us. love to see you both. Then we're here. Hello pirates. Gabriel. He's saying Hola.

Rocio Perez 25:12

Russ Johns 25:14
Then Rebecca says, Wow, just Wow.

Rocio Perez 25:18
Wow. Wow Rebecca

Russ Johns 25:20
you know it's it's really and then Mrs. Sushi she's here she's always there and if you're not connected please connect. Where do people find you where's the easiest place to go to find you

Rocio Perez 25:36
the easiest places to call me. To call me to text me and I will get my phone abroad it's 303-587-8367 I'm all over social media so that's 303-587-8367 I'm on LinkedIn, I'm on Instagram, Facebook, there's author pages, send me a message on messenger I'm on Twitter everywhere, right? reach me. That's those are great ways of reaching me, you can text me and say, hey, I've heard you on Russ this show, and I'd like to connect with you, and more than happy to do so.

Russ Johns 26:16
She's also on Instagram.

Rocio Perez 26:18
Yes, I have a couple of pages on Instagram as well.

Russ Johns 26:21
Yeah, I went down and tracked you down and watch some of your videos. It's really nice and refreshing to see just the real, the real life of who we are and what we're doing and how we're doing it. It's amazing to see what the changes are going to be in the future. Now as someone that's evolving yourself and inspiring others along the way, what are some things that you are looking forward to as this this whole evolution of what is taking place evolves to the next level?

Rocio Perez 27:01
For me what I'm looking forward to? That's a great question. What I'm looking forward is to help individuals. What I'm looking forward is to help them see what's possible for them. As well as helping to create it. What I'm looking forward is a new way of being, for all of us that were more empathetic, that were more compassionate that we're more understanding that we actually truly listen, right? Because we immediately go into defense mode. It's like, so long as that person does speak the way that I speak, then they're no longer in part of my circle, that there's more humanity and everything that we do, that we get to skip and dance with their children and dance with the world, as I shared with my son when he was 18. I want you to skip and dance with the world. I want to see your successes. I want to experience the way that you see life for yourself. There's so much magic. What I'm looking forward to is people just being so generous that they give of themselves that they truly bring themselves from who they are the core of their being that generosity. Who they are being that's what I'm looking forward to.

Russ Johns 28:06
My greatest gift would be to allow people to see the things that they can release and remove from their life that are no longer creating joy or abundance or anything that that's positive, and then fill it up with more compassion, more empathy, like you said, it's I'm looking forward to that. Also, I'm looking forward to the idea that people do have choices. There are choices available to us and we have an opportunity to learn like you did from a 12 year old runaway to a double NBA and the ability, the opportunity to go from a princess to a teacher and do these things that you're doing. Thank you so much for being an inspiration. Today I really appreciate all the gratitude and worldview being here today so speak a little bit and share the ripple effect and and what that might look like for others to pay attention to and anticipate.

Rocio Perez 29:16
Definitely. So first of all, I do have unstoppable seven steps to becoming a more intentional leader.

Russ Johns 29:21

Rocio Perez 29:22
The ripple effects follows unstoppable. That's a way that we can constantly transform ourselves every single day. The ripple effects came from the idea that I can take a piece of paper and feel whatever it is that I'm feeling, maybe I'm feeling disempowered, maybe I'm not feeling like courageous or confidence or believing in what I'm doing to take that piece of paper and start filling it out. All of a sudden, based on those questions, I'm on fire like I'm on fire. I'm like, I'm unstoppable. This is so funny that we had a lot of individuals that come to me and be like Rocio once they do that, because It is in pre sales right now. I'm releasing one of the most powerful exercises that I know for individuals that are purchasing that book. when they get on the line, they're like, I'm unstopable, right? You can sense and feel that energy. I'm confident in them. I'm a director on this on that. It's just amazing. It is a way of being it's a way of transforming ourselves in time. That's what the ripple effects is about. It's for people that are going big places, people that are looking to create the life that they love, and they desire. That's who that's for.

Russ Johns 30:34
Yeah, reach for the abundance. Reach for the expansion in your life. Reach for the next thing that you can actually help others with. bring joy to the world and values

Rocio Perez 30:45
Bring joy to yourself first. Yeah, bring it to the world if you don't have it inside of you.

Russ Johns 30:50
Live in joy anytime you can have gratitude. thank you so much for being here. I truly appreciate it and this is the whole point of the #piratebroadcast is the opportunity to actually bring #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings and share it so we can inspire others around us.

Rocio Perez 31:09
So, thank you so much. It's an honor to be on your show. I'm really excited about the work that you're doing and how you're touching, moving, inspire and helping people live an even better life because at this angle,

Russ Johns 31:21
I will be unstoppable. Thank you so much in for everyone here. As you know, #kindnessiscool. #smilesarefree, and you #enjoytheday. Take care.

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