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​Russ Johns 0:28
And it's another fabulous day on the Pirate Broadcasts, and this week is another exciting week with amazing guests interesting people doing interesting things, and today we have Roger Wakefield in the house, a phenomenal resource here on LinkedIn. And also, you have a YouTube channel from what I understand Roger.

Roger Wakefield 0:53
Yes, it's just a little bitty one man, just a little bit.

Russ Johns 0:57
Well, I want to thank you so much for being here. Roger, I know that you're a busy guy. And I just wanted to, you know, share a little bit of the things that you have going on with the LinkedIn Community, and also we're streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, as well as LinkedIn. So if you're not on LinkedIn watching this, and you're on some other platform, thank you so much for being here. Welcome. And Roger, you've been doing this for a little while. You're kind of an early adopter on this how did you, What's your backstory, give us the backstory on this for people that don't know Roger Wakefield?

Roger Wakefield 1:34
Well, and when you say a little while you really hit it on the head. It's really been a very little while. Now LinkedIn live, Yes, I was one of the first 12 people and I literally got a message from LinkedIn. I've already met the people on LinkedIn because of what I do on video, and it was really good because they had reached out to me said look, we're gonna do a pop up event here in Dallas had me come to it. And one of my videos was actually one that they showed that day. I mean, it's funny when you're in a room with LinkedIn, and you look up and they're showing your video, and you're like, Okay, wait, that's me. But they reached out and said, Look, we're starting this new thing called LinkedIn live. And I said, Okay, they said so would you be interested in doing it, I said well, I hadn't even heard of it yet. And they said well thats because you'll be one of the first 12 people, and it really, it was a cool deal. So that was just over a year ago, Russ.

Russ Johns 2:28
Wow. It's only been a year?

Roger Wakefield 2:30
Yeah. Yeah. It started. Matter of fact. Two weeks ago, I was at Social Media Marketing World, and it was a week before that we actually started doing LinkedIn live.

Russ Johns 2:43
I guess it was.

Roger Wakefield 2:45
Yeah Because, one of my first LinkedIn lives. I got to have the great Judy Fox on.

Russ Johns 2:49
Oh Judy's awesome.

Roger Wakefield 2:50
You bet. I went live from Social Media Marketing World and grabbed her, grabbed Denise Alison, grabbed some people and said look, yall want to jump in and say hello. Joe Everest, so it was really neat got to get some good people in there, and man, I just, I had fun. It was it was really interesting. But it was neat that I got to start doing it fair, Because the year before I walked in Social Media Marketing World knowing nothing about Social Media. And

Russ Johns 3:20

Roger Wakefield 3:21
I literally walked in because my company wasn't doing well. I was spending a ton of money with marketing people that were ripping me off.

Russ Johns 3:29

Roger Wakefield 3:30
And you know, one of my stories is, you know, I hired OPM marketing (other people's money). And that's all they're interested in.

Russ Johns 3:37

Roger Wakefield 3:38
And these people were literally making my phone stopped ringing.

Russ Johns 3:42

Roger Wakefield 3:43
And it was that bad. I mean, it's one of those deals like and I tell people it's like back in high school, when you thought that girl was gonna call and she never did. So you'd run next door and tell them "Hey, call me at my house to make sure my phone's still working", and you run back in you pick up like, "Okay, so nothing's wrong there."

Russ Johns 3:58
I know the phone's working.

Roger Wakefield 4:00
Man, yeah, I know the phones working. So what is the problem?

Russ Johns 4:03

Roger Wakefield 4:03
And it was the marketing people.

Russ Johns 4:05
And telemarketing, huh?

Roger Wakefield 4:06
Yeah. And I mean, it's really bad, but that's exactly what it was. So, I talked to Julie and I said, Julie, "look, I want to learn social media. But I don't want to learn it from somebody who's just trying to sell it to me." So I did research I found out about Michael Stelzner., and I went to Social Media Marketing World and I tell people it was like drinking water out of a fire hose. I couldn't get enough is crazy.

Russ Johns 4:06
Yeah. And being a plumber you probably understand that.

Roger Wakefield 4:13
I understand it very well. A lot of water.

Russ Johns 4:32
A lot of water. Well, I just you know, we it was so funny because you sent me that text with Tony in it in you know, being from Houston and stuff, and I was in Houston for nearly 10 years and I understand and appreciate Texas and you're up Dallas area, aren't you?

Roger Wakefield 4:57
Yes, sir.

Russ Johns 4:58
Okay, so the plumbing industry is very geographically focused for the most part. So how does this video and social media developed your business since two years ago, and you started doing this? Because you have, like, Here, let me let me just for those that are not connected with Roger go connect with, it takes you to his YouTube Channel.

Roger Wakefield 5:27
Yes, it does.

Russ Johns 5:27
And it's a great YouTube channel. I love what you're doing there. And I love the I also enjoy and appreciate the the training that you're doing for other business owners, so that's a huge advantage, and here's what I believe, and I think we're in alignment with this, helping others always comes back to us. Would you agree?

Roger Wakefield 5:50
Well, yeah, I've talked about that just yesterday, and I'm one of these people right now. I'm building something and I think I'm building something wonderful. And people ask me all the time, they're like, well, Roger, how many days a week do you work? It's like, well, I work eight days a week. And and I do, I mean, literally, I was up here yesterday, I was up here Saturday, and we are what we're working on things that we think are going to change people's lives. And you know, you talked about me, teaching others what I do, most YouTube people I talk to even LinkedIn, people say, look, you can't use social media for a local business, it just doesn't work. And I love when they tell me that because I'm like, Okay, cool. Thank you. Keep thinking that because you bet and we're using the tools. We can look at the analytics and see where we're ranking with the videos that we put out for local. So when I walked out a Social Media Marketing World two years ago, literally and Michael Stelzner told the story a couple of weeks ago when I was there during his keynote, so it was really very touching. But in between one of the sessions or during one of the sessions, Julie, my wife had been blown my phone up. And I walked out in between the sessions, I called her I said, Hey, baby, Look, man, I'm sorry, I was in a class What's going on? She says, look, we're not going to make it. She said, we are going to be out of business by the time you get back home. So I really hope you enjoy your time in San Diego, but that's what's gonna happen, and I said, Julie look, there's a lot of things in the works. There's a lot of people that are less money, there's a lot of things going on. We're gonna make it you know, and we were both were very faithful people. And you know, Julie tells me all the time now, she said, like, anytime I have problems like that, I just stop and pray. Because God always takes care of us.

Russ Johns 6:16

Roger Wakefield 6:43
It works.

Russ Johns 7:59
It works.

Roger Wakefield 8:01
But, you know, I walked back into the next session and now I'm thinking, Okay, look, this has to work, that we just burned the boats, there is no way off the island we've got to make this work, and I started listening, focusing, writing down, and I tell everybody when I came home, from Social Media Marketing World on the way home on the plane, I'm going through my notes. I came into the office the next day after the radio show I had, going through my notes. The next morning, we got up, went to church, I took Julie home and I came back to the office and finished going through my notes. And when they came in Monday morning, and I say, they, her and my stepson Will, who was doing my marketing for me doing anything we're trying to do and we had just decided, look, we can't let anybody else do it. So we started doing Facebook, we started doing any little thing that we knew how to do.

Russ Johns 8:53

Roger Wakefield 8:54
But when we came in that Monday morning when they came in, I said look, we're changing the way we do everything and within a month, the first week of April, we started doing YouTube Live, not Live, we would do videos, I'd come in in the morning, do a video, we'll cut it, edit it, we put it out or we do different things with it but we knew we had to grow locally. And just the other day and I tell people this, I say the other day now it's probably been two months. I went to walk out of the office one day and Amber, my CCR, my call center representative literally stops me and she says, I want you to know we've got three jobs, slab leak detection, which turned into the high ticket items for us but she said we got three jobs off YouTube videos just yesterday. Phenomenal.

Russ Johns 9:40
How did that make you feel Roger? How do you feel about that transition from going from, you know, zero to hero in using video to because I'm a huge advocate for video and I think video is one of the quickest, most efficient ways to build a community in relationships, personally, I mean.

Roger Wakefield 9:58
Number one, it feels Amazing but think about what you just said you use videos and you believe in it. I looked at what got me to Social Media Marketing World. It was a video podcast where Nathan Chan interviewed Michael Stelzner and I listened to that podcast and I used to get up every morning, which I don't anymore, I'm swamped, but I used to get up every morning and walk four miles in an hour on the treadmill every morning, and I'd turn on YouTube and I would watch motivational speakers I would watch, you know, things that were helping me. And I used to watch Jim Rohn, John Maxwell.

Russ Johns 10:38

Roger Wakefield 10:38
I mean, so many great people and somehow I found this interview one morning Nathan Chen interview and Michael stelzner. And I listened to Michael talk about Social Media Marketing World, what he wanted it to grow to be. And one of the things Nathan asked him so what if somebody wants to do what you do? Come watch me. Watch what I do. I'm copying other people somebody is going to copy me.

Russ Johns 11:01

Roger Wakefield 11:02
And he says, but do it in a different niche. He says, Look, I've got it nailed down for marketing and man he does. So about two days later, I'm literally on that same treadmill. And literally, Gary Vee is on stage talking he holds up his phone. He says, I don't care, and I'm gonna be very nice. When I say this, Gary He says, I don't care if you're 20 you're 50 or you're 70. You can do this.

Russ Johns 11:28

Roger Wakefield 11:29
And Russ. I mean, I literally stepped off the treadmill. I've got my feet on each side, and I grabbed the handlebars. And I look at it and I back it up and he said it again. And I was like, Look, I can do this. Now here's what here's what's funny. I needed somebody I've never met that lives in New York to tell me that I could do something.

Russ Johns 11:51
Someone else might give you permission.

Roger Wakefield 11:53
Man What is wrong with that? But but that's exactly what it was.

Russ Johns 11:58
We never know what what trigger is going to provide us the fuel that fires us up. Right. And, and I tell so many people, it's like we are living in the most amazing age in history right now, for a lot of reasons. And one of them is that, you know, I grew up in advertising, I've been in advertising since 85, in and out technology and everything else. And you right now have the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to create your own media, deliver your own media, entertain and educate anyone in the world. And it could be locally, it could be regionally, it could be internationally. It doesn't matter. There are no barriers to entry here. And like you said, you know, Gary Vee said it, it's like, you are the media, you can make a difference. And you made a difference, Roger, so I thank you so much for doing that and stepping out your own comfort zone and into producing video.

Roger Wakefield 13:04
It's really funny, because, you know, if you told me when I walked into Social Media Marketing World that I'd be doing what I am today, I would have said no way. I literally I walked him because I knew I needed to learn how to put video out to get in front of my customers. Then when I started doing that, I started realizing, look, the people that are really watching this are people that are interested in getting in plumbing, people that are interested in becoming better plumbers, people that are interested in look, I'm already a plumber, but I want to open my own business one day.

Russ Johns 13:40

Roger Wakefield 13:41
And now it's not even plumbing. It's it's plumbing. It's hbic. It's electrical, it's roofing, it's window cleaners, it's carpenters people are reaching out to me from all different trades now, saying, look, I want to do what you do, or I want to learn what you've learned or how do I get into the trade or how do I become a better plumber? Yeah, so we've kind of we've changed up what we do, but man, it's working well,

Russ Johns 14:06
Well, and I grew up in commercial construction, you know, I was pushing a broom it long before I was old enough to push a broom may take it up nails and, and my dad would give me a pile of bent up nails and say straighten these out. I need them tomorrow. You know, and it's and it's amazing to watch how the industry has changed and you know, how it's evolved. And there's so many opportunities out there for people to to do good workand create, you know, my son was a pipe fitter in the union and down in Houston and

Roger Wakefield 14:43
what's local was in rest, you know?

Russ Johns 14:45
I don't recall. I do.

Roger Wakefield 14:48
My wife and I are starting a networking business down in Houston, as part of a nationwide organization of Metro networks is phenomenal. But we're down in Houston a lot. I know the people at local 68 which is the plumbing union down ther.

Russ Johns 15:02

Roger Wakefield 15:02
I'm in the Union. I'm a union plumbing company here in the Dallas area.

Russ Johns 15:06
Okay. Yeah. And so it's just, I just love the fact that your YouTube I was watching your YouTube channel and, the fact that you're doing this and you're putting the thumbnails and you're putting the effort into it, and it I'm not gonna lie to anyone. It takes work and effort, you know, and compared to what you first started with, I'm sure that you're amazed when you look back on what what it's evolved into. Right. So you've been doing YouTube almost two years now?

Roger Wakefield 15:33
Yes, sir.

Russ Johns 15:34
Okay, so, and you're at right around 30,000 you have over a million views. So that tells me that somebody's watching the channel.

Roger Wakefield 15:42
Yeah, and we keep an eye on it and don't get me wrong. I had a couple of YouTube videos up before them but it was videos that I was hiring people to make for me and you know, we needed a place to put them. And it was so funny because when I walked into Social Media Marketing World two years ago, the second day, I walked into a class by Derral Eve's and I walked in and one of the first things Darrell said is YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Russ Johns 16:08

Roger Wakefield 16:09
And literally the thought that went through my head is this stupid, he has no idea what he's talking about. YouTube is just a place to store videos. And I literally started to get up and walk out. I thought, you know what I'm already in here. I'm just because I'm a front row guy. I don't want any distractions. I want to set learn and take it in. So I thought, you know what, I'm not gonna walk out. I'm just gonna sit here. And I kept listening to him and listening to what he was saying about how YouTube works. And I was like, wow, I can literally do this. And it was funny because I ended up in his session accidentally. But once I was in a session, it's like, okay, man, I learned something. And it was it was huge. We don't know what we don't know. Yeah. And for me to walk in there and learn that and then learn the platform and learn how to use it. It has saved my business.

Russ Johns 17:00
Well, and I'm an advocate because I, you know, I'm on here every day, I'm five days a week, I create video I create content every day. And I've always been that way, you know, I was a musician I, you know, I was always creative, I love to create I love to help people understand that they have the ability to create as well. You know, and I'm doing some courses and classes on this stuff and, and encouraging people to do something that they're uncomfortable with isn't necessarily the worst thing in the world, right? It's like after you watch Derral Eve's and you know, all sudden you get a jolt of Gary Vee saying, Hey, get on your phone and get going. It's like,

Roger Wakefield 17:44
You bet.

Russ Johns 17:44
And then all of a sudden, here you are a year later after being on LinkedIn live and talk us through what kind of changes have you noticed what kind of opportunities have changed and evolved for you as a direct result using video?

Roger Wakefield 18:01
oh my gosh. Well, let me just say about the, let's say the last week, maybe two. I've been interviewed by CNN. I was interviewed by Forbes for an article there. I've got a group of video people and I don't know how much detail I can go into. But I've got a group of video people that are doing a video for one of the big platforms that wants to come in and interview me and tell my story. And it just man it's not your normal plumber life.

Russ Johns 18:37

Roger Wakefield 18:38
I'm getting asked to speak at events. I talked to you about being out in Phoenix a month or two ago. And I was supposed to be speaking there in April if the event still goes on. I was supposed to be speaking at an event in Dallas. That one has gone online. I'm scheduled to speak in September. I mean, I am getting reached out too by some of the biggest names that I've ever known in social media, and they're reaching out to me saying, look, I'd like for you to speak at my event. And to me, that's just phenomenal. And I asked them, it's like, Look, I'm just a plumber. Why, do you want me to speak at your event? And their like Look, what you're doing on the local level, most people say can't be done. And that just blows my mind.

Russ Johns 19:26
Yeah. I love what you're doing. And I, you know, I've always thought that video is it's universal. You can I believe you can do it locally. I mean, I'm an advocate for for being able to reach out locally. In fact, I started that's the reason I started the Pirate Syndicate. is you know, the Pirate Broadcasts is essentially I didn't have LinkedIn live. So I record video on YouTube and then bring it in as at LinkedIn live. It's like, you know in the the whole story behind Pirate Broadcast Is that if you're not, if you don't have an FCC license you've ever considered a Pirate Broadcaster? And so it's kind of a play on a couple of different directions there. And so I started the Pirate Syndicate to help people that don't want to deal with the technology, because there's a bit of tech that goes involved. However, they have a voice to share and they have a message to share. And I got a couple of people I'm talking to on larger organizations that come in, produce a show and put it all together because it's a process in after practicing, you know, a couple hundred times I think I got it down. And so, you know, like yourself, you have wills, they're helping you out and producing some stuff for you. And, and once you build a system, it's just like, plumbing. It's just like building. You know, once you have your program in place, you can actually repeat it and duplicate it and build on it and improve it every day. And so being able to reach out to local people and help other plumbers in the arena and also, you know, HBAC and other contractors and other trades it's phenomenal to think about what you can do and accomplish that.

Roger Wakefield 21:15
You hit it while ago. You know, you learned from video and you've been in it you said you've been marketing since the mid 80s?

Russ Johns 21:23

Roger Wakefield 21:23
I've never done it. I literally when I walked in Social Media Marketing World, it was just to learn how to do social media. And, you know, people reach out to me and I said, Look, you're a marketing genius. It's like, no I'm not, I just make videos. But the funny thing about it is, and I go back to something Gary Vee said, and I heard it probably a year ago, and it sticks with me every single day. Don't look at what people are doing from 2015 to 2020. Look at what they're going to be doing from 2020 to 2025.

Russ Johns 21:57

Roger Wakefield 21:58
And walking in that first Social Media Marketing World Michael Stelzner's keynote, he said look videos the future, you're not good at doing video you're going to be left behind. And my thought is, look, I'm already behind. What do I have to do to get ahead?

And I started coming in and doing research on what other Plumbing Companies would do what other plumbers were doing. And it's like, you know what, I know where y'all need to be. I'm gonna go ahead and get there. and that's, that's how I looked at it.

Russ Johns 22:05

And there's so many you know the other side of the same coin is that, oh, there's already so many videos out there. Why would anybody want to watch me? And it's like, they want to watch you Roger because you're Roger. And people gravitate, you know, to personality and it's like, okay, somebody could be doing the same thing we're doing right now. And it's just, you know, a certain audience is going to gravitate to one person versus another person. It's like there's plenty of room out there. There's abundance. You don't run out of abundance. You know, it's like, okay, I can only replace so many toilets in a day. However, you know, that doesn't mean that you can't help other people replace their toilets, right?

Roger Wakefield 23:11
Mm hmm.

Russ Johns 23:11
And so if you could be the authority, and this is what I say is be seen, be heard and be talked about. And this is exactly what you're doing. This is perfect example of, you know, increasing your authority and your visibility. And being the one that people call up and say, Roger, can you speak at our event? Can you help us understand how you're doing this at a local level? And then all of a sudden, you're the go to guy. Right?

Roger Wakefield 23:36
And it's funny. Russell is not just people calling, I get calls. The one of the funniest ones, we got a phone call from South Carolina one day. He says my water heaters making noise. I need to talk to Roger. And I've got the greatest gatekeepers in the world. Thank God. They're like, well Roger's out on the truck right now. He's kind of busy. Yeah, but I have to talk to Roger my water heaters making noise and I think it's gonna blow up. said you know what, let me grab one of the other plumbers and put him on and let you talk to him. I'm sure everything's okay. So one of my plumbers was hearing Amber put him on. And it was fantastic because it's like, you know, that's one of our go to stories now as Look, the reach that we have, once you turn on that camera and start talking to the people on the other side of it. You're right and I wrote an article for a lady the other day about 10 tips for for video. And one of them is Look, just be you. Don't try to be anybody else. They've already got that covered. And I don't want to be Gary Vee. He does Gary Vee pretty dadgum good. But if I do, Roger, and that's been one thing that I thought about from the very beginning do I want to try to be I mean, there's a camera in front of me. cameras. The other side of it's normally an actor. Yeah, but I don't want to be an actor. I want to be me and I spoke at VidCon last year and That was the neatest thing in the world. I had never spoken at a live event like that. Never been on stage like that. And I got up there spoken afterwards, one of the guys came up to me. He says, I talked to you the other day, I don't know if you remember me. I said, Yeah, I do. And told him what we had talked about. He says, okay, he says, here's what I want to tell you thats really neat about you. He says, I've watched your videos. I've talked to you in the hallway. And now I've watched you on stage. You're always the same person. And I'm like, Man, I'm just me. I don't I don't want to be anybody else. I don't know how to be anybody else. All I know how to do is do what I'm doing. And that's me. And he said, that's one of my favorite things about you. So people just be you. That's what that's what people are looking for.

Russ Johns 25:43
Yeah. The closer you can get to being you is the most effective way to be. Because then you don't have to worry about who's seeing you who's watching your when you're where you're being watched. Right? Absolutely. Cuz you're, you're just right there. So I want to I want to give a shout out to a couple People that are joined in Roger Craig and Vicki Oh Neil's here. Natasha, she's down from Houston, Gabriel Arcata, Byron and Vicki, Vicki says I got Roger's YouTube pulled up and check it out later today. So she's gonna be tracking you down. Kenyatta, thank you so much Roger LEED AP. And also, I want to I want to touch base on this because I know it's important and it's a an accomplishment lead is an efficiency credential. That is not necessarily a simple process. It's, there's a little bit of work that goes into that. So I just want to recognize you for the work you put into that in helping keep our planet clean.

Roger Wakefield 26:51
Thank you. I appreciate that. That was that was a hard designation to get. It's a real hard test.

Russ Johns 26:57

Roger Wakefield 26:57
And I remember going to the vice president company that I was with at the time telling him I wanted to do it. And he said, No. So what do you mean? No. So let's have a test for architects and engineers, designed by architects and engineers he said, Roger, I've got engineers that can't pass it. And I've always had broad shoulders and a big butt. So I'm like, I'll, man I can pass it. If I din't pass it, I'll pay for it. And I'll do it. And, Russ I remember when the book came in, I opened it up. I thought I was reading Russian. It made no sense whatsoever. But, man, I did. I passed it passed it the first time. I was very proud of myself, but I believe in water conservation, I believe in sustainability and being green. Yeah. And that's part of why we named our plumbing company in Dallas, Texas, Green Plumbing.

Russ Johns 27:00
Yeah. Well, good for you. I just wanted to recognize that because not a lot of people understand what that means. So I recognize it and I applaud you for the the time and effort and energy that went into that. So

Roger Wakefield 28:01
Thank you.

Russ Johns 28:01
It's fantastic. Roger, you know, this is I know, we could talk for a while. And we have some mutual friends online. And, you know, I truly believe and I'm passionate about video. I got a couple of webinars, you know, coming up this week, I sent some notifications out and you know, a couple of things post out on LinkedIn and Facebook and around. I know, your story is, is probably unique today. However, I think we're going to see more of it in the future, where individuals can actually utilize video in a unique way for themselves, like you said, going for 2022 2025. You know, and we're in a, we're in a situation right now around the world that, you know, I think I think video is going to be increasingly utilized. You know, people do zoom calls all the time, you know, I actually have clients I work remotely for. And you know as I'm here at home caring for my folks and you know, making sure they're okay. And we have an opportunity in the world. And I just want to ask you. Last and Final question. So if you had to leave today sharing some nugget of knowledge for the viewers and the people on LinkedIn and YouTube and around the social media world, what word of advice would you want to leave with people today?

Roger Wakefield 29:33
The biggest one is just get started. And I know that sounds crazy, but we started with a little $99 webcam and a cell phone. And you can upgrade from there. And if you say, Look, I don't have all the equipment I need. Okay, you know, most of us didn't have it when we started out. Yeah. Trust me, I know the feeling. I do more with this than I do with the cameras that I've got here in the studio. Yeah, number one is to get started. And take classes learn to reach out to people Russ look, I teach people now. And I've got people that call me all the time say, look, will you teach me to do what you do? So there's people out there that will teach you spend the money, that's an investment in yourself. Yeah. And if you're not investing in yourself, and you're just investing in your business, you're always going to have a job. If you invest in yourself, you can transcend that job. And you can do so much more. And the other one is R&D, rip off and duplicate. That's what somebody else is doing. I mean, that's what we're all doing. I mean, it doesn't matter. You know, you weren't the first one to use, you know, Zoom or whatever it is, you're using these days stream yard. You weren't the first one. You ripped off somebody else's idea.

Russ Johns 30:47
Yeah. It's like, you don't have to, create the wheel here.

Roger Wakefield 30:51
It's already built.

Russ Johns 30:52
It's already built.

Roger Wakefield 30:53
Just you just look at what that wills gonna look like five years from now and try and do that.

Russ Johns 30:59
That's I tried to do this five years ago and it wasn't quite ready for primetime yet.

Roger Wakefield 31:04
And now, I mean, think about this. And it's really funny because I'm seeing a bunch of articles go around about people talking about, look, we've got customers talking about cutting spending dollars for social media and cutting this and I'm like, why?

Russ Johns 31:16

Roger Wakefield 31:17
People are at home watching more now.

Russ Johns 31:21

Roger Wakefield 31:21
And if it was me, I would double down on social, because that's what people are going to. And you've got an opportunity while people are at home while they're quarantined, why they can't go out and eat dinner because the restaurants are closed.

Russ Johns 31:37

Roger Wakefield 31:37
They're gonna be home. And instead of sitting in a restaurant talking to each other, they're gonna be sitting here watching something on their phone. Make it be you the truth that they're watching.

Russ Johns 31:46
And there's a huge initiative to cut your cable right? You know, it's, I mean, you could watch YouTube all day and you could watch all kinds of things you could learn. You could educate yourself, you could produce results all the time. It's just blows my mind that we have so many opportunities out there. And for me, it's more about what? How can I reduce my focus to one thing? Because I'm so distracted with so many other things that it really takes shiny objects. Too many shiny objects. Yes,

Roger Wakefield 32:17
me too.

Russ Johns 32:18
Well, Roger, thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate you and the work that you're doing, and I look forward to future conversations with this. And next time you're in Arizona, when it takes place. Let's make sure we get together, have a cup of coffee or join a meal.

Roger Wakefield 32:36
And Russ, I appreciate what you're doing. You're introducing us to some amazing people out there. I look at the people that you've interviewed and the ones you've got coming up. And I love what you're doing. So thank you for that.

Russ Johns 32:46
No, appreciate that. Roger. And also, you know, you know what I always say, kindness is cool. smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

Roger Wakefield 32:58
Thank you.

Russ Johns 32:59
Take care

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