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Russ Johns 0:00
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

Hey, everyone, welcome to the #piratebroadcasts. Thank you so much for being here. All the gratitude in the world. I would love the opportunity if you find this valuable to like and share and comment. Make sure you follow all the social media trends subscribe to the channel, and all that kind of good stuff. Today we want to talk about it's a Friday today and I want to talk about removing the stress for your life and what better time that we have than having Ron who specializes in this. Join us on the #PirateBroadcast. Yes, we bring #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings and thank you so much for being here, Ron, I appreciate your time and your effort and the things in the gifts that you share today. How are you doing?

Ron Faglia 1:07
I'm great Russ. One of the things I want to let your audience know right off the bat, that unless you get stress under control, you're never going to reach your potential your goals and the happiness you want for your life and the success in your business.

Russ Johns 1:20
Well, we can't operate at 100% if we're all stressed out and distracted for myself, stress is a distraction. It's like you're thinking about 10 different things at one time, and you're thinking, Okay, how am I going to get all this done and everything else that it just adds to it? Sometimes we need tools, and I want you to share some of those tools today with us to reduce and remove the stress from our lives. It causes a lot of things and maybe you could share those with us.

Ron Faglia 1:56
One of the things that's interesting about stress and you touched on it, A little bit. That is when we're in a constant state of stress, our bodies very resilient, physically adapt, and we don't even realize we're in stress anymore. Most people are familiar with the stress response. It's that flight freeze mechanism that's hardwired into our brain. It comes from caveman days when there was real physical threats to us. Now, mechanism is triggered by mental and emotional stress. Something is always there and we have to be aware of it. If we're aware it, we can then get it under control.

Russ Johns 2:41
Well, you know, right now, there's a lot of people that are under a lot of stress. Things are really in motion. There's a lot of change going on. A lot of people get stressed out when they don't necessarily know what's coming next when the environment evolving and changing and tomorrow may be something else. Realistically, that is causes a lot of stress in today's environment with PR people, right?

Ron Faglia 3:12
Absolutely. Before we were in this current situation that that the world's dealing with, there was a lot of stress, just trying to keep up focus on the bottom line. This current situation has elevated that. I mean, it's taken to believe any of us could imagine.

Russ Johns 3:32
It's a gamble.

Ron Faglia 3:35
Yeah. It's something that we all have to deal with. You hit the key words perfectly when you said uncertainty. Because when we're in a state of uncertainty, and we're in a state of stress, research shows that the brain can only focus on vulnerabilities and weaknesses. When you're stressed. That's just not the place you want to come from when you need to make decisions about your business or your life.

Russ Johns 4:01
Okay, so realize that stress is present, we understand that the environment is very stressful, and it promotes a lot of stress triggers for for many people. I want to kind of share with the audience is some of the tools we can use in order to maybe transmit some of that stress into a different mode, maybe remove some of that stress from our lives and I know that you do some exercises and you go through some processes that can remove that or at least reduce it. Talk a little bit about that we can actually reduce and remove some of the stress in our lives.

Ron Faglia 4:46
I'd love to Yeah. Getting rid of stress. You just can't overemphasize. One of my favorite go to exercises, it's, I actually call it this deck and Stress buster. What it is, it's a combination of breathing and visualization. It's real simple. Research shows that in this 62nd exercise, 95% of the people will feel better. They'll feel that physical and mental stress back off. So let me explain it. I'm kind of excited to take you through this, because it is just that powerful.

Excuse me. Now, this process literally has been used for the last couple years to train elite military organizations and police forces around the world. Anytime. There's a crisis situation especially where they have to be armed. You want them to be focused, clear and be able to make good decisions. It's been used successfully for years. The process is really simple. You're going to breathe in through your nose to a four count. When you do that, you want to see that air coming through your nostrils and going into your lungs, you then hold it in your lungs to a fork out and see it circulating around. Then you exhale for count. That's again through your nose. You see that air dissipate in front of you to a four count.

That's just about 16 seconds. We're going to repeat that four times. We're going to that's going to give us about that 62nd window there. Now, before I'll take you through this exercise, but before you, I want you to become aware of your thoughts. What are your thoughts right now? Are your thoughts racing?

Russ Johns 6:45
No. Are you familiar with Wim Hof too?

Ron Faglia 6:51

Russ Johns 6:52
Okay, so Wim Hof is he believes in the breathing techniques, so I'm familiar with breathing and I think That's what I use already, in a lot of times is just like when, when you're feeling when your mind is cluttered, and you have too many things going on, I just have to stop. It's part of meditation too a lot of people meditate as well. It's just slowing things down and realizing that everything around you, it's not necessarily as important and critical as you think it is. When you're frantic. You have to kind of center yourself again is this kind of how I feel that that's the words I use anyway, that's my ability and that's how I focus on it.

Ron Faglia 7:48
You're way ahead of the game, because the key being present and focus and when you're present focused You can tap into the energy in the power in the moment. That's the only place you have any ability to create anything. The past is gone. We can't do anything with the future, which is out there. Do you want goals and projects, some good things for your future, you can't worry about that either. are only playing place where we have true power is in this present moment. My goal every day is to be president focused, not to think about what I'm going to say next to you, but listen to you and really hear what you have to say. It can be a true interaction. That's my goal with every experience every day. Now, I'm not telling you every experience every day, but

Russ Johns 8:44
Sometimes it sometimes it gets away from us, right?

Ron Faglia 8:48
It can't. It can't and that's why these tools, these simple tools, that neuroscience and quantum physics have actually researched are very valuable because Literally in 60 seconds, maybe two minutes, you can really change your whole mindset and your frame and get back into that mode.

Russ Johns 9:09
Yeah, yeah. Walk us through the process. I mean, is it a repeatedly breathing in the forecast? in releasing?

Ron Faglia 9:23
It's actually a combination. Yeah, it's actually combination of breathing and the visualization. The breathing, you're going to focus and then the visualization. It's forcing you to put all your attention on this exercise. It's taking your attention away from your thoughts away from your body. So at that point, you're focusing and everything the resistance is gone. The mental and physical resistance is gone. You can truly relax.

Russ Johns 9:54
Oh, yeah. I like that. When you're thinking about the breath and you're visualizing that process, then you have to kind of Remove Other things that are distracting you in creating stress. Then once you get reset, is kind of way I would think about it is, once you reset, then you can actually pick up what needs to be done next.

Ron Faglia 10:23
Yeah, absolutely. Because unfortunately, we've never been taught how to train our mind. Our mind habitually goes to these random thoughts that are just floating by. A lot of times if we kept on them they may be a negative thought and all of a sudden you're feeling pretty crappy, because your attention is gone to this negative thought. This helps us pull that exercise helps us pull that attention away from those thoughts. Allow you to control where we want to go? Let me tell you where you really want to go with it. Once this creates that focus and presence, your mind is still. That then allows you to use your intuition, your intuitive wisdom, to solve problems to get you where you want to go. That's the goal. That's where you want to make your decisions. One of the things I teach, once we get the stress under control is intuition on demand, how to use a bigger life to solve problems,

Russ Johns 11:23
Intuition on demand, I want to dive into that a little deeper and unpack that intuition on demand because a lot of how we drive our lives is around how we feel about it. Correct?

Ron Faglia 11:38

Russ Johns 11:41
Is that the direction? When we have all this noise in lives and everything's going on, and it's just cluttered? We really can't listen to ourselves. We can't listen to what we're feeling. I was talking to Dr. Joan Rosenberg yesterday and we were talking about these feelings, they're just feelings. Sometimes they're not us. They're just noise in our head. Sometimes we just need to reset and think about what we're doing and how we're doing it. I think this is so important that we're having a conversation because there's a lot of people that aren't feeling, what they're, how are they feeling about something as a particular subject or a circumstance? Well see when you're breathing, you're gonna go ahead.

Ron Faglia 12:36
Yeah, I was gonna say my understanding of feelings is it's essentially what's been referred to as our emotional guidance system. If we're feeling bad, that means we're out of alignment or out of harmony with that topic or something related to it. If we're feeling good, that means we are in alignment. What I like to do is take your intuition. Use your intuition to help you with your decision. For example, if you have a business decision to make, and you may have two or three proposals you're looking at, and you've analyzed the data, and you want to do that you want to use the analytical as well as the intuitive for your decisions here.

But you're still not sure. You got to trust your gut. But the way you trust your gut, by getting calm, getting present, using a stress reducing exercise, to get what you talked about earlier, getting present centered, then you can listen to your intuition. Then they show when you use this approach, that your success could be as high as 87%, Oprah Warren Buffett, Elan Musk, they all give credit to their ability to use their intuitive wisdom to get them to where they've gone today.

Russ Johns 13:54
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I want to take a little second Check the comments today and Stephen are let's see. This is a killer indeed. Yes, Stephen. There's a lot of people. I think stress also has a way of manifesting in physical form a lot of times in and we really have to understand that it's not necessarily what we want to do. Good morning everyone. Your name is still not displaying. Laurie, I'm not really sure what that setting needs to be if anybody has any ideas what setting that needs to be sharing the comments so we can actually allow Laura to show up here and all her wisdom, some some good morning, ron ron, we need more heart centered people. I totally agree with you. I agree.

I believe that if we were all a little kinder, life would be so much better have a little empathy have a little consideration, patience. I think we would find a much better outcome. Combination deep breathing and punching someone or something. Let's say something. D focus of thoughts. I like that idea D focus of thought. Okay, I like that, Andrew. We have Brian. Brian's a pirate. How you doing, Brian? hope you're well be Friday. Hi, Russ and Ron. Then Steve says, indeed you body constantly hurt. So some of these things that we're talking about our stress and if you're joining us, thank you so much.

If you're watching the replay leave a comment. Let us know your here. All the gratitude in the world time and effort. We're alking about stress is absolutely important in this day and age. There's so many things as triggers that people have and there's so many things that are outside influences that we allow to impact our lives directly. Ron, what why don't we go through some of the steps in this process in this in this exercise and maybe just takes us in and is it just what we did? Or is there more to it or explore what would we want to consider doing on a regular basis?

Ron Faglia 16:41
Sure. Absolutely. Let me let me take you through the sides first, if I can't, then on the back end. Once you see that and feel the power of it. Let me explain. How you can use it to really benefit in your day to day activities. The the process I mentioned it And we're going to breathe. Two things. Let's start by being aware of your thoughts, or how fast are your thoughts going? Are they your full positive, angry or thinking this guy's crazy, it's never gonna work, whatever your thoughts are, it's okay. Don't try to answer them. Next, scan your body real quick to see if you're holding stress. Everyone holds stress somewhere different, maybe in your forehead, back of your neck, your shoulders, your chest, abdomen. Again, just scan.

Don't try to change. Let's take one clearing breath and then I'll actually take you through the exercise. Breathe in through the nose. Let it out. If you're in a safe place, you can do this eyes closed, but it works. Eyes open as well. Alrighty. Everyone was breathing through the nostrils to a four count ready, breathe in. See that air coming in. 1234 hold it in 234 breathe out through the nostrils. 234 hold it out. Three, four, breathe in. 234 hold it in, to breathe out. Hold it out. Breathe in. Hold it in. Breathe out. Hold it out. One more time. For then 234 hold it in. Two, three. Breathe it out. Hold it out. That's just about 60 seconds.

Now the first thing I want you to do is pay attention to your thoughts. Are they changed? Are they different? Next scan your body has a feeling body relaxed.

Russ Johns 19:24
I feel relaxed.

Ron Faglia 19:25
Nice. Nice.

Russ Johns 19:27

Ron Faglia 19:27
Russ, one of the things I do I recommend to my clients that they use this throughout their workday. Set your phone for about every two hours if you can. Literally when that timer goes off, stop, do this exercise for 30 seconds and do it for two hours all throughout your day. One of the things a lot of my clients will tell me after doing this three, four or five days and everyone's a little bit different, that in the mid afternoon, there's no longer that afternoon slump and back in The days when most of us were still commuting back and forth work, they found that at the end of the day, they still have plenty of energy to go home after work and prepare their meal.

Russ Johns 20:09

Ron Faglia 20:09
Spend time with a family workout. It really regulates the more you do it. It regulates your whole stress function. Now, let's be clear. Stress never goes away. It's always going to be there. It's always going to be stimulated by that flight fright flight freeze response, but this is a tool to get it under control. It has a less and less impact on your physically mentally and emotionally.

Russ Johns 20:37
Absolutely, absolutely. I think like we started out with Ron, I think it's I think it's important that there are show up in your life are much worse than this dress right now. There's physical manifestations that go through it in It's just not an emotionally healthy place to be in and just remove that stress from your life. Everything will reduce and slow down and you can think clearly, and you can imagine a much better outcome on almost everything. That's my experience.Your outcome differ. I don't know. However, I just want to make sure that everybody has the tools and think about the process of removing stress from your life because, like you said, Ron, it's so important. It's so critical. What are some other considerations we want to think about?

Ron Faglia 21:37
Well, One of the things that is valuable, real valuable with this technique is to work it into your morning routine. Now, many of you may have a morning routine. Some of you don't. If you don't, I suggest you use one. It's a good habit. Start your day. For example, mine's pretty simple. I get up, Go to the bathroom. I'm going to sit down, there's a little book I read a little thought of inspiration, then I go into the breathing exercise. After the breathing exercise, I'm calm and focused, I set my intentions for the day, what do I want to accomplish?

If you are in a situation where you then can do a little exercise, whether it's walking for 20 minutes, 15 minutes, yoga, whatever you can do. This is the way I start my day. Then I'm still commuting, working with a client. In that commute, focus on the goals I want to achieve for the climb for that day, to be present, be focused, that sets an energy up for my entire day. So I suggest you use the 60 second breathing exercise there and then again, at the end of the day, just to let go of any stress or tension that you may have picked up. it's habits Russ, once we get our mind trained And we get focused on these little routine, you'll be amazed at how it shifts our day our productivity, even in this current situation where there is a lot of uncertainty.

Russ Johns 23:14
Yeah, well and we talked about people in the military and force and everything else. I mean, that's a high stress job, that's a high stress environment. There's nothing more stressful than thinking you're going to be shot at some point in time. I think, if we take it apart, and we we kind of break it down a little bit, so we covered the idea that just remove the stress by or at least remove the triggers of stress, the stress doesn't may not go away, but the triggers and your your perspective of that moment, is going to help you remove some of the stressors in your life and then we talk about the idea of doing it on a regular basis, and continuing to practice it to be, like I say, stay centered and present.

You can think about on what's the next thing I have to accomplish? What's the next most important thing that needs to be completed? What's the next most important thing that I have to focus my attention to? What's the emergency that has to be removed from the equation? What can I do to make a difference? Right now, not necessarily what happened, we could go, don't be frustrated with that.

Don't be frustrated with the things that you got to do next year. What's the stress right now? Removing that focusing on what has to get done? I think that for people to understand the stress isn't going to go away how that needs to change appreciate you stopping in and helping us ou. What we can do to improve our lives?

Ron Faglia 25:07
Well, what you mentioned, Russ, you're absolutely right. The stress isn't going to go away the indecision is going to go away. We're in a state of tremendous change right now. And I look at this whole situation.

Russ Johns 25:20

Ron Faglia 25:20
Yeah, there's a lot of negative information being put out there. But I look at this as a time of tremendous opportunity. We couldn't continue as a society what the way business let's let's look at let's pick on business. Businesses had a tendency to focus just on the bottom line at the expense of everyone. One of your listeners commented about being heart centered. I believe this is where this whole situation is gonna take us. I don't know if it was really our fault to get to the point where we've gotten there's a lot of pressure from stockholders.

Hey, I want profit, I want dividend I want value. Businesses make decisions. They're kind of forced into these decisions, but at times doing it at the expense of the employees at the expense of their vendors, even their customers and subs. I believe we're evolving to a point when we come out the other side of this, wherever that is that work being more heart centered. That's where we're being pushed. There's no reason that every business can't take care of their employees take care of their customers, take care of their vendors, and reach out to the community and support the community.

When I grew up, and I'm going to date myself here about 40 years ago, maybe a little more, that's the way the world was, if a nation issue everyone, all the everyone on the block came over to help, what can I do to support now whether you're bringing some food or watch the kids are and and we've gotten away from that we've become too in personalized because of that. This digital age, and I believe that the we're going to come out on the other end getting back to being heart centered, first business to be successful. You can't be bottom line focused in the future, you're going to have to be heart centered, be community centered, people centered. And that's where we're going.

Russ Johns 27:23
The other thing is this Ron, and I think is so important for us to share today is that can strengthen life and you can remove some of the triggers that are causing you unnecessary stress, you can actually have a little more compassion and empathy and resilience. I think that's really what we need in society is the ability to rapidly respond to we're all unique. We're all individuals and we all have a unique presence in The personality and everything you go on with it. We all have needs and desires that are unique to us as well.

If more people understand that having a patience, empathy, and also continued growth in an area of our ability to understand each other and work together and have a little kindness in the world, I think I just think that, like you said, it would be much better for everyone, oh, the individuals, the companies that are having to adapt and change. The ones never had any kind of idea that they would have remote working force workforce out there. They would have a team of remote workers everywhere, they're having to do that. Now they're forced to do that and they're finding out that it's not the worst the world. Everybody wants to do the right thing for them.

If you send somebody home to work in there, Job, they're good, they're productive. They're engaged why not add flexibility to somebody that so they don't have to sit in traffic for an hour, get to the work, workplace. It's all these little nuances of all these little chain and can cause stress be a benefit going forward with the right person. Well, anyway, I want to just shout out some more here in what Steven say. Great show today. Thank you appreciate that. Angie is saying, Hey, good morning. I passion, empathy and resilience. Yes, absolutely. Angie.

I know that I appreciate your time, Ron, I really appreciate your time and being here and thank you so much for Being part of the community. Now that you're a pirate make sure that you connect with the other pirates in the community. Make sure that you're having conversations with people in a positive kind way and make sure that you have an opportunity to understand what other people are doing. And because #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings is what the #piratebroadcast is all about.

We are all interesting is one of those things that we have to adapt and kind of think about and consider as we move forward in life. There are no guarantees, there are no promises. A lot of organizations are not giving away watch a gold watches at the end of 40 years. Let's make sure that we can help each other out, support each other and have a little kindness in our world. Any lasting legacy thoughts that you want to laugh, you want to leave with the community Hear Ron today.

Ron Faglia 31:02
Yeah, Russ, you summed it up really, really well. Stress is, I believe the key right now for all of us to reach those goals that you just mentioned. To be heart centered, to be kinder to be gentler to understand how powerful reducing stress is to get you clear, to really be who you are, I believe everyone wants to come from their heart. One last thing I'd like to offer to your audience, if you like that exercise we went through you. You're welcome to getting a free copy of it. I have a free video you can get and this is going to be the easiest URL you'll ever remember. It's golden trail coaching comm slash gift. It's golden trail coaching comm slash and I have a video walks you through the same breathing exercise that we've done, and you're welcome to it and there's an absolutely free

Russ Johns 31:57
Thanks. I include it in the show notes, and the show notes and the podcasts in the show, and the transcription can all be found at Russ John's Comm. I thank you so much, Ron for this and I hope you have a fabulous weekend. As part of #thepiratecommunity, continue to make connections and friends and engage with others. It share a little kindness because you know what? #kindnessiscool. #smilesarefree, and you #enjoytheday. Take care, everyone.

Ron Faglia 32:34
Thank you Russ! Bye Bye now.

Russ Johns 32:41
Thank you for joining the #piratebroadcast. If you found this content valuable, please like, comment and share it across your social media channels. I would love the opportunity to help others grow in their business. #Thepiratesyndicate is a platform where you show up we produce the show. It's that easy. If you want to be seen be heard and be talked about. Join #thepiratesyndicate today.

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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