Catch Russ Johns Discussing #InterestingPeople doing #InterestingThings on the #PirateBroadcast - russjohns

Catch Russ Johns Discussing #InterestingPeople doing #InterestingThings on the #PirateBroadcast

Welcome to the #piratebroadcast: 

Sharing Interesting people doing interesting things.

I love sharing what others are doing to create, add value, and help in their community. 

The approach people use and how they arrived at where they are today fascinates me. 

So… I invite them to become a PIRATE on the

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We live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

The internet has opened up the opportunity for anyone willing to create Words, Images, Audio, & Video.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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Introduction 0:00
Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.

Russ Johns 0:13
Well, that was a jump cut, wasn't it? I hope you're having a fantastic day today. It's Thursday. It's a beautiful day for broadcast, a #piratebroadcast. I just wanted to recognize that. Sam Pedroni was supposed to be here today and he fell ill. Sam's a very special individual that is out of the Northwest. We'll have to reschedule him. We actually have his dad scheduled for tomorrow, PJ. PJ is a very talented individual that I have known for years and has quite a story, so we'll be looking at that tomorrow. However, today, you've got Mr. Sunshine here, doing my thing. It's beautiful day and I just wanted to reach out. I know that Cathi Spooner, good morning, Cathi, how are you doing today? And it's a good morning. Because even when things go not exactly how you planned, you can still plan on having fun, you can still plan on enjoying your day. So I don't want to minimize the fact that our guest wasn't here. He's not feeling well. So Sam, I hope you're getting better, I hope you're feeling better and get better soon and, and recovered fully. Have a much better day than being sick because nobody wants to be sick. None of that shenanigans needs to happen for us, so get well. Angie, good morning. Angie from periscope this morning. It's fantastic to have you here. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend. Angie, I know you have plans this weekend to go to B.O.W, I think it's called, so be safe. Be well and have fun. Love that. So LinkedIn user, I think, is this Lori? I'm not completely sure. LinkedIn user says Good evening. So maybe somebody from the other side. Russ, hope you're doing well. JD, yes, I am doing better than average because I didn't get up to be average. It's like a bed we can make every day. Fantastic. So Deborah, Deborah says Good morning, Deborah Lyles. I'm happy to be here and if you have any questions about the #piratebroadcast, or you want to enjoy and connect and engage in the community, that's what it's all about. And Mr. Sunshine acts like an eight year old. Good morning. I'll never grow up. I'm never gonna grow up. Me and Peter never gonna grow up. Sandy Solo, yeah, you could do a captain pirate. Yeah. Hiett Ives in Houston. H town, Houston, Texas. Yeah. I got to get back there some time. I got lots of projects going on. I don't know if anybody has actually noticed this; however, I've been producing this thing called the #SparkCon2020. It's been all week long and I've been actually putting things together for oil and gas knowledge management and knowledge transfer. It's big item in the oil and gas industry. So producing that show and if you have a show that you need produced, or you need assistance with some production or live streaming, I kind of do that thing. So thank you Hiett for hanging out here and enjoying the time. Like I said, if you have any questions, I'd love to answer them today. Let's talk about the great things that I have been started/connected by Russ and the #piratebroadcast. That sounds like a fun topic, Wendy. We could talk about that. Is anyone in the comments...anybody watching today? Has there been anything that you have experienced, any positive experience you have had as a result of being a pirate in the pirate community, just kind of checking it out. Thank you so much for being here. Jimmy, it was great to talk the other day, I hope you're well and traveling safe and being safe. I know that there's many more adventures we're going to go on in the future. So never fear. We are here. It's really great to be able to have friends like you looking out for me and bringing value to the table. I'll give you a perfect example of an of an experience I had personally from meeting someone that was a direct result of being on the #piratebroadcast. I met Jimmy through speaking events out of Houston. He's currently in Denver, or Colorado, not Denver, and he introduced me to Michelle Mears. Is it Michelle Mears? Is that right, Jimmy? Michelle, I could picture her and she was a pirate. She's on the #piratebroadcast. And we've had several amazing conversations amazing individual that I just really, I just really enjoy spending time with and having conversation with and, and just a great, great friend. Just somebody that you could just hang out with for several hours and not even think about time. That's when it's really nice. You're so very welcome. Deborah, thank you so much. Let me know if you have any questions, and you want to have anything that you want to cover on the #piratebroadcast. #Interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. This is what it's all about. This is this is why we're here. I was working on a campaign because Sheri Lally shipped out some eye patches. I'm thinking to myself, I think it would be really fun to get some selfies, if I emailed or sent you, not email, but I would have to have a physical address and I would have to send it to you and email you. I'm going to email out some eye patches and we're going to take some selfies and promote the pirate community because I think that's a very cool thing to do. So Howard Kaufmann Good morning, good morning. Good morning. I hope you're having a fantastic day. I'm going to try to get together with Todd over at BuzzWire. We're going to do an episode for him. So I'll be over in Scottsdale, at some point and time in the future. I need to get hold of Nick Dorsey. He's down by Tempe. So at some point in time, I'm going to get out with my mask and social distance with some people in the same area in the same vicinity. So now that you've seen a rattlesnake, Howard, I just think that we should probably catch up and break bread or do something fun. So get out. All right. Mark Morrison. Good morning, Mark. I hope you're fantastic. Hope you're doing well. You must be another part of the world. Hiett Ives says, I'm working with Earl Heard with BIC, let's visit. Okay. That sounds like a good plan. I'd love to follow up with you on that. So Cathi Spooner, inspiration for entrepreneurship and positive way to start my workday? You know, that's a good point, Cathi. That's a very good point. There's so many ideas that are brought to the table as a result of the #piratebroadcast and the conversations that we have, I just know that my goal is to bring some value to the table every single day for someone. If I can create something new, if I can generate some piece of information that helps somebody, I've had a successful day. Yes, M-rass, I thank you so much. I knew I was close. I knew it wasn't quite right. So thank you so much, Jimmy, I appreciate you. I appreciate the introduction and I look forward to connecting with her again. Soon. I want to reach out to her. Hiett Ives says, I've already met three people via the pirate network who I have shared with others. So, Hiett, that's a shining example of understanding what the community is looking for. Helping with introductions and making people important enough to add value to their day, extend the invitation for them to meet other people. It's just great when we can all work together to to meet that criteria, that goal and our mission in life. So, Kenyatta Turner, Hiya! What's happening, Kenyatta? #Kenyattaiscool, hashtag Kenyatta is cool, I love it. Kenyatta, Art Jones and myself are actually generating this this #LinkedInLocalPopup, and you never know what's gonna pop up. So stay tuned for that, pay attention to #LinkedInLocalPopup. We'll be generating some more activities around that. Kenyatta is a force of nature and she will keep me on my toes. So it really is great. Can we and by we, I mean the community, create a photo frame where we have a patch and a logo. Yes. I love that. That's a great idea. I'll have to share with you. Because what I had envisioned I don't have a patch right here handy. I'll get one and share it with everybody. So just a selfie. Hold up a sign that says #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree or something like that. So yeah, create a photo frame, where we have a patch and a logo. I love it. I love it. From a LinkedIn user, way to go, Sam, I wish you all the best on your entrepreneurial journey. Okay. I hope Sam gets better. He went in the hospital yesterday and it was a bad stomachache. So I told his dad, I hope he gets better. So sned prayers out his way, healing thoughts, anything you can do. Make sure Sam's feeling better, because we don't want a sick kid. I'll tell you a story about Sam in a minute. So hey, pirates and pirate crew, Kenyatta. You're so awesome. Love it. Mark Morrison is from Scotland. Thank you, Mark. Thank you for sharing that. I love this. I love this international pirate day. Every day, five days a week. #Piratebroadcasts, shares, #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Hopefully, since I'm the only one in the room today. I hope this is interesting. I don't have a problem hanging out with myself. So I hope you don't. Kenyatta says, Russ, I can't wait to crash the #piratebroadcast again on October 12. Yes, a lot of pirates come back and they get an opportunity to share some of the things that they have going on and and making it happen is so amazing. Because we really have built and grown friendships as a result of the power of broadcast. I know I have. I have so many people out there that I just love and enjoy hanging out being around. There's so many people that if I showed up at their town, I'm sure that they would connect with me and reach out and we would have a good time. Foley Hart is in the net, hi there pirate nation, miss y'all bunches. Foley, how are you doing? What's going on what's happening in your world? Drop us a note, drop us a message. Sharing the pirate love. I love that. I appreciate you and I appreciate the fact that you're here. Thank you so much for reaching out and being part of the pirate community. I know you've got your mission and your visions that are taking place. Thank you so much for serving and all of the things that go along with that challenge every day. Hooray for the #LinkedInLocalPopup. Hooray for my co host #RussJohns and Art Jones. It's fun. These are challenging times for some people. Actually, I'm very fortunate and very blessed to be busy right now. I'm doing a lot of work and helping a lot of people on production, putting shows together, actually learning about using video and LinkedIn and how to how to navigate through some of these challenges and reaching out and making new connections. That's what I love to do. I love helping people like that and it's been productive for me. And COVID, because I've been a remote worker for 10 years, it really hasn't impacted my life too much other than the fact that I don't go out and meet as many people as I would like to meet on the street. Overall, we do what we can, with what we have, where we are. So what happens to us, it's what we do with what happens to us, Cathi Spooner is close to Halloween, and lots of pirate stuff around these days. I like where you're going there. I like where you're going there. Foley Hart. You are always interesting. Thank you so much, Foley. There's so many. There's so many stories I could tell. I was thinking about this the other day and I was thinking about one story. Because I often think about...I don't know if anybody else thinks about this, because I've had so many close calls in my life, where just one small circumstance, one change, or two seconds before, after, would definitely have made a difference. I wouldn't be here right now if that had happened. However, I believe that I'm here for a purpose. My purpose is to make your day a little better, make your day a little brighter, make a few more connections in this world. Share some value, drop some knowledge, and leave a legacy of what is possible. Set the example of what is possible. What is so important that you can't take a moment and meet a new friend or have a new conversation with somebody. Foley, I just loved our conversation and there's so many things that you've gone through and experienced that I suspect we could probably have a conversation about lots of different things. So perhaps continue that conversation as we go through it. Mel and Russ - #piratebroadcast is my new NPR. Keep up the great work here and I'll see y'all later. That makes me feel really, really good. I just love...well, there are lots of shows on NPR that are really great. That's heartwarming to hear. I love the fact that we can do something. Mel, she keeps me rolling. She keeps me up and she keeps me going. She's the Executive Producer that keeps everything in motion doing what it needs to do, being where it needs to be. Following up with all the pirates and all the producers and everything that we got going on here. The #piratesyndicate is part of that equation because my vision is that I would love the opportunity to share...I'm going to put this out there to the that I would love to share what we're doing in the #piratebroadcast with 100 other people that want to broadcast on the #piratesyndicate. Build a network of broadcasters and podcasters that are sharing something valuable with the world and putting it out there because I think it's important. It's important work. You are the media, your stories and your experience and everything else. One thing that a lot of people aren't thinking about or maybe not top of mind at any point in time, in their day to day life, is there's a lot of baby boomers that are retiring, and they're exiting the workforce and they're leaving this body of knowledge that may not necessarily have an opportunity to be transferred to those that are coming into the workforce. That disconnect is going to create, I think a gap in knowledge in some of the industries that we see right now. This knowledge is once it's lost, it's lost forever. I don't know if anybody knows this or not, NASA with the Saturn engines, where those engines were just amazing vehicles to get us into space initially. Some of those were engineers that were working, still working on slide rules, and they're nuanced and they would have to test and evaluate and maneuver furthers, there's no as builds on some of those engines. So those engines were created by engineers just tinkering. You know, like in a giant laboratory, and some of those designs were not necessarily documented, like we could document them. I know Foley Hart, as a project manager, some of the as built in projects are often the difference between knowing what to do next, and knowing what to do now. By putting content out there and having conversations and documenting some of this stuff, I think it's an important step in the right direction for us to get together and find a way to generate that information and share it with others that are coming into the job market. Little tangent, but it's important to talk about, just start planting that seed. I started my dream job and I had meetings that kept me from living my best pirate life with y'all lately. No apology, necessary. Foley. I know you started a new job, and it sounds like it's an amazing opportunity for you. It sounds like it's going well. You have to come back and share it with us and make sure that we keep posted on your progress. So an amazing individual, another amazing individual is here,Sheri Lally, Slaptagz. Good morning, Russ and pirate crew. I love this. My phones blowing up over here for some reason. So Sheri, I was here, I don't know if you heard earlier, however, I want to do something. I want to do a campaign. I'm boiling through this campaign. Mel ordered a bunch of envelopes and we're going to put some things together. We probably need to reach out and get some addresses where we can mail these things out and start a fun project to where we can actually communicate as a community. So I look forward to that. Thank you so much, Sheri, you're an amazing individual. I love your help. Michael Baker. Good morning, how are you doing? I hope you're well, coming in from YouTube. Those that aren't familiar with the #Piratebroadcast fully, we are on LinkedIn. We are on Facebook. We are, in fact, two pages on Facebook, I think I share it on the #piratebroadcast Facebook group, which if you're not a member of the group, should join. Just sayin'. Then it's over on YouTube. If you're not subscribed to the YouTube channel, please subscribe. I know it's not a big channel; however, I'm going to be doing some more things over there. If you subscribe, you can get notified. It's a lot easier sometimes to get up there. So each one, just go there and subscribe. Also the podcast, I would really love your support on subscribing to the podcast, maybe share it out, even leave a review. I've got a few reviews not a lot, because I don't really mention it a whole lot. Because I don't know why. I'm not really sure why. If anybody knows why I don't promote it more, let me know. So it's just one of those things. Anyway, you can like and subscribe and make some comments, get the word out because this is a wonderful community. I just want to make sure that people have the information that you're sharing today. It's up to each one to teach one to carry on the mission and make a contribution to. Michael, that is a fantastic way of looking at it. It's our mission to contribute. I shared it on Facebook, he said thank you. Gratitude. Thank you so much for sharing that on Facebook. I love the fact that we're sharing it. We're doing these things together as a community. If I can just be a vehicle to share great information, I'm more than happy to carry my water, more than happy to carry that and contribute to the common goal of the mission of sharing this information and putting it out there. Kenyatta says hi, Wendy Hi, Sheri. I've been sharing it. Thank you so much. All the gratitude in the world. Michael, appreciate you. Thank you so much. I appreciate that. I just really want to make sure that we have an opportunity to process this information. Now, as I promised you, I wanted to make sure that I highlighted Sam. Sam is a kid and PJ, his dad. Sam found some money in an envelope that he had for his birthday. As the story goes, and I really I really love this story. Sam goes, Dad, what should I buy? What should I buy? and his dad goes, well, why don't you save it up till you can purchase something bigger, something more, you know, it's like, why don't you save it instead of spending everything so he goes, here's the deal. If you figure out a way to make some more money, I will match your money, dollar for dollar. So Sam, instead of creating a lemonade booth, he created a booth and he put out a story. This is life, life lessons or life coaching. The kid's eight years old. So he went to life coaching and got picked up by the news. It's such a heartwarming story. Sam is such an endearing individual that it's just an amazing opportunity for somebody to to do that. Then a friend of mine who knows a mutual friend of PJ's sent me a message and sent me the video that showed it on the news and says, hey, maybe you should invite Sam and PJ onto the show. So Frank Padani, who is in West Seattle, up there in the northwest, sent me this message and introduced me to several other people, as well. I just really appreciate the fact that we're making these connections. I've known PJ for oh close to probably 30 years. 30 years. Yeah. Wow. PJ has been in the business, we started out together in the outdoor industry, advertising industry, so this connection, all of a sudden, his son, Sam is out on the street, giving life advice. So I really wanted to highlight that and make sure that people understood that at any age, you can share wisdom, you can share knowledge, and you can, you can help people along the way. I mean, how much better does it get than that? You know, hats off to PJ, Sam, and I'll have PJ on. We're going to talk about that tomorrow. So don't miss out on the Friday #piratebroadcast. We're talking about PJ Pedroni. He's done some of the amazing things that we'll be talking about and sharing with tomorrow. Well done, Captain. Y'all done good today. I love your support and enthusiasm. I really appreciate that. Hello, everyone. Hi to my favorite pirates. Gabriel, how are you doing? I saw your broadcast with Karen last night. Thank you so much for sharing that information. It's always a pleasure when I can catch up with you. Sometimes I get an opportunity to actually slow down long enough to catch up. I know you, Gabriel can appreciate it. The man that carries three devices to catch up on live streams. Okay, stay current. All right. Did any of you know that I actually have some pirate treasure that you can actually purchase? I don't know if that's a secret or not. Like I said I don't promote a lot of things, but I do have a few things to share. Are you are you captain of the ship or moral of the fleet? Hiett, well it depends on what you're thinking. Admiral of the Fleet. Admiral, thanks for that correction. I wouldn't put myself in the position of being an Admiral of a moral fleet, but it does make me smile. And you know, #smilesarefree. So I just love it. Well, I just really appreciate you. I really love the fact that you're here. As always, we have an opportunity to do good things. When you do good, you can always do well, as my good friend Wendy would say, when you're doing good, you will do well. If you give enough people what they they need, you'll get what you want, as Zig Ziglar used to say. I mean, we could go on and on. I'm sure there's other things we can talk about. Anyway, Happy Thursday. I hope you're having... so Captain or Admiral? Well, Wendy says I'm Admiral Russ, Admiral Johns. Pirate...Admiral Pirate? So rock the boat to see what I am. So anyway, thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate everyone and I appreciate the fact that you've been here, you're still here and you're supporting the community. Reach out, start a conversation. Make sure that you're making those connections, having those conversationsa and as always, #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree and you #enjoytheday. Take care, everyone.

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