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Russ Johns: [00:00:00] I should've filled up my coffee cup. I hope you're doing well today, this morning, this evening, whenever you are watching, listening to this or consuming this content. I'm Russ Johns, host of the #PirateBroadcast and I wanted to see... it looks like I'm lagging on my video again. Does it look like it? Interesting. So let's see if we can fix that. Cam, mic, let's see if I do my audio, I'm going to do my speaker. \ Let's see if this works. Just make some adjustments here. Is that better? I don't know, tell me. I'm just doing some experiments, testing out some things and I wanted to share with you. I know I've done these tutorials before, and if you're listening to this, you can always go to YouTube and check out the video, if you want a deeper dive into this tutorial, because one of the things that a lot of people want to accomplish online, or in presentations, or they're putting in courseware, or they're putting out things that are in place in their business, they really need to have tool that they can express and communicate ideas. And hey Marcia. Marcia's in the room today. Thank you so much for being here, Marcia. And I also have some announcements that relate to Marcia as well. So tools to communicate and ideas to share. And one of the things that I always get asked, people always ask me and yeah, the community here and I'm always willing to share, and it puts some things into position. There's this idea that, oh, you need to purchase and produce results and grow this business and do a lot of different things. And sometimes we get caught up in this idea that we have to do more. We have to do more. We have to do more. At some times we get overwhelmed. And you typically get overwhelmed when you're not focused enough. And this is something I struggle with and I juggle with, and I communicate on a regular basis to people around me. And I have a community that supports me and gives me feedback and tells me when I'm off track and not necessarily doing what I need. And what are the things that.... yes, the more the merrier. Here's another one, more is not always better. And I would argue that more is less effective because it has been that experience in my life. And I don't know how to change myself overnight except observing what I'm doing. Step back and attempt to make changes and remove things from my life that are not necessarily serving me. And I go off on these tangents and I get busy and I say, sure, I can do that. I can do that. I can do that. When in reality, there's only a couple of things I need to do really well and live streaming. This is episode 421, 421. So I've been doing this for awhile. Mary says, focus is hard. I tend to try to work on 789 things at once. Resulting is not getting any of them done. Oh man. That is so true. That is so true. I can't believe it's only 789, Mary. Good morning, Russ Hedge is in the room. I know he's focused on doing some great work, always. And Russ, what do you do? Do you have a routine or something that you focus in on and you actually remove things from your to-do list. Lynette Beaver says, amen. Get out of your own way. Just do the thing. Yes. Do the thing. I love it. Yes, Mary, 421 episodes. I should have filled my coffee cup up.

 I don't know if anybody's aware of this, but these coffee cups, #PirateBroadcast, they're available. 421,Yes, Ken. Ken is in the house. How are you doing Ken? What's going on? The man from Malta. I love it. Susie says, lookie, lookie, Russ. You look super duper groovy. I love you, Susie. Thank you so much. How are you doing?  We should probably connect very soon. I like that. Marcia do the thing. Hashtag do the thing. Sometimes it takes me a while to do the thing. And here's the reality. Here's the transparency for myself and I want to know if this resonates with you because I have a lot of interests. Right now, I'm creating a track a day. I'm doing a show every day. I have I'm caring for family members here in Arizona. And I'm also a business owner that provides content and marketing and media and content creation for my clients. And so I get to offer a lot of different services and get to do a lot of things. My focus is on the #PirateSyndicate and providing quality content using live stream media to create what I call a traffic circle. This traffic circle is going to be a continuous evolution, just like this show is. And those of you that have been on the #PirateBroadcast, understand it was easy access to get on board. It was very systematic. Tracie, who's an awesome executive producer of the show. She follows up with these messages, gets you the information, sends you the link, sends you a notification and a reminder, and then the content is created. And I'm actually working with a graphic designer to actually design some of these elements. So you can actually have these pieces of the puzzle in place. And so all of these things that I've done over the years of distraction, Are allowing me now to create this amazing platform that I can actually use to share and provide content for those that are not necessarily interested in doing that kind of work.  I am amazing. Thanks, missed the beginning. Catch me up. Ken, we were just talking about being overwhelmed and having too many things on our list, Toya Glenn evolution, absolutely positively. Vanessa says, my parents live in Apache junction. How far are you from there? I'm about an hour away. About an hour away. So not too far away, maybe less than an hour. And Tracie, speaking of Tracie. My producer, she's going to kill me cause I'm bouncing all over the map and I will try to stay focused. So all of the experiences that I've had over the years are leading me to provide this amazing platform service solution called the #PirateSyndicate and the #PirateSyndicate is designed to allow you the business owner to show up, produce a show, create a lot of content out of one episode, because this episode here, let me just show you what one episode looks like. We can do this cause we're live and I can share this with you. And I'll describe to you what all this looks like.  Here, Marcia is on the show today, so I'm going to share this. I'm going to share this. So if you're looking at this or, and I would describe this, if you're listening to the podcast, but essentially what happens after each episode, we have the video. We create a post on Russ Johns. So we have a post, a video post that you can watch. It's on YouTube. And if you haven't subscribed, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, it's very simple. And then also the podcast is here, listen to the podcast, a podcast. If you're not able to listen to the episode or watch the episode live, it's okay. Not everybody's able to make it. And I understand that. I don't get my heart broken over people not being able to attend live. It's nice cause I can interact with you. And then Ken says, hey, be gentle with yourself. How would you speak to a friend who was having a challenge? Sometimes we tend to be hardest on ourselves. That is so very true. Mary says, got to run. Time to get ready to focus. Oh, thank you so much for being here and we'll catch up soon, Mary, just to let you know, and have a great day. Absolutely. So all of a sudden you have options you have produced, from the #PirateSyndicate you have options here. Tracie has gone to great lengths to optimize this process. And then if you're a reader, you can actually read the transcription of the show. And Marcia was an incredibly valuable guest to have on because she has such a wonderful experience in her life and the amazing talent she has for creating products. So if you're not connected to Marcia Reece, go connect with her. And also there's probably a way that you can connect with Russ and connect with Marcia here in the transcript. So you can go to and you can actually go right to the... it says all the episodes right here. I'm going to change this up and continue to evolve this, but all the episodes, you just click on all the episodes and the next thing you know, you're there. It's super simple. So I just want to make sure that you're aware that you can go do that. Toya Glenn says, subscribe. Yes, that is so nice. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. I love that. Ken says the media you provide both before and after the podcast is first-class. Ken, I really, truly appreciate your feedback on that. That is absolutely positive, #gratitude for that. Sheila Chamberlain says good morning from Memphis, Tennessee. I used to work in Memphis on occasion. With this company called they have some planes or something, FedEx, something. So in another career life. Sarathy catch up. Sometime Russ been the music of the buzz in India, support the Americas. Absolutely. I want to share something with you too, this track a day. I've been doing this a track a day thing. Here's the tree chipper in the neighborhood. I don't know if you can hear that. So if you go to SoundCloud, if you go to SoundCloud, you can actually here, let me show you, you can listen to some tracks. I got a playlist here and I've been doing this since my birthday. So today will be 50 episodes, 50 tracks. And I do it for myself. This is just my own sanity check. And so 50 tracks, you can go there, listen to 50 tracks. You turn on the playlist and  some of it you'll like, some of it you may not like, but it's there. And then also, I know that since this is mental health month, mental wellness, mental health, and It's really important for us to be able to talk to somebody. And what I encourage people to do is have a circle of friends that you can talk to. And I have the pirate community. And so many of you have been so influential in my life. I don't know. I don't know what I would do without this community. And Keep my sanity, it's so important. Sheri, Lally, Sheri, you are amazing. I love that you're here. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you. Nope, you have awesome setup. Don't hear any background. 50, yay. Excited to get out there and build my brand. Good to meet all of you. Thank you, Lynette. This is a wonderful community and the pirate community is always welcoming. It's always so kind because #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree just saying, love it. And yep. Sarathy says, yep. I heard it on SoundCloud. There's a lot of ways you can build out your personality. You can build out your brand, you can build out your influence and your impact on the world. And sharing value is always going to be one of the key components of that. You have to share. You have to share something that you find valuable. Create something valuable. And one of the things that I wanted to share with you today, and I know we're running out of time and I thank everybody's chat in here because two things are going to happen. One thing is going to happen in your world that you need to share a present of sorts, and I'm a huge fan of Calendly or Canva. I'm a fan of Calendly as well. But Canva, I don't know if everybody realizes this, but you have an opportunity. You don't have to use PowerPoint. You don't have to use anything else. Google slides is another one that you can use, but you can actually use, I want to show, I wanted to share this with you because somebody asked me about this is you can create a presentation in Canva. And for those that are listening to this you can go to Canva and you can create some amazing presentations. And I just love the fact that you can actually do this and you can actually animate them. And I don't know if this is... apply to all 16 pages... wonders of online shopping. So then you hit play and there's a little animation in the background and you can actually animate this whole thing if you wanted to. And the reason I bring this up is because as you evolve your business and we go back to the focus piece of the equation, you can actually build out a presentation that allows you to speak to what you're doing to help you stay focused on what it is. And I've put together dozens of presentations and I've talked about the traffic circle and how to build content and how to deliver content and how to build out the #PirateBroadcast™ and what that looks like and how that gets delivered. And what I encourage you to do is for your own sanity, build a presentation and a roadmap that you can actually go back to and remind yourself this is what I'm doing. This is how I'm doing it. And this is what it should look like in my mind's eye. And with presentations, the beautiful thing about it is you can actually change and evolve and you can actually make adjustments along the way. So the reality is that you have an opportunity to build a roadmap, almost a manifesto. It's okay, this is what I'm about. This is how I'm going to stay focused. And this is what I work on a regular basis, even though it may not always look like it, it may not always seem like it because I'm a squirrel. What was I doing? Yeah. And  if you can accumulate some of this information in a format and presentation may not be the best format, maybe you're a writer, maybe you are a checklist person. Maybe you like the getting things done style, or like you might want like a Trello list. It's ideas started in progress, finished kind of thing. You have all of these methods that you can do, just pick something that allows you to create a focus and attention. And then another habit that I practice on occasion is being able to put a list or a sticky note on my computer that says, reminds me, does it bring joy? Does it bring value? Is it moving toward your goal? Or your intention, having an intention for that. And because we all get distracted, we all get challenged. At times we have this, I dunno, this habit of getting off track on a regular basis and the most successful people in the world have an incredibly strong focus. And they might block out hours of time to just focus on one single thing. I have a hard time with that cause I don't know, just cause I have a hard time with it. I see squirrels and feed them. I'm a professional squirrel, feeder. Sheri. Oh man. Lynette says I have a hard time figuring out valuable content that is different. That is different from other people, unique content, Lynette. But this way, I think people overthink that, I think, okay somebody already did that. You didn't do that. You didn't provide this content. You didn't provide the content that you're delivering to your community. And the reality is that nobody can provide that kind of content like you provide that content. So even if it's done, if you,  for instance, you're doing a canvas presentation, which is kind of meta, nobody does it like you. Just like standing in line at the grocery store, somebody in front of you has some information that you don't have and somebody behind you is waiting for information for somebody that has the information.  There's people in front of you, there's people behind you. There's always going to be the case that somebody knows a little bit more than you, and you just need to learn a little bit more than the next person, and then you need to pass it along to the next person. So it's an evolution. Think of it as an evolution, like Toya said, evolution and learning, growing, experiencing. It's just a process. Content is a visit to the buffet, absorb and return where your tastes match. Every offering is not designed for you. Absolutely positively. Toya says LOL. Absolutely. Great to virtually meet you. Thank you so much. This is one of those things that you have an opportunity to learn a little bit about it, grow from it and grow with it and produce results. And I just wanted to jump on today and take it a moment. Mental health is so important, it's so critical. And part of the things that create struggle and overwhelm and adversity in our lives is not having something to focus on not having an intent with something. And I encourage everyone to think about how you can actually position your to-do list in your list of things that you have to get completed. And I have three things that I have to complete today. Maybe more, but three things that I'm going to complete today. And I have them on the list. And I will complete them and I will provide some value today. Hopefully this has been valuable for you and this reminds you that you can actually do something and just break it down as simple, small steps bite-size pieces, and then take action on it and focus in on something that is going to produce results for you today. Pick something, complete it and move on. Also, if somebody else is struggling and having a problem, or maybe you haven't heard from them for a while, and you're thinking about where they went, maybe you could reach out and say, hey, hope you're well. Check in, what's going on. And then last thing before we wrap up today. After 420 episodes, I want to continue to share things now. I remember this wonderful gentlemen, Howard Kaufman, who runs if you can see this, let's see if we can get this in. Come on. Let me see if I can get it. There we go. ORL this wonderful company. I love his products and love his services and he's going to be doing... I'm going to get some products and we're going to do giveaways. I want to do giveaways. And then Marcia, the amazing individual that created this #PirateSyndicate copper anti-microbial piece of amazing hardware. Staywell Copper. I'm going to be giving these things away on a basis and I'm working on a program that we can actually pick things out and actually Tracie won one on the show last week. And so I'm going to give these away on a regular basis. I'm working on a program that I can do this and pick somebody from the audience and then also share things out. And I know that the wonderful Sheri Lally also has donated some prizes that I'll be giving away as well. So I just want to make sure that we have an opportunity to increase and improve some of the interaction and activity in the pirate community, on the #PirateBroadcast and make sure that you have an opportunity to connect, collaborate and maybe meet somebody new. So this is a yes, Howard Kaufman is the best. He's awesome. Love that man. Toya says, we appreciate you Russ. Yes. Check in on folks, especially on your strong friends. Yes. Those that are strong may not necessarily reach out and ask for help. Love the give away program. Can't wait to hear more. Marcia actually suggested this and also gave me some great ideas. So I'll reach out to you. Pirate swag. Also, I just want to share this let me go back to this. And I haven't touched this for awhile, so I want to be able to share this, but on the homepage at Russ Johns, you can order pirate treasure. I don't know if you knew that or not, but it says pirate treasure here. We've got mugs, t-shirts things like that. And I just got a notification, tote bags. We just got a notification today that I needed to change out my store. I'm probably going to be changing that out as well, be updating that, so stay tuned for that. Lots of fun things going on, it's summertime we're getting into. People are starting to get out a little bit, more here and there, rarely, and I just want to encourage everyone in the pirate community to stay connected. You're only one conversation away. Things are happening in the world. All positive stuff. If you look for it, look for the positive. Look for the opportunities. Stay focused. Remember that we're all here in this together. And I just want to remind you that #kindnessiscool and #smilesare free. I've been saying that for years and I'll continue to say that until I'm no longer able to talk. I just want you to remember that you have a community here, people care, and I love the fact that yeah, let's put the copper patches in your store. Okay. I love that. Let's do it. Pirate, swag. Yay. I love it. And just remember you're part of a community. Let's enjoy each other's company. Let's enjoy the conversations. Let's connect and make sure. 22 plus veterans a day commit suicide. Let's change and help the veterans out. Yeah, so I'm very familiar with suicide and the impact that it has on people's lives and I just want to thank you for being here, from the bottom of my heart and make sure that I continue to add value and support you in your journey. There's any questions you have, DM me, connect with me, follow the podcast, follow the broadcast, subscribe to the YouTube channel and you can find all of that on each one of the blog posts. And you can actually do that. And thank you so much for being here. Toya Glenn says yes, kindness is super duper cool. Thank you for the pirate community. Love you all. And as always, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree and you #enjoytheday. Take care of everyone. Till tomorrow.

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