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We live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

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[00:00:00] Russ Johns: I don't look like Francelene. Let's go live.

[00:00:04] Introduction: Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast™, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.

[00:00:15] Russ Johns: Cheers. It's a good day. And apparently Francelene couldn't make it. She's a nomad. She's traveling, going someplace, doing something somewhere. Hey, guess what you got me? Is it too in your face? Is it too much in your face? Do I need to step back a little bit. Let me see. Is that better? How's that? How's that look, does that look better? Let me know in the comments, because we're here, we're going to be doing this and I just wanted to talk about a couple of things. Putting yourself out there. And being committed to it. And this is one of the adventures challenges, that challenge me on a regular basis. We all have something in our life that we're going to be resistance. Take care of resistant to participate in pushing out something out there. And like last night, Marcia points it out. How about all that rain? Last night, the thunder storms I was up at 4:00 AM. 3:00 AM, 5:00 AM thunderstorms. It's refreshing outside now because of the rain. However last night was not very great for sleeping. Anyway, however, the commitment I have to putting in producing a show and showing up every day for myself, I love that you're here. I love that you're showing up. I love that. Our adventure together. This is for the #piratenation. This is for the pirate community. This is for the pirate crew. Everybody that's involved yesterday. Tracie and I were talking on the show and if you didn't catch that episode, you can go to Russ Johns dot com slash #PirateBroadcast. Check it out. I also over the weekend, just by the way, just by the way I set up a weekly. Newsletter. So whether you're on the daily updates or not, or even aware that you can be on a daily update, doesn't matter. The reality is I have a weekly update that I'll be putting on the past week's guests and the future guests. So I just want to let you know that's happening. And so this morning when I got here, And I was thinking to myself, oh, this bed feels really comfortable and I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, go to bed early, get up, go to bed late, get up early. And I thought I made a commitment. I'm going to stick to my commitment and show up. And I know life happens. Life does happen. However, if you want to imagine a different outcome, you have to be willing to do what others will not do. So that's one of the things I'm going to say about that. And also I'm going to put in the, I'm going to put in the comments here. I'm going to also be on with David Bryan. If you don't know David Brier, he's an amazing branding individual. I'm going to be on a, I'm going to be on 1115 today on the WinJect Studios, another channel talking with David Brier and about commitment. So we'll continue this conversation then. So all of a sudden I want to. Tracie. Yeah, that's better. Looks great. Thank you so much. How about all that rain last night? Yes. Marcia, all that rain. We're talking Marcia, by the way. We were talking Tracie and I were talking yesterday about Amazon. So let's catch up, love to do a couple of episodes. Amazon likes to have longer episodes. So I'd like to collect a few people that have some things going on. So Elise love you. Good morning, Russ. Thank you so much. Appreciate you. Jeff Young full beard is always better than for a pirate are not mistake. Thank you so much. Love you, man. Marcia says resistance to getting as tech savvy as I need to. What is that about? Let's talk about that because yesterday mom needed help with her computer. She had. She had set up some accounts for auto pay on her bank, a couple of accounts weren't set up. So I went to set up or so some of the tech stuff that you may not necessarily appreciate, or do you get somebody to help you do it, which I'm terrible at, I'm terrible at asking for help. So I'm going to ask you to. Like in comment, leave a review on the podcast, do something, take action for the pirate community today. I'm to asking for help. I'm asking your help, not just any help. I'm just asking for your help. Leave a comment somewhere, share it. Let's get this out here. I want to promote this adventure we got going on because there's so many great things that are taking place. And so my point to go on that little rant was, if you don't enjoy doing something, it's probably not in your zone of genius, Marsha, you have a lot of things that have going on for you and you have people around you that can hear. Wendy says good morning. Pirates are Admiral had to navigate the pirate ship alone in a storm and smiling. What can't he do? Love it. Love it. Thank you so much. Oh, here's so awesome. Captain rose. Hey Rob. I have a call this week with Morgan. She runs a wine adventure show or something in New York. I thought of you. I want to introduce you. So remind me, send me a deal. Love that tag zone of genius. Absolutely. Howard, welcome to the #PirateBroadcast. This is things that we could talk about on a regular basis. And some of the things that I want to expand on as we continue the show after our break the 6th of September will be 500 episodes. I think it's continuous 500 episodes. And also this week is Tracie's anniversary for working on the #PirateBroadcast so happy anniversary, Tracie. I love that you're here and helping and doing all the great work that you do. I always have good words to say about your support and you as an individual, man, let me get a sip. Try tea, Wendy chai, tea and introductions. I'm on a mission. I've opened up my calendar. I'm on a mission in September. I want to take on a few clients, coaching clients that want to learn about. Technology live streaming technology. So I can help more business owners where their strategy, ask, answer questions, develop a a workflow that actually works and creates content to be seen, to be heard and build authority. Something like that. So if you know of anyone that needs help or is looking to expand their brand, expand their message and grow, let me know. No, I will not stop, start rapping, but. You have to be committed to the idea of what it is that you're pursuing. What are the challenges I've always work had to work on and will continue to work on is shiny object syndrome and starting a new big project starting something that's really amazing and exciting is always a lot more. Palatable than trudging through the monotony of something that you've already created, that just needs a lot of work to go into it, to be successful. And it's not that it isn't exciting. It's just that it's been done and you have to do it a lot. And you have to realize that if you continue to. And Hanson improve every single day. You can accomplish a lot over the period of a year or two or three, and a lot of tenure, overnight successes, as they say are as a result of just putting in the time, doing the work. Now, when it comes to podcasting and it comes to live stream. Some of the things that I know I can improve on is working a little harder, too, improve the diversity of one of the things get out and published. And then also taking previous episodes. And this is one thing that Tracie and I are talking about is taking previous episodes and putting them out again, or at least soundbites of those episodes links back to those episodes. So people can get a taste and flavor of what it is that we're doing. And it's really important for us to understand that on social media. Sometimes the feeds. Like a Twitter feed, if you ever watched the Twitter feed, if you blink, it's gone. And so putting out content is not necessarily a bad thing. Instagram is changing to video focused instead of a photograph focused content. They'd be in published that. So I'm not sure what that's going to do for live streaming. I could probably put out more reels be somewhere. Already the #PirateBroadcast™ every session probably goes out to is resulting in a least a hundred different locations in different types of content between the podcast, the broadcast, the live streams, the posts and the. At least a hundred pieces of content go out or different elements to different platforms with all the podcasting platforms and then the redistribution. That's a lot for a 30 minute show. And so if you're looking to create content. And a lot of business owners are still not in the mindset that they have to be on social media. And I still get business owners that say, yeah, my clients aren't on social media while your clients are people, aren't they? And a lot of people, a lot of people are on social media. Yes. Clara companion is looking for the type of business growth. I think if I connected you to. I'll have to look, I'll have to look Marcia I'll follow up 10,000 good solid hours of persistent focused improvement, not 10,000 hours of Netflix and chill until we feel like digging into the work. Yeah. Yes. Windy. Absolutely. It is. Here's the. You do something persistently and consistently every single day, you're going to show up. You're going to show up and I don't know what, I don't know if you know about the pirate syndicate or the #PirateBroadcast™ or Russ Johns. However, it's pretty simple to find me if you're looking for me. Oh, man. Hey Russ. Great to see you, my friend, thank you so much, Rob. Just show up, do the work you get to the 1% by doing the 1% that others won't do. And occasionally being in the right place at the right time and having a little strategy in place helps. So I'm reaching out to the pirate community. I'm reaching out to everyone in the pirate community. I spent the weekend, I'm updating websites. I've actually added the weekly email updates. And so I've committed to sharing what who made it last week. So if you can't join, sign up for the newsletter and say, okay, who do I want to. Because here's the trick. If you want to connect with more people and you want to engage with more people, maybe this isn't your gig. However, if you do every pirate I have on the show, you could actually take a look. Even if you took five minutes and looked at the show in the content and said, I want to connect with that individual sign up for the newsletter. Check it out. All their links are in the newsletter and the show from the previous week, you click on their LinkedIn profile and say, Hey, I noticed you were on the #PirateBroadcast hanging out with the pirates and I wanted to connect. It's a simple process. Boom boom click a little time. And all of a sudden you have a new friend, you have someone that's been a pirate. You have something to talk about immediately because you know what they're, a pirate. What else do you need to know? Luck is preparedness, meaning creating, created opportunities, and then windy. Yeah. Lucky is being prepared when the opportunity knocks being willing to take on the ownership of it. No, Angie shared a book with me. I don't know, two years ago called big magic check out the book. It's a pretty cool book. And the premise is that ideas come to us. We have a choice either. Take on ownership and we own them and we do something with these ideas or we don't. And if we don't, they go away and when they go away, somebody else grabs a hold of them. And the next thing they take ownership and they take over and they do something with these ideas, these concepts, and it happens. We only have so much time and so much energy to create, participate and do good work with our ideas. And it's taken me a long time to learn this cause a five minute project that takes two hours in reality. You can only have so many, five minute projects oh yeah. Wendy says what happened to the one who worked harder and smarter than 99% of the others who are chasing the same huge dreams we become the 1%. Absolutely. And here's the secret in content creation online, the world we're living in right now, there's we can't run out of abundance. There's no limit to what we can produce because it's a global economy. Now. There's so many people that we can reach out to. There's so many more people that we can collecting contact in collaboration. Think of this in the early, I don't know, mid 18 hundreds or so you had a Sears and Roebuck, the first Amazon, and then all of a sudden those catalogs, you could order something and it took a lot and it took forever to get there and, people waited and every year they got a catalog and yeah. Read and read through this catalog. Anybody else remember the Sears and Roebuck catalogs going through there and seeing all the stuff they used to sell houses in the thirties. And it used to arrive on train cars and two train cars, and there's still some homes out there built by catalog ordered homes. All the lumber was. Numbered all the information was right there. You had four plants that you built it yourself, just like Legos. And there are so many things that are open to us right now. If we just take, add a little incentive, #inspiration perspiration and effort in making the commitment to what we want to do. And I'm telling myself. Trust me, they're Rocky roads. There are bumps in the journey and there's been so many times that derailment has to happen. Speaking of train cars of houses, and you just have to continue to show up, you have to do what needs to be done in order to accomplish your goal. Figure it out, find a way. Get creative. That's what entrepreneur stands for is figuring out the things that are others are unwilling to think about. Put it out there. Wendy says thank you for encouraging us on Rocky seas. Absolutely. Thank you, Wendy. Jeff Young success and genius. Is 2% inspiration. 98% perspiration. Thomas Edison. Yeah. Hello. I love to hear the story. When he, when his lab burnt down, he goes, told his kids to go get it, go get your mom. You'll never see another fire like this. You're never going to see another fire like this coming into. That kind of goes to the mentality of things happen to us. Life happens to us. Life happens for us. It's sometimes the obstacle that we hang on to is actually the opportunity that we haven't seen yet doors close things in. So we have the opportunity to see new opportunities, new adventures, new experiences, new journeys. So don't think of it. They'll think of as the end of the world, think of it as the beginning of the next one for 20 years, I worked in and out of corporate world. And. I was either flying on a plane, taking a ferry, traveling on some sort of transportation. And my philosophy has always been if I miss that one, I'm just early for the next one. Cause if you stress about it, what does it do? Nothing. You just get stressed about it. It could be frustrating. It could be a long wait. I've had to wait a long time for some of the next flights. However, just show up the message today is just show up, do what you can with what you have, where you are. Somebody said that, who said that? Quote quick. Howard Kaufman. Yes. If you think you can. You're right. If you think you can't, you're right. To attributed to Henry Ford. Absolutely. The prison we live in is right between our ears. Most of them. Breakout know that you have people around you that are willing and able to help support you, even if just a kind word comes out of their mouth. Even if a little bit of encouragement comes out. Even the fact in the #gratitude that I have, that you are showing up here in the pirate community, it may not be. Every day, however, I love that you show up. I love that you're here. I love that you're doing everything that you can in order to be here, be present and contribute to the community. And for that, all the attitude in the world and humbled every single day by somebody showing up and putting out a car. And it makes me smile every single day. And it's really about just showing up, having the tenacity to get up, show up, be yourself. Be real. It's not that difficult. Anyway. I'm going to be going off on this and I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to show up today, later on 1115, David Brier. He's a branding, amazing branding individual. Great sense of humor. Going to have a great conversation. I put it in the link. I put the link in the comments. Let me put it in here again. Yes. Sheri Lally. Run your own race. I didn't say you had to go fast and Lord knows I don't move as fast as I used to. Thank you, Sherry. Love you. But I'm going to put this in there again. If I can think about it, I'll be there at 1115. You can get a reminder on YouTube for WinJect Studios. Part of another community that I have going on for podcasters, broadcasters, people supporting podcasts out there. The Jess Lee show, which is a Netflix special, a couple of individuals hippie alpha hippie, helping men grow amazing lives. Bill. Build good stuff. I don't know how to explain it. And Russ Johns from the #PirateBroadcast and I'm producing and promoting the #PirateSyndicate and also I'm going to be putting out the #PirateSyndicate. I'm getting ready to do a launch for agencies, so to help them with their. If there are clients have any video strategies that they want to work out, they want to improve on. They want to expand on. And Tracie and I had that conversation yesterday, so on the lookout, because you know why? Yeah. Why is it going to show up? No, it's not going to show up. I'm not sure why I figured that out anyway. I'm rambling. I'm rambling. So I'm going to ramble on because #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree and you #enjoytheday. Take care, everyone. Have an awesome day.

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