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[00:00:00] Introduction: Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast™, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.w

[00:00:10] Russ Johns: Testing one, two testing, one, two. Testing, one, two. It's. Must be the stream. Can you hear me now? Elise. Can you hear me? Okay, Liz, can you hear me? Okay. That was an adventure. I'm not really sure why the audio was not streaming. I had audio on my side. I tested it out, actually played one of my tracks from tune farmer. So it's crazy. Okay, fantastic. It's working. Yes. So this is completely appropriate for the conversation. I wanted it to have take place today and it's because as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, there are things that actually happened to us or happen for us. I should say that allow you to practice resiliency, things, break, take things, take place. And the next thing you know, you're going that wasn't planned. That wasn't planned. So the reality is that we have to think about it. Okay. Can I go Boohoo and go fetal position in my bed and hope that tomorrow's a new day, or do I just go with the flow and say what do we need to do to figure it out? And that's essentially what we did. So the reality is we have a choice. We have an opportunity to decide what these to take place. Another thing happened to me yesterday. It must be my week because yesterday I discovered that I had updated a piece of software that broke all my automation in the courses in pirates. I create courses. I sell courses, I have courses available and I'm building this up. I've done this before. And I had an updated piece of software that triggers at a purchase. It triggers a series of events that take place and say, Hey, thank you so much for signing up. Here's your gift. And all this stuff takes place. Inadvertently. I had not inadvertently purposefully. I updated a piece of software. The new release came out, so I updated it. And the next thing you know, all my automation broke. So I couldn't necessarily, but I didn't know it cause I didn't go back and test it. I had mom's 85th birthday and we had company in town and everything else that was going on. And so there was a moment last night where I was emailing back and forth between somebody that purchased the course. And I'm calling this course now a roadmap to revenue because it's the same course. I used to book guests on the pirate broadcast and book people with business, and it's true. I crafted this. I spent years, in, in this kind of effort and work and automation and all the things that go along with it. And it works. And then booked hundreds of calls, probably thousands of calls. And I've produced a lot of outcome and because a lot of people, they just need to know how to, what system do I use? How what's next? What do I need to do next? What's my. So I put in courses together that can help people understand. Here's something that works for me that has actually generated a lot of money, generated a lot of business. And I'm going to go ahead and share it and produce an output for it. So thank you for your patience. I love that you're here. And the reality is that if you just accept the circumstance that you're in, you understand that. You have to hold onto it and say, wow, okay, what do I need to do? What needs to happen next? There's, like Elise broken shoulder, she didn't plan that wasn't a planned event. My broken hip, that wasn't a planned event. You get a flat tire, not a planned. Things happen in our world. Things happen in life. And if we practice resiliency, if we practice the art of being a patient with ourselves and understand that not everything is going to go as planned as expected, and we need to make sure that we do what we can with what we have, where we are. And just, have a little patience. I have a little patience, so I hope everybody's having a wonderful day today. I had to get more automation in my business. Let's roll. Let's talk about automation because it's important point because anything we don't have to, excuse me, anything we don't have to think about. Any process that we can develop where it doesn't require us to think about it and know that it works. Obviously we have to check and balance and test and deploy it, but some of those little steps are saves. Our mental energy saves our thought process. Steve jobs. I dunno if it's myth or fact, but he purchased a bunch of shirts, the same exact shirt who wore the same thing every day. Einstein was the same way he had the same outfit. You didn't have, he didn't waste any time thinking about what to wear. 'cause he said that's a waste of energy. That's a waste of. My mind. I don't have to think about it. I don't have to process it. I know exactly what, when I wake up every morning, I know exactly what I'm going to wear and that's, it's not something I have to process. Automation is a lot the same way. Whereas you have certain tasks that are going to be repeated over and over again. Yeah, manufacturing is the same way you see some of these machines they're going really fast and they're going really fast because they had this automation down, pat, they fill up material into a bottle Howard's, ORNL, he has amazing products and services for oral healthcare. And. The labels, caps, filling material, all of that stuff. Anything that you could automate, like that is just going to be something you don't have to think about anymore. You manage the process, you understand what needs to take place. You build something in place to make sure that you can manage it and then you can actually put it out. Here's a little hack for you. If you have if you have templates, building templates for certain responses to individuals that you may have repeatedly received, the same question over and over, and again, FAQ's, through those FAQ's, you can start capturing things that are unique and. The response could be very similar. So you can create a template that you can actually capture, respond in email, if your products and services, your goods or things that are going on in your business, you can actually, use some templates to respond to that. And it doesn't. So you don't have to think about, okay, what do I have to write again today? What do I have to write five times 10 times today? I could just respond, click a template and send it out. Those little things, those little efforts every day add up. And what we have to think about is how do we optimize some of those little tasks? And that's what that's, what happens over time when you're doing something like I do, producing live streams or producing a podcast. Creating content, all of those little efforts as you do them over and over again, you build up processes, you build up systems, you build up expectations and all of a sudden the next thing you know, you have a system in place that you can rely on and you know what to expect, except, like today the audio for whatever reason was not working. So I went through the process cause I know. No. Start at the physical layer. All my connections in place. Yes. Is my software working? Yes. At one place. It's working at another place it's working. I see the lights moving over here. I see my e-comm live virtual camera working. I got input levels on my screen here and nobody could hear anything. So the next thing you know, I go into StreamYard reset myself. Make some changes go back to the settings. And all of a sudden it worked, it was working out. All of these steps are part of the journey that we take to gain experience in whatever we're doing. It doesn't necessarily you can't read it in a book. You can, find it on YouTube or anything like that. And that's why coaching. And that's why you get experts and you hang out with other experts or you look at other business owners that you can actually get some feedback from understand. Okay. Here's the new experience I had. What do you, what have you done in those when this happened to you? Has this ever happened? Here's something I want to share with you. So all of these little nuances of experience, we can help each other out with, it's this combined knowledge and understanding that yeah, weird stuff is going to happen. Things are going to take place, whether, natural man-made circumstances, all of these things are going to take place. So you have to appreciate the journey. Every challenge brings you a new understanding of how to fix it, find a problem and repair it. It's a gift. And when you look at it as a gift saying, wow, that's never happened before. Now it has, and you have a little bit of experience. How to get around it, how to get through it, how to deal with it. And that's how you that's how I like to run my life. It's not always easy. It's not always easy. However, it does add to our experience and then it becomes wisdom. First, we don't know. Then we have an awareness. We have to deal with it. We have experience and then wisdom takes place. Trust me, I've had a a lot of experience, so I just wanna, I just want to send me a link. Okay. I gave you on. I'll send you a link. Let me copy the clipboard. Jump on board here, here. I'll just drop it in. There you go. There you go. Gabe, jump on real. Talk about experience. We're almost out of time, trials and tribulations. So true. It is so true. It's absolutely true. And I, ah, sorry, this has been a disjointed show because obviously we had a couple of Elise, thank you so much. I really appreciate you jumping on. And here's the circumstance we're living in. Yeah. If you listen to the news or watch what's going on in TV, around the world flexibility, patients, resiliency, all of that's going to come into play and it's going to be necessary that we actually relax. All of the information, look at all of the look at all of the circumstances surrounding us and the things that we're going into tomorrow the next week, next year. What's it going to look like? How are we going to react? How are we going to respond to it? Hair on fire, not me. No hair. Don't care. However, I just want to, I want to let you know that have a little patience with yourself. Be a little kinder to what you're doing. What's going on in your world. The reality is we all have, oh, finally added Calendly, Liz. Awesome. Thank you so much for those updates. It's really it's interesting to think that we have, that we have an opportunity to either be upset by it, surprised by it, or we can actually appreciate it for what it actually is. And then. Experience. It's an understanding. It's a new adventure in learning how to navigate the world. And I love it. I don't always appreciate it at the time. However, I appreciate the fact that I know something more than I did. Yes. One of the things I think about is kids growing up nowadays that haven't ever changed the tire. They don't know what to do with changing the tire on a car and how panicked they would feel if they got a flat tire on the freeway in the middle of nowhere. What would they do? How would they deal with it? How would they respond? How would they react or their car breaks down or something happens just an example. And I don't wish anything on anyone. However, life does happen. Life in circumstances do take place. Maybe another day, LinkedIn is acting up. I think it's, I didn't have audio for the first 10 minutes of the show. Real good. Their game. Real connect eventually. Thank you so much for being here. I really yeah, got one at my house, driving my car. Yes. If you drive long enough, you're going to have a flat, you're going to have something take place. It's just the way life is. And that's the reality of what we're doing here. And I just wanted to wish you I've just had a couple of challenges this week, and I wanted to share that perspective because I think hopefully it'll help someone else understand, appreciate the circumstances, just taking the breath, let it go. Say, okay, what needs to happen now? That was the whole purpose of the company I started years ago. Next step. Next. What's the next step? What's next? We gotta move on. We gotta take, we gotta do what we can with what we have, where we are. I think Eleanor Roosevelt said that maybe it's Winston Churchill. I don't know someone long ago. However, I love you all. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your consideration. And if you ever need assistance with building your systems, automating some of the things in your business, working through this process, reach out. I'm happy to help. I'm happy to work with you and, share this. Information with somebody because it works. I picked up a few clients this week from working with video, creating some videos with dub. I got a course out right now. I, on November 4th, I'm going to be having a workshop with DOB Ruben dairies, the team over at. We're going to have a little workshop, webinar and talk about automation and some of the things that can happen with take place, they just upgraded to a dub . And if you need help, if you want help, if you want, to generate leads or anything like that, let's have a conversation. You can always go to book Russ dot com. And schedule a call. I'm here, Ken. Man. Welcome. I'm just about wrapping up, so yeah. Oh, I need to take a deep breath. Yeah, take a deep breath. Relax. Thank you so much. And I appreciate you so kin lease. Gabe Howard, Jenny, everyone that joined us today. Thank you so much. And if you're watching this on the replay, put in hashtag replay and let people know that you appreciate it, you all the social things that take place, subscribing, liking all that kind of stuff. Love to have you share this information. If it's useful, if not, you don't have to share it. Yeah, driving when the audio is not working well, I'm glad you caught up with us. I'm glad that I was able to troubleshoot this live as an example of the top, the topic and the conversation we were having today. So perfect timing is an example of exactly what we can do and turn it into a show. You never know. So everyone, I love you. Thank you so much for being. And, the #kindnessiscool and smiles are free. So you enjoy the day till next Tuesday. Next Tuesday. I'll see you next Tuesday.

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