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[00:00:00] Russ Johns: I'm going live with her without a guest. Apparently, Mark Stein missed the memo. Sorry, Mark. I hope you're well, I hope things are going okay for you and we'll catch up with you some time. But here we go. We're going to be doing the #PirateBroadcast™ today. And I got a lot of information I want to share with you. So stay tuned. Yeah. I'll be right back.

[00:00:33] Introduction: Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast™, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.

[00:00:43] Russ Johns: A lot is going on right now. And I have to tell you. So let's not choke too much. All right. Let's get here. Let me adjust this. I want to adjust this. I want to see what I can do here. Okay. This this look is somewhat I'm not sure what I want to do here. That doesn't work for me right now. Let's just do this. You can't really see that either. Oh, let me check this out. Check this out. Okay. Chris stone is in the house, Chris. What's going on? I hope you're well, hope you're doing a crazy, good stuff. And having a great time looking forward to Thanksgiving here in the U S if you're tuning in. And one of the things that I want to talk about today is your ongoing improvement. Yo, some of the things that I've been doing on the #PirateBroadcast are. It's evolving. And one of the things that I thought about and I implemented yesterday is the onboarding process for guests. Now, as being on the #PirateBroadcast is a fun experience. I hope that your experience is good, and I hope that you had a great time in this experience, but the real beauty of it is that. It's a way that you can promote your business. And it's a way that you can share your message. And it's a way that you can share some of the things that are going on in your world. And so what I did and I'm doing is creating little micro pieces of content and then resharing that out and offering the guests an opportunity to upgrade on their events. And allow me the opportunity to share and create something amazing for your business. So that's an opportunity that I think we can all do as. Gabe says on the fly producing is one of my favorite things. Yeah. When something happens, you have to be on the fly and that's what you and Chris stoner, Chris stone is really great at our socks on. Yes. Also, thank you so much for being here. Garren. I would love the opportunity to have conversation with you as well. So I, I think that it's time a huge advocate for consistently striving for greatness. Absolutely. Why not? If you had just 1% improvement every single day, just think what you can do over the course of a year, just saying Marcia Reece. Good morning, Admiral and pirates. Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate it. Howard Kaufman, top of the morning, I need to follow up Howard with you. I know that I promised I would introduce you to Tracie. And then also you had a couple of people that were interested in doing some content. I recently did some content for Howard for his amazing brand or L which I am also putting together. So promotional purposes, and I don't know if you guys know this or not. I do produce shows through the #PirateSyndicate for other people, live streams, events, hybrid events, all these activities. Tracie is a producer. She produces for the show. She's an awesome individual that I love. And we do other activities for other. And so if you have an agency or you have something that is going on in your world, and you need somebody to produce a show for you or an activity, or create some content for you, reach out to us, because this is something that we have an ongoing effort with, we're doing this stuff all the time. I just really want you to know that we got here. Chris Stone, had a great time chatting with you on the #PirateBroadcast. I forgot to promote my business. Sometimes we forget Chris. There are times where we, and here's the reality. Since you're a pirate, you can actually come back and I'd be more than happy to promote your show. We can work together to create some content, look, and look at. Looking at this, we got a Gabe. These are the digital assets that I talked about. Russ Johns gave a love you, man. I love that you're here. I love what you're doing. And if you're not connected with Gabe, go connect with Gabe. He's doing some LinkedIn live stream, hashtag LinkedIn live stream, and he's putting some things out there in the world that are amazing. Amazing. Chris Harrison. Hey, whoa, what's going on. Love that you're here. Thank you so much, Gabe. I have to tell you a story. You had Chris on the show last night. I believe it was last night. And and you had in your comments go connect with Chris. So I sent Chris a personalized message and I said, because Gabe said, so I thought it was funny. We're connected. Now, the point is JD what's going on. Hiett all the pirates in the world. Thank you so much for being here. Yes. Garin is in the house too. Tracie is awesome. Yes, she is. I love her Jeff Young. Are I am. I am excellent. Jeff and I am out to really. I need your help, everyone. After this show, go to the LinkedIn business page. The #PirateSyndicate. Now I'm working on a project that I need to get over 150 followers on that page. And generate some traffic on that page because I'm going to apply for LinkedIn live on that page and start doing a few other shows besides the pirate broadcast. I want to be able to promote that and continue to grow the #PirateSyndicate. So if you can go join and follow on LinkedIn. Syndicate page. I really appreciate it. A lot to me, Jill Sullivan, I haven't taken a few pictures. How are you doing? Thank you for dropping in. I love it. Thank you. Appreciate that. JD says YouTube fits better for me. You can subscribe to my channel on YouTube. I won't feel sorry. I won't feel bad. I won't feel sorry. I will appreciate it. I will. Thank you. And you could comment and stuff on there. I'm Jeff Young. You need to check out Jeff today with Jillian Whitney talking about the newsletter craze on LinkedIn. Yes, I think that's at I'm not sure what time it is, but I'm signed up for it. I'll look forward to seeing that. Chris Hennessy, best message ever. I remember kindness is cool. #smilesarefree and we can all have a great time here. We don't always have to be too serious. We can be impactful without having to be too serious. And the dynamic authors group we'll do whole group tonight. That would be fantastic. Thank you so much. I met always amazing. It's always amazing being here. Thanks, man. I hope to see you there. Hey Jeff, if you want to drop the link in the comments here. All right. Thank you so much. Here's the link. Hey, Garren drop the, will you drop the link from the LinkedIn page? For the business page on LinkedIn here. Let me see if I can do it. Drop it in LinkedIn. Let me see if I can get the LinkedIn here. Oh, man. You can feed. I can do this. I can do this. All right. See all on my pages here and then go to the #PirateSyndicate follow this. Let's do this. Okay. Follow this. Yes. There you go. Perfect. Thank you, Garren. Appreciate it, man. Just follow the #PirateSyndicate. Here's the link. Awesome. Thank you so much. I probably put the wrong one in Jeff. Yes. Create joy Krista, happy Tuesday. I love Krista. She's awesome. If you're not connected with Krista, go connect with. Tell her you're a pirate and you want to learn more about all the marketing information that she shares on a regular basis. She's doing great stuff. That's what she Garren was saying. Yeah, that's what I'm trying to find. J D my laptop. I see my own comments on YouTube. That's cool. I like that. Jeff says great minds think alike. Okay. I did link the company page. I just want to make sure that everybody has an opportunity to actually enjoy, oh, Wendy. Great. Something that helps others enjoy. Absolutely. And there's amazing live streaming community here. Gay Chris stone, Garren, Chris, all of these individuals are streaming live Krista streaming live now. And it feels sometimes as if everybody's streaming live. However, that's just the way the algorithm works. And that's the way we see. Because we're hanging out and I think we could all help each other. And my mission in life is to help more people, to be seen, to be heard, to be talked about, generate this enthusiasm where we can come together and actually share ideas and exchange ideas for the sake of learning new things and learning new learning about new things. And so I'm. On the #PirateSyndicate I'm creating courses. You could go over there. There's actually one called 10 considerations. It's about walking you through the actual steps to think and process why you'd want to start a podcast or a live stream. And it's really it's really. Important for you to know what your goals are and what your mission is and why you are doing things. Cause it's so critical to, to move this forward in a way that is going to help other people. And when you're out there helping other people, it makes life so much easier. It brings a little joy into the world. It allows free smiles to take place and. Kindness, it's this kind of thing. The other thing I want to make sure that you're aware of is that one of the things that we can generate as a community is. A knowledge base, you know what Gabe is doing with the LinkedIn hashtag LinkedIn live stream. And he, and I know that the catalog every day, he's actually generating a lot more activity on LinkedIn as a result of this effort. And so if you could do this and you can continue to pursue it that just brings a lot of value to the world. I wonder if I have them on my feed, right? Yeah. Gabe. Let's see Gabe. And I just want to make sure that you're here, Gabe. I want to highlight what you're doing, cause I think it's awesome. Featured live streaming guide. Let me see if I can do this streaming on the fly streaming on the fly. Okay, so let's do this. Share screen share, screen, share, screen sharing. All right, I'm going to share this, share it, bring it in. So Gabe has this inventory that he's bringing together of all the streams that are taking place. So if you're not connected with other streamers and you're not connected with other individuals, LinkedIn live stream is a great way and a great hashtag. So there we go. We've got the infamous Brenda Miller. Where her Miller highlights. And so we got one here, the daily huddle. This is so a show that I haven't caught yet. I love it for more information on the great Gabe Lil ah, yes, absolutely. Thank you. Garin. Monday motivation, LinkedIn live on Mondays. Another effort that we got an opportunity to. Yeah, I can actually make this bigger. So let's do this. What do you think of that? And then we got a critical reflections first life consultancy group. Tony's fairy dust. I think that's fun with your crucial friend, critical reflections with your crucial critical. If I can read and talk at the same time, unstoppable overcomers episode 33. How fun is that? And if you, these are some of the things I have not seen a lot of these live streams, DJ. Yes. There's Monday with Liz, the kindness incorporator. And I know that some of these people, some of the, these Silverfox Talks and Liz this is something that's fun. We got Melanie Marshall trust for transformation, the growth Monday, we've got master connection series, professional identity. When does it get in the way interesting topic? Turn your passion into profit morning show and Russ Hedge is in the house is doing the kindness connection with Liz. Again, Liz is out there. She's getting famous now authentic leadership, 1 0 1. And there's Carl, Sean. Walk-ins. I had a conversation with him and Charlene, they're actually going to be on the show next Wednesday. I thought authentic leadership as a lifestyle. I know Carl's working hard to do that. The coaches corner, Sean and Tommy 11:00 AM Eastern standard time, Monday through Saturday, man, they're going for the they're going for the gold. It looks like Monday through Saturday mental health and the power of positive speaking, positive thinking. Positive thinking. Very interesting. Yes, it is very interesting. J D I think so LinkedIn ladies loose in live. There's a trio author talk, hearing author stories. We've got Create a list of opportunities for finding banks with bad debt. Let's talk faith in community at faith, community and hope. There's Carl, Shawn, Rob, and Russ Hedge. That's an interesting combination morning, Monday morning, mission fuel and online trolls. I love it. I love it. This looks like it's about careers and jobs, the inside out show with Gary Turner, Lucy bundle thinking, it looks like. I just love the idea that that we have some things that we could actually share with this. It's really important for us to understand that we can't run out of abundance. And I want to offer assistance and opportunities for people to join the #PirateSyndicate point, joined the #PirateBroadcast and help elevate. Amplify their message, because I think it's all important that we get an opportunity. Cause not everybody has the opportunity to promote their show. Not everybody has the opportunity to promote their business. And the #PirateSyndicate is really, I'm really focusing my attention on getting the #PirateSyndicate to the place where I can help more people. And what that looks like is I want. I want to help you produce shows. I want to help producers learn how to produce shows and get the word out there and continue to grow and expand this. Like I said, I created courses on the #PirateSyndicate. In fact have you ever seen the #PirateSyndicate? I don't know. Have you been there? Have you tried it? Let me see if I can share that. I shared a couple of weeks ago, but I'm going to share it again today. So let me share the screen. Let me put it out here. Share screen, hide that and bring it in. Add to screen. So your streaming and content production solution. And that's what I mean. I want to teach people and I'm teaching people. I don't want to I'm am teaching people. And if you go up here to the courses, you go to the courses, content create content with a podcast. This is the tech stack that you can actually use for free. If you want to start a PR free pod. And then there's another one Dubb templates. I love Dubb I'm an advocate of dub and I want to make sure that that I could, I teach classes on dub. I have courses on Dubb and I'm happy to share the news about dub at any point in time, because it's the way I book calls is the way I book invitation. It's the way I follow up with a lot of people is the way that I use it. And it's really nice to be able to produce support for this community as well. But you can come here, click on a corner. And if you're not signed up it'll walk you through. You can sign up and you, a lot of these courses are free. There's free and paid courses. And I just want to make sure that you understand that you can come here and learn something about the community, live streaming, how to build a podcast, how to grow your business and some of the things. And if it's not there, I'm starting to invite other people in to help build a. Some topics around this as well. So I want to share it with you. I want to continue to share it with you. And the reality is that we have an opportunity in this world to generate some amazing content and share some amazing stories. So anyway, I wanted to highlight that and make sure that you're aware of it, that it's going to happen, that it's taken place and. As long as it's not dubstep. Funny story, Chris, I actually performed, I used to DJ and perform dubstep when I was in Houston, back in 2000. I don't know, 13 to 15, 2015, when dubstep was popular. Finally, Liz lawless finally, back on, where did you go? Where did you go? Liz? Welcome back. Welcome back. I love it. I love it. As long as it's not dubstep, Chris, I appreciate you. This is the thing that we can do together as a community and learning from each other. Chris stone, Jeff, they have a great show. They do the Amazon live thing. I haven't been on Amazon live for a little bit, Chris. I know too bad. I wasn't playing real drums anymore. Hey, if you here's another place. If you want to go listen to some just interesting. I've created over a hundred tracks on a tune farmer. Let's go here. Let's share another one more share one last year today. Okay. Let's go here at a stream so you can listen. Listen now. And there's a bunch of tracks. I've created over a hundred tracks this year. So you just go hang out and listen to them. It's real music, but it's fun. It's fun. Rex powers. Sorry. I've been away. I hope you're recovering from open heart surgery. Hope you're feeling better. Look forward to catching up with you soon. Absolutely. Let's go back and forth. If you want to do another Amazon live, I'd love to just let me know. I need to get Tony. Tony sent me some wonderful gifts. I need to follow up with Tony and get that, that going Marcia. Yes, Chris stone and loved to learn more about Amazon live in Canada. So we're not on that elite level yet. Karen awesome. Yes, very cool. I know that there's so many things that we have an opportunity to do, and I'm really working to, I'm a professional squirrel hunter. So for me to get distracted is huge. And I'm actually really talking tomorrow night with Todd Hartley. Todd Hartley from buzz wire is an epic individual that has done a lot. He works for the, he actually speaks at Tony Robbins events. He's got a large Following on that community. And also we're going to be talking about video production and some of the efforts that he's been working on, and some of the things he's been doing, he's got a lot of big clients, big name clients that he's done a lot of work with. And #PirateBroadcast at night is tomorrow at 5:00 PM. And I would love to have you join us and be part of that exercise as well. I I really look forward to sharing these things. You'll be hearing a lot more about the #PirateSyndicate. I know Tracie is anxious to help more people produce shows. We've got some live streams going on. I did something a little while ago with a platform called mandolin and some musicians. There's a lot of things that are taking place, a lot of expansion going on and. And Garren, you could go live on Amazon us, even though you're in the great white north, a D Scott Smith author interview Amazon live. Yes, me too. So many creative ideas to implement. These are the things that are going on all around us. So I just encourage you to stay connected stake engaged in the community, and let's all grow together. Let's continue to grow and expand and support this amazing community. And as always, what is the #PirateSyndicate Russ? The #PirateSyndicate. The #PirateSyndicate is a group of producers producing shows for other people and also training other people to become producers. It's as simple as that, we're creating content for business owners and we're creating producers to produce shows, helping more people help more people. If you want to become a producer, you want to produce a show. You want to have your show produced. You want some help on live streaming. The #PirateSyndicate has a place to go. I hope I did that. Okay. Krista, do you get back bacon? Do you get back bacon with that? You get back begging with that? I think so. What is the #PirateSyndicate? Yes, I hope I explained that. Thank you, Krista. She's always coaching me. I love Krista and she's an awesome individual. Like I said, if you're not connected with anyone in this feed right now, go connect with them. Hey, I want to jump out bail out and move on to create some more amazing stuff. So thank you so much for being here. I'm Russ Johns hosted the pirate Bronx. An Admiral of the #PirateSyndicate. So if you want to show, you want to learn how to produce a show. You want to learn how to produce a podcast, improve your streaming let's connect. Go to Russ Johns dot com. Book Russ dot com. If you want to schedule a call with me and yes. Yeah. Okay. I will share with my clients who are thinking about starting the live stream. Absolutely. Liz have a creative day. We'll call Russ. Thank you so much. Love you all. And you know that #kindnessiscool smiles are free and you enjoy the day. Join us Wednesday tomorrow. Join us tomorrow for a, for LinkedIn at night, LinkedIn. Oh, I got to change this. That's one thing I don't. Yeah, love you all.

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