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We live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

The internet has opened up the opportunity for anyone willing to create Words, Images, Audio, & Video.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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​Russ Johns 0:30
It's another fine day. It's another fine day. There are occasions where I like to just do a solo show. Just to kind of frame the fact that we can make our own rules up. We can do things that we choose to do when we choose to do them. Yeah, we all have obligations. We all have responsibilities and we all have things that we have to do in life. You know? However, if you're building a business and you're growing an industry and you're growing something that is amazing, there's always going to be an opportunity where you can actually stop and reflect on what needs to happen in your life to really make it make an impact, make a difference. I want to talk today a little bit about your updates in news on #thepiratesyndicate. What's taking place over there and I got some shows coming up and some people that are actually getting engaged with this. It's really an amazing process because this has been a, not everybody understands what #thepiratesyndicate is. Well, not everybody understands what the #piratebroadcast is either. However, all you pirates out there, understand and you have to appreciate the fact that we are in an amazing part of history, for a lot of reasons. The reality is that we have some people out there that are doing some amazing things.

They're doing things that are changing lives right now today. Give a shout out to all the medical teams out there that are helping in this pandemic. All the first responders,, the essential workers out there, the people that are keeping our supply chains, working in our supply chains, operating your groceries in the store, and actually making things happen. It's just one of those things that you have to understand that. It takes a lot of effort to keep humanity running. It's just really one of those things that you have to understand that it's appreciated. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I just want to give a shout out to everyone that's Helping out moving it forward, changing lives making an impact. #Makeitmatter. Just #makeitmatter. Thank you so much for being here. Hey, we got Cam. Cam, Thank you for joining the pirate broadcast this morning. I love it. Appreciate the fact that you're here. Unfortunately, baseball is not something that's taking place right now because you're an awesome, amazing athlete in the sports arena there. Mel is is here. She's supporting #thepiratesyndicate all the time. The #piratebroadcasts all the time. Thank you so much for being here. I love you. I love you all. Thank you so much. I primarily promote this on LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn has been a little sporadic on What is actually taking place over there. I anticipate that there's a lot of changes that are taking place. I want to talk a little bit about LinkedIn and what's happening with LinkedIn, and some of the efforts that are taking place in LinkedIn because I'm going to go to LinkedIn right now on the on the phone here. I'm going to attempt to get to my profile and search for the show that's going on so I can respond to comments. I'm not going to complain because here's the thing I could say, oh, what was me Poor me, I'm not getting views. I'm not getting traffic I'm not getting However, people are showing up.

People, We have a community here. We have things that are going on, and it's amazing. We have a couple of people in the room. Let me I wish they would fix that. Yes, so Vicki O'Neill. Vickie O'Neill. If you're not connected with Vicki O'Neill, go connect with Vicki O'Neill on LinkedIn, and then go over on her LinkedIn channel. She's rocking it out on LinkedIn or not LinkedIn. I'm sorry, YouTube. Jazz her podcast going she has a YouTube channel that she's growing every Wednesday she does a what's it called Vicki? Tell me what it is. It's called streaming. Streaming with Vicki help me out, Vicki. Drop it in the comments here. Make your own rules. Is her tagline. Here's to you like my #piratebroadcast. Are you branding? Are you doing your branding? Jennifer, how are you doing? Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I thank you for being here. It's always off. Amazing to see people join in and collaborate, and comment in the shows. It's one of those things that we have to do. Hey, good morning, fellow pirates. Gabriel's in the house. Gabriel's in the house. If you don't know Gabriel, go connect with Gabriel. He's doing a live stream starting from scratch. Is it starting from scratch? Gabriel? I think it is about the message. Yes, we do. Yes, we do. Some of these things are really and I'm going back and forth. Saima David Munford. Thank you so much. Darren, appreciate you being here in #thepiratesyndicate #piratebroadcast the #Piratebroadcast this morning. Then also a marketing stream live the marketing stream live is Vicki O'Neill's YouTube Channel show there she does that every Wednesday I want to say it's 12 o'clock eastern time, every Wednesday, so tomorrow I'll be checking that out. Check it out. She's a amazing individual that does some great work. Follow her stuff. Gabriel is doing some amazing things. If you're not following Gabriel do. We're going to be Dr. Gina, keep doing it. Keep doing it. She says thank you so much. I really appreciate that. That's the thing. Let's talk a little bit about that. Let's pause on that concept a little bit. Because it's so easy.

To see somebody else's years of work, you say, Wow, they really got it together. Well, they got it together because they kept making progress every single day. They kept pushing, they kept improving themselves and doing something else learning skills. You can do the same thing. Don't compare your starting place with somebody else's middle of the middle of the journey. No, it's not. It's not fair to you, and it's not fair to anyone else around you. You have gifts you have a message that you can share. You have to decide how you want to share them. The pirates. It's made for a scratch broadcast. Thank you so much. I knew there was a scratch in there. So Gabriel's show is called it it's the made from scratch broadcast. I think I'm going to be on there Friday the first of May. Gabriel, is that true? Am I going to be on your show? Am I going to be made from scratch? Love you, man. Love you, man. Add so let's see what else. Yeah, Angie, this is super supportive community and I love all the pirates that are in there. All of you individuals that are in #thepiratesyndicate, the #piratebroadcasts, the pirate community are also so amazing because it's really about community. It's really about community and don't compare yourself with somebody else's community. Don't compare yourself. It would be unfair for me to compare myself against somebody else's. Years of practice years of experience. Like musicians, you just keep practicing. You keep practicing, and you keep practicing. Eventually you continue to get better and you continue to improve. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you continue to practice and make progress.

I encourage you to continue to make progress. If you want some feedback and you want some help, and you want some support the community is here, the #piratebroadcast community is willing and able to help give you some assistance and support. There's probably more people with a lot of talent that would be more than willing to give you some advice or feedback or at least give you some insight as to what they see is taking place in your world. I've accepted a lot of feedback and I have code I have mentors, I have masterminds, all of these people that I tap into, in order to accomplish this goal. I encourage you to do the same. You have to get some feedback. Working in a vacuum doesn't allow the expanse of creativity that you have going on, to take place. This this idea that you can expand your ideas, it takes some feedback, it takes a feedback loop. You put something out in the world and you think, okay, that didn't work. Let me try something different. That works a little better. Then it's tested, experiment and improve, testing, and it has to be something that is good for you. There's a lot of times where I've worked really hard a meeting, attempting to me someone else's expectations, and it just never felt like it was something That was comfortable. It wasn't really what I needed to do. It's like, Can I do it? Yeah, I can do is it my best effort? No, because I didn't love it. I didn't have that emotional attachment to what I wanted to do. That's what I there's a Japanese philosophy called Iki. guy. I think it's called achy guy. Correct me if I'm wrong. I mean, there's some YouTube, there's some Ted videos out there on it. It's these four quadrants of your life that allow you to enjoy and appreciate life a little more if you can get these four concepts working together. It's like, What do I care about? Do people want it? Am I good at it? Are people willing to pay for it? Basically, that's the concept, it's like that's how I think about this.

You can create a lot of amazing things that people aren't willing to pay for. So it doesn't bring you. It doesn't bring you a livelihood. There's some gifts that you have that people are willing to pay for. You think about those gifts and what they mean to you. Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent. Life is continuous improvement. Darren right on. I love that. Wendy, good morning. How are you doing? I've joined this here before as well. The comments, George. Yeah, can I do it? Wendy, should I do it? Russ? Can I do it? Should I do it? Oh, I saw a post the other day. I am gonna quote myself. I love myself and So do I. There is no interview today, George No. Sometimes I actually do catching up and do a few shout outs to some pirates in the community. I just have a conversation here and talk about what is going on with #thePiratesyndicate and #piratebroadcast. A lot of people don't know this. Thank you, Wendy. I love I love you. I love the fact that we're connected. Kindness is a thread that we both enjoy and appreciate. I know your peak app is going to be amazing. Continue to go out there and share some amazing kindness and also to give a shout out to Wendy. Wendy is doing a lot of support to people that want to write children's books. She's a published author multiple times over She understands what the process is and what she can actually accomplish with some working through this process of publishing a book, specifically a children's book.

I anticipate it's a little more challenging than some books. However, it's not impossible because she's proven it over and over again. I know that she's actually willing and putting herself out there and she's gonna be starting a podcast here in May, I believe. Is that true? Is that true indie publishing a podcast in May so look forward to that podcast. She's an amazing individual. If you're not connected with Wendy connect with Wendy. Okay. Oh, Gabriel, you're awesome, man. Yes, keep moving forward. I want to just share this. Keep pushing forward and take massive action if I hadn't taken it, yes. Russ will be there on the first I'll be there on the first. If I hadn't taken massive action and compare myself to Russ, John's I would have never haven't moved forward. Well, I I'm glad that I set a target for Gabriel. He had taken massive action. We had a conversation, I told him exactly what he needed to do to accomplish some goals with his his broadcast his podcast. Gabriel is an author as well. Publishing the book is going to be in his future. Support Gabriel because he's an awesome individual that has taken massive action and doing this. Everyone here is so supportive in the pirate community, and this is what it's about. It's not about me, I'm just trying to facilitate this. This community and I love this community. One of the best is Sherry lolly. She's in front center, but what's Does is incredible. She moves in the background. I know she has speaking of background she actually created your background as I recall, Gabriel so you know some of these things a marine morning Russ, thank you so much Maureen. Thank you so much for being here. Randall constant Hello from random Calvin. I hope you guys are hanging in there. I know Calvin wants to make it to Sam's Club here pretty soon and get some pizza and pretzels.

I know you're doing some good work in the analytics. I sent you a something about I was looking at a platform called metric cool. Stream yard had mentioned Randall, just to put it out there and it's for analytics in some of your social media feeds and some feedback, Vicki O'Neill you might want to take a look at it. It's metrical if you go in there and use the discount coupon stream yard, you can get 45 days for free to see if you like it, see if it helps you see if it provides you some value. It's a software team from Spain that you can actually get some feedback on your, on your social media, traction, your activity. So many of us have opportunities right now to improve our skills to generate some enthusiasm to those around, be supportive to the be supported to the community. I know that I'm streaming on LinkedIn, I'm streaming on Facebook, I'm streaming on YouTube, I'm streaming on Periscope right now. All of those platforms, they get jealous of each other. I probably may not get The connections and the traction that I need on each individual one, and that's okay. That's okay. I don't necessarily need. I'm not going for big numbers. I'm going for deep connections. I want the community to shine. If you're not part of the Facebook group on Facebook, there's a group called the #piratebroadcast. There's a group, there's a page. Join the group asked to be invited. Angie is a admin over there. She's so supportive. As you know, Mel is she's my sister, Melanie, and she also supports connect with her on LinkedIn, so we can actually start communications and I'm gonna start asking my guests to connect with her because a lot of times she'll message through my plan my LinkedIn and Don't know, LinkedIn likes that or not.

Hey, we got to do what we got to do. Also, as I'm expanding #thepiratesyndicate out, there's a lot of activity going on there. What we're doing is we're setting up this whole process, which is it's a labor of love, folks. It's a labor of love. I just love the fact that if I can help somebody broadcast, il Gabriel is a perfect example. He took the initiative to broadcast on his own, he figured it all out. I gave him some ideas and some tips and he went off and he created his own stuff. Vicki O'Neill, she's creating her own podcast, her own YouTube channel, she has some subscribers, go subscribe to her channel. These are individuals that set are deciding they made a decision to go out and do something to go out and make it matter make a difference, and I just want to encourage you To find out what that is for yourself, he'll go out and do something that you feel passionate about you feel that you can make it make a difference with and and think about how you can add add value to the world, what's the value you're adding to the world? What's the influence that you can make in someone's life in a positive way? It's just amazing to me that there are so many opportunities out there, and so many things that I see anyway.

We could go down the list and I could come up with, I could come up with 20 different ways of creating value for people, in my own mind, in my own circumstance, and I'm sure that there are things that you could do if you sat down and talked about it. A lot of people and I'm still working on it I still have a lot of work to do. I've had some challenges in my life. I've had some things that I've had to get through and past and develop in and accomplish. It's a work in progress and give yourself permission to be a work in progress. It's okay. Perfection is a curse. If you're chasing perfection. that's, to me, that's a curse. It's one of those things that may happen once or twice in your life in an instant. It's that moment that it's like, Okay, that was a perfect moment. It's not an everyday occurrence. It's not an all the time thing. So working toward that goal is good. Letting it slow you down and stopping you in your tracks is it's a curse. Just stop this stop and then yeah, The book will be out. What are you saying? The book will be out may 1. Gabriel has book. Okay, everybody go follow Gabriel. support him on his book may 31. Oh, and yes, Sherry did the background for you. Awesome. I love it, too. That's how it works, folks. It's one of those things that and I don't think

I can almost promise you that Gabriel and Sherry have not met face to face. However, they're supporting each other in the community. There's people coming back here. Tap us. Hello. Are you doing David month for moment by moment one day at a time? Yes. love these moments of perfection. They are amazing and it's like, Okay, this is is a perfect moment. Like I was going out the other day and the temperature was just amazing, perfect. It was perfect. Like the sun was shining. There is a slight breeze just ever so gently. The temperature was just ideal. It was just perfect. Like, it was a moment in time that was just just like I could package this up. If I could pack this up and save it for a rainy day, it would be wonderful. I can just take it out and experiences this moment. In your mind's eye, you can do that. It's like one of those things, moments when you listen to a song. You have that moment in time that allows you to think about that moment in time in your life. You can just smile, knowing that there was a time in your life that was perfect. That moment I love this. I love this. I love the fact that we're all here doing something. perfection, big to kneel perfection, generally speaking as a constant doesn't exist. Yeah, it's not as a constant. It's not a constant thing. It's not a state of being. It's more like a moment in time. It's like going back to the musician analogy. There are performances that have it's like, that was impeccable near perfection in the performance. It's subjective to, it's like, Okay, well, I would have played it that way.

I would have played it another way. It doesn't. My point is give yourself permission to continue to test and evaluate and improve. That's the whole point of the #piratebroadcast In #thepiratesyndicate, the #piratebroadcast was designed. I designed this thing. It arrived to test what I could do with the current technology to broadcast daily. Just like I used to play music I used to play. I used to play music seven days a week. I did that for years, Night after night after night showing up being there, playing music, loving it every night. Sometimes I wouldn't necessarily be as excited as other nights to be there because I wasn't feeling good. Like one time I had to. I had my wisdom teeth extracted. I wasn't excited as I was normally to play most nights because I just had my wisdom teeth extracted and I went out and played it Oh, it's like, and I made it through the night and it was wonderful. It was fun. I bring this up because we all have challenges, we all have difficulties, we all have things that we have to work our way through. I was looking through some pictures my son was asking me, dad, send me some pictures of when you're playing music. I went through pictures and I went through a lot of pictures and unfortunately, I had to go through pictures that they bring back memories and times when you're doing something else and it's like yeah, that was Yeah, some challenging times. Like when I was in the hospital and recovering from Falling and there's lots of stories that I'll tell and share in the future. However, I just want to make sure that I take a moment and I share some things that we're doing. #Thepiratesyndicate going back to this, the #piratebroadcast was designed and built in created.

I could experiment with this broadcast to do it day after day to see number one, does it hold up? Can I do it? Can I build a community around it? Do people want to hear it? Then also, number two, is can I do this for other people? Can I create system can I create a process around this to actually generate the opportunity for people to to to get assistance with this same thing? The answer is yes. I have this going on, and I'm producing some shows for some other people. I will continue to do this Mel's helping out with this process. She's a rock star. She's always so supportive. Love my family, Mom and Dad they're here and they're doing okay. Is life perfect? No, life has never been perfect. Is it great? It's amazing life is amazing. That we always have a way and an opportunity to improve. We always have a way to enjoy and appreciate and have gratitude for the moments we have right now. We have to understand and appreciate the fact that life is going to be challenging. It's in those challenges that we increase and improve ourselves. We increase improve who we are and what we're doing. I encourage you to go out and improve yourself. Take the challenges, accept them for their improve their opportunities to improve who you are and who you become. #kindnessiscool #smilesarefree. I want you I truly do want you to #enjoyyourday. love y'all

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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