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Catch the Pirate Captain Russ Johns on the #PirateBroadcast

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We live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

The internet has opened up the opportunity for anyone willing to create Words, Images, Audio, & Video.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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Russ Johns 0:29
What is happening today? Donnie, Donnie Ray fell ill, he has the flu. He's coughing real bad. So he wanted to make sure that the show wasn't interrupted by his coughing. He sends his apologies. I'm Russ, captain of pirate ship here. #PirateBroadcast. I just wanted to allow you the opportunity. I reached out to Gabriel. He's probably working right now. However, I was thinking about what we could do and make this show fun. me, I can probably make this show fun with nothing but myself and my wonderful wavy hair. So the #PirateBroadcast is #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings and as I always share something interesting, or at least attempt to, sometimes you might not be fascinated by my stories, or other people's stories. Or guests. So I just want to see, where are you coming from…Ronald Earl Wilsher? What in the heck is going on? Mister attract and engage. What are you doing, superstar Russ? Smile. Yes, yes. Ronald Earl Wilsher, a Houston native, a Texan, a true Texan, as they say. Somebody that actually posts on a regular basis. So thank you so much. Beautiful. Yes, beautiful, Mr. Wilsher. How are you today? A number of people from Houston have popped up in my world recently. There’s Hiett Ives. You're an admiral pirate or pirate Admiral. I'm not sure how to say that. Which one is it, Hiett. Ronald. You are…curly hair (laughs), yes it’s all curly hair. So that's what we got here. I'm just wondering how we can enjoy and appreciate what we have. These are challenging times. Donnie was ill. He just had flu and so he was coughing. He sent me a message on LinkedIn three minutes before the show, so it's tough to gain somebody's attention on what needs to happen and take place. However, that's okay. We all have our things and our opportunities. Like Ronald Earl Wilshere says, breathe. That's the magic. You just got to breathe and say, that's okay. It's all good. This is exactly what needs to happen right now and then move on. Getting upset or getting all twisted around the axle. Not worth it. Not worth it. I want to tell you a story about…the other day, I was feeling…there's this challenge out on LinkedIn. I've been doing it for three years. The first challenge was very dynamic, lot of interaction, a lot of things moving. It was right when live video is starting off on LinkedIn. And as someone who's had a lot of experience with LinkedIn, and video as well, I thought, well, I'll just jump in here and do this thing. So if you go to my published articles, and you go back, it's there. I actually collected 10 tips 10 days, and I did it for last year too. It's on YouTube. If you're not subscribed to my YouTube channel, I don't know where you’ve been. Just go there when you can, just when you think about it and subscribe to my channel. I'm a little anemic over there. So I'm looking for some love and so 10 tips 10 days. I thought, well, I'm gonna, I'm gonna do an experiment this year. And as you know me, and those the people know me and the Pirates that know me, they know I understand and appreciate this tool called Dubb. So I get this Dubb tool. And the beautiful thing about Dubb is I can actually create a video, I can upload it to Dubb or I can record it in Dubb depends on what I want to do. So I uploaded this 10 tips, 10 days video in Dubb. I take that Dubb video, and you could look at my profile, it's in the highlights. I got day five, day five was yesterday and so I put it in a Dubb video inserted into a post and then shared it out. Well, LinkedIn doesn't really like us moving people to other platforms. However, I was really shocked by some of the response because it looked great. It looked like this solo broadcast, this layout. I kind of took a little bit of time to put together this thumbnail, if you will. Then all of a sudden, you're looking at it. I looked at the statistics, and I'm going, huh, it was like, I don't know, 50 views? Two comments. One of those comments was mine. So I’m thinking to myself, what's this all about? It was as if the post was invisible. I'm thinking okay, well, is it punishment because I’ve been bugging them to get live streaming on my business channel? Maybe, I don't know. Is it because I'm rushing them off. As soon as they click on the image, it goes to Dubb into a landing page that allows me to ask them to connect with me and sign up for my YouTube channel or my podcast. Maybe. Self, what it is it? As Wendy would say. It's one of those times where you think, I've been doing the #PirateBroadcast for over 260 episodes. 260 episodes and I'm thinking to myself, Self, I'm highlighting everybody on LinkedIn, almost all the speakers, almost all the guests, almost all the pirates are a direct result of my being on LinkedIn. I'm helping this platform. It's tragic that I have to tag everyone in my posts to get any reaction. It's hashtags. It's like, look at me, look at me, look at me, for anyone to get any attention. LinkedIn doesn't want you to game their system. However, in order to get any visibility, you have to game the system. I'm thinking, that's odd. That just seems counterintuitive. I'm thinking, what are you thinking? What do yo you imagine? How do you feel about that? Hiett Ives says, Admiral of the pirate fleet, Admiral Russ of the pirate fleet. Wendy says, you call yourself, “Self?” Angie’s on Facebook again. She got kicked off Facebook for a while and now she's back. So welcome back. Angie. I've seen you from Periscope and I've seen you from Facebook now. I love that you're here. Thank you so much. Then Ronald asks, is SoundCloud the best way to share audio on Facebook etc? Or is YouTube better? Are you thinking about doing a podcast? Ronald and I used to do a podcast together It was R&R, the R&R podcast. I forget the tagline. What was the tagline Ronnie? When I was in the radio station business, doing radio, am radio 1420, I don't know 1430? I don't know what it was, again, I can't even remember. Oh, how soon we forget. Love it. Wendy says, pirates when we took our first tentative steps as a baby, did we stop and think, “Self…maybe this is not the way we were meant to move forward?” No, we didn't think about it. We didn't think about it at all. We just went and moved forward. That's my point. That's my whole point. It's really, really important to understand that we have an opportunity to continue to share our voice, our message. Even if you help one person, just one single person, even if it's yourself, then you could say, I did something today, I documented this. I was talking last night on my 10 tips, 10 days, about how we all have an opportunity to do something great to look back and say, wow, that's the legacy that I can share with my kids, my grandkids. My mom is now a great, great grandmother. I'm thinking to myself, It would be kind of cool to go back and see what her YouTube videos look like. It’s just a thought. How do you feel about that? Would you like to be seen by your great great grandkids in the future? And know what it looks like, know what it feels like, understand exactly what it's like. Oh, just short audio clips. Okay, Ronnie, I don't know if you remember this sidebar training session. Here's a two minute tip. Do I have a two minute tip up here? All right, Whoo. Whoo. is two minute tip, Two Minute Tips in 10 minutes or less. So if you want to share short clips of audio, I would recommend and I'll give you the reasons why I recommend this. SoundCloud is a good platform, YouTube's a good platform. However, the easiest platform that I can recommend is still Spreaker. Now Spreaker is a platform that allows you to actually have a mobile app, you can stream it live Ronnie, you can actually get on your phone and stream it live to your platform. It also gives you an RSS feed and it gives you the opportunity after the fact to share it out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, I Heart Radio, Spotify, all of the platforms. I’ve used Spreaker for and the fact that you can actually add the…In fact, let me see…we’ll do this right now, we’ll do this live. Maybe if I could get logged in here. Okay, I need to go Spreaker Studio. I can't find it. Anyway, I'll put a tutorial together, Ronnie. What you can do is you can record it on your phone, you can stream it just like you do your facebook live videos right now, just record an audio clip, just two minutes, Two Minute Tips in 10 minutes or less. Then you just adjust. Then it saves it. You can actually save that and you can actually produce that and push it out there. Then it becomes a collection. So then you can take it and make it a show. Then you can put it out there on apple and iTunes and everywhere else. To me that makes the most sense for a content creator to actually stream that without production. Just like we live stream here. I take this and I download it to Spreaker and then it becomes a podcast. I don't know, I’ve got 4- 5000 downloads now on this. So there you go. If you want more information, you know how to contact me. Go to and book a call with me. We’ll have a short conversation if it needs to be longer than that, we’ll make some adjustments. So book Go there after the show. After the show. Go there. Wendy says, “Self, don't be ridiculous! No one crawls on their belly and drools into their teen years. Hard to convince women to go out on a drag with us??” You want to drag with us? Yeah, I was drag racing till I was five and then I finally decided to stand up like a five year old. Ronald says, he’s trying to remember. Yes, sir. Oh, I remember now. Kinda. Ha. Thank you very much, Register your name to be known. In case you ever forget your name. Right. Book Russ, there it is. Book Either one will get you there. So what's the biggest challenge we have, the biggest challenge we have right now is COVID is going around. The reality is that we have so much opportunity out there still. I know that many of you that I've talked to are still incredibly busy making adjustments. Little minor tweaks in their business, making sure that things are taking place. And you, because you're a pirate, you can actually make those adjustments along the way and feel good about it. You can actually make more progress. Then the other thing that I want to share with you is sometimes by removing some of the noise of life, and COVID is done this is remove the noise of life and the trance , the transformation from I'm home to I have to go to an office and traffic and everything that goes along with that. People talk about saving time and I think it's more about removing things from your life that are not really that important. A lot of people have realized that being home with their kids may be a little nerve wracking at times, a little challenging. We've all been on zoom calls or something like that, where there's distractions on the call. Then we actually have an opportunity to see, well, if it's not happening, it's okay if it we need to adjust it. It's okay. So let's not panic about things. Let's not get too excited about life. Like Ronald Earl Wilshere said, breathe, just breathe. He says, Yes, it was not a hell yes, then it's a hell no. Amen. That's all you got to know, I spoke with a good friend who hosts this hugely popular national radio show and he said that the challenge is to read people's true intent through expressions with masks. Podcasting eliminates this. That's a good point. Yeah. I like that. I'm gonna have to think on that. I'm gonna have to reflect on that. Wendy. What's my true intent? Should I put a mask on and let you guess? Or should I do a podcast? Oh, my heck. What else should we talk about today? So I rode my bike for the first time in a little while. As most of you know, I broke my hip this summer. I don't recommend it. It doesn't come with any recommendations whatsoever. It's one of those things that if it happens, you have to really kind of experience it. Because there's nothing else you can do except experience it. And it's a pain. It's a pain. However, I didn't really miss too much. I didn't miss a beat. Didn't miss a show. I didn't miss my dad's funeral or his celebration of life. I did make it to the service. So that's good. It's kind of like the baby analogy and crawling, you just got to kind of get back up, you fall down, you get back up. So I was out riding a bike again last night since it’s less than 100 degrees in Arizona and it was nice. It was very nice. So I'm going to continue to get back on the bike, I'm going to continue to work on cutting out needless shenanigans out of my diet, and maybe think about getting a little healthier. Walking a little bit, a little more exercise, and milestones. Yeah. milestones. Yeah. What goes best with coffee? Yeah. Silence. True story. True story. Don't talk to me until I've had my first cup of coffee. So that's true, Angie. Why do we get back up? Why do we get back up? Because our beloved mom, or someone equally supportive, says you can do this. That is so true. Oh, no. That is so true. So true. Hiett says, I got dog bit three weeks ago, same comments. Not recommended and working through it. Pirates do this. Angie, or Wendy says pirates do this? Yes, pirates do this. They go through challenging times. They actually survive it. Or if they survive it, they thrive as a result of the experience. So if you're a pirate, and you've had an experience like this, you can relate to to our conversation right now. See this hand? See this hand? My kids used to call it the claw. For those on the podcast. I can't really stretch my fingers out straight and it's because I fell three stories. I say I fell three stories to get into advertising, which is a great opener for a line. It took a long time to recover and rehab and get even that back. And my boys didn't…they never knew me, other than my hand, so they used to call me the claw. Come on dad, bring your claw. It's all good. Wendy says, or we wear brown pants. We either do it or we wear brown pants. Gabriel. Good morning, fellow pirates. I was gonna give you a shout out Gabriel to see if you wanted to jump on an episode here. Donnie Ray was unable to attend because he fell ill and wasn't feeling well and had a coughing fit. He wasn't sure that he was going to be able to do that. Top of the morning to you all. And the reality is we keep moving forward. Just keep moving forward. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy a cup of coffee and silence. Reflect on what's important. Love those around you. Behind all of these things are really, really important. Good morning, fellow pirates. Hey thank you so much being here. Sheri Lally. Good morning all. I love you guys. This is so nice to be here in the morning and share a couple of things. It's nice when I can share a guest and highlight someone else and share their story and their message. It's also nice just to sit here and talk to you. Rob says, one day at a time. Rob, I appreciate you so much. I love the introductions you've made. I owe you a phone call. Your meetings are a little early for me because I'm a night owl and at five in the morning, I'm not quite with it yet. However, the time change is coming up, so I'm seriously considering getting back on the groove of jumping in your sessions, so I just want to let you know that I haven't forgotten you. It's been hectic. Actually, I got a show later today I'm producing a show for OGGN, the global oil and gas network. Some friends out of Houston that are doing some things there. They have a podcast that has a million and a half downloads or something like that. It’s massive. And it's a very focused podcast. We're doing live streaming, I'm producing all their live streams. So that's kind of exciting. So when you fall flat on your face, you're still moving forward. That's true. Russ Hedge. Hey, Russ, a fellow pirate. He just launched a book he's getting getting ready for an event. Congratulations, Russ. I thank you so much for being on the show and sharing that story. I love that. Angie says, you should have Kyle Cease, on your show. I think I'm going to reach out to Kyle and just ask him to be on the #PirateBroadcast. I'm gonna have to, I'm gonna have to do that. I'm in his program, I should probably do that. Thanks, Angie. I really do enjoy solo shows. It helps me appreciate the support of the community. That is so true, Gabriel. I love the support that I've received from the pirate community. And I've met so many amazing and wonderful people. It's really humbling to know that there are people out there that can support what you're doing, why you're doing it, who you are, and all the things that you're doing. Gabriel, more than anyone that I know, that understands and appreciates what it takes to do a show every day. Get the guests and produce it and put it out there and promote it and all the things that have to go on. So it's really gratitude for you and someone that understands and appreciates all the effort that goes into it. So thank you so much for being here, man. J Longmire Harrison says, good morning, Russ. You may have already mentioned it, but as the Japanese proverb says, fall down seven times, get up eight. True story. Sir, that is absolutely a reality and a truth that we can actually hold on to. It doesn't matter how many times you fall, it matters how many times you get back up, and any experience we have in our lives. It's not the experience, it's what we do with that experience. Don't be a victim. Don't be a victim, take responsibility for the actions and the the cause and effect that happens in your life and take ownership of that experience. Experiences are not good or bad. They're just experiences and if we take the lessons from those experiences, and adjust ourselves and adjust our sails, just like any good sailor, we can make progress regardless of our circumstance in life. There's been many people that I look at, double amputees, quadriplegics, people that might have a reason to complain, and they don't. So set the example for yourself and just continue pushing through it. Making sure that those aches and pains are…just like my broken hip. I had a great experience. You should probably watch the video sometime because here I am. I have a broken hip, I'm in the dirt and I'm laughing. I forget what I say, I'll have to share it. I've had so many amazing experiences that I could easily not be here today. However, they enrich my life they they increase who I am and who I become, because I know and understand what it's like to be fragile. I know what it's like to be frail, and unknowing. I know what it's like to be one of those individuals that doesn't know what to do. Home is where I park my car, where I pitch my tent. So those experiences allow us to appreciate and understand what it is and what it takes to get somewhere. Don't diminish the value that they bring to your life. Don't diminish the value that you can use to appreciate the value you bring to life. Hiett says, when you appear multiple times, do you rise in rank in the pirate fleet? Yes, you do. All the chapters in the “Book of You.” Yeah, turn the page in the book of life and know that tomorrow is a new page, a new chapter, brand new ink and before the ink is dry, know that you have an opportunity to take steps to make progress to improve what you're doing, and progress every day. If you make progress every day, 1% 2% 10% 20% over a period of time, you can make massive changes in your life, massive changes in all the chapters and then stay positive and reject the negative. Absolutely, positively. I just really, thank you all for the opportunity. The awareness that we all exist in this crazy thing called life. We're hurtling around this space, on this rock called Earth, humanity is…we're all connected. There's a thread that connects all of us and enjoy and appreciate some of the things that we have, good or bad, perceived or real and know that #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree and you #enjoytheday. Take care everyone, till tomorrow. Friday. We’ll see you. Love you all. Bye

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