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Catch Tisha Pelletier on the #PirateBroadcast

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​Russ Johns 0:02
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

It's a wonderful day for a #piratebroadcast. I thank you so much for the opportunity to be here. #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings is our theme. I love the fact that you're here if you're listening to this, drop a comment into where you're listening from. Also, if you're listening to the replay, drop comments and share this conversation with other people so we can actually enhance and improve the the community that we're working on in here, the #piratebroadcast community, and today we have an amazing individual that's moving mountains and shape And just making a huge impact here in the Phoenix market. I just wanted to thank you, too, for being here. Joining me on the #piratebroadcasts you're now a pirate. How are you?

Tisha Pelletier 1:13
I am now pirate who knew

Russ Johns 1:15

Tisha Pelletier 1:16
yesterday went to Tushan, and now I'm a pirate. Thank you. Thank you so much for us for having me. Good morning and happy July 1, made it another month.

Russ Johns 1:26
I cannot believe it's halfway through 2020. This has been a challenging year with lots of changes, lots of movement. How are you holding up? How are you thriving in this environment?

Tisha Pelletier 1:44
I would say that I was down for a little bit but not out. I think we have to look at it. As what everyone has to pivot everyone has to bounce back from this too. I'm not going to say that I haven't lost some income and some clients As a result of this, but I was like, Hey, I could figure this out, just got back up and started changing my ways started to adapt.

Russ Johns 2:07
Well, any circumstance like this, it's really beneficial to kind of think outside the box. I know that that's something that you're very good at and creating circumstances, creating opportunities. What do you see going to the next half of the year? What do you what are you focusing in on generating that enthusiasm for what we're doing today?

Tisha Pelletier 2:36
You and i, both are pretty big on LinkedIn. I love watching people get out of their own headspace. If I can contribute to get out of your own headspace, that's what I want for people and so far, like me, I'm just a very positive, inspiring person. When people are seeing stories that I'm sharing or videos that I'm sharing, and they're like, I'm inspired because you said something that made me go like that is the best feeling. In this next season that we're in 2020,

I really do find a lot of people are going to take that leap, they're going to take that leap, because of certain circumstances because of job loss or because of, whatever, they are going to be able to say, I've got my own life, no one else can control my life, but I can control my life. Here's how I'm going to do it. I find that a lot of people will be diving in to the world of entrepreneurship, or finally launching those big ideas that they've had sitting in their head and this is exactly what I'm saying is get out of your own head and start making that happen. Here's how we do it.

Russ Johns 3:41
Well, a lot of times our side hustle doesn't really blossom until we actually are forced to think about it.

Tisha Pelletier 3:49

Russ Johns 3:50
That little itch you have that saying, I know I could do something else but I need the stability and the security and everything in my job. When all things change and evolve, and all of a sudden you don't have that security, then you have to start thinking about how can I innovate? How can I shift my focus and energy into something that I enjoy? How can I create something out of this process that I love? Then that's really outside the box thinking is like, Okay, well, instead of saying I can't, let's figure it out. How can I right?

Tisha Pelletier 4:30
Exactly, exactly. It's shifting the mindset. Much of it is just shifting your mindset from knowing that it's not impossible. Look at all of these people that are doing what they do, and they're loving it. I mean, they've taken their passion. They've made it their business, and they're growing and thriving every day.

Russ Johns 4:49
Absolutely, absolutely. I just want to give a shout out to a few people from the community. Ruben here Ruben for the #piratebroadcast, and I have to tell a back story. I was on a link. I think it was a Facebook Live yesterday. Ruben, you're doing live he's starting to do live and Reuben is the founder of dub app, the the One of my favorite apps is the video app. It's just amazing. They just brought some new updates and upgrades in there. I think I'm going to be doing a series of maybe #twoMinuteTips to highlight this app a little bit more. Ruben hats off to you guys, Shannon, and Darrius. Big applause for all of the work that you guys are doing. Then we have somebody from Detroit, hello, Metro Detroit, LinkedIn user.

We got Hani from KSA Awesome. Thank you so much. And we got Craig from Laguna Beach. Bernie. How you doing man? And Michelle. She's a pirate pirate Michelle How are you this fine day? Thank you so much for being here from Colorado. craziest year of my life.

Tisha Pelletier 6:07

Russ Johns 6:08

Tisha Pelletier 6:08
Cheers to that Craig.

Russ Johns 6:18
Yes. Thanks for Being here, Lonnie, and she just had a birthday recently. So if you're connected with lonny say belated Happy birthday. David Munford Hey, we saw David Munford on a Gabriel show he was co hosting or guest hosting on made from scratch. The show it's airs every night at 7pm our time. They're on there from Tennessee gave our David's from Tennessee. Then we got Wendy Wendy. Good morning. Individually at a pirate as well Kenyatta we know Kenyatta though the pirates are here in full force Reuben rocks excited about the potential of dub. Yeah. Let's get some sessions on dub so we can actually talk about it. Then sup, Knoxville? Yes.

Russ Yeah, Russ is going to be a pirate. We've got rust dialed in here. Then Craig, thanks so much for for everything he said. Titian, okay, so the last time we met you had a, you had an event at an organization. What showed up and we had a lot of fun, lots of good conversation. Right now that's kind of on pause. A bit about what you're active doing right now and how people can engage with you and make a connection.

Tisha Pelletier 8:04
Sure. Well I recently took on a role, Russ of being a co host for the happy neighborhood project. So shout out to happy neighborhood project. Edwin song Aaron out of California. I don't know if you've heard of it. Have you ever been a part of that?

Russ Johns 8:19

Tisha Pelletier 8:20
I'm here to spread the word. I'm here to spread the word. So happy neighborhood project really started as a result of COVID because Edwin, this chief happiness officer is on this mission about creating happy people. He wants to spread happiness all around and decided that business owners especially right now we need happy we need happy neighborhoods. He created this started in March with one I think one chapter that led to several and now he's up to 24 cities all through the US and now launching globally into the UK, but it really is a zoom call, a virtual zoom call. You don't have to be in Arizona. You could be anything Where I host the Phoenix chapter along with a couple of CO hosts.

It's great to be able to just have some human interaction. Even though like 40 or 50 people will show up to the meeting, we definitely utilize those breakout rooms so that you can really get intimate and get to know like, five or six people twice. There's two different breakout sessions. It's a great opportunity to keep your business afloat, keep it out there, keep talking about it and meet some great people because it's all about the relationships that you're building.

Russ Johns 9:28

Tisha Pelletier 9:29
Yeah, so I host it every Thursday at 11am. They have several meetings, including a national meeting every Friday at 11am Pacific Standard and great opportunity to meet so many cool folks all over the world.

Russ Johns 9:44
Oh, that sounds like an awesome project. It sounds like he probably believes in the kindnessisCool, huh.

Tisha Pelletier 9:53
Oh, yeah, I think he should become a pirate

Russ Johns 9:59
I think that's A great idea.

Tisha Pelletier 10:03
He's a connector type, I'm going to hook you two up.

Russ Johns 10:05
Yeah, being the connector, you should probably do that. Is there a link or something that people can join? Or is it just a joy? Do they just join on the zoom calls?

Tisha Pelletier 10:17
There is a registration link. I believe if you just look up or put that in your browser, you'll find it. There's just a whole slew of networking opportunities all online, so you don't have to leave the comfort of your home because nobody can, for any live events, but you just get to meet some great people. I recommend like you've asked, How do I continue building

It really is about meeting these people and networking like I do it social Connect, but then taking it offline, like this, Russ, have a conversation, not just in a networking room, or meeting but then have a conversation offline so that you start to get to know each other and it's back to communication, basic communication. I can't stress It enough

Russ Johns 11:03
You know this, because I know you is this idea that you're only one conversation away? I know you don't know who needs your talent, your gift your message or your information that you've acquired over the years and they're in the hands struggling with this. Can you help me take my money? The reality is that we do still have to have conversations. Not everything happens on social media. Social media is just a tool that allows us the introduction to the conversation.

Tisha Pelletier 11:39

Russ Johns 11:41
For people to understand the difference between being social and being people, right?

Tisha Pelletier 11:47
Yes. Yes. You know, my motto is people meet people first. I say that all the time, even at social connect my live event here, people meet people first.

Russ Johns 11:58
It's all about the people.

Tisha Pelletier 11:59
Yeah. Always

Russ Johns 12:02
I love the fact that the people are here and we can actually and Ahoy pirates Kon's here and also Kenyatta popped up and she goes, Karen green has been inviting me to check out this happy neighborhood project I'm excited to visit so if anyone can look that up and drop a link here, I'll share it in the window and then we can actually allow people to there. Then Wendy says, Hi, Katie. It's really about the people and that's what I love about the pirate. The #piratebroadcast in #thepiratecommunity is there are people here that have been connected you know in Kenyatta is one of them that it made so many connections, so many introductions through this. This conversation we have every day. It's something that I enjoy doing. It's almost like I start my day this way

It Makes me feel like I'm connected engaged and I can have a conversation with somebody interesting. It's really refreshing to know that in the midst of all of this, it's human connection is still people that people like you said. What are some steps that you're going to be taken to save your sanity in and start connected? I know the happy neighborhood isn't the happy neighborhood.

Tisha Pelletier 13:30
Yes. So happy neighborhood project. Sure, happy neighborhood project calm or something very similar. You can find all of the meeting links and shout out to Karen green. She's my co host. That's how can you audit then also been invited to this too? Karen green and Devin Butler host it with me every Thursday at 11am so everyone's welcome. It's free. There's no cost no membership, there's none of that. It's simply just registration.

Russ Johns 13:57

Tisha Pelletier 13:58
One thing that I think You mentioned this earlier, I'm very big into creating new things and really helping the next person, I find that my success is really derived on helping other people succeed. That's just that go giver mentality. One thing that I wanted to share is I know there are a lot of people that are going to take entrepreneurship this year, they're going to become entrepreneurs. It's not. I think it's because of that idea they've had in their head. They're like, it's finally time, right? They're being in a way kind of forced into it, but I think they're excited. It's finally time, what else do I have to lose? I have this whole startup business grant that came as a result of getting tired of paying taxes on my birthday that I wanted to switch the story this year, and instead pay it back to another individual that's getting their start.

Russ Johns 14:49
I love that idea. I saw that and I wanted to dive into it a little bit more because how does the grant work and How do you apply for it? How do you actually walk us through the process, I guess is the easiest.

Tisha Pelletier 15:09
Sure, super simple. There's a link on my website. If you go to my website, I'm at Tisha Murray slash startups. You can find the startups under my services page, or just go straight to that link. It'll take you through getting the application and the application is simply a Google form. It's a Google form. My thing is, I would really love to talk to the people who are applying for the grant so I could best put them on the path of Hey, you're starting a business you're some resources for you hear some connections because it really is about how asking for help and getting getting the help that you need to be put on that right direction, right path. So the grant is it's $500 in personally funding, and I know that you're like $500 but $500 to a start up when you don't have to pay it up.

Is is pretty huge. And what I Find is by sharing what I'm doing. I get so many more companies coming on board later as I'm getting ready to announce it saying I would love to give this to your recipient, I would love to help this or I would love to match your grant. Because right now it's about helping someone and building up our economy again, right? That's what we're here for.

Russ Johns 16:18

Tisha Pelletier 16:19
I'm just doing my small part of I'm going to pay this forward. They also get a seat to my startup entrepreneur Academy, which is really helping someone who is in the ideation stage, launch that business, get the right foundation, get the support they need, get a lawyer get enough to you know, get an accountant, just somebody to help them get going. They're not having to second guess and Google it. Okay.

Russ Johns 16:44
Well, and I'm a huge advocate for the mastermind concept, right and that's what I hear you saying is all of a sudden they have somebody that has an idea or might even have a Something started and working, they just need to know how to see around the corners what they can expect or anticipate, and what kind of roadblocks or obstacles they might run into. Having a team or someone like yourself that has some experience in this is a huge benefit.

If you're willing to learn and listen, and take feedback, having resources that you're connected to, or someone that you can reach out to and say, Hey, Tisha, I'm thinking about this, I'm thinking about doing a or b, what is your experience and you can share your experience with him? That's a huge benefit. Is this a program that is ongoing and that people can be engaged in or even pay for if, if their startup is at a point where they can, they can hire consultants for that?

Tisha Pelletier 17:59
Absolutely. The startup entrepreneur Academy, it's an online course. There's also mentoring. It's a hybrid where I get to mentor them. I love that I do a ton of mentoring. I love to be able to help someone just get their start. It's not group coaching. It's more Hey, Russ, where are you stuck?How do I help you?

Russ Johns 18:20

Tisha Pelletier 18:21
Because you have a specific business, you're in different stages of your business than other people as well. It's a self paced course. You can always pay to shy of a problem or I don't know what to do here, or can you walk me through this? Not only that, but the instructors that I have that are also teaching some of those course modules are also available. If you need a question, you have a question for an attorney. Bert skiba is my guy he's like, let me help you. Like I love that we're helping people get it going. Because you remember what it was like to get your start and go what what what am I doing? I wish I could call someone.

Russ Johns 18:59
I've started severa different things in my life and experience and each one is different, each one is unique. They require it kind of a different mindset at times, even though the steps may be the same or very similar, the environment so the time you're doing it or the timing of when you need to do something, is all important. Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely, it can be very isolating. It can be very pandemic like, and having someone that you can actually reach out to and say, Hey, I'm thinking about this and not be concerned about judgment or negative feedback or anything like that. why would you do that? Why don't you just go get a job?

Tisha Pelletier 19:50
How many People told you that.

Russ Johns 19:54
Let's just say I've heard of more than one way to it's like, wouldn't it be just easier for you to go get a job. It's not how I'm put together, I guess. It's like, yeah, I tried that for years and I work 25 years for companies that no longer exist.

Tisha Pelletier 20:17

Russ Johns 20:18
Like the security is not necessarily something that is a reality in my circumstance. I've made a choice to go down this path and help other people. In fact, #thepiratesyndicate is a perfect example of that. Because this show is a representation of what is possible with your business. If you want to show up, share your message be heard, he talked about grow your visibility and your authority in the market. Video is a great way of doing that. The happiness project is the neighbor. Happy neighborhood.

Tisha Pelletier 20:58
Happy neighborhood project?

Russ Johns 20:59
Yeah. Happy neighborhood project, I just want to make sure I get it right is an example of people using video to continue to build relationships. #thepiratesyndicate is my mission, to be able to produce shows for people that want to broadcast and share their message and their authority and their visibility, and their gifts and whatever they're doing, and make sure that they don't have to be overwhelmed by technology.

They don't have to be overwhelmed by the process or the workflow or the production or the promotion. They just get to basically show up and do their thing. It's amazing opportunity. It's different than courses that I've created in the past, or webinars that I've produced or things like that, or building a web. It's not the same as being a website developer. Everything's different and I think it's really refreshing to be able to Have people like yourself where they can reach out and say, Hey, what do you think about this?

Tisha Pelletier 22:05
Mm hmm.

Russ Johns 22:06
Get some honest feedback.

Tisha Pelletier 22:08
You just have to ask, right?

Russ Johns 22:10

Tisha Pelletier 22:10

Russ Johns 22:11
It's amazing. What epiphanys have you had in the last six months that you're going to carry forward and maybe you want to drop a nugget of knowledge here with the group to kind of plant that seed for the next six months?

Tisha Pelletier 22:27
I think that the whole thing, I gave a virtual graduation speech back in May to all of these graduates and it was the funniest thing Russ I was like, let's go get them by the end I'm like, crying. I'm Like congratulations. I edited that part out and try to compose myself so I could actually be like, Congrats Congrats!. What I shared with that, and it's the same message that I see all around my neighborhood, like I live in Gilbert. All around my neighborhood, there's so many great signs, you'd love it because they're like the #kindnessiscool. All these things. One thing that says is, I'm not going to stress about the things I can't control. But here's what I can control.

This is the same message I shared with the students. I'm like, you can control your attitude. You can control your happiness. You can control your destiny, like you just got to get out there. It's the same thing I tell my kids like my daughter, she's a singer. I don't know if you saw April 1. She was supposed to be appearing her school talent show and it got cancelled.

Russ Johns 23:36
Yes, I saw

Tisha Pelletier 23:37
Yes. And it wasn't going to be for another year and who knows next year. I mean, we may be back to digital school again, she might never ever get that opportunity. I said, You know what, Ellie all is not lost. In fact, I think this is a better opportunity. Why? Because now I can put your video here and watch it go viral and it did. So many people, I am who I am. I had one woman from Mexico City shout out to Annabel. She was like, Oh my gosh, like, that girl inspires me goosebumps. Like, I never even got to sing at my talent show because I freaked out and just ran off the stage. But kudos to this little girl. I just I showed my daughter that and I said, Look at all of these comments and compliments and like, this is your confidence right here like this is it? These are people that believe in you, they don't even know you.

Russ Johns 24:31

Tisha Pelletier 24:32
That's what's amazing. That's what's incredible.

Russ Johns 24:37
That's the beauty of where we are right now in this point in history is you are the media. She is the talent she has the ability and the opportunity to take it any where she wants, having the ability to share that information. You understand the power of it. However, she's growing up in it.

Tisha Pelletier 25:02

Russ Johns 25:04
I'm not going to say that it's all rainbows and unicorns. Because? There are challenges here. There are some effort. You still have to it.

Tisha Pelletier 25:18
Yes, yes.

Russ Johns 25:21
It's not just all magic and every, I'll go viral and be famous. It is, though for your daughter is an opportunity to where she actually saw something like that take place and that's a good thing. hats off to you for doing that and giving her the opportunity and the ability to see the potential, right.

Tisha Pelletier 25:51
Yes, yes. I'm just going to share to rest. One thing that I've been doing every Monday, I'm sure you've seen like so I've written a couple Books and it really Chronicles my story. From the start of leaving my ad agency job in 2004, up until 2018, I chronicled all of the stories and the lessons that I've learned. Those are in two books. This year in February, it was my two year anniversary, when the book came out, I said, I have got to just keep sharing the story because it doesn't ever end your story never ends, your story continues, you keep continuously learning things, every single story you have.

I started doing rule of life lessons every Monday as, as a way to hold myself accountable to also get on a video and to write again, because I do love writing. I just didn't want to write another book. Like the thought of writing a book is so daunting, it's like, I don't want to do that. So I love that I'm able to do it in bite sized chunks and more importantly, it's leaving a legacy for my kids. Like I'm like, you could look this up. They're all there. You can watch me anytime. I could Give you another life lesson and I'm tying it to something that happened in my life.

We've all derived a lot of the same lessons be you, don't lose your individuality is what I've said just in this last one. But it's unique to the story that I went through to find that lesson. And I left that it's definitely becoming habit. So it's about creating habit, goodhealthy habits, but creating habits to and keeping yourself accountable and keeping visible.

Russ Johns 27:28
Yeah, I think it's wonderful because I was on with Scott Carson. He held a marathon yesterday for international Social Media Day on e 20. I was on that panel. One of the things that I think is so important for people to understand is if you have like something that you want to be accountable to, and you want to be able to and you're thinking about doing Something you really need to step out and do it. Because ultimately you're going to either enjoy it and thrive in it and grow it or you're going to regret not doing it and that could have should have what it is a lot worse than the rest of the process. If you process this, like you're saying, I just love that idea. I love that concept of you pick something, just start, whether it's words, images, audio, or video, just start at its beginning point it's like we're all like, the first time we pick up an instrument that all sounds bad, right?

It's like the first player piano you might not get all the keys right in the seat now. Now it's it's one of those things we all have to start and our fear is that we will be judged we will be measured and what will people think and all of these things and you Alternatively, just like your daughter when you put yourself out there, yeah, there might be people that might judge you. There are people that will support you. Look at the opportunities is as being something that you take hold, rather than the challenges and then amen to that. Yeah. Where do people find you for your blog? I know you're on LinkedIn. If you're not connected,

Tisha Pelletier 29:31
Yes, please go. on LinkedIn. Yes, Russ is amazing. Thanks for the shout out. So LinkedIn is primarily where I live on social media. Then my website and it's just Tisha It's just my first name and middle name, Tisha There you can grab. I have a book right now just a complimentary ebook. It's the gals inspirational guide to a more purposeful life. And that's stuff that people can grab when they get there. Then as well as the startup grant information is there too, under startups?

Russ Johns 30:08
Oh, well, that's awesome. I just want to give a shout out to a couple of more people. So console's love it. It's so true makes me feel better to start the day with pirate broadcasts. We have our own Mr. Rogers to shore while they're free, we meet new friends. Hopefully, everybody here has met somebody from another neighborhood here. Here's lewis is in the hi Kenyatta Fred Costa. Good morning, Russ. Tisha, and so Sue Sue. She's here. Oh, thank you so much. And then can you Ana's back, Wendy Skynet.

And then also we have Angie from Wisconsin, so Love, the way you use the global microphone that serves the world one listener at a time. So show up, show up and show off. I like that. Andrew is here. Great morning all in another interview to start the day, thank you so much for being here, Tisha. So, good morning, Khan. So, so we have conversations going on in the conversations. And that's what I love is the, the opportunity and the ability for people to connect with each other. And like you started out with and the whole concept of this connection

becauseI think everybody needs to take this pause from watching the news and the media, the the traditional media right now, and just start connecting with a few people out there and make sure that you're understanding what the real story behind the people are, you know, not everybody, not everybody is is, you know, as bad as Some people would make them out to be when you understand we're all in this together, we're all in it together. So, Tisha, I really appreciate the fact that you're here. I'm I applaud your efforts, and I love what you're doing. And I look forward to a time when we can reconnect and re engage in in some things, and I just love the fact that we have the ability to make a difference. So you're making a difference.

Tisha Pelletier 32:32
Thanks, Russ. Thanks, everybody, for tuning in live or watching the replay and love to connect with you too. And it's been a pleasure always always fun. Now I can say I'm a pirate. I'm gonna start that with my elevator. I'm a pirate. I don't know if you knew that. But

Russ Johns 32:50
hey, you're looking at a pirate here. So got it. You got to get it. You don't know what kind of shenanigans we can pull off.

Tisha Pelletier 33:00

Russ Johns 33:02
Thank you so much everyone for joining us today. It's always a pleasure and I appreciate it and I'm humbled by the fact that we're here together and if you're watching the replays, get involved and engaged in the community, you can always reach me at Russ John's comm and attract me down on social I always play around in LinkedIn. This thing is being you know, this is streamed to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and also periscope for for those of you that hang out in Twitter, so it's available and it'll tissue this would be wrapped up, produced into a podcast afterward after the show. And then I'll send you a link to the to the post the podcast, the transcription and all that other good stuff.

Tisha Pelletier 33:49
Sounds good. I appreciate you. And as you know, #kindnessiscool. #smilesarefree and you #enjoytheday

Russ Johns 34:00
Take care, guys.

Tisha Pelletier 34:01
Thanks. Thanks, Russ.

Russ Johns 34:02
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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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