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Introduction 0:00
Welcome to the #PirateBroadcast™, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. Where you can expand your connections, your community, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let’s get this party started.

Russ Johns 0:19
Well, I I'm excited for another #PirateBroadcast™ episode. If you're watching this today, all the gratitude in the world and thank you so much for being here. It's a great day to be happy, I think. Because we have the happiness coach in house. Pirate Vernon, how are you doing, my friend?

Vernon Brown 0:37
I am great. And I love the plugs, all love and happy. I love your tagline.

Russ Johns 0:41
You know, #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. So that ties right in with the happiness. And I know that you've been involved in this, and you just released a book, it's exciting news. And I'm so excited to hear what you got to talk about today and talk about the happiness because I'm all about happiness and why we should be happy and how it makes a difference in our lives. So tell us a little bit about the book and your journey getting there.

Vernon Brown 1:11
Dude, so you know, and thank you for this. It's the book was something that was not planned, I think I even mentioned to you earlier, but it's 10 days happy, right? And it's I want this to be a field guide, it is a field guide. These are things that are actionable, these are things that I take my clients through, so they can be happier. So they can be more successful. So they're not, you know, get caught up in all the worrying all the stress. The book, know, it's right on time with everything that's going on right now. Right? Because everybody like we need those moments. You know, as much as things are trying to get back to normal, a lot of people just have a, not necessarily a tough time, but they need more moments. So they can practice being positive, you don't have to work hard to find the negative, you turn on social media, you go to whatever, all of a sudden, you're like, you feel kind of gross, but people need to practice being positive. And that's what it is. It's about being practiced in a nice handy dandy Field Guide for you that's fun. That's not a lot of hard work, but you just sit back and reflect.

Russ Johns 2:08
You know, it's amazing, because I think people, this is my journey, you know. I've had some challenging moments in my life. And it's really about, for myself, it's gratitude, you know, have a little bit of gratitude, even the smallest elements of your day. Because happiness, I mean, it's a better state of mind, it's just something that you have to sometimes choose to move in that direction, you know. You wake up and you're in a terrible mood or whatever happens, the dog barks, you know, plates break or out of coffee, whatever it happens to be. And it's so easy to say, yeah, turn on the news. And it's like, oh, man, it's the sky is falling kind of attitude is, and it's not, it's like, take a moment, take a deep breath, and you know, move in that direction. So it's having a field guide is an excellent opportunity for people to maybe think about a different state of mind. So how do you start out? And how do you start out with clients? And in this conversation that people are struggling with?

Vernon Brown 3:15
You said something I definitely want to comment on, you know, and I will get a question. Actually, the book talks about it, as well. It's realizing that some people think that when you're positive, when you're happy, when you're great, you know, grateful, they think you just are born that way. And there are some people, don't get me wrong or like that I wasn't one of them. Right? But it takes you to sit back and be intentional of with how are you going to start your day or even if maybe take a reset from your day, maybe you started off positive. And then something like you've mentioned plates fall, or you got a five year old son, who you're probably gonna hear in a few minutes in my house who's just going to do something. What are you doing? But you got to get yourself back to that place.

Russ Johns 3:52

Vernon Brown 3:52
It's exactly where the book started, it starts off about talking about happiness, because you got to understand what happiness is, you know? A lot of times, it's my practice is called what's your happy? Not my happy, not your mom's happy, not your aunt's happy, it's your happy. And regardless, whatever your happiness, because we all have a different happiness, right? We're all got a different thing that makes us happy. And it's unique to you. It's not the commercial where they say buy this nice car and get stuck with payments for $800 for the next four years. No, no, I'm talking about that thing that lights you up. And, you know, it's important, like my happy is different. I love to cook. And the best part about that is I was doing it by myself. But for me, happiness is translated into energy. Like when you're doing those things that make you feel good, when you're sitting there practicing being gracious, having gratitude, all of a sudden you just feel better, right? All of you sit upright, you're smiling, your voice gets a little bit deeper, your voice might get a little bit higher, but it's um, it's sitting back and just loving those things. And I do want to say this, you know, the big thing about qualifying you're happy, or the thing that lights you up, makes you find this has got to involve, it has to have these three rules. It's got to be a part cannot involve buying or spending. It cannot involve food or alcohol. And it only can involve yourself. Now, I ask that question and multiple people and I asked that to different audiences, and everyone's hand goes up, and then they're like, Oh, yeah, no, that makes me happy. And then I'll say, hey, no buying or spending, no food or alcohol, and only can involve yourself and all of a sudden, everybody's hand drops down and get quiet. And when I kind of explained things to them, they're like, oh, so it can't be dependent on me playing with my kids all the time. Like, no, I mean, don't get me wrong, that can be fun. Absolutely. But you got to remember, like, you are in charge of your happiness, and you want to make sure there are no other outside variables that can prohibit me well inhibit that happening, right.

Russ Johns 5:39
Yeah, yeah. I, I love that idea. I love those three qualifications, because it really narrows down your thought process in what you have to include in the list. And I want to ask a question that triggers a question for me and I really want to, because this is important, I think and there's a difference between happiness and joy. And I think a lot about what the difference is, and you know, kind of reflect on happiness is one state of mind. And you could still find joy in small moments, you know, in the same kind of qualification can attach to joy as well, I would think, what are your thoughts on that?

Vernon Brown 6:33
You know, I agree, you know, for me, you don't agree with you, it's, I look at joy, as almost a celebration, right? Like, because we enjoy it, celebrating the good, the great and the unexpected, you know, sometimes with joy, it might not be the day or something might have happened, it was everything to do with your life. But to celebrate that moment, like, Hey, you know what, I'm glad we were here to show up and try so I kind of translate joy and celebration almost interchangeably, but again, to the point with those qualifications there, right.

Russ Johns 7:03
Well, I guess that example for my thought process out loud is so cooking makes you happy. Serving it up might bring you joy.

Vernon Brown 7:14
That's a good way. So yeah, yeah. Because who doesn't like you know, what you're cooking and you like, you know, what...

Russ Johns 7:20
I mean, sharing it with others is wonderful, you know, and that's so important for us to understand is it doesn't take winning the lottery, it doesn't take a big win, to find joy in the day. And find a moment of happiness. And I think that for myself, even on the worst days, I also dig for gratitude, you know, it's the gratitude and the attitude and you know, thanking myself and those around me for being there and like my sister, we work together here in the house, and we're taking care of mom and we're in Arizona, and we both work from home remote, and she brings me coffee in the morning and it's like, I'm so grateful for her, you know, I'm so grateful. It makes me feel special that I have somebody that brings me coffee in the morning. It's like, that's really nice, you know, and I have gratitude for that. So it sets the tone and having conversations with people like you, Vernon, it brings gratitude and then I then I find happiness in that. And then for people like that are in the room today. You know, like Sheri Lally, slaptagz, capture those moments and savor.

Vernon Brown 8:37

Russ Johns 8:38
Love you, Sheri, you're awesome. And I just really appreciate you being here. Good morning, Melissa Gaines. Good morning, Russ and Vernon absolutely love the topic.

Vernon Brown 8:47
Thank you, Alyssa.

Russ Johns 8:48
I love the fact that you're here too. And silverfox talks. Darleen, Good morning, Vernon, thank you so much for being here. Wow. Repeat so valuable. I need to hear this. And a lot of people need to hear this. And you have another, a few events coming up and I want to talk, to touch base on. So Phyllis says great rules. Love it all. Always love it. So it was great. Srinivas. Great, Russ. Thanks for the live Thank you so much. Maureen Wixon (relationship building) greetings. Silver Fox talks says, #gratitude #attitude #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree. Absolutely.

Vernon Brown 9:44
You've got a good group of people. I like this.

Russ Johns 9:46
Yeah. So Darlene says, you are dearly loved, Russ. Thank you Darleen. And I love you more. Love you more. So I want to talk about some of the things people can do to activate because I know, having been in some dark places in my life, sometimes it takes more than ourselves to get to the point where we can see a new perspective, a new outlet, and a new way of thinking. So what are some things that you're doing, Vernon, to help others? Maybe change their perspective, maybe change their attitude and see a new perspective?

Vernon Brown 10:27
You know, that's a world class question. I'm glad you asked this. You know, it's to your point about when we're always not going to have rainbows and smiles all day, right? But it's what you do to make sure that when those things happen, because you best believe you're going to have something that goes the way you don't necessarily want it. It's to have things set up in advance. And you know, I think it's important to explain, there's a lovely quote, my mentor taught me, there's no man or woman greater than his or her environment, right? No matter what, you can succumb to your environment. So you need to make sure you have things around you to keep you there because when you have those days that don't go where you want. All you're going to think about is the things that can go bad, right? Like, oh, what's coming next? Oh, my gosh, hold no one else says anything, right? So you're thinking, that's when you start to anticipate and bad, right is my hair thing. But this thing is designed to keep you alive. It's not designed to keep you happy. So I'm always making sure I have an environment that supports so much success. So one of the big things I have is making sure I'm connected with people just like yourself, which audiences who just makes you smile, you know, they say greetings. I'm like, Hey, what's up, you know, and I mean, it makes you smile, because like, man, someone's thinking about me, or someone's taking a moment to say hi, they can show you got some really good friends, really good friends, even friends, I might say use some different language that you know can keep you encouraged. And if you don't have those good friends, find a podcast, find a podcast that makes you smile, get on YouTube, find things that make you smile, so that we can encourage, it's hard to be grumpy, hard to have a really jacked up day when someone's having doing something funny, or someone says something like, oh, man, that's how you lost all your hair being grouchy. And you're like, shut up, man, whatever. A big one is going to be movies, music, music and movies. You know, if I'm having a tough day, and I always I don't care what anyone says, Moana is the greatest film ever created in life. I love that movie. And I will sing How far I go. I don't know how many times because if you start like dancing and singing, or just seeing things that makes you laugh, it lights you up. And there's dancing and singing in every culture for a reason. Every single culture, you can go back as far as you want. It keeps people happy. It keeps people engaged. Yeah, it's when we forget, like, you'll go to a really good restaurant, I'm sure you had this experience. And it was like, oh, man, they had the best bread, good breadsticks and the best lasagna. And then, you'll remember it the next day, you'll remember it three days later, but two weeks from now, you'll be like, what do they eat that good food at? And it was so good before. And it's the same thing with happiness are things that light you up, you will forget. So write these things down. So you can say, Oh, wait a minute, here's my list. You might be thinking, why do you have a happiness list? Well, you have a list of bills you won't don't want to pay, right, you got a list of things you don't want to do. So this list makes you angry, why don't have a list that makes you smile. Right.

Russ Johns 13:17
And to your point, and I think I want to dig into this a little bit because everybody has, you know, Jim Rohn, I think was said and suggested that we are the accumulation of the five people we hang out with.

Vernon Brown 13:33

Russ Johns 13:34
And and that doesn't necessarily mean in person, you know, especially in 2020. No, because it can be a movie, it can be an in something, someone that influences the way you're thinking at the moment. Because you're changing your thought patterns. And it's just like turning on a podcast or listening to the #PirateBroadcast™. It's something that has to bring you joy, it's like, you know, you have to understand that there are things that can feed you and nourish your thoughts, your attitudes, and your behavior in a positive way, as well as a negative way. You know, we all have a choice, we can have two people go have the same experience and have two completely different outcomes, so I encourage everyone to go and that's why I start with gratitude and then fill your funnel with fuel for happiness. And I love what you're doing Vernon and I just really appreciate it. Next year, you're going to have some programs coming out. Let's talk about that and what people can do to get involved and engaged in maybe learning more about this and how they can practice it and maybe apply some techniques to their day. So dive into some programs that you have that people can engage in.

Vernon Brown 15:02
Yeah, and thank you for saying that, it's you know, being an environment want to say, this is why I love the#PirateBroadcast™ because it's more positive, right like, look at this we're starting off like, alright, let's get really pumped up and excited. So you know a heck of a job, I love it. 300 episodes plus, by the way, that's consistency. So I love that. What's going to be happening, it actually started on Monday, I'm starting to double down the dominate boot camp. It's a five day boot camp, it comes with a workbook, we're going to make sure that we have a private Facebook group, and it's gonna be led by me live. And it's going to be for people who want to figure out how to close out 2020 with like, so much momentum, we would have never thought things went the way that they went this year. Because right now, this is the time that people need to start sitting down and figuring out what I'm going to do. Sure, it's great to have goals, but we need to make sure we have action, we need to make sure that we are putting as much effort as we can. And I'm not trying to say go out and rah rah Woo. Because I don't do that. I'm not that guy who's just like, I'm gonna motivate you, you get excited, sure, because you're like you see more options, opportunities, possibilities and solutions. You know, I call it oops thinking, but you start seeing the next steps. This is about talking about boundaries. This is talking about what is happiness. This is about talking about how to have a bulletproof mindset. And it's going to be a lot of fun. And people don't talk about having fun enough. And that's what I'll be talking about as well. But it's about the boot camp starting next week.

Russ Johns 16:18
That's fantastic.

Vernon Brown 16:20
Thanks, I think so too. Going into next year, what this year came out, because about March, I'm like what is happening? I wasn't traveling for speaking, you know, and rightfully so. And I'm like, what self it can really give back and have a huge impact. So I created on your happiness, there are many iterations of this course. And like, let's go full speed ahead. And at first I did 20 students and I started going to 30 students. So now it's just like, let's open this up, it's gonna be led by me, on your happiness starts on the first week in January, I'm kind of working out the dates. And this is going to be the next 90 days, three months led by me, we are going to be pulling your life together and just so many different ways, we're gonna be talking about how to better handle relationships, how to be strategically, I'm more strict with your conversations, how to put that business plan into place, and so you can execute on it efficiently and smart. And the big thing is, you got to have fun every week, you're required to do Felton fun, I demand it, I will tell you don't come on the call if you haven't had fun. And I mean it. Because I want to make sure I can't ask things of you if you don't have the energy to do them. Right. That's been, it's been going on so long.

Russ Johns 17:26
Well, sometimes people just need the approval or the permission, the perceived permission to to enjoy life, you know, and it seems like okay, I just got to get going and grind it, you know. A lot of entrepreneurs are in the mindset of I'm not grinding 14 hours a day, I'm not doing what I need to do, because that's...and I don't know, we could argue on that point all day long and what it takes, and there are some requirements to be in place that we have to do for work, for business life, etc. However, it doesn't mean you have to be miserable through the process. I loved the statement one time, it's like if you don't love what you do, learn how to love what you're doing. And I thought that was such a powerful statement. Because even if a task isn't necessarily the most exciting thing you could do, learn to enjoy those moments because it teaches you how to appreciate and have gratitude for other moments in your life. So I just want to come back here, it's like my go to happy moments for listening to Kurt Franklin. His music is so uplifting and...

Vernon Brown 18:52
melodies from heaven, I hear ya. I agree.

Russ Johns 18:53
Nice. Nice. I love that. Melissa Gaines says. So agree with music, a definite go to. May I add volunteering and giving back? Absolutely. Volunteering. When you're giving back, when you're helping someone else out, It's really hard to be feeling unfortunate and depressed. Yeah, there's just something about the activity of giving back is really empowering. Russ Hedge says, Good morning, Russ. Thank you so much, Russ, choose to smile and be around those who help you smile and bring you joy. That's why I love the #PirateBroadcast™. Little promo there, fantastic. I love it. So thank you so much. I want to talk a little bit about, I know that there and I don't want to diminish anybody's circumstance or unfortunate events; however, I think one thing that kind of ties in with that happiness is really reflecting on what is important in your life. I mean, we get caught up, like you your three rules, you don't have to buy... it doesn't require you to purchase anything. And that's a key element because a lot of people find meaning in what they're buying, the stuff that they own, and it doesn't define them, it just becomes something that they're using as a crutch to fill a void a lot of times. Do you want to talk about that?

Vernon Brown 20:36
Yeah, happy to. It's, we have great intentions with purchases, right? Let's just say, I'm gonna check out a five year old, like, it feels nice to be able to provide, it's nice to get myself some nice things that I know that in part of the instinctual is to be able to collect things, it's just you want to make sure that that's not your go to, because the last thing you want is 19% interest every month, you know, hit me in the face, because you're drafted that same feeling. And sometimes I think people all have great intentions, but it's recognizing, hey, who am I, if I was to lose my job, or lose this income? Or who was I, if all of a sudden you can't use you know, you can't spend? What would you do? And you can't, that's going to leave you in a place. I've seen these things happen, they have some life event come about? And it's like, What do I do? What do I do? Well, this is the perfect time to start to think about what you can do. Get curious, you know, everything we need to be successful in life we learned when we were kids, is to be curious. Let's get a look out there and see what can make us happy, let's look at the things that used to make us happy. Let's look and see what makes us happy. And being curious is the cure.

Russ Johns 21:49
Yeah. And I think getting down and really reflecting on how we spend our time as well, you know, right now 2020 it's like, well, I don't necessarily need to go out anywhere to to fill a void or do what I need to do. I'm okay with me, I'm okay with me a lot, you know, and I'm a networker, and I'm not necessarily an extrovert, but I'm not an introvert. You know, maybe an ambivert. I don't know. I like being around people. And I like being by myself. I like myself, so I'm okay. And so those tiny moments where we're thinking about, okay, what do I need to fill the space, we're so used to having noise on all the time, and sometimes just being quiet and you know, a little form of reflection or meditation, or whatever your practice happens to be, it's really important for us to sit back and understand, what is it that makes us tick? What is it that we really need to fill our lives? And sometimes the answer, when we really get honest with ourselves, and we dig deep, and we dive in, and we say, what is it that I need to fill my life with happiness? And sometimes when we think about it, and we really get honest with ourselves, the answer is different than we first anticipated.

Vernon Brown 23:12
Very different. Yeah.

Russ Johns 23:16
Have you had experience around people change in their perspective after a few sessions with you?

Vernon Brown 23:24
Oh, yeah, absolutely. Especially when I can meet someone to connect with, you know, a client and I'm sitting back and telling me what they want. And I'm listening, and I'm big on let's go even deeper, like so you want to have more confidence? So what are you going to do when you have more confidence? Well, you know, I'll be able to go after the significant other I want so you have more confidence you have to significant other you want and what's going to happen, but how's it gonna change your life? Well, then I have that and I can go out and really be able to provide for my family. So you have the confidence, you have the partner, you want to provide for the family and then what are you going to do? Well, then I can really reconnect with my family and let them know that I've been successful. And that's what that's really about. And so for me, that's a shortcut. Like, what if I was a charity, we could work on all those things and connect to your family right now. They're like, Oh, I can like, Yeah, you can. Because sometimes we kind of, like you'd mentioned, we think this is what we want. We think like, I've got to get this I got to get this and that's not really what you want. It's not saying, it's always saying but many times that's not the case.

Russ Johns 24:24
Yeah, it's interesting. An interesting question that was asked of me, that I thought, and it caused me to reflect a little bit was, who are you? Describe who you are, without sharing what you do? Because a lot of people describe themselves by what they do. So when we turn that corner, and we find out okay, what makes you happy? And you find out who you are, you know, it's like, okay, describe who you are without describing what you do. It's like, okay, well, you know, it's like, okay, I'm a broadcaster. No, that's what you do, not who you are. So it's really a shift on what it is that you think about and what you focus on. So happiness to me is that same kind of dynamic, you know, it's like, okay, yeah, you can spend money, you can go buy stuff, or you can take a day off and do nothing. Somewhere in between, there's some activities that are going to trigger some happiness, happy moments, and even joy, you know, like helping others, delivering packages to somebody for Christmas, or, you know, all kinds of ideas. So I just really, thank you so much for being here, Vernon.This is a great conversation, and I love how it can change lives. So I just really appreciate what you're doing. So what triggered Vernon to get into this? This type of activity? What was, Vernon, that inspired you to do this, go down this path?

Vernon Brown 26:21
Thank you for your kind words earlier. It's not anything sensational. I want to do this. I did not, I cannot stress that enough, I'm not one of those people who said I wanted to do this. It was, you know, I got done with a previous career. I was traveling across the country and doing modeling and acting, but I just, I'm not that guy. I am an introvert. I am combined with being quiet. I don't like being on camera. I am good. Right? And I got a mentor who I still talk to he said, you really should consider this. And I said, I am not doing this. I left. I stopped that in New York because I don't want to do this anymore. And he said to me, you know, just really quickly if anybody's ever been to a casting, you know, you'll know what I'm talking about. But when you go to ask them, Russ. Yeah, you're told when you're a kid and when you're an early teen, you know, you're special. You're unique. No, you're not you go to casting and it's everybody's got a bald head. Everyone wears glasses. Everyone's got a beard and you're like, I'm not unique But it's that then it really got me a lot of success with my personality. And when I see the world, I'm like the laugh. I love to joke, I can make anything funny. Just, you know, the way how to converse. And he my mentor really brought that up. He's mentioned like, you have a unique perspective on the world. That's very refreshing. Like, what what do you mean do coaching and I looked into it and I'm like, I'm not doing it. And being a great mentor, he pushed and he said, do it. I'm like, whatever, old man. He was right. If I'm going to do this I want to do in a way that works for me and I mentioned energy is a big thing for me. So is happiness, everyone wants to be happy. And that's when once you're happy was you know, the impetus behind what you're happy and I'm going into my seventh year now.

Russ Johns 27:58
Wow. What's your happy? Love it? How do you appreciate when people connect with you?

Vernon Brown 28:07
I appreciate it because it shows a level of I want to say vulnerability, but a level of awareness that I want to make some adjustments and for me that's the first step, that's a huge step because most people know something needs to make some adjustments, know we need to make some change, but they don't do anything right? I'm not picking on people, I'm just trying to say they don't do anything. So when I see people do that, I'm like perfect, they want to learn more about happy, they want to learn more about themselves, they want to learn more about the top five things that they're amazing at.

Russ Johns 28:37
That's awesome. That's awesome. So how can pirates get a hold of you and track you down, Vernon?

Vernon Brown 28:43
So a few different ways. I think one of the fastest ways is going to link tree. and I've got a gift for everyone. It's a 30 day planner, excuse me a 30 day challenge. A 30 day happiness challenge that I created for people just to track and come up with actionable things. And you'll see that and a few other things that I have going on, including the boot camp and on your happy. Another way is and it's happy with an I. HAPPI. And before you ask why an I? It's because you matter.

Russ Johns 29:16
I love it. I love it. Thank you so much for being here and all of the pirates in the room. You know we got so many wonderful individuals that are in the pirate community. And if you're not connected with Vernon, go connect with him, I suspect you're on social media because oh yeah, we're connected. So it's like, go track him down, just mention that you're a pirate and you want to connect.

Vernon Brown 29:41
Please do.

Russ Johns 29:42
You found this and you want to continue the relationship and the experience. So as you know, thank you, Vernon, for being here. Appreciate you and the work that you're doing and bringing happiness to a few more people in the world because we need it. We need it now. More than any other time in history.

Vernon Brown 30:02
We need people like you. I love it. So thank you for having me here. It was great.

Russ Johns 30:05
Thank you so much. And as always, #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree and you #enjoytheday. Be right back.

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