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Catch Wendy Gilhula on the #PirateBroadcast

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​Russ Johns 0:00
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

Guess we have a pirate in the house. It's like so exciting. Only this time. Wendy has her own podcast and she's doing some amazing things. Helping authors write their manuscripts. Wendy, thank you so much for being back on the pirate broadcasts.

Wendy Gilhula 0:41
I'm so Excited I'm wearing the right T-shirt #smilesarefree.

Russ Johns 0:45
#smilesarefree. Thank you so much. This is awesome. I really appreciate it.

Wendy Gilhula 0:50
I love it. It's my favorite T-Shirt

Russ Johns 0:52
Oh, it looks great. It looks great. I love the color on you.

Wendy Gilhula 0:57
Oh Thanks. Thank you. Hey, listen You posted something, you posted or Melanie, post Mel posted something. I don't remeber if it's Melissa or Melanie. Sorry. Yeah, so I didn't share with LinkedIn yet. I'm, I'm hashtag slithering. I feel like I need to explain myself

Russ Johns 1:23
Okay you could explain yourself.

Wendy Gilhula 1:25
So okay, so this story starts at about a year and a half ago when we first heard of the Bombo Genesis I was actually in Boston for Thanksgiving with my kids and husband. We were in a hotel room and like the snow is blowing this way and circles and we're can't go anywhere because everything's closed.

Russ Johns 1:47
Sounds like Boston

Wendy Gilhula 1:50
I just said to my kids who are super big Harry Potter fans, I said, Oh, yeah, and I'm Hufflepuff and blahblah and they went, they both immediately looked at me and they said, You are not Hufflepuff. I was like, What do you mean? Like, I've been sorted by the hat at Universal? And they said, No, you are not Hufflepuff you're slithering. And I was like, so offended. What do you mean? Like, oh, like what are you talking about? And they said, just go on. Pottermore take the test. You're going to be slithering.

Russ Johns 2:22

Wendy Gilhula 2:22
Russ I took it four times. In four days and I was slithering. I was so upset. I mean, I literally have a little tear in my eye right now. Just thinking about it. I was so upset and my husband kept like two weeks later, I'm still upset about it. My husband like why are you obsessing? I said it's a personality test. It's like, What's wrong with me? And he said you really need to get over it.

Russ Johns 2:49

Wendy Gilhula 2:51
Um, yeah. So I finally got over it when I read these qualities so that they say a Griffindor will die for you. A Hufflepuff will die with you Ravenclaw which my husband is Ravenclaw we'll figure out a way where no one has to die, and then a slithering and will kill over you. I was like, Ah, that's what it is I'm very protective of my people.

Russ Johns 3:19

Wendy Gilhula 3:21
I'm not mean but so I'm okay with the now. So Thank you for letting me explain to LinkedIn now Twitter, they already knew that and but I just feel like

Russ Johns 3:33
Not everyone appreciates the story in the backstory. Right?

Wendy Gilhula 3:38
Right. Well, They say your slither in you lived through something and I've actually lived through something so traumatic.

Russ Johns 3:46

Wendy Gilhula 3:47
I overdosed on a baby aspirin when I was three. And they brought me back

Russ Johns 3:52
That's so funny. My sister and I we ate a bottle of baby aspirin we had to get our stomachs pumped.

Wendy Gilhula 4:01
Yeah, exactly. I remember I was three years old thinking why are they trying to take my candy?

Russ Johns 4:06

Wendy Gilhula 4:08
not theirs.

Russ Johns 4:09
Yeah. Yeah, I had the same experience. Oh, fun stuff see that goes back to my point. If you pull the thread long enough, we all have something in common. Right.

Wendy Gilhula 4:24
Well, so did you think it was candy too?

Russ Johns 4:27
Yeah, it's good stuff. We're chopping it down.

Wendy Gilhula 4:32
I still have one every day now that I'm over 50

Russ Johns 4:37

Wendy Gilhula 4:37
You can get orange too.

Russ Johns 4:38
Yes, exactly. It's so wonderful. So now let's talk about the podcast because I'm so excited for you. And I've watched your journey kind of going to big toeing into it and dropping some little tips out there and some little secrets and saying, hey, something's coming. And then you launched it. For those that haven't met you yet, or aren't fully aware that you have a podcast talk a little bit about the podcast, and what your intention is with this because I think it's important that people understand.

Wendy Gilhula 5:12
Sure, yeah. So I named it the right kind podcast, right, like writing with the W. Write because it's for new writers or writers who are just starting their first drafts of children's manuscripts. And when I was at that place, I did not find a lot of kindness. So I thought, Oh, I would love to have like the clubhouse like in the closet where where I record, a safe place, a kind place for people to gather and listen and get tips about writing and not get judged. And not get some writing because it can be very cruel out there for for new writers. I was on Facebook listening to a famous children's author, give And then he was having question answer time. And then he was like, it was like, Man, I wish you'd been a little nicer with that answer, like, and then you could tell he was trying to double back and it's like, not everybody's a teacher, not everybody remembers what it felt like.

Russ Johns 6:26

Wendy Gilhula 6:27
No matter how famous you are, you might not be a teacher. That's why I started it. And creators of all types haven't been listening not like dancers and not not just writers.

Russ Johns 6:42
I think the theory is universal. In fact, I sometimes have been known to say #kindnessiscool.

Wendy Gilhula 6:51
And #Smilearefree.

Russ Johns 6:54
And #smilesarefree. It's like, you don't have to be wicked in biting. To teach somebody what they can do to improve. There's always ways to communicate a loving kind touch, and just say, Have you tried something else? Have you done something?

Wendy Gilhula 7:15

Russ Johns 7:16
There's lots of ways you can do that. How often and frequently and when are you publishing this podcast for those that?

Wendy Gilhula 7:24
Well, it just started may 8. So I launched with the first three episodes. The fourth episode came out on Friday.

Russ Johns 7:31
Woo Hoo!

Wendy Gilhula 7:32
I know! Each Friday, I'm gonna have a new episode, I'm gonna have the occasional guest.

Russ Johns 7:37
Uh huh

Wendy Gilhula 7:38
I'm very, very excited and I have to thank all my friends on LinkedIn and Instagram. I gave a this is option still open. So if you go to forward slash, Wendy Gilhula, you can actually on your computer, you can actually leave a voice message for me. Each of my episodes has a voice message from one of my friends wishing me luck or saying something positive, which I'm not used to hearing a lot of positivity. I mean, I have my husband's extremely supportive, but he doesn't talk positivity. He's just like, oh, if you want to do it, go ahead, like, yeah, yeah, like

Russ Johns 8:20
You can do this.

Wendy Gilhula 8:21
He's the cheerleader, but I've had a lot of cheerleaders help me. So for in each episode I want to have, I'm gonna highlight somebody. So this week, Shelly, l slicker actually left a big question. So I have a comment from Kristen Sherry. And then I answer a big question from Shelley. So if anybody has a big question for me about storytelling, or writing or anything you can leave me a voicemail or you can leave me a voicemail here on LinkedIn, find me on LinkedIn, and I can transfer it over. It's been so much fun and I'm very very appreciated for each each and every message.

Russ Johns 9:00
So now I have some questions, because I think it's important for this audience to understand that you can just start. You don't have to overthink anything about it. I mean, you just have to start. And what was one of the things that you kind of surprised you? Or you were kind of shocked by it. As you got ready to do this, and you started recording this, and the comments were, that's kind of, that's very cool. And I'm sure there are little moments in time where you're thinking, Oh, man, oh, I didn't think about that. Or what are the big gotchas that you You came across? In terms of the process? Just the process?

Wendy Gilhula 9:48
Well, I'm still new at it, but um

Russ Johns 9:51
That's why I wanted to catch it early.

Wendy Gilhula 9:53
Yeah, right. I didn't. I kind of a gotcha in a good way. Was I didn't realize the positive effect, the positivity I would get, and thesupportive comments that we get about me being in the closet, like I didn't know it was gonna be a thing. So I just kind of posted the picture and then people were like, Oh my gosh, you're doing this in closets so funny, blah, blah. And I didn't realize it's funny. I mean, so now I'm just like, in the closet all the time.

Russ Johns 10:28
Some people call that a vocal booth.

Wendy Gilhula 10:31
I was going for because I have to empty bedrooms because my children are living elsewhere. One lives in Portland, Oregon, and one in Boston. So come on, let's be farther from mom. But they're not quite even though they're in their mid to late 20s. They are not ready for me to make it one of them a studio so I'm keeping them there, giving them their space or when they come home, but because I want them to come home. So in the meantime,

Russ Johns 10:59
Once in a while, come on.

Wendy Gilhula 11:01
Yeah. In the meantime, it's my two dogs. Sometimes they come in and it's pickabuddy and I and, um sometimes they come in and check on me like, why are you okay? Here's somebody, why are you what are you doing? Like, be okay? Like, I'm fine. I think I'm fine.

Russ Johns 11:20
You're fine. Well, it's fine as I've ever been right?

Wendy Gilhula 11:25
During this whole pandemic thing, I'm trying to find ways to be positive and help other people. And I'm trying to do this on a shoestring budget. And now I'm dipping my toe in trying to figure it out. And so far I already had a microphone for some podcasts that I had been on. I don't do video so it's just audio, and I don't really edit a lot.

Russ Johns 11:54

Wendy Gilhula 11:56
Knowing me, I better not start editing because that's all I'll do. And then I'll never put anything out because I'll be editing

Russ Johns 12:01
No! Just put it out, just put it out.

Wendy Gilhula 12:04

Russ Johns 12:05
I tell people and I taught podcasting and I've lost a lot of pod, different podcasts over the years, and what I tell people is edit when you record. And what that means is you just get better at self editing as you're talking in recording. Working on removing the umms and ahhs and I'm far from perfect, and it's just something that you just have to get comfortable with. And it's just, you have to enjoy it because it's not necessarily simple and easy all the time. There is a process and it does take time and effort and a little bit of energy. It's just the process that you have to enjoy it. So like blogging, a lot of people are writers and they just sit down and they can write 1500 words in no time at all and it just all unfolds in front of them. Or some people like myself, I just, I'm more comfortable on video I just like sit down and record it and hit record and be done with it. And there's all kinds of people that and you just have to find your groove and there's artists that like pitchers, they Instagrams a great place for that. And it's just amazing to see what we can do over the time. So big picture, you got a group of fans that are coming in, you're offering advice and talk about the 27 minute call. What is that?

Wendy Gilhula 13:38
Oh, okay, so I have a VIP membership to the clubhouse.

Russ Johns 13:42
Uh huh.

Wendy Gilhula 13:43
That is if you are creating something and you need creative feedback, I am offering 27 minutes and twice out because I know I'll go over but 27 minute video call with you each month to check in and see how things are doing. And offer, there's Manny, offering any advice in answering big questions and you get a free Write kind podcast mug

Russ Johns 14:11

Wendy Gilhula 14:13
And you're big questions get to be featured on one of my episodes. And then I have a second level of membership in it's any amount that you want to give $1 or whatever or nothing if you have a big question because you can always leave a big question here on LinkedIn and voicemail but I mean voice message but yeah, if you want to support the podcast, $1 whatever. And I will be sure to answer your question on episode and include you and get you in the clubhouse.

Russ Johns 14:44
You are wonderful. I just want to give a there's a couple of people here that are coming in Randy McNeely.

Wendy Gilhula 14:50
Oh, thank you, Randy.

Russ Johns 14:52
The kindness giver, he's here. He says Good morning,

Wendy Gilhula 14:55
Good morning!

Russ Johns 14:56
They're awesome.

Wendy Gilhula 14:58

Russ Johns 14:58

Wendy Gilhula 14:59
Thank you. Gabriel!

Russ Johns 15:01
She is not a balloon popper. I love that

Also hosted live stream show on Gabriel's start from scratch podcast

Wendy Gilhula 15:15
I took over.

Russ Johns 15:16
Yeah, you took over the whole show.

Wendy Gilhula 15:18
And I didn't break it!

Russ Johns 15:20
You didn't break anything.

Wendy Gilhula 15:23
Thank you, Gabriel.

Russ Johns 15:24
And she did it from the pika room.

Wendy Gilhula 15:27
I did it from the closet. I did it from the clubhouse

Russ Johns 15:31
From the clubhouse

Wendy Gilhula 15:32
From the courthouse.

Russ Johns 15:34
Angie says, I love less editing more doing

Wendy Gilhula 15:37
More doing.

Russ Johns 15:39

Wendy Gilhula 15:40
Absolutely, Angie.

Russ Johns 15:41
I love that. So it's I love the editing process sometimes. And then Angie also said, We I'm I don't like editing progress over perfection. Always. You're welcome, Randy. Thank you So much for being here. It's awesome. It's fantastic.

Wendy Gilhula 16:03
I'll be talking to Randy later this week.

Russ Johns 16:06
Oh, fantastic!

Wendy Gilhula 16:07

Russ Johns 16:08
It's awesome. Randy's, he's a pirate

Wendy Gilhula 16:11
I know! That's where I met him. That's where I met all my good friends is right here on the #piratebroadcast. I'm not kidding

Russ Johns 16:19
How does that happen? We attract some amazing individuals here?

Wendy Gilhula 16:23
You do! It's what you put out there. That's why I'm so excited to be here and I'm be a pirate because it means so much to me. I mean, if I'm not here, then like I'm sick. If I'm not Watching I might have a migraine or something.

Russ Johns 16:46
Well, it's so funny because I mean the diversity of the guests that I have on is pretty broad and it's there's always something there's always a little pirate treasure that comes along with it. Nugget of knowledge that really unfolds in our, conversations, and it's really nice to be able to share that with the community. I just always been fascinated. Maybe I should write a child's book. What do you think about that?

Wendy Gilhula 17:14
You want to be in the clubhouse?

Russ Johns 17:16
I could.

Wendy Gilhula 17:16
Is the what your saying?! Your welcome in the clubhouse!

Russ Johns 17:20
Oh, man,

Wendy Gilhula 17:22
I think you could do a book on kindness.

Russ Johns 17:25
Yeah, probably

Wendy Gilhula 17:26
Your character can be a podcaster.

Russ Johns 17:29

Wendy Gilhula 17:30
Why not?

Russ Johns 17:33
The little podcaster. Something ought to come up with a, I'll have to come up with a theme

Wendy Gilhula 17:41
And all the kinds of things that he talks about and the friends he makes.

Russ Johns 17:46
Let me ask you, what's the first step when you're thinking about something? When a seed is planted? You're saying, Yeah, I could do that. I think I could do that.

Wendy Gilhula 17:56
There's so many. I have to think about my mission statement. My mission statement is I help people navigate a difficult world. If I think of something like an app or something, I want to make sure it fits in my mission statement. That's my first step to see if it's going to be in line with what I'm wanting to do. Then I just do it. I just like I've been listening to you for many, many months now. You give tips, and then I listen to other people's podcasts about podcasting. I get their tips. I just kind of research what I want to do. Then I don't, here's one thing I don't do is that I don't check out everybody's podcast that's talking about writing. If I start I get freaked out, it's like, oh, my gosh, I can't do that. I can't provide that much value that fast like this. Then I think you know what, Wendy? That's not how you work.

Russ Johns 19:00

Wendy Gilhula 19:00
That can't be your podcast because that's not who you are. That's okay. It's okay to be different.Then after I tell myself that

Russ Johns 19:09
It's wonderful to be different

Wendy Gilhula 19:14
When you're a middle schooler it's like terrifying to be different. But yeah, when you're an adult you should hope everybody rebels and that they are different because it makes you unique and there's nobody like you even if you're a twin there's nobody like you. They might look like you but not inside

Russ Johns 19:33
Yeah, our experiences accumulates in becomes we become who we've experienced in life you know, it's

Wendy Gilhula 19:41
Yeah. Yeah. And be careful who you hang with.

Russ Johns 19:45

Wendy Gilhula 19:46
It'll rub off on you so if you're with negative people

Russ Johns 19:50
Be kind to yourself.

Wendy Gilhula 19:52
Yes, self Yes. Self kindness. Yes. self kindness.

Russ Johns 19:57
Yeah. The funny thing about this show is really and I was talking to Brian yesterday about this is the more we have these kinds of conversations, the more we understand what we are feeling about ourselves as well. That's why I think content creation and the creative process is so important. There's so many people are hurting right now. Lots of change going on and uncertainty and it's the creative process assists you in delivering and kind of developing your thoughts. Bringing some self awareness to the table because I think it's so important that we understand how we're feeling about it.

Wendy Gilhula 20:44
Yeah, the arts kind of untangle things for us. So like, you like to paint you haven't painted for a long time. Get your hands on some canvas or something. You start thinking about, well, what do I want to say what's important or should I just say Just get in the moment and just paint how I feel. And very cathartic. I wouldn't call myself a painter, but I love to paint. I was a dance choreographer, so I'll still dance in the kitchen, even just when the dogs are watching. And it helps, it really does help. And even if you, you don't have to be trained. I mean, a lot of people are can't get out. You don't have to be trained in something.

Russ Johns 21:29
No. No!

Wendy Gilhula 21:32
You can just take that jump and leap and enjoy it.

Russ Johns 21:36
That's why they call it practice.

Wendy Gilhula 21:39

Russ Johns 21:40
Sometimes it's just okay to be okay with what you're doing.

Wendy Gilhula 21:46

Russ Johns 21:46
There's no judgment there and there's no expectation there's no analysis that you just motion and active activity, create momentum. And once you get moving and once You start and that's why the learning process is so I think is key as well. It's you don't have to be a perfect writer to become a writer. You just have to start to take action and build momentum.

Wendy Gilhula 22:13
In my first episode, I talked about taking my weakness and making it my superpower. So my weakness, and it's kind of embarrassing to say, because I'm a writer, an author is that I have, I'm sure I have a learning disability. It was reading, because reading is very, I mean, I can read, but it's the comprehension and my grammar. But that doesn't mean I can't write and that doesn't mean you can't write either.

Russ Johns 22:42

Wendy Gilhula 22:43
When I studied when I was in school, and I studied and as a math tutor, I just learned to break things down and I teach people how to break things down and untangle them because that's my superpower because that's what I had to do because my reading comprehension is not great. So I'd have to dive deeper into the work. So when somebody has a peak a Buddy power hour with me, that's when we have a full hour just to dive deep into the manuscript.

Russ Johns 23:11
Mm hmm.

Wendy Gilhula 23:12
Um, I can dive deeper than most because I learned that because of my I'll call it a disability. I don't I don't have a diagnosis for it, but I know I have something

Russ Johns 23:25
Your superpower.

Wendy Gilhula 23:27
Right! It's my superpower, right?

Russ Johns 23:32
So you know, and that's the thing is, is we all have our unique abilities, right? And they may not be exactly the same abilities other people have. However, they do make us unique. And they do make us powerful, so owe them,

Wendy Gilhula 23:51
Right owe them and share them when you're ready. I mean, if you're a writer and you nobody knows you're a writer, I say this another episode like just don't blast Everything on Facebook all your work because you don't want to do that. But find a person to share it with and tell them beforehand because I've done this before like yeah, my books are getting published and they're like I didn't like they're trying to wrap their heads or heads around. Like I didn't even know you wrote anything but people know like, I've been painting for a while it's getting kind of fun I'd like to show you a painting sometime and get your friend ready to instead of they're like shocked like oh, okay you painted something.

Russ Johns 24:34
Yeah. Oh Shot with a dart.

Wendy Gilhula 24:37

Russ Johns 24:38
It's amazing. Well, how do people what's the best way and I want to put this in I'll put this all in the show notes. When it goes on live on Russ John's. And so how has the best place for people to find you right now at this moment if they want to follow up with the show and and go track you down?

Wendy Gilhula 24:59
Well, you Find me at

Russ Johns 25:02

Wendy Gilhula 25:03
It's just really easy. W e n d y. Well, the last names on easy gi LHU la. Yeah. And you can do forward slash subscribe and I have freebies, if your freebies for you. If you're a beginning writer, five things that newbies need to know, because they make publishers cringe. Like, yeah, I think newbies need to know. So, yeah.

Russ Johns 25:27
Well, we could venture down in the whole publishing side of the equation, because there's the writing side, there's the creative side. And then there's the publishing side, which is

Wendy Gilhula 25:41
The editing side and then there's

Russ Johns 25:42
yeah, yeah. However, I just wanted to highlight I just wanted to shine the light on you Wendy because I love you and I just want to make sure that people understand that you're doing good work,

Wendy Gilhula 25:53
Awe I love you too Russ!

Russ Johns 25:55
Your a resource here in the pirate community, and also for All of the aspiring authors, writers that want to put together the manuscript and get everything in place, and put together I think it's really important for you to, to meet Wendy and connect

Wendy Gilhula 26:13
Be brave! Do it!

Russ Johns 26:15
Your part of the community.

Wendy Gilhula 26:17
Thank you.

Russ Johns 26:18
You bet you bet. So what's the next step? Wendy? Are you just going to grow the the membership community and the the whole cause community is so powerful, people meeting other people and the next thing there's conversations taking place and you like creative process things. Those kinds of things happen as well. And it's always a fun adventure to see that take place.

Wendy Gilhula 26:45
Well, I'm planning out a random, I'm planning something random. Yeah

Russ Johns 26:53
Let's create some oxymorons.

Wendy Gilhula 26:58
That's my second superpower So I'm going to have like an impromptu zoom call.

Russ Johns 27:04

Wendy Gilhula 27:05
I'm going to probably open it up to maybe four or five people. And just get in there and exchange creative ideas. Then I also am, have been building a course. So we'll have some modules and that's coming this summer, early this early summer. So I'm always working on something. And I'm continuing to my work on my books. I have a manuscript for a children's chapter book that I'm getting a home for. I have my third peakabuddy app. Um, yeah, I'm so I got a lot to do.

Russ Johns 27:44

Wendy Gilhula 27:44
I got a lot of energy

Russ Johns 27:46
That's fantastic.

Wendy Gilhula 27:47
And the right place to do it right here.

Russ Johns 27:49
Exactly. Exactly. Well, thank you so much for coming on today. I really appreciate you and all the things you're doing. And thank you for sharing with the pirate. Community it also I hope, I anticipate that maybe some people will discover you in the pika community and keep going and create that manuscript, write that book and get that book in their hands even publish it.

Wendy Gilhula 28:17
Publishing is awesome right now because the publishing world doesn't know what's going on. They can't figure it out. They tried to pretend they know what they're, what's what, but everybody'sjust trying to tread water. So that's a perfect time to hold your own book.

Russ Johns 28:34
That's what I tell people is you are the media, you have the opportunity and the ability to create anything you want and put it out there. Whether it's a book words, images, audio or video.

Wendy Gilhula 28:45
Exactly. I am so excited about it because I never could have dreamt this when I was growing up or younger, never, have dreamt of this. And so now I'm going to take advantage of every opportunity I can.

Russ Johns 29:02
Yeah. live every day. Wake up with gratitude. That's the way I look at it.

Wendy Gilhula 29:07
It's raining here. That's funny. You said that because it's raining here this morning and I was drinking my coffee and I thought I got to make a decision is gonna be a dreary day, or is this gonna be an opportunity day? So I opened the back door, and I sat down on my rug inside. So I sat down crisscross applesauce and drank my coffee, and it was a beautiful rain, and I heard the bird and the birds are singing, and it's raining. So if the birds can sing during the rain, I'm gonna have a good day.

Russ Johns 29:37
Yes. I love that. I love that. Well, thank you so much, Wendy. I really appreciate it. And I'll drop your link to your website in the show notes. And we'll get that out there later this afternoon. So, all the pirates the drill #kindnessisCool #smilesarefree and you #enjoytheday. Thank you so much, Wendy.

Wendy Gilhula 30:04
Thank you.

Russ Johns 30:06
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