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You know it's Friday. It's Friday. What are we doing? So I just wanted to make sure that I reached out to you and Ruben is supposed to be in the room here today.
And he says Hey I owe you. I'll come into the room. I'm thinking that he's probably no he says I need 10 minutes. Well if you wait 10 minutes your Facebook feed shuts down. You don't have the opportunity to join in. So it's like I just started up just like I did this morning and I'll get a few people to just appreciate the fact that we're here right.
You know it's not the end of the world. If you're going to be doing some things out there and you've got some things happening and you know life happens we don't need to panic about it. We don't need to be upset about it. Let me go into LinkedIn and make sure that let me make sure that we're here and we can do this. And I'm not going to blast you out with my microphone,
a LinkedIn I know you're listening, you're paying attention to us and we have an opportunity to actually join the #PirateBroadcast again. People are going to be confused people are not used to seeing me at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and it's like Rubin I wanted to share this with everybody. And I got on here and it's you know people wait for you. This is like the green room.
Rubin will be onstage momentarily. He'll be out there and he'll be ready he's in be dressed in a special outfit bringing he'll be bringing his ukulele when to make a play as ukulele,
he says can I do this on the phone like if you want to you can do it on the phone because this is streamyard and streamyard has an opportunity to actually bring this in.
And do we have anyone from Facebook or YouTube or anyone anywhere else coming here?
ANGIE Good afternoon. I love the fact that you're here anyone else here? There are a few people that are showing up here. Not sure who it is. Let's see who it is. Anyone here.
Reaction. Roger. Roger just called me Roger is a blast from the past. And I love the fact that he actually gave me a call he was at the airport in Phoenix and he's passing through going to see is his pop's in Yuma. And it's one of those things that you just have to imagine that you can do and you just do things like that.

So people are joining from Twitter and the same with Periscope. Yes. I love this where are you joining from? Tell me where you're joining from. OK tell me.
As we wait for Rubin it's like OK where are you Rubin ok it's 10 after OK. This is the thing about life you know. There is no wait time there are no delays. And so if you don't start your broadcast on time on a scheduled event it goes away at least on Facebook it goes away. I thought I would do this as an experiment because normally I don't do this #PirateBroadcast is held at 7:00 a.m. Arizona time and some people forget that it's 7:00 a.m. Arizona time and Arizona doesn't have daylight savings time so we have to understand that, math is involved.
But I don't know, now it's 11 minutes after the hour. So what are you gonna do?
I wanted to share this video because I'm excited about I'm going to talk about this a little bit because this is so Dubb is a platform that has changed my world.
It has changed my world. One of the things that I really enjoy about it is the fact that we can actually, start conversations with this and if you're watching this or you're watching the replay or you happen to see the replay, and I want to do tutorials about this because one of the things the best thing about the #PirateBroadcast is the fact that I'm really excited about the opportunity of sharing this technology with you. It's not about the technology. It's about the ability for you to make connections. It's about the ability and the opportunity for you to make a relationship develop into you know an honest to goodness friendship. You know I've met people on here and you know it's amazing what you can do when you take a moment in time and put this put yourself out there so it's, it's crazy to think about what is possible with some of this technology and Rubin and his team has actually created. You can create videos with it you can shoot videos out there in creating landing pages and what I love is creating relationships you know creating relationships right here. That's what it's all about. And I'm just teaching about dub right now and I wanted to share this out with you and make sure that you have an opportunity to, check it out. Instant production you know the beautiful thing about life and the reason why I love live video is, you don't have to create any editing time. You don't have to schedule a time to edit the video, Cut and Paste put in things you actually have an opportunity to go out and do this live and put it out there and, just start and get it going. And guess who's in the room. You know before we jump onto this we got it. We got to get this.
We got to build it up here. We got to I 'm going to have Rubin probably do an opening for me with this ukulele and his drums because we like that kind of thing.

What's up, guys? Russ thank you for much for having me. Man, I really really appreciate being here.
I appreciate you Russ and I just thank the public that you are.

Well, it's one of those things Rubin that you know as you know life family business we're busy with a lot of things juggling schedules and opportunities and you know conversations all the time and so it's really a matter of, you know normally you have this show at the time I'm doing this show is 7 a.m. Arizona time. And we have this thing called Arizona time because a lot of people you know, I make it kind of a joke. however, it is one of those things that is kind of important because Arizona doesn't have any it doesn't have any daylight savings time. It opts out from daylight savings time so for everybody else, it's either in Pacific Standard Time or Mountain Standard Time depending on the time of year.

Oh. Now, why is that Option? I don't understand that. I did. I didn't know that that was an option.

Kind of crazy

Well, first of all, are you doing alright? I'm really impressed with this technology that you introduced me to. Yes. So this technology which we're using right now streamyard I've just been really impressed with this technology because it allows you to stream multiple platforms you know and that's and that's really pretty amazing.

Just to reiterate when you're on a Livestream and you have some technical issues. Don't panic. All work out. Part of live. You know it's like the real thing it's real-life it's authentic.
It's we're here and we're here to help and assist you along this journey. Even if we can't find our way. So what do you doing and Ruben? How are you happy Friday man.

Happy Friday. Yeah. Yeah man, it's good times man it's it's been a busy couple of weeks for us. We've been doing pushing out a lot of stuff and you know breaking things fixing things and making friends in the process and, we're just siked that I mean you know I've got to give a shout out to you because you actually really turned us on to a couple of things and we're one live streaming which is what we're doing, right now and then, of course, we saw our first live-streamed coaching session which has been an effort that we've done since the beginning and now we are really just trying to figure it out. We haven't figured out yet but we're trying to figure out a way to take those coaching sessions that content and then figure out a way to repurpose them and put them on our support channels put them on our Facebook page, and then mine that content and then not only use it for the person that we're coaching because you know we're a business we want to grow itself but also to the other people that are out there watching. So instead of a video that gets viewed by one person now it's a video that gets viewed by dozens of people that video it's already been viewed dozens of times so, it's because of you man because I was messing around with another provider and I was like wow this is never going to happen because there was no screen sharing and because you know the other person was kind of forced to get in. But thanks to you and your wizardry you know we found a great solution and we're still students. I'm just going to keep quiet for a little bit of this I can learn from the master.

Well, I truly appreciate that and to give a shout out back is one of the things that I've been crafting for the last several years is this opportunity to, generate. How can you generate and engage people in a real-time way? And one of the things that I love and you know I've been a supporter from day one. You know as soon as I found out about Dubb It's like this is the light bulb moment that allowed me to also expand on what I'm doing with live. And it's to give you guys a shout out Darius and the team. Ruben, you inspired me to take it to the next level because now that I have I mean literally, imagine this take these numbers here and just kind of give me some feedback on this because I have all of February and I'm about a third of the way booked through March, as a result a direct result of using Dubb as an introduction and engagement tool and then so I'm doing you know five days a week. That's that's a considerable amount of content. Right

Yeah man

By the end of the month, I'll have over 100 episodes of The Pirate broadcast.

Love it.

Yeah. So I have over 100 episodes of The Pirate broadcast. And the goal is to highlight other people and their gifts and there are opportunities you know. And then also the beautiful thing about this is that the marketing stack that I'm bringing together is that I want to be able to offer this same platform as the Pirate Broadcast is based on, two other business owners that want the opportunity for higher visibility in their marketing and their media.

I mean that's what we all need. Because to not have a guide, is it's the most expensive thing that you can do to not actually invest into that budget of having an expert so little of yourself that actually goes in and says here is a stack that you gotta use for your business. Give a year to figure it out and make a lot of mistakes. There's a ton of opportunity cost. I mean I am the classic example of that because we didn't know how to do this thing and we were messing around and we were making mistakes and buying stuff unnecessarily and it was just a couple of things that we learned from you. So that's awesome. You are the guide.

Well, I appreciate you saying that and there's a lot of nuances that you know we go back and forth and you know what I've discovered along the way in processing this is it's really about some
experimentation as well. You know if you could have somebody that's willing to throw themselves in front of the bus and experiment a little bit and get bruised up and you know,
knock their knees in the dirt and you know then you can actually receive some of that benefit. And as you know it's like OK let's follow somebody that's done it a little bit and you know,
kind of been that same place, you know moved along the process and just like yourself you know you started Dubb, you started Dubb because we've had this conversation you started out of frustration from not having the tools necessary to do what you wanted to do right. Right? And that's the same thing I've done. So now that you're creating this you're also what I call I used to teach us to clients years ago is creating a traffic circle and you know where you're creating a piece of content. And it could be pillar content it could be a blog post and I like you know creating this because at the end of the day what I do is with the live feed as I take that out I process it and by the end of the same day as I have a guest on I then have Facebook YouTube Twitter Periscope a blog post a podcast, and you know all of this content is potentially evergreen and then I take pieces of it and I slice that out into promotional episodes. And so over the course of a month of doing five days a week. Imagine how much product that I can generate for content and how much I can process and where you're educating people.
You can take that educational piece and you can develop that for awareness visibility training all of these tools.
And what once you build the engine. And once you have the platform you know you have Dubb as an engagement tool then all of a sudden you have live streaming for the tool and the process for developing and generating more content, and more availability then all of a sudden you look like you're everywhere. When in reality you're you know being consistent you're just being consistent. You get up in the morning or you do it a couple of times a week and it doesn't take the time editing, you spent hours and hours in the editing process and you know what that takes.
I mean you guys are good. You know you and Darius and the team you guys go out there and you shoot.

Were in Hollywood. That's at the corporate office right now in Hollywood but then now we have a new studio open up in Valencia which is that that's kind of my station now.
But we're also all about the virtual thing. I mean we the vast majority of the time we work as a team.
We're virtual. We have people on four continents.

So yeah yeah well you have fans in Arizona. So you know it goes for that. So it's like. And I'm telling you I you know I've been doing this a while now and you know we've gone back and forth and I love your product. I love the delivery I love the opportunity and the true value is not the tool. The true value is the result of the relationship that you can develop as a result of using this technology. Right. It's like you know people get confused a little bit about social media. They think it's a magic bullet. They think that it's an opportunity to really you know something's going to happen magically and it's no different than a billboard was 20 years ago. It's just building awareness it's building trust it's building credibility and consistency you know systematic delivery of a message that is spot on narrowed down and focused and it's a result of, like you talked about on live feed this morning. It's about having the opportunity to listen to your clients listen to your community and trusting that they're asking for the right thing. And you can deliver that in advance.

So yeah. Well, thank you for saying that. I mean so much of that type of information is what makes Dubb what it is. It's type of feedback it's that type of information. I just love the fact that you really focus on the results. You really focus on the connection. That's the truth. I mean the fuel here in this whole equation is storytelling. At the end of the day it's storytelling. Ninety-five percent of the communication that we deliver is sharing stories right now. And what storytelling is what builds the relationships that drive business sales and long term relationships and then referrals and it's the story loop you know

yeah, and so based on that information video is the quickest way to transport your personality across time zones.


You know it's the best way to develop an understanding of the nuance of who the person an individual is you're talking to.


It's the way that you can gradually remove the awkwardness of that conversation of like Who are you and what do you do and why am I talking to you. As I said many times people just toss that out say Hey we're gonna jump on a call. It's like why? Why. It's like yeah I'm just sitting here by the phone waiting for a call. So like build a relationship developed add value Build it build trust it I was talking. I don't know if you had a chance to watch the show I did this morning, is like I actually was talking about you know Dubb and how valuable it has been in developing the relationships and getting people to come onto the show. And now it's not a chase and convince it's attract and engage us.

Say that again.

It's not a chase and convince it's attract and engage

love that.

You know so that's exactly what you're doing when you create video and you create content consistently. You know it's like Seth Godin gets up every day and writes a new piece of something. You know he puts it out in the world. And when you put things out in the world and people can see you and it's like I'm just here my you know my little hovel here in Arizona and I care for my parents and my sister works for me and we got this little thing going on and it's, it's real business. I mean you don't have to be anywhere in the world to create something you know.
And I'm staying busy. I mean I stay busy Just like everyone else that I could see in the industry. You know it's like I love the fact that we have these tools and the technology and everything that goes along with it. And the thing that really has brought food to my table every time is the relationships I have.


All of my revenue right now Ruben is based on relationships it's not technology. I love technology and it's a way and it's a method and it's just a tool in the toolbox that allows us to build a relationship. So don't lose the social in the social media you know, build a relationship get on video use Dubb and build that trust that know, like and trust factor that has been to thousands of years old, you know and know what you're doing where you work in who you're working with. It's just it never ends.

Yeah. Well I think the thing that a lot of people start to struggle with is this I was just talking about this actually at a lunch that I was at.
And this idea of the innovator's dilemma as Clayton Christensen this piece Rest in Peach Clayton, you know he just passed away recently. He talked about the quality where technology a new process new innovation it's very difficult for people to adopt. In the beginning it's uncertainty and there's failures and it's not good. I mean it's not good yet. And it's sometimes expensive and in the Prius you know get got eleven miles on the battery. Version 1.0 and now you could buy a car that gets 500 miles on the battery and it's the early adopters and the geeks and the nerds and people kind of laugh about that are the ones that innovate and then make something ubiquitous. Put something into the marketplace allow the innovators of people like yourself needs to get the kinks out to build the process and then to have it just be scalable to the mass population. So what I always say is you bleed. The beauty of life is leading into the discomfort it's leading into the uncertainty because that's where the magic is.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah.


Well you know and like I said I really mean this is I was doing I had started this organization called Future Media Association.


And the whole concept was we used to stream guests in from around the world and have them teach classes on different subjects and things like that. And I taught podcasting and broadcasting and then I was also sending out college students to go out and Livestream baseball games and high school varsity sports and everything else. And then I'd stream it back to the studio and broadcast them in the radio station. And so all of these tools and this technology and all of these pieces of the puzzle that I was pushing the boundaries on is the fact it's the foundation of what I'm doing right now because of all those slings and arrows in my back. You know the bruised knees and everything that I broke myself over now it's it's like this is this is now time. This is the time we're going to do this. And so putting these things together and helping other people do it is it brings me joy. And I know that you would get excited about the opportunity to share and you know promote Dubb and you know some of these other technologies.
So if you need and want or would love to learn more about your live streaming and how it fits in your business and how it comes together,
and how you can use it to promote your visibility awareness and your marketplace.
You know I would love to have that conversation with you. So Rubin you know you're one of many that I think would benefit from you know more visibility right.

Yeah man I mean I think the thing that is always the top of my thought in efforts like this with you know this idea of content creation is is you know how is this going to lift my brand up but.
Really it's how we're going to drive revenue. How am I going to take this effort how am I going to take this podcast I'm going to take this YouTube shows blog these ebooks you know these high-value pieces of assets that take a lot of time that have a lot of time a lot of admin stuff and a lot of support and a lot of tech that's required.
How can we monetize those you know. And that's really I think the biggest pushback that you know of like yourself or some like me that we get on kicking off this effort now being in the game and doing it myself. I know how to respond to that. You know that doesn't mean that I know how to respond correctly to someone that has that objection. I just know what I know in terms of what it provides from an ROI perspective and how it frankly competes with advertising on Google and Facebook because that advertising is expensive. Yeah. Great content. Or you can advertise you can get both. Of course it's all a healthy mix. But you know the aim is these are things that I talk about I think about a lot. What is your take on that. How do you monetize.
Let's just say a podcast something that you're going to have one hundred in the back of your schedule is full. This is yeah.

Yeah. Well, I'll tell you how I monetize it. And there's a lot of ways to monetize it. And I'll give you my take on what we're talking about specifically here because if you look at it.
Where we are in today's marketplace and the tools and technology that we have available to us and we'll take it. Let's just talk across the board. You know there's a couple of ways in from a marketing perspective that we need to initiate a conversation. And one is traditional which I'll go to you know the broadcast methodology that covers you know radio-television billboards direct mail. Some of these other activities you know flyers newspapers and that's a broadcast method. Now when you're looking at broadcast that's one arena that a lot of people have invested billions of dollars in, and the opportunity to be able to create a brand recognition marketplace. You know market share and things like that. That's where it came from. Now in the digital world now that we're evolving into the digital space we have an opportunity to actually Focus some of that attention into an inbound and a conversational piece of content. That's where a lot of content management content marketing has developed from. And it's it's more two way but it's still a lot of people are playing in the broadcast mentality with digital media and they're just they're just shouting on digital and social media buy my stuff. And I think that's the missed opportunity. Or people like you and me where we don't have a billion-dollar budget. So we have to utilize and get creative on how we position this market and to monetize. You know we're in but it is to make money. And so going back to your question and how do I monetize a podcast it's by engaging with people that can use my services it's engaging with people that can benefit or, help spread the word. About my products and services. So like our relationship right now is OK I love Dubb so I'm not as I'm going to share Dubb. So you have it's like Kevin Killy you know thousand true fans if you can get a thousand true fans who will, purchase from you every time you put something out and they're willing to be a cheerleader for you that marketing cost of broadcast media goes down, but the impact in the relationship and the trust goes up. So when you build the equation into the mix in your product services that you can actually have. You can increase the value to your fans in your community while having them and allowing them and helping them share that message. Look at Elon Musk. I mean Tesla doesn't spend a lot of money on marketing because he has thousands of fans that are willing to drive his car and talk about it and create shows around it.

Right. Right.

So think in those terms of as a business owner how do I creatively invest my time in building relationships with people that will extend my relationship.

Yes Yes. Well that's. Isn't that just that's the benefit

That's the benefit of a podcast benefit of a live broadcast is because I'm PUT MYSELF OUT HERE. I mean I'm not for everyone and that's OK. That's the way it is. That's the way life is is like OK find somebody you want to be around and hang out with them.


And so it's it's it's not a bad thing it's a good thing right.

So you know not everybody's going to understand the Dubb model.
I could tell you this though from my experience I could if I were to go into any enterprise in U.S. Today and implement two things implement a lot of them I've done sales force for years you know in and out of Salesforce. So a CRM we're going to take that off the table so you implement two things. You have an enterprise strategy around developing your messaging on linked in a business platform and then you use a messaging system, like Dubb and you use Dubb specifically it would be my goal and my recommendation.
And with those two pieces of the puzzle, you can do outreach communication, trust-building and you could outperform any outbound calling any process that you have in involved in your organization at any time. And I can promise that I can promise you results if you wanted to put a workshop together or anything like that and you could walk through this start to finish.
I can show you how to monetize your message. All-day long.

Well, I think you know you and I need to be communicating more and you and I need to collaborate more because there is a whole big ocean out there. And obviously, within your network you've got a lot of folks that I'd love to cloud with you and to put something in front of some companies that want to see the growth they want to invest in their technology. I think one of the most important nuances about what we're doing is that. We we don't cater all people in sales and we don't cater all people in marketing. We cater to that 5 to 10 percent of the people that actually want to invest in themselves. A lot of people don't. A lot of people want free stuff. A lot of people just don't care they're complacent that's not who we communicate with that. We don't resonate with them. We have a free account and we encourage them to use it. But the funny thing is that it's not about the features as to why you will get the results it's because of the mentality where you haven't made that choice to invest in yourself. So whether use my oh my wife actually here had a point here, we have a third guest.


What was what you were going to say that it's not something more consciously you don't want to invest in themselves. They do but maybe they just subconsciously stop there. You know they kind of like can't or they think that they don't deserve it. They think they want to actually you know have the courage maybe or two to actually do it they just kind of keep doing the status quo.
So I would say yes there are the people at consciously who just want the free stuff but then there's the people like myself who really do truly genuinely want to help themselves but for whatever reason fear

Is it possible that a lot of people hesitate to invest in their selves because they don't know where to invest?

Yeah totally. Yeah. There's no Action. There's no guidance internally.

Really and that goes back to Rubin's point of, having a guide you know somebody that has already been there and has some experience of knowledge and knows what it might be around the corner you know might be stuck in the woods and actually say, here's some things that I've learned along the way. This may be beneficial to you. And if you know because there's an opportunity to invest in experience and I think a mentor or a man you know that's why I love mastermind groups is the ability and opportunity to actually, get mindshare from people that have different experiences that can give you a new perspective,

Yeah I mean forget just business it's everything it's like yeah it's life coaching that's why you know we are. We all don't act because we don't have the direction and it's to us to ask that we have that direction and we can't be experts in every game. I think the point of life is to really connect with people that can help guide you. You guide them and they got you. It's just this beautiful synergy.

I know as hard as can like mine. My kindness is cool and smiles are free.

Yeah exactly.

It's the whole thing is like you don't run out of abundance. You cannot run out of abundance if you share things and you help two more people do what you can do. Abundance appears like it doesn't go away.

Well, that's right.

Wow. So how can you know Well I guess I guess I have a couple of topics here so that's the first one is that when you want to invest in yourself and you make that choice and then the Prius point when you can maybe get over that fear that's not necessarily knowing where to spend the money. How do you survive the failures of the market failures?
I mean my definition of marketing a series of activities that you do to push your brand and to drive revenue 80 percent of which failed and fall flat.


That isn't a marketing and I got a couple of gray hairs here. You know it's just I would embrace that I adopted. I mean I realized that literally, the majority of the things that I'm doing are not. They're not going to work. And I have to pivot I have to move away from that. And I've grown thick skin as a result of that, not a sale like fast and I'll fail in 24 hours and I'll move on to the next thing you know I feel faster and faster. I will abandon and I will abandon live video for six months I abandoned it because I just it wasn't working for me.


You know. And then and then I came back through a guide and I came back. So shout out to you.

Yeah well, and that's the thing is we have to be aware that unless you put yourself out there you will not receive the feedback that is necessary for you to grow.
And unless you are willing to fail in some way shape or form that experiment will never provide any results that you're looking for. Yes and so fail faster. Be comfortable with it and look at it as part of the journey. It's like you're going out hiking you're going to find some rocks and you're going to find curbs and uneven terrain and things that you know you have to step over and walkthrough and get by. And it's no different in when you're building a business or building any you know you you don't have the answers necessary to move through it.
Everything you could do is model someone that's done it or experiment till you know what works for yourself, and here's the secret though Rubin is that when you do something and you're successful and I follow you I could do the same steps as you did and I may have a different outcome.


It's like when you go to a movie theater you go see an event or you go have an experience so you go to a concert.
Two people will have a different experience even though they were at the same location. Same thing as a business it's like you can read the book. You could do the steps. You can check your list in and have a different outcome because whether it's the mindset of your conviction or your,
your your your ability to communicate or you know those nuances that make us an individual may not be in alignment with what you're,
attempting to accomplish. Right.


So be yourself do your thing and put yourself out there in and let things fly where they will. That's right.

That's the mantra right there. You know what does it come down to vulnerability open-mindedness curiosity.

Thank you. Yeah. It does matter. Steve Jobs said Stay foolish and stay.

Well, I think your answer makes you have fun. Oh yeah. That's one thing actually. You know what's so funny is we just came from a sales meeting at lunch and there are the large larger title companies actually in the States. Actually they're like a top title company. So talking about implementing Dubb across their whole network which is really exciting for us. And one of the things said and, what a cool guy that we met with and he said hey you know I enjoy watching the videos where you're on your scooter you go to around town and, having fun and I was thinking to myself you know one of the things that go through my mind when I'm creating content I'm having a little bit too much fun on a skateboard on a scooter. You know self-deprecating being foolish is that you know on one hand I say I'm tapping into my inner child and,
I feel like I'm on purpose and I feel like this is me being vulnerable and I'm not for everyone and I get that some people I might look like a fool or a court jester but on the flip side,
you know sometimes I have that level of self-doubt like should I be more corporate should I be more professional. In an office should I not wear a t-shirt.
I will call it one out of every hundred thoughts that I get will be like stay a little bit more corporate, and then I just take a minute to breathe and I just say I'm just going to have fun I'm going to be myself and to be honest and I'm gonna be on purpose and then I get back, and I'm not I'm cool at that point but that that's self-doubt that self-accountability I've actually embraced.
It's become an important part just to make sure that I'm grounded.

Well here's what I can share with you about that because it really resonates with me. In one of the things that you need to consider is as an individual whether in business or not is,
if I am attempting to fit into someone else's mold what will end up happening is I will attract people that I don't want to be around. So if you're yourself and you're comfortable with who you are and what you're doing and why you're doing it just like a musician, you know if you went into a classical Hall and brought your ukulele you know it may not be the fit that you need in order to create the music you're looking to accomplish right.


So you have to actually be okay with the fact that you're creating something that is unique to you and the people.
If you don't want to work with them don't try to attract them. You know it's like hey I'm wearing shorts all the time you know. I gave up my suits a long time ago.

And so you know I no longer wear a tie in and I have no desire to wear a tie. There was a time and a place and that took you to know.

That was then this is now. So the people I want to work with are the people like yourself that are fun.
They enjoy life. They understand that not everything is perfect.
Every day is a gift and find joy at the moment because you know life is short. Let's enjoy it.

Well said well said I love the fact that we had this conversation you know this is like really a jump out of my comfort zone for you know not being at 7:00 a.m.
Arizona time and I appreciate the fact that we could come back and get together with this. And it's because I really respect and I honor your ability to grow this company.
And if there are things that we can do together and we have an opportunity to create something amazing you know let's make it happen.

Let's help other people that need this kind of value and this benefit and let's make. Make it matter.

Well, I've just put out there that you've been such an important part of the Dubb story whether you know it or not. We follow you and we learn from you and you know you're an amazing resource to the community to the overall business community. So as part of the whatever, you want to call us to create a group or afflicted family or the innovators or the court jesters whatever we are the Pirates of the PirateBroadcast.

Yeah. You know it's great to be connected.

You know we've never physically met but it's irrelevant. You know I feel the certain loss and a bond and you know we in an ad for a one that wants us to Dubb make sure that you use Russ's affiliate links and don't even if you have signed up already.

Just let me know and we can kind of go in after the fact. Because not only does it just makes sense for us to hear people that refer to our platform to other people but also it just makes more sense for us to all be tied together in a family because coaching is a huge part,
of using technology to get results.
So you know whether you realize it or not at this point you know Russ will be a guide for you because he is an expert at that and he will be a guide for you.
So so make sure that you use that link rest and put it in the comments.

I'll put it in the comments after the show. But I did an earlier show too as well seeing so.

Yes. And Ruben I know that you know.
I'm sure we'll come across each other. If I walked into your building I'm sure you recognize me.

So it's like unless you shaved come in disguise a work or a suit and tie. Yeah. No kidding.
That would be a strange place to be. So yeah this has been phenomenal.

I look forward to future episodes and the opportunities that we can connect to maybe we can do something for a training session in the future for your channel as well.

And I know that we got something booked next week so I think I'm on your show again. So cool.
We'll have to redo. We'll have to do a reverse interview.

So yeah, we've talked about all kinds of things. So and Russ Johns is an icon

Thank you so much. I appreciate you and thank you so much.

We've had two Fabulous Friday shows and have a wonderful weekend and we'll catch you on the flip side.

As you know
and you

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