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[0:00] This is what do we call in this. This is linked in live pirate broadcast because because we can write Morse Exactly.
So what I want to talk about today on on on this live pirate broadcast is some of the things that are going on in the world of digital media marketing and nonprofit space.
And I brought Boris into this to this broadcast because he's got some amazing people coming together in a virtual summit that I just wanted to talk about.
Share it with you today because if you're in a nonprofit space or you're supporting a nonprofit organization or you want to help in a nonprofit organization you know as a volunteer,
these are things that you can learn and understand and grow your skills and knowledge with the marketing efforts.
How to raise funding in 2020 and some of the activities that you need to pay attention to.
So Boris is investing a lot of time and effort in organizing this Virtual Summit.
And I encourage you to join in and at 8:00 NDP Virtual Summit dot com.
That's NDP for non-profit right worth Virtual Summit.
How How simple can you make it right. Welcome.
Happy. What day is it Tuesday HAPPY TUESDAY.

[1:29] IT'S SO ARE YOU TODAY until it all right for us working hard trying to make this as successful for everybody especially attendees as possible.
We've got a lot of great speakers together. Now the goal is just to get as many people to come and benefit from the content as we can.

[1:48] Well fantastic.

[1:50] You know one of the benefits that a Virtual Summit has over traditional you know driving or flying into a city and sitting down and listening to you know workshops and,
you know there's there's some advantage I guess if you want to meet people.
However on a virtual summit you could still meet people you can still be involved and engaged in the activity and you don't have to travel.
You can have the convenience of the information at your fingertips.
And I think that's really what it's all about is is sharing that information.
And I wanted to dig in previously on another episode we we talked about the Virtual Summit but we didn't really get into the topics or say for us.
So maybe if you could maybe expand a little bit on some of the subjects you'll be sharing with the audience and kind of go into that and what they can expect.
So your pick is where you are.

[2:48] Yeah. No I'd love to tell you guys about that. Essentially the goal was to put together as many high quality speakers as I thought could come on and give value in.

[2:59] All around the subject of online fundraising for nonprofits which is a pretty broad subject.
I thought it was oh well this is going to be super nation. Then as I start to get into it I saw well there's this type of fundraising there's this type of fundraising there's this that nonprofits can do online and this.
And so I started reaching out to people in my network and extended networks to put together some of the top people that are talking about these different tools and techniques that you could use.
So I mean of course I started with myself and I often teach nonprofits how to do online fundraising primarily through the lens of storytelling what are the stories that you need to tell.
How do you tell those stories most effectively and all the different media that you can online.

[3:43] My background as you well know Russ is a combination of technology and entertainment.
I was an actor and a screenwriter and playwright and all of these different things for many many years.
So now I teach what I call the Hollywood storytelling formula to nonprofits and,
one of the presentations I'm going to do is really specifically how do you apply that storytelling formula which we know has made trillions of dollars billions every single year.
You apply that to connecting to your organization's ideal supporters the people who are going to just love you from the time they meet you and realize the quality work you do.
How do you use that formula to connect with them and inspire them to act on your behalf.
So that's one of the presentations I'm also gonna do a quick presentation on an just an introduction.
So a lot of nonprofits are either just starting out or they're still focused on the more traditional areas of fundraising that they've been using all this time successfully and I can't really blame them but,
if they don't jump on the digital bandwagon soon they're really going to get left behind. In fact.

[4:48] I was just working on the presentation earlier and one of the slides talks about the 2016 study by the.

[4:55] Steve Case Foundation their Millennial Impact Report which is basically saying look millennials are here don't don't say that they're not here.
Don't say that they're not interested in supporting you just got to realize that they have their own way of supporting that they have their own way that they want to interact with you.
And if you're not going to supply that they'll find someone else who will.

[5:15] And that's absolutely true and that's that's something you cannot deny in today's digital arenas and storytelling.
I applaud you for that because I think it's so underutilized in digital media today.
I mean you know we're in the space so.
So the cone of knowledge kind of almost negatively impacts our visibility into what other people see,
and storytelling and making that emotional impact in your organization is key to your success in fundraising.
So what are some of the other activities that you have you're going to be sharing yet.

[5:53] Oh I'm just going to you know shoot down the list over here a little bit.

[5:57] Maybe I'll jump around. We've got Elizabeth Godsey who is actually an adjunct professor at NYU and if you want to scroll down you can show her face down there too in the speakers section.
So Liz actually teaches social media and online engagement to students at NYU.

[6:20] Here we go. Yes. So she's in the second row there second row center and she's going to be presenting how to leverage social media to boost your fundraising.
I actually just took a look at her presentation yesterday and it's pretty incredible.
But what's fascinating is a lot of these speakers.
That I've gotten to see their presentation so far. They have incorporated many different aspects many different sides to whatever they're talking about. All of them do touch on storytelling.
To be honest unlearning things you know and how to present things about story from some of them.
The thing you learn right. And then you take that that particular angle and they apply it specifically to the area that they're really top experts at.
So Liz gets into all the reasons why people will share your social media stuff and how to get the best effort across on all the different platforms and how to how to make sure that you have your Donate button properly visible and launch campaigns.
She's pretty phenomenal at that. Sean right next to her just because he's right there.

[7:19] You know Sean has raised incredible amounts of money.
Surprising. Let's just say amounts of money just using Facebook fundraisers he's been doing it since since they began and iterating along the way.

[7:32] And when he says eight expert tips he really means it gives you eight expert tips like tried and true stuff. Yeah.
Yeah. That he learned sometimes the hard way sometimes from other people and was able to use,
and it's a pretty pretty phenomenal presentation and I went to him and I said Sean I think people are going to have these questions and these questions and he was awesome about taking those questions and incorporating them to make sure that people whatever level they're at can get started and,
start incorporating them for this year and campaign.
You know Russ we talked about setting up for 20 20 20 19 isn't done yet.
And in fact the most important time for nonprofits is this final quarter of the year because that's when a lot of people are looking at their at their taxes at their annual income and thinking. All right.
What can I afford to give or what do I want to give and support this year.
And this is the exact best time to start planning that campaign so that you get the most out of it.
We've got the beautiful thing about it.

[8:31] Maurice is that all of these experts are donating them their time and effort and energy to help you as a nonprofit.
And so I just want to remind everybody that I mean things like this are just what really excites me and the opportunity to learn something from someone,
in a very focused course in this summit.
You know it's it's like this is all coming together in one place and you know you don't have to chase down 10000 YouTube ads or anything like that. And you know.

[9:08] You just have it right here. Everything is right here. So you got it. That's kind of what I mean each other.

[9:14] I went along and I went to two Web sites where they have paid speakers and paid paid webinar presenters and I reached out to them and I got them to agree to just donate this knowledge.
Full presentations were not talking like you know teasers for their real course or something.
No no. These are their actual courses their actual presentations tailored just for this.
And they were super generous and happy to help and I'm I'm really just grateful to them all participating.
We've got just to continue like Isaac Shalev of Isaac is he. He's the data whisperer if you will.
He actually spends full time in his life working with nonprofits just helping them optimize their CRM aims to get the most out of them that they can get the most functionality and to get the more information the data were.

[10:09] And Isaac Isaac know he presents all over the place and he's done a lot of these presentations,
but when he and I were talking ice I said Isaac you know your usual stuff is fantastic but I wonder if we could get something more specific that that nonprofits can incorporate right now this year without without total overhaul of their CRM,
in order to be able to get the most out of their current base. Right.
Because other presenters are also talking about growing their base and Isaac and certainly talk to that too.
And he created a whole new presentation just for this.
He called it getting the most bang from your base with data driven fundraising so,
it gets in there and says here's how you pull out the best data here's how you automate it in order to not spend so much time trying to communicate with everyone but still segment it. He's fantastic about that.

[10:57] Even Marian. So Mary and Stern also was a professor at NYU. She's also taught at Columbia at Rutgers.
All kinds of places and her whole consulting practice which she developed as she was in-house for a lot of organizations including on the on the grant making side.
And I don't remember which finance financial institution she led that for.
She then turned it around and said All right I'm going to teach nonprofits how to get in there and be able to do this kind of thing.
So she teaches the psychology of philanthropy.
And usually she applies that to just standard pitches when you're trying to approach approach donors.
But in this case she went ahead and customized it and did additional research to show how you could use it in donor in digital fundraising specifically which is pretty phenomenal.
And she also gets into storytelling and she also gets into data segmentation.
So any of these presentations her complementing each other all they really are.
I was shocked how much they were honestly I didn't expect it to be this integrated but I'm so thrilled at the way that it's all coming together.
You know we've got Tracy Khalfan Tracey is the Community Outreach Manager candidate used to be Foundation Center.
And Tracy's job at at Candide is to help people figure out how to navigate their their tools and how to get in front of more foundations.
She teaches grant writing she teaches other courses over there.

[12:25] Here again I said hey Tracey how can we get more value for people right now for nonprofits. What.

[12:33] Can they learn. That's going to help them instantly and over the long run that uses the digital tools available to them. And she was amazing.
She put together an entire presentation just for this on how to get on the radar a foundation so if if you've ever tried to apply for a grant and I know I did in my past life as a filmmaker actually applied for grants,
and it's really difficult to get in front of the foundations that you want to talk to because all of them nearly all but probably 90 percent if they even have a Web site.
The website says don't call us we'll call you don't have. There's no application process.
We're sure you're doing great work but we already know who we want to support.
Well guess what. They still need to find people to support. Yeah.
I've had clients who have actually told me hey you know what.
Based on our Web site based on this based on that and I feel privileged to have sometimes been been key in that online presence.
But based on these elements we had a foundation reach out to us and offer us a check.
And there's no greater feeling in the world than just being recognized.
That's why I'm putting in an additional effort.
And Tracy breaks down exactly how to do that with all her knowledge of foundations and all her knowledge of the online tools because Candide is also now incorporated its foundation center and guide star. So she goes through it.
Here are the kinds of things that get attention and what you could do to optimize it all for free. It's pretty phenomenal.
Well then it's June go on Russ.

[13:59] Yeah. Well here's here's a couple of key points that I want to I want to just make,
you know bring to our awareness is,
you know there are so many grants that go undelivered every single year every you know,
scholarships grants and all of these things and if Tracy can help unlock something and,
you know help your nonprofit that is that is phenomenal that that could make a huge difference in what you could do and how you can help and what you can accomplish in the year 2020.
And so each one of these that are complementing each other. Boris I just think it's I just applaud you and I just thank you for your time and effort and energy going into this and I know it's stressful.
I know it's a lot of work and it's a lot of energy to bring all of this value to the table and I just.

[14:53] Thank you so much for being here and helping out the community in the non-profit space.
And one of the things that I wanted wanted to touch on before we take off is is that how do people sign up. You know is it is that the way that you want to.
Is it the NDP Virtual Summit is probably the best place to go.

[15:14] Yeah yeah that's going to redirect you so the entire Virtual Summit is going to be hosted through my Web site but that's going to be directed directly to the landing page where it's super fast and easy to sign up. It's free.
You're also going to get a bunch of bonuses that I've gotten these same presenters to put together stuff that they usually charge for or one additional things to in order for someone to be able to get. You're gonna get them as soon as you sign up.
And then there are some ways that you could follow up with them. Sure. And there is just to be totally upfront you can buy a lifetime pass to this. So once you get the free version there's no obligation does know anything. I'm happy for everyone who gets to watch this.
So I don't want my place. Remind us when this takes place. Yeah. This takes place just over a week from now Wednesday and Thursday of next week September 25th at twenty sixth. It's gonna be like.
It's gonna be unlocked. You're gonna be able to go in there and watch the courses take your notes do whatever you want with with that content.
And those two days please attack it. Get everything out of it that you can.

[16:15] And if you might end attack live or you can't attend the whole thing live. Back to back.
And you know because that's a lot of information.
People can also buy a lifetime pass. Correct. Exactly.

[16:28] Exactly. And they're so special offers on undoing that.
But the most you'll pay if you buy it before the before the summit is ninety nine dollars which is honest I've done I've done similar stories only person is worth ninety nine dollars.

[16:43] I I've paid more for her less.

[16:47] Is this like the lying online webinars that I've done where you'll have to pay more than that just just to see it plus all these other experts have done similar things if not more expensive than me because they're amazing.

[17:00] The main reason is like I've been to conferences and I'm sure you have two rooms where you know there's a ton of great information being thrown at you and you feel all inspired and you feel energized to go out there and take over the world.
Then it gets back home or back to you know back to reality and it's like well I don't remember exactly what that was or how that was or I want to convince marks in marketing to get on board with this plan.
Yeah. So that's exactly what the lifetime passes for because you get those videos you can share them you get some additional great bonuses but really it's it's to be able to access it over and over again.
Share it with your colleagues and get really get rolling on implementing these changes in your organization to make more money essentially to fundraise more and have a greater impact.

[17:43] Well and I think I think it's really key that.
You know you create a non-profit you have a non-profit to help a specific audience and fundraising is not necessarily your focus.
When you start a non-profit it's to help other people.
So this is a way that you can accelerate your understanding and your your awareness of what is possible.
So I encourage you to jump in NDP Virtual Summit dot com and make sure that you get a ticket for this.
Then if if you can't attend just just get on board.
And I know there's going to be you know a lifetime pass is going to be you know there's going to be value in the future.
And Boris is an incredible individual to know.
And a lot of these people on here we didn't cover everyone in the summit.
However we will be back for another episode so we can actually share these details with you. But I just want to.
This is you know this is something that I want to do on a regular basis and highlight some people that are doing some great things.

[18:49] This is linked in live pirate broadcast brought to you by me the man the myth the legend.
Mr. Russ Johns at dot org strategy is is where you could find Boris but realistically let's just get you on the NDP Virtual Summit, and get you all of this valuable information and share with you and I want your feedback list something in the comments below and make sure that you engage and interact with this.

[19:23] This amazing information.
And if you have some questions just drop me a comment.
I'll connect you with Boris and provide introductions and anything that you need.
I'm happy to provide. So Boris thank you so much for joining us here today.
And I really appreciate you and all the work that you're doing and look forward to our next conversation.

[19:49] To us. Thank you so much for all you're doing for everybody and especially right now for me to help get this word out so more nonprofits can benefit. Thank you.

[19:58] Take care. Have a great day. You too.

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