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I love this. I love this. You know every single day we start off with I. I start off with a cup of coffee and a #PirateBroadcast and I just wanted to share and invite you into the room here today because we have Ian and we're going to be talking about a little bit probably a little bit about G.P.S. Maybe possibly some music and records and also production of Wow. Because what we're going to be talking about today is planting the seed of how you can actually make an impact in and leave an image in someone's life because it's important for us to understand that you know kindness is cool and I love to share in the kindness motto and everything that goes along with it. And there are some other things that we could do so we're gonna be talking about that.
So Ian Welcome to the pirate broadcasts you're now a pirate.

Awesome it's an honor.

Thank you so much. Thank you for reaching out to me and I know that we have. We have a thread of history and I both grew up in Utah and we were talking about the idea of using the.
the tools musicians used to create and broadcast their music and then also taking that and transferring it over into the world of podcasting you know and taking that so. Walk us through what this would look like. We've talked about Ian but I want to but for anyone watching and anybody that wants to watch the replay here comes by and happens on this broadcast the PirateBroadcast, because we can really put something out there into the world that you're creating and other people can do this and you could probably apply it to many different applications right.


A Speaker anything like that. So walk us through what your process is and what it looks like.

Yeah absolutely. So we make custom vinyl records for people to give as gifts and we frame them, we put your custom logo on a sleeve. So, for example, you know me being a Pirate let's say though some of those is life-changing for me. I'd go ahead and download your logo. I'd put it on a sleeve and then we've got these nice either 12-inch or 7-inch frames I could date it you could make it as custom as you want. So that's something that ideally podcasts hosts specifically. Yeah. Like you said really anyone we want to send out as thank-you gifts for them to not only keep it something cool but we just look at you know podcast or something that's so trendy and so new. And then people really really love podcasts and vinyl records are kind of the cool old thing you know. So we kind of mix the two of those together. The fact that it's personalized to someone I think really really means a lot more than maybe some of your other classic gifts. And you know we've seen that in many different industries and kind of the past of what I've worked I really really have a joy in making things specifically special personalized for people. That's I think it hits them the deepest meaning they get the most joy out of that.

Well is there when you say you do you press this vinyl and is it I mean drop it on the turntable and scratch to it?

Yeah, we can. We have three different options. We have one where we just send them a blank record and a sleeve. So that's something like I put on my desk maybe under a cabinet just something kind of rad and old school and then we have another option where we'll frame them for you but they're still blank. And then the third option is we actually do pull the audio from the podcast and then we can have that pressed on the record for those of you that have records, it's funny most of the people we've reached out to don't have record players.


So they were like I'd rather cut the cost and give them something cool that they can hang up you know. They definitely have the option. So far you know it hasn't been too taken advantage of but it really just whatever they're looking for.

Well I see it as really an opportunity. So I'm coming up on one hundred a hundred episodes of The Pirate broadcast.


So I mean I think would be kind of cool to drop some audio from each of those episodes and you know drop it into an album right.

Oh yeah yeah.

You could have short tracks. You know if you could do that much density I might have to be a double.

I think I want to say they do 10 minutes per side. So yeah you can just kinda chip and chop whatever you want on there. Yeah.
That super rad. Yeah. And hang it up in the back. Every morning people get on the PirateBroadcast they see that. And that's pretty special.

Yeah well, I just think it's a unique gift it's really an honor to have people on the show and I really love and appreciate the fact that you're here today you know you're getting up early you're doing your you know you've got other things going on in your world and you know the people that join me it's some of the things that come up in these conversations or you know nuggets of knowledge, you know and the fact that you'll talk a little bit about your background how you got to this Ian because that's the real juice in the story.


Where the heck did Ian come up with this. What is he doing? It's like just so random.

I grew up in Virginia. I moved to Utah beginning a high school I did my high school here. I went on a two year LDS mission in Indiana got back and I started working at a typical college job.
And they did a little talent show there and I was always very musically gifted I was a big freestyler so I love hip hop very analytical with words. We did a talent show and I freestyled for everyone and another kid there got up and he was just a phenomenal singer his name was Patch. Yeah, he toured Europe in a band. He had offers from everywhere. He was the real deal.
So he came up to me and he was like hey I want to go down the music path but I don't want to be like a typical musician. He's like only something that really could change people's lives.
It sounds like what you have in mind. He's like I think that high school kids especially. But a lot of people really love the talent you have so if we can get together and we can kind of speak about our talents and how we bring hope to other people's lives I think people would really like that. He's got a big interest in public speaking so did I. So we kind of went down that journey to fund that journey. We we would make personal songs for people so let's say it was your wedding anniversary birthday whatever it was people would send us a page of notes and then we had a recording studio and we would make a full song everything from beat to chorus to lyrics and we do everything they said in there but we actually pretty efficient at it and they loved it. You know our first one was, he owns a big alarm company out here in Utah. Yeah, I think he's one of the wealthier guys in Utah. He invited us he invited a couple of friends down one of his boats and St George and the producer of Nitro Circus was down there and it's super cool yeah it was awesome get to know him and we freestyled for him and he loved it and he's like Hey my wife's and my 25th anniversary is in four days. Can you guys make something for me? And we're like absolutely. So we go home we use the studio we show up you know we just give him this song that just makes them cry brings them to tears because it's so special to the guy. You know maybe that's a one-time thing. And then we do it again a couple of weeks later a girl's birthday, we show up with a guitar in the middle of this restaurant and start playing to the whole families just in tears. And so that's when it really hit me like you know how special this is and how much you can change someone's life by showing them that they're not indifferent. And that was kind of our motto that we'd go to is the opposite of love isn't hate its indifference.
And so I really really think about that. You know you want to show someone that you care about them show them that they're unique and special and they mean something to you.
And we just thought of it like the generics you know like on a birthday card is only so special just cause there's a million of them in the world. And people really gravitate to this. Yeah exactly. People really really gravitate towards that. So it was unique because we were both using our skills and our talents in such a unique way that, you know we definitely blessed a lot of lives and so Patch ended up getting an offer from the church to go around and he opens up for kind of like a speaking group there which is fantastic for him I'm super happy that he's doing that and I'm super happy for the time that we had. But I just really looked at you know what are my strengths and weaknesses. What am I passionate about and I've always been passionate about creating and through Patch and Holly I became really passionate about showing people that their personal lives, and that they mattered. And so for Christmas. My wife got me a vinyl record player and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever held. I was holding is J Coles album just as classic and I was just dumbfounded. I was like this is really neat. And so I just kind of you know put my head to it. I was like What. What industry is really really doing awesome right now that could do something like this? And the first thing I thought of was podcast just you know how many people are doing it as a hobby. It's slowly turning into profitable and slowly turning into a career and you know they just like any kind of other business ethic decision you know. Thank you gifts or milestones are a part of that so we just want to be a top-quality highest notch, you know rad gift that that kind of personalize you as you know this is professional but this also is really like unique and awesome and it's been such a cool learning experience just coming from, I'd never done I guess you'd call it hardware, but like figuring out where to where to get the records for what printing press to use you know frames in bulk. So it's definitely one of the biggest learning curves ever and so I'm still fairly early on in the journey of doing it. About two months now. Yeah and it's been fantastic but it's such a neat experience and you know I love nothing more than someone getting it and sending me a picture and they're just big smiles on their face and it's you know it means a lot to them for sure.

Well, it's like the gold albums on the wall you know when I think a lot of people if nothing else if you provide recognition for the individual and the opportunity that they had and the thing that you had together you know it's like OK a coffee mug and a T-shirt. Great. And you have. I do have merchandise now. So Jill Sullivan asked me over a year ago. She goes RUSS Why don't you have your kindnessiscool, Smilesarefree. And I did. I used to do #Twominutetips every day in ten minutes or less. So all of these things make a difference because I want to give a shout out to Mark Pindar for buying a shirt. That's Awesome. Appreciate you. Brother. B here's the thing and you brought up a couple of things that I really want to resonate with and unpack a little bit because Ian you know you're doing something that is unique. You know it's not necessarily unique in itself but it's like breaking out of the industry and adding it in or enhancing it or you know bringing it to a new platform. And I've been in podcasting for a while now and you know broadcasting this stuff in this platform with the pirate broadcast is unique in the fact that you know I sent you a link you signed up you got scheduled you know I sent you another link and, I have a team of people that help me do this and it's pretty smooth right.

Absolutely. Yeah. I was impressed.

And so the business that you're building could also enhance this and what I was thinking about is I should probably have like an intro like a little pirate rap song or get something like that because as a musician you know I can appreciate that. When I was in radio I created my own intro outro music and I did that and I use that Ableton Live and ProTools and all those you know I used to do that, and edit and create audio for radio as well so. But the reality is people want to be special people are special and every one of you has a gift. Everyone has a message and something that they're going to bring to the world and so thank you for doing what you're doing and we'll have to talk later on down the road and see what we can do with this because I think it would be very cool to do some of these things. That way and kind of brand this stuff because as I build this stuff out you know I want to enhance and bring people like yourself into the fold and make sure that we have some other things going on. So it's really fascinating to me and I appreciate you being on the show today. So thank you. And I want to give you know speaking of appreciation. Craig Hanson sounds classy. So there you go. Sherri Lally, Lisa thank you. Good morning. Wendy, Derek Monroe from Atlanta. He's here. Hope the weather's good. Michael Ray. Michael Ray was on yesterday. He does the smile project in Louisville an amazing individual. So thank you for being on the show. Gabriel always love you, man. Wendy, Maureen Good morning. Jordan Thomas, A. Jordan should he would probably be another one you can connect to he's a musician in California that's doing some good work. So he's out there. But let's dive down a little deeper because I think you know with kindness and in recognition and some of this appreciation we have I think it's foundational in life.
And you know like we were talking to Michael Ray yesterday was if you watch the news you could take away the only thing you do is get is depressed.


And when I jump on LinkedIn and I have so many friends and so many connections on LinkedIn and life is pretty good. You know it's like you know what do we have to complain about.

Absolutely. And it's funny I was listening to that smile project Louisville his name escapes me but the episode yesterday and I just I love that. And you know Michael Ray right. It's unique so I said I did a two-year mission and I went to Indiana and I was walking around Purdue campus. And some, I think he was a philosophy teacher he stopped us and kind of started chatting and he was like you know the Greek or Greek or Latin root for the word religion. And I was like No I don't. And he said it means tied to. So it's so matchy like what's your religion that's what do you tie to. So I thought those super interesting and so I really thought about it and there's a religion between each relationship you have in your life. There's a reason you and me are tied to each other. And me and my parents and my teachers you know me and a certain individual on LinkedIn and it's so funny you look at how many relationships are based off of power money greed physically to see your popularity. And it's such a negative feel to it and you look at some of these other relationships that are based off of like love compassion kindness the things that you really hit home and just how much better they thrive. And so that's another thing that I'm really proud to kind of stamp my name by is you know when we send something out like this we're creating a relationship where you know it's a good product. We're a good service. We want your guests to feel as special as you want them to feel. And you know hopefully that translates more than just they are just a business aspect. You know I look at most people I work within my life and that's this really hits home especially when I do try to do business with someone is I'm very particular about how we tied to each other. Like is this just a good experience for both of us. You know I really think about their best interest. And you know I couldn't be happier about that.
He's talking about how he goes around and he smiles at people like now that's how he's connected to them in their life. And that's special that's special forever. And you know they bring in a positive attitude to people's lives whether it's LinkedIn or real-life whatever it is. The more opportunities you have to push people in a positive way. I think the happier you'll be and the more benefits you'll reap kind of long term.

Well, love and kindness you can't run out, abundance you can't run out of abundance when you're talking about kindness. And here's the thing is there are people that will come into your life for a moment, or a period of time and like you said you know the relationship you have with those individuals are there to teach A lesson and it could be a good experience or a bad experience.
It's just that it's you know if you talk about Stoic philosophy and you talk about philosophy in general there's a lot of these ideas that it's like it's just an experience


Take the lesson learn from it enhance your life as a result of that experience and know that you're a better person. You're a unique individual that has a journey and you're on your journey you know love the journey. Love the experience. Wake up. Some days I mean especially being an entrepreneur or a business owner. You know it's like some days you wake up you think this is happening you're going crap what the heck. It's like you just have to live with that. Just breathe it in. You know that everything is going to be OK. You know

I love that. and the two things that I'd say to that it's you know it's funny you talk about people's journey and people in your life are kind of like a short time or a long time one to one of my favorite books. I wish I could remember the author's name. It's early over here but it's called a "refrigerator right", and he was a comedian that was kind of on uphill in his career. So he's kind of case in dreams. He was moving from state to state to state, and he's like it's so funny every time I would move up my career I thought I would become happier and then I'd move and he's like and then I was miserable and then I'd kind of do the whole gig there and then I'd move you'd think I'd be happier and I was miserable. And he said this is kind of my conclusion. He said.
We as humans are happiest when we're surrounded by people that have what he called a refrigerator right and let's say that walked to your house right now Russ and I walked in and you and I were good enough buddies so I could walk to your fridge and open it and just you know grab a soda or make a sandwich. Yeah, it's when you're surrounded by people that know you on that type of level you function better as a human. You're happy you're more efficient. And he's like it's so funny that for like most people they don't understand that so he said that it was me like I was chasing the dream. I was alone. I didn't have anyone in my life that was like that and I wasn't happy. And so when that made sense to him he kind of changed the way you worked and who he worked with and who he surrounded himself with people that cared for him and he cared for and it just made a world of difference and I look at it when I'm the happiest is when I do have people in my home that you know they can go up in the fridge and they feel comfortable. That's super important. And then you know one thing that I really really really hone on and I love that you said it you talked about kind of the growing pains and anything so we can use starting a business but I think there are so many other circumstances in life that you kind of have to earn your stripes. If everyone goes through tough things and being a freestyle and being very analytical there's a quote that I love. It's gotten through so much but I took toward hope. So I looked at H O P E and next to it I wrote has one person ever. So I'd be in like these tough situate like HOPE has one person ever, I'd be in like these tough situations as far as like OK like how am I gonna finish school you know this mission is tough this job is tough being an entrepreneurs tough and I would sit down I would just have to ask myself like has one person ever, not known what they were doing made a business or you know been successful on a sale or made a relationship and a hard spot. And that can go deeper as far as like has one person ever got over like abuse neglect or rejection and you know I think it's so important that we know where we draw our hope from and so I really appreciate other entrepreneurs that kind of started in the mud.
Maybe not exactly knowing what they're doing and really becoming successful at it when I sit there I go OK like like this is possible and I don't think they know like how much that means that people like me but more importantly kind of the flip side of the coin is you also need to realize that you can give hope to so many other people. You know what I mean by that is you know I I listen to a couple of your podcast and I was actually extremely impressed with your guests and with the conversation with how it went. For the size of podcasts that you are really like that really gave me a lot of hope that like you know what. Like. We can do important things and we can do good things and we don't need to be a Joe Rogan or a Gary V to really like change someone's life. And so yeah so that you know it changed my whole persona and perspective on the podcast industry and how we create relationships online with people which essentially just is not just as important but it's pretty important. And you know I just love that's a big takeaway that you know I hope people get is nowhere they draw their hope from but also know that they're giving so many people to hope he's gonna keep that on your back. I mean they'll get you through a lot just knowing that you're helping other people

Well, you brought it out and I think it's really important for us to understand is the idea and the concept that you can make an impact it doesn't have to be world-shattering it doesn't have to be universal you know it's not going to Mars here.


However if someone comes in here like Kenyatta Turner or Jennifer, Jennifer good morning these people are looking at this as an opportunity, to open up their day and I have the gift of being able to share some conversation with somebody like yourself. I mean it's not did this cost anything for you to jump on.

Absolutely not. Maybe a couple yawns later on in the day but other than that it's free.

Smilesarefree, they're free. and so is the pirate broadcast. What it does though is it allows a community to start to develop the refrigerator friends.

Right. Right.

I mean there are a lot of people that I've met on LinkedIn that I haven't met in person. However. If you ever come over. You're welcome to open the fridge.


What's mine is yours. That's the whole thing. You know and when we bring up words and everything I think it's really important for us to understand the meaning of some of these words make a huge impact on our life and words matter and how we speak to not only ourselves,
but to other people are really impactful.
It's really important for us to understand this.
One of the best classes I ever was.
The classes I found so fascinating in college was,
the origins of Greek and Latin words where words came from that and you know talking about words and I love the acronym HOPE has one person ever.


Has he ever done this so and the other part of that is why you can say why me?


Or you could say why not me. Right. It's like why not me. I have as much gift and you know ability and everything else that goes into it. And I think it's a lot of it like what you're doing in your journey right now. It's the decision you make because when you make a decision that allows you to create a focus and when you have focus you can you could spend your energy and effort into a single you know as one person ever, it's so crafting that idea and that concept and talking to yourself about the idea that you can do this you will do this and it's something unique and individual in the world needs this and if you believe that you're going to go out and create it.

Absolutely. And I love you know you talk about words and it's funny I think that is I do my fair share of research on podcasts and I feel like every podcast you listen to you can pull something out of it. One hundred percent you can find some type of value you know something that you really apply and change your life but it's funny some shows it's kind of like cracking open like a turtle shell and then others it's kind of like cracking open an egg. And I think that's all based on how like you said the words you use in the conversations you push each other towards and you know I think if you could do that in your own skill, for example, I hope that when I explain to people how important it is to treat them unique you know you know to celebrate your wins in a specific way and also do it like the radist way possible as far as vinyl records you know I hope it's them that kind of breaks the egg but I want to make that as soft as possible. And I think you know you do a very good job at that and a lot of other podcasts do very well at making it so it's easy for people to really dive in and pull value out of this.


And you know this little of things that I look back and you know like you said it's a great step for the journey. You know it gives me a lot of inspiration. I hope it gives a lot of other people inspiration. And yeah I mean you can do anything you put your mind to especially when you know what you're good at when you're bad at what you're passionate about you know I want to wake up and I want to be put in a room with a million people I would be the best at what I do out of those million people and it's hard to find you know that's a lot of odds there but I think a definitely down the right path.

Well you're already unique in the individual so we're all you know we're all so unique and special that it is sometimes difficult for us in today's society to own the gifts that we have because we're trying and attempting to be someone that fits in

Right a puzzle piece yeah

Yeah isn't that dilemma. It's a dilemma of life in and it's really fascinating. So we didn't get much into the G.P.S. here yet.

Yeah, it's OK.

So however you know I'm kind of fascinated with autonomous driving in the industry and some of that thing. So we will probably have to have another episode sometime.

Love it Yeah.

But and being a musician and you know we could go down a whole hip hop conversation as well.


The reality is that we all have an abundance in our lives in certain ways. And I just want to make sure that when you wake up if you have an opportunity to share the pirate broadcast the abundance in your life today is that you have a positive outlook. You have an opportunity to go out and make some impact on someone's life today. You know, open a door, say thank you, compliment you compliment somebody on what they're wearing or what they're doing and just support each other as humans and make sure that you go out there and you know make it matter because we're all here we all have a gift. We all have a message that we can share. So and Ian I really appreciate the fact that you're here. And so what's the next six months in the journey look like for you and what do you want to leave us with today.

Absolutely. In the next six months, I really want to focus down on the client and customer. I think I've kind of found my distributors for the records the printing press, and the frames so they come to the point now where I can start kind of mass-producing these and then you see I getting out there and really focus on what people want and giving them not only a really really unique super cool gift but also a high-quality gift. And so I know the sky's limit there like you said there are so many industries like YouTube influencers speakers whatever it is.
And so it's really going to be figuring out what fits best and what people like. But you know I love it. And that journey is good and what I just want to leave people with it's kind of what I said before I really really want them to kind of internalize this but just know that you know the opposite of love and hate its indifference and so show someone that they're not indifferent.
And like you said whether that's a smile holding the door open writing a thank you note you know I'm twenty fourth of at twenty-four Christmases with my awesome mother and I think her favorite gift I ever got it was just a bowl of nice things I wrote about her. And we've gotten her some nice gifts but you know you don't know how much people love being recognized and you also know how much people need it and so keep your eyes open. Show someone they're special. And it's been awesome today.

Well, Ian as always thank you for being a Pirate and know that you have an impact on the world in as I always say.
#Kindness is cool.
#Smiles are free
and you #Enjoytheday.
Thank you. Take care.

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