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We're going to do this together because we are excited about the day and we are going to add some value share some solutions and provide some insights on how you can,
improve increase and maneuver through this thing they call marketing. And I just want to thank you so much for being here on the pirate broadcast.
Today we have a special guest that Janine is going to be talking about some of her adventures in marketing. And we might have a guest hosts a little furry friend that might join us at some point in time. You never know what's going to happen on the pirate broadcast but Janine thank you so much all the gratitude in the world for you being here and taking your time out and sharing this information with the pirates in the pirate broadcast.

Thank you for having me.

Well you know John Esperian sent us a message and he said hey you two should probably be connected it could be great I love her videos and I went and checks your videos out and I said Oh that's awesome so I sent you an invitation to be a pirate. Right.

Well I think we went straight in there

We went straight in there. I like her. She's awesome. And I think we need to connect. So interesting people doing interesting things.

Yeah, it's interesting. Yeah, I love your catchphrases as well, they really resonate with me.

Oh, thank you so much. And also, so how did you how have you been using LinkedIn and marketing, in general, what brought you to this. What journey brought you to this location where you now a pirate.

How far back to go.

The short answer is John Esperian introduced us, the long answer is that I've got a corporate background in marketing and then I left marketing, for the corporate world when I had kids and I just thought I don't want to do the commute and the working for other people. So I investigated some alternatives and I thought you know what I do I do like marketing and I think I can help people but I just don't want to do it in the gigantic corporation setting. So I started helping small businesses with there marketing. So that's when I suppose I started on linked a couple of years ago properly because I have the LinkedIn profile you know the 10-year-old CV up there for few years without looking linked to unless I needed a job.

Yeah yeah well I think the catalog what we mean by small business is it's not a freelancer going after a Facebook ad's it's a small business that is making maybe anywhere from 1 to 5 million a year.

Maybe I go for a bit smaller than that at the moment. No, I go for often my clients are solo business owners and solo entrepreneurs. Whatever you want to call them. They've usually been going a year or two so what I like to do is because I'm a sort of a traditional marketing background a sort of marketing training background. I like to get into the results. I like to see what's happened before. What the business owners enjoyed before and whether they've got good results before what they're currently doing and really get into that get into the strategy.
and often I can show them ways to do what they're doing but simpler or just a slight shift will bring them a profit or more enjoyment for that business.

Absolutely. So when we talk about marketing there's an emerging sense that marketing is either traditional or digital. So do you have any preference or you have any thoughts about the difference between the two and how they interact, and broadcast media like outdoor and print and television is one piece of the puzzle and historically not a lot of small business owners,
venture down that immediately and so there's a huge opportunity and granted it's working for a lot of people on the digital side. So which one. Which one do you gravitate to naturally I guess. What's your favorite. Do you have a favorite that you like to go to or results?

You've struck on a favorite topic of mine. Because I feel like marketing communications is it's all the same. In a way, the foundations are all the same so when I say I've got a traditional marketing background I was working in a big corporation and I started marketing a long long time before social media really took off. So it's all the same. So, people, I've seen people say oh traditional marketing is dead. You know the old channels don't work anymore but it's like that but it's still advertising whether it's on online or whether it's offline or whether it's on a bus or whether it's on a Facebook ad or whether it's a paper click it's all the same. You've got to have your strategy straight. You've got to know who you're selling to what and why and what motivates them. It all gets boiled down into just such a small amount of information. So it's, all the same, I think social media is really interesting because perhaps a more useful distinction is broadcast vs. two-way.

The conversation versus the radio.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean when you see the broadcast the traditional broadcast media trying to be two-way like you know even radio stations they're trying to get the listeners to call in and to interact and to feedback and, social media is really helped that kind of thing because you get people meeting and interacting with the broadcasters and things like that. So I think the better.
A more engaging format is definitely two-way and we've always been trying to have an element of a two-way conversation with the ultimate audience or the potential customer.
So I think social media has really opened the floodgates on that.

Well, I think it goes back to what we were talking about before we fired up the pirate broadcast is the idea that it's all about a journey that you have to take an individual to because they're either going to be motivated by pain or by pleasure and mostly by pain. You know they want to move away from something that is not working for them.
So by creating a journey whether it's traditional as we know or whatever happens to be in place at the time, it could be a combination of efforts right.
Yeah, it could be a banner ad in a mall or you know a drive-up window that motivates somebody to quench their thirst in anything you know that happens to be there that actually moves them down the journey. Well as a marketer like you're saying it's not as much about what tool I use it's about what is the result I need to get from this process.

So yes

Am I getting it?

Yeah, you've already gotten it. Exactly I don't think enough people stop and think about that and the reason is that you're too busy doing it. If you're a small business owner when you're running your own business and you're doing all the things you've got to. you know you're so busy.

Yeah, you're wearing so many hats and here's the thing is you know just like the pirate broadcast I've developed this platform that so I can share with other business owners,
because right now I've built this infrastructure that allows me to show up fire up the show and everything else is taken care of. So all of the digital channels. You know I haven't bought any billboards yet for the pirate broadcasts. I'll get there right and so the point is is that as a marketer if you can remove, and extract some of their time to get their goals in place and then you can go off and do some of the work and the effort and develop a strategy for these things to be put in place then everybody wins. So it doesn't have to be stressed about how they're going to get it done because they've got Janine working on their behalf. Right.

Yeah. Yeah. It's all about getting straight to the point.

It kind of like what they're doing with the business what their why is and what really triggers them to stay engaged. Because once that engagement takes place and they're having a conversation with a client or potential customer whatever business they are in. That's an easy process because the marketing speaks to their voice.


Am I off base or I mean is that right?

No that's it so another way of looking at that is some of the some of my clients at the moment what they want to achieve right into the share is to outsource some of their marketing communication tasks. But before you can do that you need to know what your outsource is and what the outsourcer needs to achieve for you, you want to be able to keep them accountable.
So all these things it kind of crystallizes what you really should be doing with yourself when you think about an outsourcer. Well, it's easier to think about hiring them and you've got to brief the outsources you've got to tell them what to do. How are you going to tell them to do it because you're going to have to be quite clear that you know the brief has to be really clear you have to work absolute clarity on all those things. But we kind of don't stop to think about briefing ourselves

Well, true and I think it's really important to understand that if you're hiring a marketer you're not hiring a freelancer. Because like you said in your video and by the way time out there are a lot of people here that need to know you and if you're not connected to Janine go connect. Say Russ sent you OK. I'm just saying. And so I just really appreciate the fact that there's a difference and you said it in your video and where I picked up on it I thought was brilliant was if a business owner doesn't want to hand off the task of marketing, they're still going to be burdened with all of the decisions that need to be made and they're not going to have anybody to call them out when their decisions are maybe not in their best interest. And I think that's a big difference in something that business owners as a whole and individuals. You know when we're doing our stuff. I'm the worst marketer for myself in the world it seems. I get inside my head and all of a sudden things are not ok. It like the plumbers sink always links leaks right.

Yeah yeah yeah.

And so the distinction is as if a business owner can actually have you help them with their process, take ownership of it and explain and you know push back on why things are going a certain way based on your experience and your understanding of everything else that's your skill set that's the brilliance of what you bring to the table so that's where a business owner may or may not fit in your environment right.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean I was having a conversation with Emily Hodge and she's a business coach and we were having a conversation about what is the difference between a business coach and a marketing coach. Because I do sometimes call myself a business coach slash consultant. It's sort of a weird mix. And there is a fine line between what I do because I don't go too much into the detail of okay so you've got some Facebook ads and they're not performing how can we improve them. It's more about OK we're working together for six months what are your objectives.
Let's get them down because I'm going to hold you to them. I'm going to use them as a yardstick and say don't you remember you actually you were doing this and now you're gonna want to it's on a tangent.


And I think you're so right! We all need that. I need that. It's doing it for yourselves. I must take out this report I'm sure I heard this report that said that only 5 percent of humans can actually hold themselves accountable effectively and coach themselves and stay on track without outside help. I've got to dig out that record because of that kind of information is important.

And that's only if they don't visit the app store and download another app.

If only an app could do that I'd be amazing. There's an app for that right now.

I'm going to download it.

I've downloaded multiple apps, so it's brilliant. So OK you're here you're helping. You've got a six-month engagement which I love. I love the six-month engagement is because I think it takes at least that long in order to really get all of the pieces of the puzzle working together. You know what the business is doing what their goals are what their objectives are and how they need to process this information to get the messaging in place to get everything working as designed. And I think it's really it's critical to have enough time to do that where you're not
It's crazy. Some people just don't have expectation management is what they call it right. Let's have six-months and let's work together on this. Do you have it like a qualification phase that you go through in order to accomplish that goal of understanding who is your best client and who do you want to avoid. So any tips on that.

It ties in a little bit with the video I did the other day. So I do have a sort of a checklist in my mind that if they're not hitting those points I think I'm probably not the right person for you.
And the wonderful thing about LinkedIn is I've got a little black book of people who if I can't help this somebody else might be able to help them. So I love saying do you know what I'm not quite right for you at the moment but this person might be able to help or what I think the issue with you is this and you think you're struggling with this but I think you're actually what you need help with is this. And that person can help you better than I can. So I love doing that but that's another thing about a wonderful thing about social media and content marketing is that you can show your personality and people get to know you. Over months if not years and so the people you actually pick up the phone to talk to in the end are more likely to be good clients and to work well together.

I've actually had people reach out and say I don't know what you do but I want to work with you at some point in time. I say OK. And a lot of people don't have any idea what I do.
And that's kind of a little bit by design not you know because I do a lot of different things that I like to work with people I like to work with and I like working on interesting projects. So it's it's I almost pick some of the projects I work on. And I have a long history with relationships you know doing Virtual Marketing Management for companies you know and that's the business I've been in longer than anything it is just you know making sure that all of the pieces of the puzzle are you know kind of in place and working together.
And so it's really I think that's a lot of what you help them with getting all of those pieces of the puzzle in place so they can continue to work. And so at the end of six months if they say Hey please don't leave us is that an opportunity that you continue to work with them

I tend to have the first six months is really getting clear on the objective of getting those objectives underway planning a lot of planning. I believe that's what marketing is Project management instead of what are your objectives. Let's do a plan to put together a plan to achieve those objectives. Trial and error. Let's track what's working what's not TWEAK TWEAK TWEAK and that is a long process but at the end, they wouldn't they won't need me to be in their business so much. I would offer something a bit much like to touch so that I would catch up once a month and maybe they've got access to me. It depends how much they want how much, what they want going forward but I like to keep in touch because we've put in all that legwork and know each other I know I've got to know how I want to, mold their business and it's a shame to cut off ties.

Yeah, and it's and it's challenging because you've invested that amount of time into the business and it's really nice to be able to continue that process. And it's always nice to you know to maintain a client versus having to go get another one. So I just want to take a moment out and Frank thank you so much for being here. Gopal awesome to be here. Jeff Young greetings I haven't seen you for a while. I hope you're well. Gabriel thank you so much. Richard Pickett's in the room Arcot. Oh, man. Wendy thank you so much for being here. All of the individuals are here Arcot Thank you so much. Yes, it's almost like you're taking multiple pieces of the puzzle and you have to like you said you have to manage that project,
and bring it together for that kind. You kind of have to get in the head of the business owner and say OK what's your why what are you doing. Who are you serving? Why are you helping?
How do you help them? Everything all of these little bits of information is always like a puzzle you bringing it together. It's kind of fun. You know it's like OK and then you have you know like we're talking John Esperian for some words and you get, some may be some video people you know doing some things and you maybe have some Facebook ad copy and, your graphics and there's all of these pieces of the puzzle that you can use to kind of juggle this together and there might be billboard ads or they might be some radio spots or whatever you have.
For myself. You know one of the things that I see coming up is just Spotify just bought another company for podcasting. You know podcasting is growing, there an over eight hundred thousand podcasts out there right now in the world and it's continuing to grow. And I think there's a lot of connection that's taking place in the next decade. A lot of people are working on the engagement possibly part of the puzzle. Have you seen a trend in your business and in how businesses are trying and attempting to get more conversation going and build more a deeper relationship with their or their community. Is that something that you've seen in your business.

Oh yeah yeah. I'm quite aware that that's what I'm trying to do as a business owner. And that's what my clients are doing and you can see the big businesses trying to do that as well.
And in a way, there is a slight disadvantage so I think we think of ourselves as oh gosh you've got such a small business and we haven't got the resources we haven't got the budget the big businesses have. But at least we've got our personalities and we can put our face on our profiles and we can have actual conversations like because we are human and these big businesses
they've got this gigantic logo and who do they pick. You know there's that there's only a handful of examples that where big businesses manage to have like Richard Branson or such as that who you would actually recognize a personality a human in a business. So I think they've got a little bit more of a tricky job on social media to have that two-way engaging conversation. They can do it and that's good.
But it's trickier.

[22:10] Yeah well and like the thing I see about like influencers you know the online influencers you know imagine if you will. OK.
I'm an influencer I always have to be on I always have to be producing content. I don't. It's not like I can take a vacation. Well you know I can take a vacation and I know for a fact when I reduce my activity on LinkedIn the numbers immediately reflect that. And you know much like on any social media. And if if I'm building a business to scale and sell,
it's and I'm the only one that's the difference between stop and go it makes it difficult for an exit strategy. So you know the bigger businesses with the brand and you have brand equity and everything that goes along with that and then you have individuals managing those pieces of the puzzle. It's a different equation. Then like someone like ourselves where we're you know a small business owner and we're helping other business owners in the same category where we have to, find a way to develop a product or a service that can actually be transferred for ownership if we want to exit at some point in time. So, yeah that's some of the things that I think about in terms of how business owners can be the face of the business but not the business.
So that's one of the pieces of the puzzle we really need as a marketer and somebody in the media world we need to consider is like OK, it's a balance because you know Richard Branson has lots of different businesses and it's all under the Virgin brand. Well some of that may be licensing you know it's like OK I just license my name in the businesses independent of the actual ownership, or you know there's a lot of different models you know where you can have a create a product or service and things like that that you can help business owners with that may not necessarily be tied to your influencing brand. But you can use that to build your product and your infrastructure and in your business. So, all of these things are possible now because we're living in such an amazing time that it's just incredible just to watch it work. So what are your plans in the next year? What are you looking to accomplish in the next year for your business.
I know you've got these engagements ongoing and everything else and do you see any trends that you're curious about or interested in or are you going to start up your tick tok channel. What's going on.

I did go on Tick Tok. I saw enough to know that I'm not going to start a tick tok channel any time soon. Now I'm going to personally pursue a strategy focus, I think it's interesting isn't it to think about. So this isn't answering your question but it's almost like a decision about what do you want to be famous for. Like you are a business owner and you want a successful business.
But do you like the idea of being an influencer and being famous and being always on you know everything that that comes with? Or do you want to be slightly lower visibility? And therefore not having to have that pressure of being on all the time. I'm more like that I think. I'm going to pursue know certain visibility opportunities. I'm not going to go all guns blazing and I'd want to be everywhere and you know I don't want to be famous as such.

However, I know that you're a speaker though you go out and you do you know some coaching and speaking and things like that. You probably taught classes which requires a certain vulnerability to be out in the public eye. And it's how visible do I want to be versus how strategic do I want to place myself behind the curtain you know the wizard behind the curtain. It's OK. Which one. Which role do I want to pursue right.

Yeah. That's a really personal decision isn't it for me I like showing the world and all fine. I like showing I'd like to do it more and I show when I've messed up. Because often that's when we learn the most. So I like dipping I might dip into 2019 and get that it was rubbish. I love this because I think people want to know it. We will say Oh failure is good. And that's when we done it but it's so true and it's almost like you want somebody else to go first. You want somebody else to say yes I made a mistake. This is the learning I got from it because when I've made mistakes that's when I've got the most learning. Absolutely. So many things I did wrong last year but I wouldn't be here if I hadn't made those mistakes.

And that's the beauty of it is is that you know that if you pursue going through that last mistake and all of a sudden the light bulb goes on and you go bingo I got it. I understand I appreciate what's going on. And that's what it really takes place and it allows you to kind of venture to the next level because you know everything we know is from our history right. So when we have a new experience and we have to pursue that to the next level and push ourselves and you know go outside the comfort zone that's when new experience takes place and we can actually imagine a different outcome. You know especially in marketing it's so it's like OK video videos a scary thing for a lot of people and it's like I can't do this I can't possibly get on camera and it's such an incredibly powerful tool, that people need to understand that if they're just willing to put themselves out just a little bit it doesn't require a lot. I mean hopefully, you were comfortable on the pirate broadcast and it didn't cause any major malfunction here life. So it's like but the reality is this gives you some exposure and you have the same opportunity in your business to create exposure for other people. And it's an amazing process that we and you know 10 years ago this wasn't even possible. You know you needed a producer you needed the FCC approval you needed a broadcaster you needed engineers and all these kinds of things in place in order to produce a show on a regular basis. And now anyone with the ability and the opportunity and the willingness to go out there and broadcast themselves. And I think it's an amazing opportunity that as a marketer we haven't had up until recently.

I know it's just limitless opportunities, isn't it? In a way it is video is an interesting one because I'm very comfortable on video now. I'm more comfortable on video than I am speaking like a thousand percent.

What was the turning point for you?

I don't really know, I started on Facebook I did some Facebook lives which are really uncomfortable. I felt very very vulnerable and then I went and did videos on LinkedIn. It felt like you know when you stretch your comfort zone and then you step back and it's like oh this is fine. So I wasn't to bad on LinkedIn video because I've done Facebook Live and I felt really
Exposed I might one of my first Facebook lives and I had no viewers and then I have somebody viewing and I was like Oh no somebody is watching and it was my dad. Oh that's awesome
When are we going to see you on Thursday I was like "oh my god", if you and he started commenting I had to just stop the broadcast.

Everyone starts at zero. I don't care who you are. Everyone started to zero

It was well the thing was its practice isn't it. The more you do the less you care, the less you think somebody is going to look at my hair and say they brushed their hair.

Well, I love this. I love having conversations like this I love the fact that people can join in and ask questions and make comments in and you know linked it isn't as easy access to make comments and get responses from.
And that's why I do broadcast on Facebook and YouTube and you know Periscope and then before the end of the day's over we'll have you on a post in a podcast and you'll be broadcast everywhere like that.
So you know fame and fortune will follow. It's just constant.
You'll be everywhere you'll be everywhere. And I just think it just gets me excited to be able to highlight you know talented people like yourself.
And thank you so much for being here.

Oh, a pleasure. Thank you so much for having me. Talk to you properly.

So as we wrap up this thing what's one thing that you would love to share with the world today to make it matter.

Oh my gosh. One thing all crystallized down the gold nugget. If I could get people to do one little thing to help themselves it's to just, have a clear piece of paper and coffee and just think of the three things that you want to achieve this year. And just keep really simple and focused. And then those three things written down and remind yourself of them. And don't you know. Don't let it be, too low level like think about the reason behind your business what's your real motive branch and what you really want out of your business. So it's not and I follow it for follower's sake. Probably if it is that fine. No judgment on that. That's fine but be clear like some people want to be that lights them up being famous and getting their word out and getting full of it that's fine. But be clear about what's behind your business and just have to just keep it simple and don't overthink the stuff.

Brilliant. I love it. Thank you so much, Janine.

As always it's a pleasure to connect with new people and fresh faces in just having smart conversations like this and helping other business owners around the world. An enlightened community I'm sure that we'll be talking again. I look forward to the next opportunity we can have a conversation and continue to make your wonderful videos bring your personality to the table and share that smile. So just keep ongoing. And as always kindness is cool. Smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

[34:00] Thank you so much

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