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[0:00] Today later on so,
we are live with the pirate broadcast. And as you know we are here to highlight interesting people doing interesting things,
throughout the community of Linked In and other online platforms we hang out at.
You know there is this opportunity where we see a profile but we may not necessarily see the face behind.
And today we have Jared in the room. He's becoming a pirate today and I think Jared. Good morning. How are you.

[0:37] Good morning. I'm very well Ross thank you. How are you.

[0:40] I'm very well thank you. I think this is art. Is this your first live episode.

[0:45] Yes it is my first linked in live or live in four fashion. Yes.

[0:50] Oh wow. So man. Welcome to the pirate broadcast. You're now officially a pirate.

[0:56] Thank you. And Steve Sullivan would be very proud. I'm sure after all he's listening. But when he when he is you'll be very proud.

[1:02] It will be. Well you know what. You know the interesting thing about LinkedIn versus some of these other platforms is yet.

[1:10] Number one we need to use a third party tool in order to stream to LinkedIn which is nothing nothing inherently wrong with that.
However when I have the messages come through in that third party tool LinkedIn doesn't send the message.
So what I do is I go on my phone and then I I look at the messages and I return back so I can actually attempt to communicate.
There is a delay so it's not real time.
OK. However you know that's that's some of the things that like life we just have challenges with and then we just have to adapt and and work through them right.
It's there every challenge has an opportunity.
So what are some of the things that you see with linked in specifically in 2020 and what are some of the goals that you have.
You're pretty active on LinkedIn and you've you've done some really talented work you know making sure you're on the top list on Brendan Millers you know rock star list and Jeff Young and.
And so many great people. Yeah. Yeah.
So many amazing people and I think it's really important for people understand it's like it takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish some of those goals and it takes a little bit of strategy.
So I kind of wanted to you know just kind of.

[2:37] Take a view of how you think about things. Yeah.
Maybe leave some nuggets of knowledge with the community here. So what about that. That's.

[2:48] I love that that bit of an intro there and as you were saying and I'm doing that I'm trying to do the great thing where I listen right and not want to say something but I find myself wait I say that I could say that I could say that I want to. And that's just it.

[3:01] It's actually meant that it's endless.
It's endless and honestly it's my Kryptonite because it's it's the thing that.

[3:10] I'm great at but it also brings me I don't know it's it's what I struggle to get over sometimes I do too much and that is ideation coming up with ideas.
Case in point headlines you know I get to know somebody and I start thinking oh we should put this in there which put this in there but it can be great.
It's just that you know you've got to focus and you gotta get your priorities and all that which kind of goes back to some of the other things you were saying.
Funny tangent let's start with this I guess with Brendan Miller's Lincoln rock stars list you know when I first heard about it showed up whatever I think I was added to the list if I'm not mistaken I want to say it was March of 2019,
and somehow I got nominated because that's how that works.
And I was like that. That's great that's wonderful. And I took a look and a you know over the one week period I think my follower growth had been zero point five percent or zero point six percent and I thought wow I'm on the list this is great. I thought wow OK.
You know I was in I don't know in the 20s or 30s or something you know or maybe even a lot lower than that probably.
But you know since then the one of the neatest things about this and I've chatted with Brendan about it too is that it got you to be aware you know and it's not just about the views and the likes and all the vanity metrics of it but it just got me to be thinking.

[4:27] You know how can I do better.
How can I get people to be enjoying this more and therefore grow it's not just a Hey I got a bunch of likes because great you can get a bunch of likes and it's a flash in the pan. People move on.
It's that consistency it's people knowing that you're there that you're showing up that you're adding value. I'd love to say that all the time.
It's one of the ABC is always be contributing. Always be adding value.
You know I I I love those short little mnemonics ABC Always Be contributing so I'll throw a few those out at you I'm sure throughout here but,
it's just it got me to realize you need to consistently give value to show up and it will come back in in the form of I think it's a great measurement followers because the more people that are interested they've got to go that extra hurdle to click follow.
You know it's not just a click like everybody can do. Like most people do look you know that's that's one of the liberals saying a little post I came up with this kind of germinated last year.
It's kind of a royal perspective. I'll call it OK.

[5:29] Content is king. Okay. You've got to have that goes to the value statement right. You've got to be adding value you've got to be contributing.
You can't just post something and expect it to go everywhere and expect it to help a million people.
No I mean it takes careful thoughtful consideration it goes back to what you said early arrest that strategy.
Content is king. Comments are queen.
There's the engagement aspect of it all that don't just be the look the joker who likes or worse the lurker who never makes it to court.

[5:58] So I love that. Yeah I did a little meme every once in a while I'll post that but it's just you know content is king.
You know you can have the best marketing in the world but if you're not really adding any value or not providing a service what good is it right is that that age old thing right.
But really with LinkedIn it goes back to your other comment again.
See I'm all over the place but I remember what you asked what I see from for Lincoln and I know I've seen it last year when it really kicked in.
Elected executive even did a post on that same blog that engagement is everything,
so the comments are Queen comes from the idea that if you're posting something let's say influencers write capital ie influencers they do that all the time they're guilty of it.
These people brag about I spend 15 minutes on social media. Well good for you.
Let's see how well you do. Unless you're a Gary V it's probably not going so well.
You've got to have that big name that big following and that's all you've got going for you and of course you've got good content hopefully but that engagement is key.
The algorithms have definitely been tuned to that.
You know it started off even video even video even linked in life video was rewarded.
I would say early in twenty nineteen it was still doing going gangbusters but you can tell from what I've heard and what I've seen video now.
Sorry Russ but video has taken a little dip on the algorithm.
Have you noticed that. Yeah you've been doing this a lot.

[7:18] Well when I first because I started doing video when I first started doing video on in I was an early adopter and I like landscape video,
and I would turn my phone you know in landscape mode sure and I would shoot a video and it would upload upside down.

[7:38] It's like why. Come on. I'm tired of that. I've seen that. Hello. Bam.

[7:44] Yeah. And I would do that and then I'd get frustrated and then I would. I would make fun of it and I made a lot of fun of it.
And then I evolved into you know shooting vertical video and then I would do you know.
Then I went through the process of doing YouTube and then uploading it and all kinds of you know just experimenting.

[8:06] Really. Yes. Yes. And when I first got online the pirate broadcast launched before I had lied.
And so. OK so so you know the premise of a pirate broadcast is someone that is outside the boundaries of the FCC right. No.

[8:24] Wait wait wait wait. This isn't about walking the plank. Oh come on I wanted it.

[8:28] It's a duel. It's a duel. Minogue. Hey you know it's there's some innuendo there.
But yes the reality is is that we all have an opportunity to broadcast now and a lot of them need permission from a producer a production company.
You were a broadcaster in the FCC. You know it's all here.

[8:48] So a pirate broadcaster or somebody that's outside the boundaries you know just like you hire it's there outside the boundaries of the typical rules.
Right. It's why I started broadcasting on YouTube and with the logo with Linked In live logo and then I would upload it.

[9:07] But that's one way to get accepted it. Yeah yeah. And then you applied. Right.

[9:11] Well I had applied previously and Roger Wilkerson goes Well why would you want to be on linked in life anyway.
It's like you know it's just one of those things that I feel like I'm on Linkedin. I enjoy LinkedIn I enjoy the community.
Right. You know I've been on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and YouTube and all the other platforms.
You know I've been doing this for a while now. Sure.
In the community here on LinkedIn I think is,
I just feel more connected.

[9:41] I have to agree I have to agree I've always dabbled in so many platforms and nothing nothing really compares really.

[9:47] Nothing. No.

[9:48] No it doesn't compare and I think to your point also is that,
engagement even even on what I've noticed on the LinkedIn alive when you go back it's difficult to go back and work on the comments.
So if you go back to the live after the broadcast and then you have to click on you click on comments now then you click on more comments and you expand your comments. Yes.
And then when you reply even on a large screen.
The comments go past the top of the screen so you have to scroll down OK to reply to your comments.
But you're talking about me. It makes sense to some people but what it does is it slows the comment process down. Gotcha.

[10:38] Oh I see your that's by design or by accident and you mean when your life when it's live because everything you know you see the reactions there's no pop out to do neither really.

[10:48] And and I'm replying to comments I'm going back in the broadcast reassuring comment.

[10:53] Let me let me ask you this and I can't remember if I've seen this on Lincoln live but it's a little bit of a hack on LinkedIn and I I've tested this out recently it is still needed by default.
When you go into any post article you name it the default setting for sorts on comments is top or the most relevant they've they've changed it now to most relevant right.
It depends on the plan on the android and the app at least it still says top and recent you have to change it to be recent or most recent on the desk on the browser when you do that.
Sometimes the comments are missing by default when you're on the most relevant.
So try that with the Lincoln live replay see if that helps. And the beauty is to at the very bottom will be the most recent one.
Yeah so you can then scroll back and you know in it it's at the highest thread of course right it's that top thread. It's by that order.
So really good advice. Yeah. Now I'm telling you I have a just saw it again today and it's always I'm like did they finally fix this. I've been saying this probably three years.
Come on really. I mean I miss comments sometimes I mean I kid you not. It says you've got 30 comments or something and you go through and I've counted them in it when they give you numbers for a while that the app in the browser would be off.
One would say that the top level only. And then the other one would say the top level and the nested.

[12:11] Now that finally seems to be fixed. OK good news but they're still off and you go by default.
And I think some of it has to do with how you get to that post or that article if you got it from a link or versus you went to their profile.
Sometimes that seems to be an issue but really it shouldn't matter if you get to that anyway you do.
One of the first things I kid you not that I do and I don't care for what reason if it's my own or somebody else's is I go to the most recent because then I know I'm seeing everything and I'm not going to miss anything since the only sure way it would be nice if you could set the default.
Yeah. Yeah. Well and you can in the feed you can set the default to say I want to see most recent posts.
But then the minute you log out you lose it. So it's one of those things that we've been talking about for years and they just never do and I I wouldn't be surprised they just simply take it away. It is that's a pain why am I going to sit there and it's only on the camera.
It's on the browser and the app I think now but it wipes out every time and people don't want to do that. We're creatures of habit.

[13:10] We don't want to do that every time I have to give them credit because some of the apps the app features and functionality like the QR code meetings and things like that.
Yeah. The voice messaging you know love it or hate it.
I think it's I think it's an extension of what they're attempting to accomplish.
Yes. With the community and you know bringing forward and do some things like that. Which reminds me.
You mentioned Steve. Steve is in the room. Hey Steve. Brenda is here. Matt now.

[13:43] Hey Nick how you doing Celeste.

[13:49] How are you. Carl Williams. Good morning Hey. Hope you got the tutorial that I sent you and it worked out for you.
Steve Sullivan breaking new territory Jarod. Way to go.

[14:03] I said earlier Steve if you didn't catch it I said you'd be proud.

[14:06] Yes. And nice to see you on the show today.
By Nick Jeff Young Nick. Hey Jeff. Gosh it's Jarod.
It's the man the myth the legend. Nice to see you. I'm alive Jeff.
Yes he does exist. He is just.
We had a group. We have evidence that we need to get you up Jeff Gabriel is here.

[14:30] ANGIE Good morning.

[14:34] Rodrigo Rodrigo I'm seeing a bar at Rodrigo f y I thought Tio examining Lewis Julio windy death,
Biggie O'Neill. Good morning. How are you Carl. It's not as close as talking with you as I can gift.

[15:00] It's just Ron Craig. Nick Dorsey.

[15:02] Ted is here some I saw some of these guys in our promo as they were as they were saying they're commenting and I appreciate that always and glad they shut up.

[15:13] Well I think I think your point is you know LinkedIn wants us to be willing to create a community.
And when you're going after one hundred thousand views or 100000 connections or followers or whatever the metric happens to be it's really difficult to stay connected with that many.
It is. It is you know and it is not the numbers aren't important because I think they're a relative indicator of our activity and our interest in helping the community.
I would like to think that's the case. You know some I'm sure that they're nefarious ways to modify those numbers.
However I I enjoy the community. I enjoy this show.
And the reason I brought this together and I wanted to do this on a consistent basis is,
is to highlight people like yourself that are doing good work and you allow people to be inspired by the fact that you feel you're doing it.
There's a way to go about it. It's just step by step. Yeah how many. How many followers did you have before you started.

[16:26] Well you know I really. For the longest time and I before 20 19 I really wasn't following it too much.
I just it was always there.
I seem to be kind of hovering at about 12000 to 15000 followers,
prior to the beginning of 20 19 and then as we were talking about earlier with Brendan Melas linked in rock stars and got me to realize when that first week that I was adding on I only had from week to week I only only had zero point six percent or whatever and I thought Oh interesting.
So let's let's see what happens every week. This is interesting this is cool but it got me to focus right.
It got me to think about it and I went from if I remember right it went from about fifteen thousand followers last year by the end of the year I was at about seventy seventy one thousand.
So you know in that largely goes back to that focus of you know the Linked In Rock Stars.
But again it's adding value and I tell you you know the biggest thing because I get asked this once in a while and I did an article on it I think earlier the biggest reason the biggest turnaround wasn't necessarily you know being on the list.

[17:30] Per say is how did I get on the list. How did it keep growing. The most direct answer I would have for you is,
I at the beginning of twenty nineteen actually you know the New Year so twenty eighteen at the end I just all of a sudden I'd been doing posts and I'd been helping people on a regular basis but I was trying to think how going to help people more what can I do. How could I mix this up.
So a year ago I just off the cuff I had been talking with some other coaches in fact and off the cuff and I kind of realized you know what I want to do something daily and this is a shout out to Jaclyn away and the 3 6 5 give hashtag,
because that came about as a result of this as well what about to say.
And that is I wanted to do a something every day and it turned into a profile pop up.
At first I called it three free tips. That was a hashtag and I would just kind of state. Here are three tips with your profile or maybe with resonate.

[18:19] But I turned it into a profile pop up and I wanted to do something a little bit different so I took you know you talked about wanting to do landscape videos.
I wanted to do a horizontal portrait video review is from an app of of the profile.
Here's what someone's gonna see on a phone and really this kind of gets to the essence of my my brand and of my web site profiles that pop that that whole concept right you have from research back to 2012 from the ladders you have seven seconds.
Now when you originally it was six seconds so people are wondering whether or not I thought it was six. It was in 2012 it was six seconds.
They reconfirmed and 2018 it's seven point four seconds.
So you two seconds guys right.
It is seconds and that's what I'm what I'm all about is how can I quickly make an impression quickly add value quickly get you interested in understanding what I have to offer. Really that's that's what I'm all about.
So I'm going off on a tangent here a little bit but when I did the profile pop ups I think that's where you know the followers.
I was doing them regularly right. Doing it daily like you're doing right.
When you do something consistently it's a balance. It's a mix you know. Can you say it's one thing.
You know I did this one Provo pop up that had 500 views or 500 likes I can't say that is one thing and I don't think it is.
I think it's a culmination. It's a lot of things but it's about showing up. It's about adding value.

[19:43] And you know and it wasn't I kid you not it wasn't until the end of last year I wasn't even in a profile pop up I kind of took a break I had a birthday late in the year reflection trying to regroup and about the last.

[19:56] Several weeks anyway of last year I wasn't doing pop ups.
I just you know frankly it was a little bit burnt out and and wanted to do something a little different.
But I started a different approach again and I'm always mixing things up. I'm always trying something new.
But I up I saw this great article and I thought Oh this is awesome it was I forget I think it was a Forbes or in critical.

[20:16] And I just thought it was very relevant very timely and it had I don't I forget now 12 different tips and I broke it up into five posts and I kid you not one of those posts got over a thousand likes that. That is my most viral post to date.
So you hear it isn't you know it isn't this thing I was doing every day it wasn't. You know what are the best pieces of advice I've ever given it. So you know that you never know.
And what I love about the algorithm I guess you love and hate some people might say you could have a viral quote unquote post in the next day. You get nothing.
And Lincoln holds you to it. Right. LinkedIn holds you two at a night. And I I I applaud that. I really do. Because you've got to keep showing up. You've got to keep being consistent ultimately and do what you can.
I'm not trying to say and I can't do it myself. Hey let me let me back up a second. Yes. Let me level set.
I work a full time job with an hour commute. I have a family of four. I have side clients that are paying that I really want to help out.
And then I do pro bono stuff like this on LinkedIn as much as I can. You know. So that's my world.
And it and it's tough. So there are times when I will do a post. Yeah. Thank you. I mean I do what I can and that's what I would only ask of anybody else.
Do what you can when you can. My one of my biggest tips.

[21:30] And Brenda if you're still there I know you would applaud this ad an insightful comment if there's nothing else you can do. Don't just say agree. Love it. Great.
And Brenda likes to say this. Make sure that comment is a guide the guideline is at least five words.
I wouldn't step it up and say try to keep it two sentences you know give it two lines. But the reason being add some value because you'd be surprised I saw somebody else and I forget who it was I didn't notice at the time but somebody else made a comment that said they did a post on it I believe.
Comments are like a post it could have just as much visibility. You have a good comment.
That's as good as any viral type of a post. You know.

[22:08] I've seen it I've seen it happen and sometimes jeered. There's been opportunities where some have been triggered by.

[22:17] And my response I have to I have to edit it because it exceeds the the comment volume that I could put in there. I love it when it happens. And then what.
The the. Then the reaction is that I get all these notifications.
So it's a coffee you know started on a post comment and on a post content a lot of posts. Yep.
You know and it's you know there's part of that is the dopamine factor of all you know I have to continue to do this I have to you know respond to people respond to people respond. People share that point in time.
You just you can't do it all. And I think we need to be.
I think we need to be cognizant of the idea that as long as we're adding value and we're making the best effort we can and people can reflect this.
You know I've been doing this for a while now. You've been doing this for a long time and people understand and appreciate that.
So yeah I thank you and applaud you for the work that you do in addition to your family and you know it's it's it's one of those things that when you're giving to be valuable rather than what's in it for me. People notice people care.

[23:28] Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. And that's what I. That turnaround really I wanted.
I I think it came through when I did those profile pop ups every day I wasn't doing it to get rich to get a client to do anything like that.
I really genuinely wanted to help people and I really do believe that came through.
And that's that made the difference. People can see that they can see that I'm adding value. They can see that I'm helping somebody out.
And that was it. And I you know early on to rest when I I looked at it as I kind of was defining why when I was trying to think through the strategy you know I wanted to not just help somebody write I answer a comment I give a quick tip.
Great. I've helped that one person but if nobody else saw it.

[24:05] You know that I'm not helping other people. And if other people don't see it it's not going to help me either.
Right so I looked at it as a win win win potentially but ultimately it starts with the one helping that one person.
Then as the algorithm goes right we're all here for a reason we all hate it. That was moments something that drives me by the way is you have something valuable to share and you post it.
And then that dopamine kicks in and then nothing. And you're like What. This was great.
Right. The quickest show up. Yeah. What happened. So there it you know from my linked in banner this is that's where the art and science comes in. Right.
It's not just all about the art and say I've got the greatest idea ever. Come look at me. Look at what I have to say.
There's some science behind it right so I am always testing it and trying to figure it out.
But you know again it's ultimately at the end of the day it's hopefully a win win win because what is linked in is a professional platform.
You know we're we're all trying to grow to improve to help others.
But at the same time you know we're looking for something you know we're out here for a reason you've got to understand what your purpose is Arlington by the way. Right.

[25:09] Well speaking of purpose I want to shift gears real quick and then thanks for that update too because I think it's important conversation to continue to have word in and I'll continue to share it on the broadcast as well.
But we talked earlier about this. I Kaga e key guy key guy I knew I was pronouncing that right. It's a tough one.
So and the concept is you can find this on your Web site believe it.
Yes. And and so if you're not connected to Jared connect with here and follow him and you'll learn more about what Jared is doing so you know that's the whole purpose of what we're doing here is to help introductions of good people.
Thank you sir. It's so. So I just kind of wanted to mention this because there's a lot of people that are not fully aware of all of the potential we have as humans.
Yes. You know you're here today. You're taking your time out of your busy schedule. You know you're working you have family here.
You know there's a lot of things that you could be doing and you're here adding value to the community.
Gratitude for all you do. And and one of the conversations I wanted to kind of you know make sure that we plant the seed with is the concept that we were talking about with Kaga.

[26:28] And what it means so people we could plant the seed and then people can reach out to you and learn more about.

[26:34] Sure. Yeah. But the way it's spelled six letters I K I g a i.
So it's a Japanese concept and that goes to the painting here. Right the koi fish makes me may think of it so I was a great little Segway I guess.

[26:49] But the idea is if you haven't done it just do a google search on LinkedIn you can do a hashtag search I K IGAD I and it's a Japanese concept which actually I've researched a bit and I found some Spanish origins,
so it's interesting but the Japanese made it into a lifestyle and I've actually redid the original diagram that comes from the Spanish author.
I put in there with four Ps I changed it up a little bit and had for example the word mission,
I changed that I believe to purpose I forget exactly like I used to have it in a map but,
to make it more memorable was one of the biggest reasons why I did it but I also was doing it to apply to careers more specifically because he key guy in general there's books about it it's about a way of life.
OK for the Japanese have they have the oldest living centenarians out there right.
And it's because of the way of life they don't just retire and die why they retire and they're still happy they're still blissful they get up they do the same things whether they're working or not it's because they have this concept,
but real quickly it's four big circles and then the intersection of all those other circles,
and at the top I love the fact that it's at the top it's loves what do you love to do because that should be top it should be first and foremost what are you loving to do and a lot of people though however started off on the left side and I don't know if it's going backwards here but,
picture if I go like this it's on the left side right.

[28:10] The left side is your talents what do we do and think of it this way from a college career perspective talents we go to school we go to university why go down to the bottom circle pay what can you be paid for.
We want a job we need that job we gotta pay for the school debt right.
Then you start looking into what does the world need.
That's the whole moving up the corporate ladder thing you want to figure out well how can I be paid more even if nothing else but then guess what happens typically is this all there is you start asking those questions right you know what do I really like this job I'm burnt out,
that goes back to the loves.
So realistically it is kind of cool the way this is setup you know it starts right smack in the left center,
you get talents you figure out something that interests you and you know you're good at it you get better at it you look for a being paid but think about this what I really really love the most about a guy is the aspect of the paradox the,
that the fact that they intersect and they come together you could be a starving I'm going to the bottom now you're not getting paid the artist who loves what they do,
right or you could be a high school or just a college graduate,
but you're not doing anything the world needs.

[29:22] You've got to find that mix and if you're you're really doing it well right. You can get the intersection of everything in that sweet spot in the middle is the key guy.
Real quickly that the four P's purpose passion pursuit profession.
So I sure I got the order wrong. But if you think about it right you're you're pursuing.
I also should say that first because the key overall it's not about figuring it all out and knowing and reflecting and this is it.
It's more about trying things out. If there's one aspect about I would like to leave you with is pursue things try things.
Reflect is that what do you like to do but then get creative.
Think about childhood what did you love to do back then and what were your hobbies now and back then.
That's how you can start filling it out. So each of those sections look at it in different ways and I have some slides essentially I've shared it presentation I did just released out for each circle list out a whole bunch of ideas that come to mind then look for the intersection.
So your hobby could be doing video right.
I like video production taking video of the stream and picking pictures but now look you know you look what you're doing with with with stream yard and you know the pirate broadcast you know you're doing something with this you're sharing it with the world the world needs to see this now could you get paid for it. Do you love doing it.
There you go. As an example for you right. Yeah.

[30:38] Well as a matter of fact I mean what was your experience on signing up and actually being here.

[30:47] Yeah. You know I heard about pirate broadcast before and as we were sharing before the show Russ I at first I was like OK well great. Where do I go. How do I see it you know.
So I really hope your listeners know that well I don't know where you want to see it because that's just it. You're everywhere.
And eventually it hit me I was like wait a minute I know I've seen this on YouTube I know I've seen it linked and I think he's sort of linked in life you know.
But actually I remember seeing somewhere a snippet from YouTube.
I went to your Web site you've got that great length that I think you share which which is great because then you can see all the people in the past you I think you have some transcripts there too and it's all sorts of good stuff.
So yeah I just explore right and find out various ways. But whatever your favorite platform is I love that you cover so many ways.

[31:27] Well right now just as an example and I think this is I think this is a seed that I'm planning for a lot of organizations that are not really comfortable with,
how to put out content how to create content that matters because I think conversations like this are the most engaging the most,
alive piece of the of the organization any organization whether you're an individual or a multi billion dollar organization.
I think we're going to see more of it as well.
And like right now we're streaming to periscope.
YouTube Facebook and LinkedIn are them by the end of the day you'll be on Spotify you'll be on iTunes you'll be on all of those,
podcast platforms and then also the transcription of the show will be up on my blog post which is it.

[32:23] That's awesome. I love that you know. I will often take a great podcast or a great from anybody really. But when they win it really resonates.
One of the first things that I want to do is get a transcript and a little hack as I take things and if I can get the video I will uploaded to YouTube just to get the,
automatic captioning because I really like that will the Nuggets and I don't want to have to sit there and I may be driving and whatever it is right I don't want to sit there and go through it but I am a bit visual in that regard and I wanted to have time to take it digest it.
Think of it search on the words later all that good stuff.

[32:53] So I love that you have some transcripts so I'm developing that a little further and I will be offering that to other organizations that need to get their word out.

[33:04] Another nice night. There you go. Get paid for it. Get paid already. Key guy I love it. Yeah.

[33:09] So that's my implementation of key guy.

[33:12] You know it's not actually the first time I saw it was in a demonstration from Chris do though from a designer perspective.
OK. So from a you know a graphics design perspective.
OK. Everything kind of applies and it's a lifestyle. So it is just like always experimenting with things and going forward.

[33:33] Yeah. The Jared I have to ask you if you had to leave one thing with the community today Pip's words of wisdom advice.
Life lessons. What would it be.

[33:48] Boy I kind of wondered what you might ask me. Try to think things through. Prepare a little bit but you know what just came to my mind Russ.
If I could leave you with one thing remember this. You've got seconds. Make them count.

[34:05] I just because I'm a boob. Yeah just love it. Thank you so much Jarod. Appreciate you.

[34:12] Thank you for everyone joining in today. I know there are so many of us that it's really it's really a pleasure an honor to have this as a platform to share with the community you know.

[34:25] Kindness is cool. Smiles are free. Yes.
And you enjoy the day. You too. Thanks guys.

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