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[0:02] And we are live with pirate broadcast and it's after Thanksgiving Friday after Thanksgiving the day after Black Friday as some people call it.
I call it a wonderful Friday I call it a wonderful day.
And the whole point of the pirate broadcast is bring gratitude in and if you're here I have gratitude for you being here and thank you so much for attending and participating in this.
My goal in doing this is to bring interesting people doing interesting things.
And today we have none none other than Jeff Young and he's one of those interesting individuals that has been helping people,
develop their LinkedIn profiles develop their LinkedIn strategies and bringing some things to the planet that no other person could do it.
Because Jeff is Jeff and thank you so much for being here Jeff. Thank you so much.

[0:57] How are you today. Obviously no mistake. It's it's about time we got together because I've been looking at your show one time when we were talking earlier about how long you've been doing this stuff and,
I look forward to it. I really do.
It's amazing to me. I I hear a lot or I see a lot of those notifications on LinkedIn. It says this person's life or this person's life.
Usually I'm going. I don't have time for that when I don't have time for that one but I almost always you know because you're pretty much in the early part of the morning for me.
I'm almost always at least checking you out for a few minutes you were even doing this yesterday on actual turkey day.
Thank you. And at today's Black Friday for some people for me it's just another day off.

[1:41] Yeah just another day off. And you know I,
I've been following you and I think I connected with you through Shelly and also Brenda Miller for the you know the Melas marketing list. Yeah.
And some of the things that you know we have mutual friends and we've been well we've been connected for a while and and I just you know as we get busy and we go through life and you know we have very common common themes is like OK there's so much going on.
It's really refreshing to be able to take a moment and just sit down with you and say.
Jeff what is what is bringing you joy in your day today.

[2:23] Well those come in France for what they. I'm glad you dropped Shelly's name and I'm glad you dropped Brenda's name because I've been connected with both of those folks for quite a while now.
They're wonderful. They are both equal and it's amazing to me.
It is just like you and I. You and I are these two time zones sometimes three time zones depending on I shouldn't be shy,
away from one another but every single time I do connect with someone I usually put out a message that says hey it's great to connect with you.
Thank you so much for taking the time to actually connect with me.
I'd love to share a video chat with you if you've got time across the time zones which it usually is across at times. Yeah.
Shelly I've never actually met face to face but I actually have met Brenda.
She came into town and did a seminar here in Columbus Ohio.
We played Uber taxi with her for a while. Yes.
I picked her up at the well of all things not to get too detail but all things she came into town on on the on a on a bus so I could drop at the bus station. Oh wow very cool.

[3:32] I love her. She's she's a great resource for anyone looking to learn something more about marketing and media.
And some of the LinkedIn tips as well.

[3:43] She's a great user of LinkedIn in using it. What up with what I would call the right way.
Yeah. Because she's always giving she's always doing something out there to help somebody else that the rock star list for example as a prime example. Yeah.
Because that that was put together so that she could learn more about the people that do the same thing that she does.
But it's blossomed into something that has become a big thing. And it's kind of her trademark isn't it.
Yeah it really is. Yeah. And with with.
Which was Shelly she and I've come to know one another in terms of several different video chats ever actually physically met but you know I've come to know her brand as the link and Wonder Woman.
And of course you know sometimes that net debt kind of dovetails well with me because sometimes I introduced myself as I am a teacher. What's your superpower. Yeah.
But from that perspective you know we've got to know each other well enough that we actually share common T-shirts you know with the real with the superpower thing.
She's got one and I've got one that says our T-shirt our capers in the wash.

[4:52] Yeah. I love that. I love that statement Our capers in the wash.
No I know that you do a lot of and this is what I really love about Linked In and maybe you can relate to this because like I know you have a couple of acronyms like the acronym on the rock star. People don't know that.
You know maybe you can walk through that and then also the guru you know you have a acronym for the group.
Yeah. I just think that's I think the humor that is brilliant.
And I just I love it and I just wanted to let you know that that that resonates with me so I could appreciate it now.

[5:26] Thank you I appreciate that. I that's kind of become a little bit of my trademark as well because of the fact that when I first started being the linked guru because someone called me that in the first place. Right.
It was a good friend of mine who actually came to like six or eight of my seminars and I'm not sure that's just him or about me.
I mean he's a slow learner I'm a writer teacher they just like they just like Jeff.
I think I hope but I don't think it's either one of them because like Dan is is one of those things you've got to learn over time.
One of those seminars. He comes up to me and says hey Jeff you're a real guru. Yes. And I went through guru. I like the sound of that.
And he said Yeah you know what guru stands for. Right. And I said Well I think I understand what to do.
And he says No no it's an acronym it says for general understanding relatively useless.

[6:22] I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND. AND. AND SO YOU KNOW I GOT IT I GOT IT I KNEW he was joking and I thought it was humorous but I still like the the acronym right the moniker,
but I'm also kind of not the kind of guy who likes that line too long.
So a couple of weeks later when he was back in and another one of my seminars I got him and it got him in a headlock gave him notice and I said I'll tell you what pal.
Here's what guru stands for gets to uncover the real useful instead,
so that he took that and that's really when you look up the definition of the word guru in the dictionary it says teacher and I believe that's what a teacher really does is uncovering that really.

[7:03] Yeah. And I see you as a lifelong teacher you know you've been in your.
Volunteering in no different capacities you're you're engaged in the community.
You've always offered value and I just really I respect and,
honor that that that information that's going out there and that's another thing that I think is really useful about LinkedIn is is it doesn't feel as much about competition as it does about cooperation.
Absolutely. And community and maybe you can speak a little bit about that and what your long term experience has been over time because you have developed so much you know so many seminars and information out there and shared it.

[7:48] It is just amazing to me that if you're willing to share other people are or are sharing back. I mentioned this to you.
And I think some of the comments about when the show you know I'm looking forward to learning from you.
And that's what LinkedIn allows me to do. I learn from people all over the world. It's just the norm.
And so you know sharing that common bond,
and not treating people like competition but treating them like collaborators is my best practice when it comes to all of the people on yet again the ones that I believe were doing it right.
It's not about competition it's it's what's what's that phrase. A rising tide lifts all boats. Yeah right.
That's one of the ones that you know it's a favorite of mine because it's it is about that kind of cooperation.

[8:39] And I talked about that the other day when I said you can never run out of abundance.
An amazing idea though the phrases that stick with me and I will quote a lot are not even mine.
Most of the time I give credit for them the ability to talk with someone on this platform in Australia or Singapore.
I've done one video conference where the person is actually 16 hours ahead of me so it's their following day way through their following day when it's my evening or something along those lines and it's just amazing to me how that works.

[9:18] I have what I would consider friends all over the world as a result of this process because you know a few short years ago this this type of activity and access was not available,
and that's that's the whole point of the pirate broadcast is you know you don't need permission from anyone you don't need a you don't need a certification Linked In does limit the,
access. However it's not.
It's not necessarily just linked in it's it's the ability and opportunity to get out of your mindset and say I have an opportunity to share what gifts I have and broadcast this gift and make sure that it's out there in the world,
and I have as a result I have connections all over the world that I've made.
Just like you that we are able to do this and grow and expand our minds and our mindset,
and it's just amazing to me that we can have so much access for this and even today you know where we got I'm going to you know,
Kristie is here Wayne is here Vickie Lewis,
and there are quite a few other people I'm sure that are off today that are probably not thinking that we're gonna do anything on LinkedIn. However.

[10:38] You know it's it's not necessarily easy to catch this live.
So I've also what I've done Jeff is I've placed everything on Russ Johns dot com so you can actually.

[10:50] And then I take this broadcast and I I transcribe it and then I create a podcast out of it.

[10:59] So it's on Facebook YouTube podcasting.
It's on Russ Johns It's on LinkedIn and it's a transcription.
So if you if you want to read it you can read some trend it automatic transcription.
And. So.

[11:15] Access is so key and so important that's why I bring it up as you know go subscribe and then if you miss a show then a live show you can come back and you can watch it at your convenience. Not at my convenience.

[11:27] Well and another thing that I've really found that's that's outstanding as far as what you do Rush is that there's enough people who know me only didn't know that I'm all about seat on weekend.
I mean my my tag line of volunteering and getting paid in coffee conversation and occasionally chocolate.
Okay well one of the other scenes that I think is extremely important is consistency.
Are consistent across the platforms of all the platforms and that consisting of showing up OK.
You know people are asking me questions all the time like well how many times should I post a week.
You know what. How do I get better numbers and I'm going and then I know it's not about the numbers it's about what you provide not not about when you provide it necessarily except for one thing and that is the consistency standpoint.
You know there are there are experts out there that will tell you you've got to post something every single day.
That's fine. If that works for you that's great.
But for me it was really work for me is two days a week Monday where I do push my tip of the week and write.
Normally today where I'll post something called a good news Friday. The good news Friday is going to be today.
Yeah okay. Your post it's gonna be I'm gonna go to your post be my good news Friday and we'll go from there. Yeah.

[12:41] Simple but the brilliant thing about it is for me I mean just doing this every day brings me joy.
I mean it allows me to you know have a routine have to have a system that I know I can depend on and I've played music for years and years.
And I love the idea that OK I get it. I get to get.
It's not that I have to. I get to.
And I post a lot and I post a lot because I love. I create every day I create something every day and I put it out there in the world.
And for me it's you know I've done this for a lot of years.
I've I've been in technology I've been in media marketing and the creative process for a long time. And I love.
I love sharing this information. I just love the opportunity to say hey this is here's something you can think about this.
It's not that I know everything. I far from it.
I'm always learning something new. And in some of the tips just like LinkedIn Linked In has evolved over last.
You know I've been on here since 2005. So it's evolved considerably in those few years.

[13:54] Oh yeah those few years. Well I've been on it since May of 2004.
Yeah. Things that I can tell you that I specifically learned about LinkedIn is link loves to hide stuff.
See why a teacher like me is necessary. And secondly LinkedIn loves to change stuff the stuff that I just discovered this morning that changed on my profile and me and my and my feet.
Just this morning because it's rolling out constantly to all those 650 million of your closest friends. Yeah right.
So tell us tell us. Tell us the secrets of the most recent stuff.
Yeah. The most recent one that I saw that was popped up on mine is that that that you can actually go into a group and search for content to get now that didn't that actually used to be possible long ago.
I mean a couple of years ago you could actually commit they took it away.
Search for keywords and you could find inside of a group just inside the group that you want to know that you're a part of. Well that disappeared.
Now just recently it has now come back. So again another thing about LinkedIn is link and give it LinkedIn. Take it away.
Sometimes we didn't give it back.
So that's true. That's true. And the people on LinkedIn are though where I get the most give us if you will because I like interacting with people like you that are willing to learn.

[15:16] And in passing along those little kind of tidbit if nothing else it's just one of those things where where it's like just having a conversation.
And when you have that conversation with a friend you go Hey did you know that.
Yeah yeah.

[15:34] So what's what's the most exciting feature that's been rolled out in the last six months that you could share with people that you've you've seen Wow that's a that's a good question.

[15:45] Because I really one that I like and maybe we can talk about it in deeper detail is is the some of the ways that we can respond in messaging one to one messaging.
I think that's you know the audio responses has been and people love it or hate it you know it's like.
So don't leave me a voicemail I'll call you back right.
Or they feel that it's necessary to you know type everything in and some of the typing in the tagging has been a little funky for me over the last six months.
Richie. Yeah. And I'm sure that that's not necessarily unique to me. I'm not that special.

[16:26] Oh no. And I have to tell you when people see that the platform is.
I hate using this phrase to some extent but the platform is what it is it's on an online service.
OK. Sometimes things happen on that online service that cause things to go poof.
And so if you're trying to actually tag somebody mentioned somebody it comes across usually OK. But it might not work.
And you keep trying and it still doesn't work. Well I'm one of the things again that I taught people is the fact that if something doesn't work on LinkedIn,
leave it alone for an hour and come back an hour later because I'm better now or later because it probably just a server that was off my show.

[17:13] Well that's the thing is is it's amazing that it even works at all.

[17:18] Sometimes when Facebook was down yesterday and Facebook and Instagram. Oh gosh I did.
Yeah. They were down and they were down on Thanksgiving so it's not that you know and it's they have a lot of people working on you know keeping everything operational and everything like that.
The beauty of it though is is that we actually have an opportunity to build a network and I think the culture of LinkedIn has evolved over the years too and I think it's really.
Because it's business focused and business minded. I think there's a there's this ability an opportunity for mentorship to kind of blossom in you know feed people's ability to grow and help and share.
And I think that sharing attitude and culture and in supersedes the technology itself.
Because I you know like you I've had friends you know develop friendships and met people in real life and then traveled to different locations and met.
In fact right after this I'm going to go meet somebody.
I got two meetings today as a result of being in Houston and people saying hey I know you're in Houston because I saw your show and I just wanted to connect. Let's catch up.
So that's how it works. It's perfect for that. It's simple. It's like OK we can't and I can't.
You know it's unfortunate that we can't meet everyone that we want to meet at times.

[18:44] And that's that's the way life is. However I think it's really important for us to understand that it's really about community.
So if you if you want to grow your community if you want to encourage and help others you know Jeff is a,
awesome individual to follow as content and catch a seminar if you're in his neck of the woods neighborhood.
And so I just want to. I just want to shout out to the people that are here Jeff and Sheri.
Nick Seth Angie so much appreciation Vicky.
You know everybody that's here.
Take a moment take a moment and join and connect with us and ask questions and and get involved and engaged in the community here because it's important for us to work together and help each other.
Because I don't have all the answers and I'm sure that Jeff you don't have all the answers and be the first one to admit it.
And we can all learn from each other. So I think it's really important for us to do that.

[19:48] Jack that community piece of this is so strong it's so strong.
Here's a perfect illustration. I want to make sure that I also give a shout out you've already mentioned at least twice.
But I got to give a shout out to one of the people that as you said I would consider a friend even though I've never met Kate in the United Kingdom.
His name is John a Siberian gay. Oh John you know I figured you knew I was gay.
John is a technical copywriter actually his brand is relentlessly helpful technical copywriter but the whole point of this process is I got to know John again through this platform and just being able to have conversations.
And I think the perfect illustration of how how this whole platform works is that John in the UK introduced me to Vicki O'Neill who lives in Vicki drive away from me in Cincinnati Ohio.
So in the United Kingdom introduces me to somebody I didn't know before that in my neck of the woods because he knows them and he figured that the two of us would you know hit it off right.
It's echoing time and I have actually met twice she's made the trip to my place once I've made the trip to her place once and we sat down over coffee and and and again these these kind of people like John and these kind of people like Vicki,
they inspire me because they are willing to learn and they are willing to share.
And that's what this is all about.

[21:18] And that's exactly what it's about. And it's interesting too because.
John is going to be on the show. Oh great. Oh well as Vicki is going to be on the show.
So it's like it's kind of crazy it's a crazy small world that is is so interesting to me.
And I I was always fascinated with I grew up in a construction family blue collar worker you know my dad would get me up early in the morning take me to work in and I'd sweep floors and cleaning and construction sites and things like that.
And early on I had a job where I was delivering and selling office supplies and I'd go out to all these businesses that you know they have Acme Corp.
On him or you know they'd have ABC company or something like that. And it's like what do you do.
And it's like how do you how do you do business. What is it what is your business.
And they either manufacture something or they support something they clean something or they you know refit or reef manufacturers something or build you know something.
And it's just I was always fascinated why people did what they do and how they got to where they are.
So tell the back story about how you got I mean you've been on here since 2004.
However it hasn't always been as active in the same way as I'd say the last.

[22:47] Five years would you say Jeff. Or maybe more maybe more.
But how did you arrive at where you are today teaching and connecting and growing these relationships.
Well I told the story about you know how I became the guru earlier. Right.
The whole purpose of what I wanted to do was continue to network. After I retired which you know even though you're absolutely right. Right. When I was on LinkedIn in 2004 to around the two thousand eight ish timeframe.
I didn't do anything I thought I thought it was just an online resume. Right. Yeah.
So we just sat there you treat it like the Field of Dreams build it they will come carry soda.
I didn't really start actually using LinkedIn until I retired.

[23:37] When I retired I decided I would still want to continue to network with people I still want to continue to learn.
And so for me I asked my network. I mean that's what you're supposed to do right. Your network to help you.
So I said Well can I use to do this.
And every single person to a person would say came back and said it's gonna be linked. You've got a network with professionals is gonna be linked.
And so I started doing that and started actually using it and realized that I was gonna have to learn a lot more about it.
So for a lot more about it the only and best way for me to do that was to start to teach it to other people.
And so when I tell the people people come to me and ask me questions and I got to stay ahead of them so I'm gonna I'm gonna get get get good at this.
And then expanding my network to it to the point where I could find other people who could answer questions I couldn't was a perfect use like then as well.
So absolutely. So from that standpoint again it just became this big collaboration that continued to grow and grow and grow and grow.

[24:40] And you're right I think here more recently because folks that you like you mentioned before Brenda Brenda Miller and those kind of folks,
they helped me a great deal because they've helped me gain a lot more followers because I have been able to to build a synergy with them and what they do.
You mentioned Rockstar before Brenda started that rock star list and there was a few people on it to begin with now.
Now she's actually got it huge and it's to live. It lists one list of Port Lincoln trainers and one was for non Lincoln trainers.
And people kept asking her. It kept getting bigger bigger bigger. People kept asking her what is what does it mean to be a rock star.
So I decided and you mentioned just before I decided that you know what.
Let's take the letters of rock star Rosie K etc etc cetera and let's build an acronym that really you know means what it means to what she thought it meant.
Can you define what it meant to be a rock star.
So you know a real it starts with a real desire to help others.
And that's where her what her connotation were.

[25:50] That's what falls on her heart.

[25:51] Exactly. And so she liked it.
She's used it on teen times after that because she introduces what the rock star is list with my acronym. Yeah.
So again that's good for me that's good for her. I don't care as long as it works and she you know she liked what I did.
And so you know I'm not going to go through all the different letters of rock star but one of them is of course collaboration.

[26:19] And the intention is is that it's good people doing great things.
You know it's sharing it's it's being present. It's.
Helping others. And it's high tide lifts all boats.

[26:32] It's why you do what you do because it helps you. You enjoy doing it in the first place.
Yeah but you are. Your focus is is not on your focus is on helping others helping bring other people onboard that that you know not everybody is going to like everybody. But.
That's the. I'll click with some people after this because I know I'll get new connections after this and I'll know I'll get new conversations after this.
That's exactly the way I like to have it work. And I thank you for that because you're doing a good service by just putting your face out there and and having somebody else you know,
be able to come over and do you know live long and prosper at the same time.

[27:17] Well I see so many people those are great things. And not everyone.

[27:23] You know we're all interested in doing different things and being in a different place.
And not everyone is able or willing to commit to doing a show like this every day.
And if I can bring in highlights some others like yourself that are all also doing great things in other areas you know you're teaching in classes and you're doing you know you've done over 200 in the last year.
So if I can highlight that assignment on a show on a program how many other people are going to find out about you and potentially attend to class or or find you and gather some information that you're sharing.
Yeah I mean that's that's the way I see life evolving with technology and that's that's the good side of the technology that we have to.

[28:09] And it's overwhelming at times because it's not simple to create a life show and multi stream it across multiple platforms and then add it to your Web site.
And some of those things take a little bit of time and effort.

[28:21] So you know well just like Yeah just you know just doing that on a consistent basis. You're spending hours a week doing that. I appreciate that.
And I don't you know I'm focused I'm very.
I think the phrase is kind of like think globally but act local. Yeah.
I I'm focused on my local community. So that's where I do my my seminars to do webinars. So I'm not online from that perspective at all but all my stuff is out there for anybody to find.
So all they ever have to do is go to my profile or you know do me a favor and look up hash tags on LinkedIn do on Google and you find tons of my stuff. Yeah.
It's just it worked that way over time so that I can actually help that many more people from a global basis.

[29:09] And I love being able to do that and it and I love the fact that I can you know introduce you to other people.
And so if I put the for those on the podcast you know I've put up the link in dot com Jeff Young real Moy Oh you know what.

[29:28] That was my original. I don't want to change it because I've got that link everywhere. Yeah.
E M A Y OK it stands for Retired and loving every minute.

[29:41] To have something you need. Because Jeff Young's not unique.

[29:45] Yeah. Jeff Young is not quite as unique. So if you're listening to the podcast reach out to Jeff Jeff Young on LinkedIn and if you hashtag or you do have the hashtag as well.

[29:59] Oh yeah. The hashtag the linking guru. We'll find a link in guru. It's right up there in corner.

[30:06] And I encourage you to follow hashtag pirate broadcasts.
Its roots are linked and you can follow all the shows and then also like I said I've mentioned I've worked really hard and I'm really proud of this.

[30:17] This process of you can actually now subscribe to the.
Shows on on Rush Jon Scott.
You scroll down a little bit and there's a red button there you can go to all the all the previous broadcasts.
Now I have to tell you I have some broadcast people that were on the show before I started streaming live on on Linked In.
The way I do now and I'm going to have those individuals back on this show and make sure that I get them in the feed as well so look forward to that and everything about it.
Jeff this has been tremendous value. I really appreciate you taking the time out on your day off,
and you know Happy Friday and I appreciate the fact that we can share a few tips around the round the world about community,
connection and making sure that collaboration takes place because just like the story we're talking about John and Vicki and being right next door to each other it's it's a fabulous adventure that we're on. And I just.
Anything you can do today to share a little gratitude. BE WONDERFUL. Any closing parting words that you want to share with anyone today.

[31:35] I just you and I want to say thank you for doing this. It's wonderful.
I definitely know you come highly recommended and I highly recommend you just make sure that you do follow Russ because you're going to find something that you like on a daily basis.
It just amazes me and and well and of course being who I am.
I have to I have to say thanks this way as well.

[32:02] No mistake. Absolutely. Appreciate it. No mistake.
So Jeff as you know kindness is cool smiles or free and you enjoy the day. Thank you. Thank you everyone.

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