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[0:01] Laughter is laughter is required here on the pirate broadcasts.
I am so excited about having Jennifer on the show. She's actually traveling. She's getting hit with a few allergies.
We're going to laugh and talk about that and why she's so excited about linked in a while. I'm so excited that I met Jennifer on LinkedIn.
Morning Jennifer how are you today.

[0:25] Good morning Russ I am spectacular today and thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to have some fun.

[0:32] Oh absolutely absolutely. So now you are in New Jersey today traveling in and so you're out and about different environment.
You know we might have the landscapers fire up the brook.
You know the leaf blower yes slower the timing matters PERFECT. YEAH.
SO HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN travelin. Are you out and about.

[0:57] I just went to New Jersey. I just got to New Jersey last Saturday night and I'm just out here for a couple weeks actually.
Something that a lot of people may not know about me unless they read my LinkedIn profile is that I used to live in New Jersey for 10 years so my prior career I.
I lived out here for a long time so I have a bunch of friends out here and I'm also planning to meet up with some people in person for the first time that I met through LinkedIn.

[1:26] Sorry. Perfect. I have I actually have friends in New Jersey.
So it's kind of crazy. Yeah yeah.
I I met you.
Oh it's been a while. It's been a little while and we've actually been on a call before and one of the things that I loved about what you were doing is is transformational.
You know and a lot of people don't understand what that actually means. And for myself you know after I went through several changes in my life and I lost a son and and you know some tragedy and you know a people.
Is is one of the things that I really wanted to travel through and grow into is you know how do you become more healthy so you're not thinking.

[2:14] Destructive thoughts you know how do you change who you are today so you can actually be the better person than you were yesterday.
And one of the things that you know some of the writings you've done and some of the things you put out on LinkedIn really triggered my my emotional side and I wanted to meet you and I wanted to follow up with you. And so we did.
And now you're helping other people and you kind of went through the same transformation personally because we both have corporate backgrounds and we've done the corporate thing we've lived the corporate life and we chased the corporate,
ladder and all of that goes along with it.
So two things I want to ask is walk us through how you help people and walk us through how you did it yourself.

[3:03] Well that's a loaded question all right. That's a big one. Let's get. Into it.
You know what the best place to start would be starting with my own story and how I did it for myself right. Because.

[3:20] Really my own journey of transition a few years ago is what inspired me to do the work that I'm doing now.
So several years ago I had checked all the boxes off the list right of what society teaches us traditionally that it means to achieve success.

[3:38] The expert. Exactly.

[3:41] I had chased after all the things outside myself. Right.
I'm kind of conditioned to believe that that's what would bring me the fulfillment and the joy that I want.
And it wasn't until I had checked all those boxes off the list.
And then the fog started to lift right.

[4:01] There were no more promotions in my work there.

[4:03] I had the house I had the salary the this the that the friends and all the stuff but I still felt like something was missing and,
I had always one thing about me is that I always had to believe in the work that I was doing.

[4:20] And I lost that because I was no longer feeling challenged in my job.
I was in a toxic work environment. And so really that is what led me to start searching for those answers and obviously realizing,
that you know the answers are all within all the answers that we need or within. Right. So right here.

[4:43] Yeah right. And so that was when.

[4:45] And that's been actually because I've been focused on my spirituality and my personal development for about ten or eleven years now.

[4:54] So that was when I discovered meditation and meditation was really the first practice I implemented.
It was a total game changer for me allowing myself to have that space to go within really brought me so much clarity.
And it really opened up just I don't know like a whole new world for me.

[5:20] For example I I've always had gifts in the way of being really sensitive to other people's energy,
which I think is one of the reasons why I was so good at working in retail for twenty three years right. I just was always good with people.
But when I started making that space for myself that clarity and those gifts and just so much about myself that I guess was buried for so long really opened up in so many ways.
There were many parts of my journey where I.
Was excited about growth and about discovering new things about myself that I was also feeling really lonely.

[6:01] Because despite all of the friends that I had and everything a lot of people in my life thought I was you know kind of like off my rocker for him because I was.

[6:12] Because I chose to step down from my position you know I worked a lot of years to to get to where I was and you know coaching the coaching industry itself wasn't what it is today.
Several years ago and so there were many times that I really felt like I was on my own island.
But that whole time I just continued praying and meditating and just trusting that that gut feeling was leading me to where I wanted to be.
Despite what everyone else around me was saying and so it was really that.
Journey of moving forward into the unknown that inspired me to help other people who are in a similar place because I would have given anything at that point you know if I knew that there was someone out there like me that.

[7:04] You know could essentially provide a bit of a shortcut. Right because. As you know transition doesn't always feel easy.

[7:11] No in fact you know as we've often said on the prior broadcast is that there are so many things that you have to feel uncomfortable about before you can grow outside your comfort zone.
And you know when you're in and the other side of that same coin is that when you're venturing into the unknown.
It's a scary place. You know you really have to follow your intuition in your heart.
And no one understand that hey I'm feeling like this is the right move for me right now because I know what I have and it's not fulfilling me.

[7:49] Spiritually emotionally intellectually. Any other way that I can imagine and so I have to feel like you're something else and I have to go in a different direction.
And that's how I felt. That's you know I was I was dropped out of corporate America.
The last one of the party so I was I was booed off a corporate closing time.
So it's that void had to be filled. So you know I had I had to transform myself.
And so with your with your circumstance it was it was more like you were at the end of your line and you needed to do something else.
So I was like I was.
I should actually mention that I started feeling that call to make a change but I didn't actually change my career.
And move out to Idaho which is where I grew up until.

[8:44] I don't know I think it was probably a year and a half maybe even two years later what had actually happened is that I felt this call to make a change but I didn't take action on it because I had fear fear around.
You know I've been doing the same thing for so long could I do anything else you know and.

[9:04] Fear about financial stability. Fear about all of those things and what happened was my mom was actually diagnosed with stage four cancer,
and she was living in Idaho at the time and I was flying back and forth to try to spend time with her to help my family and all of the other things.
And there was this moment when I was sitting next to my mom's bedside just giving her medicine and doing whatever.
And there was something going on at my job. Some type of drama that I felt like I needed to be involved in at the time and there was a moment where it was like a light bulb came on I found myself feeling like.

[9:48] I needed to be involved in whatever was going on in my job versus putting my attention on my mom and being present with her during that time.
And I said to myself you know what.
I'm not stuck in my life and and.

[10:05] This is not how I should live feeling like I have to choose right now between the two.
So that was really the beginning of the end.

[10:17] That was when I decided my mom died shortly after that I was really feeling pulled to move back out to Idaho to be closer to my family.
But in order to do that I had to choose between my career and my family because at that time working remote wasn't part of the company culture.
Despite how successful I had been or those other things. Right.
So I chose my family and that was it.
And at that time I still didn't know that I wanted to start a coaching practice.
I thought that I just needed to find a different job. And that's a whole nother story.
So really. Exactly. Can totally be a future episode.
But that is really where the change started to happen that it was because the pain of where I was I exceeded my fear of moving forward.
And that's one of the things I'm so passionate about is helping people to not wait until you get to that point because when you feel a call to make a change it does not go away.
For anyone who's listening right now you know you it's there.
Yes. It's just going to keep getting stronger and stronger.

[11:37] Well I I want to give a shout out to Deborah and Rick and Rachel and Leslie,
and Jessica and everybody that's joined in and if you're listening we're we're talking to Jennifer Spoor on the pirate broadcast.
We're talking about transformation and some of the things that we've been through in order to get,
from point A to Point B and the emotional attachment that we have to things that,
really aren't a good fit for us at times and and how to get unstuck and how to think about things as we evolve to the next level because,
I see it as an evolution. Jennifer do you.
Is that how you see it or you know you because you were in it and you started the transformation before you left your corporate job.
So it's it's almost like you're evolving and then you had to make a decision about what direction you wanted to go and create a plan for that.

[12:38] Exactly.

[12:39] It definitely it evolved and I believe that we're eternal students you know.

[12:47] And a lot of times especially when you're at a crossroads like that in your life in order to figure out how to move forward you have to take an action without seeing the whole path ahead.

[13:01] And as you said you know it evolves as you take one step then the next one falls into place and then the next one falls into place.

[13:10] But you have to keep taking action just trusting there's a way even though you don't see it.

[13:16] You may not. You may not be able to see the top of the stairs. You just have to keep climbing. Right.

[13:23] Exactly. Just keep going and keep trusting faith and mindset is everything.

[13:29] And Doug Thompson mentioned that unfortunately it takes pain to get some people out of their own comfort zone.
Absolutely. And that is so true. Doug you know I've experienced that more than once.

[13:41] So is the pain of staying exceeds the pain of leaving right so.
So tell me about where you are today and how you are reaching out because I know that you've had some you've had some experiences where you've done some workshops and helped some other people.
And I know that people the best place to get a hold of Jennifer right now is is log in get a hold of her LinkedIn profile and track her down that way.
She's very she's very approachable. I love that about you.
Jennifer thank you so much for having the conversation and being here today and sharing some of the gifts that you bring to the table.
And this is what I love about LinkedIn is is this is what it's all about is being able to you know we all have a gift and we're all sharing this gift.
So talk a little bit about what you're doing now and who you're helping so people understand.

[14:38] A little bit more. Yeah I've been doing transformational coaching.

[14:44] OK. And when I talk about transformation. You know it is changing.
But it's really about remembering who you are because what I teach people how to do is to,
find their own power how to be empowered how to be confident in taking those unknown steps forward in their life.

[15:08] So I attract a lot of people who are essentially who I was a few years ago at a crossroads in their life in some type of leadership role in their career.
They have checked off those boxes. They're feeling called to make a bigger impact but they feel overwhelmed or scared to move forward or they just can't see how to get from here to there.

[15:31] And that's what I do is I help them figure that out. So.

[15:37] A large part of trance of the transformational work that happens is anything that's blocking us or holding us back is the result.

[15:48] Of a belief. OK. And it's important so important to identify the root cause of those beliefs.
And put the right practices into place on a regular basis to shift them right.
I always say if you don't address the root cause of what the problem is that.
It's like putting a Band-Aid on something that needs surgery right. So I'm all about.
I'm all about helping my clients CMO with a cure. Yes.
So that's the initial part of the work and concurrent to that.

[16:28] They start naturally receiving clarity in their path. Right.
So I'm also teaching them how to tap into their own intuitive abilities because everyone has. There's the leaf blower not being in here.

[16:45] It's not too bad it's about to get a C or an intuitive ability. It was gonna be a leaf blower here.
No actually it was funny right when I started talking to you before we jumped online today I saw a guy outside and I thought to myself oh that's just perfect timing. That's great.

[17:04] So anyway so I then teach them how to tap into their own intuition because everybody has it.
But what happens is that especially in today's day and age right there's so much noise social media we're on the go all the time and it's so important to learn how to make that space for ourselves and to recognize.

[17:26] How we receive that guidance.

[17:29] And when you're able to tap into your higher self to tap into that instinct,
it brings massive confidence in decision making and being able to take decisive action in your life and so then from there I also help people with the more practical side of making our dreams come true right.
Is that you then take that vision and put that into actionable goals that will help you to manifest what you want.

[17:58] Well one of the things that fascinates me when I think about when I think about.
You know what you want or what you're doing in life is that beliefs are based on history they're based on your prior experience.
A lot a lot of times is is I have had this experience and I believe that I am X right.
And when you're when you like you mentioned when you when you quiet things down and you you can meditate and imagine the future and you can imagine something else.
I introduced my son to a sensory deprivation tank this weekend.

[18:35] So I went floating and it's and it's amazing to think and just be,
there with yourself you know and just take the moment to to kind of get centered and understand OK I can think different thoughts.

[18:54] I don't have to think about OK what's happening with this and that then you know everything around me I can just think about anything and or think about nothing.
And and and it's just that change in mindset of about OK what do I have to do what will have to be where do I have to go.
And then you just it's when it's quiet you have you can imagine different thoughts and you imagine different outcomes.
And it's just I don't know I'm still going through it every day. You know it's like a new day for me.

[19:24] So every day is a new day. Right. I mean I go through it too.
I mentioned earlier that I believe we're eternal students and I do I mean I love them.
Yeah. Everybody is on a unique journey and there is always a next level.
You know we're never time learning.

[19:45] No no I I. Well I've always been a student and you know I love learning new things.
And there's a balance because I was talking to some friends the other day and it's it's like OK is my education becoming a way of procrastinating against what I need to do when I actually need to do it.
And I think that there's there's two sides of that and I'd like I'd like to get your thoughts on it because one side you know people say you need to be passionate about it.

[20:14] And and if you're passionate about it in a in a healthy way you're looking at it as OK,
take the emotion away of it and add you know I'm going to stick to it I'm going to do this systematically I'm going to build systems around what I need to do in order to accomplish my longer term goal.

[20:34] And then the passion with the emotional side. Emotions go up and down.
So being neutral in your emotions and I think we talked about this with Karen Beattie is is when you're neutral in your emotions and you're still focused on your goal and you know what actions need to be taken.
To get to the next step I think it's it's,
it's beneficial for progress because you know if I don't if I get up and I don't feel like doing something that needs to be done in order to move me forward then I feel worse tomorrow because I didn't do it today right.
And so that can compound the problems you face in the future.
And I'm thinking OK if I just get very systematic about what I do and I'm passionate about the results I'm getting and I have to make progress every day and I go back and forth on this and I think about it a lot.
And I like systems to where I can say OK I need to do X Y and Z to get this done.
And then the other days I go I'm burned out. I want to take a break.
So it's like I don't know if there's a right answer or a process but I'd like your thoughts on that so,
we can be passionate about something and be inspired about something but still not feel like doing it. Sometimes.

[22:01] It requires discipline.

[22:06] So it's great to feel today. I know right your fear. There are no shortcuts. Okay. But even though.
It's like if you want to work you don't have to do the work right. Yes.

[22:19] I've learned this the hard way too. I'm so glad that you brought this up because this is a thing with a lot of people.
It does require discipline. We we can be passionate about what we're doing but have days that we don't feel like showing up.

[22:35] But we have to make ourselves show up.
And it can be very subtle because what's happening on those days that we don't feel motivated.
It is our smaller self right. Our old self that is trying to keep us playing small.
You know it's like it's it's fear and it can be fear of success right.
Or just fear of the unknown because if I take this step and start doing line videos or speaking events or whatever it is you know then.

[23:13] I don't really know what's going to happen you know. So what's the difference if I just wait one more day or sleep in an extra hour or do my first light video next week instead of this week.

[23:25] It's very subtle and then it creeps in and the next thing you know it's like six months later and I've not accomplished what you wanted.
So it is discipline.

[23:37] Yeah. And I think that's that's one of the things that I've discovered about myself in the last couple of years is.

[23:48] It doesn't require your time to create value.
If you think you can create value in a lot of different ways and it doesn't you know it's not necessarily like you have to punch a clock to create value.
You could create value in a lot of different ways and then also it's it's like self care.
You know you have to make sure that what you're doing is bringing joy because it's so much easier when you can enjoy what you're doing.
Along the way and producing results and you can see progress and even a little bit of progress it's like OK I didn't do what I needed to do today. However I did something to move me forward and I have gratitude for that.
You know I do every day when I wake up I have gratitude.
It's like I have gratitude for the lights on. I have the waters running. You know I've got people that love me and people that care.
And I have linked in and Jennifer's in a show and it's like. I have all the gratitude in the world. I'm serious.

[24:49] It's it's really it's yes. It's so important what you're saying. Gratitude is so important.

[24:55] And looking for evidence of progress I just had this conversation. I don't know if I was on a.
Oh no I was telling someone that's in a class I taught just the other night.

[25:07] Yeah you have to look for evidence of the process because it's the little steps that add up to to the big results.
And hey you know what. If you're not disciplined one day so what every day is I mean a every moment is a new moment.

[25:26] We have control over our thoughts emotions and our actions.
And it's never too late. We can always make a different decision.

[25:35] There is no textbook for the right way to live life. There is just your way.

[25:43] And that is the entire point of the pirate broadcast because I've been all over the map.
You know what it's like I have thousands of questions and one answer will trigger a thousand more. Right.

[25:57] And the whole point is is.
You know forgive yourself for the things that you don't do or do and have gratitude for the progress that you've made and make sure that you find.
I love that statement find evidence that you're making progress.
Look at that focus on that. Don't focus on what didn't happen.
Focus on what did happen and the things that you can do to improve who you are today compared to who you were yesterday.
And I think that's that's truly the gift that you can give yourself every day and you know it's just it's just amazing that we can be here on this platform,
sharing this with the Lincoln Community and doing something positive to bring somebody something that will trigger,
a smile once in a while.
Absolutely. That's when it's all about.
Yeah. So thank you Jennifer. I know I know our days are busy and you thank you so much for being here.
I truly appreciate you. And as we go out in the world and help other people get a hold of Jennifer on her LinkedIn profile reach out.
If you're not connected connect with her she's a gift and a blessing in the world.
And I just I truly appreciate you Jennifer and thank you so much again for being here and on the next pirate broadcast Ruby Ruby sharing someone else that's.

[27:26] Exciting and we'll share a new a new story a new something we'll be sharing something next time something good that's for something good.

[27:36] Russ I appreciate you and thank you for all the life that you bring to the world for doing this for just doing all that you do every day for your smiles.

[27:49] Well as you know I wrap up this all the time is kindness is cool smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

[27:59] You too. Thanks. Take care.

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