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​Russ Johns 0:29
Welcome to the pirate broadcast. And I just I think today needs to be no stress Thursday. Why? Because we don't want to stress about Thursday Do we? Who wants to stress about Thursday? Nobody So hey, it's, it's, it's a day for interesting people doing interesting things and we share people like that on the pirate broadcast today is no different because I got I got Rob Belisarius on the phone, and I got him on the horn. We got him on the video. And we're going to have in rock and roll rock and roll time today because I'm excited to talk about content. You know, every anybody that knows me knows I'm passionate about video and building systems to create things that you can actually put out into the world and share and we're sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn live. So if you are so inclined, I'd love to have you go. Head over there and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Since Rob's here, it's like you could join the show though. Wait till after the show, and then you can go over there. Join in. So Rob, good morning. How are you this fine day?

Rob Balasabas 1:43
I'm doing good. How are you Russ? Good to have good. I'm always used to just being a host. I said Good to have you here but good to be here as a guest for you know, every now and then it's nice to be a guest on someone else's show. So yeah, no good to be here. Bright and early. It's just that After 7am So, you're a machine doing this five days a week. So yeah, glad to be here honored to be a guest here. Thanks for having me.

Russ Johns 2:07
Oh, anytime, anytime is the honor is mine. And, you know, you I've been watching you. And you were down at Social Media Marketing World, you know, I'm like the stalker, you know. So you're the brand evangelist for to buddy, which I have an account, by the way.

Rob Balasabas 2:24

Russ Johns 2:25
And that's what I know I love the little, the little coupons or the certificates that I get the acknowledgments, and I'm really close to a couple of milestones. So if I can get a couple more subscribers, you know, just that little bit of growth every single day is just matter. That's what matters. So So what's what's it like being a brand evangelist for to buddy walk us through the scenario? Because I mean, you're doing a lot of interviews just like I am. So

Rob Balasabas 2:53
yeah, really. I mean, my job I guess if you boil it down, it's like, you know, it's really to show Shine and show showcase the amazing creators that are creating content on YouTube. But really, you know, even other platforms, you know, I do. I do a regular live show now for I think we're on our 15th episode in the last few weeks, just started about a few weeks ago, but a week after I started to, but again, really shining light, I'd love to have you on the show, but like really talking about, you know what it is like to be a content creator, it can be on YouTube, but I also talk to people that are creating content on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook Live, you know, just really like telling the story. So it's a little bit about strategy, but also just about like the story, why did you get started? What's your message, you know, all those things that I think a lot of core a lot of content creators don't get to talk about because they're too, they're focused on, you know, the content. They're delivering teaching people what they know, but they don't get to tell their story. And so that's what I really want to do is, you know, kind of build that environment. in that space to, to share people's story, because you know, behind the tutorial videos, there is their stories of people. And that's what I love to, you know, to get out of them.

Russ Johns 4:10
Yeah, it's fascinating to me because it's, you know, it's like how did you arrive at this location of being a content creator? And, you know, I guess my question would be is how, how did you plant the seed to be excited about creating content? And what's the what's the driver for you to get up in the morning and create content? I mean, what is it for Rob?

Rob Balasabas 4:36
Huh? Yeah, yeah, like, I think, you know, for for me, I think that everybody has a story. Everybody has a voice. Everybody has experiences. And all these things are unique, right? But they're unique, but they're all very similar and they're same. So, you know, we can relate to stories, right? Like, that's how a lot of things are passed down generation to generation stories. That's how people love to You know, any good speaker starts with stories, right? So, yeah, I love I love sharing stories. I love getting that out of people. That's what gets me excited for me with my work is to connect with people. So my job here as a brand evangelist, the two buddies really, it's a bit of a dream job. I tell people, it's a bit of a dream job because I get to build relationships with people, I get to meet amazing people like you and all these other creators all over the world. And, and that's my job is to is to build relationships, to obviously, tell them a little bit about to buddy but really build relationships with them, and then build a community around that and connect them with each other. So that's what I love to see when you know when we go to when I go to conferences, or events or even live streams that I see people connecting in the chats like right now you have a lot of people. I'm watching the chats here and you know, people are connecting with each other The chats, you know, things like that, I just love to see that happen. So that's what gets me excited each day, you know? And that's what I get up for.

Russ Johns 6:10
Yeah, you know, it's interesting because I really enjoy the idea of us connecting and kind of explained a little bit about you know, for those that are not totally invested in YouTube, or have an understanding of some of the tools that you can use on YouTube, let's make sure that we kind of give an explanation of what it is and what it can do because it's a it's a phenomenal tool. And as someone that has a YouTube channel and I've had YouTube channels over the years in and I've used to buddy tell us a little bit about what what's going on over to buddy and you know, evangelize the the platform a little bit or we make sure we get free. We use your time wisely.

Rob Balasabas 6:58
Yeah, yeah, no, that's that's all good. Like even even a lot of our live streams we, like 5% will mention to buddy But yeah, I appreciate that Russ. Yeah, so two buddies, essentially, we like to say like, it's your best friend when you're building your YouTube channel. It doesn't just do one thing really like it's theirs inside of two buddy, there's probably over 65 different tools for different things. You know, as a YouTuber, there's so many things that you need to, there's so many skills, there's so many things that you need to do to really get it right as to have a channel that grows you know, you have to, you know, find the right topics, but the right keywords, the description has to tie into your keyword. There's all this SEO stuff. There's thumbnails, and so we try to make that as easy as possible. So, we have tools in there for researching keywords. We have tools in there to make sure that your SEO is all lined up. So you're meaning that your title for your video is also metioned. And in your description, and so that YouTube can read that, that that's, that's lined up. And then you also have to have tags, right? So you have to have all these things.

Russ Johns 8:10
And tags haven't always been around. I mean, they're a fairly recent thing. And, and just for myself, I'd like to understand the difference between or the impact in when a tag or a keyword should be used. And it's like, I'm not really, I'm not really there yet. The level of understanding is, is really quite, you know, it's a it's a ways away.

Unknown Speaker 8:36
Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no, I totally, totally. And for me, too, you know, yeah, I'm learning. I'm learning as well. Yeah.

Russ Johns 8:44
we're all learning. That's the beauty of it, though. You know, the technology is evolving and the technology is changing and everything else is like I've been doing this webinar every night. This week, I got another webinar tonight. And one of the, the platforms that I'm a fan of Is his dub in a Reuben Tao I, I'm not sure if you know Ruben yet awesome individual. And I'm kind of a brand evangelist for dub. And unofficially, yeah, just because I like the platform. And so I've been teaching Sharon, a few details around the platform, and how you can actually use video to build relationships. And that's what YouTube is all about, you know, it's building a platform that you can share video, you can share a story, you can share useful information, and it's a search engine is the second largest search engine in the world next to Google. And it's really an incredibly powerful tool that a lot of people think well okay, it's too crowded. It's not gonna work for me because it's too crowded. And I'm, and I just, you know, I'm not chasing the numbers, as much as I want to build a body of content that people can go back to is

Rob Balasabas 9:59

Russ Johns 10:00
Tell my sister yesterday, it's like, I would like to have as much content, as Seth Godin has, you know, he's been posting blog posts every single day for, I don't know, decades. And it's just like, amazing. To me anyway.

Rob Balasabas 10:14
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it is, it's a full time job to be creating content, right. So it is, you know, and some of these guys, they're not doing it all by themselves. They have teams and teams of people that micro content and create micro content and all those things. So yeah, I mean, good for you. I mean, you're doing so much here. You know, you're doing this on a daily basis. It's amazing. I think also with YouTube, it's really important to also know that I mean, there's a guy I don't know if you know, this guy, Cody Warner. He's got he's got this hashtag and he's got an amazing community that's called no small creator, hashtag no small creator. And

Russ Johns 10:52
Ill have to check that out.

Rob Balasabas 10:53
Yeah, it's a great community, and I heard him speak at vid summit a couple years ago. And really Like really impacted me because there is really no small creator, right no matter what, like if you have five subscribers or you've got two people watching your live stream, you know there's no small creator because you're really putting yourself out there you know you are. It's not you're not small, you know, you're you're putting out a message and if you impact one person, then you're not small, you're doing such a big thing. So, I think numbers are great numbers are something you definitely have to pay attention to as a business, right? If, if YouTube is a vehicle or an avenue or a channel for your business, yes, you do have to, you know, you have to make sure you're growing Of course,

Russ Johns 11:35

Rob Balasabas 11:35
but it's not everything right. There's there's some really amazing channels there that have fantastic businesses behind them that have under 1000 subscribers because, you know, if they're selling a service, it's high ticket, so you know if they have one

Russ Johns 11:53

Rob Balasabas 11:53
or two people that contact them each month out of there from all of their videos. You know, that could lead to 510 $20,000 of business, right? So,

Russ Johns 12:04

Rob Balasabas 12:04
it really it really is not something like subscribers are one thing for sure. And you know, all that stuff. But, you know, it's it's not the only thing. So,

Russ Johns 12:14
like, I think what it is Rob, I think what it really is, for me as a, as a creator of any any level, right is how do I build a community around my ideas around my concepts and what I'm sharing because, you know, my, my, my initial ideas, pretty broad, interesting people doing interesting things. It's like, Hey, I can make I can I can make anything interesting for a minute, right? And so it's like, how do you build a community around an idea like that? And how do you build a community around a product or service or how do you build an idea are a community around anything. And it's really about putting yourself out there and doing the work and showing up and being consistent in my opinion. And there's so many wonderful people in this community and LinkedIn has been really amazing for me. And I just love it. And I just wanted to for all of those that are joining just now we're on the on the feed right now, I just want to I just want to share a bit of gratitude for you being here. Rob is an amazing individual. We've been bouncing back and forth Rob for a little while. And it just the timing finally worked out that we connected. Angie, thank you so much, Dian. Matthew. I had Matthew on a little while ago. I think Matthew Byron is here. Vicki O'Neill she's a she loves to buddy, by the way, so helpful. Thank you so much. Hey, hey, Vicki Latasha from Houston. Derrick Monroe from Atlanta. Awesome. Matthew says it shows that you love what you're doing both you I can see that. Well, thank you, Matthew. Appreciate that.

Rob Balasabas 14:12
thanks Matthew.

Russ Johns 14:13
Yeah, Gabriel's here. Gabriel is doing some interesting thing. He's really cranking out some content doing some, some interesting shows, testing and evaluating some stuff. Eric singer, Hey, how are you doing? And Roz and it's just and I know other people are on here and Martin's on here as well. So I mean, the thing about content creation Robin and I don't know, I don't know if you find because you create a lot of content as well. And and what do you find is the biggest challenge for yourself, personally, what's the biggest challenge you have?

Rob Balasabas 14:54
Yeah. Oh, man. The biggest challenges I think for me is, a picking what to talk about, like, I've got a Trello board, if I could show my screen, I would. But I've got a Trello board with all my ideas. And that's kind of how I keep track of my ideas. I've got them kind of column into different things. You know, like, this is a good idea for a YouTube channel for a YouTube video. This is a good idea for LinkedIn live, this would be a good guest for this topic. Like I've got so many ideas, and I'm sure if that's something you can, like, relate to let me know in the comments, I'd always I always want to know, I'm not the only one. But

Russ Johns 15:30
i would be next to scream

Rob Balasabas 15:32
Exactly. So the the picking one of the ideas and I think as a content creator, there's so many shiny objects, right? You know, as an entrepreneur as a business. There's so many shiny objects, especially in this day and age where we have so much at our like reach, you know, you can just like I want to do this, I want to do this but so picking up the topics that I want to talk about and create videos on each week is something I'm really trying to do better at Trying to. And it's a bit of a balance between what would my audience, my community want to hear from me about? And also what would what would do really well on YouTube? Right? What would the analytics and the keywords Tell me, YouTube wants to hear about to reach new subscribers, and it is a bit of a tricky thing. I have this conversation with a lot of like content creators, and it's one of those things where you just got to pick right,

Russ Johns 16:30

Rob Balasabas 16:30
and there is a way to do it so that you can still satisfy your existing, you know, subscribers, so like your your subscribers now, but also sort of test out other new topics. You know, I was just having this conversation yesterday. And you know, as long as it ties back into, you know what you're talking about. So, I had Dale L. Roberts, who does self publishing and so he wants to hear All about self publishing and his channel, but he's also a really brilliant marketer. And so he wanted to talk about email marketing. And so he just tied it together, you know, like how can email marketing help you as a self publisher to get your books out, and that sort of thing. So now he's attracting people that are interested in email marketing, that are not necessarily Self Publishers, but they they might want to be they want might want to publish their own books down the road, but they got hooked into his channel his content through, through email marketing as a topic. And then now they're going to hopefully see that he does self publishing and that they can reach out to him to help them publish their books, you know, that sort of thing. So, you know, it's one that's one and then also for me, it's editing. So I do all my own editing and

Russ Johns 17:49
I do a live show.

Rob Balasabas 17:50
Yeah, exactly. Zero editing, zero editing. Yeah. That's why I like live streams as well.

Russ Johns 17:58
i thought about this.

Rob Balasabas 18:01
thought about this already?

Russ Johns 18:03
Well, I've done a lot of editing and it's just like nothing that I really, to me. It's just, it's challenging. Because I mean, you can shoot an hour of you could shoot an hour and it could take you two or three hours to edit that. Yeah, yeah. No, unless you're really good. I mean, I've never it's always like, okay, does this right is the timing right? Is it? Is it this pic? Or is this pic?

Rob Balasabas 18:27
yeah, i know i know.

Russ Johns 18:27
Is it this you know,you know, and it's, and it's time consuming for me personally, um, people love editing. And it's just like, yes, hats off to you. Like,

Rob Balasabas 18:39
for me to know it takes forever takes forever. So that's, that's one of those things, you know, you want to do good quality. So I've I've tried to maybe just do less videos each week, but more time editing so that the quality is higher. So yeah, I would say breast Those are my two biggest and I want to say what's up to Matt, Matt. Matt, good to see you here. Me and Matt chat. He's a fellow Canadian as well. And I owe him an email. And I'm so sorry, Matt. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. But good to see you here. And also Gabe, I believe Gabe just joined us in my, in my Facebook community as well. So good to see Gabe, here such a small world, you know, you start seeing the same names and stuff.

Russ Johns 19:17

Rob Balasabas 19:17
That's cool.

Russ Johns 19:18
Well, and so tell us about your Facebook community. Where were you located?

Rob Balasabas 19:23
Oh yeah, yeah. So it's a content marketers cafe. It's a free Facebook group. You don't really we just talked about content marketing content creation. Yeah. So that's totally free. You know, we that's all we do. We just talk about content marketing. Right. Now. There's some other things out there, you know, with with the things that are happening in the world.

Russ Johns 19:43

Rob Balasabas 19:43
a lot of there's a lot

Russ Johns 19:45
of feature action, a lot of potential going elsewhere. I know. Yeah.

Rob Balasabas 19:48
Yeah, yeah . I know. And I mean, it doesn't impact you know, there's a there's a lot of let's just say there's a lot of, you know, speakers that are in the group. And so they're kind of sharing some of the struggles with what's happening. in the world right now, um, you know, so that's, but that's what it is for, you know, it's a, it's a community and although we are, we are sort of like tied together by content, you know, we're content creators. It's a community and there's people in there and they have and it's, it's, I mean, it's good that there's a place for that because I'm sure that it's hard for a lot of content creators, a lot of speakers a lot of professionals that speak for a living to find somebody in like in their real life, you know, in like, you know, in their city,

Russ Johns 20:04
but it's kind of isolating a time

Rob Balasabas 20:34
I can understand them. Yeah,

Russ Johns 20:35
of free Lancer or, you know, solopreneur, or independent entrepreneur. It's really challenging at times, and it's nice to be able to say, I'm not alone.

Rob Balasabas 20:46

Russ Johns 20:47
You know, when you're talking about all the ideas on your Trello board, it's like,

Rob Balasabas 20:50

Russ Johns 20:50
I get it, I totally get it. And focus is also important, and sometimes you need a reminder, and I've always been a fan of masterminds. So it's one of the things that It allows me to kind of Reel back in some of the distractions that take place. And I just I same thing I, I applaud your efforts on Facebook so I just created the pirate broadcast group and I have a pirate broadcast page. So as a pirate, you need to go over there and connect with us over there so we can actually talk about and then share some ideas for the content cafe. So is it the content creators cafe?

Rob Balasabas 21:30
Yeah, I think Angie just put the link in there. Thanks, Angie. Content Market Cafe Facebook group but yeah, yeah.

Russ Johns 21:36
oh, fantastic.

Rob Balasabas 21:37
And it's great, you know? Yeah, it's it is it is really hard it is kind of isolating if you don't have a community I have this conversation all the time. Because when I you know, in real life, it's really hard You know, if you're working so I've worked from home now. Completely remote. When I was at think if ik You know, there was an office like they're based here in Vancouver as well, but now that I'm with to Buddy to buddy is based in California, San Diego and Los Angeles. And so I'm the only Canadian I'm the only one up here in Vancouver. So fully remote. So even more so now I really find value in you know in an online community you know

Russ Johns 21:40

Rob Balasabas 22:13
in a community of like minded people and so that's really sort that's really why I've had the group for probably a couple years. But you know, really recently I've really started to be more active just

Russ Johns 22:30

Rob Balasabas 22:30
because you're, you're, you know, you're remote and you know, so yeah, so hopefully it's bringing value to a lot of people and it's good that you you know, he started a group as well. definitely gonna check that out.

Russ Johns 22:42
Well, it's it's the same thing you know, the pirate. My whole concept is I want to build a community and you know, community is around kindness and you know, kindness is cool smiles are free and, and the idea is that we all have an opportunity to help someone else out. We don't have an idea, you know, If I shine the light on you, you can help other people you know, other people find out about you, you can actually just be discovered a little bit in a different, you know, someone in the community could say, hey, Russ had Rob on and I want to find out more about Rob, like I know about Ross. But I want to find out about Rob and I just think, hey, if we can bring a little bit of encouragement and awareness in these communities, and it's it just it continued to grow, it will continue to grow. And you know, it's difficult because all of these platforms, you know, Twitter, I spend time on Twitter and Instagram and I took one of the feeds from Chris Moto, one of his stories and I didn't realize that Instagram had released IGTV limitation of 10 minutes stories. So I did all this editing and I cut it up into four sections, the episode, and you know, I put it in there and I made it kind of nice. So if you're on it, IGTV can go check it out. So I'll take, I think I'll take episodes now and put it on IGTV. And then I had a lot of requests for to go back and do my Two Minute Tips too. And I thought, well, IGTV might be a place to do that. So I don't know.

Rob Balasabas 24:14
Yeah, yeah.

Russ Johns 24:14
it's one of the things that, okay. And I love doing it. I just, you know, like I said, you get distracted with life and some of the other things that are going on and I'm really passionate about building the pirate broadcast. And I'm also passionate about building the pirate syndicate. And the pirate syndicate is you know, I built these systems out, you know, I don't know if you noticed, you know, you get notifications

Rob Balasabas 24:39

Russ Johns 24:39
you get, you got an invite to

Rob Balasabas 24:42

Russ Johns 24:42
MC access, scheduled time. All of these systems are done by my team. So I show up and do the show. Everything else

Rob Balasabas 24:51
yeah, yeah.

Russ Johns 24:51
is done. So it's, it's like I want to do that for other people and have an entire group of pirates broadcasting their own programs.

Rob Balasabas 25:00
I love it. I love it. Yeah.

Russ Johns 25:03
And then we can use YouTube in to buddy to figure out what the

Rob Balasabas 25:07
Yeah, what's that gonna look like? No, that's great. I mean, yeah. So from first put, like I, the whole experience to get on your show was super super seamless. Like I was looking for the link and I put Russ. And then right away Google, like Gmail already said link to pirate broadcasts, like even the title was perfect. It was easy. You know, even though I had multiple emails from you, there was one email with just the link.

Russ Johns 25:32

Rob Balasabas 25:32
I mean, it was Yeah, so it's definitely definitely helpful. So I think Yeah, so anybody that is going to be broadcasting live streaming, which Russ, I think this is like not to say that this is like a but I think there's going to be a lot more people that are going to be really gravitating to live streaming. I know virtual summits has like really spiked you know the number of conversations around. Okay, we can do online like we can do in person conferences. How about virtual summit's, you know. And so live streaming is kind of hand in hand with that, right? Like, there's a lot of speakers. There's lots of experts right now that are isolated, they can't go anywhere they can't travel. So how do they get out in front of their audience? Naturally, the first thing they're going to think about is video live streaming. So yeah, I think I think there's definitely if people are tuning in right now, you know, if you want to get a, you know, I don't know what your service or what that looks like. But yeah, it's definitely something that would be very helpful for a lot of people. You're using stream yard, which is, you know, my go to as well. Those guys actually got to hang out with Gage, like, manager.

Russ Johns 26:38
Yeah, I saw the picture. Danna Gage, are awesome individuals. That's, that's fantastic. So, yeah, and I use you know, I use a lot of tools and I'm a I've been beta tester for many tools. So it's really it's really an opportunity to get you know, us kind of a view and perspective into what's what's evolving.

Rob Balasabas 26:59
Yeah. Yeah,

Russ Johns 27:00
we enjoy it, so.

Rob Balasabas 27:02
many good tools. There's so many good tools out there. The other tools that I've, that I saw last week, and people are great you behind these tools, I met the guys from EA, Chem. Adrian,

Russ Johns 27:11
Oh, yeah.

Rob Balasabas 27:11
and we got there. Another great tool. And then I know also mark from switcher studios has actually they've got a great tool as well. So, you know, it's, it's hard to pick which

Russ Johns 27:21
I know.

Rob Balasabas 27:21
one to use them all, I guess. But just to know what's out there, but yeah, it's, but I think there's gonna be a lot more people live streaming. So you know, you're doing a good thing there, but putting them into a system.

Russ Johns 27:35
Well, and I'm teaching it to so I mean, I got a workshop coming up on the 19th at all. I'll be sharing the entire stack, the marketing stack that goes

Rob Balasabas 27:44
Oh, nice.

Russ Johns 27:44
along on our broadcast. So it's, it's one of those things that I enjoy doing it and it's it's valuable. It's a valuable opportunity. And I think the other thing that we're going to see coming up is a lot more companies, organizations You know, I tried to pitch this several years ago with podcasting, internal broadcast. And in for organization, you know, you get lots of employees, how do you how do you promote culture? How do you build community? And it's I think it's, I think live streaming is one of the opportunities that you can use that. If you could imagine somebody in the company, like a CEO, just jumping on Livestream and saying, hey, today, we got this going on, here's something that we need to know about. Here, be be aware of X, Y, and Z. And if you need some help talk to this person, this person, this person, and I think it'd be a huge opportunity to really get real time information out to the community in any organization. So I think I think we'll, at least if I have my way, we'll see that happening.

Rob Balasabas 28:45
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I think there's, there's gonna be there's more and more people working remotely just because they have to now

Russ Johns 28:52

Rob Balasabas 28:53
Right, So I think a lot of companies will need to learn how to get like you said, maintain culture and then also Communicate

Russ Johns 29:01

Rob Balasabas 29:01
what's happening. You know, I mean, a lot of a lot of tech companies do this already. And they're already used to, you know, calling in for stand up meetings and stuff like that, and using Skype or Google Hangouts and stuff like that. But I think a lot more traditional companies that are just new to this. Yeah, they're going to be looking for resources on how to do that, right, how to communicate that person.

Russ Johns 29:23
So I know we got to wrap up here, and I thank you so much for being here. Thank you, for all the guests Roz. Diana, Matthew, Byron, Angie, Angie's an admin in the Facebook group too. By the way, she's been on Facebook for years. And she's been really awesome to, to assist in the, my Facebook community. So give her a shout out when you get an opportunity. And also, I have a question.

Rob Balasabas 29:54

Russ Johns 29:55
So So Rob, what are you willing to walk the plank for today?

Rob Balasabas 30:03
What am I willing to lock a plank for today? What does that mean? i feel like,i feel like one of those pop quiz or dares or something, you know, what do we walk the plank for?

Russ Johns 30:16
Yeah, what's important to rob today?

Rob Balasabas 30:20
Uh, you know, you know what is really a truth be told, like, it's really I think family, for me, it's family, you know, this is really what I do. Like you do everything because of that. That's why I do what I do. You know, got a young family here. And that's really everything I do is geared towards that. So that's, that's me. That's me. You know, if you see any of my social media stuff outside of Facebook, my Instagram, you know, that's really family first for me. So, yeah, that's where that's where I'm at.

Russ Johns 30:53
Awesome. Awesome. Appreciate it. Thank you so much for being here. The pirate broadcast can be found on LinkedIn live, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter through Periscope. Also IGTV coming up, IGTV coming up. So pay attention, follow me on on some social platforms and podcasts. Now Rob is a special as a special bonus, this episode will be transcribed to a blog post, and also created as a podcast. So that'll be sent out shortly later in the day, and you'll get links to that so you can see the whole process.

Rob Balasabas 31:33
Awesome. Awesome. Yeah, definitely check it out. That's awesome. Well, thanks for having me, Russ. I mean, I've always I always see the notifications and I tune in every now and then because it is 7am every day. So I'm honored to have been part of it now. So yeah, definitely. Thank you so much, and I can't wait to have you on our show.

Russ Johns 31:51
Yeah, love to love to connect with you and get there. And also I'd love to learn a little bit more about to buddy and the platform of YouTube.

Rob Balasabas 32:00
Yeah, you bet

Russ Johns 32:01
that's fine and make it happen.

Rob Balasabas 32:03
you bet.

Russ Johns 32:03
You bail Tobin. Hello,

Rob Balasabas 32:06
Thanks everyone. Hey,

Russ Johns 32:09
take care of one.

Rob Balasabas 32:10
Thanks everyone.

Russ Johns 32:12
And remember, kindness is cool and smiles are free. So you enjoy the day.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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