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[0:00] We're here on the pirate broadcasts and we've got another episode of interesting things interesting people.
And today we got Rob Deford in,
and we're going to be talking a little bit about video and I want to make sure that you have a few questions out there and you're doing some things that,
if you're thinking or considering video you'll reach out to Rob get a zoom session go on and have you know Q and A him and find out if it's a good fit for you in your business and video.
So good morning Rob. How are you.

[0:33] I'm doing really well Russ how are you doing down there. I'm doing better on average because I think you're warmer than I am.
It's it's minus 15 in Calgary this morning.
I'm not Celsius for my American friends that's about four degrees.

[0:49] That's too damn cold for me. That's all I got to say.
Yes it is warmer here in Arizona. We do.
It's been storming and I woke up last night and I heard thunderstorms rolling through.
So which I kind of like that I kind of like the weather you know the transition in weather and so it's not so bad but you know it's,
I I I've spent winters in Canada before I spent a winter in Canada one one all I need.

[1:21] That's all I had was enough that was enough.

[1:24] However I was a ski bum for several years in Utah in the mounds of Utah.
So I know I'm okay with snow and I enjoy the snow.
But just the cold weather just know it's different in wherever you are. You get used to it.
That's that's why I've always been. So hopefully you get used to it.

[1:45] Is it normal normal for us of course and we love to ski as well so that that's the bright side of winter for us.

[1:51] Yeah absolutely absolutely. So tell us what you got going on.
You're you're doing some video training and you've got a few things happening in your world.
And just give us a snapshot of what you're doing.
What what isn't going on,
the kids you got family you got business you got you know you're running like the rest of us right. You're doing some good things.

[2:16] So absolutely. You know that the video businesses to be honest with you it's still relatively new.
I sort of came up with this idea almost a year ago now and I had been in the coaching space doing some leadership coaching and career transition coaching and things and enjoying that.
But thinking it was time for a change.

[2:40] You know I always encourage people to be proactively thinking about what's next and so I thought you know maybe I'd better be practicing what I'm preaching here.
It's a good idea. It's a good idea. It's a good idea. Absolutely.

[2:54] And you know this was something that I had sort of been watching what's been happening in the online space for some time.
I'd been doing some video around my my coaching business and and recognizing that you know people appreciated that,
and and looking at the digital space intimately linked in in particular. Right.
Because that's where I spend most of my social media time.

[3:22] And when you look at some of the statistics it's almost 600 million users.
I think it's 260 million roughly active users monthly active users.
Yeah but it's like one percent are creating content.

[3:37] And which blows my mind away. Because that's all I see in my feed.

[3:42] Yeah well Well yeah. And so you wonder about the potential out there for people who are lurkers right so to speak.
They're out there consuming all of our content and they.

[3:56] They maybe have a small business are there they're a consultant or a coach or something that could benefit from content marketing in essence,
and maybe some some video as a part of that because we know video is a powerful tool.
And so this this this to me was you know got the wheels turning,
and and thinking about my previous lives what feels like a previous previous life in broadcast because people oh some people know I started out in radio actually ten years ago I was in my early 20s.
And I was a radio news director and so I had a skill set.
I went to broadcast school and learned about radio and television and video and I thought you know what. Maybe there's a chance to repurpose some of this stuff. Yeah.

[4:47] Combine that with the 20 years of marketing and communications and coaching and other things I've done as well.
And and here we are with the Q for media today.
And helping helping other people get on camera is the hash.
Great get on camera get on camera helping people overcome that that initial fear because it's there people people are worried.
People are worried about how do I look how do I sound. People are going to judge me.
You know I'm not going to have the right kind of material I'm not going to have enough content to share all you I need a new camera. I need a new camera.
I'm afraid to press the red button right there I can't flip. I'm not gonna press the red button at all.

[5:31] That's what we were talking with Steve yesterday on the pirate broadcast was some people just need permission.
You know we were talking about it before the show started.
Sometimes we just need permission as a guide.
And that's that's kind of how I refer you to as this guy this Sherpa that can you know give you permission the authority you have the authority to go forward and do a video.
You can do this at once.
Once we realize that we have the ability the authority and the permission to go forward then it's just a matter of how how can we show up.
And I think authentically is the best way.
You know just be yourself and you'll have a conversation just like this. I mean this is.

[6:20] This is video and I mean it doesn't take a lot to set up.

[6:24] You know I'm just sitting here and you're sitting there and you know we're across the opposite sides of the continent and here here we are having a show and,
it allows us a much different opportunity to have a conversation than ever before in the history of mankind.
And humanity.

[6:46] Yeah it's tremendous as community ecology. I mean when I was in broadcast school we had a multimillion dollar studio to create a television show.

[6:56] We had engineers that we required to set things up and get all the connections made and make sure all the cables worked and everything.

[7:04] Yeah. Yeah. And you know everything was on tape in those days but.
But now I mean if you if you've got a smartphone you're good to go. Yeah.

[7:14] Your smartphone. And speaking of Smartphones I want to talk to Sims I want to acknowledge some smart people doing some wonderful things this morning as they're watching the pirate broadcast lives.

[7:26] Andy Jessica Laffey shit.

[7:30] Cheri Jordan Vicky all of you folks are just having an amazing day and I just want to acknowledge that they can extend the gratitude I have for you joining alive.

[7:42] And if you're unable to join live and you see this broadcast we're talking to Rob Deford and is it e q for media e q for yeah.

[7:53] Q four and you can find his page on Facebook at e q for media so go check him out go like his page go follow him and connect with him on LinkedIn as well because I think it's,
I think what we're talking about here is is utilizing video to your advantage and rob and I both have a little bit of experience and background and in broadcast and understand the complexity that it used to have,
and the simplicity that it currently has and I encourage you to start in video and creating content and sharing your gifts in your voice because.
Rob tell us why we want to share a voice tell us why. What's the motivation behind creating content and video.
Well it's your word.

[8:41] You know for me I think it is it's an opportunity to make a connection.
And I tell people make connections not commercials right.
And you and I come from a time where in business anyway the idea behind marketing and the drive behind marketing was to really push the product try to push the product push the service.
And and we've we've transitioned into this space now where inbound marketing so to speak has exploded and content is a big piece of that.
And people really aren't in a space where they need to,
have an opportunity to get to know who they're going to do business with or you know whatever the relationship is but get to know that person and have a chance to build a little bit of trust with that person,
over a period of time before you know at some point they they sign up to do business with you or they you know or whatever that turns out to be they they offer you an opportunity to talk about a job. Yeah.
Which is what LinkedIn started out. Right. Was was for years. So.
So this connection you can see me you can hear me right.
I'm not talking I'm not talking to a piece of equipment. I'm talking through this window here to you to the audience on the other side.

[10:03] However however if we walked into a lengthy local event inside each other across the room after we had.
Completed some video transactions right either on a zoom session or I broadcast or you broadcast or we we had a show like this together,
we would know each other we would have a connection immediately compared to other people that we've never seen before,
so I mean that's an incredibly powerful tool and I don't want people to lose sight of the fact that there is something familiar with your personality right out of the gate as you get on video.

[10:44] It's it's tremendous.

[10:46] I've got a client I'm working with right now who's just on his first session we're just doing one to one coaching and the first thing he said to me when we signed on on it was last Tuesday I feel like I know you,
know you've been broadcasting you you know you said a year and you've been doing these great videos if you haven't watched Rob's videos go back and watch some Rob and Rob's videos and,
in you know the insight that you have is I think very creative and helpful in it and it's valuable information. So thank you for putting it out there.

[11:21] Rob I just want to say that while I appreciate that I know I'm not I'm not a frequent poster like some people but I try to get out there a couple of times a week at least and I try to make it worth watching or listening to.

[11:33] Yeah I appreciate that. Yeah so walk us through some of the things that want to kind of go down a little different direction you know because one of the things that I think a lot of people struggle with.

[11:46] You know they get overwhelmed by the technology which somebody that comes from a background.
Working with tech it's it's less overwhelming however.

[12:04] You know streaming on LinkedIn is a little different animal than streaming on Facebook or streaming on YouTube because there there are some different tools that are required.
However on Facebook it's very easy to to stream life.
You know the app you already have you know if you have the app on your phone you just turn your phone on and put it up there and there's a lot of controversy.
Irv her preference I'm going to say not controversy there's a preference over vertical video or horizontal video.

[12:39] Mm hmm.

[12:40] And if you notice that or do you notice that at the feed in do you have any thoughts on that or a recommendations that we can use to,
improve video from our phone when we're just getting started.

[12:54] I mean do you have thoughts about that.

[12:57] I think it's hip to be square to be with. It would be square.
You heard it here folks. It's like Times Square but it's tough to do that on a on a smartphone right.
Smart with it. If you're starting out with your smartphone you're going to get a portrait or landscape. Yeah.
And and I think really the key is to think about the platform you're on. So you know if you're if you're putting something on IPTV for example on Instagram Well it that's me.
You want a vertical. Yeah yeah. All all vertical videos.
So otherwise Facebook Linked In.
I mean the big platforms really are the way they're set up they're quite friendly to either format but I like to go horizontal to boards on kind of guy.

[13:50] Yeah I just like that it captures more of the image.
So you know I talk to people about how you know the way people tend to start out at least is we're all just a talking head on the screen right.
And and that's one of the elements right.
It is our presence on screen but there are so many more elements that can enhance our video content.
And one of those is is imagery and by By filming in horizontal mode that landscape mode you can capture more of whatever is behind you and be thinking about what's behind you.
Yeah. You know is it imagery that can help you tell the story deliver the message that you're trying to deliver.
So for me that's that that would be my my reasoning to be to be shooting in that landscape format is to capture more of that image.

[14:44] We are seeing a lot more now that Instagram is with square format.
And also I've noticed that the formatting in in linked in you can actually.

[14:59] Use a square image in your Linked In profile in your feed and utilize a square feed and there's some applications that allow you to format it that way and you can fill up the feed.
And it does set you apart and I think that the the bigger question is because we're all unique.

[15:18] Like Vickie was saying you know we all have our own voice we have our unique individual experience and in your perspective.

[15:26] So if you can reflect any of that unique perspective or opportunity in in your feed you know and make it look a little different.
You know kind of snap attention to your to your video. It's you know it's better.
I think you know anything you can do to improve that is going to help you feed you know and actually you know as people are scrolling through you know the two seconds or the one second.
You know you one second you're gone kind of thing.

[15:59] And if you can be unique in the feed just as a thumbnail or anything like that I think it's it's going to be helpful.
However the video needs to format that way as as well as you're going through the video and it's I don't know I'm back and forth.

[16:13] I do like the square I think it's hip to be square although preference is horizontal right now. So that's my preference.
So what are their tips can you share with us that to get us to get newbie started out so.

[16:30] Well I think for newbies the trick is just getting started right and and getting over whatever that fear is or that obstacle that's that's been preventing you from getting started because there is this tremendous opportunity if you do start to create content,
to get your message out there and to start helping people to get to know and trust you a little bit,
you know talking about.

[16:55] You know some of the elements I guess of creating video as you grow once you get started.
You know it's it is imagery it is formats.
There are some technical aspects but for me you know ways to stand out imagery being a big part of it.
Timing vocal modulation. Right. All of these things that I think initially people don't really think about and,
as much as you know conversations like this come off naturally sometimes for people who haven't yet started it's a good idea to go back to those fundamentals.

[17:35] Yeah I. Yeah I guess I haven't thought about that for a while because I've been doing it for a while.

[17:43] Well if you think about it like this I use Instagram as an example quite often because if you're putting a video on on Instagram on your main page you've got a restriction of 60 seconds. Yeah.
So but you have a message to deliver. So how are you going to do that and confine it to 60 seconds or less.
And and so that's where you start thinking about some of the the elements more strategically how can I write my message in a way,
or if I'm gonna I'm going to speak just off the cuff how am I going to get my talking points out within that time frame and a lot of people I have trouble with timing in particular starting out.

[18:25] Really. Absolutely. And now tick tock is out you know a lot of people here are,
you know and it goes back to storytelling because I think storytelling is fundamentally the source of inspiration for anything we do to communicate. Right.

[18:45] There has to be. Like you say there has to be an intent there has to be a story talking points. And I just.

[18:52] When I was doing a lot of 2 minute tips. You know I always said two minute tips in ten minutes or less.
As a running joke because it's like OK I would have I would have an idea or a thought and I would expand on that thought.
The actual tip was very short. How are the expansion of that idea.
And talking about it sometimes took longer sometimes it took two minutes sometimes it took ten minutes.
It didn't really matter. I was expanding on an idea that I wanted to share and I think it is difficult and it is challenging sometimes to oil that down,
into very clear concise points and whether that's rehearsed in advance or off the cuff.
Either way it still has the end result has to be there 60 seconds for you know you go live video and you you run it for four hours doesn't you know you have to.
I think it has to do with intent on what your end product needs to be and what your message needs to be and how you're going to communicate it.
So all these elements are can be complex and that's when you contact Robin.
Work through those those ideas right.

[20:07] Well you know it's interesting you can work through these things and like learning anything new you know we go from this place of of conscious incompetence you know,
to to moving through a process where where it becomes you are really unconsciously competent at at at the end right.
Once you've had some practice so you know we start out by putting together maybe it's a script right.
And it feels very contrived but as you practice it's interesting to watch people sort of transition into this space where now I'm talking in soundbites and I'm not even thinking about it,
I'm able to fit my message into that 60 second restricted time frame.
If I have to and it just comes with understanding that this is these are the fundamentals and some practice and and it comes together.

[21:02] Yeah yeah. Well.

[21:09] I've seen I've seen so many people get in start and realize that it does take work.
It does take a lot of effort and it does take consistency and Vicki was saying she started under three minute tips and it just didn't have enough people on YouTube.
And yeah I mean it takes time to grow an audience and it does take effort and it's so discouraging when you've been doing it for months and months and months and nobody showing up.
So I think two things need to happen.
You need to have a why. It's like OK I'm not just broadcasting here just to Yeah. You know some people do it.
I did two minute tips kind of because it was therapy for me you know and it's therapeutic because just.

[21:58] Thinking out loud and capturing it in a digital format. To me is an exciting thing for the future.
You know half people in the future could see this or you know for my son and in what he's doing in his life and he can go back and say well look.
Look what Dad was doing. The fact that it was just to me it's a fascinating exercise in culture and what we're doing what we're doing to capture ourselves in digital.
This is the first generation of people that are going to be able to look back and see what you did see what took place.
And you know for generations to come potentially.
And to me that's that's that's fascinating because I've always been fascinated with stories and I've always been appreciative of stories.
And so I love the idea of capturing information from people that are doing interesting things. That's the whole point of the pirate broadcast.

[22:58] Connecting with interesting people doing interesting things. It's like it just fascinates me.
So that's a terrific tagline by the way. I love that.
Angie's mentioned that she goes that's a that's a great tagline. So yeah and I love it. And thank you everyone for joining in.
I truly do appreciate this. You know this is this for me is an exercise in highlighting other people around me and I believe that if you're going to help the people around you grow you know your life becomes richer.
And so if we can actually bring this community together in video and in storytelling and highlighting what others are doing like Rob it it just helps us out in.
And I just thank you for being here. I do. I do appreciate that. And Rob thank you for being here and sharing your gifts.
And in your message and what you're doing because.
It is appreciated. I know time is. Time is our most precious commodity so I want to respect that.
So absolutely. I appreciate it. Always enjoy chatting with your us so.

[24:05] So what's in the future Rob. What's what's going down the path for you. What.
Now that you've had a year kind of exercising adjusting and maneuvering through this process what excites you and what what do you see in the future that you want to bring to the table that we can look forward to.

[24:26] You know I think it's early enough in the business that I've kind of been heading down the runway a little bit and I'm just at the point of takeoff feeling like I'm just at the point of takeoff.
So so businesses is starting to grow doing a little bit more one to one coaching with people and things like that and working on interesting projects to,
just around production and putting together some some polished and packaged pieces for for some different businesses spending some time in the editing suite doing things like that. So that's fun too.
And and that right now the focus is just let's let's grow that business and see where it leads and and spend time with my family and meet all the other commitments that I have as well.

[25:21] Well there is that there is life on the outside it doesn't lengthen life outside of leaked it online media it is always a challenge.
Times is like literally some days I feel like it gets been all day I'm linked an hour.

[25:38] It doesn't happen. It's a time warp. It's a time warp.

[25:42] Yeah it is.

[25:45] You know you do have to monitor what you're doing in there because,
I mean I I have built some truly amazing relationships on LinkedIn and as a result of making connections and,
and you know I can say I actually have friends all over the world that I can you know if I were in the city or the country,
I could connect with them.
And I'm sure that we could sit down have a meal or a beverage of some sort and sit down and have a very long conversation because we feel like we know each other at some level.
And to me that's just an amazing piece of you know what we're doing in life. And it's just.
And I just love the fact that we can do that and we can benefit from that. So.

[26:34] I'm with you. I mean that's that's the key right. Is being able to take these conversations off line and and and do things like this school is truly its truly relationship based.

[26:46] And the whole point of video for me is it accelerates the opportunity to have a conversation.

[26:51] And I have a system that I can actually connect and you know the pirate broadcast is booked all the way through November.
And so you know I book in December now and that's a lot of interesting people to me.
And I continue to thrive in that environment but I'm doing some other projects.
I got plenty of work and everything going on in life. And it all takes place.
However the beautiful thing about this though Rob is the fact that we can actually learn something from a lot of different people in a lot different perspectives.
And those nuggets of knowledge that we pick up we can put in our tool box and carry away and do it for our audience.
And I think for yourself there's a big there's a big opportunity in a couple of areas when it comes to videos highlighting business owners in their business and what they're doing and telling their story their backstory of why they started a business,
that can be a really storytelling opportunity that business owners need to think about or consider.
And then you know because social media or social media you could break that up and cut it into you could slice it up into different.

[28:02] Platforms tell the story and in highlight that business in a number of different ways.
And then the other one is internal to corporations and I started I started,
doing this years ago with podcasts and doing internal podcasts for businesses large organizations that,
could tell other people about what jobs were available internal to the company.

[28:32] So it's almost like an internal radio station.

[28:37] And because there's a lot of other people you know when you think of a large company any large company that has over you know a few thousand ten thousand employees there's a lot of jobs in those organizations that are completely on,
the nobody's aware of them.

[28:54] So it's like if I knew about this job and I might be interested in it I might learn more about it and I could transfer to a new job because I'm really not doing what I want to do right now.

[29:04] However there are unaware of those jobs. And so anyway I just a couple of thoughts for your video.

[29:11] I think there's so much opportunity. You know things like that that you may never even think about on your own.
But I mean there's so many potential applications. I think the the opportunities are wide open.

[29:28] Very wide open or we're going to wrap it up.

[29:31] And I just want to highlight Seth Vicki Sherry.
Everybody Angie everybody that joined in.

[29:40] And everybody that's you know hasn't commented we've got a lot of people that are doing some amazing things online.
And if you find somebody you're you are you come across somebody that you feel would be valuable on umpire broadcast you know send them my way.
I'd love to learn about new people doing interesting interesting people doing interesting things and also follow the pirate hashtag pirate broadcast.
And Rob what's your what's your hashtag that you're working with now.

[30:14] Well hashtag get on camera is what you get on camera. You know you can use that for sure.

[30:20] And also if you want to get a hold of Rob you can actually connect with him on Facebook HQ for media and then as Rob Deford on LinkedIn.
So thank you so much Rob for being here. I appreciate you and all the things that you're doing to help people get on video because I'm a fan of video.

[30:41] We have that in common.

[30:43] RUSS Hey thank you have a fabulous day. Wonderful week.
And kindness is cool smiles are free and you enjoy the day.

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