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[0:03] We're live on the pirate broadcast. It's another week of interesting people doing interesting things.
And I want to share some of the gifts that people have and some of the stories and some of the challenges and how they overcome and all of the things that you can do as an entrepreneur as a individual as a business owner.
Some of the things that we're doing in this online crazy world that we we call social media and the digital world that we live in now.
And one of the things that is important is getting your message out getting your your media out building stories and making sure that you have an opportunity to share this stuff out.
And one of the people I admire here to bring to the top of the list here is is Rodrigo Martinez.
And in some of the things that he's done and some of the gifts he's brought.
And I wanted to bring him back on the show because he was an early adopter. He was one of the people that said I'll do this.
I'll help you Russ and all the gratitude in the world.
Rodrigo for being here again second time and wrote Real Love Do This In true pirates fashion and bring you to the table and thank you so much for being here. How are you today.

[1:20] I'm great. It's a pleasure to be on your show and support you. You know I'm a mom.
I'm a big fan of everything you do and.
I really like your voice. I don't know why I have this. Thanks for your voice Adam. It's like so intense that I gets the message across and.
I. I got I got kind of hooked on your voice so I don't know.

[1:44] Oh thank you so much for that. And you know you know the one thing that we want to make sure that we do is acknowledge some of the people that are out there doing good work. There are so many people doing good work.
And you've helped help so many others out there.
And if you're here today I want to thank you all the gratitude in the world.
And one thing that I wanted to make sure that we covered early in maybe maybe early and then maybe again after some of the people,
have joined Don and some other people may be watching the replay I don't know is is there's there's a lot of challenge in Australia right now with with,
the fires Rodrigo we're talking about it.
And I know that there's some people on linked in that have been sharing this information and maybe maybe maybe you could share how they're sharing this information in and present this to the world because,
I think it's important for us to understand that.

[2:47] You know people out there. We all go through challenges.
We all go through all our difficulties and your ups and downs in this life.
You know let's just experience that and understand what is taken us what lesson it's giving us.
However when a natural disaster takes place it's really fundamentally.
You know it displaces people in their homes all of the livestock and animals that are affected.
All of these things resources are destroyed and there's a lot of major challenges.
And you were sharing before the call that a team of had,
had put an FBI board up and wanted to see if you could share that again and let people know that there are resources out there that they can contribute to help. Yeah.
The problem this whole situation is.

[3:41] Devastating. Right. And it's unprecedented.

[3:46] In Australian and maybe probably probably in the world at the level of devastation especially wildlife and obviously more importantly human life.
You know for us we're not there. So it's kind of hard to.
To understand everything that's going on there and we just try to help.
In any way we can. So I do have some some friends in Australia.
Some of them are you know.
Big on LinkedIn like tmr.

[4:21] Ahmad and others. And I noticed.
I think this was yesterday. Yeah I noticed that they started raising awareness.
I had a video on on one of our posts. I also did a video and I saw them sharing these these links in the comments right to donate there.
There was a couple of sources. You know the Salvation Army Red Cross and I think the quoll a hospital and a couple other links there.
Fire fire brigades all the.
And you know I know how it's sometimes it's difficult to go through these comments even even you know when you get a certain amount of comments it can get a bit sluggish.
Yeah just to go through that.

[5:07] It's a challenge period.

[5:09] Yeah. Yeah. I mean if you've got four or five comments and you share a link there that's OK. But you know these are.
Both team I've met they have a huge following and they get a lot of engagement.
So you know I was kind of during that and so why not.
Why not just bundle all those links in with our products are smart lists. You know obviously it is a use case for us.
But also go beyond that. So I didn't I didn't want to you know just bundle the links and hey look it up why I know that's.

[5:43] Cause the tool is being used but.

[5:46] I wanted to go beyond that and in fact what I'm going to show you in a bit is currently on our homepage which gets some decent traffic.
So there's people looking at that you know every hour every minute on a daily basis and hopefully that drives traffic. But let me let me just dive in here and show.
Folks here what it is.

[6:10] So here's a screen where you look at that I want to just give a shout out to a few people.
Vickie O'Neal there's a video. It sounds like there's some feedback on my voice too.

[6:27] I hear you perfectly by the way. OK.
We'll see how. This goes.

[6:36] Vicky Gabriel Sherry. Jennifer. Angie. Nick.
Krish Hey Nick. Good morning.

[6:51] This is.

[6:53] Is amazing what Rodriguez is doing and I just want to dive into this a little bit but I wanted to acknowledge this stuff because,
team has done such a great job in building a community only thing that she sharing it so she actually put this inner inner.

[7:11] Is this Twitter or Instagram.

[7:14] This is our Instagram. So you're seeing my screen right after seeing me. This is her Instagram. So if anybody wants to follow its underscore team up the hash. I think that's how you pronounce it.
And yes she put this smart list on her.
That's the only place in your in your Instagram bio where you can actually put a link is here.
So she put the smart list here. If you click on it this is what you're going to see obviously on on on mobile you're going to see a single column.
But you know I thought it would be because they both were sharing all these links so I thought it would be adequate to also. Include.
You know there. This one here. This is. This first content card. Here is.
Is a snippet. With it with the full video of teams post where she was raising awareness and Ahmad Humam also included his video here because I thought it would be you know.
He did another one. Yeah he did another one.

[8:18] So you know fair to Matt Cruz did alive on it yesterday on online. So yes.

[8:24] And then if you just scroll down here you'll see all all these different content cards. They will they point to.
Two different. To to the links they were actually including in their post right. So if you if you click on for example support your local brigade and you click on that.
It will take you directly to the to the page. So it acts. It acts as a.
Kind of like an index or like a. Like like an interactive bookmark because you know you can.

[8:56] You can watch the video is embedded here as you can see.

[9:00] Yeah I know and I want to let people know that how important this is because it's really it's really important to understand that when you have a cause or you have a product or you have,
a group of you know a collection of ideas,
or information that you want to share in a in a single place like FBI I got to know is it is a,
phenomenal way to do this. I mean this is the quickest way I know.
In fact I use it for myself for my own resources. If I see a link that I want I'm going to collect and save.

[9:38] I just drop it in my my my f why I got teal resources page and then I could just go to one page and then I say Oh what what was that one thing I did and one thing only that I want to learn and then I go back to that.

[9:52] Same thing with this now. Now that there's that link you can actually share that link out several different locations right. Yeah.
And then we can actually have that at that broadcast and we can extend that message out to help help Australia buyers.

[10:13] Yeah. This is this is our home page and I'm just mentioning this because I'm just showing this because I mentioned that.
You know I wanted to go the extra mile and put that smart list here in our.
On our home page so hopefully you know people are looking at this and you know compelled to click in.
And if they can find one of.
The organizations they want to support it too it just makes it easy.
But but the real the real people that are making a difference you know I just I just copy and paste a couple of links right there real people are our guys.
Guys like Ahmad and FEMA.
And so many others that have been sharing using social media you know they have far greater reach than than I do and.
They're the ones that are actually in Australia going through this process.
And I just wanted to support them so I'm glad it worked. This this has gotten.
A tremendous amount of like almost like 500 link clicks on on on this smart list.
So hopefully you know even even a small conversion of that.
Can benefit so.

[11:26] Well every little bit helps. Right. Exactly. Yeah.

[11:29] Yeah. Well let's shift gears a little bit here Rodrigo because I think it's important for us to understand some of the things and I am getting old and I am getting a little bit of.

[11:44] I want to take a moment here. I just want to make sure that I'm on the right thing here.

[11:52] All right then not sure where I'm getting this.

[11:57] Are you seeing me I'm hearing me.

[11:59] Yeah I can hear you. I can hear you. You're a little bit low in the volume.

[12:03] I can I can speak I can speak louder maybe bring this closer here. Yeah it's better. Yeah yeah.

[12:11] Is that wrong. Is that OK. Yeah I can ask you perfectly says the crew. Can you hear me OK you hear me now OK.

[12:22] Kerry. What is this sound like now. Can you hear me now.

[12:29] Anyway Anyway my point is is that there's people in need.
There's some amazing destructive forces taking place in Australia.

[12:42] If anything you can do to help out and contribute or share the message would be would be worthwhile. Thank you so much.
What I'll do is I'll I'll share that on my stream as well. Rodrigo. And we can get that out there.

[12:57] It's a single link. Yeah.

[12:59] All those all those links you can maybe maybe out you can paste it in the comments if people want to share that or.

[13:08] Yeah. Now here's a pet peeve of mine not a pet peeve. I'm not gonna put that out there.
We're on LinkedIn. We're on LinkedIn live because this is where the majority of my community hangs out.
However we're also stream into Facebook YouTube and pop Periscope.
So you know across other platforms have the opportunity to drop in the comments right.
LinkedIn has yet to roll that out. So LinkedIn if you're listening.

[13:40] Okay. Bring on the comments please. Though it's good.
Ed this is one of the things that I want to transition to is is you know as an entrepreneur we we have these visions of where we want to go.

[13:57] And it's very seldom a straight line. And there's always an opportunity to OK you have a challenge.
And then you have you have to figure out how to get around that you know.
And that's one of the things that we talked about last time Rodrigo is OK.
We had something we had an idea we wanted to do something else.
And there's always a challenge. What what what can you leave with the audience here today with the people that are watching about some of the things that you've learned along your journey about being an entrepreneur and having that,
faith that everything's gonna work out.
Because I like my sister always always you know she's like It's like he's the one that keeps me in check.

[14:42] What do you do. It'll all work out. What I like. I like that you use the word faith because.
You know entrepreneurship is an exercise in faith right.
Oh and faith is a conviction right a conviction of things hoped for so you need to have that conviction right.
You need to. I think if you if you start off with I don't know if this is going to work or not.
Well maybe should I you know you're already kind of.

[15:16] Shortchanging yourself right. Yes. You know you're already short so you're not in it you're not in it. So I think.
But there's a there's a trick here right. There's a trick which is.
Yeah maybe your idea is not. The idea that's going to work out.
So how can you still be. How can you still have faith.
And conviction of hope.
If there is a true risk that your idea might not work out. So. I like I like to.
Swap the idea for the ultimate outcome right which is in becoming a successful entrepreneur,
because you've built you know a multimillion dollar business and it's bringing you all the revenues and profits and dividends and whatever or for some of us you know.
Ultimate entrepreneurship success is having created something so meaningful so valuable so impactful in the market that someone else came and acquired your company.
Right. So whatever whatever whatever scenario you envision.

[16:23] As success for your your your your entrepreneurial push so to speak.
Right. If you focus on the outcome resulting of that success.
Which which ultimately impacts your lifestyle right. Yes if you become if you if you sell a.
8 figure plus company that's that's tremendous impact that you can have personally right if you sell a nine figure company even more. Right.
So if you if you have faith in hope and conviction of the outcome.
Yes I will make my. Dreams come true. Yes I want to be empowered beyond.
Measure to be able to you know. Because I'm kind of like my personal desires are to see a problem situation.
OK. How much how much do you need to feed these kids or how much do you need to rebuild that or how much is it.
Ten thousand dollar check. Is it one hundred thousand objects just being able to write those checks to me is I considered a blessing right.
So if you if you focus and have faith.

[17:33] Conviction and things hoped for in the outcome rather than in your idea. Then.

[17:41] Your odds of success. Success. In itself are higher because you can always find a different idea.
Or a. Version of your current idea.
You can pivot. So I would I would rather I would I see a lot I see a lot of entrepreneurs in love with their idea.
I draw. I personally think they have to be in love with the outcome of an idea becoming successful because then then then you know you what are you can you.
You can you can find things you can achieve that goal. Especially especially if you start by choosing the right idea to pursue.
There is a strategy to do that and also well with the right team.
So you know the right team pursuing the right idea.

[18:37] With faith in in the outcome of the idea. This this goes back to ambition right. Yeah.
Ultimately what is what is your personal ambition what where do you see yourself in five years time in ten years time what kind of what kind of life do you want to provide for yourself or your family.
What kind of impact do you want to create in your community and so forth.
You know it has everything has to start from there. The Entrepreneurial Success Is this truly a mindset thing.
So you've got you've got to get to the root to the bottom of where it all starts. It starts with our own personal dreams and desires.

[19:13] You unpack that a little bit because you bring up several good points as is.
Rather than focusing in on the the goal of the big idea if you focus on the outcome and then get started because success is a very personal thing.
Personal successes you know it could be good.
How many people can I help. How many people you know what kind of flexibility can I haven't lived my life.
What value can I bring. You know there's lots of different dimensions.

[19:43] Are my parents right. That's that going to be success. What can I do for my parents. Yeah yeah I'll be back. That is a personal success for someone of course.

[19:52] Yeah. And so. So what are the things I noticed is if you get too absorbed in the eye the the the product.
You know you may put the product out there and it may not do exactly.
You may not get the response that you anticipated and you can as long as you're moving forward with the results so it's a lot much easier because then you then you can change the product.
You can adjust the goals you can just the audience you can move around in that range as long as the goal is like oh I want to help million people or I want to be able to you know,
take care of my parents whatever that happens to be.
The path is not a straight line. You may have a couple of adjustments along the way you may have to adjust your product you may have to adjust your audience may have to adjust your message.
All of these take place along the journey but until you start with an intention of an outcome you're never going to get there right.

[20:53] Yeah it's going. If you if you don't start with the outcome it's gonna be harder than you might you might still get there but it's gonna be way harder. The.
And I think entrepreneurship is a lot about.

[21:07] Connecting these dots these resources. So you know I think the dream is unlimited right.
We deal on Musk talking about taking people to Mars right.
So I mean that pretty much is a very unlimited dream right.

[21:24] So much about big ideas. Yes. Talk about big ideas so that the dream that the dream is not.

[21:32] I mean you can really dream big. Then there's the reality of your resources.
And when I talk about resources is not just money but your network the people you can because ultimately you will want to build a team around yourself right.
Yeah with yourself. But it's better because everyone's important the team.
But so sometimes sometimes your circumstances can be.
More favorable sometimes you relocated to another continent and you know no one so.
Your chances of reaching out to people are you are different from originally where you were.
So it's it's almost like solving this complex.
Puzzle. You know like oh I don't know how many dimensions puzzle and solving it along the way.

[22:21] And figuring out. But look if you if you.
You know dream. 10000 and you reach 5000 that's still success then.
In my world that's still success. I've seen entrepreneurs back in Brazil back in the days you know ambition is good. Greed not good. Yeah yeah.
Sometimes you know and every every every venture is a risk. How do you how do you.
How do you solve the risk problem you exit the risk right. Yeah. You pass on the risk to someone with more resources.
Bigger warchest or bigger whatever to.
To carry on the risk. So ultimately you know you.
You wanna you wanna exit the risk and that's how you.
That's how you you not only get the reward but you solve that problem of risk. Yeah.

[23:17] So it's it's it's a game. I like it. It's it's a very complex game but there are shortcuts.
Well I think there's a couple of shortcuts you can you can to make to expedite the process.

[23:33] Well I think I think surrounding yourself with people that have more experience than you is is one of them.
One of the solutions you can work with right. Right.
Surround yourself with people that want to see you win to want to see you succeed and and want to encourage you to to you know be the best that you can be.
I think a lot of people people in my experience periods the there's a limitation in their beliefs because they're their beliefs come from from our mind and our histories.

[24:08] Right. Right. That's why faith is so important.
It's like it's like I jumped into the unknown and I don't know where this is going to go. I just have.

[24:17] And I just haven't intentions and an outcome on a purpose purpose,
driven driven outcome here here and I need to make sure that I understand and that along this road there is going to be challenges there's going to be going to be things I'm going to have to adjust to and I need others in my world,
to help me understand what's around the corner right. Right.

[24:38] Yeah. Or that missing gear is going to show up somewhere somehow. You know.
And it's happened all. You know we look at entrepreneurship and.
A lot of it is you know glamorous around the fundraising thing which which is something that you know to put it bluntly really pisses me off because it's so deceptive.
Right you see you see the media even some prominent people you know just I mean of course congratulations you.
And I'm paraphrasing here.
This really really clever entrepreneur friend from India.
When I when I remember his name. I'll drop it in the comments later. But most importantly he said you know it's like yeah.
The guy raised fun so he has he went to the market and bought vegetables.
That doesn't mean he's prepared a dish right. So like celebrating fundraising as success is like congratulating the chef because he he went to the market and got some vegetables.

[25:38] You know that's all that's part of the art.

[25:40] It's only part of it. So. So there are so many so many things out there that kind of. Deviate.
I think at the end of the day you're either doing things that you're either doing things or you're either.
How do you say subjecting yourself or allowing yourself.
To things that will either increase your odds of success. Or decrease your odds of success.
You know there is no there is no world worldly guarantee of success.

[26:13] There are no guarantees in life at your age. But what.
There are things we can do that can increase our odds and things we can do that that will decrease decrease or not.
All along all along the journey I like to call this journey.
The three C's. So conception.

[26:33] Creation and closing the deal right. Yeah.

[26:37] I think I mean I think the things you can do there.

[26:40] I think this mindset is that it is almost a lifestyle. You know it's the way you think about life.
It's like Okay what did I learn from this experience. Good or bad bad.
And what can I take. Take forward with me. Me either educate others around me me or assist in my my my outcomes in the future. Right. Right.
And if you like yourself. You've had several successes in life life and you know defined as success. Yes. Yeah.
Profitable business. You know you've grown a business from nothing to something thing and then you've had said that so you understand what the outcome could be potentially.
But when you start a brand new adventure you're especially like what you're doing with the FBI IPO.
There's still an unknown. Right. Right. I mean there's some things that you can use and there's some principles that you can apply that you know have worked in the past.
However remember is the market it is the media.
Is everything going to fall into place and push together.
You have you have to believe you have three of you know you have to inherently understand that OK I will do everything like we said you have to be all it.

[27:56] You have to jump into that and say that's that. That's the key that that is the key.
All in all in you not.
You it's a calculated all in right. You need to.
You need you need to take that leap of faith and land. And that's also personal. How. What is all in right.
Are you going to invest for your your kids saving in this venture are you going to invest your savings.
What kind of level of risk are you willing to take.
But you know all all successful entrepreneurs they they at some point they went all in right. They.

[28:35] Forgot their social life. Maybe that was the price they paid.
Maybe they went into debt. Maybe they they maybe they even paid a higher price relationships. I don't know.
All kinds of things. But ultimately you know that's what that's why I'm a big fan of of.
Encouraging people to succeed not to fail because I mean if you're gonna if you're gonna if you're going to pay such a high price it has to be worth it. Right.
So yeah that's.

[29:06] Well your point because because,
I've had a lot of different experiences.

[29:14] I'm not turned down successful by business deposition.
However the audience that I went through was priceless.

[29:23] You know the education that they had was priceless because I learned much about myself.
I learned so much about the process that much about the business.
And that that brings value from my life in a way where you know you know reading a book or watching youtube video or you know it's much much because you're in the deep end of the pool.
You're simply going to Switzerland and all of a sudden you have that experience. It's it's it's massive.
And I just I just encourage people if you have an idea you have a belief.
And you have an outcome working toward or you have to go all in and have the faith and belief in your ability to. And what would happen next next.
Finding people like Rodrigo to make sure that there's a mentorship You know accountability a peer group group you know mastermind that you draw on math guides and some of those elements may help you along the way.
Go get a coach. Coach is somebody who's done it a few times.
And you know make sure they can help you along the way.
So any other sage advice I can share with us today as we wrap the. Go. Rodrigo.

[30:44] Keep on keep on tuning into pirate broadcasts. Right. You're bringing some great people.
Let's let's. Let's learn from their successes. Let's learn also from from potential failures the experience. I like to call that experiences because you know if you only fail if you give up right. If you give up.
That's when you fail even if you never give up even a failure becomes an experience learning so don't give up don't give up on the outcome.
Maybe adjust your how you're going to get there.
Reach out to two people with more experience. I think if you have a burning desire to achieve that outcome your brain just gets way more aware and mindful of all these dots that are floating around us.
And you know maybe you can pick up some good signals there to kind of guide you in what opportunity you should be pursuing so you can never give up on the outcome.
Be prepared to adjust along the way and whatever you do just keep moving forward.
That's that's kind of the story of my life actually. Yes.
I've been moving forward sometimes. Sometimes I've dragged myself forward like all my dragging but I just keep moving forward.

[32:04] Yeah yeah progress every single day. Does it bring it then the other day that I love to reflect on.
Is this brings me joy. You know the people that are more and more the things that I'm doing with the effort I'm making is this is just because not everything is enjoyable joy,
so we have we have we have to understand there's bumps along the road.
And also the fact that you know ultimately it's like it's like is this encouraging myself to do better.
Am I encouraging do what needs to be done. You know what the outcome and. It's a huge mind.
It's a huge mindset mindset and it's a shift.
Different than being an employee or structure. So that's it.

[32:57] Rodrigo. Pleasure. I'm honored by the fact that we know each other.
And I always applaud your efforts in and support your initiative. I love what I'm doing.
And I just want to make sure that people understand and know that connect with Rodriguez unlinked it.
He's out there. There also go sign up for every way I know it's making your own private collection.
You know this is a platform that makes it easier for instance in a lot of database and we list them all here. We had time.
And so I think I think go out and do what you can't you can't.
We're in Australia chairing the method mesh during the smart.
Share with your audience it's unity so we can actually help these people that are in dire dire need of assistance.
You know we went through this California too.
I mean I mean California was on fire hire and it was devastating and a lot of lost lives like all the homes and everything else built.
This is this is like an American student multiple times.
And so it's no it's true devastation.

[34:13] I don't know. I just took his prayers out to everyone in Australia.
They're doing it and hopefully this lens to share with your body share with immunity.
And it's all next. I know you know Rodrigo. Anything else you to need. Last word words. What's that.

[34:32] I think I agree with you. You know people every little effort helps.
You know share that smart list or even keep people to post where they're you know bringing awareness. We just we share it.
Yeah yeah let's raise awareness and then from the numbers you know you need big numbers eventually there's conversions people will support and everything helps.

[34:55] Yeah. Yeah. And I just want to also recognize the fan and she gladly.

[35:03] De nada.

[35:05] Much Jennifer for all of the people between them today Rodrigo Martin is just an awesome rock star.
He is an amazing individual that always has been.
And I'd love his word individual. Interesting. Interesting thing.
I apologize. I do hear echoes. I'll be working on that. Tomorrow's episode.
But until then. And you know no kindness is cool Miles or bravery.

[35:36] And you enjoy the day. Day. Thanks for ordering you under you. Thank you.

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