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We live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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[0:03] And we're live we're alive and I'm sharing a screen let's share the screen.
Hey everyone is by your broadcast and I'm Ross Johns and I want to. Let's let's. Let me get back in here.

[0:21] There you go.

[0:24] Back in Arizona today and I wanted to do a highlight show because,
I like I get so many questions on the side you know I know it's difficult on an on the show to interact on length in local or linked in live as as the show is going on with a guest,
and I get a lot of questions on the side about what and how do I do this process.

[0:52] And you know video is so incredibly powerful. And I've been doing you know teaching training,
technology for years and so this process even though I'm not you know I don't know everything I know a few things.

[1:13] And so I've developed these systems over years and in years you know kind of testing evaluating and understanding some of the things that could connect.
And right now you have the best opportunity in the world to get onboard,
understand what LinkedIn can do understand what YouTube and Facebook and Twitter and to even ticktock all these platforms have a unique personality.
And as a brand or an individual that wants to share a gift you have an opportunity to get out there and do this thing called video.
You have an opportunity to get online and you know understand what what it means to be able to connect with individuals you know connected with some amazing individuals in the last I don't know several years.
And more now on the pirate broadcast. I mean it's amazing to me how many people actually engage in and connect and also you know just engage.

[2:19] And not say anything not even ask any questions they're just they're just hanging out. And I had a gentleman yesterday's John.

[2:27] John. You know he. He suggested hey sometimes I.
I. I see you before I see my girlfriend. It's like Oh that's good or bad. But I appreciate that thank you so much.
And that's the thing that we have an opportunity to do is is take video and take some of these things out and,
understand what it is that we want to share and produce some results with that. So it's it's amazing.

[2:56] And also if you didn't know this I'm taking each episode of pirate broadcast and I'm creating a I'm creating a podcast from it.
And I'm also posting it on my Web site so if you go here and you go to the pirate broadcast let me put this in here.

[3:29] I'M ON answer a few more questions about how I do this because I think it's important.

[3:39] OK.

[3:42] I can't I don't chew gum a lot because well,
I can do two things at once very well multitasking isn't my skill set but rest John's dot com slash pirate broadcast.
And if you go to rush jobs dot com you can you know there's a big red button there this is access to pirate broadcast,
the beautiful thing about this though and the thing I'm excited about is is that I don't know where you're going to want to find me I don't know how you're going to consume my information and my,
you know comments and or someone else's comments you know bring an interesting people on to do interesting things.

[4:25] So I'm it's not for me to say what you want to do or where you want to go.
So what I've done is I've been able to let me just share my screen here.

[4:36] And if you go to like Brent Tillman was the other day. And so she's an awesome individual that is talking about sales.
We all need sales. Right.
So I'm going to do more. Let me let me hide this brand here for a second.
All right. I'm going to hide this brand.
And so all of a sudden welcome to pirate broadcast.
Now this this blue button here is the most important one because I want if you want to get notified every time you launch an episode and share this information out,
just get notified and you'll receive an e-mail and say thank you. Welcome to the pirate broadcast.
And then every day when I launch an episode Mel you know she processes my stuff for me.
She's she gets us all together and puts it in place and then she publishes it and then all of a sudden you get notified that there's a new pirate broadcast. How cool is that.

[5:40] If you listen to the podcast what I'm showing you is a screen of my website that says pirate broadcast.
So now if you scroll down if you scroll down.
I mean this is it. This is all an experiment. You know you don't have to do a certain thing a certain way start shipping.
Start getting out there start producing some content where people can understand who you are and what you do and why you do it and who you help.
You know that's so important. So now this is here's the video.
So right here on this page is the video of what.
What the episode was about,
now and I take the audio file and what I do is I take the audio file and I run it through another program,
and I add then what I end up with is a balanced audio of the content.
I then I put it on it on a.
Then I put it on a podcast. Listen to the podcast.

[6:49] So if you're traveling or you can subscribe to this it's on Spotify it's on Apple it's on all kinds of platforms and more and more all the data all the time.

[7:00] You know if I I I put it out there to other platforms as well.
So it's available it's available it's it's this is the point I'm making is and I'm not pointing this out to to tell you you know how cool I am.

[7:16] I'm telling you this because I want you to understand that you have the opportunity to be a pirate go on broadcast with no reservations no There's simple ways to start and I want to help you do that.
So if you have if you have suddenly you're stuck about ask a question and I'll do these QED and I'll answer your questions. In fact let me go in.
I'm going to go in because as you know Lincoln doesn't always make it easy for us to find our stuff get in.

[7:52] Let me get let me get to the feed here. I'm going to go down to see all activity when we go to posts OK so I've got 13 comments.
If you know I'm going to let me turn it down let me turn it down,
a Giada. Yes Lee. Jeff Yang. Hey there. Brand.

[8:14] Joining me from Cincinnati. Not too far from you.

[8:20] Vickie O'Neal just saw the place you had your live episodes and received your emails kudos. That's awesome.
So. So here's the thing is Julie and then Lee David Riley.
Thank you David. You are very cool yourself. So here's the thing is it is these are all tools that have you know because I I'm curious about this stuff.

[8:50] And I love technology and I enjoy learning about it. So it's not it's not a chore for me.
So some people get overwhelmed by it. They you know it's like oh how do I do this you know.
And it's really challenging for a lot of people.

[9:08] But back to this.

[9:09] And then I just put a transcript together so if if you'd rather read it in the transcript I don't edit the transcript it comes out just as as the machine learning transcript does.
So it's you know it's I haven't corrected it. If it comes out it comes out.
The point is it's content that's being pushed out to people that may need it.
You may need it. Now you may need it later.
The guests that we have on the pirate broadcasts like Vicky O'Neill.
I mean bringing nuggets of knowledge all the time.
Jeff Young you know on the podcast it's like very very.
And we're gonna have Kenyatta Seth Marlowe. You know he's another one you need to follow.
So these people in these individuals in the community here are all people that contribute something to the community.
We're all contributing something. And this is a little piece of what I contribute and some of the things that I love to contribute are these techniques and these solutions that actually work,
so my point is is that we're we're in a place we're in a position where we can actually create content very quickly very easily.

[10:28] But Mike just jumped up so,
that we can actually we can actually do this as a community and I think it's I just think it's so cool that we can do this.
And and there is a real and there's a real necessity to just get started.
And I know I love video so video and here's here's something I'm I'm offering you know I didn't do the I didn't do the the Black Friday sale I didn't do the cyber Monday sale or anything like that.
However I am gonna be doing a workshop and it's gonna be.
Two or three hours small group and I'm getting this setup.
And it's gonna be a small group of individuals that want to know how to create video and a video strategy.
You know who's it for. It's gonna be for for you know individuals that are at the point where they know they need to get to somewhere else in their business. They need to grow.

[11:37] They need to expand and they want. They want to bring video into their strategy.
They want to utilize video as a strategy in their business to actually make results take place.

[11:48] And so you know I don't I don't necessarily like selling or pitching my products but this this thing is I've been asked to do this so many times and it's just I have to give back.

[12:02] I have to give back. I want to make sure that people have the opportunity to do this.
And so this is this Wednesday. You know I was in Houston I was traveling I was with my son,
had Thanksgiving you know and I met clients met some new people did some this work there and,
while I was there you know I was in a group of individuals and they were talking about video and they were talking about technology and and they were saying Hey I just keep it to a 12 year old and figure it out because it's like,
oh yeah that's one part of the equation. That's the technology side of the equation.
You know you can figure out how to operate a camera and how to operate you know the platforms that do this kind of work in that nothing is overwhelming enough.

[12:57] Nothing has to be overwhelming. Nothing has to be too complicated.
Build a strategy that works for you if you're used to carrying a phone around.

[13:07] Use your phone if you're used to carrying you know using your computer. Use your computer.

[13:13] Whatever works whatever is necessary. Anyway I'm getting off track I'm on a rant.
So let me get back on get me back on track.
There's come more Q and eight questions we have here today.
I just want to mention the fact that I am going to be doing some workshops and I'm going to create a mastermind I'm creating,
a master mind to to help others that want to go deeper the want to build a community around video and doing this.

[13:40] So Brenda. Yeah.

[13:46] So Gina.

[13:49] Yeah that's a great point. Gina brings up the point of so many people want it perfect before they launch.
And here's I'm going to talk about this a little bit because this is absolutely critical.
And Gina if you can if you can figure this out or communicate this in the comments it'd be great but here's the reality.

[14:12] It's just like a musical instrument. Once you start practicing you can hear the notes that are not quite there yet you can play the note and there's a way that you can play it and then you can play the note. You know it's like yeah.
And it's so the only way that we can actually improve is to put something out there hear it back,
and then just continue and get that feedback loop going to where we see it we feel it we own it.
We improve on it you know.
And this is what I call it.
You know part of it is the traffic circle you know we've got a traffic circle going because we want to be able to have this information jet just you know the information is critical.
What you're seeing now is you know you're seeing tick tock with you know 10 second clips.
It is a concept and a message that is crystal clear it's getting out there and it's and it's making.

[15:19] A point about something that you're doing. And it's so critical that you start and you get something produced and you start doing something,
and then that when you review it and you can improve it if you don't put it out there you can't review it and you can't improve it.
It's all in your head that's going to stay in your head and it's going to continue and improve as long as you keep it in your head.
It's not going to get any and it's not going anywhere.
You know the mind is where dreams go to die sometimes.
So don't don't allow your great ideas to live inside your head.
Share something about them get started produce something.
Get it out there because now more than any other time in the history of mankind as we can it's out there once it's out there it can be improved it can be improved on it can be shared it can be you know developed,
and if we just keep it in our heads who are we helping no one.

[16:27] This is awesome.

[16:31] So very cool.

[16:37] And House we got new comments.

[16:42] Thank you Gina can you Ira.

[16:50] I just I just have to give you everyone just a moment of gratitude.
Doing this kind of thing every single day really brings joy to my. It just fills my soul. And,
I've been doing this a long time I've been teaching for a long time. You know I start out teaching safety.
You know years ago and defensive driving and all these kinds of different classes forklifts setting and the thing that it taught me is is that we hit all we all have a talent we all have a gift.
We all have a gift.
And I'm I don't know why I'm so passionate about this because it's really about the idea that we can actually share these gifts,
and we can produce results with these gifts and we can impact somebody else's life because you don't know.
I mean smiles are free. Kindness is cool. You know it's it's our whole mentality that you have.

[17:57] You have an opportunity to impact someone in your life. You don't know what it's going to be you don't know how it's going to land. You don't know where it's going to come from.
And if you just develop some content put it out there in a positive light and you know things are things are going to land and somebody will be impacted you will have an impact.
You have an impact on the world every single day.
So I'm just going to.

[18:29] What did Jeff Young say. You might want to use a better tool.

[18:36] I'm sure there's a better tool. It's there. I haven't corrected or molded at all Jeff.

[18:41] And if you have a better tool if you let me know and let me just here's a tool that I use I use a phonics,
for the audio and then I connect or do I connect to it. Let's see,
let's see what I connect to it.

[19:09] These let me share this again.

[19:14] I use it phonics for this and then there's another tool that I use,
I use an API to connect to this. So yeah but but to just point here here's an example of exactly what I'm talking about.
Until I put it out there I don't get the feedback right.
If I never did a transcript Jeff wouldn't be able to say Hey what what is going on with this transcript.
You can. You need to use a better tool.
Well Google even uses a tool.
You know an Amazon has a tool that can transcript.

[20:00] You know there's a lot of tools out there. So my point is until I put it out there until you put something out there there's no feedback.
And you know people are so afraid of criticism and you just have to recognize that it's not.
Criticism is good. I mean you know not mean malicious criticism in there.

[20:25] There are bits of information that are really useful and people can write just like Jeff here.

[20:35] Jeff you're awesome. Thank you so much.

[20:37] I love that.

[20:41] And so if you have an opportunity put something out there and it's like OK well you know somebody is going to give me feedback that I'm in masterminds that's why I'm in masterminds that gets the feedback.
And it's a safe a safe opportunity. It's a safe group.
And I can do something that's simple and easy and it's really it's it's a community just like LinkedIn just like YouTube just like Facebook.
You know you have communities that you can go to and you can develop a smaller community that might be be able to provide feedback in an easier way.
You know so and phonics I use this for years for,
podcasting and it has I can actually do transcriptions and automatically post my podcast than I posted over the speaker and there's a whole bunch of things that go on and I can't really go into everything that I do,
in one show.

[21:45] Sherri Lolly.

[21:47] You're in the in the room. Thank you so much Gina. I'm looking forward to our conversation.
Yeah. Caring about your audience is key. I mean there's so many things that there's so many things there are important and critical to our our Kingsley.
We all have something to offer. Absolutely. We have absolutely have something to offer.

[22:16] Everybody has something to offer. And Brenda.

[22:26] Oh. Brenda says Rabb works. Yeah. Reb does work.

[22:32] And then you know it's like there's a couple of different ways that I can do this.
And here's the thing is we all have a process and you have a process and you can actually develop your workflow just like running your business.

[22:52] You know you can be an accountant. There's a process. You'd be a film director. There's a process you'd be a carpenter. There's a process.
And everybody does it in their own unique way that works for them.

[23:04] And I love that. I love the unique interesting people doing interesting things.

[23:11] It's a concept it's. And we're in it together.
Jeff That's right. Rising tides rising tide raises all boats.

[23:21] High tide raises all boats so we have an opportunity to work together.

[23:27] And I love the fact that we're coming together on on a podcast like this a broadcast like this or a transcription needs work.

[23:37] And all Boyd is is that it's really useful to be able to.

[23:42] OK. Let me ask you a question. If you're in there and the room is do you feel that the transcription,

[23:51] Do you feel that the transcription should be corrected verbatim and put out there in a format that is,
more story format or should it be adopted to reflect the show or should it be.
Accurate. Should I put more time in and the accuracy of the transcription.
I'm just kind of. I'm just kind of curious. Hey Marine love you.
I don't want to hear your thoughts I wanted to hear your feedback because I mean I've produced 30 40 of these episodes,
and a lot of the early episodes I didn't get on because I didn't I wasn't multiple casting with them so I need to probably do something to invite those guests back Jay Andrews.
You know Jay was out there for you early on and Rodrigo Martinez is coming back. He's in January.

[24:52] I want to bring some of these people back that you know. You know Patrick Ward he's probably gonna be back.
You know there's so many opportunities out there that even hosting this show is a process.
Yes Kingsley Absolutely. Absolutely.

[25:11] And so as we go through our day and we go through our lives and we go through these processes that we've developed we can always improve them.

[25:21] And the only way that you can prove them is to put him out there to get it out there.

[25:28] Share it with the world get some feedback and create a feedback loop that allows you to see what see what resonates with people.

[25:38] See what see what people say and provide a solution for the people that are asking for that solution.
It's pretty straightforward.
I think would be ideal if when the show notes are more story or blog post recap from folks.
I don't disagree if there are how tos and part of critical but all the words are needed purchases.
So that's perfect feedback. That's great feedback.

[26:09] You know it's like I've put a lot of emphasis and energy into the show and getting guests on and putting that together now and building out the rest of the workflow.

[26:19] And so if if the show notes and everything about the show notes or are.

[26:30] You know if I get feedback that hey that would be nice to be able to have some some more appropriate show notes than Hey,
then you can actually respond and say OK then the decision becomes OK. Am I willing to put the time in for that.
Or do I just abbreviate it and leave the transcriptions out and then just put shorter show notes on like how tos like.
Like Gina was saying or do I.

[26:58] Do I expand it in and get a better tool like like Brenda was suggesting.
You know like rub dot com there's no right answer there's no right answer. It's it's.

[27:14] And you know if I listen to enough people they'll be it'll be confusing as well.
So part of it is what works for me and what works for you on your workflow,
and what allows us to produce results that people are going to resonate with and create value creating value I think is the most important part of the thing.

[27:38] John and John didn't see the crash.

[27:42] Tammy Tammy comes to mind Abbie as Tammy as well.
There's I've used Google. Google has an API too.
And it's free. So I don't know. I don't know the quality or the accuracy of it,
and I could hire V.A. I can hire a V.A. and have it all corrected verbatim in.
You know there's there's always options.

[28:10] Time money you know investment typically I'm on a roll to get these out the same day as they were produced.

[28:21] I have the workflow built out for that. So if I take an extra time or an extra amount of time and do a corrected.

[28:33] Transcript if I if I take the transcript and maybe that could add some time to it that could delay it a day or so not a big deal.
So we'll have to see what see hope. See how it rolls out. I like it,
I like I like the opportunity to have these discussions and I really appreciate the fact that you're here now.
I also want to remind everyone that you know I love linked in life.

[29:03] It's not the easiest to get comments back and I appreciate all the people coming in Brenda Vicki John Sherry Kenyatta Maureen.

[29:17] Kingsley I just really appreciate the fact that you're here Seth.

[29:23] Jeff,
BECKY O'Neill all all.

[29:28] Everybody that's joined in today are just amazing individuals that you need to connect with.

[29:32] So if you see somebody in the comments they already come recommended.
All right. So connect as a community come back and join me on the pirate broadcast.
And I got Max tomorrow. John you're on Friday.
I got your I got your image an updated image sometimes you know downloading and uploading creates a little little image challenge.
So get that out there.
And here's the thing is I'm so far from perfect.

[30:09] It's insane and I continue to test these things.

[30:15] I continue to evaluate them. I continue to learn. I I'm curious I'm asking questions and I want to help other people do what they need to do to share their gift.
And so that's what that's that's the value of what we're doing here. And I really appreciate the fact that you're here.
I have all the gratitude in the world and I want to wrap it up.

[30:38] I got Max tomorrow.

[30:44] Yeah.
Who is tomorrow. Oh no no. I don't know. We'll figure it out.

[30:57] It's out here. It's already been posted so.
And then John is on Friday and I just loved the fact that we can connect with people all over the world and do these things.

[31:09] So I will wrap it up. I just wanted to create a little episode here every week to kind of do a brain dump.
Have a chat with the individuals in the in the sessions and ask questions answer questions and engage.
Is it so important that we do this together.

[31:28] So I appreciate you. Thanks so much for being here.

[31:34] It's my revenue the pirate broadcast Monday through Friday.
Every single day 7 a.m.
Arizona time and it can be also found on Russ John's slash pirate broadcast.
Every episode is going to be posted there transcriptions good or bad are going to end up there.
Video the audio file and so I look forward to future episodes and inviting interesting people in doing interesting things,
and kindnesses cool smiles or free in you,
enjoy the day.

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