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Join Russ the Host of the #PirateBroadcast 2/27/20

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We live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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Russ Johns
Hey, it's the pirate broadcast. Happy Thursday. I wanted to bring you some updates and news, or is it news and updates? Tell me in the comments below. I just wanted to get things rolling here and see who's in the room. It's Thursday. It's the last Thursday of February and I'm in a different location, which you know, I can do that because I am Me. And let's see on LinkedIn, what is happening, you know, if you are on Youtube, or you're on Facebook or you on Periscope, you can actually chime in in the comments are actually able to be seen in this interface that I have with stream yard, which stream yards great love stream yard. And so LinkedIn will in fact get this together at some point in time. LinkedIn, thank you very much I love you. I just want to make sure that you know that we want the interface. So I'm trying to go here, find my profile, I got to go through this exercise here. And so if you're joining us now if this is the first time you're joining us, it takes a little bit to get involved in the in the connection here because well That's just the way we go. That's the way we roll. There we go. On on, find out. How's the volume? I'm using a different mic. And so if you're joining us now Here, let me turn that down. Rachel. Good morning Rachel's in the house. Randy. McNeely. kindness. Kindness, brother. Wendy. Good morning. How's the last Thursday in the February? Can you believe it? Can't believe we're already in March. We're already in March. And so it's like crazy. The year is going by insane. Brenda. Hey, snow day freezing Cabin Fever send sunshine. Sunshine your way. Brenda. The sunshine is heading your way. It's right around the corner. I love this. Hey, I hope that all the pirates got their message I wanted to send a you know a special thank you. And I'll be spending this a special thank you for those of that join in. Just a little appreciation from me. I hope you I hope you enjoy it and I hope it's appreciated. Byron Good morning. Happy Happy morning everyone. And also, Gabriel Gabriel's in the house. love what you're doing brother keep doing it. I love the fact that you're starting out live.Brenda has LinkedIn Live and an amazing show if your not connected. Go connect with Brenda tell her Russ Sent you. She's a pirate she needs all the pirate love that we could give her because she Awesome. Thank you Brenda for being here. I there's a couple of things that I wanted to share and mention is that As we go through this, I really found this whole thing. I found a lot of joy and enthusiasm in myself as it relates to putting this pirate broadcast together, bringing people together, building a community, the outreach, and everything that goes along with that. It just, it just fills my soul with, humility, gratitude and everything that goes along with that. And the one thing that I really wanted to express to you is that I think there's a lot of people that have gifts. There's a lot of people that have messages, and a lot of things hold them back. And the opportunity to share that gift in this kind of format is overwhelming. It's, I've had an amazing week with technology failure.

Russ Johns
It's like I couldn't get connected then I got connected and it's like, some of the shows and then one of the shows LinkedIn didn't can too, and the whole range of technology fails is something that I'm experienced with and I just, and I feel compelled to do this thing. And, and so I'm opening up the pirate syndicate, which is essentially as a system I use for the pirate broadcast, you know, the booking guests, the promotions, the notifications, all the things that go along with producing a show, you know, my background in radio and television and outdoor advertising is, is kind of like prepared me for this opportunity. And it's just something I want to share with you. And if that's something of interest, I'd love to have a conversation with you. It's, it's really, it's something that I've just been drawn to. And over the years have been, you know, web development and doing marketing and media and content creation and email marketing and all of these things and I love it all. I love the creative process. I love creating. And this is something that I can create that I can help more people with The fact that I can help more people and create is an amazing combination that I really love. And I'd love to hear your feedback on what you feel is needed or necessary in the community that I might be able to assist with and support you with. Because it's important for us to really understand that it's, it's not about us, it's about you. It's not about me, it's about us. And that's really, that's, that's something that, you know, is really important. Also, you know, I'm actually in Arizona, I moved to Arizona, so I could be with my parents. You know, so this, this kind of work in this lifestyle that I have is really what allows me to be with my parents, dad's 91 and I was laughing because he has all his brooms lined up and one The things that he does, he has dementia. So one of the things that he does is he cleans the floors. He gets up in the morning, has a cup of coffee, have breakfast and oatmeal. And the next thing you know, he's over there, cleaning the floor. And then later on in the day, he's cleaning the floor. Later on cleaning the floor. I love the man. He's a rock in my life. And I truly appreciate what it is. And I also understand that you know, we're challenged by our expiration date. You know, we all have an expiration date. And I think that it's important for us to do good, have fun, help others along the way. So my mission in life is to assist other people along the way with some of the things that I've had and some of the experiences I've had and, you know, it's it. I've had a variety of experiences. So it's really it's kind of mandatory. And I'm really driven to this point of putting back into the community what I received from the community. And just because 30 years ago it was a different community doesn't mean that the impact is different today. It's the same impact I can make with other people around me and you know, supporting people, encouraging people calling people out when they're getting off track, you know, maybe helping somebody along the way. And for anyone that knows my story, it's it's, it's not an easy story. And it's, that experience that brought me to be who I am today. So anyway, Wendy, I just want to keep building your network of kindness and acceptance. We equals me Yes. Vicki O'Neill floors you can eat off. Yes. We have floors we can eat off and I live right there. You know mom, neither one drive cooking meals. My sister and I both assist them and and we work together on that and it's really great Arcot Just dropping in Hello morning evening all the pirates. Thank you so much Arcot. Thank you so much Gabriel. That means a lot to me. You know anyone that's actually received any kind of assistance from me knows that I'm on the same here as I am there. And I just want to make sure that I can I can be available to anyone that needs it. If I'm if I'm able, you know. So another thing that I want to talk about is really important is the fact that we we have an opportunity.

Russ Johns
And I know Gabriel, you have you know the opportunity, Vicki, you understand the opportunity You know, Brenda, several people that are already doing LinkedIn live, or doing live video or podcast, or podcasting, understand the power and the interaction. So if you've had some and here's what I want to go with this is it's not necessarily the show. You know, people ask me all the time, well, how do you monetize the show? It's like, well, I don't think about monetizing this show, I think about building a relationship with people that need my help. And so if you're looking to monetize your advertising directly, it's probably not you, you probably need to frame it in a different way. Because ultimately, the way I think about this is and I'd love to hear from Brenda and Vicki, I'd love to hear you. I'd love to hear how you feel about this and what this means to you is because like having a podcast allows you to start a conversation with somebody. Having a podcast allows you to invite people into a conversation. And I think it's really important for us to understand that it podcast doesn't isn't a product that you sell. It's a process you build and grow your network in order to provide your business with sales. does that make sense and Vicki, I'd love to get your feedback on that. And I just, I think it's a little shift in your mindset. Because a lot of people say well how I want to but I want to get a podcast and I want to get sponsorship and I want to be able to, you know, earn some money off this. It's like you might want to have a business before you have a podcast, or at least build your podcast, based on the idea that the podcast is to start to build a relationship with people that want your service. So, that's, a different mindset. It's different focus. And I've had a lot of questions recently. And I just wanted to voice my thoughts on this. And if you have a different opinion, I would love to have the conversation with you. If you because there are podcasts, there are YouTube channels. There are live streams through Patreon and some other platforms that there's actually one podcast that I know that's on Patreon that probably earns anywhere from 80 to $100,000 a month from its support through Patreon. So if you're not on Patreon, that's another way that you can monetize your conversation as a business. And it's still the conversation is something that you have to have a community around already, you have to be able to build that community up. You have to be able to understand what is needed in the community, you have to provide that gift. And sometimes, the biggest challenges is, I want to broadcast what I want to broadcast. And it may not necessarily be what your audience wants, it may not be what your community wants. So you have to really dig down and say, Okay, well what is it because I think you in the community have so many gifts, that for myself, also have to do is have a conversation and that brings out the best in both worlds. Because I get to find out I'm curious, I want to find out what people do and how they do it. Why they do it. And if I can bring that to the table, and it's educational and entertaining and inviting to other people, I think that's a valuable asset to be able to provide the world. And that's, that's my goal, Sherry Lally, otherwise the podcast is guest driven. If you aren't in business, what are you teaching? What are you selling? tha's brilliant selling and offering a value to the audience. So podcasts and technically, I have a podcast this broadcast is pirate broadcast is converted into a podcast right afterwards. And then it's brought into my

Russ Johns
Shameless plug, you know if you go there and you sit Hit the notify button, you'll get notified technology. I know it's crazy. patreon allows us to support artists that might be at the stage to entice sponsors but allows them to continue. Absolutely. You know, you think back a couple of hundred years ago before the internet, you know, when I was born a lot of wealthy people, supported artists, you know, all the artists of the day were supported by patrons. And these patrons, you know, invested in these artists because they, like it's like commissioning a piece of art. Like, like jewelry Sherri, like, you commission a piece of artwork from an artist and that helps them and that produces results. Now with the internet, the models kind of changed and Patreon is Jack Conte who started it, Natalie, his wife, fiancee at the time, probably their artists, if you haven't heard pomplamoose you know, it's a band or Scary pockets, I think is the band one of them. And they were just musicians and they they're tired of having to go out and, play in bars and, log their equipment around and everything else. And he, he said there has to be a better way. So we created Patreon. That's the story behind Patreon. It's artists, helping artists are artists helping artists.

Russ Johns
Where's my coffee, Thank You And I love this. I love the fact that we can do this. So if you have an experience that's different. I'd love to have that conversation and I really admire people that actually go in. Gabriel is someone that is going in, he's learning the craft. He's putting himself out there. He's understanding what it takes. And he's learning the technology. He's, getting it and putting it out there. And it's, anyone can do it, you have the opportunity to produce results. You have opportunity to produce anything you want words, images, audio video, you are the media. I've been saying that for years. You are the media. this is the time where there isn't a producer in a studio for a company that says, I'm going to produce your music or there's not , a newspaper that saying you can't print that yet, because you're not ready for it. It does. It doesn't work. You can go off and do a blog post. And it's an amazing time and people fail to realize the power and the authority we bring to the table. When we're publishing and our thoughts and our ideas. I can't imagine what it would be like to look back. And you know, the internet wasn't around when I was younger. However, that's another story for another day. And it would be really nice. It would be really cool if generations in the future, they're going back and say, Well, what was what was grandpa like? Well, you could see kind of what it was about if you're online. Now, there's still going to be people that are not online, there's still going to be people that choose not to publish, and that's okay. I mean, it's not for everyone. It might be for you. So Lori Yes, Kenyatta? Boom, you are the media. Lori, you are late to the party and you're never late to the party. There's always a replay available for you. I'll store it here just for you. Because I like that. So what is it that really motivates you to create content? What is it that motivates people that you enjoy consuming content? Because there's there's a lot of content out there. And it's really, it's challenging at times to be able to decide, what is the content that needs to be created. Now? What is the content that I need to create? Or what am i drawn to, you know, I create every single day something is created every single day. It's just who I am. And not everyone is that way. However, a lot of people are motivated to share their story and compelled by events in their life and, wanting to create and consume or share that information. And I just think it's important for us to understand that it's not required. It's an open door. And I want to diversify. I want to diversify to multiple platforms. I love LinkedIn. And you know, I, I hang out here all the time. And I publish here on a regular basis, as you know. And so also on YouTube and Periscope and Twitter and Facebook, I'm venturing out into those platforms. And so you know, cuz if LinkedIn shut off my account, I'd probably be, I'd be sad. I'd be very sad and I would just keep going. So hopefully they won't shut me off but I'm just saying that it's one of those things you have to think about and consider. You can always reach me at Russ Johns calm however, however I tell you side story is that my site was down by my website was down and here I am one of these web. Oh, look at this Good morning everyone. Happy Thursday. See, that's what happens when you're on Periscope. You get messages here. Boom.

Russ Johns
Oh, Gabriel, this must be Gabriel. So Gabriel, if you don't connect with the stream yard, community, you you need to, you need to allow your profile to be seen by the stream yard community. And then you can come up here You're your profile show up. Samantha Glover, she's awesome. She's, she's a pirate. She's a mathematician and has a lot to learn from. So that's, where I'm at right now is Oh, I was telling you a story about the website. So my transaction to renew my, my domain I had somehow duplicated the transaction and so I had to call help support to release one of the duplications because it was holding up the transaction. So it was like one of those days where What's going on?

Russ Johns
Everything looks good, I paid for it. I should be up and operational. And it was just a minor glitch. Ghost in the Machine and these things happen it's it's my week for technical glitches apparently went to connect on LinkedIn. No connection microphones didn't work. Stuff moved. That's okay.

Russ Johns
So anyway, March is booked 100% I did have one unfortunate cancellation so there will be an opening. I I'm booking in April for the guests. If you know people that are looking to get up to be pirate status, send them my way. Be happy to to get them scheduled. Also, there's a lot of things that are coming up with a pirate syndicate. I'm going to share That out, my goal is to get a number of people start producing their shows, it won't be called the pirate broadcast because I'm the pirate broadcast. And we'll come up with another name for their show. And, I can assist them with their show and producing it. So if you know a busy business owner that just wants to get out there and increase their visibility and authority in the marketplace. It's kind of that that's what it's for somebody that doesn't want to deal with attack and the overwhelm and, all that kind of stuff. They wanted to show up and do a show. Because that's, that's kind of what I'm, that's the beauty of what I'm done is it's like, you get to show up, you get to do the show, and everything else is managed in the background. It's a beautiful thing. So what else anything else going on? any announcements from the community Vicki? Yes, love that you can choose the content pretty much exactly the opposite and Nightly News positive. I love that. That's awesome. Thank you for sharing that grow your attitude if you don't grow your attitude who will right if you don't plant some positive seeds in your in your garden? Who will I create content every single day yet if I feel I like yet i feel like i hoard it. Why would you hoard it? Kenyatta we're gonna have to talk girl. I know that slogan. Don't be a hoarder. Yeah. Angie says Don't be a hoarder. someone out there needs everything you've created. Yep, LinkedIn wasn't cooperating. So Vicki sent the link to YouTube spot. So you're here to my car. Your. Awesome. You guys are so awesome. I just it just makes tears me up. Anyway, I'm gonna quit rambling. I really, I truly appreciate you. I'm going to send out some more videos. I love the response. I love to have you join the YouTube community as well I'm, you know, just starting that that's just baby steps. I did cross over 22,000 followers here on LinkedIn, I think I have less than 200 connections or subscribers on YouTube. So I got a ways to go. However, Twitter, I you know, I got a few more on Twitter and a few more on Facebook. So it's it just takes time. Just keep going, keep growing, stay positive. And as you know, kindness is cool, and smiles are free. And I'm going to keep saying that till everybody in the world knows it. So, anyway, until tomorrow and tomorrow, we have Who's our guest tomorrow? Bertrand McHenry. Bertrand and I go way back.

Unknown Speaker

Russ Johns
I think it's Bertrand. I don't know. Look, check it out. Join me tomorrow for the pirate podcast. Same pirate channel, same pirate station. Take care everyone? See ya.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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