Survey Update - russjohns

Survey Update

The Results are in and I'm excited. 

First of all,
Thank you for taking the time to help me decide what I need to create next. and how I can help you.
I am very grateful for your time.  


The Results

The survey was mixed and very evenly distributed. However, the one thing that was the top of the list was Livestreaming and Landing pages. 
there was a recent release on the software that I am going to be talking about in my next tutorial so I was waiting until I had tested it out before I completed the finished product.  

When it comes to live video the target is moving quickly and updates are happening fast.  I'll do what I can to keep you informed and up to date.  

Thanks for your time and patience and the validation of what information you're interested in learning more about.   Let me know if you like this format for tutorials or if you would like something more formal.  I love creating quick simple ideas to share and if you like this, I'll create more. If you don't like it, help me improve the information for everyone. I love to get feedback. 

Tutorial and Tools 

The Results are in and I'm excited. 

The Tools used in this tutorial: 

I used Paperform to create this amazing Landing Page. Let's look at the page as a stand alone page and as one embedded in a wordpress website.

What did I use to create
the landing page?

What did I use to record this video?  

 I used ​Loom for recording the initial video 

I used Wistia to host this amazing Landing Page tutorial.
I love Wistia and will be developing a blog post on using it as a host. A very versatile platform. 
CHeck out the video on a Wistia page. 

Where did I store my Videos to link on this landing page?