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Welcome to the #piratebroadcast: 

Sharing Interesting people doing interesting things.

I love sharing what others are doing to create, add value, and help in their community. 

The approach people use and how they arrived at where they are today fascinates me. 

So… I invite them to become a PIRATE on the

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We live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

The internet has opened up the opportunity for anyone willing to create Words, Images, Audio, & Video.

With technology today, you can create your own broadcast. YOU ARE THE MEDIA!

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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Introduction 0:00
Welcome to the pirate broadcast, where we interview interesting people doing interesting things where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. And let's get this party started.

Russ Johns 0:18
And a party it is because we're in the pirate broadcast and we got Don in the room so I going to be talking to Don about little, a couple of things, but I want to do some housekeeping first. So if you're not subscribed, go subscribe to the YouTube channel, the podcast. I'm trying to build those up, you know, it's beginning stages. So, go after the show. Go check it out. I love your support. This is how t's a happy thing to do because #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. And also, if you're not connected to Don tell him Russ sent you say hey, I'm a pirate, I'm a pirate in the community I want to connect with you. So he knows that, you know that we know that he knows. Okay. And then also, I just want you to have the very best in all your adventures and gratitude for being here and thank you so much for being here. Don, how are you today?

Don Terrell 1:21
I am great, Russ. I appreciate you so much for inviting me on to the pirate broadcasts. You see, I'm prepared. I got my earring ready to go. I am a pirate. We're ready to board the ship.

Russ Johns 1:35
You know it's so funny cuz I was on your you and oziel have a show. Now. Tell us a little bit about the show. For those that don't know anything about what you're doing with Ozeal? Well, we have a seamless pitch right now, Don.

Don Terrell 1:52
I'll take it. I'll take it. My good friend Ozeal Debastos and I created this show. called talking creative Facebook Live show now we are streaming on LinkedIn live. But we created it for creative entrepreneurs. Because we were going through the same journey as far as building our business and our brand. And we just wanted to make sure that we gave out and to other entrepreneurs that were going through the same journey. And we give out tips tools, strategies to help them re-imagine their brand level up their brand and make it the best possible business and branded it can be. plus we bring on great guests like you. We had you on our show a week and a half ago or two weeks ago, you were talking about LinkedIn and live broadcasting. So it's things like that. Last night's guests we had on is a big YouTuber so she came on and talked about How to build a YouTube channel, create content and bring on other people. Live streamers we've had on Stephanie Lew. She's a big live stream and Rob Balasabas, another big YouTuber. And we just make sure that we bring value, giving out great tips and strategies to help other creative people build their business and their brand. And we have a lot of fun with it.

Russ Johns 3:32
It's a lot of fun, and it's a great, it's a great show. So if you're able to catch that it's on Thursday nights,

Don Terrell 3:40
Thursday nights 6:30 pm Central time. Like I said, we have been on Facebook, but last night was our inaugural broadcast on LinkedIn. They finally finally approved it so I am able to live broadcast on LinkedIn. We will be soon to be doing YouTube as well.

Russ Johns 4:04
Oh, fantastic, fantastic. I have to give this shout out to Andy Andy foot sign of a professional pod-caster headphones, left ear 50% covered. So Don can listen to the ambient background noise. Kudos And he's a rock star in the community. So he's a pirate too. So I love that fact. Great, great creative stuff. So, you know, Don, one of the things that fascinates me about the creative process, and one of the things that you know, zeal are really rocking out is the idea that we all can broadcast, we can all create media, we can all generate content.

Don Terrell 4:46

Russ Johns 4:46
And we all kind of have to find our own journey along the way. And so I know you're probably the kid that was, you know, scribbling on some paper drawing some pictures or you know, you wanted to create something and so how did you end up in this world of, you know, content creator, you know, videographer you know, you know motion graphics kind of environment because this is fairly new not not real new but new so what's your journey like?

Don Terrell 5:18
You know, you're right. I was always the kid that was drawing. Ever since I could pick up a pencil I've been in art in just creative and I was one of those kids that like so many others. Every Saturday morning I would wake up early, grab my bowl of Captain Crunch cereal and plop myself down in front of the TV and watch Saturday morning cartoons I love cartoons. Animation, comic strips was like a definite driver for staying in art in design and creating. And plus, it was for me, because I come from such a large family. It was my way in the youngest of 10. It was my way of kind of stepping out from the shadow of all my brothers and sisters. So it set me apart from a lot of people ended up you know, going through school, always in art, always in design. And it wasn't until I came, moved down to Houston, that I decided to go to school and ended up going to school at the Art Institute, now graduated from the Art Institute in 87. And just immediately started, you know, working in advertising agencies doing print design and graphic design, but still always had a passion for animation and motion graphics. And it wasn't until I started working with a turnkey computer company. A company that built 3d systems and video systems. I was trading you know, I was doing design work for them and they would let me come in and sit down on their computers and learn their software. And I got introduced to well, the first software package I got introduced was a soft demise, which was really dense 3d program. It was used on the Jurassic Park, it was used on Jurassic Park to do a lot of the T-Rexes and everything. And it was just a bit too dense for me. And so I got kind of turned off on animation but then they started selling the Light wave which was 3d software that was made by designers and artists for animation. So it made it a little bit easier for me. And so that's when I realized just my love of drawing and comic strips and cartoons merged with 3d animation. And then with Toy Story came out, it just kind of solidified it for me like wow, okay. It's a very way of merging, you know, just the whole thing of my passion and love for cartoons and comics and drawing with my love for motion and animation and video. And so that's how I started getting into animation and kind of moved into motion graphics, but I love motion graphics, visual effects, animation, I love that type of work, but just the creative process. I love anybody that's really creative that can take an idea from their head and make it something tangible whether it be photography, sculpting, Whatever,

Russ Johns 9:01
Like Ozeal here. Here's 42 great friends. Good morning, Russ.

Don Terrell 9:08
Talking to my partner in crime.

Russ Johns 9:11
Ozeal is in the house, Ozeal is in the house.

Don Terrell 9:14
Yes, he is. I appreciate you my man support man


Russ Johns 9:18
It's funny because Ozeal hadn't realized that you and I had met at his live event. And you and I connected at that event. I think it was.

Don Terrell 9:30
Yeah. His digital media meetup. Yeah.

Russ Johns 9:32
Yeah. So we know. Yeah. And it's, I had met Ozeal long before that before. Well, when I was doing podcasting, so we go way back. It's awesome to connect.

Don Terrell 9:45
That was the first time I met Ozeal Yeah, I didn't know Ozeal. I saw his meetup. And that was the first time I met Ozeal first time I met you

Russ Johns 10:02
Yeah, it's Wendy Weiner Runge you know Wendy's involved in I'm working with Wendy on My Golden Blood, it's a movie, it's also going to be a, it's a book, then movie or a series or you know, it's gonna be some creative work there. And then it's also going to be a game and we're, we're kind of in the early stages of developing an app where we can actually

Don Terrell 10:29
I would definitely like to hear more about that.

Russ Johns 10:31
Maybe motion graphics or something along those lines. Never have to have a talk Don

Don Terrell 10:36
Please make sure you reach out and connect. I would. Definitely like to hear more

Russ Johns 10:41
Yeah you've been on the show, you're a pirate now. So yes. your a pirate now.

Don Terrell 10:49

Russ Johns 10:50
and the reality is like I was having Craig Burnie Burns yesterday and he's been in gaffing lighting, you know, supporting the creative industry for years. And one of the things we're the keeps talking, that keeps coming up in the conversation I'm talking to people about is how right now with everything that's going on in the world, there's a lot of opportunity to shift our focus. You know, take our skills and apply it in unique different ways.

Don Terrell 11:21

Russ Johns 11:22
and creativity is part of that process. Because it's like, rather than sitting back and saying, Okay, well, ah, my bed feels a lot more comfortable than my reality. You have to say, let's go. Let's go after it. Let's do something creative.

Don Terrell 11:37
no, you have to change and adapt. Yeah. Yeah. And like you said, you hear a lot of people, which is true. A lot of people lost their jobs. You know, a lot of companies have shut down. You know, people a lot of people are still having a hard time losing loved ones. You I lost my sister during this time. Originally when this started, I was working at an ad agency that let go. So having to make those shifts and really think out of the box about how you know you're doing things, you're running your business. I mean, this is a great time for I mean, we don't like we don't think of it that way. But this is a great time to learn something different to shift something that wasn't maybe working or shift something that you didn't see before. Again, now is the time it gives you the opportunity to do that. And we've it's been interesting seeing the businesses and brands that have made that shift and not only survive, but thrive during this time.

Russ Johns 12:51
Yeah, yeah. And I think we're going to see industries actually evolve out of this. I'm working on a project Toronto that another startup that allows you to actually get notified when you order your food, you know, it notifies you when you can you drive up and all of a sudden geocoding kicks in and all of a sudden it's like, Hey, I'm here, your food's ready in five minutes come on.

Don Terrell 13:21
this time, it forces people to think of different things and new ideas. So there's going to be a lot of new businesses that come out of this. A lot of new industries. So as I said, this time, forces you to think okay, well, what can I do to make you know, money and survive, you know, what can I what new can I bring? What new idea can I bring? And that gets people thinking out of the box, you know, what they say the mother of necessity is? invention.

Russ Johns 13:54
Exactly, exactly. So Wendy do you say in the conversation, the happiest, most successful business people look at life like a kaleidoscope. One way it looks cool, but you turn it slightly and there's something differently beautiful. And turn it again. Wow, there's a secret none of us can turn the scope alone. New Voices, new ideas, new opportunities. absolutely Wendy.

Don Terrell 14:18
Absolutely. Wendy you have a beautiful way of saying it for sure.

Russ Johns 14:23

Don Terrell 14:24
Beautiful way of saying it.

Russ Johns 14:26
When Wendy's an amazing individual to create some amazing things and then Brian here is saying good morning, y'all.

Don Terrell 14:32
Good morning, Brian. Appreciate you.

Russ Johns 14:36
And then and also, when he said hey, my golden blood awesome.

Don Terrell 14:45
You don't have to how are you Wendy.

Russ Johns 14:49
Shes been on the show. She's good.

Don Terrell 14:52
We may have to have you on our show.

Russ Johns 14:54
Yeah, get on, get on. Talking creative. Talk a little bit about You know, some of the things that are going on around the creative world, in your show, and live streaming, I know that there's a whole. I think we're just in the tip of the iceberg here in terms of live streaming. And it seems like, you know, podcasting. And this is the way I look at it, podcasting, we can actually have the opportunity to listen to it at anytime it's on demand. However, we kind of in a livestreaming thing, you had to put more emphasis on the event itself, because, you know, not that you can't listen to it afterward, or you can't start it up. And I started live streaming because I thought, well, I could start a YouTube channel. And then I thought about all the editing and I thought, I'm not really that's, doesn't bring me joy. Yeah, having conversations like this brings me much more joy than editing my own, you know, walking around doing stuff I want to be able to talk to people that are doing something creative, something cool, interesting, you know, or sharing some really great tips that business owners can use.

Don Terrell 16:10

Russ Johns 16:11
And so is that kind of your experience with, you know, deal and what you're doing with the live stream and what what's kind of been your takeaway for that?

Don Terrell 16:23
I mean, yeah, it kind of has. I mean, I'm speaking strictly for myself, but Ozeal and I have talked about it and there's a certain energy about live streaming. And I love both. I mean, I love video and I love editing. So you know, for me, it's both, but I originally love doing live streams because if you have that immediate connection with people, you can sit and engage with people. Just the uncertainty of things going wrong and being able to think on your feet, being comfortable with flubbing yourself, showing that rawness of who you really are, I think makes people gravitate more towards live streaming, because it is that immediate thing and you do see, well, he's healing, it's not polished, it's not edited out or anything like that. So, I mean, I love it. And, and, you know, I had originally done you know, before Ozeal and I got together I was doing a coffee and conversation, Facebook live-stream a couple of years before, and so it got me kind of, I did it because, like I said, What I didn't know better, but I wanted to get, I wanted to give and I wanted to make sure that I not only gave but I learned things as well from that I had on to the subjects that I talked about. Plus he got me fairly comfortable in front of the camera, which was a good thing for the most part, but yeah, I have I think we have the best time we have guests on I mean, we have a great time whether we it's just us two or we have guests but we we learned so much more and we're able to not only you know, give to our viewers but we're learning things right along with them. And we bring on people and guess that I mean we're you know, we're if we're struggling with LinkedIn or YouTube we bring on who we feel is the best and we learn to new things and new ways of doing things

Russ Johns 18:55
isn't that a great way to answer your question? Bring him on as a guest, I'm having a challenge. Okay, okay, pirates, I'm looking for somebody that can actually help me with my YouTube channel. It's like this. This, I was working on a project last night, I'm setting up a YouTube channel. However, the way that YouTube, I want to be able to assign a manager to another channel, and you have to have the right channel and sign it correctly. And there's a sequence of events, it's like, it has to be aligned to stars have to be aligned, everything has to be aligned. It's like, such a pain. And it's, I've done it and and when you only do it maybe once or twice every decade. It's like, Ah, it's like so frustrating. It would be so nice just to tap into somebody and say, hey, let's come on the show and tell me how to do this.

Don Terrell 19:53
But that's the beauty of it, though. There's, there's so many, which helps to expand your circle. There's so many talented people. And we've had on a couple of great people that are you know, killing it in YouTube by Rob Balasabas works with tube buddy so another

Russ Johns 20:16
another pirate.

Don Terrell 20:17
Yeah, he so you learn so many things. I guess the downside of it is there's so many social channels out there that, you try to be on it. It's each and every one of them has their own kind of ecosystem of learning and how you post things and it's just, it's a lot it can be overwhelming. Like I said, I have a YouTube channel myself that I'm working right now to get back on its feet and start putting broadcasts and things and content on there.

Russ Johns 20:53
But it's so many different directions. You can put this in there another Amazing. Live streamer Gabriel. Gabriel. Good Morning Pirate family. I had to miss a few shows this week, had some schedule changes at work. Happy to be back here in the wonderful Friday. I see your announcements and, and I feel I mean, I feel guilty that I'm unable to stay up on all of the things that I want to connect with. Because I've been busy. You know, I've been very fortunate. And I've got a lot of projects going on and a lot of activity and deadlines and things like that. And it's exciting time to be in here right now. And I love Gabriel Annie from Annietude was on and Mike was there. And so I got Mike coming on, friend of Gabe's, and so we're gonna have a great show. And then Ozeal you know, he's saying Ozeal my man Ozeal I have to agree with you. Gabe.

Don Terrell 21:56
I have to agree with you too. There Gabriel's Ozeal gets around And the good thing about doing this show with Ozeal he does have that entertainer personality to where he connects with a lot of people. So it makes it really easy, makes it a whole lot easier for me and engaging with people, when they're somebody that like I said, makes it truly, truly easy like Ozeal does. So shout out to you ozio.

Russ Johns 22:30
Yeah, truly talented people are generous. And I know that Ozeal is very generous

Don Terrell 22:36
Yes he is

Russ Johns 22:38
Both Ozeal and Don were so kind to have me on the show.

Don Terrell 22:43
Oh no it was our honor for you to come on because like you said, I've been watching the pirate broadcast and how you've been doing things and and we said this on the show. I don't know if Ozeal and I can do it every day without a guest. I'll mean actually our show is just once a week, and it's a lot of work. You know, we've just scratched the surface really. So

Russ Johns 23:11
yeah. It's gonna take a while. And I'm over 230 episodes now.

Don Terrell 23:18
Oh, man, we just hit our 20th show last night and it is a lot of work

Russ Johns 23:23
and I know that. Gabriel is 100 shows. I think he started about 100 shows behind I myself and he is doing the show

Don Terrell 23:27
what's the show on?

Russ Johns 23:30
It's made from scratch broadcasts. It's at 7 PM, central time. And so he has guests but much like the same format that you and Ozeal have in he has co hosts he has guests. It's a great show. It's great program. He brings some really amazing guests on,

Don Terrell 23:53
We will have to check it out.

Russ Johns 23:55
Yeah, and Kenyatta says hey pirate broadcast, Russ Johns Hello

Don Terrell 24:00
I appreciate you tuning in. And then Gabriel.

Russ Johns 24:03
Hi friends have a fab Friday. It's a fabulous Friday.

Don Terrell 24:07
You have a great family here, boy I tell you.

Russ Johns 24:12
Sherry Lolly Sherry's in the house. Thanks for slap tags and Sherry lolly. Thanks for the link Gabriel. And then there's Jennifer. Jennifer. She is she's an amazing creative that uses knitting. I think it's knitting. And then. So Sherry's go on saying, Hey, hi, Russ. Don.

Don Terrell 24:41
Hello, Sherry. Yeah. Hey, appreciate Nice to meet you too.

Russ Johns 24:47
Nice to meet you. And then also, Kenyatta Turner morning sunshine. Thank you so much. So that's the kind of community that we want to build Don is the same you and, Ozeal are Community builders, you know, you go out there and you get, this thing knocked out of the park. It's really, it's really about generating value every single day.

Don Terrell 25:09
Yeah. Yeah.

Russ Johns 25:11
You know, just be kind.

Don Terrell 25:14
Yeah, it is. I mean, now more than ever, it's about giving out value. And I've seen it a lot. I mean, the true ones already knew that giving out value value value. But it seems, since the pandemic hit, a lot more content creators are really focused on, hey, I need to give out, you know, information and value and that's what Ozeal and I try and keep in mind that, while we're, you know, still trying to do what we need to do as far as you know, earning a living and everything like that. We knew that if we give out value and give out the best value that we can that we can find that we can give It's a circle, it all comes back. And I enjoy helping other businesses, other brands, level their selves out. And whether it's giving out little tips here or working with other businesses. It's all about the value that you bring you bring great value with the guests that you bring on and sharing their knowledge and their skills. And it only serves to build a community like yours a community like we have that really and truly loves to, you know, communicate with one another. Like, it's such a great, great time. You know, I'm gonna date myself here, I'm old school person. I mean, I'm 54. So, I remember the time so not having a cell phone and, a mail box on every corner.

Russ Johns 27:02
Back in my day

Don Terrell 27:06
it's very strange to know that there are kids and people out there that have no idea about that, because they've grown up in a world of cell phones and email in this world

Russ Johns 27:20
with an iPad in your hand,

Don Terrell 27:22
yeah, with the iPad in your hand and waking up and walking with your head down, you know, as opposed to getting out and communicating, playing with other kids communicating with other people. I mean, physically talking, not sending a text or, or whatnot, in those conversations.

Russ Johns 27:44
It's amazing. It's amazing. And hey, I want to give a shout out to Bill Grigg's, Bill.

Don Terrell 27:49
Bill, looks like you guys have a whole group over there.

Russ Johns 27:53
You know, hope you're having a great day Bill we met at podcast movement. I don't know. 2015 maybe correct me if I'm wrong bill. And one of the amazing things we just connected and he's been podcasting, and doing great work, he's CNC machine work. And I just think it's amazing the technology that you can also maker bot kind of thing. And he's also a trumpet player. So we have affinity here, so it's awesome. So Bill hit me up. I know that I owe you a follow up and an invitation so we'll get together. But I just wanted to just want to give you a shout out here. And then Sherry Lolly, I saved your space girl. Gabriel to my favorite people Wendy Wiener Runge and Jennifer happy wonderful for both the incredible individuals

Don Terrell 28:51
You have an awesome community.

Russ Johns 28:55
Live still won't load the phone I can only enter With a little help of my friends, so you know some of the links. That's the thing about live streaming, Don is that you don't like LinkedIn doesn't offer us a link that we can send people to, to join the show in advance. You kind of have to be it's almost like a secret club. You have to be online, in LinkedIn, waiting for the waiting for the notification to show up or you need to know how to go in and find your link.

Don Terrell 29:29
Yeah, I know that when I was testing it out. I was, you know, testing out the live streaming on LinkedIn. And it didn't show up on my feed. Oh, man, Where's it? Where's the live broadcast show up? It was like, took me a minute to find out that I had to go to my post to see it live. But, you know, every platform is different,

Russ Johns 29:55
Every Platform is different.

Don Terrell 29:57
You know, I enjoy the whole thing of live streaming, I enjoy this, this time that we live in because it's such even though I'm old school person, I love technology and I love just things that come out of, a creative person's mind. Yeah.

Russ Johns 30:18
So Jennifer said, thank you so much happy knitting endeavors, with sportsmanship. Sometimes I think you need Russ John's awesome. work toward goals, knitting and training. Hello, Gabriel and Don.

Don Terrell 30:31
Good morning, Jennifer.

Russ Johns 30:35
You know, it's and here you go. You got that right here. Bill says You got that right Russ podcast movement in Fort Worth. pm 15. Nice meeting a Don Terrell.

Don Terrell 30:46
Hello Bill.

Russ Johns 30:49
I just I just enjoy introducing people like yourself to the community because you're the one of the individuals that like I enjoyed meeting you. I liked you when I met you. And, you know, here we are. Five years later, still connected, still doing stuff together still creating. That's what it's all about.

Don Terrell 31:12
Yeah, that is, like I said, which is why we had such a great time at the meetup when we first met. It was, yeah, I love environments like that, where you're surrounded by other people doing things, you meet other people. And you never know where that road takes you. Like you said five years from the last time we met. you were on our show. I'm on your show. We're still you know, talking and learning and enjoying each other.

Russ Johns 31:45
Yeah. Well, are there any big ideas that you want to share with the community before we wrap it up today, Don? t legacy thoughts, big ideas, your ideas,

Don Terrell 32:00
Wow, that's a really good question. Now. Big idea is, if you have a vision, just just go for it. Like I said, Ozeal put this show together because it wasn't a big vision, but we wanted to do something and put something out there. And I know a lot of people let that hold them back from from doing what it is that they want to do. And I'm a big believer that we create our own reality. What is your reality? And what is it that you want to create? And don't be afraid of stepping out and doing it? You'll be amazed at the people that you meet, like you like all of you. You'd be amazed at the people that you're able to connect with. I mean, this world has gotten so much smaller with the internet. You're able to talk and connect with people that you normally wouldn't have on the other side of the world.

Russ Johns 32:06
it's amazing.

Don Terrell 33:08
Yeah. It's great. Take advantage of it and be creative.

Russ Johns 33:16
Now, because life is an experiment and you know what happens if you don't experiment, you know? just saying.

Don Terrell 33:27
like Russ says #kindnessiscool, and it's free. Yeah.

Russ Johns 33:32
#Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. And it's a pleasure. Thank you. Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend and look forward to connecting soon.

Don Terrell 33:41
I appreciate it. Russ and I appreciate all your Pirateers out there welcoming me into the family. I would love for you to get connected with me as well and keep the conversation going.

Russ Johns 33:55
And all the show notes and everything will be in the posted at russjohns.com/piratebroadcast. So take care everyone. See you soon. See everybody. Thanks.

Exit 34:09
Thank you for joining the #piratebroadcast. If you found this content valuable, please like, comment and share it across your social media channels. I would love the opportunity to help others grow in their business. The pirate syndicate is a platform where you show up we produce the show. It's that easy. If you want to be seen, be heard and be talked about. Join the pirate syndicate today.

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