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Thursday Thoughts by Russ Johns from the #PirateBroadcast

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I love sharing what others are doing to create, add value, and help in their community. 

The approach people use and how they arrived at where they are today fascinates me. 

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We live in a fantastic time when anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can become a broadcaster of some kind.

The internet has opened up the opportunity for anyone willing to create Words, Images, Audio, & Video.

With technology today, you can create your own broadcast. YOU ARE THE MEDIA!

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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I know this is a fantastic Friday for you. And I just wanted to say that it's really, it's really amazing that.
That we have an opportunity here with technology today, to change our lives change other people's lives.
And I just really, I'm You can't imagine how excited I am about these possibilities because right now more than any other time in the history of mankind humanity in the universe,
in the big MILKY WAY HERE WE HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE AN IMPACT make a matter make a difference, and anyone that knows me and anyone that's a pirate understands the passion I have for some of the things that are out there right now that allow us to voice our intentions, our understanding and our awareness of what is going on around us,
making connections building relationships LinkedIn is a platform you have Facebook you have twitter you have all of these different platforms that you can connect and use socially.

Rubin is scheduled to be here today. And more important it is that Rubin has created this platform called dubb and many of you have received potentially a message for me in a video message for me. I love this platform and I love what they're doing I love the intention that they're putting out in the world and the fact that we live in this environment and can create some amazing things, things that change lives, it's an incredibly powerful tool that allows us, to generate a conversation build relationships and increase and improve trust with other people.
It's an amazing opportunity we have. So I just want to kind of start out and talk about this. I want to check in with a few people here that might be in the pirate broadcast on a day like today.
And I hope you're here and gratitude for everyone that joins in I have all the appreciation in the world and this is something I'm passionate about.
I get up in the mornings and I'm excited to do this show and I'm excited to share somebodies gifts with the world and what they're doing because it's important, it's important to me because there's a lot of people, that may not necessarily have an opportunity or they may not have the same skill set as I do. Everybody has a gift. It's not the same gift. You know it's like Christmas time everybody gets a different gift. Right. Like holidays or birthdays, everybody has a different birthday. You are unique you are an individual and you have things about you that are unique and special. One of the challenges that I would love to present to you today the opportunity is this idea that. we can in fact have an impact on the world somebody's world you know kindness is cool smiles are free. And when you're involved and engaged in an opportunity like this you can actually have a small change in your day. You can do something unique that makes somebody smile. And that travels Miles, you know unexpected.

In fact, I want to give a special shout out here because somebody sent me a letter somebody sent me a special prize and I got this gift linked in superhero, and it has to do with the "decide to be kind" movement and you know I'm a kindness fan I'm a fan of kindness, kindness is cool smiles are free and, Shelly sent me this and I support this and I support the fact that you are here and making a difference.

Nick Dorsey is in the room. I can't wait. Nick. So for anybody that doesn't know Nick connect he's a pirate. He's been on the podcast.
He's up in the northwest near Seattle. Tumwater to be specific I guess. And Nick is preparing to move down to Arizona.
He's found a position he's been accepted in that position. And so we're going to have another pirate in Arizona.
So go connect with Nick make sure that you're giving him a shout out and a little bit of care and kindness.

So Arcot. Good morning. Always a pleasure to see you in the room.
Angie sending love and hugs to you up to your way in Wisconsin Wisconsin.
We got some cheese here.
Wendy good morning. How are you. It's always a pleasure to see you. I love the fact that you're here every day or not every day but when you can you know
Gabriel, have you made any progress on your podcast are you working on that I hope the information I sent you was helpful I sent Gabriel a list of two free tools, and a simple way to start your own podcast.
So if you're interested in that you'll send me a direct message send me a message in an LinkedIn, and just let me know if you would like more information about starting your own podcast.
Because I think that's important.
We have also Derek Monroe. Good morning how are you, my friend. Thank you so much for being a connection and being in the part of the community this is a fantastic
Sherri Lolly, How are you using dub. I'll get into that Sherri. I will share exactly how I use dub and why it's so important for me to share this platform.
Vicky O'Neal Good morning. I hope you find this episode enjoyable and entertaining because it's that kind of day.
My sister brought me coffee this morning. Because she loves me and I love her back and she's an awesome Sister.
Gabriel, we should have a virtual private pirate broadcast in Zoom. I like that idea. I'll set it up and I'll invite all the pirates. Do you have any time suggested time's Gabriel do we have any morning afternoon days week weekdays
Yay Shelly, Yes and also I appreciate the shout out means a lot since definitely smiles are free.
True story Nick you know and safe travels. I know I know I've moved, in fact I was just in Houston. And it's bittersweet. As many of you know I lost my son and so helping my other son my younger son move out of the house, that they both live in. It's just it's hard letting go shifting in all of that stuff in and out and moving but moving is a challenge. You know it's like do I really want this. Do I need this? Can I donate this? Can I provide this to someone else that is needier than I am? or could use it more than I can so all of those thoughts and ideas come out when you start moving like how much do I want to carry around.
Vickie O'Neal yes "Dubb was mentioned in a previous show added to the comments and checked it out very cool".

So I'm to go down this path and Ruben was supposed to be on the show and it's supposed to be joining in I'm not crystal clear as to what happened. I know he has a family he has a business. he's on the west coast so it's early there this morning. So I hope you're OK Ruben. I hope everything's good and I'm going to be on his podcast his show on the 14th, Valentine's day,
so I'll send everyone some love from Rubin's podcast. And if you have a podcast you need a guest. Just sayin. All right.
Oh, Sherri Lolly says a pirate zoom would be great around 10:00 a.m. Central.
I bet we could do that yeah we'll set that up. we could do that may not be today though.
I think I'm already booked at 10:00. However, we can pick another day.
I'll give advance notice so I can get notification out to all the pirates. How's that sound and we'll get that going because I think that would be good.
Thanks, Derek. I really appreciate it. It means a lot to me. You know. Yeah, my son Parker. He left us and his birthdays on Monday too.
So kind of a shift in energy there, however.
Thank you for that Derek. I really appreciate that.

So I want to talk a little bit about dub now. the reason that I'm doing the pirate broadcast right now is partially because of dub.
Now in order for me to really share this impact and what it means to me, and really give you a good sense of the possibilities that you create with this I had to take you back a little while because when I was in Houston I created an organization called The Future Media Association. Now I grew up in outdoor advertising radio and television broadcasting and you know worked for the Seattle Sonics and in all of this stuff and in a lot of technology a lot of media creation, advertising you know the whole deal. And one of the things that are always a challenge for business owners and even individuals if you're you know a soloprenuer or you're just getting started is visibility, historically like we were talking yesterday. We were talking yesterday on the pirate broadcast we were actually talking about the fact that marketing is not the tool you're using. Marketing is the combination and the strategy you're using together in different media to share your message, becomes visible and, you know understand all of the nuances of all these pieces of the puzzle. Well, the Future Media Association was this idea and concept that allowed people to imagine that, because they have a phone in their hand you are the media you are the broadcaster you can create content and you can disrupt your, slice of the industry with your content with your creation with your consistency and being able to put out there and get some visibility, connect with people and make that impact that you're looking to make that allows you to grow where you want to go you know not everybody has dreams of being Elon Musk or Warren Buffett or Microsoft or Google or anything like that. Some people just want to make a comfortable living enjoy their family spend time with individuals and maybe go out and, have a nice meal once in a while and maybe go fishing or something like that. What are your what are your hobbies? What do you do on your time off? Drop it in the comments let me know.

Anyway back then I was working on this idea and this concept that you know it's. the whole concept of the pirate broadcasts is the pirate broadcast is this idea that the FCC if you're not a licensed broadcaster you are a pirate broadcaster. If you don't have a license and you're broadcasting you're a pirate broadcaster. And that's when you know the frequencies were sold and licensed and people spent billions of dollars on frequencies and the ability and CBS and NBC and ABC and all these companies were broadcasting actual frequencies out to your television,
so there are so many opportunities for us now with social media digital online media that video, audio and the way I used to say this is words images audio and video.
You have ways of you can you can communicate this concept and this idea across multiple platforms simultaneously. And so I've continued down this path. I've been helping people in planning strategy all this kind of stuff and marketing you know generally around content creation strategy digital media and marketing. So as we come forward now one of the things that,
we have is a platform called dub. Now the way that I use dub is in, I have connections on LinkedIn I build connections and I don't just automatically send people out to the world and just blast them with a message and say they buy my stuff because I really you know I'm not selling a lot. I don't necessarily have a lot to sell and what I have to sell makes a difference. It makes an impact. It makes a difference in a lot of people's lives and it will make a lot of difference it'll make a huge impact in a lot of different lives.

Dub plays a part in that because Dub is an opportunity where I could record a video I can record on my phone I can record in this camera here, I can record in advance and upload it I can take any kind of content and it doesn't have to be my face. It doesn't have to be my ugly mug. It can be anybody's face. It could be nobody's face it could be a PowerPoint presentation and you can narrate over it and then you can upload that and by using dub you have the opportunity to send it out in a message and LinkedIn. You can send it out in an email and you can actually get people when they open it up it's on the landing page and you can actually have a call to action. You can have a link to take some activities and and here's my ask all you pirates out there. I'm going to be sending some information because I have a podcast. I don't know if anybody knows this. I have a podcast. I have the pirate broadcasts that I Livestream on LinkedIn and it starts there and I also have YouTube Periscope Facebook and there's a pirate broadcast on Facebook.
So if you're not you're not a member. Go like the page. Join in the party. I'm creating content over there and I will continue to create content over there.
And so Dub is a way that you can actually create a video short video like I was doing some introductions. A friend of mine yesterday needed some help with the landing page. And so there somebody is very specific another friend of mine I wanted to introduce him to so I just shot a little Dubb video. I said Hey you guys connect and I just want to introduce you to Todd. Mike connect. Boom you're done. And it's super simple. Yes, I could have written a little e-mail but the impact that you make when you put your face in front of the audience and you say hey I'm here I want to help you I want to present you with an idea and a concept that you might be useful to you.

So you have an opportunity to get it from them. And I can tell you this by experience my open rate and my conversions for my videos are extremely high.
My open rates for my emails when I sent emails out with a video in it are extremely high that I've been doing email marketing for years.
I started an email with email in ninety-five so in order for us to accomplish open rates,
it's really important to differentiate yourself with other things going on, and I think it's really important for us to understand that this tool has an opportunity to do not only that but you can broadcast emails you can actually take this out in the world and you can, make one to one connections. In fact, this platform dub is the only platform I know that I can respond to a comment on LinkedIn from my phone with a video comment. People aren't expecting it and people don't know what they're looking at so they may not understand that it's OK to open, however.
It just blows my mind that you can do that with Dubb. Now I'm sure that LinkedIn is gonna change that but last time I checked I could do it, it's just if you understand the impact that it can make on your business in your life because if you could send somebody a video message and say hey like Vicki O'Neill, she's in the marketing world she's in the small business space she's out there working a lot of people as she said she downloaded Dubb and thinks it's awesome. So you can actually message her and say you know send me a Dubb video or she could message you and drop of Dubb video and you're in your LinkedIn profile messenger and say hey Russ I saw your show today. I thought it was awesome. I wanted you to subscribe to my newsletter or download this PDF to help you in the 10 steps to do something amazing today.
Whatever happens, to be I don't know a couple of years ago I had a tutorial little video tutorial that I was putting out I was how to update your LinkedIn header. And some people go over and say thank you. You know I'll just be thank you because you know they would like it was my birthday. And so I'd get responses back on the birthday message right. And then I would just respond with this video. I'd say thank you for the birthday wishes. Here's a video for your header if you ever choose to decide to update your header I thought it was a great idea. Yes, some people say well what's wrong with my header, I'm not saying anything's wrong with your header. I'm just saying here's an idea. Here's a way that you can update your header if you choose to do so in the future. And it's like it was just a gift. It was just a video and with Dubb, you do that same thing you could actually say, hey follow to get notified on the pirate broadcast or sign up to get visit my Web site or subscribe to my YouTube channel, which you should do so you should all subscribe to my YouTube channel because I think it's, well it's awesome. It's amazing. And I'm just thinking to myself you know this is reality and this is what we do here is we build a community we build connections and Dubb is one of the quickest ways to do that.
So in the video, you can actually do this thing you can create the video you can put a call to action in there you can link to places that you want to go you can personalize it.
You can put a message in there and you can put links in it and people can reply in a video. So all you pirates out there if I send you a Dubb video and I ask you for a video reply on how easy it was to access the pirate broadcast and become a pirate broadcaster. Don't be surprised. OK.

So will go through that experiment so be prepared for that.

And then communicate with the video to get a free account. It starts with a free account. You have great videos you have landing pages you create landing pages and they're always updating their stuff. And here's another beautiful thing is you can actually create,
a calendar. You can embed your calendar with gallantly so if I'm inviting you to the pirate broadcast like in here I don't know if you can see this or not.
So let me zoom in here. so these buttons down here sign up to Dubb, schedule a meeting, watch a demo

So Ruben's here doing this stuff and they put out a lot of great content. So if you're you know you can follow them on YouTube you'd follow them on to broadcast anything you want.
And I'm just wondering if there's an opportunity and Rubin if you're around or you hear this, later on, I hope you're ok maybe kids are late for school or something. I DON'T KNOW. BUT.

SO Gabriel's movie-watching live sports and screenwriting, Yeah, there's probably some other people out in fact Wendy on Monday. She's a screenwriter and she's a movie enthusiast is she probably get connected with her.

Celeste. How are you? Thank you so much. Definitely checking out Dubb and the Facebook page. Yes please do. Ride horses read books takes photos. You know Celeste here's the chapter I was, sharing with somebody the other day that I used to own horses I used to show horses and in another chapter in the book of my life and, she said she said she can't put any reactions to this. I'm sorry.

Amy Kilgore. Happy Friday everyone. Pretty neat content here. Thank you.

There are so many opportunities for us to be part of a community and there are so many things that we can do to improve what we're doing.
So I just wanted to share this with you. Let me bring this back into perspective here a little bit instant some production. You don't spend a lot of time with it and for a sales team in a large organization. I can show you I could do a workshop for you and show you how to bring your sales team together on LinkedIn and using Dubb to make some amazing progress in your business. I mean I'm passionate about it and I'm going to speak to the world.
In fact, what I'm doing is I'm taking this whole idea and concept of the pirate broadcasts and all of the tools and the stack of marketing efforts and energies that go into this.
And I want to do this same type of production for other business owners and Dubb is a part of that equation. And so if that's something that you would like a deeper conversation about you know to reach out to me send me a direct message because this is important and this will make a difference in the world. And if you can go out and make a difference in the world what better value you can create than make an impact on somebody else's.

Go out and make it matter. Life is a gift. Every day is a gift. You know wake up with gratitude have an opportunity to smile smiles are free.
You know it takes nothing It takes nothing to create and generate and assist people in what they're doing. You cannot run it out of abundance. There is no such thing as running out of abundance. You know if you give it away it returns it creates more, the more you give out the more you produce and you more you share it seems to just create this whole environment of giving and kindness and you know the wealth of love is never-ending. And I just encourage every one of you to take a moment to figure out what your gift takes you to know to discover what that is. At least start by doing. When you start doing these things and you start producing results and you start going out in the world and leaving people with clues and evidence that you're there and you can make a difference in their lives you'll make a difference in your life, and that's what we're going to do. And so. Anytime you can do that anytime you can produce that outcome and that output in your life. What better feeling is there in the world than helping someone improve their life.

That's the way I see the world. It's like we're here for a reason. We'll find out what that reason is. And the only way you can do that is start producing something. Start creating something to get outside your head and start producing something.

So anyway I love you. I love the fact that you're here. I love the fact that we're here together and we have an opportunity to produce these kinds of things. Let me make sure that I get not did I want to wrap this up by saying that I appreciate the fact that you're here. I appreciate the fact. And please do me a huge favor share this out, make some comments produce some results and you know right now there are 20 people watching you know it's not, it's not a lot of people watching and it's a lot of people that are making a difference in my life. You know you don't have to be famous to be famous. Think about that. You just have to make a difference. I appreciate what you have, have little gratitude. So, thank you.

Celeste have a smashtastic day as well.
Matt Crump.
Hello Sheri. Helping people stay healthy intellectual property your gift is IP and explain to ordinary people understand it.

I love that. Well, I have an affiliate program for the Dubb and I should be sharing that and I didn't share it. So maybe I'll share it in the comments. I'll share it sometime.

Yeah, Wendy's had horses
I used to own a horse. Celeste.
Infinity beautified Blogspot. Gabriel, It's my works. Fantastic.
Thank you so much film enthusiast I like going to the movies.

I know you got things to do. You have places to go people to meet. Go check out Dubb Love the fact that you're here and love the fact that you can make an impact with other people around you. Go out there and make it matter because as you know

kindness is cool and smiles are free.
You enjoy the day they'll next time enjoy.