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Russ Johns 0:02
Welcome to the #piratebroadcast, where we interview #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings where you can expand your connections, your community. #Kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree. Let's get this party started.

It's a beautiful day for the #piratebroadcast. If you're watching this live, all the gratitude in the world, I really appreciate #thepiratecommunity and all the joy and enthusiasm you bring here today. And if you're watching the replay, like, comment, share it out. If you're not subscribed to the YouTube channel or the podcast or the notifications on Russ John's, please go out there. you'll connect with it so you can get notified when a new episode goes live.

I'm starting to get into this place where #thepiratecommunity is amazing. And I just want to make sure that people are aware of the value that these guests bring to the table, #interestingpeople doing #interestingthings. And today we have Eric Miller, Eric is a coach for leadership. And we want to talk a little bit about mindset and leadership and some of the things that are going on around us in the world today. He's here to share a few #nuggetsofknowledge and keep you pirates just up to date on what the latest greatest is So, Eric, good morning, how are you this fine day?

Eric Miller 1:39
Good morning. I'm super fantastic. I've been really looking forward to being on the show. You've got a great community. I love your attitude and positivity of paying it forward. So really honored to be on your show.

Russ Johns 1:57
If you watch the news, this would never take place. However, in the real world that we live in every day, there's a lot of positive things that are taking place. A lot of things that are people are still struggling. And I don't want to diminish the challenges that people have. everybody has their journey and everybody has their path. And I think that if we can continue to put out positive information, and kind of plant some seeds and nurture some ideas that people can take ownership of that builds on itself. One of the things that I know that you're passionate about is helping leaders become better leaders. So maybe you can break it down and take us on a journey of how you got to that place and what what is going on in the next little bit near future.

Eric Miller 2:48
Yeah, thanks. Several years I was in the financial services industry and very unhappy with that career path. I chose it because of a lot of other people. Because there's a lot of money to be made there. But I was finding that it really wasn't in my values. As far as the type of work I was doing. We were asked to do things that were just not something I felt comfortable with. But I stayed because I needed to, I got myself into the debt situation, that is a lifestyle and had to stay for a long period of time, but figured

Russ Johns 3:23
that merry go round

Eric Miller 3:26
keeping up with the Jones, and all that kind of thing. So I finally got off that merry go round and was able to do my own thing back in 2011. So in that path, I found that my childhood stuff that I had to figure out and leverage, I think that all of us and now we're going through another watershed moment in history, where we're going through some traumatic events, and we can truly use this to leverage what we're doing in our own lives. And then how we affect other leaders as well. So for you embrace the change if we make the best of it, if we really hone in on what our values are, we can create a mindset then have that positive energy that you speak of, and make a difference. So that'll movie with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt, pay it forward, it's resonated with me again, over and over again. And I want to do my part.

Russ Johns 4:30
I love that idea, that concept about paying it forward. And I've been teaching technology and, tips and tricks and hacks and all these kinds of things to help people make their lives a little easier. Sometimes. Maybe it's more complicated. I don't know. I'm a nerd. That's just the direction I travel. However, a lot of people right now and we were talking about this with Matt Crump yesterday and and there's a lot of people that are hurting, that may not have a specific direction, they don't know where they need to go. They're kind of lost. They just need some understanding. And that's where I think a lot of people in the community that are willing to take the initiative to set some examples and take a leadership role. I mean, you don't have to have a title of leader to be a leader. Correct?

Eric Miller 5:28
Absolutely. And servant leaders that are in positions of leading can create teams of entrepreneurial leaders within their organization. So leadership up and the millennial generation has really embraced us and taught us Gen Xers a lot of good lessons about they like to make decisions to be involved in decision making. And if you can harness that as a leader, where you're communicating more so than ever before because of what we're going through because a lot of remote workers, having lots of communication with these people and encouragement and expressing what the vision is for the organization

These entrepreneur, worker bees or team members, or whatever you want to phrase them as can come up with new ways in which to show the love to the clients, customers and in an entrepreneurial way, so honing in on their values, helping them to develop them and update their bodies which by the way, by us should be looked at every three or so months and we're going through right now it's more often because that that shifts and you have some core values are going to remain the same, remain static, but once that you can adapt to a situation is important. If you don't do that the repercussions are anxiety and fear and uncertainty can overwhelm some people.

Russ Johns 6:55
Well, the other thing about it is, I believe these challenging times are going to generate the need for more leadership. There's going to be a lot more people that with the economy and the pandemic, and all of the unknowns that are out there, I think there are going to be individuals that are going to shine people that you wouldn't normally see, I mean, they're just going out there doing their thing, they're feeding their family, they're bringing food to the table. And because of these changes, and because of the circumstances and because of the requirements, to step it up a little bit, we're going to have to see some more leadership in place coming to the table and taking ownership of their own lives and being responsible.

By taking those actions, we're going to see a lot more leadership. I think evolve in the communities. I just don't see any way any other way of of having it happen. I mean, he's just can't you just can't sit on the couch forever and say, Well, I'm the victim, right? What do we need to think of in terms of mindset as we develop our leadership roles and maybe think about, okay, this is the only person that's going to take care of my family as me I want to take responsibility. I want to be responsible, I'm going to go out there and make a difference. I'm going to go out, I'm going to figure it out this thing out, and I want to be proactive, rather than reactive. What kind of a thing what kind of a mindset we need to think about? Right?

Eric Miller 8:44
Yeah, you're absolutely right. I mean, seeing the leaders are in leadership positions that are not sure how to lead and the ones that are not in leadership are stepping up, and that's because they have up to date values and their purpose is to To feed your family. So purpose is oftentimes overstated. Or in order to live a purposeful life, you've got to go after your dream, which is true is an important thing to do. But is it appropriate in the time. So if you've got family, and you need to feed your family is starting a new business, the appropriate timing to do that when you don't have the resources to back it up, right? So shifting that mindset, so purpose can be feeding your family and that's where I'm seeing people that are not in leadership positions that are stepping up. So what you mentioned earlier about the fear and uncertainty of mindset what's the mindset So, I'm developing right now it's a couple weeks out from the being completed, is a course i'm going to give away for free on it's going to be called money mindset in 12.2 minutes, money

Russ Johns 9:58
I'll put that up on the banner.

Eric Miller 10:01
Great money mindset and 12.2 minutes, I've done a lot of meditation. I've learned growing up, I thought meditation was for hippies long have any of that anymore?

Russ Johns 10:14
we go to the same barber folks.

Eric Miller 10:15
That's right. That's right. I found that meditation is about emptying out and being able to focus. So it's being able to focus on where you, when you're focused on something, that's where your energy goes. So with the scarcity and the lack of I felt it was time to share what I've learned in visualization. And this free course is going to be about I'm going to teach it in a way that the viewer the students will be able to create their own visualization in their learning style. So if they're a kinesthetic learner, for example, visually visualization technique, I'm going to teach someone how to create their own will be more about how to feel the experience how to feel about Abundance, how to feel the new money mindset, their visual learner, I'm gonna create an example of a meditation for them to show them how to do their own, about visualizing a good result visualizing abundance within your organization and with themselves, and it spreads.

The law of attraction movies, the secret came out again. So sometimes what's not really expressed in there in a way that is appropriate is that the biggest takeaway is when you shift your mindset to positivity, and when you have a positive mindset and you're visualizing your goals, visualizing an outcome, you attract other people that will help you will show up to help you make it happen. So, for 959 Porsches show up in my driveway tomorrow morning. I'm not really expecting that. But if I had the right people in the place, maybe they would say hey, Eric, we wants you to test drive this 959 force. But I'm kind of being silly here. What I'm trying to say is that the important thing is when we, because we've been isolating, I think that my message is going to be to connect again. We're social beings. And we need that. So

Russ Johns 12:19
well, in a couple of key points that I want to pack this a little bit because I am fascinated by the subject that and I meditate as well. And I also believe that when we change the story, when we change the story for ourselves, and we start having conversations about the possibility rather than the challenges, if we look at possibility and opportunity, rather than the obstacles and the challenges, it changes the way we start looking at our future in our environment and things around us and for myself. When I went down this path of looking at, well, I don't have this yet, how can I do this? And what is it going to take to get to this place? And you start thinking in those terms and you start thinking in potential outcomes and and you you go with intent.

You start having different conversations in your life people have your just, the conversations are different. Therefore, you have different connections, just like you and I, we connected and we're having this conversation about mindset, your money, your intent with money and, and the outcome and there's so many things that you can turn around just by listening to a different story in your head, changing the story in your head and telling yourself that this thing is possible because We always limit ourselves to our own understanding of what the restrictions are in our life. And it's like you mentioned earlier, like, when I was a kid growing up, I had these things that I had to learn and process and get get through. And when we understand that, that's not a limitation. It's a it's a self limiting belief. It's not a limitation. It's a big difference, right?

Eric Miller 14:26
Absolutely. You're talking about the story is changing the story of events that appear to be traumatic and, quote, bad and that's a dualistic mindset To label an event is good or bad. Because is it really bad in a long term with it this this event propels you to find what you're truly meant to do. If this event helps you bond more with your family because of the isolation you're you're getting to know getting reacquainted with your family again, is that truly back? So we formed belief systems. I want to kind of talk about this for a second.

We form belief systems. In this way, when we experience experiencing events, we delete, distort, and compartmentalize or delete, Distort and consolidate the event. So when we have this happen over time is similar events over time we create a belief system around it. So in doing that, we can truly limit what we're thinking we can do. So it's changing that story. We're questioning a belief. Why do I have this belief about money? What is that relationship? Is this money going to be used as a good steward to help and serve others? Or how is this money going to be used so you attract more of it? I think you're truly given more when you can manage it better.

Russ Johns 15:53
You're given more when you can manage more.

Eric Miller 15:56
That's right. You can manage more, you're given more because that I believe the universe, whatever you want to call whatever your philosophy is on the world from God, I'm Christian. So that would be more in alignment with how I believe. So it's how you view and change. Right? Yeah, it is energy. And this has been proven over and over again with, we're all connected. So when you're using that money to serve, and you're not using in a way that you no longer I was watching a documentary on lottery winners. And you probably know this that most of their money is gone. Within a few years. They've spent it all because they weren't prepared to have that mindset about getting a great deal of wealth at one time.

Russ Johns 16:47

Eric Miller 16:47
So are you prepared? What are you going to do with it? How are you going to use that in your situation?

Russ Johns 16:53
Well, I think it's the same way with relationships with anything, people, money, jobs. environment. There's a lot of people that are still confused as to how to that's why I i've been putting #kindnessiscool out there for so many years. It's a very simple term. #kindnessiscool. #smilesarefree. I love it. Its basic consideration. It's a basic understanding of the human condition. It's like, just be kind. Smile once in a while, and you smile at somebody and it returns back you double it all of a sudden you have two smiles. And nobody loses anything. Right.

Eric Miller 17:42
Right. In a covert way. It's a harder expression about smiling. You're covered up with you just got to kind of watch guys.

Russ Johns 17:48
Yeah, there's about body in your eyes. Now.

Eric Miller 17:52
Yeah, if you're face to face in a grocery store or whatnot, then your social distancing, of course, then it's the width of my anger, saying So you can smile through the body language of how you are interacting with other people making an effort.

Russ Johns 18:06
Absolutely. And it's a different energy. I mean, we're talking about the energy of money and relationships and family and work and everything else. It's the relationship you have with your environment and the relationship, the more positive relationships that you put in your life. It's that's what I think leads to leadership. I mean, let's let's put it out there. Let's state it here today is that you put out positive things. You show people by example, what can be possible, and all of a sudden, people are saying, hey, check out what Eric's doing. It's pretty cool. Go to the new mindset Academy and download his stuff when it's prepared and ready to be delivered. And it's a pretty simple equation.

Eric Miller 19:00
Now a very, very simplistic way definition of a leader is inspiring others to do stuff. Kind of a very brief way of saying that, but what is it you're going to have them Do? Are they going to take it and express your vision? Inspiration is something that visionary leaders are able to do with their team members. Motivation is an emotion is very, very temporary. So there's a lot of talk about motivation, inspiration, motivations and emotion. When you inspire someone that's a purpose driven expression of how you can help lead better.

Russ Johns 19:40
I want to take a minute here, Eric, and just share this with the community. Kathy Spooner is here this morning, Kathy, good morning, and we got Gabriel in the house. Gabriel's an amazing individual out here. We've got good gohar Ali Believe I hope I didn't miss your name up. Slap tags. That would be Sherry, lolly. Thank you so much. Angie from she's on Periscope. I don't know whether this but the #piratebroadcast and thanks for coming in on Periscope Angie.

It's on Periscope, which also goes to Twitter. It's on YouTube, which you can actually subscribe to get notifications. It's on Facebook. It's on my personal page. I maxed out Currently, the connections but it's also on the #piratebroadcast page so you can get notifications when we go live. And it's on LinkedIn live. So all of these locations you can actually check out and and get connected with. So and then there, Sherry, lolly there. Good morning. And then Brian, thank you so much for being here. Good morning watching from Ghana. I mean, we have an internet Audience hear growth happens from Andrew. growth happens in warp speed when we learn outside our comfort zones. I have to agree with that.

Eric Miller 21:10
Absolutely. That's great.

Russ Johns 21:12
Angie is saying, I can't find the LinkedIn stream again. LinkedIn, love you. And I know eventually you'll catch up. So hopefully there's a few people on LinkedIn here. If there's anyone on LinkedIn right now, can you drop the the LinkedIn link in the comments here? Gabriel so true that sometimes we manifest what we visualize in our lives into reality. And I want to speak to that a little bit, Eric, there's times where you visualize the worst possible outcome and then it takes place. What you wish for?

Eric Miller 21:54
Right? Absolutely. And I have to admit that I know This stuff intimately because I'm a reformed pessimist because I took those events like the guy hated me for so long because the decisions that would make that I didn't take the ownership in that I was this is gonna happen bad it's gonna happen to make the situation but and that didn't serve me I got to meet a great individual that helped me transform several years ago Zig Ziglar who's the late great Zig I was at a conference I met him in Salina, Kansas. Well first I met talk to Zig sir several times now. Oh man, phenomenal.

I've had so many of them. I'm so grateful for so many people that have entered my life the right time. And he was one of them. He saw me about this in the late 80s that I had something in me that I had to share money to work so he didn't say it that way. But Very positive Zig, if you have seen his stuff, everything is positive with it. And he's chosen and we can choose the emotions we want. And when I realized that we don't have to allow the car in front of us in traffic to run her day, when I don't allow the cashier to grocery stores for lunar day, it's our decision what emotion you choose.

Russ Johns 23:22
So and that's a very important distinction because we can choose to have gratitude. And we can choose to have empathy, and we can choose to have passionate intent with what we're doing in our lives, and we can actually share that with other people. And it's like, sometimes letting people go in front of you, it's like the freeway, there's no front of the line. It's like there's no front of the line. We're not getting there any any sooner by if we're not going to be late in some we let somebody else in front of us.

Eric Miller 23:58
I've had some really interesting Same conversations in the grocery store when I got out of the me the ego of having to be first, you know, competitive cyclists too. So that's kind of hard for us not to want to go with everything, but when I got out of the ego and let the person in front of me who had less items in it, have started some great conversations as a result of that. So you learn if you choose to learn, you can really change your states that you're in. So if you're in a hurried state, if you're in a bad mood, you can change your state by changing your physical being, you can stand up straight,

Russ Johns 24:33
If you can change your physical being, you can change your physical state by smiling to

Eric Miller 24:38
absolutely it's a physical threat. It's a physical trait and action you're putting on his particular situation. Then the language you're speaking to yourself and the meaning you're putting putting to that event.

Russ Johns 24:51
Yeah. And I mean and allow it to be a habit. Allow yourself to laugh and smile and tell yourself how great you feel even when you don't. And pretty soon you won't feel as bad as you did before. And just like Sherry lolly says Andrew, pivot and Chris bear. Absolutely. Sherri Lolly. Good morning friend. Hope you're having a great day. Sherry lolly as Andrews says, and then we've got Kathy Spooner. Good morning, Kathy are having a great day. This is what the community can do is all of these individuals in the community, #thepiratecommunity, we're all working together for the greater good of setting an example Eric and it's just amazing to me that actually so Kathy Spooner says I think more people are willing to follow a positive leader who is also knowledgeable because positivity inspires hope.

Eric Miller 25:56

Russ Johns 25:56
Kathy, later on. I love that. So much. talk about that a little bit. How do you inspire hope with some of the people that are maybe not feeling as positive as they could be?

Eric Miller 26:10
Well, it starts with ourselves. What we're talking about is as a leader? What's my current state in living my values, am I doing that so once you are clear about that the inspiration comes from when you are able to live your values and express that to other people. So that energy we're talking about, and the reason I'm doing that free course, is to help leaders to visualize that outcome so that they can then express that to their teams. So I'm making it free for everyone because I don't want there to be any barrier to this if we can. This is my paying it forward moment. That if that leader then shares that with his team or her team, then they can make an even bigger impact on Figuring out what it is they need to channel what emotions they need to have to drive that mission forward.

Russ Johns 27:07
I know one of the people that are really inspirational around the LinkedIn community is Kenyatta Turner. She's good morning to the pirate broadcast peeps. rossjohn. Cherie Lala Gabriel. Kathy Spooner, Andrew. Is and here's my cousin, Cameron. Cameron's a amazing baseball. He's in the sports, he's going to college. He's playing baseball has been a phenomenal year. Before pandemic he was leading in his league as a stealing basis and things like that. It's just and so thanks for being here. Cam. I really appreciate love you man. And then there's some people out there. Seth. Thank you so much for being here. Just there's so many people out there that Eric, we could talk for hours on how to develop leadership, community and stay positive.

I think, first and foremost, though the new mindset Academy has to be something that's put out there. And like I said before the show get it out there, get some feedback, get some responses, and then come back on the #piratebroadcasts. And maybe let's go through a couple of lessons and teach this again. And I think because it's so needed, and it's so positive and productive. And I want to make sure that people understand that. You don't have to stay where you are there. resources out here like the #piratebroadcast. Like Eric, all of the guests on the show are bringing something productive to the conversation and if you're not connected, To these individuals, tell them Russ Sencha. Connect with them on LinkedIn, connect with them on social media, and where some other places that we can find you, Eric,

Eric Miller 29:11
LinkedIn, Eric miller.us, I want to make sure the rest of the audience understands that new mindset Academy is not launched yet. So this is brand new, about two weeks away. So they go to that domain and see nothing.

Russ Johns 29:27
Or, hey, it's coming. Just like there's some things that are, and what's beautiful about what we're doing is we're setting the intention, and we're putting stuff out there. We're working toward a goal. And I think that's the more important that's the bigger, more important piece of the puzzle is we're doing something productive and you're doing something productive. I just want people that you can put it out there, you can produce results.

Eric Miller 29:58
So yeah, the visualisation is the first step in taking massive action to get what you want, and goal achievement. So that part is very important, as well as the massive action part, which we're talking about.

Russ Johns 30:10
Absolutely. Well, Eric, I really, truly appreciate you and what you're doing in thanking, thanking you so much for stopping by sharing a few #nuggetsofknowledge with the community, becoming a pirate, now that you're a pirate, you're involved and engaged in the community. So reach out, grab a show once in a while, share a few comments, make sure that people know you're around and available and come back again. So it's really important for me to put things out there that are positive and introduce people to amazing individuals that are doing good work.

Eric Miller 30:54
Back back at you, brother, you're doing a wonderful job and I've seen your podcast before. That's why I'm On the show, so again I'm honored to be here and appreciate your work.

Russ Johns 31:05
Oh, well, thank you. Well, don't go away. I'm going to rule gonna close out the show and I'll be right back, Eric.

Eric Miller 31:11

Russ Johns 31:13
Take care of everyone. And as you know, #kindnessiscool, #smilesarefree, and you #enjoytheday.

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Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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