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​Russ Johns 0:29
What a better way to spend Tuesday than a pirate broadcast? And we have a local celebrity to Arizona here. Hey, Andrew, what's happening?

Andrew Kolikoff 0:40
How are you my friend sorry that to your audience that we got started late. I clicked on the wrong link and I did follow. It said from the instructions beyond there at 6:50 to get things set and going which I was. Nobody was there. So for those that were waiting with bated breath for four minutes wondering where we were. That was my fault, not his fault.

Russ Johns 1:05
We attempt every turn to make it easy on everyone. However, even the most simple instructions can get convoluted. And here's the thing is because I use Google to send out my notification for my meeting invites. For some reason, Google keeps wanting to set the default to Hangouts.

Andrew Kolikoff 1:31
It worked for me, but you can actually click it off. But you can have to do it each time you set up an appointment.

Russ Johns 1:40
Yeah. And when you do it automatically, you don't have that opportunity.

Andrew Kolikoff 1:44
Automatically. Bill Mero says the same thing my business partner.

Russ Johns 1:48
Yeah. How is Bill? How is Bill doing? Do tell me.

Andrew Kolikoff 1:52
Nothing is changed with Bill. Bill still works 100 hours a week. And it's his art. It's his love. It's his passion. It's his hobby. It's

Russ Johns 2:06
It's Bill.

Andrew Kolikoff 2:09
It's Bill.

Russ Johns 2:12
Love you Bill, man. And so yeah. Good morning.

Andrew Kolikoff 2:19
By the way, I love the little intro in the Hammond, Oregon. Yeah man, that's awesome.

Russ Johns 2:26
That's really I'm gonna b be swapping it up a little bit because, as you know, I also have the pirate syndicate. And I'm not. I haven't been promoting it to the degree that I need to in this particular space because it's really one of those things that is going to evolve. The pirate broadcast was built and designed to be a testbed for this platform that can actually serve others and help other people with less time, less technical ability. Less patients than myself to go out and produce shows where they show up, they do the show, they do the interview, or they do the talking head. And then they go on about their day and everything else is handled. So as you know, what it takes to put together show and produce the show, you have the network and everything else going on. So catch us up to speed on what you're doing in conjunction with your networking events and efforts in some of the things that are kind of disrupted right now. Talk to us about that.

Andrew Kolikoff 3:40
So you know, it's funny. I'm busier than I've ever been, but just in a different way. Yeah. I'm just a social as I've ever been, but just in a different way. The things that has deceased obviously are the social gatherings that I put together which is not really much how I put bread on the table. That's just my way to make an impact in the community.

Russ Johns 4:10

Andrew Kolikoff 4:11
Threw, the idea of service. So the missions organization, it's called the secret sauce society is that it's good business, to make a difference in the lives of those we do business with and seek business from. And I've had this thing that Russ very well knows that for 28 years now, every single day I wake up, I meditate. At the end of the meditation, I do a mantra. In that mantra, I say, I'm going to impact somebody's life and then every day for 28 years. I have a coffee a day. Now I'm having them this way, or lunch day, which I'm not doing that every day. And then every day I find out what that person's challenges and I make five introductions today to help them With that challenge, I do something to help them. And I've done that everyday for 28 years. So the organization I created was all these people whose lives I've impacted, put them in a room, invite them invitation only, to see how they can impact somebody else's life in the room, rather than looking to get come in looking to make an impact. So it started as a little idea, and now it's turned into a movement about 75 to 100, business owners, leaders, executives, executive consultants, all to come. And I got sponsors now. And it all just started out of that idea, which was to make a difference in somebody's life. So that has ceased the actual events but I did develop If people join as a member, an online Slack channel for people to help and connect 24 seven, all the people I've invited. So during these times Russ, I've made that free. If anybody wants to get on with all of our people who are business owners, executives, and try to make a difference in somebody's life, they can jump on the Slack channel and do that. And that means if somebody needs help with anything, so I've made free during this time, how I make money is I'm a consultant mostly on these days Russ what I call servant sales, which is more referral generation strategies for businesses. Rather than most almost every company has a sales strategy, but they don't have a referral strategy and referrals are the Strength of any business, right? When I talk about that to them, they look at me like, Well, what do you mean? And we could talk about that more, but I won't, unless you you want to dive into that, but so I do that. I've also am the owner of we just went live last week after building it out for a year.

Russ Johns 7:20
Congratulations! It's not that a year ago.

Andrew Kolikoff 7:24
Well, we finally it's all in video. It's basically an education system to teach professional service providers, like lawyers, accountants, Wealth Advisors, how to get more clients without selling, even though you really are actually to generate more referrals because you can bring in a sales training company, but do you really want to lower your selling, you know, so our program really is for them, to teach them how to make it rain without really selling So much that rainmaking?

Russ Johns 8:04
Well, I there's a couple of things I want to break down there because I know it's and you have layers of layers in it. Anyone that doesn't know, Andrew, just go ahead and connect with Andrew. He's also owns the Arizona small business, grow group and lead

Andrew Kolikoff 8:23
Just under 8000 people.

Russ Johns 8:25
Yeah, and continues to grow. So that's a amazing resource to for those that are here locally in the Phoenix market. And also, I mean, you've been a serial entrepreneur and really, I think a really relationship. supporter somebody that really supports the relationship really supports the the connection, the collaboration and really gets involved with the individual. I think it's really important for us to understand that right now more than any other time. in history is build your relationships, develop your relationships help who you can, when you can right,

Andrew Kolikoff 9:08
Can I talk about that for a second.

Russ Johns 9:10
Yeah, please do.

Andrew Kolikoff 9:11
So everybody talks about the importance of relationships and everybody views relationships in context to how it can get them to money. So there's two main forms of currency in this world money and relationships. And like I said, people view relationships in context of money, they view it transactionally. And one of the things that I teach in rainmaking mastery I teach as a coach which I'm also doing that I'm like a servant sales coach, a servant leader coach, is when you build relationships, you cannot build them. transactionally people have a coffee together, you go to a coffee shop, everybody in that room. Everybody having coffee has what I call a transactional mindset. Meaning that somewhere back in their mind, they all have the WI I FM radio station running from me. Well, what I learned because I came out of this home where my parents and grandparents lived their lives in service is that when you meet somebody, you don't have that. So here's let me describe what I mean. Let's pretend Russ, you get invited to a pool party, your best friend's Pool Party, and you will a party when you're holding a beer, you're standing by the pool. And this couple of walks up to you. Now you don't have a transactional mindset. So the very nature of the questions that you're asked them are slightly different than in your coffee. The curiosities that you have about them are slightly different than in your coffee. So the conversation and the type of relationship that you're building Actually is far more authentic to you and to them than it is if you had a transactional mindset, yet nobody NOBODYdoes this. I have, and I've done it for 28 years. And so here are the benefits of what happens when you do that, is that we talked about why have a great relationship with that person? Well, you don't know about what you don't know is that relationship could be so much more meaningful and deeper if there wasn't a transactional mindset. So I just wanted to pause on that because everybody talks about the importance of relationships now. But if you view them in context to transactions, it's not going to be the deep kind of relationship that we all would want.

Russ Johns 11:51
Well, and that's an excellent point to come bring to the forefront because all relationships are not equal. and and i think that you and I know that inherently because that's the way we operate. However, it's not necessarily the way that the language is used in the community of business. Right. So to bring that to the point, I think it's important for us to understand so. And there's some things that will cause us to stop a moment and when you can, when you can look at someone and help someone without any expectation whatsoever in return like introducing them to five people that can help them. That's what it always seems to come back anyway.

Andrew Kolikoff 12:44
It does

Russ Johns 12:44
In some way, shape or form, it may not necessarily be a direct result. It may not be a one to one relationship. It might be maybe a one to many you never know, because it's really about the idea of what can we what value are we bringing to the table in this connection?

Andrew Kolikoff 13:04
Look, I recognize that I'm an odd duck, right? I'm a former Chief Science Officer University adjunct professor turned business development guy turned consulting firm, sales and marketing consulting firm owner turned product owner, businessman, multiple time entrepreneur and the thread through everything I've done is this idea of service of giving back. And community and me a recovering geek, made it out of rehab still go. Anywhere I've ever gone. And I don't I'm not doing this to pair on my chest is I've been the top producer. Yet I've never sold a thing in my life for Russ.

Russ Johns 13:49

Andrew Kolikoff 13:50
But you hit on a point that I being a recovering geek. I love formulas. So I want to write down a formula. I want to show you and your audience Because you're right, most people never return the favor. Is that showing the right way or cubed in

Russ Johns 14:08
Cubed in

Andrew Kolikoff 14:09
Okay? So of all the people I've helped in this life, I've made a lot of people a lot of money, I've helped a lot of people and let me just say this giving for the sake of giving feeds only ego or insecurity. So I am very aware that people have to want to receive and what you have to find is to give only that which is needed. Right, that would be the Zen thing to do. So that is what I'm always seeking to do. There are people that do not want to receive and I there's not much I can do. Right? Well, I will tell you less than 10% far less probably have ever tried to return any favor. So but what I've chosen is To live my life a certain way, so it doesn't matter. I just live by this formula. And what that is SW cubed n in terms of returning any favor is some will, some won't. So what next, right and I move on and do what I do and live my life the way I live my life. This is how I choose to be. And I choose to make a difference in people's lives. I every company I've ever led has been in a servant leadership way. By the way. One other thing I have been doing a lot of Russ that you may not be aware of. I've been doing a lot of public speaking, although not the last two weeks.

Russ Johns 15:42
I was just gonna say that's

Andrew Kolikoff 15:44
weeks I've done six gigs to all C level got invited even to some big companies. All on servant sales and servant leadership.

Russ Johns 15:59
Right on! Right on!

Andrew Kolikoff 16:01
Yes, relationships are the most important form of currency. Let me let me just finish with this. So you can ask your other question. Here's why. God forbid when we're sick and dying, we're reflecting back not on the biggest sale we made, or not some big company we built or not how much money we made. We're reflecting on the people that mattered most in our lives and the moments we shared with those people. Let me tell you folks, relationships and the kind that Russ and I are talking about. That is the most important thing you can do in your life. You know it Russ knows it, that is the greatest thing you can do. So

Russ Johns 16:46
I want to say good morning. Angie's here. I want to she's saying good morning to everyone in the room Gabriel's here. Wants to say good morning, Andrew. Gabriel thanks for joining us today. I just want to give a shout out a couple of people in the room, Sherry lolly, I'm glad you found us today. It's a LinkedIn is a little bit challenging at times when you're going to look for the the comments in the feed and where do you have to go to, to see this thing? Go ahead,

Andrew Kolikoff 17:24
As opposed to Facebook Live you mean when you can see them? Correct?

Russ Johns 17:27
Yeah. So so like here, Angie is on Periscope, and Gabriel's on Facebook, but I can't do that for our LinkedIn guests. So we're on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and LinkedIn live

Andrew Kolikoff 17:44
You get around, sir.

Russ Johns 17:46
I get around and I just want to make sure that everybody understands that relationships are not necessarily all the same. They're all not rated equally. And when They're based on transactions. It's it's not necessarily a productive relationship. As much as it is a real relationship, like we have in the pirate community. I know a lot of these pirates here, Andrew are really friends, people helping each other out supporting each other. And one of the reasons I bring this together is to be able to identify interesting people doing interesting things. So it can inspire some other individuals to do something other than what they're doing, or look at how they're doing something in a little different light. Because I think that community style connection and the ability and the opportunity to have that conversation around what is going on in the world around us, and what are other people looking at and how are they looking at it, I think is important to share. And that's what you do in the future. You're speaking I've always seen that in your networking events, you know, the communication, the introductions that you pursue. It's all been like, Who can I help? How can I help them? And how quickly can I help them?

Andrew Kolikoff 19:15
Well, one of one of the things that I'm also doing is I've created a two talk shows online on a YouTube channel called the secret sauce society. Again, the secret sauce society is this organization I created, that is predicated on this very simple notion that it's good business to make a difference in the lives of those we do business with, and seek business from. And one of the things that we have to be aware of right now, with everybody working from home is there's three things one is take care of yourself.

Russ Johns 19:46

Andrew Kolikoff 19:46
And you have a responsibility to do that, two, is take care of the people that matter your family, your friends, your the people that work for you. And then three, once you have those two down is you got to take care of your community. Your community needs you now more than ever. So what I'm doing on this, these talk shows one is called Open Mic with me. And the other is business spotlight is I am interviewing everyday business owners, leaders, executives, to try and help them and figure out and get their message out not just them in their message, and how particularly timing it is with what we're doing. But expose them the person people want to know like and trust the people that they're doing business with. So that really 85% of my interview is really more getting them out into the world and you know, telling their story. How did we get how did you get here? Why do you give a shit so much? One of the qualities I always talk about, you know this Russ your smiling is thing called gas, right?

Russ Johns 20:54

Andrew Kolikoff 20:55
It's drawn to people who have gas. This is why I love you Russ is because one of the things nobody can teach you,

Russ Johns 21:02
Nobody teach you

Andrew Kolikoff 21:05
Give you a course you can take a course and you can read a book on it you can get trained in is how to give a shit.

Russ Johns 21:11

Andrew Kolikoff 21:11
Right. Everybody has a certain level baked in them. And I'm very drawn to people who have a very high level baked and by the way, Russ your audience, Russ and I know each other. This is a guy who really does have a high level of gas. So I try to expose that. And, I should probably rename the show that you know, as well. Think about it.

Russ Johns 21:39

Andrew Kolikoff 21:40
Isn't that really what

Russ Johns 21:42
that's really what you're saying?

Andrew Kolikoff 21:44
What isn't? What we all the kind of people we want around us.

Russ Johns 21:47

Andrew Kolikoff 21:48
Mean in our lives, right. And the people that give us ship more are the people that are going to make more of a difference in your life in your in yours in theirs. So anyway, that's it Kind of

Russ Johns 22:01
a hashtag make it matter it's like you have to make something matter right

Andrew Kolikoff 22:07
I own make a difference dot business I believe so that's pretty similar by the way you know one of the things I would say to your audiences if they want to connect with me and LinkedIn I'm happy to do a video quick video session with them to find out what they're doing. And maybe how I can help them in some way through Maestro as well.

Russ Johns 22:33
Tell them Ross sent you.

Andrew Kolikoff 22:35
Tell him Russ sentcha. Oh Forget about it. End the line for you.

Russ Johns 22:45
Well, it sounds like you're staying busy and out of trouble Andrew and I love the idea of catching you know, maybe some good dinner once in a while. Eventually when this gets things gets back on track

Andrew Kolikoff 22:58
Well, we can have a virtual Dinner Right?

Russ Johns 23:00
have a virtual dinner. Virtual coffee.

Andrew Kolikoff 23:03
Doing virtual happy hour. Virtual cocktails. Oh, there's my little guy. Hey, you could stop that Now. We're live.

Russ Johns 23:13
He start barking when you said cocktails. So

Andrew Kolikoff 23:16
let me show you just your audience. Cutest dog in the world no boat. When you look, you'll be like, oh my god. Cutest dog in the world. I rescued him.

Russ Johns 23:29
Oh, little rescue.

Andrew Kolikoff 23:32
There he is his name Jet. I named him because his dad is a huge, huge New York Jets fan and he is as well he is or anyway.

Russ Johns 23:46
How long have you had him?

Andrew Kolikoff 23:48
About seven months. I'm a single guy. I mean, this is my life with this dog. I got this blog freaking love coming 19 loves it. Because I am a big community guy out and about

Russ Johns 24:09

Andrew Kolikoff 24:10
warm all the time now he's like, Wow, this is awesome. I'm getting snacks all day.

Russ Johns 24:15
You're here around all the time.

Andrew Kolikoff 24:18
He's like Thanks so Much man.

Russ Johns 24:22
All the love yeah, so

Andrew Kolikoff 24:25
Can I ask you a question? I kno this is your show.

Russ Johns 24:27
Yeah, ask me a question.

Andrew Kolikoff 24:29
Am I allowed?. I mean I don't know what the rules are.

Russ Johns 24:31
We're pirates

Andrew Kolikoff 24:32
There we go. So I know you've been really busy with business picked up from you and you really trying to figure out how to keep your head above water and how do you bring somebody in and make it for bring people in is always a hard thing to do and can figure out how to make money have you seen any difference Between now with this, everybody staying home in the in the caseload of your work or as a different type of work. Are you just as busy or no?

Russ Johns 25:13
To be completely transparent at this point in time, Andrew my workload in my activity, because I've been working remotely for 10 years now,

Andrew Kolikoff 25:22
right, exactly.

Russ Johns 25:24
So my workload in my life has not changed at all. I mean, I'm still I still got projects, I still got remote projects, I still got remote people that I work with.

Andrew Kolikoff 25:36

Russ Johns 25:37
And it's like, that's one of the things that I needed to shift because I'm here with mom and dad, and I'm caring for them and like mom has some medical stuff going on. And my sister Mel works for me now and I got my niece working for me. And we have a support team and that's why Want to go ahead and expand this pirate syndicate is to help more people. Because I truly believe right now, and I was doing this long before this, this outbreak. And I really believe there's a lot of people that have a gift, they have a voice, they have a message, Andrew just like you. And they may not necessarily want to deal with all the details. They just want to be able to get it out to the world. And so I've designed this platform around that goal and that idea, and I want to be able to help as many people as possible. Just sit down, have a show and think of a think of a real estate broker in a neighborhood that they could actually have a show. They talk about the roads, they talk about the schools, they talk about the conditions, they talk about what's new businesses are going to the town, what shops are opening, what changes are being made. So they're the authority They're the they have visibility, they have authority in their business, their market where they need to be. And it's a visibility. It's a visibility thing, it's something that brings them visibility social media takes time it takes effort takes energy. So if you can create a show and create a dozen pieces of content around that, and then get that out there and become visible, be seen, be heard, and be talked about. And then all of a sudden you have help getting you to where you need to be. And so I'm really passionate about that. And it's something it's a skill set that I've been building on for the last 30 years radio and television and broadcasting in my background. And I think the time is now I mean, when I walk into the and watch the news and all the broadcasters are home on a show like this. They're guessing this is TV kudos And it it was going long before cobit was. So I'm just I'm here to say that the time is now and the production is available and the systems are in place. And it's pain free and friction free. So

Andrew Kolikoff 28:19
I mean, I think what you just offered your audience a really valuable lesson and that is just because you think you don't have anything to say, or what you do is boring, not worthy of a quote show. I would ask you to step outside your own limited thinking with that and ask yourself, What is your community need? What do other people need, you can create a show about anything for anything. And true in the beginning, not a lot of people will watch I mean, you want something catchy. I mean, he's got Something he's been doing for so long you have viewership. But, do something in this world, a lot of people, one of the biggest complaints I have for us is that people go home, they sit on their couch, they put their TV on. And then they yell at the TV saying this is what's wrong with the world, but they're not doing anything about trying to change the world. Do something, something small, even if it's not a show, do something to contribute positively to the world.

Russ Johns 29:31
We all have a gift to bring to the world. We may not always find that we have the strength to deliver it in a way I have the confidence to deliver it. However, it's still there. And I believe that if I could help someone make a difference, that multiplies that difference multiplies and expands to the universe in It's just it's a great, more good than anything else.

Andrew Kolikoff 30:05
Well, I would like to out of the spirit of what you just said, to invite you on my show, secret sauce society on YouTube. And I'd like to have you an open mic. It's about 20 minutes.

Russ Johns 30:22

Andrew Kolikoff 30:22
And so we'll reverse this. As if this could even be reversed. It would just be part two Really?

Russ Johns 30:35
continuation, that's all.

Andrew Kolikoff 30:37
And so, let me ask one thing. How can I, right now make a difference? Not only for you, like what's your biggest challenge right now or your audience if somebody wants to chime in or reach out to me, Andrew call coffin LinkedIn. What is your biggest challenge right now we're all now experiencing except for us, because this is how he's worked for so long, there's no like blip in the screen for him. But for so many of us, our lives are disrupted. There's something, I would encourage all of you for your, if your life has been disrupted. You're allowed to be human, you're allowed to get upset, and then get over it and do something productive not just for you. But for others. One thing I had to learn, and this is somebody who built out a big company, is that when you get kicked in the teeth, and Russ has been kicked in the teeth many times, folks, right? Yeah. You know what got me out. What got me out was not just hoarding and taking care of me. What got me out was focusing on helping people. Making a difference not just in my life but other people's lives at the same time.

Russ Johns 32:07
It's hard to be down when you're helping someone up.

Andrew Kolikoff 32:12
Exactly. When you're down right now my best advice to you is don't put all the emphasis on yourself. You have to find a way usually people make the biggest difference when they are down. Then when they are up the masses and it seems counterintuitive How can I take care of somebody else if I don't even know how to take care of myself? Well, guess What? Guess what? I'm living proof that I've done it and the man on the other the other face there with the long gray beard. He did the same and i know his story and I know mine. And that's what got us both out. That got him out of his shit because he was in right How he could like get a better job or take care of himself. Right? So I'm telling you look outside make a difference in people's lives, what you will see is not only does it feel good, but doors will open for you that you'll never see or expect ever.

Russ Johns 33:23
I'm not gonna add anything to that, with the exception of kindness, cool. smiles are free. And connect with Andrew, right down here. LinkedIn.

Andrew Kolikoff 33:39
Yeah, geez, 6000, BFFs in LinkedIn as well. All over the world. I have the Arizona small business owners group and LinkedIn just under 8000 members. Connect with me, let's talk let's see if I can help you in some way. Make a difference in your Your life and remember make a difference in somebody else's. That's what's gonna help you get through it. I know Russ is a believer in this because this is how we got through it!

Russ Johns 34:11
The only way to do it is through it. Andrew. Thank you so much everyone. I appreciate the fact that you're here and I look forward to the next hire broadcast and now you're an officially a pirate and connect up afterward. I love the fact that your here. Appreciate it. Take care everyone!

Historically, pirate broadcasting is a term used for any type of broadcasting without a broadcast license. With the internet, creating your own way of connecting has evolved.  

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